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Banning Books and Changing Words

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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September 7, 2020 4:40 pm

Banning Books and Changing Words

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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September 7, 2020 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 09/07/20.


Banning books to changing the meaning of words was coming next stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown to tackle some controversy.

You cover some eye-opening topics today and I will beat your voice if you identified as an evangelical follower of Jesus or Christian conservative for Yalta Bible-based morality. Let me be your voice, the things that are frustrating you and concerning you will address will articulate will talk about it's late, it's Labor Day and we are live on Labor Day but I first we give a shout out. If you are watching on America's voice.

It's Saturday nights is not Labor Day you're watching this on America's voice out of the night you're watching right now on dish TV on Pluto or another outlet for America's voice I want to shout out you and give you a special free offer so stay tuned, I'll be right back 2866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884 before I get into the major subjects today, including Amazon's ongoing banning of books including changing the meaning of words. All this is stuff that should concern you. A bunch of other things were going to talk about as well and in the question of pastors teaching, we should obey the law and now turn around saying what we should disobey when they're telling us we can't meet one revisit that topic as well. But first, if you're watching on America's voice you may not know, but we are five days a week live on radio and on YouTube. We do a live stream five days a week on Facebook and YouTube asked her to Brown channel or page and then on radio stations across America than by podcast, the line of fire, and we take one show week. That is especially relevant for America's voice viewers and we air it on Saturday night. So again, you may be watching on Pluto on dish, but if that's you, I want you to take a moment and just do this one thing right because I want to send you something free, and I want to know that you're out there and that were here for you, go to my website ask Dr. SK DR and the homepage will see the right corner. If you're on your cell phone you may see it differently, where you put in your emails you get on our email list. Okay, when you go there, you'll see a page. This is weekly updates and free e-book for e-book seven secrets of the real associate fill in your email address or name okay and then when you scroll down to the bottom. It will ask how did you hear about the RR website.

How did you connect with us you click on other and then type in America's voice okay so click on other type in America's voice and when you do send you an additional free e-book right, that's all you have to do you not requested. In addition to seven secrets of the real Messiah going to send you a free mini book an e-book on how to pray for America. So do that. Go to the email type. In other-out about us and put in America's voice. Okay, I did a poll on Twitter and did it over the weekend before Labor Day and got almost 2000 V, which is a good response for us on Twitter, and the question was this what your view on the return of Jesus or the listening right now the lines are open 866-34-TRUTH what's your view when you when do you think he's coming back obsessively asking for your own opinion, trying to arrive in an eschatological conclusion of his rectum and find out what the Bible says based on your opinion or mine right or is a poll but I give four choices number one within the next 10 years that got 16.8% of the vote. So what that's about one in six between 10 and 15 years, that's 20.2% of the votes.

That's about one in five but if you add them together. That's 37% of the vote. That's almost 4 in 10 say we believe is coming in the next 50 years, then not for at least 50 years that was only 6.3% white one and 16. Remarkably, in the no idea that was the majority, 56.7 no surprise that folks had no idea and an absolute want to date set. But if you had to pick one of the first three words of if you're not allowed to pick no idea which of the first three would you pick within the next 10 years between 10 and 50 years, and not for at least 50 years, four months are open 866-34-TRUTH now here is why this is a relevant question, when I came to faith in 1971 as a heroin shooting LSD using Jewish hippie rock drummer 16 years old.

We were taught. Jesus is coming any minute. The rapture is going to happen very, very soon. All the prophecies are in place. These are the signs of the times.

The 60s was the proof. This was the final apostasy. The bringing in of end time wickedness and falling away in Jerusalem was back in Jewish hands and and look at everything happening in the world surely this is the end how Lindsay's best-selling book, weekly planners came out in 1970 well that's 50 years ago, 50 years ago I was 16. I'm 65 now. I was 16, her oldest granddaughter is 19 per time a long time. All right. And she still hasn't returned so on the one hand, there was an erroneous mentality erroneous theology that gave us the idea were out here any minute. Because of which many of us abdicated our role in society. After all, if you know Jesus is coming at any minute now to be thinking 10 2030 4050, 100 years down the line if you know that things are only going to get worse before the second coming and it's very very near why even bother getting involved politically, culturally, just preach to as many people as you can get as many people quote saved before before Jesus returns. That's the only thing that matters now. I agree that being witnesses being Christian witness sharing the gospel fulfill the great commission is the number one priority, but it is a priority and calling to go and make disciples of the question is how do we as disciples live, are we not called to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. Of course we get involved had we not get involved and in there is even a story of a famous Rabbi in Talmudic days, and a famous preacher.

The 1800s. The preacher being white DL Moody and both were asked the question what you do if you were told in the sizes of ridges Messiah is coming for Christians, Messiah, returning if you train your hand basic question. If you train hand and you were told Messiah is coming tomorrow. The massage returning tomorrow what you do and the answer in both cases was plant the tree mode you still have to live your life, you still have to do what you know how to do on a daily basis and, in point of fact we don't know the day of the Messiah's return. There's a rabbinic saying that old juicing repent. One day before you die since you don't know the day you die, you repent every day so there were Christians that have this mentality still do right here any minute.

Why bother trying to bring about change in the meantime because we abdicated responsibility. Others fill the void of the civil we will bring about change, radical feminist that we want to bring about change and proportional. We want to bring about change and cactuses.

We want to bring about change and other secularist and socialist others. We want to bring about change. So they been active Cigna bring about change in society from pre-k through the universities in the business world, the media, and host of other ways we thought will you don't want Mr. God makes the gospel with politics. They don't want to mix religion with culture and where is everything intersects. Yes, our priority is on spiritual things, which then affects how we live in the material in this world.

It's is not one or the other. I mean you stuff to eat stuff to drink is sort of jobs of them placed it to live. You we still live in this world and we are involved in this world calls make a difference in this world. So on the one hand, if you have the mentality that Jesus is coming any minute and only things will only get worse before he returns. Then you you might well abdicate political, cultural, social responsibility, what's the use of trying everything's going to get worse if if if someone you know your neighbor is dying and you know your medical doctor. This person is going to die within a minute, and there's nothing that a doctor could do to to resuscitate them, then you are not going to throw that person in your car and drive 120 miles an hour and and go through red lights to get them to a hospital emergency room because is nothing to be done this way.

Some of us live terms of this world was nothing we could do. It's all going downhill would just show me where it says in the Bible in the year 2020, until the end of the age will only go downhill, show me the chapter in the verse and how do we know how much time you left on the other hand, we become complacent.

We can live like everybody else lives, we can just live in this world. Hey, Jesus is coming for another thousand years.

We have no idea why even thinking of getting to these erroneous theologies and eschatology's and all kinds of end time views and hate. We don't know suggesting live in this world and enjoy life it and what happens is we get seduced for the things of this world and end will make it is as if who wins the Super Bowl is really important or over there with the latest scores is really important was happening in the stock market is really important or whatever we had during this world is really important, and eternal things just don't matter. We get so focused in an earthly way that we lose sight of eternity. So all we have to do is we have to live here his peers. The way you boil down live on life. This it One Life, maybe 8090 productive years knows the be a nice, long, full life right be productive that many years we have One Life to live, and after that whatever we do in this world will have eternal implications for good or for bad. That means what happens in this world is very important role we play in this world is very important and we want to live in a way that makes sense in the light of eternity that when we look back a billion years from now, the way we live today makes sense. So there is an urgency with course we don't know the exact time of the Lord's return. So we always live in readiness but in point of fact, there's a sense of urgency because there's only one life.

People are dying is pain and suffering in this world and in their eternal lives at stake. Return to fêtes at stake. This is this is realities we live a certain urgency but but we don't live with this. Any second. Any second. He is returning so and so to get worse. Therefore, we don't do anything or just have whatever it's live in this world and become complacent slits live with a holy urgency and let's make a difference for the gospel. Let's make a difference for God in this world God's ways are best for everybody, critically, socially, culturally, educationally, the extent we can follow his wisdom, things will go to with this post I come back and talk about Amazon banning books and changing definition. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us.

The on the line of fire. 6634 truth. What's your view return of Jesus.

You pick can't say I've no idea yet pick leaves coming within the next 10 years leaves returning between 10 and 50 years, or at least 50 years from now the phones shortly. All right. Amazon has been doing this increasingly is dangerous. It is a bad precedent. It is absolute discriminatory practice and is much as I've enjoyed being in Amazon customer for many years because everything they provide in their customer service has been terrific so I appreciate ways that the company operates her own ministry.

You can actually donate to via Amazon. You know tiny percentage of all sales. They put away for donations.

I appreciate all the good that they do they take in some really really dangerous political stands.

For example, the alliance defend freedom.

One of the premier legal organizations in America.

One of the top Christian legal organizations is is deemed to hate group by Amazon because of the SPLC listing this PLC itself being a hate group and because of that.

If you want to designate your donations.

The percentage of sales to them. You can't do that on Amazon. Amazon started banning books having to do a so-called conversion therapy, so if your next gain you shared your testimony how counseling helped you that was band door books by counselors well just got a note the other day from Amy Kun Trotta from mass resistance and she is the author of a large compendium called the health hazards of homosexuality and of the book endorsed by prominent physicians and she says mass resistance reports, cancel culture, all renowned health book suddenly banned by Amazon after 3 1/2 years of successful successful sales. The health hazard. Homosexuality dressed proponent physicians so the deemed offensive used around the world for hard to find accurate information which you see what Amazon does not consider infinite in fact offensive.

You can take action.

See below and she breaks this down then says so what this book is important. The mainstreaming and normalization of homosexuality is created a public health crisis affecting us all the stuff book documents in detail. The enormous public health problems, both medical and psychological associated with homosexual behavior then goes on from there and then list bunches of books that Amazon does not consider offensive used a less offensive to talk about health hazards from sexually what is offensive to talk about health hazards of smoking is not something that every every pack of cigarettes has to have on it used to be advertise promoted you have medical doctors talk about all you look at the old ads it's it's funny but it's pathetic is a telling people something unsafe or safe right so here's a book that's documenting things that's giving medical information. Psychological information, access to journals and that's what it's doing it's it's on every pace and you're going to hell. If you practice homosexuality, cycling Scripture page after page. They look at the health hazards. These are real. What was that deemed offensive. What is offensive if if you want to celebrate homosexual practice. It is offensive.

If you want to say there are no negative consequences.

It is a it is offensive. If you are led to celebrating this, but if you are way to truth and facts is not offensive. It's helpful information all but hang on, even if it is quote offensive titles on Amazon offensive to millions of people for different reasons. Ministry can find thousands and thousands of titles of all kinds of just looking at the titles of pellets offensive to me.

But Amazon publishes it because it's a publishable book and it doesn't break certain laws so you still Amazon's in the pen they can do with it. It's a dangerous precedent. We need to draw attention to. I wrote an article about this.

Was it July 4, 2019 will Amazon ban the Bible next and explain there in a very disturbing move. Amazon has remove the books of Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, psychologist and critics have dubbed the father conversion therapy was proclaiming that sexual orientation is not innate and immutable, proclaiming that change is possible. Dr. Nicolosi's books must be ban. This leads to the logical question will Amazon ban the Bible next is a hyperbole across the Bible to condemn same-sex relationships in the Bible speaks of those who practice was practiced on the subscribe to so no more prescription 69 through 11 these people today would be known as ex-gays was Dr. Nicolosi's life or to help people with unwanted same-sex attraction to sit and talk with them and help them what it should Amazon ban. His books but continue to sell the Bible which group provides the theological underpinnings for Dr. Nicolosi's scientific work here is another example. Christian post reported this June 22 of this year. June 22, 2020 Amazon bands ads for book on how transgender ideology harms girls and young women here that again. Amazon bands ads for book and how transgender ideology harms girls and young women and in the story by Brendan Showalter explains that one retail online retail giant Amazon has disallowed a publishing house from buying ads to promote a new book critical of transgender ideology that points out its many harms on young girls. Regnery publishing which is one of the world's largest conservator publishers, Washington and Washington DC based conservative company that is publishing journalist Abba ghostwriters new book, irreversible damage.

The transient decree seducing her daughters announced Sunday that they could not bid on ad space on Amazon to promote the book while so Amazon bands books same changes possible. Amazon is now banned a book outlining health hazards of homosexuality. Amazon has banned advertising for an important book. All these books are important to just mention for an important book about this transgender crazy to sweep through. You have groups of teenage girls all identifies transgender together and then you have younger people that are getting on on hormone blockers. There are things that can ultimately sterilize them for life. Little kids making decisions with their parents and you go ahead that's right really feel kids getting sex change surgery. The still teenagers that if you're slicing what I do. We get a healthy amount in his 20s and double vasectomy thinking what what'd I do that within the sterile from what I do and there more and more of them coming out with their painful and horrific stories. This is important and Amazon says that he can advertise the book that banish this again advertise.

Did I not say for the last 15 years that those who came out of the closet. One put us in the closet when the sonnets are voices. This friends is the reality. If you don't push back. This could well affect your kid next fact a major poll from California indicated that the vast majority of parents in California do not support giving drugs or sex change surgery to teenagers and young people that will sterilize them for life. Obviously obviously there tremendous dangers inherent with this. Interestingly, and I'm not playing this to play political ads same doleful provide food for Donald Trump. Don't vote for this candidate, Michigan to vote for Republican candidate. Applying this to say, I am glad that this is being made a political issue a check out these two ads that are now running in the state of Michigan. Here's the first one is a young teen, I felt I should live on 17 years later, I thought I should be a man again treatments to change the gender of a minor, so that you cannot go through puberty causes damage sex change surgery 15 years old.

This is a legal child abuse. Peters and Joe Biden support gender change treatments for minors is okay now is not okay. It's not okay get on the plane as a political at a plant to say I am glad that the issue is being addressed by all means we will have compassion on kids and adults who struggle by all means we want to do everything in our power to help them find wholeness from the inside out without drugs and and and radical life altering surgery by all means want to be long-suffering and do our best to have empathy and pray and work with folks and be patient. By all means, by all means we want to expose the dangers and we want to expose the inequality and want to expose the fundamental attack on women and young girls with this as well. Here's the other at all. Female athletes want their sonic competition scholarship title Victor Gonzalez taking away my competitors and claims to be a girl was born a boy Sen. Gary Pierce and Joe Biden support legislation that would destroy girl sports they collect quality. Really, that's not fair fair all against Gary peters and Joe Biden care to extreme permission to get on the plane that this a political ad and playing that to say, I am glad the issues are being raised candidate Joe Biden has said that transgender rights of the civil rights of our day.

Many feel that way others like me differ with that very deeply once more, we have compassion on those who struggle was was my review is stupid. I can imagine the inner turmoil and pain that people flip with the confusion in the sense of frustration and things are not right and and and and house exchange surgery home and seems to be the only way out. You know, one man said to me was either that or suicide. I am not minimizing the trauma the pain. I'm simply saying there is a better way and I'm glad that this is being addressed and if Amazon is trying to stifle the message all the more do we need to raise our voices and let our voices be heard and tell the Amazons in the other outlets you do not have the right to censor this you're being unfair, you're being discriminatory and you are hurting people in the process and if it's court, you're right books of the social want is our right to disable her business elsewhere in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is really hospital-based revolution Americas at a tipping Americas about to go over the edge. Interestingly, both parties are saying this is the most important election.

If you want to save America after Democrat afterward. Republican. My take is that even with Donald Trump reelected four more years that this and save America just gives a bit more of an opportunity for freedom of speech and conscience and religion with the church. Better start doing its job and living out according to his convictions and quit being hypocritical and and superficial and cowardly stand up and speak up and do what's right and impact the world around us.

Otherwise, when big, big trouble.

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That would be the base if you correct got it hate Mickey.

Thank you, thank you for the kind words and thank you for weighing in appreciated 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Orlando in High Point, North Carolina.

Your online if I would sure take about a mile to the red meat when we were here. He left 33 years after so he was born on six BC more likely. Nissan I will review your callback around 27, 127 that will bring us to the brink of the tribulation, the tribulation. Your pulse trip sort of the seven years to commit to three and I have a new URL. Pray for your barley reply I and and let me ask you this Orlando. How do you get the 2027 date is a connect to suit so you're saying is he lives 33 years that have come in, the equivalent of 2000 years later up to the today okay to two symbolic days got it all right.

Hey, I appreciate the call Orlando so there you have one saying coming very quickly and you have the other saying not coming for perhaps many centuries.

So where does that leave us will keep studying Scripture, but it leaves you with this.

Here's what we know we have one life we have one life that we know we have one life, after which will be accountable gone, there is no reincarnation.

There is no transmigration of souls is as Mr. Judaism teaches that there is not coming back over and over to get it right. Note this. That's not biblical truth and whatever that's a whole other subject Rocco to go there but what we do know is we have we have one life and we have one life to live for the Lord that the famous words of CT stud, only one life will soon be passed on what's done for Christ will last. If you want to weigh in.

By all means, can argue with you is not my point to debate the issue, but to get your take.

I wrote something of couple years back when info wars was censored by YouTube and I'm I'm not an enforced fan of only this Alex Jones a little. I'm not an enforced fan I know is very popular in some circles, but their minutes enforce right. Sometimes the reporting there be some great articles that really expose things going on, but it was I'm not an enforced guy. Okay, so it's not like when info wars was picked on their pick on my guy or my team or my camp but II had a real issue because Mike my questions what's coming next. And then if you know the famous poem by Martin the molar. The first they came for the Socialists. It was a socialist and speak of the conflict. Communists came for the Jews. Whatever the order is nine speak out because it was the deal wasn't socialist. It was the communist then they came for me. There's no one left to speak for me and if you if you read biographies of of Dietrich Bonhoeffer new molar oppose Nazi-ism, but he wasn't woman to take radical steps and if he didn't recognize how wrong things were, or how compromised much of the Lutheran Church was until it was too late, so also I wrote this essay. First they came for info wars and I did not speak out because I found them offensive. Then they came for Geller and Spencer meaning of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer then came for going Spencer and I did not speak out because I found them obnoxious. Then he came for Prager. You and I did not speak out because I found them opinionated. Then they came for a host of others, and I do not speak out because I have my own life to live in the came for me.

There was no one left to speak for me.

We bring these issues up is can come your way.

It is going to come your way.

It is going to knock at your door. You will be impacted.

You will be affected.

Therefore, we need to do is right, but either way, we need to do is right because it's right so ready for this is the gay website celebrating the news dictionary replaces homosexual and largest update ever that by the way, I find it revealing this website has a menu across the top on my screen saying editors pick fashion, pop ethnography, entertainment news and opinion television that there's a play on words support on every pop non-fallacy partners.

Whatever dictionary replaces homosexual and largest update ever. So here's what the story says this issue. The massive update altering more than 1500 as entries on the site. The changes which comprise the largest update ever to the resource mostly in the putting people first and respecting reflecting the relationship language has with society's values. The unchristian events of 2020 the pandemic to the George Floyd protest appropriately change our lives and language post. Among the changes. capitalize black. Referring to race or culture made its own entry, in addition to improving language around addiction and suicide. Not my obvious question is that we can check this during a break. Did they do the same with white or with with red or yellow or anything else of his friend Teresa Brown is only black tickets Lots of problems that want to capitalize anything empty with race black white brown fungus be consistent in addition to improving management addiction suicide. Words like a bony maggot goat encountering.

Also edit the large contingent of changes had to do with the LGBT Q plus community. Of course the acronym has to keep growing LGBT Q plus S and black joins many of the dictionary what efforts with people not practices first and ensure definitions reflect the respect of people use language when those changes must replace references to homosexual and homosexuality with gay gay man gay woman, gay sexual orientation is such a definition of gayness is now gay or lesbian sexual orientation or behavior supposed to homosexuality. The change impacted over 50 entries I have so there is not a contrast between homosexual and heterosexual perfectly good descriptive words speak of attraction to the same-sex attraction to the opposite sex. No was gay gay or lesbian, and I imagine it must be contrasted with straight or maybe not gay or non-lesbian list of friends you start playing with words you start saying what words can be used and not used.

Now what if you want to write with writing a book and and and you could use with homosexual hairs, although that's not the sum up what so now it now I have to use the word gay or lesbian what what if I don't want to but I don't think that's the best description. What if I want to use a word that has a historic meaning in the last century plus friends spanning books telling what words water use and not this is dangerous. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. There's a reason the Canadian professor before he became internationally famous is intellectual, is reason that he pushed back at his University of Toronto when he was told with the student wants to identify she even listens about your mail. You must call the student. She if the student must be called by another pronoun. You must do that is recently pushed back. It was not simply that he rejected the ideology but having studied communism for many many years. He understood the thought police.

He understood the danger of controlled speech that's the biggest reason he pushed back against it. I just typed in the words in the search. He who controls language and and a bunch of quotes came up who he who controls language controls the masses. He who controls language controls thought whoever controls the language controls the conversation controls the debate George Robles 1984 he who controls the language controls the argument so for many years it was considered wrong politically correct to say homosexual and we were told that you must say gay or lesbian. Now I would use terms gay or lesbian for two reasons, but also misread. Homosexual homosexuality. When appropriate, but I would I would refer to. I would refer to gay and lesbian for two reasons.

One, in order to reach people that I'm trying to dialogue with reach out to use terminology that was preferred and and the other for the.

The larger audience that was secular that didn't share my conservative religious beliefs is one of the talking terms that would get us into the conversation to get us alone and try to reach gays and lesbians and have a reasonable discussion. The other had just the general wider audience. I push them away in the so let's get to the truth of matters and if that pushes you. I thought, but it bottom line. Bottom line is that it really do any good. Always help me reach people individually. For sure that's been positive, but I'm still vilified. I'm still hated him him on the hate list from SPLC to glad to HRC etc. so bottom line.

Bottom line is, is that the vilification vacancy to be there because the fundamental Stan says I do not affirm same-sex relations. I do not find an equivalent to to heterosexual relations that is not what daughter Dana would God desires so you shouldn't be hated, vilified for that but when it comes to controlled speech cannot say this must say this, that's why some of my friends have always said no were just going to say homosexual practice, the galas, because that's really a capitulation to political activists.

So check out this this article is going back to George Orwell's 1984 book in the vivid days were living in now and 2020 are much more Orwellian than any other time in American history.

So this is from the incident, the essential encounter website.

The article is the destruction of language in George Orwell's 1984 I want to draw your attention to two quotes in the article of one says this by 2050.

Earlier, probably this is this is from from the book by 2050. Earlier probably all real knowledge of all speak with the disappearance of the way people used to speak in 1984 December 2050 will be gone the whole literature of the past will have been destroyed.

Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton Byron still exist only in Newspeak versions that really changed into something different, but actually change into something contradictory for these to be even the literature of the party, meaning the ruling party will change in the service will change how could you have a slogan like freedom is slavery. When the concept of freedom is been abolished the whole climate of thought will be different. In fact, there will be no thought is my understanding that orthodoxy means not thinking, not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness. Those you just go with the system and what's interesting is this prediction which oral maples in the late 1940s.

He wrote this in its title. 1984 produced was inhabited by 2050's about a century after all, wrote the book over the situation now where classics are being increasingly rejected was his white supremacy or that reflects an overall theology or ideology or this was a slave. Once we did we get rid of all these you don't. Don't study literature. The way that she used to study it you don't study classics were used to you, how I feel about what's my was my take on things in any steady job, family feel about how I feel about history's most are learning data, learn how to think critically. Chris is another quote from the article by controlling the language big brother controls the way that the people think. With limited vocabulary.

The people are limited in how much they can think as well as what they think about friends. This is where were at today and you say well it really hasn't affected me yet if it probably hasn't. You don't realize, but if it hasn't, it will and by the time you speak up like the name "it will be to late. Now I will.

I was on a chat last night pastor in California sucks right now being held in contempt of court for continuing to hold church gatherings all the losses can't and it's much hypocrisy in the way California laws are being enforced right now so he asked me to come on his his lifestream torture couple other guys on his team and we got to talking about the role of Christians in politics and he served in the city Council and the mayor of the city as well and I told them what I did with other activists in the past that I was called by friends that hate can you blot out time for for this on the street you cannot skim your Monday night city Council there 10 speakers that he can address issues with gay activism in the city and we would like all 10 to be bring a gospel perspective. So we call we got the slots folk and you can take with absolutely. So we then encourage folks in our local interrogation to show up that night and the city Council was there and to their shock. The place was packed. Normally it's it's empty for City Councilman to talk about and put a new stop sign here. Do we need to change the gas main. Here you noted discussions like that were get funding for the parks and so you know that a lot of people there, but this was controversial issue talking about gay activism in the city and all 10 of us spoke.

We presented our case, we presented our reasons for what were saying in children and influence what was happening in public, and so on and so forth. So one of the gentleman said if you agree with my physician elected to stand 2 feet and pasted the whole place stood city Council shock there few folks there.

On the other side of the issue. They were shocked and then when it was done when I post on we all left was a very dramatic and loud's testimony, but the city Council did not vote in favor say what and this pastor Rob McCoy said, until you Isaac is here not involve the process. Otherwise, would you shut up that night you made a statement and it was it was powerful and powerful demonstration got the message across. Put Ellis were voting for city Council members, whether they care it in unless this can make a difference with his on the city Council or the care and list some of those so you know we live in this neighborhood. Maybe Ashman city Council.

Thus, most are not called to, but some are some are so stuff going on in your school you have a problem with it.

Sex ed curricula. Gay activist curricula transacted was curricula of the things in the school being taught.

Maybe just a very aggressive anti-God anti-Christian ideology or or whenever or exultation of other faiths and denigrating of Christian faith. This is happening, you could school don't think will someone else in the system not say something and then if at that produces no good. Then you get others, it will turn intimidate transit we have problem with this. We have an issue with this, then maybe if you look at who sits on the school board maybe get involved with that are on none called to do that. I was in Indiana few years back. Indianapolis maybe and talk to an older gentleman. So if I was in the room early 60s. Then he was mid to late 60s for years older than me and he was telling about what's happening in the in the schools. There is a credible open door. They have to bring the gospel to kids that want to hear you A lunch meeting. Kids can come and hear the gospel is that whatever was but incredible openness to the gospel. I asked him how that happened, Islam or I'm a retired school principal and when I retired. The pastor said to me oh no, no, you're not ready to retire. We need you involved so he got on the local school board this about the godly believers got on the local school board had a positive influence is not enforcing things on others is something you must conform to this that, but it's getting opportunities giving freedom it it's not keeping God out's people getting involved so look, we can have it both ways we can say this is wrong in the culture that's wrong in the culture list wrong with politicians. This role of the system and then not get involved if you want to say it's a fallen messed up world, whatever happens, happens. It's an evil world and were concentrating on eternity in which you praise God every day and not complain about things around us not get upset with what my kids living in school not get upset with suppression of free speech to the University not get upset with us when getting fired for holding biblical conviction the workplace more about any of that just be consistent with these things to bother you if they do concern you as they should do bother you they do concern you then to which you can to make a difference one praise one teaches a Bible study.

Other runs for local office. Another becomes a schoolteacher.

Another leads up a community active action group with concerned parents.

Everybody does what they can do together we make a real difference in Francis my calling to be a voice and not only to teach and preach the gospel to call nonbelievers to believe but also to bring gospel principles into every area of our society and our culture. Don't forget to meet sign up for our emails.

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