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The War on Ex-Gays

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 29, 2020 4:11 pm

The War on Ex-Gays

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Why are ex-gays. Such a threat. Why is it so hard to believe that someone can come out of homosexuality's time line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown know if you know one thing about no, I'm not exaggerating you know that I don't just create things out of thin air or take something little and make it into something big, talk about something this documentation.

There's evidence and what I'm about to say may sound shocking may sound exaggerated, but as you stay with me, you'll find out it's not the people of whom I speak. Or perhaps one of the most hated and rejected minorities on the planet and they are misunderstood and hated by the world and often even misunderstood and rejected by the church and people want to deny that they even exist. Why are they such a threat. This Michael Brown welcome to the line of fire.

If you have a testimony story in your own life of coming out of homosexuality homosexual practice or gender identity confusion. Phone lines are open 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 yes I'm talking about the rejected hated minority that people try to stamp out claim. Do not even exist on talking about ex-gays, people who are ex-trans people who once lived homosexual lifestyles identified as gay, lesbian, bisexual identified as transgender and now no longer do in a found new life in Jesus.

Their very existence is a massive thrash, and there is a consistent attempt to stamp them out to say that they do not exist and this is why we bring this up today. There is a move afoot world white.

No exaggeration worldwide to make it illegal for you to pursue professional help for unwanted same-sex attraction or unwanted gender identity confusion, meaning not just for teens. This is been outlawed in many states ready in America and in other places that if you are a minor with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender identity confusion. You cannot get professional counseling professional help. Even with your parents approval. Even if you been sexually abused at some history of molestation.

No you cannot illegal say what will will come back to the Y in the moment, there is now a global move its own social media is happening in different countries around the world is happening with you when a document all this in a moment to make it illegal for you to get professional counseling if you have unwanted same-sex attraction or unwanted gender identity confusion, and there is a concerted effort to shut down or shut out or silence ministries that help people deal with these things. I have a new article up on stream on upon Esther to and elsewhere. My latest article.

Why are ex-gays.

Such a threat. So let me let me document what's going on first so you understand, no exaggeration, no hype, just telling you the truth and and I want to convey to you why this is important for you why you should care about this, even if these are issues you've never dealt with in your own life or your own family what you understand why this is important for you, for all Americans that love freedom, and in addition to that talk about what we can do the pushback and explain why this is such a threat the bottom of the hour on the speak with a man with a powerful testimony coming out of the homosexual lifestyle and find new life and freedom, will speak with him as well.

Alright so in England got this all documented my article with hyperlinks so you're familiar with hyperlinks you see highlighted word you click on and it'll take you to the actual sources from which we quote in England. Barclays Bank announced it was closing the account of a Christian charity after protest from LGBT Q activist closing the bank account of Christian charity. The charity core issues trust CIT was accused of practicing quote conversion therapy that's that's a term someone came up with.

I think of the 90s.

A critic but the way it's described is not practiced by anyone I know. Nonetheless, if you say people can change your allegedly practicing conversion therapy, you are guilty and evil and should be stopped, to the point that if you have a Christian charity and you believe that people can change sexual orientation, sexual desire, gender identity, that they can actually change your bank account will be shut down course distrusted that Barclays informed them that their bank account will be terminated by September CIT claim that the more the move came after pressure from an LGBT social media campaign.

The target is a group for allegedly practicing quote conversion therapy right, that's England bank account shut down.

The picture that you are right and this is a complete outrage. Alright how about social media. Social media is now reported that Facebook and its photo platform, Instagram, or banning any content, advertising or promoting treatment to overcome unwanted same-sex attraction.

Here's Facebook spokesman Stephanie outweigh this is a global policy, the policy still in development, but for now will be applied to content that promotes conversion therapy when we become aware of so was actually mean it.

It means if you have a ministry and you say hey we can help you if you have unwanted same-sex attraction up to pray with you off you counsel referring to counselors in your area help an online labor free to testimonies your content will be removed by Facebook or Instagram is a path you're exaggerating it. Friends of mine have had their pages shut down usually must because he hates the most loving, compassionate, gracious, kind pages with testimonies shut down.

We've insane this was coming for years been warning we been exposing this for years, others have here it is at the door, but let's go little further last year. Amazon stop selling books respect therapist like Dr. Joseph Nicolosi. He was probably the most famous counselor in the country professionally trained professional practice helping people resolve unwanted same-sex attraction. Much of it totally secular.

It wasn't just okay. Let's pray and drive demons out of you.

I was a secular counselor Catholic background secular counsel so his books and other books report books of colleagues of mine were pulled Amazon Amazon still sells Mein Kampf. Hitler's book okay they will sell these books is somewhat similar read the books resolve and you see all the other junk content that Amazon sells is a freedom of speech and so. I mean outright junk. And this stuff is really helping people banned what they've gone one step further, Amazon others, a new book by journalist Abigail Schreier irreversible damage. The transgender craze seducing our daughters right now regularly publishers put this came at the end of June. Regular is one of the largest conservative publishers in America, if not the largest very influential you say well it's on Alice on you but Amazon would not allow Gregory to advertise and I was they would not allow them to buy ads because the content of the book all it gets worse, it gets worse.

Look at this. The office of the high commission of the United Nations human rights organization I'm going directly to that you and website quote practice is known as conversion therapy inflict severe pain and suffering on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse persons, often resulting in long-lasting psychological and physical damage UN expert told the human rights Council while calling for a global ban, a global ban making it illegal around the world encouraging countries to make it illegal around the world to offer professional counseling and therapy to people with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender identity confusion. People of any age of any age.

So, according to Victor Mark we all Barlow's the independent expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity conversion is attempted through beatings, rape, electrocution, forced medication, isolation, and confinement. Forced nudity verbal offense and humiliation and other acts of physical, psychological and sexual abuse.

He said these interventions exclusively target OGD, LGBT persons with the suspect.

Specific aim of interfering in their personal integrity and autonomy because their sexual orientation or gender identity. Do not fall under what is perceived by certain persons as a desirable norm. There inherently degrading and discriminatory and rooted in the belief that LGBT persons are somehow inferior and that they must, at any cost.

Modify their orientation identity to remedy that supposed inferiority now if practices like that exist course. I reject. Of course, unit kidnap someone or Fort forced nudity way.

You take some against their will and abuse them.

Of course that should be illegal. Courses covered under other laws ready abuse of law means. Obviously, there are constant abuses that are a single person on the planet who ever dream of doing anything with and what in the world does this have to do with someone coming to a professional counselor and saying I feel trapped in the wrong body, but now I don't want to get hormone treatments, unwanted sex change surgery you like to remain married to my spouse is like to be the father. My kids instead of the mother and can you help me that would be illegal. Here we grab another headline here. This in South Australia, South Australia, religious groups, and medical practitioners in South Australia could face up to eight years in prison if they try to suppress or change a person's sexual orientation and proposed legislation to be introduced by the opposition did you hear your professional counselor. Someone says I'm struggling with same-sex attraction makes me uncomfortable. I feel it's wrong in God's sight. I don't want want to be a heterosexual relationship. Can you help me get to the root of this sure, let's work together on this.

Let's sit and talk and and and and try to understand was coming from how we can help you if you do not go together for eight years. Whatever madness is it Israel gay conversion therapy pan bill passed by MPs. There's an attempt to make this illegal in Israel. What in the world is going on what we do about an error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends for joining us and one for the number to call so why why this push against local conversion therapy why this attempted a global ban will do two sides to it.

The gay activists side would be. This is harmful. This snake oil.

This is grading this is demeaning. Some would say Mike my parents forced me to go to the counseling or the scamper they tried to deprogram me and it's the worst never happened to me if need be suicidal is only when I embrace my attractions, or sexual orientation or gender identity.

I finally found peace and this is cruel and terrible and should be banned. No one should be subjected to this. That would be the. The argument right. The answer to the argument is all the other the other point would be again the cycle part. What no one can change its myth. Norm changes that it best summer will have suppressed same-sex attractions, that would be like right-handed person using her left-hander was can be a righty even if they learn to use the left-hand, so maybe you can outwardly function in a heterosexual relationship, a different gay really gay and that's for your schemas with this be true to yourself and no one ever changes, so this would this should be illegal like like selling snake oil to a cancer patient time it's gonna work. So the the issues that I have with that position number one.

Many people do change documents fact it's not there is even there even gay activist lesbian activist so yes sexualities flow is fluid. People do change and there plenty people. I know they are not professional ministers that you don't see their pictures out there is living their lives transformed, happily married, going about their business heterosexual. They been changed exist all over the places is a reality, it's fact people do change and more importantly through the gospel. Anybody can change God can save the worst of us and make us into the best of us, so he can't but he can't change some of sexual orientation can't change and help someone feels trapped in the same body in the wrong body.

So the more people do change snake oil is not a myth, it is a fraud. People do change this one thing. Second thing is that plenty of people go through program and have bad results, they join Alcoholics Anonymous and they become worse alcoholics. Afterwards they tried a new diet program. The end of feeling fat shamed and they get fatter than they've ever been. They want to go a holistic medical plan rather than traditional and in the end up even sicker. They go see a professional psychiatrist to help deal with depression and get more depressed and end up committing suicide. People have bad outcomes. Maybe you had a bad outcome. I'm really sorry to hear that maybe were forced into Sony by your parents. I'm even more sorry to hear that but no one hears, forcing anyone to do anything and and this is something were people are simply giving freedom to make their own trust what gives gay community and other activists the right to tell everybody else what they can and can't do in terms of their own personal choices or who whoever thought of that band you are banned. If you are unhappy with gender identity confusion do want do not want to get a regimen of hormones and do not want to be subject to sex change surgery band from counseling to help you get to your root core issues and those that say, but God change me or I was help with professional counseling.

I want the whole trans route and I was just silence. You're not allowed to speak. What world is that which gets me back to the question why is this such a threat. Why the attempt to suppress. It's one thing to say.

You know, we believe this is really damaging and and we believe this is harmful and we want to do all in our power to discourage it working to get our stories out okay and fine go ahead and do that that your prerogative for sure right but to ban others to prevent others to say you cannot what is that. So why the threat is for a very simple, very simple. Why deny the existence of ex-gays and ex-trans people because if you can change than that destroys the whole born that way cannot change argument is simple. If this is not innate and immutable, then gay is not the new black entrance is not the new black. According to Vice Principal VP Biden transgender rights. That's the new civil rights, trans is the new black before that before same gate is in the black and I heard from many black callers in many black friends that were deeply offended by the 1st.yeah gays, lesbians may have suffered here in America and still may suffer discrimination trans people don't compare that to the slave trade. Compare that to black American history of comparative segregation and Jim Crow laws. Please it's an insult to the civil rights movement and then what behavior is associated with being black, no behavior is no behavior associated with being black or white or know what behavior is associated with homosexuality.

Same-sex behavior that so there is a behavior associate is no association with skin color is not a question and I've done this with with large crowds near mixed audience of us. I want to destroy the Smith the gay is new black less than five seconds a sea of black Christianity on associate standups or stanza when did you come out as black river starts laughing since the okay you get the point.

You don't come out is that that's who you are, you have to come out identify as gay or trance or whatever she can compare their within the bottom line here is that even if someone felt they were born that way, and there is no scientific evidence to reputable scientific evidence to back up even if someone felt they were born that way.

The fact is, many people change you can change and you can't argue for civil rights based on being gay or lesbian or bisexual transgender. You can't use the argument it's innate and immutable was born this way and can change is just like skin color the skin color argument breaks down hundreds of families are many different placement of hundred, but many different ways but breaks them even more fundamentally, with the innate immutable argument. Okay, I posted this on Facebook July 14 and it's still up so one thing we can do share the article that I posted is Esther to sure the article wire excuse such a threat, share it while he posted posted on your social media posted on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, where you Snapchat part river it really useful portable ban you for doing that with the holy supposed existing posted on these others share it.

See what happens right is an attempt to suppress. I posted this Facebook is blocking ads for quote conversion therapy, meaning counseling to help people deal with alone since extracted that's what they're blocking.

If we knew some group was with having people stripped naked and raping them and abusing them and in conversion therapy.

We would all be shot at several is that is illegal, it is immoral. That is terrific stop at bandit's wrong.

What were talking about the groups that are being banned in silence religious conversion therapy are those doing just what we say sitting, talking, praying counseling Facebook is blocking ads for quote conversion therapy as well as shutting down pages of ministries that help people wanting to deal with them on same-sex attractions. So let's get the word out here. If you found freedom from sexual brokenness with God's help, be it from opiate homosexuality or gender identity confusion or sexual addiction and you feel free than you. Feel free to share your testimony publicly than posted here truly Facebook will not stop people from testifying to how Jesus change their lives. May the Lord be glorified so right now still up it's two weeks. Amazingly, and hundreds of comments and some great great testimonies.

There is one that you may say this, my private life like a sugar publicly hate publishing. That's perfectly fine, and you might say Brown you have no you have no idea you've never walked in my shoes. You don't know what it's like to praying cry and asked God to change your nothing happens right. I don't know.

I've never walked in your shoes, your apps, you're absolutely right. I've never walked in your shoes I I don't understand what it is to be same-sex attracted to not want to be same-sex attracted to pray for it to go away and I have no idea what this feels like I'm not telling you I understand what I am telling you is number one. Even if nothing changes in terms of desire God's plan for you is not to be same-sex attracted his goal for your life is not for you to be same-sex attracted and in the midst of those attractions you can meet the Lord, you can be forgiven of sin because we all sin and millions of different ways you can be forgiven. You can be cleansed, you can be a child of God while you say no to those desires didn't you say to all of us, deny yourself, take up the cross. I I know good numbers of single heterosexual Christians that have never married. That would've loved to marry, but never met the right person for whatever reason, never found someone that was spiritual much that would've loved to marry, but they didn't. They've had to deal with their desires, their attractions and just say okay of God's will and be single. I'll be single. I've other friends there view is that if you divorce does matter what the reason is this my fear that the innocent party.

Your spouse commits adultery abandons you marry someone else that if you are divorced person, you cannot remarry as long as your spouse's life that's their conviction right so I I'm I friends like that is hard.

It's hard, but they feel they have to honor the Lord and say no to their flesh and their desires.

The romantic attractions and a desire for companionship and find grace and help in the Lord alone some friends. Whoever you are, whoever you are, the key issue is your right relationship with God start their are you in right relationship with God or your sins forgiven.

Are you a child of God, then from there you grow in holiness and obedience take sunset great testimony by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice immoral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I great testimony powerful book Beckett cook a change of affection.

The gay man's incredible story of redemption of Beckett so good to have you in line for. Thanks for joining us.

Thank you for having Dr. Mark Brown and like I just did 1/2 hour.

The first part of the broadcast.

Today I talked about the war on X case and the attempt even have a global ban on so-called conversion therapy, which of course is demonized in every way but people getting banned from just counseling or offering hope through the gospel, and it seems as if your very existence is a threat to a whole ideology. So here you on a personal journey but then you get in the middle of a massive cultural political war so let's talk on the personal issue and in and in give hope to others who are listening or watching may have a similar story so Beckett who are you, where did your life begin where were you realized I'm a little different than other people.

I find out at a very young age.

In elementary school I realized a contract that an airport at that time in the 80s there was very much frowned upon by providing altering and I went to move my whole life. But I would very much frowned upon and out so I can had the double life I had to keep the secret and but I also on the outside. It was very social and girls in high school but but eventually after college I fully embrace that identity and came out to my family. Cannot my friend and then moved to Los Angeles a minute and got and got even deeper into that life and I still live in Los Angeles and all my friends in LA were in out there. There were gay people. Three people were Homeric people, but we we all just wanted three things in life we want to have great experiences make a mark on the world and are in her career and find true love and and that's kind of what our raison d'ętre was and I I live that life for many many years and because my friends were. We were all involved in the movie business and so I was always invited to parties and premiered in the off the Golden Globe in the Grammys and all the after party at Paris fashion week in New York presciently told my my life with filled with shiny object for so long that I was distracted and I never thought about God as possibility for me because I knew I would day and I knew what the I knew what the Bible had to think about all the things I do and I'm gay. I could, therefore, it can never be a part of that club and fill sincerely what you what you think of that club did you think it was that this God really existed. Did you have to dismiss that are to say this is bigoted man-made religion, how to process that over the years in LA I mean, it was kind of a slow process, but over the years I came to the conclusion that the Bible was an ancient like any other Greek or Roman myth got and and I was happy to to believe that because I didn't want anything impeding my my sexuality, my identity, my desires, but I didn't want anything until I owing my friends and I we we always kind of look. Evangelical Christian the enemy especially like in politics we we always demonized a politician to her inner conservative or even joke or whatever that was. That was kind of marched down and I was happy to to and I are enough by the time in my you know later years and L in LA I was a complete right that you will not what I was speaking with a local gay activist in Charlotte, North Carolina will probably about 1314 years ago. He told me when he lived in DC that basically every gay person in virtually every gay person was an atheist when he when he was little for the South he found the Skokie Christian movement and all that but you can understand the process right. If this is the God.

These people believe in, and this is the of the big that's out there is obviously's is not real because this is who I am meant to feel like that so did you before God began to deal in your life is is will get to that shortly.

When you say okay this is who I am. I'm embracing that a lot of people just hero that just mean sexual promiscuity and and and rebellion in all of that but there must've been something and you will you thought okay this is who am I'm finally whole and finally myself.

Obviously it was a life of sin did you ever feel that way. Or did you always know something is wrong. No I mean I guess I always pretty much felt that it was once I fully embrace my identity of the game and I felt I did feel whole and I did feel like you know when I when I finally had friends around and within that community. I felt like okay now I'm home might be the right people right I don't feel alienated anymore limited when it was growing up and and Detective even though a very subtle alienation. It wasn't over but I felt like you I'm finally at home but II do I drift data. There over the years.

In LA there was probably deep being in the heart of my heart. I do probably think that there was all of the Aristotelian way that there is something off about about my sexuality stand out, it wasn't. It wasn't there when I get a Major new that instinctively, but I didn't care but I just would label the computer my desires and act on Beckett. I was reading a story from from an ex-gay man. He talked about the gay pride parade and in his version of what you referred to his shiny objects and basically saying you know we had to shout and come out and do all this and part of it was countering something on the inside. Obviously, some are doing that more consciously than others, but did you find among your friends, that there was an effort that was being made to say hey this is this is the way we are, the slimmer supposed to be. This is all good. Did any of them seem to be going to that internal conflict or would they seeming justice well-adjusted as is any heterosexual you know my Princeton going to read it or conflict, but I did I did then. Even Raven waxing my best friend was gay.

We did spend that kind of the aggressiveness of gay pride parade and affect the sexualization of them. We thought that that would way over the top. Even when we're living that life.

We popped out of the way over the top and wait and I really did think like well like what going on here. What are we trying to prove because right like so extreme. What is so I did have weird. I had reservations about gay pride in all the other activity. There was there was some right of right and I've talked to folks. So yeah that's that's extreme that's not us in the pneumocystis living our lives trying to liberalize quietly in the night activist and I understand that.

So with with you have just with her bring the Catholic upbringing.

So you've rejected that evangelicals are these evil bigoted homophobes that hate gays and and and blame gays for all the problems of the society minutes, the way you look at evangelicals and they be caricatured way how the world this guy get hold of you and get you to the Bible and get you to an evangelical gospel that a lot of hurdles to overcome. We are very God. It could be revocable by the way, I did whatever remark on you know any even in the 80s when Ronald Reagan was president. I remember this is funny because I remember Dave note Larry Kramer and on all the update. They were blaming Ronald Reagan for a minute. Like I like we choose what we do and really going to the back room of the bar and whatever like repertory not more right overnight some anonymous encounter at a time when there is a sexual epidemic going on is not exactly wisdom or the fault of the government right so I always thought that was strange that they would they would demonize Ronald Reagan, but interesting yeah the way God got a hold of me was I with the Paris fashion week in March 2009 and I used to go to shows all the kind of runway shows and I was that a particular after party and this was after you know 15 years parties and find an exciting out showing up to print the towel where he performed his backyard for three hours. You are all kinds of experiences I had over the years, but how the Paris fashion week and I did spell that overwhelming emptiness. Kanye were there, but I just felt like it was.

So I like this can't be my life anymore.

I need to know the meaning of life. I can't keep going when I get to do for the rest of my life I can to keep going to parties and having fun. Did you know being successful in my career and so I had that kind of seminal moment that night and then six months later in LA I was with my best friend. We were having coffee at a coffee place and we thought this group of people next door young people with Bible on the table which was very odd by being locked into a fight everything up by Bible in public interest and we ended up turning to them and giving and engaging in the conversation and there was an interesting hour for you and I and like I did often. Like what you guys believe. I grew up Catholic and the counters, but what tell me what your beliefs are. You figure evangelical Christians you go to church of Hollywood to tell me what you believe that a explain their belief explaining the gospel and then you know of course after about an hour talking to them I get to the fixed $4000 question and I federal what it is or what is your church and I would believe about sexuality and they said, but we believe that the and it was very there is a very kind to Frank and blunt about which I appreciated in that moment, I have been I had the thing where I okay there's a flinch at the got it. And if God exists.

But even slimmer chance that homosexuality, social behavior is wrong and what if I've built my entire life on the full foundation and I don't know, and so they invited me to their church the following Sunday, I did know about them to go and I have a whole week to think about it was a big step and it was kind of like almost betraying my community by going to the third is no one on one second. We got a break. I know you as you see, what a great story that changes a section again man's incredible stories is probably something you love could be a lifeline right now. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown speaking with Cook.

His book exchange infection again man's incredible story of redemption Rachel Beckett. It's it's a massive step even go to church. Were you know if if what's being preached is right, your whole world turns upside down in a moment but yet you actually show up on a Sunday. What happens I woke up that morning and I don't like going to church today and I drove to where on the Boulevard had never been to an event out church didn't know what to expect walked in, heard the Christian worship music and Porter cringed immediately because I forgot Christian music existed and I liked it out.

I don't and then I found my feet up there the front. I just that by myself. I don't know where the people who invited me over. I just out there and the pastor came out and he started preaching for an hour on Romans chapter 7 is been going to Roman for two years and he started preaching and the strange thing that happened on the way to the floor. I though I did preaching everything he thing every word anything. Everything is resonating of truth in my mind and my heart and I don't know why. And it it before I was literally sitting on the other might be that at the first time I was able to hear the gospel fully and under and like that. My ears and were open finally and and so I'm not everything is just kind of I'm to flabbergasted by my equipment at this of the gospel like this is good news. And so he finishes the sermon he leave the stage someone on the side of the church pray for me with really powerful. And then I come back might be everyone else is standing up banging and worshiping 30 minute I'm sitting down because I'm a little bit overwhelmed by everything. And as I'm sitting there. All of a sudden the Holy Spirit love my entire body and mind. And I God in that moment God with Blake in my mind.I'm God do with my son having drill held drill the Bible.

Welcome to my kingdom and I would blow it started falling for the dark 30 minute I was crying and crying and crying like I day in the temple with the holiness of God becomes undone.

That's how it wasn't. I was they would like the curtain parted and I could finally be the truth, and the meaning of life like oh my God think I know where I came from why I'm here in where I'm going, but in that moment I knew everything God revealed all and and and then it happened a second time I got home from church and I went into my bedroom to take a nap, though overwhelmed and God was like let me show you a little more my glory. And he did kind of like Moses in the cleft of the rock when… I felt and I did. I should I start crying hysterically again. I jump out of my bed in the middle of my bedroom. I think God, you have my whole life. I'm done. I like I'm done, I'm all yours and I knew in that moment I knew that homosexuality was then I knew that it would no longer who I was. That was in my identity, that it was not a part of my future that dating guy was not even remotely apart. My teacher, but I didn't care could cry out like I need to go back. I like that old life because I love this life like and that was 11 years ago and I don't build it back that that's what's called being born again that that's what is supposed to happen you encounter God and who he is in his grace and goodness is holding is that you you run from the old life into the new and selected treasure in the field sites she has self field. I want the treasure of amazing that not of Beckett you you came out to your family.

You came out to people ritually and said this is who I am. I'm gay. Now you meet the Lord.

11 years ago. So you live for years, identifying as gay and out and proud and all that with the whole community around you. Now you base you have to come out again with a couple minutes but what happened to Bartoli all my friends who were by close friend, for you know 20 years from high school who all lived out in New York. I did tell them and it would it took me like three weeks to tell of them and it would super talking to them.

They were stunned by it and some of them reacted a little bit half the league some of that but most of them were, like oh I'm glad you found your past kind of thing really, but I when I came out to my family, my all my siblings and my parents are believers.

So when I came out that I be when I told him that I was a Christian, they were favored to they were beside themselves.

They were so happy and they were crying. They would all call me crying and or so, I mean that answers my question. Somebody was praying for you for that to happen. Oh yeah my family was praying for me and my sister-in-law in particular was praying for me. Oh she was fasting and praying for me and she was praying at 2618 yeah over.

I know I know it and then she prayed that for years and and and got, you know, got them through prayer. Paul's message we preach the people should repent and turn to God and prove their repentance by their deeds and and a real real transformation in opening of eyes and a sight to the blonde's nose ask 26, 18 to 20.

Just what he shared with the gripper you live, not Beckett how old you now I'm 52 now 52 okay so I mean all the arguments against change happening or better it out you review all of them you lived your life you doing what you are doing you you warrant massively drug addicted suicidal ingested you were living your life and realize something's missing, God has a supernatural arrangement for you to sit with these guys. He opened your heart and then when you encounter him you run towards him.

You are still in the midst of an industry of a world that sees things very very differently. Are you finding people as you share your story that the they they know something's missing and they want to find the truth as well. Yes I I find that I've gotten so many messages from people friends of mine and and who are actually they say that they're jealous of what that I have certainty and and I know that people in out here in Hollywood. I know they're hungering for true they want truth because there is a postmodern relativism is such a heavy burden on people. It was a burden on me for years and it's crushing it the crushing burden to bear. When nothing there's no objective reality everything subjective and so to finally know that there is an objective truth, and that if one truth. I meet people I did so many friends of mine and a few of my friends come to the Lord.

By this, though many friends of mine are hungering for that true faith, but they just there's another, disconnect 22.2 but yeah I find that people are really hungering for true you know Beckett when I was reading about someone's conversion became very well-known. Many years later movie was was ultimately put out about him was reading stories conversion when he got gloriously born again. It was an amazing book someone telling the story member I was I was on my knees by the side of the bed. I was praying, but I was so interested in the story I was I was looking at the e-book and as I read it, I began to pound that the bed, weeping, saying that's the power of the gospel of the power the gospel and was so used to just churchy inanity your people just hearing a mess like a self-help message that were tying about meeting God and encountering his goodness and grace and holiness in the blood that Jesus shed for us really changing us.

The mother were single or married or whatever estate he is more than enough. So Beckett thanks thanks for telling your story, standing strong. As an example, only you and folks with stores like you know the pressure and the abuse they can come your way and your testimony with joy and grace in the midst of it is is amazing. So thank you for standing strong.

Thank you for your book. Thank you for having me on.

All right Beckett cook a change of affection deathly something you may want to read for yourself, but certainly a family member, friend, the ideal book for them all right yeah is is not good news.

Isn't that wonderful and just looking at some some comments on Facebook are fee. There is you can hear the authenticity. You can hear the genuineness and I read about Beckett's testimony. Oh, in the last year thought bath sounds so true blue, but to hear the exuberance and the depth of the encounter and then yet somebody obviously people praying when you have got explode in your life like that suits don't give up hope.

Review praying for friend love will whatever the situation where their walk is right now live in the state is your prayers could be there life literally. Your prayers could be there lifeline and then friend friend friends or individual friend of share the article that I wrote. Why are ex-gays, such as threats on our website master to brown the Lord. It's on It'll be on other sites over the next days share it widely on social media. It's important get the message out, but it's important to push back against censorship. So, Dr. Brown, what can I do you can do that you can share it sound like I get a penny for every note will make in time were sharing it to push back against censorship.

We're sharing it to raise our voices. If you want to help us financially click on the $on the YouTube chat right you can click on that and doing a tour ministry on Facebook asked Dr. Brown page.

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Yes X days. This Jesus not let media law sensor. Those

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