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Dr. Brown Is Here to Answer Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 7, 2020 5:20 pm

Dr. Brown Is Here to Answer Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 7, 2020 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/07/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Phone lines are open UK questions. We got answers the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown Friday line of fire. You've got questions, we've got answers yet. Lots of radio host. Do this on Fridays we done for many years now any question of any kind on any subject that relates to any area of expertise we have right here on the line of fire. Give us a call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 by the way many times on Friday when the show starts. All of our phone lines are lit up and then you have to wait for someone to drop out to call in it so happens that we did a live YouTube Q&A chat right before the show. So we spent all almost an hour answering lots and lots of written questions which means that we just have some opening so phone lines are literally wide open. If you call now we will get to you during the show, so any question of any kind, 866-348-7884 a few announcements to make to you. We began oh little over two years ago now putting out our own. Consider this videos if you see the Prager you videos amazing animated videos with top experts on a wide range of subjects. We wanted to put out on videos on subjects of special interest to us as Jewish believers as evangelicals holding the unique perspectives that we hold charismatic whatever it is and we just released number 10.

Consider this number 10.

These take tremendous effort from our team. That's why they come out every couple months. There's lot of funding involved to make them available to you so we just put out number 10. We released it today. It is can we know the name of God, can we know the name of God, and we go through questions about did God how God revealed his name and is it Jehovah is Yahweh. Traditional Jews call it hush M this meaning the name that so we refer to God, a sham should be even try to speculate with the spiritual significance of knowing the name so check it out. It's in our YouTube channel it's on our website. Ask Dr. this also skews me were mind you will be in Jacksonville Florida this weekend. I'll be part of a wonderful conference of freedom restoration Israel conference Friday night, Saturday morning, evening, Sunday morning, evening will be a worship concert with pullover. I'll be speaking Saturday morning part of a panel discussion as well and then preaching Saturday night gobbling so check this out.

It's all on our itinerary Esther to Brian SK DR just scroll down for the itinerary and you'll find the info next week scheduled to be in Dallas and then this the week after that pentacle anyway.

What were back on the road back on the road, 866-34-TRUTH all one more thing. My latest article. Time for a massive reset in the evangelical church in America. It's on the website Esther to it's on I think you'll find it to be a really important read key things that we can do now as the church in America to have a major reset so we can be all God's calling us to be in these critical critical days. I am going to go to the phones momentarily, and we will start in Chattanooga, Tennessee Ray Whelchel excuse me Roy. Welcome to the line of fire cannot ride our course and it started in two parts Time Warner verdict catered and right second career because it's a much different in first grader and not I don't know her breakers are like your debris but it appears your reading it from the Greek dish first and second Peter is. It is a childlike, can you tell the difference in the grace I liked and Hebrews on North Gregory consortium loops used to compare to what John wrote. Can you direct detail, but in the Greek when you read it. There are differences.

But that's not significant because Peter may have used describe it. In other words, no one says he actually wrote the words physically himself, and he may have used describe the scribe may have helped translate or develop the Greek. He may have developed. Things in Aramaic and then with help put them into Greek.

So that presents no problem there there there is a debate among scholars basically critical liberal scholars. A second Peter was not written by Peter for number of reasons. Conservative scholars believe they can give a good argument for second Peter being written by Peter but even with our differences is no concern because scribes were used in in the writing of of these documents. I was looking at a video the other day were Rabbi said Peter didn't write anything because he was illiterate but we don't know what he was illiterate about but you could use describe you can dictate it and scribe wrote things down so there's no no surprise or problem with that. If there are differences in the Greek style okay quickly. It's our turn in the car on the crazy strange mark on it shows that America, but I also know that when you're translating and I learned this from James White Rd., King James only controversy he gave some, little sentencing friction in German and if you translate that literally affected early bird catches the worm in English and it comes out. The cockroach does something in final transformation. What I want to know is when we translate the delay for their maker on into English and we come upon a phrase like the million sunsets in a mud puddle. Are we missing something there that the Arabic would miss right so that's a very first questions asked Roy in swimming needs asking other words need to be fair in our criticisms. Some have said, for example, more broadly, you don't want to take the best of your religion and compared to the worst of someone else's religion so you want to treat things equally and then come to decision so you want to understand the Arabic in context as best as possible and then conclude whether it's saying something absurd or not but here's the here's the easy thing Roy. There are many translations of the Quran into English.

There is even a Quran commentary like the study notes and things just like you be familiar with the Bible study notes, there is one that's come out now reflecting a lot of chronic commentary and background, all in English. So if you just search online for translations of the Quran and if you will look at any of these verses that seem to say something very bizarre, then you'll see the various translations if they all translated the same way older ones more modern ones, then that would be what's being said and the questions look at what is meant by that is it's crazy as it sounds, but it's easy to compare to the simple things you look at a number of different translations. Older ones more modern ones, and if you can you look for some commentary on it and then you can conclude okay the Quran system, the crazy or the Quran does call for violence here or the Quran attribute something to Jesus. That's completely mythical. It's it's really easy to check which are asking the right questions excellent questions. That's how you sorted out by looking at multiple translations and seeing if an idiom has been missed if something was translated in a hyper literal way and because you that it is Muslims. The vast majority translations across our Muslim stress that they want to translated this accuracy. In fact, there is no such thing as the Quran in English or the Quran in French. It is a translation of the Koran because the Cron is literally only in Arabic.

Everything else is a translation of the Cron of the meaning of the Cron was we would say that's the Bible. Even though it's in English or French or the language is God intended it to be translated as well. A thank you Roy for the call 866-34-TRUTH we go to High Point, North Carolina, Orlando, welcome to the line of fire. The current doing well thank you I'm a quick hello yeah go ahead okay. Microtubules would replace.

I don't know what replacement theology the same thing that all men went to the two different categories. The question is replacement theology. The idea that the church has replaced Israel and God's economy that the role that God had in the earth for Israel is now fulfilled to the church are the promises that God gave Israel not transferable to the church replacement theology and millennialism which is an end time scheme which says there is no literal physical ruler Jesus on the earth. There is a spiritual so millennial. There is no physical millennium.

All do they intersect. So what is it is a larger theological system. The other is an end in time, belief, or an understanding of prophetic Scripture.

There is no question that they overlap. Why because millennialism does not see the physical promises to Israel being literally fulfilled. So I'm very upstart Abe being in academic & Mayor that they are no not necessarily know know they're not necessarily being that is this not the silly Jew hatred and that believing lies about Jews.

There simply believing in understanding that all of the promises about a future kingdom are to be understood spiritually that there be a new heavens and a new earth forever never ever but they would not recognize the the physical restoration of the Jewish people to the land of Israel today is fulfillment of prophecy because they would say that there would just be at a spiritual fulfillment of those promises now they are not anti-Semites site. I know some that are that love the Jewish people and and that politically even support Israel but they don't believe it is fulfillment of prophecy I would say that these beliefs open the door to potential anti-Semitism, even in that's what's happened through church history, but no, just because some of us millennial does not mean in any way that they are that they are necessarily anti-Semitic. Certainly not, but again it is a potential open door replacement theology that can lead to anti-Semitism.

Thank you for the questions or I appreciated 86634 let's go to fresh Meadows, New York Dena, welcome to the line of fire Harry now doing very well thank you. Thank you on your bill. Never thought about that.

It cannot get catering conversation with a friend of mine on what meaning of the word Jewish you mean like if Christian means Christ Blake where I've heard many Christ I've heard the definition of the file.

What what Jewish mean but right so Jewish. Is this pertaining to being a Jew. The issue as part of it of a national ending that you have it with different words will come back.

This is the greatest. There is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown back to Dena and fresh Meadows, New York you'll actually hear Black Hebrew Israelites and siblings of the cults say will Jew issues that really being a Jew because it's issues that is if it's diminishing it.

The issue there is like Spanish English, Irish, British surfer from Spain Spanish. If you're from England, your English, the language that comes from England is English from Ireland Irish so pertaining to to Jews. Judaism, Jewish culture Jewish religion Jewish ethnicity. That's Jewish so what specifically are you asking within that wondering why I like how Chris can you make a, who know where you like right right wondering what the word Jewish. There is something like that as well. Maybe obviously there is layers of what it means by Navy like this started like a an easy definition of the word Jewish know you don't want to go.

You don't want to go back to that. That has to do with praise and and who donned all that know that's it simply pertaining to being a Jew so Jewish religion Jewish culture, etc. Israel's Jewish nation yeah that's that's all you don't want to read more into it than that. Okay. Alright.

Thanks for asking. I appreciated 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go over to Greg in Richmond, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire Harry Dr. Brown, all of your everyday water, good with your very courageous man are you have a lot your brave man in our earlier perspective. Thank you for your kind words for speculation, but I would like about a lot of that is what we have are bowling at a level of bird that mocks my thoughts are there and she falls a lot of people are going to be a promoter told trying to block possible trombone vision, and voting by doing everything right at Tri-County trout notetaking down and talk bad about them and blocking the finding that the above told them I will show up and start on what you think about it, honestly I have no idea what's coming November 3 eye. I have no idea this can happen with mailing votes physical votes with a little be riots, protests, I can feel fairly sure that if what they're not enough of the protesters to spread out all over America. Obviously, but millions have been involved in recent protests and and there are radicals in different cities and his organization and funding of some of these things during the election for Pres. Obama. There were Black Panthers that were intimidating people outside of of some precincts Philadelphia-area.

If I recall again that that was few and for those things were few and far between. I feel fairly sure that if you had some of these radical leftist groups try protests that you have some trump loving people with guns ready to fight back. I may not think to get crazy.

I don't think it'll get that they had personally think the be a frenzy leading up to it. Perhaps a frenzy afterwards and could there is the possibility of a delayed election seems highly, highly unlikely, but nothing would surprise me. Everything is so volatile it's one of these. It's one of the situations where you can't really look ahead know I'm saying you can't look ahead like like you normally do it in or are Israel, tore for example with schedule for May so we postponed it to October. But things are too iffy so we've now moved to took to March so folks can still get in. By the way, go to the website Esther to Brown that organ threat on the homepage I did.

I just voted to dear friends, I visited in India every year for 27 years, strafe and and normally on there.

Towards the end of the year. I say what's going on is the visit I have it up so with so many things are uncertain, but nothing would surprise me up evil client it whatever happens is gonna be controversy that that one thing Greg. I feel fairly confident about whatever happens with the election is November 3. This can be controversy surrounding it and the controversy going to blow over. Does this on a prophecy that's just an educated hunch, but I greatest for me being courageous. I appreciate the kind words. To be perfectly honest with you. To me it's a matter of obedience. In other words, if I understand something to be God's will than that becomes the all-consuming thing and you you just do it. What else you can do if interest in.

That's his will is burning in your heart you do it, and to me it's more obedience than courage.

Once your clothes and obedience. It seems that the grace is just there so he's very faithful. He said he's a faithful good goddess or joy to be on the frontlines and let's pray let's pray for God's best. Let's pray for God's best finish. I am not. I never ever pray for a particular candidate to be elected ever. I pray for God's plan. God's best for the nation.

Thank you again for the call of let's go over to Isaac and Gainesville, Florida. Welcome to the line of fire around here again I do.

Question one. Relate Deuteronomy 30 and eventual working people mode to empathize that at the end of day. People will return to the Torah and the language of day and book of the law deemed to restrict the actual mosaic law, not God. General corporate goal or even the law right you agree with that, Beckman. If you do, to grant me the date of his routable return or obedient, orient the questionable one question number.

Totally unrelated and I Dr. Gerlach do it but you have any recommendation or graduate program in old Betty and the biblical language or kicker yet sure thing. So to answer the second question first and I'm I'm allowed you never once my show. Now if you if someone calls and says he cannot recommend the local congregation. Some really not in a position to do that for number reasons but if you really want it. Learn the language as well and study with conservative biblical scholars of this been an adjunct profit.

A bunch of different seminaries in America with the one that that may have the most solid product program in Hebrew Semitic's Old Testament could will be Trinity Evangelical Divinity school in Deerfield, Illinois, and similar friends are still teaching there. If you if you are looking for a program that is is one that's going to have more future studies. Background the Kings University in Dallas were also teach and they have a lot of online classes of Gordon Conwell in in Massachusetts and in in Charlotte has some great progress and whether there quite a few, maybe the one that's could be the deepest overall specially was Semitic so might might be Ted's Trinity Evangelical Divinity school in Deerfield, Illinois as as for Deuteronomy 30 the set prophesied of the nation of Israel will return to Torah obviously doesn't mention Jewish tradition. This mention Tom.

It does mention all the things that were added so if you just want to press it was a little obedience to the Mosaic covenant. I would say there are two ways of looking at that one. That's part of the Sinai covenant and it's something that that will never happen because of Israel's failure. In other words, this is part of the Sinai covenant if you will repent and and return to me at the end of of the age. I will circumcise your heart you take your step. I will help you and you will be an obedient nation and with that, there will be blessing. So someone just say that is part of the Sinai covenant, Israel failed. Israel was never gonna get it right. Hence, God instituted the new and better covenant that he prophesies through Jeremiah and through Ezekiel. That's one way of reading the other way of reading.

It is that this is actually talk about the new covenant that you can read starting in Deuteronomy 29.

This is besides the covenant that God made with Moses on Sinai and that it will be totally lived out in light of the Messiah and in other words, as Yeshua said he didn't come to abolish the law but to fulfill. So this will be Torah as God intended it lived out through the fullness of the Messiah. So Sabbath in the holy days will come into their fullness of meaning and obviously won't have the need for sacrifices.

Some rabbinic tradition say the world to come. The age to come. You only have Thanksgiving office offerings because you will need offerings for sin and things like that. So if you recognize that you will be fundamental changes in Israel's relationship with God, and that some of the circumstances of sin at home with that.

That would change because of circumcised hearts. Then, obviously, of if it's the new covenant. I remember your sins no more than you don't need an annual day of atonement. So you would say that is the covenant, the Torah, but lived out in light of the fullness of the new covenant and fullness of the Messiah, so would there be a day when national Israel is celebrating the Sabbath and celebrating the biblical calendar, but doing it in the fullest Messiah yet.

Why not. So there will be changes, but to be the very changes that bring these things to their fulfillment, and obviously certain laws.

There's a lot of the Torah that clearly is for certain period of time that no longer applies. After the and by the way is I've been listening to the Bible again on an audio form so much of what God established so many of the laws were only for sure. Some of the tabernacle right and those gone. There is no physical tabernacle that there was a temple, but through most of our history we been able unable to observe most of what's written in the Torah in terms of content, so I look at it Isaac that at the end that either this is referring to.

Deuteronomy 30 is part of the Sinai covenant which fails to God makes a new and better covenant were Deuteronomy 30 is an advanced picture of the new and better covenant so Torah lived out in the messianic era in the life of the spirit as fulfill by Messiah.

Yet, it could well be like that and we know that the prophecies in the book of Isaiah speak of the millennial kingdom and from one Sabbath to another nations coming to worship God in Zechariah 14 spatial relations so this is heaven so wealthy it will be glorious fulfillment of a thank you for the call. Isaac talk in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown.

Check out 10 in our series.

Can we know the name of God. Great content, great animated illustrations. It's our YouTube channel. Ask if your Brown asked Dr. Brown for your free preview and share it widely with your friends. It is also on our website. Asked Dr. this unifying all 10 videos there. 86634 you've got questions, we've got answers and if we don't gettable find him fine for right let's go to Brian in Oceanside, California. Welcome to the line of fire.

Yet I can okay cool big thank you so much for your work and I'm pretty amazed by how you help your able to do everything in your writing books and during the show speaking on your universe.

It's pretty amazing. I want to ask you about Ezekiel 39 and Magog I just recently been like I just met a lot of indignant negative out of the dispensational stuff you read this professional acre eschatology and adopt the rapture view long time ago when I was in middle school are one of the younger, about 12 years ago, but I'm just trying to figure out that I'm also been listening to Joel Richardson and promised and I watched the covenant and controversy that they document you are on so anyway I wanted do you think one that getting Gog Magog is coming from Turkey on and then to is is this the same as in Revelation want talk about Mitt, Gog and Magog or are these two separate events but rights of the policy. It is a prophecy in Ezekiel 39 really begins but before that, so the 36 chapters is prophecy the return of the Jewish people from Babylonian exile and outputting a new heart within our people and in the 37th chapter that the dry bones that the value dry bones of famous vision and then go to my golden 38 and 39 and then the answer temple vision in 40 to 48. In the book of Ezekiel, so how are we to interpret those. Is there going to be literal end time war against Israel because fights for his people. In short, the answer is yes. As I understand it, that that is something that is not yet happened but that will happen if spoken. Also, in Zechariah 12 it spoke also in Zechariah 14, so I do do believe there will be a final attack on Israel coalition of nations coming against the people of Israel, out of which God will deliver them in the Messiah will be revealed.

As for the specific identities and does it involve Russia or Germany or Turkey or that to me is highly debatable. Even the exact meaning of of golden log over gold in the land of gold who exactly is Gog ancient Semitic scholars ancient recent scholars refer to the individual named goo goo. You know a particular king and leader in was that the name that was being used as gold in itself has as no specific meaning in my goal could be a Semitic formulation for land of of gold I'd I am like a debate.

The characters involved the specific details. No maybe others have more insight into that than I do, but I am not going to debate it certainly does not specifically speak of innovation coming from Russia, which some of argue based on one of the word of Sarah but I do believe there will be a final attack.

I do believe that the unwalled cities is pointing to a world peace that will be a temporary peace immediately before this happens I could be in conjunction with first Thessalonians 5 where Paul says when people are speaking's peace and safety than sudden destruction will come on them, as travail on a woman in labor so that could well be the this situation, Joel Richardson may well have insight as to how to could happen with an Islamic antichrist, etc. so again.

Others may have more insight on it than I do. But that will literally happen or that there will that it speaks of an end time war and conflict.

Yes, I do expect that as result Revelation 20 Revelation 20 puts this after the millennium, whereas we would normally understand this as the is something before the millennium so either were getting the chronology wrong in this. After the millennium or more likely is the book of Revelation. Does it constantly draws on images from the Old Testament. I once heard that that over 270 of the 400+ verses of Revelation are drawn on imagery from the Old Testament. I never studied enough depth to come to my conclusion on that. But if so, it's just wrong on gold my gold as is images of hordes of nations in a final rebellion rather than putting it in a chronological sequence slats. As I understand it, Brian. While all blocks are went. If it's okay I one hopefully a quick question. A quick answer when it did every nation in Revelation 13 cabinet.

The beast would have control like authority over every nation that is not literally hyperbolic apocalyptic literature right is a high agreement in Cairo right it's apocalyptic literature. So everything has to be processed in terms of understanding and meaning is a symbolic but if it is depicting a final rule of the antichrist. Yeah I I would believe that there will be a seduction of the nicest mean every person in every nation. Revelation plainly speaks of God's saints in the midst of great relation being protected and shielded or be martyred, but it could well be that it.

Speaking of the nations of the world will fall under this way, you know, there is the spirit of the world, the spirit of the age. But God's people within the nations will not pay thank you for the call. Brian appreciated Anna Wilberforce I trust is not the William Wilberforce because he's been gone for some time with Wilberforce on YouTube thank you for your contribution, remember watching YouTube right beneath the checkboxes of $. Click on that. Your gift of any size helps us on Facebook donate button paying click on that and you stand with us this is that simple.

Yeah, you stand with us mutely.

So thank you for your support and help. Let us go to Dante and Brentwood, California.

Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you. Know all yes sir, you know I'm coming… And though how would you believe that there's any big dog….Because I don't believe that everything in the world are going back about something that the legal effect due to the backbeat company goes back bad breath above it goes back the you know I just do a bar believe I'm don't go back… Become adult diaper demo, but all aura never really recorded motion though you believe in any type of All-Star like the head covering the book of Dwight were talking you have built up by Doug Gilbert, the house would be removed believe in a type of all aura. I don't believe it is so dumb to just for the sake of of our listings and views and are familiar with this traditional Judaism believes that God gave Moses the written Torah law that we have recorded in the five books of Moses, along with that an oral Torah and in that he gave explanations, amplifications, principles of interpretation of their internal and then that oral to raw develops through the ages that in each generation.

New decisions would be made a decrees would would be enactments. So Tucker notes enactments decrees because they wrote that these would be added in different generations and right up until this day, oral Torah still developing. So Dante, do I believe that there is an inspired oral Torah in an unbroken chain that is regarding federal loan on an estimate unsay what I don't believe in what I do believe okay okay so I do not believe there is an authoritative chain of tradition that God gave to Moses that is been passed on through the generations, without which we cannot understand the Torah. I do not believe that I reject the rabbinic claim of an authoritative oral law for many reasons. This is been a whole volume, volume 5, answering Jewish objections to Jesus explaining why or much of that volume. Secondly, I've no question the traditions developed over the centuries. Of course we all know that oral traditions ultimately put in writing and if you for supporting the yarmulke there's there's no support in Torah for that there is not even support in the Talmud for this reference to one public Sage wouldn't even walk a few feet without without a head covering, but of you can go to different parts of the Jewish world a thousand years ago and then were praying with her has uncovered the Dano.what about mentioning everything that the benefit zero, but how about that white so what okay specifically what's the verse that that you're pointing to what is the talked about it dealt with our mind that might have built you happy adult going to go right… With her husband right but utterly bit, but her outlook, but that eventually you know about written down at all like this and say how do you know that there was something before that I'm trying to understand his maternal argue but yet women commonly cover their heads in the ancient world. It's reflected in the New Testament as well. Many personal today I is still the still do that but so that was just custom, where it wears anything oral to think out written down, which written down as was written down right okay so no written down… More) right replicating that what happened but there's nothing that could do it, but in current much is not required. Doesn't say she's required to cover here. There, the Torah doesn't say she's required to okay but understand that part of your body right so I'm still not getting the point sooner, though.

But you don't limit what about the brunt of the Bible throughout the Bible, Old Testament, New Testament calls for modesty and significance. Women who are seductive so every culture it's going very right though you think that you agree at the bank agree that something's general targets based on Scripture scriptural principles of the modest. I don't underwrite any oral tradition so so ask you this, Dante, do you believe a woman should shave her head where wake up inaudibly over the but I know but that's many religious Jews hold to the today based on oral Torah wrong, so you can hang on, so you can pick and choose Dante, but on I base everything on Scripture.

I basically on Scripture there all kinds of Christian traditions but I base everything on Scripture. If it's not ins.

If it goes against Scripture that rejected.

We both know that most never condoned…… Since it doesn't say what other callers but let's let's chat another time and I'd encourage checkout line 5 of my series read it. She was no tell us where you differ, the love to talk to Ken right it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown is look I'd like to take hours with certain callers and I know they have arguments that will develop at length is not able to do that. Obviously, in fairness to others. We try to get to the root of issues and an answer responsibly but I doubt if you still out there. You always write to us have a colleague ego PhD in Old Testament Russian Israeli Jew fluent in Hebrew as well as Russian and English and he answers many of that usually questions that come on will then pass his answers onto me. I'll look at them and sometimes add things and or interact directly with the forecastle if if you gently probing one to understand that this one argument, but understand our position.

By all means continue to reach out to close on Thursday.

Another good day to call. We talk about Jewish issues all right back to the phones we go and in Gastonia, North Carolina Roy, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown hello I going to get through.

I had a question. I was listening to a pastor, teaching the book of Nehemiah and when they had brought out Ezra and he had read through the Torah. This episode have been re-aired previously in both time, one book in the Torah.

I seem to stick out my mind concerning revival in the book of Deuteronomy. Appreciate the question from Mr. Isaac earlier you and I don't have the precedents for this are not, but can the book of Deuteronomy be used as a guideline to revival and if this is a little bit different from the way most people think.

Is there any resources that can be used to grant a study on that yet. So Deuteronomy has always been the most popular of the five books of the Bible, meaning the one it's most quoted in the New Testament the prophets Isaiah's most quoted the poach was the literature Psalms is the most quoted, but Deuteronomy seems to more ongoing application in many ways, even though when I called to be under the Sinai covenant today but Deuteronomy as a template.

Yes, in other words, the reminding God's people of his great works in the past, pointing out our sin and our apostasy and calling for us to turn to him and wholehearted obedience. Those are revival related themes, and so would would fit in that regard, there is a book that came out decades ago, and I want to see if it's still available by Samuel Schultz on Deuteronomy. He was in Old Testament prophet Wheaton.

I believe and let's see okay so in Everyman's Bible commentary series.

That's a simple series. Schultz will come into their and 71 of but I saw he had come like a good news. According to Moses book as as well but anyway I mean just Schultz is Deuteronomy commentary is is is a a simple commentary that regard, you may check out the NIV application commentary to Deuteronomy by Daniel block Old Testament scholar Daniel blocks machine offers.

Ezekiel work, but a practical application of Deuteronomy, the NIV application commentary. You might find helpful as well. So thank you Roy for the call 86634 let's go to Alex in Salt Lake City, Utah. Welcome to the line of fire traveling. They are appreciated. You better. So my question my question is financer. I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, and so both requirements and so growing up I never knew Christian all my friends were Mormons, so I never felt like it was true and so I tear away and Artie have God ended up dart by going to jail about the first time that I really read the Bible and I had the Christian church are at. I been reading the Bible and acting, trying to strong in my faith that I believe that the Bible is 100%. The word of God. Just the Bible and so my question for you is that those other people that are different, alleging that the marketing whatever I don't always witness it. I understand some people never really read the Bible belt, the other scriptures. But does that really read the Bible of their apology is for other churches that understand the Bible. Why is it that they don't find today are they blinded by the truth of Jesus that those that have earsplitting air why why why analyze sending the answers and it's true.

Yet one is a traditional Jew study the Bible every day's to the Hebrew Bible and not see Jesus the Messiah in it right or what is a Jehovah's Witness read the Bible and not see the true gospel ultimately God knows the condition of every person's heart and he is a righteous judge that what he will do is is perfect and good and fair and no one will be able to accuse him of being unfair or unjust. On that day. Obviously if you're raised in a particular religion and learn to read the Bible through a certain lens. That's how you see it. But God gives a universal promise to everyone that if we will seek him earnestly will find him were were ever we are and we know that through the cross strong all people to himself, so as to why one person sees another doesn't.

Is it a matter of humility. Is it a matter of sincerity.

God knows we don't know that if your Calvinist your answer would be that he chooses one and not another, which makes logical sense another. In other words, if your Calvinist that works logically because it seems that two people equally studying Scripture one comes to the right conclusions. Another doesn't.

Perhaps God chose the one and didn't choose the other.

I just don't see that as the biblical pattern or what is written. Sometimes it's a matter of people are praying for one individual and as their praying God's answer those prayers open a person's heart. Sometimes the Holy Spirit has dealt with them to humble them and they refuse, they refuse so they they don't see things ultimately only God knows what one believes and why another sample he began Calvinist would say it's obvious God opens when I one person's eyes doesn't open the others. I say it's also obvious scripturally with respect to my Calvinist friends, but ultimately we pray what what is our responsibility is to pray, why is it that you never believed in Mormonism and right now on the station Salt Lake City is of speaking to Mormons all over Salt Lake City that that you've always believed in. It seemed to be consistent and here Alex didn't believe didn't see it. God knows the answer to that. But if you will earnestly seek him. Whoever you are and say God I just want to know your truth, whatever it is wherever it leads, whatever the cost of the consequence he he will lead you he will lead you into the truth. Hey Alex, thank you for very important question, and all the more reason for us to pray and leave the rest to the Lord.

Pray and share the good news of course right that's another caller to let's go over the Houston Texas iris welcome to the line of fire. You do good.

Need to speak right to the phone. Iris if you can get it on your right. Yeah, we can carry a lot better than I know you been holding for a while so thanks for that matter, all yeah it's like you're right next me, go ahead anyway so Michael and I'm a Jewish believer that a Jewish believer forever rate tuition etc. anyway, what Scripture to give people that are involved in the two healthy friend Jewish Hebrew.

Yup about Gentile born-again believers in the loft tried right so what would we tell Gentile Christians were convinced that their descendent of the lost tribes of the house of Israel. No point back to passages like Genesis 48, and therefore I will be a company of nations and that's us. I would simply refer to the New Testament versus that explicitly referred Israel separate from Gentile believers most explicitly, being Romans the 11th chapter repulses I'm writing to you Gentiles as much as on the apostle to the Gentiles out. I want to make Israel envious and then the end of Romans 11 verse 25, 26 verse 25 speaks of the fullness of the Gentiles coming in and then on the heels of that, the next event all Israel being SASE of Gentiles give Israel an earlier since I'm writing to you Gentiles to provoke Israel to envy out Romans 15 explicitly speaks of the Gentile believers now being added in along with the people of Israel as it is supposed to be part of the extended people of Israel.

So just a careful reading of Romans. The whole book but Romans 11 Romans 15 makes it explicit that that there are different classes, even to the Jew first and also to the Gentile. It is again making that overall distinction is not just you but Israel is associated with Jewishness, being a Jew, and then everyone outside those of the people of the nation's Gentiles. So how else. How else could be described but we are one in the Messiah.

Romans 1012 is a difference between Jew and Gentile in the Messiah in terms of equal standing is a snow classes and pay friends were at a time before to join you again on Monday to get here in Jacksonville Florida Friday night, Saturday morning satellites and the voice of the night special special weekend that was

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