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Shocking Transgender Truth

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 26, 2020 4:20 pm

Shocking Transgender Truth

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 26, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/26/20.

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Here's some shocking truth from a medical doctor today about transgender sex change surgery or the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866343866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is major news that probably have not heard that is basically going to be widely suppressed by the secular media news that goes against the PC narrative news that tells the uncomfortable truth so you haven't heard about major scientific study. Yeah. While actually an alleged major scientific study getting cold because it was not accurate. So the inaccurate results widely reported the fact it's pulled you won't hear that we talking the special guest at the bottom of the hour. This is Michael Brown walking to the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH 866-3487 84. Anything you want to talk to about phone lines are wide open.

We replaced some clips from Abby Johnson's historic pro-life speech at the RNC convention last night I was not playing clips from Democrats.

Last week was not planning on playing tips from Republicans this week, but because it was such a strong pro-life message because the Democrats basically avoided talking about it by large through the convention.

It's important that we draw attention to this historic pro-life message in the midst of a political convention. Also, if you have time one play a brand-new song for you my friend James Robison send to me just written a prayer for revival in America. If you're watching with great graphics as well, and he said April 11 the radio share Harvey cancel if we have time will put a fuse. Well, okay, first, first, I just got a note from a pastor who is unashamed of his stand for the gospel unashamed of his stand for righteousness and he wanted us to know that his 15-year-old daughter got kicked at school yesterday she went to school wearing a T-shirt that said homosexuality is a sin and then beneath it.

First Corinthians 6 verses nine and 10 in her homeroom. There is a pride sticker on the wall so LGBT Q pride. Her first. Teacher is openly homosexual and was offended by the shirt and could drive a schooler had her kicked out of school so here's the issue. You might say why don't things at once.

Think this message out or whatever from what I understand, 50-year-old girls on choice to truth it fully: core strength doing that but here's the issue with it which get kicked out of school if you wore a shirt that said adultery is sin or if you said fornication is a sin or visa drunkenness is a sin would or anything else and that listed first within six, nine, 10, would you get kicked out of school you say about offers the right message on. I'm not asking I'm not asking if you'd where earlier kit would wear it or not asking mescaline school kick you out for the neck is noticing the kid could wear shirts and homosexuality school they would get kicked out 99.999% sure of that. That basically it is long as you are promoting what is PC what is the spirit of the age with the world embraces no problem and I asked specifically can kids wear pro-gay apparel to their schools and the answer was yes they can in the school can push gay pride and school can have certain events to celebrate can do all of that.

But if you come with a message from the Bible to be technical homosexual practice is sin right with Scripture reference kicked out with you that when you think of how things have shifted and turned up side down, Abby Johnson famous now for the movie unplanned which tells her story movie. I found tremendously moving and powerful. We had some of the folks from the movie as well as Abby on herself to talk about and she was a Planned Parenthood director of a local clinic and award-winning for her success began to see more clearly the ugly side of the abortion industry and then in front of her eyes. The horror of abortion and left that sinful destructive industry and his help I think something like 600 people. Now that used to work at Planned Parenthood. Other abortion clinics leave and find new lives, new employment, etc. so let's listen to what you had to say last night, my name is Annie Johnson and I spent eight years working for Planned Parenthood. But today I am a pro-life activist when I was in college at Planned Parenthood approached me at a volunteer fair. They talked about helping women in crisis and their commitment to keep abortion safe, legal and rare. I was convinced a volunteer and later offered a full time job as a medical assistant before my promotion to director of the clinic.

I truly believed I was helping women, but things drastically changed in 2009.

In April I was awarded Planned Parenthood's employee of the year award and invited to their annual gala where they present the Margaret Sanger award named for their founder, Margaret Sanger was a racist who believed in eugenics go home when founding Planned Parenthood was to eradicate the minority population.

Today, almost 8% of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are strategically located in minority neighborhoods. Every year Planned Parenthood celebrates its racist rates by presenting the Margaret Sanger award.

Now, of course, the proponents of Margaret Sanger. Soon she was in a racist and you misunderstanding her interest in eugenics and scope of the weeds of society, and she wasn't blacking Afghanistan things better and so on.

The bill try to defend her. What's interesting is that one clinic already was. It upstate New York. They got rid of the Margaret Sanger award is all cancel culture. Now they look at her past more than one cancel her out while continuing to work together for the terminating of the lives of the unborn, it's disproportionately hit black and Hispanic communities. I look at that, please hear me this is not my criticism of black and Hispanic communities.

This is my criticism of Planned Parenthood that the sole idea of being compassionate and being predominantly in poor neighborhoods. That to me is a satanic attempt to wipe out the next generation of Blacks and Hispanics.

That's how I look at all right.

Abby Johnson continues. Listen to this later in August. My supervisor assigned me a new quote it to meet and abortion quota. I was expected to sell devil. The abortions performed the previous year.

When I push back underscoring Planned Parenthood's public facing goal of decreasing abortions.

I was reprimanded and told abortion is how we make our money, but the tipping point came a month later when a physician asked me to assist with an ultrasound-guided abortion. Nothing prepared me for what I saw on the screen and unborn baby fighting back. Desperate to move away from the section and I'll never forget what the doctor said next beam me up Scotty. The last thing I saw was a spine twirling around in the mother's womb. Before succumbing to the force of the section, listen friends the fact that that's at the Republican national convention is massive. The feta cheese describing the horror of abortion on national TV and that stations for some of the.cutaway during that specifically is is absolutely massive course of the spring of the baby can with the bid will try to moving the. The fact is its brittle and in watching the movie scene.

The ultrasound and seeing the baby aborted. I was not expecting it been given advance code to watch at home and went on to the website where it was watching and I thought okay this probably happens later to tell her story and then later in the story.

It's can show this so I just thought this early on her early life and so I wasn't expecting it to happen pretty early in the movie I was sitting there at my desk in my office.

I was having salad. I was watching the screen and suddenly the scene came on and I completely lost it.

I mean uncontrollable sobbing, uncontrollable sobbing, took about 15 minutes to get myself together maybe a little longer and I went to to tell Nancy this movie come see this movie but I can get the words out.

So there I am crying can get the word such as what happens.

Somebody die what's going on. I was probably able to talk that's so hit me what you and the movie but they could be Abby Johnson in the room hits her and even more devastating way and that is when she is going to make her way out of the abortion industry and end up becoming a pro-life champion all right. She also said this on October 6 I left the clinic. Looking back only to remember why I now advocate so passionately for life. I founded and currently run and then there were nine nonprofit organization that held nearly 600 abortion workers transition out of the industry for most people who consider themselves pro-life abortion is abstract, they can even conceive of the barbarity they don't know about the products of conception room and abortion clinics where infant corpses are pieced back together to ensure nothing remains in the mother's whims, or that we jumped and called it the pieces of children room. See for me abortion is real. I know what it sounds like I know what abortion smells like. Did you know abortion even had a smell. I've been the perpetrator to these babies to these women and I now support Pres. Trump because he has done more for the unborn in any other president, and then she goes on in her speech, enumerating the things Pres. Trump has done on behalf of the unborn. That to me just be as candid as can be. This is the game changer.

That's reality we are four years of Trump dramatically clearly keeping his promises pro-life promises absolutely.

And even if not every justice he appointed his has behaved in the ultimate way that we wanted. He's doing his best to appoint conservative justices that hold to the Constitution as intended and we have in the history of of the nation, the most radical pro-abortion ticket ever by the Harris.

That's the reality and said the four VP Biden presidential candidate Biden has shifted more to the left no longer stands for the Hyde amendment, which would say you cannot use American tax dollars for funding of abortion.

Since English remains a game changer for me. Slower the unborn, just like in the days of slavery to me, that would be where I'd start and if one candidate was clearly advocating freeing the slaves and the other wanted to perpetuate it. That's right, Stan, and even if the if the character was somebody like Donald Trump this year. Honestly, I don't make an official divorcement, and I urge everyone to seek the Lord.

To me this is this major therefore right back with the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire by calling 86634 dear Jim is Dr. Michael Brown and I want to play some day by James Robison written just written and produced by Michael Anthony Curtis. Let's check this out. Chronicles 7: return to me says that the end will continue no more than return to me says being able all mold is is bound, you will better bear is known to rule says that the says a all all deception only Sir, your own and master name on Verizon's and world. Those people make their own choices.

We can force them but we can turn our own hearts and then be a positive influence on the world runs and hey, even during the time of the antichrist God's kingdom will advance one is sure that just as a reminder what we are about more than politics more than culture about the kingdom of God's kingdom consort about Jesus, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Martin in El Paso Texas. Thanks for calling the line of fire break break drive around like about all I have to question for you all had the the of the Fertile Crescent would be concerning it, but they got with Dr. James White on Revelation TV concerning the on the concerning docket would be the bid on the cause you are explicitly giving your position and pain that all and I bet you that the dive for the orc healing, expecting it to be a common good, according to roughly but when I read to the Scriptures.

I be more like a more left on think Whiteside could you glided question our good reasoning on why are you believe that the type of feeling.

Jesus died for our sins because he died for sins with that there is healing for the whole person and ultimately that's what even pays for our future resurrection so that the Bible does not make a clear distinction between sin and sickness as if they're in totally different categories. That's why when the, the lame man the the crippled man and more to his heel. Jesus his son, your sins are forgiven. That's why James Jacobs the fifth chapter pray for the sick and if they've committed sins will be forgiven. That's why Psalm 103 you you forgive my sins and heal my diseases. That's why the end of Isaiah 1233 that the people living in glorified side will have no sickness because will be forgiven of their sin. So Jesus dies for sins, but in time for sins provides healing for the whole being, so do we get emotional healing through the cross. Just we get spiritual healing to the cross.

Yes, get physical healing. It's all something that flows out of it, which is why during Jesus healing ministry in Matthew eight verse 16 and 17. Matthew quotes from Isaiah 53 a verse about Jesus carrying our sicknesses on the cross. If he applies it to his earthly healing ministry because his whole ministry was coming into this world taking on our pain or suffering bearing it away and then bring us healing and redemption so when you go through the Hebrew Scriptures you see that that is healing. When Gus is on the larger healer and in Exodus 15 that doesn't just mean physical illness theories is all the diseases, the place I put on Egypt on put on you it's it's a broader thing when he says if you repent second Chronicles 714 L heal your land. Does this mean heal because it's physical and it means restore so once you understand God's heart is to restore was restoration purchased at the cross. Of course it was. But we don't when I can see guaranteed healing in this world all the time, but the healing we do see is a direct result of what Jesus did on the cross. All okay Dr. and my second question to be what generally bite you how to young teenage Christian like myself.

I'm concurrently entered golden turn my Jerry Trinitarian: by prosperity got all the capital alter the pride movement. What generally bite, but get to like me. In order to combat social battle, Martin. I'm so glad you're asking the question, Sheila came to faith at 16, so I'm so glad that you you you are serious thinking believer at the age of 16, I would encourage you to really deep in your relationship with God more than anything else in this world that to the extent you can avoid wasted time hours, texting, social media, entertainment, sports, and really focus on being with God, pouring into his word. Not not just theologically, but saying God speak to me God change me. God opened my understanding and spending quality time with God. To say Lord you're more important to me than anything in this world. If you'll do that first put relationship with him first prayer in the word first and then look for opportunities to share your faith that will that will strengthen you, as a result that will sharpen you that will then bring you into challenges where people throw up objections and you need to review them and get answers to them.

But a key reason that my life is been blessed in ministry is been blessed through these years is that I really began to go after the Lord earnestly. I've obviously want to separate yourself from thinking or sinful. There's just so much temptation.

Your point is so accessible so much junk is accessible that the games that video can just be Zug's consuming there so much that can distract us to have a lot more challenges and temptations that I would have at that age, but the key thing is separate yourself and the things you know to be wrong.

Spend a lot of time with the Lord and that's been a key for me. So, because I like high school schedule.

I have a lot of free time and I began to spend more and more time with the Lord hours with the Lord in prayer. The word meditating Scripture not just about theology, but really getting to know him, understand him fellowship with him more limited.

Let me sit like this.

You want to cultivate friendship with the Lord that what you would do with some of that you want to be your very best friend the time you spend with them the quality interaction you have with them. The sharing of your heart wanted to understand they are harsh. You want to cultivate relationship with the Lord your very very best friend. That means you go to him with questions and frustrations pain, understand this little to do with this. I'm concerned about the future does make a lot of sense to me. God and out of that time you lay some wonderful foundations because of your college, married job kids like to be more challenging.

Sue's atomic pressure on young people, but this is also great, great time to put down deep spiritual roots in God into to know God's love to know that you're his kid than to develop a close relationship with him. That's it. Everything everything Martin trust me over six years experience everything else all flesh strong all the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Your again is Dr. Michael Brown. There are some major things that have been happening, and there is been a major report that is been withdrawn.

Having to do with transgender surgery, sex change surgery, transgender identity and I can hear about this in the secular media what you will hear is misleading and because of that I've asked a colleague we interact a lot online, a group of conservative activists and medical doctors and psychologists and others trekking rather regular, but the culture was sort of gotten to know and appreciate Dr. Andre Feingold by by email.

More than anything in my essay could come on the show with me, let's talk about the ski issues. Just a quick bio here.

Andrea's supper be a committed Christian and active serving church is a board certified family physician in private practice is the cochair of the American College of pediatricians committee on adolescent sexuality is a blogger and media spokesperson for the Christian medical and dental associations and cochair of their new transgender task force available works with alliance defending freedom in defense of culture of life in first minute issues and advises global medical research Institute.

His wife, Evelyn, both former US Naval officers of two sons and two daughters letter from were among the nine foster children under that's quite a bio there appreciate you joining us on the year.

Thanks so much. Thank you for having me on Michael right before before we focus on this major news from the transgender world were new set of course, the general population as I can hear let's talk about some of the battles that you been facing in California starting with the attempt to ban all counseling for people of all ages for anyone with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender identity confusion at MI exaggerating what California almost passed recently) you got) 2018 and it was to be part of a different business code ducting tried in different states to basically categorize business fraud and find a fast track to basically controlling all speech on this would apply to books that were sold anything that involved advertising for an event. Consequently, your church, online warehousing, what we consider to be a very usual conference on people that had come out some alternative sexuality critically of their relationship with Christ that would be viewed as business fraud, advertisement, or for example ticket for a lot of effort was put into fighting that new coalitions are formed in California.

Basically our prayer and goal like.we would expect Leno: but what Christ report nothing we can do our own way. The church in California have been show up never leaving and that dill courtesy actually a personal relationship. The different pastors forged with the author of the bill.

She actually withdrew it, even if he could've passed that any day he wanted to do instead of much, but not the Lord of that and of course it ended up being a process, but as you said you're not generally about the popular media. I don't even think they know how to covered angle… Pulled back, although other bills, particularly those dealing with transgender identified issues have tended to go through despite the strong effort of the smaller group about fighting these by lobbying personal testimony written testimony testifying committee so we hope that it the least that would come out of that exactly generate a blueprint for other states to follow here. The academic weekly list fitted out for you. Here's how you interact with the legislators. Here's how you do this and that that at least I like another state that don't live in the state of California would have successfully got failure again by God's grace and by strong, confident effort. We had several successes, which we didn't expect. But there've also been some yet as you mention the losses so that we we remain sober and grieved working together. It's still illegal from minor to receive professional counseling right so again tell me from misrepresenting anything. Let's say you've got a 17-year-old girl, let's say that she was raped by an uncle. The family know about this from the ages of 9 to 11 when she started to come into puberty.

She felt repulsed by man and she felt more comfort being around women in. Now she's 1617 realizes she's attracted to it to when she doesn't want to be its violation of her face their own morals adjuster childhood dream of being married to a man and having children, so she was a professional counseling to get to the root of of her attractions.

That's currently illegal in California and a bunch of states again MI misrepresenting anything the way I stated about 20 more left him very large number states about it… Down. They listen to the good counsel exactly the kind of are you bringing up and basically be banter based on a lot of misrepresentation public therapy is and the implication that people are being forced into it kicking and screaming, but there is no pastor or counselor wants an unwilling on motivated client goes nowhere, but your strong Apple I was using. I'll say it without using the names back in the past couple of years there been big people in Hollywood particular one who comes out as being an abuser of men, sexually and another one abuser. Women, if both of those people are going to a counselor you know although I'm happy with what I'd use my baseline sexuality.

I don't like the way I pray on people is anything you can do to help me have a safer saner sex life. The one who's doing it the opposite sex therapy and think that one can't that's ridiculous. Same scenario. Let's say you've got a boy being raised to give an actual case by by two lesbian moms and is a little boy start saying I'm a girl. Now he's maybe 10 years old living years old, bring them to a psychologist psychologists as well.

He has fingers for you so you need to recognize that he really is a girl or boy's body and send them to school dressed as girl and then the next year start putting my hormone blockers and let's think about sex change surgery when he gets old enough that will be perfectly legal. But if that little boy growing up feels I think I'm a girl but I don't know and this principle let's get counseling and you know you're actually a boy. We watch that would be illegal so would be perfectly legal to get get on hormone blockers to stop the onset of puberty and then even talk about 16 surgery when they're 18 years old, perfectly legal, but it illegal to help the kid feel at home in his own body. Is that accurate yet many of the trachea. However, this is where ideology is willing to root and fight taking a backseat to the long-term studies reporting that not good one, and the international standard of care for minor gender incongruence or whatever we choose to call it is called watchful waiting and it doesn't mean you sit around and do nothing with the recognition that well over 85% of the time.

Gender dysphoria will distressed by adulthood, watchful waiting also implies that there is ongoing psychological evaluation, support, and support of both the child and the family because you are sure to find issues about 40 years of literature on that and yet we have the ideologues who have belief in the power and several groups, medical organizations and whatnot that don't do that they want basically walk in and started and we have several examples of people who walked into gender clinics. Their very first appointment walkout 45 minutes later with a prescription for cross sex hormone if possible to do a psychological evaluation screaming like he redone in that amount of time. So what we have been these standards that are serving as window dressing actually going on even had physicians across England controversially saying that we need to wait and see. We we need to do more of that rather than just prescribe these things because Gilly don't have the the long-term data that's necessary so you're looking at potential child abuse you're looking at potentially sterilizing people who would no way can can make that decision for the rest of their lives. What about this phenomenon were hearing about more rapid onset gender dysphoria, especially among girls, maybe 15, 16, many of them autistic with her.

Suddenly, out of the blue evening groups identifying as transgender and then some.

Having the breast removed when they're old enough and then 20 years older deep regret how how how distressing is this. You're bringing up the UK actually UK, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, and strong movement. US try to get this thing reanalyzed from top to bottom. But you rapid onset gender. Describe your talking about done on that was done by Brown Dr. Lisa Lippmann and George call she came under huge pressure publish the result and it was apparent that kid with our OGD and/or certain commonalities as you sent a lot of courts attempt to be some kind, going on for example this is common to find messy divorce is like for child out of the blue with no prior identification gendered worker transgender ideation comes up with that and that there certain hallmarks of it. No. Whatever mental health problems. The parents knew the child was having seem to get worse as they get further and further into the lab and by this I usually mean the dark lab.

They start out with the regular web to quickly find a way pro-trans groups that have the advice court, they become more and more antisocial.

They pull away from family, to pull away from any friend that are either trans very strongly transforming and before long they don't trust any source not coming from a pro-trans website.

If they start to engage the transitioning first-come, social transition, which is easy enough to do that on the side but say they get into puberty, blocking the graphics from within and things escalate.

Not only are things not getting better, but the kid has in his mind that it's not really the next step fix everything and so than the compulsive dancing down the chain and Lisa Lippmann put it to the Catholic position transgender is him become the catchall diagnosis trend.

The cure-all prescription And Certainly Not the Only Time We See That Were Talking about Alternative Sexuality That Would Benefit Ways Large. Plus, If Were Going with Example BAP, the American Psychiatric Association DSM-V Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. We Would Expect the Rate of This Occurring in Society to Be in the Thousands for Women Gets to the 3000% for Men under 14,000% Which Is No Minuscule Prevalence and yet This Last Year We Received Three Different Surveys.

I'm Aware of One National One in Minnesota When California Interviewing Chad and 2% As Well.

Something Change That Was a Biology and Genetics Exactly Hi Friends, Come Right Back Development That I Will Discuss with Dr. Reynolds like This When I Asked Him on the Air. So This Is All Background.

It's the Line of Fire with Your Host Activist, Author, International and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown and Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 6643 Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Speaking with Dr. Andre Medical Leaders and Pastors and Individuals X Gaze X Trans Individuals Came Forward Testified This Is Has Made a Major Difference in California's Dr. Venable Said the First Segment Is the Template for Other States and and Andre Your Part of Bethel Church and Bethel Got Involved in a Prominent Way As Well and You Don't Think You Don't Associate Beth with the Culture Wars but You Associate Beth with Caring about People and Some of People and We Keep on Culture Wars and Politics. This Is about People and in Even Having People Come Forward. Some That Were That We Both Know X Gaze and Others with Their Testimonies. That Was a Game Changers Well Wasn't Apparently Different Kind of Family. You're Both Side Can Bring Your Psychologists and Doctors in the Court in an Overwhelmingly One-Sided Legislature like We Have This Right on Our Side. If It's Just Our Expert Begins. But We Had the Steady Stream of the One Day the One Strand and Is a Point in an Testimony Because Basically You're Only Allowed Two or Three Opposing Testimonies Dislike They Have That Many Pro and You're Only Allowed to Maximally Three-Minute. But after That People Can Take the Microphone and Just Say Their Name, Whether from the Part of an Organization, and Whether the Four against the Bill.

We Had 200+ People Microphone and It Was No Well What Contained, Respectful, but It Took Quite A While, the Closeout Lineup of People Used To Be That I Oppose the Spell That Never Seen before and Ghettos Really Handled in Biblical Culture of Honor Way Contract. At One Point in the Testimony. There Were Some Gay Activists Got up Started Screaming at the Witnesses and Calling Them Liars and It Was the Legislator in Charge of the Committee. I Believe, Who Told Him to Knock It off.

You Will Stop.They Are Being Respectful. You Will Be to Look like 1/2. So When You Handle Things in the Proper Spiritual Protocol That Some Type. You Don't Have To Fight and Again. It's Just a Do Believe My Story. I'm Just As Health Plan and Work at the End of Their Testimonies up Exactly When the Legislator Federal We Don't Believe You, Help You Know Work to Other Atmosphere I Write and We Represent Tens of Thousands of People Who Are Quiet Just Living Their Lives That That Are Not Known and or and Not Being Represented so Major News That That Let Us It Is Important to Discuss All These Things and Undress Appreciate the Work You Donkey You Just Meet You Nice Life. You Know, Medical Doctor, Nice Practice, Nice Family Happy. Going to Church Who Needs the Battle.

Who Needs the Strife That the Conflict and Vilified but This Is What We Do As God's Children All Right Give the Background to the Major News That We've Been Talking about in Our in Our E-Group Online News That the World Is Not Reporting You the Real Reason You Cannot Go Whatever You like.

You All around October the American Journal of Psychiatry Published a Study by Brenton Pacheco Claiming That They Looked at Both What They Call Gender Affirming Hormone Treatment and Gender Affirming Surgeries, Which People Would Recognize This Extra Time on This Total Population Study First of Its Kind in Sweden Looking at All) 79 People and Singling out Those That Were Identified As Gendered Congruent.

The Study Showed Gender Affirming Hormone Treatment, Achieve Nothing but That Sex Reassignment Surgery, Improve Mental Health Outcomes on These Three Particular Endpoints.

They Looked at Now in FLORIDA Had an up and You Are Saying the Things Covered by A Lot Of the Media Are Rapidfire Now Here We Are the Start of August, Seven Letters to the Editor against This Study, Printed the Same Time, One of Which Was Written by Team, but I Had It up and It Was Quite a Team Endocrinologist Michael Laidlaw, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Miriam Grossman Some of Your Readers Probably Have a Book on Their Shelves and the Great Mighty Prof. Paul McCue of Johns Hopkins University and the Question Is, What It Takes 10 Month to Publish These and That Was Answered in the Same Edition, They Published a Major Correction to the Study in Which They Said They Were Concerned Enough with What Our Letter Said, and He Suddenly Setting Specific with What Little Words Would You Let Us Have You Know That They Thought outside Statistical Consultation Left Not Done Often and I Was Done A Lot and Their Consultant Said You Know We Kind of Fear the Most Part, like the Critics to Provide a Disk.

The Authors of the Study Ask Them to Basically Redo the Calculation. Some Things That Were Originally Published and on Re-Examination.

They Found There Was No Advantage to Surgery. So What's Huge Here Is a Got Big Study Allegedly First of Its Kind. This Total Population Study, That's Okay X Reassignment Surgery Is Helpful to Reduce Mental Health Utilization on These Three Uplifting Looked at Then 10 Months Later That Same American Journal of Psychiatry Issuing This Major Correction Which Is Not Often Done after Having Hired an outside Team Statistical Consultant and the Authors Redoing Their Stats, Which Resulted in Another Letter of Their Same Edition Where They Say, Well, Our Conclusions That We Can Buy by This Amount Was Too Strong, Which Is Putting It Mildly but At Least There's No Conceding Somewhat, Lots of Problems with the Study and so That the Other Team.

So Basically What the World Will Hear Was a Major Study Released Last Year Indicates That Gender Reassignment. So Whatever Sex Change Surgery Is of Tremendous Help, Psychological, Emotional Help to People That Hormone Blockers the Various Drugs and Whatever Hormones Foisted That Major Study Indicates This so We Want.

This Is What You Want to Get to the Children. This Is What Currency Exchange Surgery. It's the Right Thing to Do.

Reality Is the Study Demonstrated No Such Thing, but the World over Here That Part What What Popular Marathon That I That's Only Sorry so Where Do Our Best to Dick to Get the Word out, but It's It's Almost like They Say Yeah This Guy Was Caught with Gun in Hand. Guilty of Shooting So-And-So Front Page of All the Tabloids Right and Then Release It All out It Wasn't Him. He Was in France When That Happened It Was the Root Mistaken Identity That's Buried in Page 23. Somewhere Some Obscure Websites. We Have To Do Our Best to Get the Word out Because World Is Just Not Telling the Truth. We've Only Got a Couple Minutes but Underwear in the World Did This Come from This. This Almost Glorification of Transgender This This Celebration of Sex Change. This Just Plunging Headlong in with Drugs That Could Well Be Dangerous for Children and Things like That.

What Is Going on Ideology Ruling and of Course You Know I Will Look at It.

Spiritual Warfare and That Ginger Never Exempt from That Know the Rest about Map Standards of Conduct That You Preserve It from Your Adult Fight, but Not on Directly Targeting the Kid That Why Were Making Such a Big Deal of It. So Are You One of the Different Members of It Have Been Able Doing This Kind of Thing Accounted It up Last Night in the past Two Years We've Had Eight Letters to the Editor or Actual Commentaries Published in the Peer-Reviewed Literature That's Going to Affect Change and We Got More Coming.

Yet in Entrée I'm I'm so Blessed by the Fact That You and Others Who Can Do What You Can Do a Recent Invoice Will Have the Medical Background When I Was Asked to Be Entire Bank.

She Was Back to My Transgender Childress of My Doctorate Is in Semitic Loss, Which Is Not Any Related Field Here. This Is Know You're the Right Person for That.

They Just Need the Nice Target to Shoot at That Day so I Was Yes Find out I Was I Was the Target Speak Words of Love in the Midst of It Love It Love Insanity. What Would You Say to Someone They Themselves Are Struggling Deeply and These Must Be Immense Emotional Struggles and Adult yet Struggling with Gender Identity Confusion or Parents Try to Sort Things out with Her Children. It Is There a Book, It Recommends Your Website You Recommend Because Obviously Would Boils down to Speak about People. What Would You Say Welcome Parent and Student Thing. The Parents Resource Guide Which Is Gender Resource American College of has a big section on this just typing transgender in the search engine for all kinds of resources including online parent communities in support Oxley Burke, parents of kids with a rapid on the gender disparity talked about and.walk higher maybe the most famous person in ministry. This group having himself done the transition and live in the transitioning about 30 years ago. At that sex change or Christian medical dental Association for You can look up all the blogs and articles. There that I've written on this. There have been many distant past three years, yet I am looking online.

It's that some of these are resources that are out in the recently Amazon refused to allow advertising for a book that really set the record straight on transgender issues and right, even those posed by regular major conservative publisher, so this opposition, but we will get the truth out in the truth will set people free so Andre thanks for the hard work again doing what only focuses in the medical and psychological profession can do will do our best to amplify your research shouted out now I just wrote an article put out a video about the gal that participated in the LGBT Q form for the Democratic national convention last week who identifies as nine non-binary gender transcendent mermaid king and queen. This is where it goes.

There is there is no limit to where things go so through Scripture through love science through reason through patient's perseverance. We will see the tide turn and appreciate you being on the front lines there in California and the nation. God bless your brother thank you Michael all treatment drug trooper and when this one.

We will amen all right friends be encouraged.

There is hope in God's kingdom continues to advance the Mrs. Arthus

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