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Dr. Brown Answers Your Best Bible and Theology Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 28, 2020 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Best Bible and Theology Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 28, 2020 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/28/20.

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Phone lines are open to questions we got answers for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown locomotive for the Friday edition of the line of fire. You got questions and answers. Michael Graham delighted to be with you.

I'm looking to be giving reflections on the president's acceptance speech last night at RNC with the news related items meant to that on Friday. Be people watching for my articles commentary over the weekend or early next week.

Today sister calls your questions 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Any question of any kind that relates in any way to any subject matter. We cover here in the line of fire. My delight to hear from you, especially if you disagree with me on something. All right we go straight to the phones and we start in Kingston Jamaica with Blake. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown, Michael, you bet Mike what about the Bible than that I'm familiar with you know from when I was a teenager my reply, brought up all the buttons on the character and the ugly document by Dean Rocky State University. I read anime me and get your thought how reliable it would take the reference Bible worker.

We look for other resources that might come from more comfort right so CI Scofield was an American Bible teacher that is best known for the Scofield reference Bible the Scofield reference Bible I think you got a 1921. Scofield reference Bible helped spread the concept of future prophecy in a particular rapture second coming. Dispensationalism helped popularize that in evangelical circles and really around the world was a major major boon to the teaching so I don't know about the character accusations. I did read some of them one time, but it was no particular interest to me. In other words, I had no reason to really research and find out whether they were true or not slits but that aside, that I don't know they could be true.

But I don't know just that the this study Bible itself.

The reference Bible. Obviously it has like good notes in it and helpful material and to the extent it reiterates that God has future plans for Israel. The national gathering of Israel and things like that and that there is a future millennial kingdom.

All of that is positive. To the extent it teaches dispensationalism pretrip rapture separates and it totally Israel from the church is negative so to the extent it spent spread dispensationalism I look at it is negative to the extent it has spread the idea of these prophecy still being future and God promised God's promises to Israel remaining a look at it in a positive way. So it's a mix in like any human production you have to remember that many people saw no future for Israel to Jewish people there forever cursed for rejecting the Masai the individual juice can be saved. There are no national promises that remain. Scofield corrected that error and emphasize that the promises remain. But did it in a way that is dispensational in teaching a pretrip rapture and things like that which which I differ with and reject.

So yeah, I would either eat the meat and throughout the bones when it comes to dispensationalism over-the-counter runs through his comments or of just look for some other if you are using for years, then by all means, look for something else there.

Lots of good study Bibles of all different kinds with the pen in which translation that you use and most of them are going to give more historical background archaeological background explain some of the Hebrew and Greek words and give some theological commentary but not in it and is slanted away as Scofield and those there is a particular thing he was really communicating and that's how the Bible because you became so widely used so yeah I'd I'd look for something else vicious on the more recent reflecting even more recent scholarship and things like that. What translation do you use primarily a gravy and yet the yeah so I'm in check at the ESV study Bible you'll find it very helpful you find a Calvinistic leadings on the Calvinistic MSI charismatic which I am but you find a lot of good information in notes and that is well it it will not be as strong on future prophecy, but at least you have a lot of good information and that in us. That's like anything else, it's the Bible is the Bible and the notes are human notes that people have put in so put the main emphasis on reading scripture and use those in the secondary way, but thanks for asking. Blake appreciated. Sure thing 866-34-TRUTH we go to David in Oceanside, California.

Welcome to modifier all sure thing so I wanted to comment on the lot reformation movement by God. Yes. Reason being my wife and I were going out to grab that line and we do in school, like the Bible to play ball and yeah. A lot of family members that doubt that they learned about it being a cold. There did not honestly like I I've been regarded there on the part of the time you navigate in a way that godly wisdom about the character not know ripping into them. Not not getting been diverted by bad but also standing my ground and yeah get that you can be you. What you know about how I can go about speaking to family members about what it is you so first let me just give the general answer to him speaking to family members when I would do is after the weekend go back in a very nondefensive way and say hey here's what was taught, here's the scriptural basis for what he differ with and why would you think it's a cult you know just asked them on the Got a got okay so in the meantime, you can just say okay let's watch some of the videos and please tell me what is cultlike about this. You have first, how would you define a cult not not of the challengingly. But hey, how would you define a call okay and then what makes this cultlike those the questions that ask. I actually got to spend a couple hours with Corbin last year as he moved into the North Carolina area.

We haven't seen each other that much since then. Or talk that much since then. Some of the grass for ministry school got to spend time with them at work with him and felt very good about working with them some colleagues contacted me and said it sounded like he was teaching baptismal regeneration, namely that you are going into baptism. I asked about a point like he said absolutely not. He doesn't teach it, but he does emphasize the essential nature of it and went when he and I talked the main thing that I said to him was that this is not Denmark. In other words, the charismatic church, Pentecostal church, or even just vibrate evangelical church in Denmark is very very small and when you are preaching on the streets leading people to Jesus, believing in deliverance and healing for today baptizing people as they come to faith, praying for them to be filled with the spirit is very disruptive. It's very contrary to the system and I sit here in America.

The be plenty of people agree with you if I would be happy to work with you so do your best to be in fellowship with other churches in the area to get to the pastors near because you find a lot of people of like heart and what he expressed to me at that time as that's what he understood the things would be somewhat different.

In America, so in terms of the fundamentals of what's being taught that we should try to live out the New Testament faith that the same power. The spirit is available was available to the first followers of Jesus, that we should be preaching repentance that in Jesus name we should be given the sick driving out demons baptizing people praying for them to be filled with the spirit, all those things. Amen. Wonderful. Go for the key thing is to stay united with other brothers and sisters in the body. If he said you must sever your ties with your home church. You must come under my leadership and only support my ministry, then even if what he was saying was good that would be a cultlike emphasis when when one of the students in our ministry school years ago with a big smile on his face it Dr. Brown is a true that our organization is a cult to some people told him that and I said the answer is no. If people say how do you know that telling your leader told you we were all laughing it up if the that that's cultlike when there is an allegiance to the leader in this hyper, obedient way, and you have to separate from other believers in and things like that and that's cultlike, but if someone says hey I'm here to equip you and help and help enable you to go on to the work of ministry until I get back home and work with other believers of like heart and and and honor leaders in your church wonderful and be equipped and go back and serve and be a blessing and the challenges can be when people ultimately see things differently don't believe the same way in the key thing is not to separate from them just general, but to find others of like heart and like mind be in fellowship being accountable relationships and again I would. I would just ask with all respect or so. What do you differ with scripturally in terms of what is teaching compared to what the Bible says that's one thing and then to what would make this cultlike and you know go from there. Sure thing and David in your understanding. After two months training and equipping what happens after that all fire.boy right now while got you the key thing is to be networking. The key thing whatever the perspective, be it someone who's in a Baptist denomination get some is part of the house church network, be it someone that street preacher is to stay connected in relation with other leaders so there's fellowship there's accountability will be separate and it's just my work and I'm the only one then that's problematic whoever we are, whatever our background so they may the Lord use you and Ms. Farber. Three.

God bless you, David Archer thing 866-34-TRUTH we will be right back with your cost just a reminder you're watching on Facebook. You see, right there beneath the screen with my :-) there's a donate button click on that and whether to give to two dollars and $20 every gift helps us increase our outreach to more and more people if you watch on YouTube under the chat box. There's a $. Click on that and give Wenger a website always* find out about being a torchbearer dollar day standing with us. Helpless impact literally millions of people get blessed many many ways and resources we sold you every month check out Esther to Brown that are click on donate monthly support rec.the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown sons in-laws. That's it's after sons in-laws birthdays. So happy birthday Jimmy. If you are listed off course, how could you not be listening to Lana fire and birthday. What else you can do on your birthday. Obviously obviously 866-34-TRUTH we go back to the phones and let's go to Christopher in Dallas, Texas. Welcome to want to fire are you doing very well thank you so not to run from your cultivator because I was rereading Matthew and it struck me that the error in the war unit initially because he claimed to be the son of man.

Now I don't understand why this is a particular work particular thing that would affect the Pharisees against you this because the entire book of Lamentations someone is being called the son of man, can you help me put that in context, yes or so.

There are two expressions in the Old Testament that would be translated Son of Man. When you find especially frequently in Ezekiel been a Dom Son of Man, which just means mortal so he stood that's an emphasis on mortal not nothing special about it than a Dom on mortal then and Daniel seven.

There is by nausea which is Son of Man in Aramaic and he comes in the clouds of heaven before the throne of the ancient of days and then rules and reigns over the world and that was the phrase that became well-known in Judaism, and especially if he was teaching in Aramaic and referred to himself in that way. In Aramaic he be specifically pointed to Daniel chapter 7 strut around verse 13 and 14 and read read the rest of the chapter so that's what they were understanding.

That's why he's asked U the Son of Man in terms of of okay let's lay it out.

Are you making that claim the truth to be the one that comes in the clouds of heaven, and he says in Mark 14, for example, you will see see me coming up at the right hand of power, so yeah that's that's me so it's a different usage. And that's the one that became more proverbial and when Jesus was referring to himself and that way they understood what he meant. Okay. All right. Whatever the question very well, thank you yet yes the right question though. Thank you.

Christopher appreciated 866342.

Let's go to Ross in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Berman gathered that one quick quote. Love always wondered about Roman chapter or the Baker order in all aggression questionnaire are those who bring in for the law.

There how how can they, the people or be held accountable just as it was no sin is a transgression. Those transgressions breaking the law. So if you have a law against stealing then when you still you break the law. If you have a law against stealing even broken a law, but you may have sent you still send still sinned against somebody and that's why Paul reiterates it was present. Some is present from Adam down, but transgression, which specifically means breaking the law was there so were you driving too fast going hundred miles an hour in a neighborhood where it was only safe to drive 30 yes you were driving too fast you were driving unsafely. You might get killed or kill somebody, but if there was no speed limit on that road you want breaking the law you are describing too fast so the same way. Sin was present from Adam on and Adam transgressed Adam and Eve transgressed by disobeying God's commandment not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but other sins that they committed were just sins when when Cain killed Abel, he said he sin but did he break a lot to God. Give them laws against murder at the we know of so we didn't break the law, but he sin that was held accountable for his sin. So it's just two different concepts breaking the law versus sending all sinners breaking the law sees me breaking the law is always sin, but not all sinners breaking the law because it is not a law against everything in terms of where we sent them a sense okay are you if you if you keep reading used UCS as Paul lays this out that he's very explicit that that's it's not that wasn't that sin wasn't there and that death wasn't there right for the law brings wrath, but there is no law there is no transgression that what is what depends on faith and goes on from there and then as you get into the fifth chapter. He continues to explain, therefore, just as sin came into the world through one man. Romans 512, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because all sin, for sin indeed was in the world before the law was given, but sin is not counted. There is no law, and other which you can't say your transgressor but you still sinning and as a consequence of sin this W one last example, there is no law in America that you have to eat in a healthy way.

But if you ate in a totally destructive way every day of your life.

It would kill you.

You would you would die prematurely because of its even break a law, but the bad eating habits affect the same.

Since sin had its effect. Sin was destructive sin brought death, but if there's no law against it wasn't counted as a transgression.

Thank you for the question, 86634 let's go to Ronald in grass Valley, California.

Welcome to the line of fire or good morning or good afternoon. Mr. thank you. I believe writers do believe that all nations need to have a credible system of beliefs that provide a moral foundation for public and private behavior, and I was institutionalized in our Constitution permitted foundation can be provided by Christian theology. Unfortunately, sufficient sure what Christianity is declining in both Western Europe and North America factors becoming irrelevant to over 50% of the people living in these nations, so I am bothered by that, I believe we need a Renaissance of Christian theology, one that draws a clear distinction between Christian doctrine and for example socialism and we must have a clear restatement of Christian theology in terms that a credible to a 21st-century Christian and non-Christian audience yes, so do I agree with you more joy. So firstly I do you agree with me. First of all, in general terms, general in general terms, yes, in fact, my issue is not similar socialism versus capitalism, but socialism when it comes to when it comes against the gospel when it comes against belief in God. When socialism ultimately leads to Communism and in the all-out attack on on the faith. So even though I'm a capitalist versus socialist.

The reason it really matters to me for the gospel is socialism versus the kingdom of God and knowing the humanistic destructive way that socialism goes a bit yeah overall something radical has to change. There must be a there must be a capturing of the heart and laying solid foundations with the mind so that people are touch. They encounter God. They recognize their need for God. They see that his ways are best and then we answer the questions in and lay out intellectually as well. Why God's ways are best episodes so that has to happen is the gospel spreading around the world.

The decline is very serious, especially in Europe and and in America as well, although there's a pushback here. Well, there is the problem that the socialist United States want to kill Christianity and Everclear, including the Democratic Party and I sign from God. I have started socialism versus Christian theology marked differences in the philosophy and theology and the basis for both of them. So there is a clear difference, but I'm more concerned about the doctor than 45 years of marketing to discover that we have a problem with our audience really want to appear credible to a larger audience. We need to have a rethinking of our Christian theology immediately. I think it needs to be understandable to her to a larger audience. I think there are problems with the Bible. What you talk about that for example the people find that there's a credibility problem.

We need to address the right. So we have to do is is on the one hand, not shy away from the challenging passages from the challenges to the authority of Scripture and the character of God in the Bible and God's standards, God's ways with sexuality and family relations and things like that and there is good being done but it needs to be needs to reach more people and then we have to find ways to make it treatable to bring things down to little slogans and and concepts which then that's the tip of the iceberg that we present the rest of the iceberg and then what we do.

We must do in the love of God in our outreach compassionate service in the power the spiritual people are really encountering the Lord and and being changed so there there are efforts to this. What often happens, though it from what I can see Ronald set is sometimes and I desire to reach the robing them water down the message we try to make it more acceptable. That's not the answer answer is not to try to make God acceptable to the people of the issues people be acceptable to God, we have to do though is present things without compromise. In a way that's understandable, and that can get people of all ages hearing our message clearly and then if they rejected the rejected and course can be on these pray he thank you for the call and I agree with you about Christianity versus socialism absolute number and the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends continue answering your questions on YouTube. That's right, our weekly exclusive YouTube chat so if you look at your questions on the air today. We can never get to all the calls on Friday, then by all means destroy this with you to chat or join us there just to listen, participate, watch that'll be on the Esther Gibran YouTube channel asked Kate DR Brown. Also, if your subscriber on YouTube, but you haven't click the bell that notifies you when we come up Liber post a new video that all means do that so we subscribe in this belt, click on that. This way you can be sure to be alerted when new videos go up and things like that will be doing a special live broadcast 86634 to his number to call with your questions of any kind. Let's go over to Danny in New York City. Welcome to the line of fire call sure I want every job will think that emotional the one found image of the baby, the metal pole.

Oh yeah on the operating table yes and it clear to me that the baby was thinking Delaware and felt pain in the evident that struck me that we have all of the country that "you toward animal and mother protect animal payment for one of torture. Why don't we have a lot of plate protect them: you pay when you have been aborted and furthermore well thought protect wanting children amenable to yes.

So why not have laws to protect the unborn. That one thing one of them born course will is a terribly immoral situation at rim hypocritical situation know there are Endangered Species Act and if you if you destroyed an egg this a penalty for that but not destroying the baby in the in the womb. So there. There have been bills that argue that you cannot abort after a certain time because that's when science agrees that the baby in the womb can feel pain. So there. There are attempts to pass bills like that. Then there's the fetal heartbeat bill that's been passed in different states saying once a heartbeat can be detected. You can't abort the baby so that would even be before people would agree about pain may obviously be a stand against all abortions, but that scene devastated me as well.

Of course, the critics, it wasn't possible of the baby couldn't move.

Even so, just seeing that baby being sucked out just devastating. And the fact it happens millions of times and it's overwhelming so rapidly right it's completely hypocritical of the that compassion will have on animal versus the compassion for a human being in the womb, but there are attempts to push for these very laws Danny if you just got online and search for that fetal pain of abortion laws things like that. There are attempts pro-lifers are pushing this direction and there's a reason the Republican national convention was overwhelmingly overtly loudly, clearly pro-life and the Democratic convention. Despite having the most radical ticket with Biden Harris in terms of the most radical pro-abortion ticket in American history said very little to nothing about abortion.

Just because the radical position of the Democratic Party is is less popular that even though Americans are CSM and should be able to abort under certain circumstances, you know it.

Most Americans do not agree with the full policy that you write up through the ninth month and things like that and because of ultrasounds because people recognize the humanity of the of the child even more.

There is there is a pushback so check on that. Danny, a people are making this very same argument that once you recognize that this baby in the womb experiences pain that under what justifiable means or justifiable reason I should say Kennett baby's life be taken. A thank you for the call.

Keep praying and then find out you can do locally look for local pro-life organizations and see what you can do 2 to 3 self and because people are people needed on every front 866342.

Let's go to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Jason, welcome to the line of fire. I can hear you. Okay, good. Got I had a question on credit that make it short and get other people. I kind of started to believe I got something differently to what you that contract at our are behind by Lago. But you said that only God can forgive people I didn't know how to work. There's no Scripture that you might wear it instead like you like 11 and you forgive, they are forgiven them on the path that our forgiveness is been given to the man that I just didn't know how to work together.

How yes network but it let let's put it in in different categories. Ultimately, only God can forgive sin. In other words, we sin against God and and it's only God who can pronounce some forgiven for sin against him for. For example, if I sin against you, and I haven't come to you to make things right and I go to someone else to say why I send against Jason. Okay I forgive you for your sin against a sweats out to them to do. Like I sin against you.

So, since all sin is ultimately and Scott. Even though we can forgive one another. Only God can ultimately forgive sin.

That's the first thing the second thing is when Jesus forgave sin.

He wasn't saying that I'm doing this just because I'm a human being, but that God is given the Son of Man, namely him the Messiah the power to forgive sin so he is God incarnate. Had that authority to forgive sins. The other passage, though you're speaking of us in John XX chapter. When Jesus breathed on the disciples has received the Spirit say whoever sins you forgive or forget whoever sins you retain or retain. That is, as his representatives.

We can now pronounce sin forgiven or say that sin is upon you. In other words, when arguing that in our power. So it's good to have that clarified we are doing that as his representatives. So if if someone has sinned against God in the body and they come in repentance and brokenness and we say we pronounce you forgiven in Jesus name of the woods as God's ambassadors. We are proclaiming his his forgiveness. If if that person refuses to repent. We see within your sin is on your own head.

We are saying that as his ambassador so it's it's not our choice. Our will, that I can choose to forgive are not.

Rather, as his ambassador. I can affirm and proclaim what he has said you repented you honor the Lord. I declare to you in Jesus name, your sins are forgiven. That's all that I'm doing. It's not okay you know what, I'm not going to forgive you.

So there's a goddess and forget it doesn't work like that that that makes any event that they bring.

We implore you, be reconciled to God by completing the half exactly on the reconciled, and for God so yeah like that that parallel with me. You and me having been against doesn't like the American forgiveness. I create the perfection and will cover that up but going to bring me yeah and James Jacobs, the fifth chapter 2 is any sick among you call for the elders and interrogation with appropriate minority with all of them, the Lord, and the person face to make the sick person well and if you send will be forgiven right so it's right there is a person comes from for prayer for healing ousted if they send their coming and repenting, repent, and white so we pray for them, their heel, we can say in Jesus name, your sins are forgiven because it's is written in the words were affirming it and proclaiming it hate. Thank you for the call. I appreciated 866-34-TRUTH hate rare at this time of the show got a couple phone lines open so great time to call and get in all right. Let's go over to Lynn and white right Texas.

Welcome to the line of fire.

How are you doing today doing very well thank you. My question is we have moved our and we are attending a new church and I've only been there for like a month that I've already caused a lot of problems, they don't teach repent then you do not talk about servers or anything regarding enter judgment and I've had people come up to me and start confessing their sins and I quoted Scripture to them and some of them got offended and actually came to a place where at a ladies meeting and, what's up there saying were not to judge anything or anyone for any reason and it was the third time I heard this person say that and I just can I obey God and I nodded and fell. I started talking about God's judgment and how we are to judge with good measure, as we judge we will be judged. So be gentle with people, be kind to people with love, get them on the correct path and some turnaround scolding me yelling at me regarding the evil others got up and walked out that I'm not can it handle it. Judgment and my laughing. I said what judgment begins at the house of God, and I want God judge me to correct me to get my Straight, don't you, and I was ushered out and so group obviously told the main pastor who texted me and basically that he still sit down, be taught and I have a problem with trying to correct people know anyway I'm trying to decide because it's really the only place that he can close any lately believing being born again).

I don't know is just a short answer. The short answer is that you sit down and meet with the pastor one-on-one. Explain what you believe. If he says I agree with every point you're making.

But you just have to get more in the community and get people to know you more and then you'll have more of a right to share your heart, that's one thing if he disagrees with you. You got no place their psycho work will not be able to honor his authority. You will not be able to aim in his preaching, you will be more opposition than support, you won't be edified.

You find yourself in conflict. You need to leave so which after you see.

Are there any house fellowships anywhere where other believers in meeting. Otherwise become good part of some online community and then maybe every so often driving distance get to a place where you really hearing the gospel but under no circumstances think about like a home and less it's the first scenario pastor says I totally agree with you to know you and then you can view what you're doing otherwise going to be there.

They don't want you there for yourself in conflict. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and hello Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown remember this back on you to chat. I we go over to Jake up in Miami, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Brown so I have a friend who like every movement. I think that with a lot before God over 28 I got it all back New Testament about salvation and I've only lost the house of Israel tried to reason with him and I forgot Scripture correctly.

And he probably is not interested in digging any deeper. Do you have a go to taxpayer an argument clearly.

Because he continues to bring up and have a conversation with me, even though he told me they were there something in him you know that the spirit of God having a conversation. What a wife would like the biggest thing is to pray for him because he's he's really into deep deception. The arguments are so impossible when my friend Dr. James White debated the Hebrew Israelite.

As a result of that. We been hearing about people that that left the movement after that because they saw the Hebrew Israelite elder was so wrong in his treatment Scripture. Dr. White took apart so it does shake people up, but many when they're confronted with the truth they just dig in their heels more when I expose error will get a flood of them pouring into my YouTube channel senior liar, your Edomite liars like don't have a better line than that you want to engage what I actually said so I I am my father's you do one thing you check out a video I have on it it it may actually have the Deuteronomy 28 reference in its you can you can search a master to Brown for Deuteronomy 28 or or either that apply Hebrew Israelite, but I go into that tax and show why it cannot be absolutely cannot be talking about Africans or African-Americans as he reason I said that the verse cannot apply to them, especially that when the Hebrew has in the same verse buy and sell every time it's literal some metaphorical it's literal buy and sell them when when you try to sell yourselves with the recess know will buy you that never happened that that that was not the case this the slave trade was thriving.

People at number one people and I try to sell themselves. Nutriment not be slaves and number two people were buying them so I might hammer one thing just to see sometimes if you can get someone just to question one bit of their foundation to suspect that there is maybe something wrong you that Ray of light with your brain is actually computing the thing then you get them to look at the rest show the salvation by grace, and so on you and just also search for vocab Malone Hebrew Israelites. He has a book on this wall he's got Obama's name in the title, make a catchy but you may look at some rest material and and see what you find helpful. There is, is he's delved into this a lot but maybe to stay with one thing and just always go back on this in the let's go back. I'm sick and otherwise just pray for him, that God will deliver him and opened his eyes if if he's not willing to listen. But sometimes have the same truth order watch my video. Soon we get into it and and then go through it with him and see what happens.

All right, Erica you are very welcome 866342. Let's go to Mike in Burlington, North Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire right your hair. Private review.

Thank you, Margaret. Remark required by Burke Karen Marie Chandler Glover Park talk about urban Derek. You put it in the ground in Bangalore correct that regular and vivid character improper for the deer fervently for felt like remember it's a parable to teach us about stewardship right. It's not necessarily teaching about being saved or lost as much as reward, punishment for good stewardship or bad stewardship. However, you could say that if this person demonstrated responsibility, demonstrated that they were not a true servant then either.

That was manifest that they were never really saved or that their actions of disobedience" forfeited their salvation.

But you cannot certainly in Scripture we don't lose salvation. If you believe it, we can forfeit our surveys, which I do believe but it's not because I didn't do enough. It's not because God called me to preach and instead I just went to business. I got a car dealership or God called me to be a missionary and instead I became a schoolteacher in America, you forfeit your salvation, we forfeit our salvation by denying Jesus is Lord by refusing to serve him by turning to persistent willful sin.

So this is this is more to illustrate a point to teach us about salvation and you don't want to read too much into a parable because it's there to illustrate a point.

More than anything else. Your current mobile equipment: Burke, Karen Marie.

I want work earned you a workbook allow every fiber of our active public merit.

Matthew 25 and lighter. Yet it could well be having the fact that outer darkness is mentioned. That's normally associated with judgment in the Bible right so that makes it even more of a negative but first Corinthians 3 it's either talking about Christian leader or any individual believer.

So, if what we do was done on the flesh of what we do is done for human pride done out of human effort done with wrong motivation not building on the foundation of Jesus, so building on other things. Then the Davis and before God that will be burned up. There won't be a reward for works, but will still be saved, which is supporting the point I was making about salvation. We don't lose our salvation because we were good stewards of what God gave us we can lose our reward and and be rebuked by the Lord, I thank you Mike for the questions appreciated. Let's go over to Chuck in Winston-Salem north Carolina. Welcome to the line of fire. Brattleboro Liberty Mutual will will quit quit will to work to go to with the revelation that are good with little or rework of the nation. The second question in your own personal walk with the living Christ before one what route have you found her feel and your presentation a new light for creationism. Start with the genitive account you go through the gospel of Bill Clinton or the yet so the first question Chuck, I am absolutely not dogmatic in my understanding of Revelation 11. It could refer to two individuals, or it could refer to groups of people raised up by God that that these two witnesses symbolize their Revelation is a book of mystery and things are painted in symbolic ways in there with these mythical creatures now or later had a dragon with seven heads and 10 horns, like Mary, is that you and and so things are depicted in these ways, will they literally happen like that could be or is this depicting something or these are these figures and and and symbols and things like that like chronicles of gnarly Narnia you know where were the crucified Jesus as this is lien getting killed so I'm not sure if it is to people you know will it be Elijah would be Moses back from the debtor Enoch back from the dead will be to keep people on the earth or what does it represent of the people of God rising up in this way I'm on the try dose is two nations though as far as witnessing you know you stood share the gospel. When I was in high school every day with at least one new person and I I had no technique in terms of wisdom, but I was very zealous and I would sit down with somebody just someone that sometimes they would see me coming actually walk away writes it down. Can I talk you know and they walk away, but most people would talk to me and I would start off by saying are you saved and then over the one guy was a deeply rigid, I don't know if there's a dog but I will be saved.

Most it's like that but in retrospect it was and that was that wisdom known what kind of conversation.

So that's just what I did but God use me to win people to the Lord so I realize the key thing was getting out and being with people and talking with people and sharing with people but now because it's mainly meeting strangers flying were in different settings. I just tried it start time of their life then asked about religious beliefs and then try to back it down to wherever they start. I believe in a God was his God care about how we live in what you make of his commandments. If they believe in that in some way that we can use the Ray comfort approach.

Talk about the 10 Commandments, or where they stand with that it's over you and anything then we'll go back to to the argument for the existence of God or maybe just the meaning of life is it all just random this world all there is to try to get them thinking and then the key thing is to get them to a place where there's some consciousness of God in their need for God some consciousness of that they send in that they need a Savior.

And if there's an openness to know.

We may talk about prophecy being fulfilled in Jesus or near the craziness of the day and and and it's because rejecting God and his ways.

If they're sick or in some need right of the battle, often essay can I pray for him to follow Jesus believe in praying for the sick, just anything that'll open the door and then from there.

Honestly, can go on many many different ways. The key thing though is to say that person recognizes her. Sometimes it is a lot of listening like godless men think friends join us for in minutes from now on YouTube asked her to run on YouTube will continue with the exclusive godless

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