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Revisiting the Trump-Cyrus Prophecies

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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August 6, 2020 5:00 pm

Revisiting the Trump-Cyrus Prophecies

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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August 6, 2020 5:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 08/06/20.

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So what about this whole Donald Trump is Cyrus that what we to make of that stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH euro. Jim is Dr. Michael Brown (two are early computers Thursday brought us this is Michael Brown delighted to be with you. 866-34-TRUTH 866-3478 84 will take your Jewish related questions of all kinds.

Today Israel related Hebrew related anything that ties into Jewish studies Judaism, Jewish people prescribed into the New Testament, 86634 to form lines are open. Want to catch up with things happening around the Jewish world, but we do not focusing first on the Hebrew Scriptures and the whole question of this comparison with Donald Trump and King Cyrus want to start there and read open the Hebrew Scriptures in a moment, but were gonna read to you for what is called the Cyrus cylinder.

This was written 538 539 BC, discovered in 1879.

It's written in the language called Acadian which is the language of the Babylonians and the Assyrians and these are the words of Cyrus himself, so what the world's Donald Trump have to do with Cyrus. If you think I'm saying that Donald Trump is God's man and especially anointed and you can argue with them.

No, no, no, no, think I'm saying Donald Trump is raised up as a messianic figure by God especially anointed to save America.

No, no, no, that's not what I believe is only one savior for America in the world and his name is Jesus.

July believe that any unique way. God raised up Donald Trump. It could be for blessing.

It could be for judgment. It could be for both. Do I believe any unique way that God raised him up, and that there is a parallel with this in the Hebrew Bible. Yes, I do. Yes, I do so in my new book evangelicals at the crossroads I have a whole chapter addressing this question to God uniquely raise up Donald Trump and trust me, I give all the arguments against it. II give the outreach quotes from Christian leaders and other saying how can you possibly say that. Look at the man, and so on so forth.

And then I explained why I believe this be the case.

Again, we would differ over this perfectly fine. I'm not staking anything on this except find me an interesting comparison and something worth considering.

So the first thing is that even before Trump announced he was can run for president.

There were prophetic words about him being on ex-president or him being a future president. They say look there prophetic words about everything you know this prophecies about this city and this person who knows what to make it fair enough. Disliking prophecy does real prophecy.

Fair enough. But when you have a number of people unrelated to each other different parts of America. Different parts of the world who all get this sense, right before the election early in the primaries that God is going to raise up Donald Trump and that he'll be on ex-president and that there's a comparison between him and Cyrus in the Bible that when it happens, from a number of different people. It it gets my attention. So, in the Buckeye. I document some is different prophetic words including Lance wall mount who felt God showing him a comparison between Trump and Cyrus.

He was one of a number that that felt that way that there is a comparison between Trump and SARS so I'm still getting all explained the moment but with significant was that Cyrus was a pagan king and idol worshiping king who did not know the Lord if the Lord raised him up to do good to Jerusalem and to Judah and into rebuild Jerusalem so he did good for God's people, even though he himself didn't know the God of Israel and Lance wall mount actually read Isaiah 45 to Donald Trump where God says I raised him call you by name.

Even though you don't know me and Lance felt led by the Lord to look at Isaiah 45 inherent boards of Trump will be president. 45s agree had 145 presence will mortify for the 45 presidential terms. But if you're in office for two terms. It's as this one president in office for two terms.

But what what does the book of Isaiah say about this when we make of this. Remember also on the daily elections that there were major polls that gave Trump a 1% chance of getting it.

So the extreme unlikelihood of them getting in the extreme unlikelihood of him beating Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio and John case Scott Walker and Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson, Carly Farina and others that were part of this I mean 16 candidates delighted of him beating them and then the unlikelihood of him being Hillary Clinton and in the in the Clinton political establishments on highly unlikely, but then you had the prophecies on top of it and end the volatility of his presidency.

I personally believe any unique way. God raised him up, but it could be for blessing could be for judgment could be for both okay so let's first look the book of Isaiah. Isaiah chapter 44, beginning in verse 24 Isaiah 4424 beginning Hebrew with words. Kolmar denied agar left of via your Sesame button so this is what the Lord said, your Redeemer, who formed you in the womb on OC denied Josť call. I am the Lord who made everything and then he goes on, who alone stretched out the heavens and unaided spread out your silk in the midst of idolatry in the ancient world and Israel.

The Jewish people and exile in Babylon got say I alone am God, not the gods of the nations not to go to Lowe's only, and then he goes on the Pharaoh took by Dean because Mimi Halal who annuls the omens of diviners and makes fools of the augurs return sages back in Nick's nonsense of the knowledge became debar of dough but confirms the word of my certified sought mark. Obviously, it fulfills the prediction of my messages is I who saved Jerusalem, it shall be inhabited and of the towns of Judah, they shall be rebuilt and I'll restore the repair places right home a lot, Salah Harvey, Maritime Kalish, I said to the deep be dry.

I will drop your floods in Ellicott. This and he says of Cyrus. How Miller Koresh, Roy E. Who says of Cyrus Rhody.

You are my shepherd the coke FC your sleep, and he shall fulfill all my purposes, and he shall save Jerusalem, she shall be rebuilt into the temple. You shall be founded again to his incidents of Cyrus, a Persian king, then check 45 verse one Kolmar denied the Michiko the Koresh thus said the Lord to Cyrus is anointed one in Hebrew. His machine off but later becomes the word for Messiah.

This is the Lord.

Cyrus is anointed on his right hand. He is grassed, treading down nations before him endured in the loins of Kings opening doors before him, and they know gates they shut. I will march before you level the hills that loom up I will shatter Doris a bronze and cut down iron bars.

I will give you treasures concealed in the dark in secret hordes that you may know that it is I the Lord, the God of Israel call you by name sake of my servant Jacob Israel my chosen when I call you by name.

I hail you by title, even though you have not known me rightfully the Tommy even though you have not known. I am the Lord, and there is none else beside me there is no God.

I encourage you so you have not known me that they may know from East to West that there is none but me. I am the Lord, and there is none else. There so this extraordinary statement of one God alone in the midst of a monotheistic world spoken against the background of the Babylonian captivity right this prophecies of Isaiah and and raising up Cyrus but God saying I've called you by name titled you, even though you don't know me right now. Let's listen to the words of Cyrus Cyrus conquers Babylon-based gunfight and the priests of these various temples were feeling neglected and their deed is being neglected by the, the king of Babylon, and Cyrus basically with discontented people is able to walk in without a fight. So this is this what Cyrus is ready for his words from the Cyrus cylinder I am Cyrus, king of the universe. The great King. The powerful king, king of Babylon, king of Sue Maren Olcott, king of the four quarters of the world. So can basis the great King King of the city of ensemble truths and so the neuron grandson of Cyrus the great King King of the city of Anshan, descendent of tests boosts the great King of the city of Anshan sluicing up at the real pedigree here, the perpetual state of kingship whose reign bail just ball, but here are many more Duke and Naboo love. So these different gods with his kingship to their joy. They concern themselves and that then he says this is gonna praise the chief god of the Babylonian Pantheon, Marduk, the great Lord bestowed on me as my destiny. The great magnanimity of one who loves Babylon and I every day sought him out in all more Duke searched everywhere and then he took a righteous king, his favorite by the hand he called out his name Cyrus, king of Anshan he pronounce his name to be king of the world.

So Cyrus is saying Marduk laid his hand on the Marduk called me by name. Marduk took me by the hand and Yahweh the God of Israel sake I did it I raised you up. I raised you up to bless Jerusalem the Jewish people. Even though you don't know me Harry Truman when he helped the United States cast a key vote to recognize the modern state of Israel.

1947, 1948, Truman said I'm Cyrus. He got it. He understood his role that here he was a Gentile, but called to bless Israel and the Jewish people.

So it has gotten the attention of the people of Israel that it was Tromp with the Cyrus prophecies over him who moves the embassy the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. What do you know how absolutely interesting to me. There is a legitimate parallel, namely God uniquely raising someone up. You could argue that every election God is raising someone up or in America we vote and we get were voting for God lets us get what you want, think, but there seems to be unusual divine intervention. For better or for worse.

Please hearing unusual divine intervention could be for blessing could be for judgment could be for both in the raising up of Donald Trump but as a Cyrus like figure, doing good to help God's people, while not even knowing the Lord I pray that he will know the Lord if he does know and that'll know him more deeply. But obviously invoices, I think I was mad as life values yet.

I saw God using him.L set a prophecy about Trump but parallel error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown will go foreign love that song shouts of joy. 86634. Truth is the number to call if you differ with me on given points. Please call.

We welcome differences.

We welcome even hostile differences if if if you are convinced I'm crazy.

A fool, a heretic, whatever you want to give you peace your mind. That's why we pay the money to do live talk radio.

That's why we do that, so you have the opportunity to call and share your heart with me and with all of our listeners and viewers will give you the platform you differ right kinky to allow her to do it but suited to say and I'll respond honestly has that so won't it be great to say goodbye to the chaos of 2022. Confusion of kit of 2022. The pain of 2020 the suffering to the hardship told the -2020.

Why not set your sights on being with me in Israel next year. Yet we have moved her Israel trip was written schedule for May we moved to October, but more comfortable with that. We felt too uncertain so we moved to March 1 10 days or so of March 2021. So join us. It is the trip of a lifetime. We call the holy fire in the holy land because there something special by day and by night some political trip.

It's a biblical trip. It's one of these things were the Bible becomes alive biblical truth becomes like it's it's really supernatural. What happens to be honest with you it's it's more than just I can explain it humanly to something happens very wonderful and special on these trips, but we've got an amazing tour guide that no stuff inside and out every detail that's with you every step of the way we have our team with you every step of the way and then during the day.

I will also do teaching at key sites as a tour guide is doing the key stuff, but at different sites. Maybe like Mount Carmel within the rear were logical and far from heaven as we look out over her Megiddo over Armageddon.

I'll do teaching there, done that. Every year, or baptisms of the river Jordan when I was first asked to do that. The first trip some years ago a site that is hokey. I'm not okay if people want and I'll do it. That has been a sacred time up beautiful, sacred time, but then every night I'm doing so with the tour group we may do a Q&A together after dinner we may have a time of worship.

I may preach. We may do a radio show, GoToMeeting, or a minister. So every night if you want to were doing something you can hang out together with me and Duncan hang out with you so go to asked her to Brown delegates right on the homepage Esther to find out more about the trip. It is really the trip of a lifetime and get your deposit send because we have some empty seats now abutting to fill quickly. I expect right 866-34-TRUTH before we get over to into some major Jewish news things happening in the world and and and a bit of record and that the tragic last in Lebanon. The terrible explosions there.

Let's grab some calls and will start with Joseph in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Welcome to the line of fire Dr. Brown are you today doing very well. Thanks so Mike what Zachariah chapter by there is a being known as the wicked email and be put in a basket and it taken to our and angle of the Lord tells Zachariah that Apple will be built for her and there are two women with wings like a sport that carried her away.

Now I have a full but for now the first question is it being on wicked man in the basket could symbolize Babylon or are currently with this one. Diana Ardo met on the Ephesian right. That's a second bold portion of the question is the two women with the wing now that these are two beings that are mentioned only recommend vinyl up in the in the Bible of the wing email being open the possibility that there could be email Angel got it. So to answer the second question first of this. This would be the only reference in this particular way we we know that angels don't procreate correct that we know any angels that are named or are always masculine. The Michael the Gabriel when later tradition, Rafael or Mr. Truong. They are all male. The Hebrew word for angel or messenger only occurs in masculine form. Moloch you don't have it in in a female form occurring in the Hebrew Bible with reference to anyone care roof or a seraph. These other angelic beings are all masculine but we know that angels don't procreate me if there is such a thing as male and female.

It's different than what we would be used to so the question would be why would you have male-female angels. If there's no procreation. If if not obviously in eternity where I can continue to procreate, but we were made male and female on this earth for differentiation and procreation.

But in eternity those asked some of those aspects will will not come into play anymore so I would not build a female Angel doctrine based on this myself.

I'd occur? Next to it because in symbolic vision and I a person can't give you any dogmatic view of how to interpret as as for the mystery and wickedness and so on.

Can that be equated with Babylon or you mention other goddesses. Diana Artemis, this opens up a really complex question, namely who or what is Babylon in the Bible and we know the physical city of Babylon, the Babylonian Empire that existed 2500+ years ago but Babylon mystery Babylon in the book of Revelation. Who or what is that it's it's a massively debated topic. It's one that I continue to not be dogmatic about myself but to me this could be an early picture of the same thing, meaning this personification of wickedness seen as female that Babylon becomes more of an idea and a system in a spiritual force than a physical place or specific country that could well be how Babylon was to be understood, in which case this is kind of a precursor of it and while I wouldn't see it specifically is representing Diana and Artemis and again I'm absolutely open to various interpretations of Zechariah 5 Sir because it it is visionary and there's not a lot of context in terms of repetition of the vision to understand it, or application of the vision I would say that to me, Diana and Artemis are part of this larger female deity.

Demonic stronghold type of thing that can then be tied in with Babylon and the fertility rites and the sexual seduction and things like that so, in my view, and again with no dogmatism at all. I would see these female God worship or the Osher or or others in the ancient world are started as part and parcel of this larger potential spirit of Babylon female deity, seductive, destructive of beyond that. Keep digging. Sir and and I'm absolutely not dogmatic about any of this.

The best modern commentary and sick rhinos. Mark Botta marks a friend of mine top Old Testament evangelical scholar.

It's auto, seven, 800 pages in depth in the book of Zechariah, so if you really want to dig Mark Botta's commentary is terrific.

PO DA 86634 let us go to Thermopolis Alabama Frank. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown a long time to be able to speak. Target your American family radio the boat but putting your own funders, the distance European broadcast right, you can: libel great to finally talk to Frank.

No, I have the three questions about the calendar that I got from the Prince of violent and no matter motion to their members that managers calendar for the year 27 turning but anyway I have three questions are good looking in the Bible, trying to warm our question. First question was what the where the Jewish calendar started towards what looked to them when the size of torture came up with 3760. Basically but that was a little more but I wanted was what was the occasion in the Bible's right so that's that is a matter of speculation. Some starting starting their village that we have a calendrical year. Now right NSU is so when the 5770s etc. and that that cannot be traced all the way back in the vehicle history that the chronology of Archbishop Usher and he put creation of a was at 4004 BC so you get that by doing what you're trying to do, which is discounting backwards and going through genealogies and and you know the year is as best as possible. Sycamore 3760 but that's all us doing our best based on biblical data to figure out how far back this goes a Jewish tradition comes later.

In other words, we do not have definitive ancient tradition from the biblical world that things were being counted. The way that we count them, that somehow when you read inscriptions.

It's in this year of this king or this time because you didn't have external years being counted universally recognized.

So when exactly Judaism came up with this idea of the clock started ticking 5700 something go. That's much later we don't know the origin of relocate will come right back with your questions and more learning plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thoroughly hate walkabout to spammers on YouTube who are flooding our chat with anti-Israel propaganda. Call me you got some great arguments you think that there is truth to what anti-Semites are saying are anti-sinus is saying you can articulate it. You got the data you got the info. Call me please by all means, what, when people just in a flood or or site. The diskette block because we don't allow anyone to take over with their agenda, but we love interaction love healthy interaction. We love, debate, dialogue.

Please by all means what were not invited to give electronic campus on a given controversial subject. My request is always that they find a suit suitable an adequate opponent to debate me if you can't do that then we have live Q&A after the talk is I want people to be able to raise their objections and then I will be able to respond to them. Okay. And by the way, everyone wants to remind me it's 5789 AND 5770s yes 5780 on the Jewish calendar right so Frank theoretically 5780 goes back to creation, but again that's just theoretical.

That's not that Jews have been counting.

From there, all through the centuries that comes in later right question number 212 follow-up on the quick start from the Scripture somewhere that said right after they came out of their place at the that they were told that that would be the starting of their here the first of based on their diverse months right solicit the crossover bright lights of the biblical calendar in terms of not not not what year were in.

But what a months was considered right so Nissan became became the new year. Now as Jewish tradition evolved over the years. Over the centuries. Jewish tradition said there there are different New Year's is an agricultural new year. This civil new year. So ultimately, Jews around the world celebrate in the seventh month.

The the first day as the euro session I was in the Bible is the feast of trumpets, but if you want to argue biblically than the new year would be around March April Nissan absolutely okay.

Go figure, starts with cross.

The other thing that I didn't understand was very about the dribbler year photographs are that pretty much pick up the I got but they're all over the map. I recall everything differently across order room involves but I finally decided on the task here is that I have to do believe near the door." Right so there is there is real debate about this Frank. In other words, we know it's instituted in Leviticus 25 we know they can't sit in the 50th year on the day of atonement that you will have a Jubilee. You sound the trumpet throughout the land and there's a Jubilee so it's not just debts forgiven that would happen every seven years, but if you had sold your property, your ancestral property because of debt that now reverts back to you in the 50th year if you had a slave who said hey I want to serve you for life on a love being in your home. I want to serve you for life in the 50th year that person would go free of that all been there for 20 years they would go free. So what happened is that traditional Jews at a certain point lost track of the exact dates so there is debate about that. There are scholars who believe that when Jesus ministered he started his ministry in a Jubilee year and that's why he starts quoting the loop and look for he starts quoting from Isaiah 61 which speaks of proclaiming Jubilee. It's like the end time. Jubilee the release of prisoners and things like that but traditional Jews are not exactly sure there is debate so if I'm just looking now okay if if I type in next Jubilee year right and if I go to a a religious Jewish website like a bod CH a B a D that orgy so they are traditional Jews, of course, they do not believe Jesus is the Messiah.

Here's what the article says the Jubilee year is currently not observed or commemorated the reasons for this are complex, etc. so even though it's in the Bible. Traditional views don't observe strict Jubilee year for number of reasons, and one is the certainty of knowing when it is so there there a good number of questions that come up about these things.

I Frank, thanks for probably calling and and and listening on weekends, so God blessed art before I go to the phone's as a Jew on an address anti-Semitism right just like you may be a a woman and live in a certain part of the world where women are treated. Certainly you can address that issue better than I can or may be you grew up in rural black South and you were second-class citizen. You can address that been that I can listen Jew I can address anti-Semitism and I have felt for decades as a Jew, a special connection with black believers. For whatever reason, maybe was a certain, quality of soul that was there may be a shared history of suffering and different ways Jews in America have not suffered as acutely obviously if you go back in our history. There are times when we didn't have the same rights and access that others Jews in America bought a promise today that's not been the norm in our history as nations of liberated slaves a certain soul of always especially enjoy the connection of space with with black believers. So, it grieves me when I see with the enemy has done to sow seeds of discord between Blacks and Jews to see Jewish presidents prejudice against Blacks in black prejudice against Jews and what many Jews are shocked to see now is scan of the influence of the Louis Farrakhan's of the world. These blatant anti-Semites of impacted a lot of the black community and here's a headline from this this week.

Larry Johnson, so famous retired NFL football player Larry Johnson, former NFL running back tweets Jews involved in cabal of evil, ex-Kansas City chief accuses Jewish people engaging in sex trafficking pedophilia ritualistic child torture perversion, human sacrifice and murder. I mean the worst of the ugly libels and lies against the Jewish people. He made his accusations and was standing by them. There is something very insidious that the entity seeking to spread and I want to encourage you to expose these laws it's come up with some wrappers it's come up with some black celebrities recently that they've really been influenced other athletes. They have really been influenced by this perverse anti-Semitism affair can understand just in our YouTube chat now there other manifestations of anti-Semitism.

Hey, cannot you just talk to those of you that right now have the ability to post in YouTube so you're free enough to post on YouTube right now and you don't call you post anti-Semitic lies you you post anti-Israel lies, misinformation, blatant anti-Semitism, anti-Jewish racism, you have the guts to call. I have zero respect for you. I have zero respect for you hiding behind anonymity on the Internet flooding our chat with garbage lies and hate speech and you have the guts to call in or I will allow you to speak your audience around the world and access everyone that we built up over years and years and years of hard work building up an audience in prayer, much prayer, I give you access to them and you don't even have the guts to call if you sound enough to post the need that you can find a way to call review on the world and I'm looking right now there's a phone line that's open if you want to call. There is actually a phone line that's open, you could so not only do you get blocked for spreading hatred a look if you are doing this against Blacks right now you be blocked just as quickly, if you doing this again some other group you be if you are doing this against Arabs or Muslims you be blocked just as quickly deleted is because no one likes Tom Moody and subversion every single day more and more people know what you guys are doing friend you are believing lies the same, lies that fueled the fires of the Holocaust or the lies you are believing and you are so cowardly you won't even come on the air and share your views tell you what you are hiding in darkness if you had the truth come into the light and share Ivan via I've invited anti-Semites on the air. I reached out to different people. I said let's have a private discussion, let's have a public debate.

Note note note now. Dr. Michael Jones spreads a lot of anti-Semitic information. He immediately came on the show. I gave him the invitation he immediately came on.

He subsequently offended by my referring to his abuses anti-Semitic feeling that that we simply edit accounts with sweet comments.

Of course, but in in any case, I said let's have a public debate than Dr. Jones is a scholar but so public debate or your views anti-Semitic or not, but some public debate hasn't taken me up on and others we open the door to on Benjamin others hey come on, Marshall, you gotta show a come on yours and let's look at facts, facts, facts, texts, history, why do people run from, why they run from M and all the centuries were the Jews were the. The tail not the head with the Jews without Cass persecuted and hate it because it fit in because they didn't convert to Catholicism within convert to Islam.

Whatever the prevailing religion was they were impoverished and they were slaughtered and pogroms and stuff Oya in there somehow running the world.

Yeah right about this headline from August 3 Jewish community protests open anti-Semitism at Berlin coronavirus protest rally supported by neo-Nazi groups grew more than 20,000 protesters in the German capital to demand an end to virus restrictions. Where's anti-Semitism can to choose the shoes are behind the virus that shoes are the ones messing up the economy just in the park for the Jews take over the world and psychotic ignorance. The kind of hatred. The kind of bias, bigotry that leads to leads to all kinds of bloodshed. Hey friends, I face the truth.

I speak common conflict community every day. Jesus of particular views. Are you sure Sylvia Lee Jesus and like everybody else alive hide in the shadows go back into the Expo line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown my seductive Brown you got come strong with people. Hey, I I know that anti-Semitism leads to bloodshed. II was warning before the synagogue shooting by John Ernest a professing Christian I was warning the rhetoric that was going around was can lead to bloodshed and you read his manifesto. It sounds like it's rid of the talking points of some of the current junket Southard. He alone is responsible for his actions right. He alone is responsible for said repeatedly, but I want because I see with these things go. By the way, if Jews had all the money in the world than we wouldn't be partners with you because of your support that they persisted beyond the air so click on donate if you watching on the Esther Gibran Facebook channel.

If you believe in what were doing and say Dr. Brown was standing with click on donate. Those funds go right into more break broadcasts reach more people. Everyone does what they can small large, it would be great on the YouTube channel right beneath the chat box is $you can click on that regular website Esther Brown dog or click on donate okay real quick before go back to the phones of Israel, has offered to help Lebanon even though has the laws been based in Lebanon and is terrorized Israel for years Israel has said he would we want to help Lebanon.

We want help. A root after this absolutely mind-boggling devastating disaster with these terrible explosions that took place a couple days ago terrible loss of life.

Terrible people sue between 10 and $15 billion in damage.

Select 300,000 people homeless over 5000 injured all over hundred dead and and got on us what that number is gonna become so swings for prime minister Carl built services. The culture of European Council on foreign relations issue with sweet mocking this mocking Israel's desire to help sick and encouraging things catastrophe in Lebanon is it even Israel's been quick at offering humanitarian of the current Snipe is that will there's an article on daily wire by Hank Varian and it documents one thing after another after another after another of what Israel is done in helping lead the way and suffering catastrophe here just just one example from 2018 October 2018 a Palestinian baby in a Tel Aviv hospital is fighting for his life. The only reason the baby still alive is that an Israeli family that lost their one-year-old child the week before agreed to donate the child's heart only hours before the Palestinian child became recipient of a heart transplant performed by Israeli doctors. Israel's been at the front lines of helping her with the civil war in Syria, doctors have gotten as close to the borders.

They can, and in themselves and in life-threatening situations to help the sick that are smuggled out, brought out by stealth for treatment because he can't between Syria, which among Muslims were talking about about people who been hostile to Israel. Israel is there to help in any manager in ways that those are for those artifacts is a whole article just on time to to go through all of but you after truth here is reset relief to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina first response and after the 2004 tsunami with 60 tons of internationally to Indonesia 82 tons of relief to Sri Lanka of 2010.

Israel's relief team of 200 people was the first to arrive to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti from Israel. Israel's done this for years.

Fact fact, I back to the phones we go to M brought in Kareem Eos said it British Columbia. Thanks much for holding how you pronounce your your sitting there will be Karen okay or Taryn right, good, good, biblical yeah yes. So what what your question and thanks for holding and Michael about the temple. Yeah, I know that the New World order of the New World religion once the temple built faster as well and my thing is is that I don't believe that the Wailing Wall is part of the of God's temple.

It's actually does temple should be in the city of David close to the beyond Springs family thoughts about that. Yet there is debate about that but it's it's really number and in all candor, a tremendously minority opinion that overwhelmingly the information that we have puts the temple mount where it's understood to be now that the code tell the Western Wall known to the outside of Israel's. The Wailing Wall was not a part of the temple that was an external wall in the larger temple complex, but you went when you want to tour to to Israel with us.

One of the things the tour guide will say is is we can be certain the steps that were going up your leading up to what were the nation temple or steps that the Jesus and the apostles were one of walked on that II don't see any way for third temple to be built without the dome of the rock being removed if it could have been built in the city of David. There's a lot less restricting it.

Those are again, there are some that have argued for there are some who made the argument and to me it's a material notes on I'm I have no vested interest in arguing about geography on the can be physically involved in building a temple, but best arguments of seeing the best history.

The degree of spiritual controversy over that the artifacts that are still being discovered under the temple mount which is strange in the control Palestinian Authority in a regularly destroyed things to try to deny the ancients of the heritage is nothing to look at why is it that the Muslim world tries to deny the presence there and tries to deny the history there.

It's it's also because that's where it unfolded so and, in my view, I don't see it.

I don't believe that it was a part of the ancient city of David, which is in again an entirely different location. You can go there. Some of our trips have actually had time to go over and and look at your ecological excavations there, but I do believe that it has to be where it in approximately where the the the dome of the rock is that the that that would have to be removed.

How that would happen is one of the great mysteries okay 866-34-TRUTH yet limit me just give you a sample of some of what was being posted big nose spaz her Jews big nose. Of course, that's me, beware the tiny hats stop mutilating babies. Allegedly, this is what Israel is doing wall joy to your being anti-whitest Dr. brevis silly idiotic comments. This is just a little sample what was flooding or you could do that being said, are you to check that being said, hey, you will learn. Keep watching, keep listening but yearly challenge with truth. What happens when the the house of cards that you have built on anti-Semitic lies against the troubled crumble was can happen then when the whole thing begins to fall apart because it is built on lies. Yeah, and your peaceably on Benjamin stuff is really been polluted with this. Evan followed his stuff and ages but went when I exposed some of the junk that he was putting out some anti-Semitic joke that he was putting out expressed concern for his well-being of despair what's going on. That is believing his lies and spreading them. We actually dismantle comments on that YouTube video because they were so ugly they are so vile they were so despicable that we just talked to give place to that even though we welcome this agreement every day are to have time to see.

Okay, let's go to Roger in Hudgins Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire. Thanks for holding Dr. Brown gray area program. Thank you. You you were came to my church or church many years ago during the Brown bill revival and spent many days there several days their ministry. That was a great blessing was at Bethel Temple and Hampton with Ron Johnson. Yes, I of course I remember his youth pastor then took overture skateboarder to go over church in California very aggressive so when a guy than Ron Johnson moved down to the Orlando area and I saw on their years. There are, yes, outer Ron was one of the ones that he came with a team of pastors visit the Browns revival and as they drove back the spirit fell in the car with intercession growing travail and that someday he got a preach repentance and people bring in porn from the cars in drugs and alcohol and yet things broke open. I remember being there for a few days absolutely remain. Here is what I went on for months that I know I know anyway yeah thank you for coming to rescue a little question about Jesus and the woman was caught in adultery. Yeah, I realize that you are the Pharisees that brought her to not bring the mantle. They did not do it in accordance with law, but when other Jesus The whole law and at that time. It looks like the standard that if you're without. Only does it without cast a spell.

So my question is going back into the Old Testament yeah how could anybody implement the Jewish law exactly the year of the law when they had everybody committed right, I saw that I get to jump in and it's really quick. It's a great question because you know that she was sometimes differed with the traditions of his day, but he upheld the law of Moses. Okay, they did not have the legal authority to put someone to death.

At that time on, under the Romans if it happened like Stephen being stoned to death.

That was a mass crowd thing that happened but they did not have the authority to actually carry out the the death penalty and again they themselves were were guilty of all types of gross hypocrisy in Jesus as God does have the power to forgive. He can always extend mercy above the law. So Old Testament times. Yes, it was imperfect people carrying out these things and forcing the death penalty even though they themselves are not perfect. But here Jesus is using this to go over and above the law, the forgiveness of God to have mercy on whom he has mercy like that's biblical use associate hypocrisy and they really didn't have stood up and it would take some to further discussion really

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