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Joel's Prescription for Revival

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 24, 2020 7:34 pm

Joel's Prescription for Revival

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 24, 2020 7:34 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/20/20.

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So how does the prophet Joel speak to this generation in America today stock the line of fire with your host activist on the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866343866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Yvonne, that the Sabbath should involve the Sabbath of repentance of return heard about that.

The significance of it and just some interesting things that tie in with that Sabbath. This particular year hey friends, welcome to the line of fire.

This is Michael Brown. It is thoroughly Jewish Thursday. That means any Jewish related question is real related question Hebrew related question of any kind for eyes are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 Guinness lawsuits Jewish related ties in with anything we talked about thoroughly Jewish Thursday.

You're welcome to call. And of course those who differ with me.

My standard invitation that almost nobody at feelings, hurt almost nobody takes me up on the invitation that if you differ with me want to bash me your attack my position call was a silver friendly conversation.

Why just post the nasty stuff and you can call in and share for the world to hear. So funds are open to friend and foe alike. 866-34-TRUTH what get into some interesting Jewish news style company recent political rally say that he moved the embassy to Jerusalem quote for the evangelicals and and a very insightful piece from an Israeli journalist will get into that as well. All right yesterday on the line of fire interviewed my friend Jonathan Kohn. Some of you think that Jonathan Kohn tries to write sensationalistic books to get rich and these just found this niche she's got this market needs looking for all these alleged prophetic parallels in the son who is I've known for years. It was interesting.

Even I was become very well-known andů Given all his money away.

Book royalties must be amazing exact same guy same as always conducts himself the same way walks the same way same intensity and burden same concern same guy and we've set in private and talk for years about the intensity of our burdens for America and the world and the great concern we have as many do about the state of our nation and Johnson's new book coming out the harbinger to released a few days. September 1, but there's an event that he and organizers began to plan begin. Think about it a good time ago, but then last year locked in the date for an event in DC, but that would live streaming worldwide and be part of 10 days of prayer and fasting repentance in conjunction with the Jewish calendar for session at Yom Kippur so the first day of the seventh month to the 10th day of that month. In the biblical calendar and now the new year in Jewish thought days of prayer, repentance, seeking God for forgiveness and mercy call America and the nations to turn to God in repentance to turn back to him. Hence the return but what Jonathan didn't realize when they set the date it was September 26. It was the Sabbath in between Roshan on Yom Kippur all right what he knew that, but he didn't realize and doing it that it was Shabbat Shabbat traditional Jew would think of that immediately. And it is the preeminent Sabbath of repentance. The preeminent time to turn to God and one of the text that is read, and in all synagogues will be in Ashkenazi condition Sephardic tradition. One of the text that is red is from Joel. The second chapter and it's an urgent call to return to the Lord in prayer and fasting. So that got Jonathan's attention and the organizers of the events in car urge you if you may have a theological interpretive difference with Jonathan. Some of the people speaking at the event on the schedule to speak out.

It can I encourage you to put that aside and to come together as one body and cry out to God for mercy. We can have our differences but then those are differences within the body can we come together and cry out to God for mercy because we need divine intervention.

America as we know it is not going to make it without divine intervention. I read last night, Harris saying she and Joe Biden will stand together to unify America that's complete nonsense unify America.

Absolutely not.

Leaders Donald Trump.Jessica unify me. Neither of them unify America and and there's only a certain extent which America can even think of being unify based on the deep polarizing differences in our society. We need divine intervention just to make it without splitting up without tearing ourselves apart without tearing each other down.

So let's take a look at Joel chapter 2 urgent prophetic words from the ancient prophet. Usually when digital writings we don't know their scholarly debate about the dating of Joel, a wide range of scholarly debate so pieces this blow the trumpet or sound.

The shofar ram's horn in Zion, consecrate a fast cirrhosis for this, for God's people repent starts with us. I'm not so much pointing my fragments earning mute sending Americans evil about nonprofit us. Those of us who claim to be God's children. The suit and Clinton know him starts with us.

Repent starts with us if we are called to be the salt and the light that it's up to us to determine the tide. So, Texas. This blow trumpet some shofar inside consecrate a fast with that saying is desperate time it serious time. Look everybody, no sums terribly wrong right now in our society are much pointing fingers and blaming others, but the mess where mess the world is shaking and quaking blow the trumpet in Zion South before consecrate a fast, call a solemn assembly you bring people together, not for festivity and celebration entertainment. No solemn assembly. Gather the people, consecrate the congregation assemble the elders, gather the children even nursing infants with the bridegroom leave his room and the brighter chamber. In other words, normal life must stop right now. Not forever.

But for this focused time of prayer, fasting, repentance between the vestibule and the altar speak of the ancient temple, but the priests, the ministers of the Lord, weep and say spare your people Lord and make not your heritage or reproach. A byword among the nations. Why should they say among their people among the peoples, where is there God slowly stop and focus on that for a moment the reputation of the Lord is at stake. Based on how his people live what they do.

The reputation of the Lord is at stake because we who bear his name. Can bring honor to him or reproach when you hear a scandal with a famous minister monetary scandal sexual scandal. It makes the Lord look bad. Celeste people doing this, but these are people who claim to represent him look if if someone in your fantasy of a prominent name in your city and someone in your family is involved in some terrible financial scheme and and rips off the people interim in your community or Bernie Madoff type thing and deeply hurts many people what you didn't do it, but because you have that name. The defendant that the name gets tarnished, and the question is where Scott was evidence of God, where Joni show me the prophet, saying cry out to God's that the nations will not be able to mock our got right back to Joel chapter 2, and again this is an urgent call and this is absolutely in keeping with the spirit of the return than the Lord became jealous for his land.

In other words, he listened.

He listened to the cry and had pity on his people.

Lord answered and said to his people. Behold him send you grain, wine and oil, and you will be satisfied and I will know more make you reproach among the nations will remove the northern are far from your driving to Portland, so it goes on with the promise of blessing, but the promise of blessing is tied in directly with the sincerity of the repentance. This is not a matter of us doing good religious works to gain the favor of God.

We will always fall short.

It is a matter of us. Sincerely recognizing our guilt sincerely recognizing our error sincerely recognizing where we sinned against God, and then for the nation pleading for mercy and end when you begin to pray for your nation have the sense of of identification, it was Daniel, a righteous man is in Babylonian captivity because the sins of the nation of Judea, and in the, the, the, the Jewish people.

The people of Judah their sins. The sins of the leaders, he says, katanas of universe Shalimar on the weave sin weaved acted wickedly, we've rebelled even though he himself was a godly man.

He identified with his people. I remember in all the prayer meeting with some friends in Maryland decades ago that there was going to be a pro-life event the coming week and we were really in prayer for the pro-life event and for the raising of consciousness of the sanctity of life beginning in the womb, and I passed a picture on it was a small group of people praying the 1015 people. I passed a picture around and it was a famous picture. The pro-life movement of a baby that was well developed baby had severed from the rest of the body and limbs severed.

That was the aborted baby and it is just such a shock to see it and you could tell when it passed around. Even if your your eyes were closer quietly meditating for the Lord to pray.

You could tell when someone else got it because you hear this the gasp and then they begin to weep and I remember one of my friends pray God how do we do this I would know we were not guilty of of cutting the baby up in the womb, but we are Americans. This happen on our watch. There was a sense of of corporate responsibility and corporate guilt, so I want to encourage you to to get involved with the return of leisure than the this.

More info again. I'm not personally involved with it, except to say it's the same message the same burden of carried for many years as a national and global day of prayer and repentance. September 26, 2020 on the national mall throughout America and the world. She may feel free to go there physically. You may prefer to to participate. From a distance, online, and then will be events prayer leading up to that settlement with the price they can't have mercy God have mercy. Give us a spirit of repentance and the start with me, 866-34-TRUTH.

The recall will come back take some your calls catch up with other Israel related news Owen an update on our Israel trip because you know about the new dates the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown to thoroughly Thursday Brown to be with you. 866-34-TRUTH or at let's go straight to the phone and we start with Jesse in Twin Cities, Minnesota.

Walking to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown I want to prepay this saying for most of my Christian life I thought that it was through the Holy Spirit that we were forgiven of our sin, but then I started to contemplate a certain passage in the Bible, which is marked to one through 12, and in this passage the Pharisees. They say who can predict standby got a wound right and and and and and Jesus said, you know, he said, I think you right pick up your bed and go home as a testament to his ability to forgive sin now.

The other part of it is that in Mark 67 he says he gave them authority. His disciples authority to order the unclean. So at but it gets more complicated when we read in the first John, oh what is it. First John 21 where it says we have an advocate with the father which makes it seem that it is the whole it is by the work of the spirit that we are forgiven often, but I'm wondering yet.

I actually just see that the passage in first John two advocate with the father.

Is this Jesus. He's the 1 Who Takes Her Pl. right we have an advocate with the father, Jesus the Messiah, the righteous one so simplify this for you. Only God can forgive sins. Ultimately, we can pronounce someone since forgiveness is representative, but only God himself can forgive sins so he doesn't is the father through what Jesus is done on the cross. The Holy Spirit ministers it to us, but it's gone doing the work so as Jesus was on the earth as the son of God and doing what he saw his father do so, carrying the authority of the father, then he could thereby pronounce someone sins forgiven. This is not just done as a human being. This was done as the son of God given authority by the father to do it so it's all ultimately through the Messiah sacrificial death on the cross that sins forgiven, but it's God doing it, and in each act of redemption.

The father son and Holy Spirit have elements but it's God doing it through Jesus did on the cross so you can kind of simplify it, not try to divided so much in your mind that with that would help.

866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Deborah in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

Welcome to the line of fire.

Hi Dr. Brown, and grateful to you on time for the gathering. Thank you for having my Michelle yesterday and just great to hear all the details.

And yet, like Shabbat really incredible. I am concerned that on about everything about our need to get on our needs are and grateful. I heard you had another conference landline where you work. Don't really talk about leaders handling them out and really repenting, grateful for this broken leadership that we need to. My concern of course is that at this gathering that we need to repent of the things that God is meeting repentance from its prompt that we can't just go in there and we know hate that but that we really lay ourselves before God.

What made repentance on my part. Compare with the statement made last week by Jerry Kurt Kushner, I'm concerning the UA. He deals with Israel.

One comment, quote, Pres. Trump was able to get Israel to agree to have the power" he then went on to talk about how non-Muslims have access to fly and worship my publicly put that out on their Instagram promoting getting my funds in there to worship God. I'm yeah the next day that UA said that their only reason for agreeing with that they could prevent territory. And now we are attempting to make a deal with the UAE to sell them fighter jet yet.

Will there is there is there is just a jump in their questions about this nose disputed some of the reports about the fighter jets with the of 35's, but Deborah Lynn just encourage you in terms of these issues to not be particularly stressed about some of the aspects of the peace deal overall. It's Israel's good interest in the natural to to be in good relations with the surrounding enemies better to have them saying let's work together is supposed to want to destroy us and Muslims have been worshiping it awesome awesome for for centuries since it was built in the early Islamic conquest of the seventh century, Muslims have been worshiping their and worshiping around the world was 1.6 billion Muslims on I'm most concerned about their own well-being, their own sold her own life and everything that the Trump administration is done thus far on behalf of Israel or negotiations with Palestinians, has been very much favoring the Israeli side.

I do believe the so-called deal of the century that was offered to the Palestinians would be in their best interest, but overwhelmingly that is often there, feeling, especially of the leadership and that it was just complete capitulation to Israel and I know the concerns about dividing the land. It's on Yahoo was open to two state solution now stepping back from that both George W. Bush and Barack Obama motivated I would much rather pray for God's best for all those involved in the Middle East leave that part in God's hands and then focus here in America on our sins are failures in the church.

Some of the society and cry out to God in that regard. So it there can be concerns for various reasons, but with so much crisis in our own backyard right now. I think that has to be your or really big focus, but appreciate the call ensure an interesting perspective. The later from Israeli journalist about what's happening in in the Arab world and the whites of significance.

Thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH so Trump says he moved US Embassy to Jerusalem quote for the evangelicals so he's a camp mentor battleground Midwest states this is evangelical Christians are more excited by that then Jewish people right so he said it was. Is this an entirely political move by Trump to move the embassy to Drew support.

You assume so.

Don't you in another words he's not think he was going to help our trade with Israel or economic status and it's it's mainly something that because that was good Jewish viruses around a military Kushner was still in originally but investor Friedman and think is positive, but the ones that are pushing for this the most evangelical Christians.

Your average evangelical Christian in America is more concerned with what's happening in Israel more concerned with say the status of the embassy in Jerusalem than your average American Jew and it doesn't mean that American Jews don't care about nation of Israel, but there are not tying in with ethical prophecy is much as evangelical Christians, they're not thinking about the second coming of Christ or even an American Jews, not religious even think about coming of the Messiah. So they're looking at things in more secular naturalistic terms.

So yeah, it's true that evangelical Christians in America were more excited about the embassy being moved.

Then your average American Jew within Israel is a major thing being Israel there is a very strong sympathy towards Trump for or appreciation of Trump and the way he gets things done. This is I've talked to doesn't seem to be that there is offended by his style as many of us are here in America hate he gets the job done is not a politician, and so on, and things are even more take the gloves off the dove fight it out. Anger, hostility, attacking one another in Israeli politics as volatile as things are in America right now this, normal volatility for the political scene in Israel except he does multiply through various parties and factions but look this is been on the books, submit law, over only passed by Congress since this Bill Clinton move the embassy to Jerusalem.

And if for some reason need to delay it six months delay. It will that's happened every six months through the Clinton administration.

Once it was law through the Bush ministration through Obama ministration Trump uniquely with all of his on evangelical ways has uniquely kept his promise to the evangelical community with anyone else and this is one of the things that he promised. He's done it should be commended for doing okay. If you are part of our Israel trip that was scheduled for May. We were limited to buses so hundred people. That was it. We got schedule set up so I do teaching at key sites and then we get to hang out every night together. We get amazing tour guides during the day and of course rather postpone it because of the virus.

So we rescheduled for October.

Many were not able to go with the time, but still many were so rescheduled for October but that became to Effie. We did not know for sure that we be able to do it so we have moved it ahead again, but because it's moved again.

That means seats of opened up and in right now.

It may even be more into bits will be just be one bus so either way, this is the great time to plan to go, and when this be a nice way to get out of 2020 in your head directly at Calvin Israel. So join us.

The first 10 days of March girl website Esther SK DR Brown.O orgy is right there on the homepage. Join us for life, and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking to thoroughly Thursday night around the lighted truth. There is Israeli journalist Ben drawer you Mimi. I have his book that deals with Middle East lies lies about Israel found to be one of the best books that I've seen that reasonably and rationally looks at the situation and really exposes the anti-Semitism that's out there.

The biased reporting. The double standards from the UN to the media and he has an article posted why net August 18 the Arab world is fed up with the Palestinians and in some as these nations come to the conclusion that the Palestinian problems that it asked that the burden they will no longer entertain every Palestinian women leaving just Yemen and Qatar along with Iran and Turkey's axis of evil and just want to read a little of this article, I think it's relevant and tremendous insight pieces were facing two camps. The camp of peace in the camp of destruction Of zealotry in the camp of moderate this the biggest surprise following Israel's peace accord with United Arab Emirates that there was no division within the Arab world about it. Have you heard of a massive outcry from all over the Arab world about this and how terrible it isn't bad move. It is another UAE should be condemned, that's quite striking in and of itself pieces.

In fact, almost all Arab countries have expressed their support for the agreement and hopped on the peace train left only with Yemen and Qatar who opposed the agreement and they have joined Iran and Turkey's axis of evil.

The axis of Islamic radicalism, both Sunni and Shiite. So what actually happened. Will the Arab world is fed up and looks to the left and right, and realizes, albeit belatedly that whatever Islamic radicalism is involved with the Shiite or Sunni. The result is always destruction and ruin wrong Turkey and their jihadist affiliates involved in Syria and Lebanon, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, northern Sinai and northern Nigeria were ever they go. Chaos follows minutes is absolutely true.

So he says that UAE year Saudi Arabia definitely did not become democracies, all of a sudden, but in the Middle East. The choice is not between liberal democracy or dictatorship. The choice is between stability or destruction and how the Palestinians doing violence to form a pillow with Yasser Arafat instigated this been defeated and only made the Palestinian problems worse are fits Aramark with Abbas opposes Rossi still failed. The Arab world refuses to continue entertaining every Palestinian women following the new you met unanimous arcs of personalization, the Palestinian failure becomes all the more painful was the Palestinians, lose the Arab world at some point. Starting the late 1990s. Arab realize leaders realize that the Penicillium problem was that an asset, but a burden goes on from there.

So in the past there was a sense that there was tremendous solidarity with the Palestinians. Even though he's trying nations without absorb them into their midst and one of the refugee problem to exist to make Israel bad. Still, this not speculation. This is no strategy still fact was there was sufficient solidarity. To this day.

Saudi Arabia says listeners peace with Palestinians were knocking get involved and normalize relationships like the UAE did with her saying openly, but at a certain point. These are nations us is more important that we are in a peaceful relationship in an economically benefiting relationship with Israel and and let the Palestinians live and die. How the hell they do more important that were in that situation, saying we will not deal with. You negotiate with you, because Palestinians this is a very interesting shift in this article really highlights some of the differences 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Joseph in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Welcome to the line of fire alarm a lot. Dr. Brown looking shalom. Thanks so much to Ione no one Hebrew about what being a high. The order of Melchizedek. What I have been a question for you and Luke chapter 1 that that Elizabeth is a relative of Miriam and Elizabeth as a direct defendant of Erin right, can it be possible that Yeshua had both David and Erin blood in him to make him bulking and high-grade. It was certainly if there's any indication of Mary Marion's own genealogy sees from the line of David. The question is, is there intermarriage at any point, just like going to my DNA on 90% Ashkenazi Jew and 10% Safari June is it possible that that Yeshua had a bloodline somehow intermarriage at some point with the larger Leviticus family and I set you stretching as you as you would. It's possible some point that there is there is some percentage you know this mixture with just about everybody in somewhere. Another but was important. Joseph is that the New Testament never makes that claim to the contrary, it says that he's from the tribe of Judah, and there is no priesthood from Judah.

So instead, it was through God's decree over David someone tend to be a priest forever after your most ascetic so if such a thing could have happened and someone could explain it genetically.

It's possible that score, but Joseph there is there is no evidence whatsoever of that being the case, and the emphasis is exclusively that he's from the line of David and and that would mean his understatement.

That that Miriam was provided physically and that Joseph in terms of the lineage the royal lineage would've also been from one of David Heyman was an interesting question, but again, especially if you look at he was seven. You will you will see that the emphasis is on.

Coming from a different tribe and therefore there had to be a change in the law as well make it unlikely that there is looking for sins that mixing of the tribes that with possibly a thank you for the question and thank you for James regift on Facebook. Just remember that we are listener and viewer support it so on the Facebook page.

There's a donation button you can click on that and stand with us in the work were doing on YouTube. This $underneath the chat window can click on that instead with a singular website asked Dr. Click on donate.

Thank you for your support solidarity and standing together 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Stephen in Phoenix, Arizona.

Welcome to the line of fire A question. Luke 22 in terms of they are asking is on trial to question what are you the Messiah, because then he would be subversive and they could take before the Romans.

But then asking another question. Are you the son of God, not cut Doug through multiple commentaries on that subject and it doesn't look like anybody seem to have a definitive answer.

Some people say son of God was the political messianic title one commentary says well if you looking you seen the son of God fragment, it refers to something different. So with better way messianic title with second century Jewish people think of it as a messianic title or was it a way of moving the dialogue further to say you're the son of God for your you claiming to have the nature of God and therefore that blasphemy would give us ammunition from the Jewish side in terms of why we should convict you yet.

So Stephen you summarized what I would've told you this is a real debate about this here's here's the challenge and you've articulated the question perfectly well when they said are you the son of God was that another way of probing. Are you the Messiah or with her two separate questions. The latter being an even more extreme one you that you coming Messiah or you even come to be the son of God, and we know that that claim was known in John Tanner's debate about what he meant by being proclaimed as is the son of God, and we know that demons leaving people proclaimed him as the son of God so that certainly something that was being said about him. So here's the challenge Stephen we have a massive body of rabbinic literature preserved in the Mishnah and the Talmud and the midrash literature and and legal literature and things like that that develops over the centuries but in the targums.

The Army translations of the Bible, but to pinpoint exactly when those traditions were handed down, or whether the accounts and to look literature that this rabbi said this century. Whether we should take all those is accurate.

That's the challenge. In other words, these things are put in writing hundreds of years after the time of the New Testament with the Mishnah we know roughly 200 years after the time of Jesus that some of the earliest doesn't preserve material that goes back to the days of Jesus doesn't preserve material that tells you which usually for think at the time we don't have as much, so we have that the book of Enoch were the books of Enoch we have literature the Dead Sea Scrolls.

We have the so-called apocryphal and super graphical literature week. We have all of that but it doesn't give us a definitive picture in terms of what the mindset would've been of these Jewish leaders at that time of the first century, not really.

If it is debatable in in my mind.

I kind of have a and in between position. Young Darrell Bock is written about this, this dissertation was devoted to the blasphemy charges against Jesus in the Gospels. In my mind, there may be because there were different messianic police at that time and and even among different Jewish groups just like their different police about the second coming of different Christian groups. In my mind the best way to understand this is that there was overlap between the ideas and that you are you the prophet he's asked that is that the same as Elijah resided different figure right so I I kind of look at it that they were not necessarily two distinct figures and that the crib and overlap between them.

But if I was being pushed to say one or the other if I had a make a decision. I might argue that son of God was was even going beyond a messianic claim because the there would've been messianic understanding that the not require the Messiah be the sum got on the other hand, you could totally downplay it, say, every king in Israel was a son of God. The children of Israel call God son, in which case, why would it be called blasphemy so they must've meant it in a different way so I yet assisted their extendable finish side of the great picture calls it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown back to his early remember tomorrow you questions and answers today interest Jewish question. You could ask it tomorrow because anything goes right, so Steve a cutoff you have one thing to say go ahead.

I was wondering like you were the one Messiah would be Messiah and they were all being executed left and right they may have died and insurgents trying to dictate whoever that the enemy was at the time that was the oppressing Israel, but the charge made against Jesus to say well you admit you're the Messiah would that really be a high Jewish crime if he admitted that would have to have gone further were saying well by claiming that you're the son of God, you are saying that you have the same nature of God and that would be blasphemy. Yet there was something that would've been said that was been considered blasphemy in the way that he spoke themselves son of God is not on himself but is is a highly exalted being or equivalent to the Son of Man in Daniel seventh, but remember to just be a messianic pretender was not a big issue in itself big issue was to have all of Jerusalem was stir the big issue was to be a threat to the religious establishment. The big issue was to to have spent several years healing the sick and working wonders around the nation, to the point that when he comes into Jerusalem as a triumphal entry and masses of people are are following him and again Romans organ keep the peace in the local Jewish leadership especially corrupt high priest working with Rome.

They want to keep the peace.

So anything of some some guy just down the block, the claims to be the Messiah was the big deal, but when the whole nation is looking at him and ready to follow him, then it becomes the big concern but but again Stephen there be no blasphemy charges associated with that which is why I think that son of God was with us a question above and beyond the question about being the Messiah. So thank you. I love the questions appreciated, 866-34-TRUTH of us go to Louisville, Kentucky. Troy thanks much for holding welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown, Victor Greg McCall argued about medical report my questions but I encountered an argument recently from both the rabbinic community administered and also from some of the people in the Hebrew minute that defend like an Aryan type of position and what they argue from is from Isaiah chapter 7 verse 10, and the argument goes something like this.

Isaiah 710 said that Yahweh spoke to a hard but really the one who spoke to a Haas was Isaiah, and therefore because I Isaiah was just considered God because you would God know I emissary infill. Likewise, all the other theophanies glycogenic today Tina 19 and even with Jesus himself where you know you given divine titles and that sort of thing it at the next really mean that that youth God but but you should ease nearly God the you know I am very yeah how I want to know how you would respond to that type of a of argument is pathetically weak. It's ridiculously weak it's extraordinarily weak.

It's assist people in red. The rest of the bottle. To be candid and because it's not your own position in this ridiculous position.

I can be ruthlessly straightforward look threat the profits they have phrases like Newmont and other rents of the Lord or get an idea bear for the Lord has spoken or TPO deny the baby for the mouth of the Lord has spoken of Kolmar than thus says the Lord in the prophet speaking that's prophetic language everywhere were everywhere, but nowhere does it say take your shoes off your feet, and the president prophet because the place we standing is holy ground. Nowhere is this because then bow down to Isaiah and speak to Isaiah's if he's gone, though he understands that the Lord speaking to the prophet theirs is no mystery there.

Isaiah 61 one.

The spirit of the Lord's army because the Lord's anointed me to preach so God's spirit was on the prophet.

They speak there.

His mouthpieces they would commonly say I the Lord say to you, I'm said in the Lord.

St. you and everyone understood that they were the messenger. No one in the history of Israel thought that they were claiming to be God who you think you are used to claim to be God incarnate will kill you still interested was just the messenger and complete opposition to that of Exodus 3 the theophany there where Moses is told, take your shoes off your feet, for the place you're standing is holy ground and Moses is afraid to look at God completely completely totally different and unrelated nothing to even compare the whatsoever and a remarkably weak argument okay yeah understand that I help out yet. Thank you, thank you for your clarification on that transformer question.

Go ahead okay this quick. What about the. The apologetic value of the Septuagint. So I got studied early screening script. I know that that in my study did your book that the Septuagint is often useful tool to show you know the translation of White Hart victim 14 mother places that would've been no translation before the Christian era, but mark my question was if if if the earliest manuscript that we have of the prophets postdate the Christian era. I was one act likable of what apologetic value would be Septuagint manuscript really really halved us Christians are permanent and pump the mess up your account to missionaries that claim that the five books of Moses were translated before the New Testament time and that the letter letter books were translated later in some of the Christian era that explains the so-called Christian renderings and things like that but until we had the Dead Sea Scrolls all copies of the Hebrew Bible were at least 1300 years after the completion okay that let's say the canon of Old Testament Scriptures completed the fourth century BC, the earliest manuscript we had was the Aleppo code exit in the Leningrad B19.

A manuscript and those dates of what the around the 11th century.

So those earliest manuscripts.

There are very few manuscripts from the ancient world. They go back to the centuries in which the reverse written if copies of copies of copies of copies of copies of copies and textual criticism that identifies which are the more ancient and things like that and and what's reliable in terms of sources we know from early Jewish literature that there was controversy about the Septuagint in the first century in terms of some of its renderings, and hence that the second century renderings like a call into the ocean, silicas the centuries that followed come of the alternate Jewish renderings as these were around, and then content within the Septuagint, Septuagint, scholars have looked at to help them dated and to come to firm historical conclusions that by the second century BC.

The Septuagint was completed and that is it's been passed down to the manuscripts from, for example, an income wrong seat so you do have. You do have Hebrew manuscripts from Qumran that reflect the Septuagint.

The text in other words, they don't follow the traditional Masoretic rendering they reflect the the the Septuagint rendering so that indicates to us. Further, the antiquity of the Septuagint. So we have good scholarly resources that can pop pop positively and clearly date this for say thank you Troy for asking. Todd will most try this. Go to Kerrville, Texas, Robert, welcome to the line of fire dark brown. Romans 1126 working chapter root M. The Romans, all Israel shall be saved is not new.

Heaven help our single covenant in the Old Testament, the understanding is the Gentile ruminant everybody else Jewish and a and I guess in the New Testament been taught that there be a Jewish room. There is a Jewish remnant now the pulsatile point there is that at the end of this age. Is this a vast harvest of of Gentiles from around the world that on the heels of that, and provoked by that there will be a national turning Israel spoken. For example, in Zechariah 1210 to 13 one that they will look to him with a purist in the be deep mourning and repentance, or Jeremiah 31 one goddesses at that time I will be God of all the families of Israel or here in Romans 11 don't want to be ignorant of this mystery who Gentile believers, unless you become arrogant if you're ignorant to think Ozzfest with Israel's casting off.

I don't want to be ignorant to this mystery, so that you do not become arrogant, but what was it say very very simple hardest part has come to Israel to the nation until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in and so on the heels of this provoked by this all Israel national turning at the end of the age was or will be safe. So it is not retroactive. Jews rejected the Messiah in the past will suffer the consequences of that is not the so the mean every last Jew on the planet, but it certainly speaks of a national turning of Israel. May the Lord himself hasten the day. Robert, thank you for the cost when we get through today again tomorrow you got questions. We got answers you able to call in and thank you for standing with us praying for us in the process of recording a really really important outreach series of videos that will help many many Jews and many Christians were struggling with questions about the New Testament about Jesus the Messiah.

So pray for God's anointing, grace as we do this work and stand with us. With your support as well. Esther to Click on don't hey check out benefits of being a monthly support of a torchbearer worth] the law

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