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Two Eye-Opening Interviews

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 28, 2020 4:20 pm

Two Eye-Opening Interviews

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Friends we got to cutting age interviews back to back today. You don't want to miss this stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hi friends, we are going to blanket the entire hour with two eye opening entry is too great guests don't want to miss a single moment, but will be taking phone calls today so we can devote all of her time to guess this is Michael Brown. Welcome to the line of fire. The great joys that I have is writing columns normally about five week, and they're printed on a number of sites with the key site we always point folks to stream and draw other fine sites as well and I have the joy there of working with my Catholic colleague Johns Merrick. He writes phenomenal articles pretty much a daily stream as well as website founded by James Robison to be a stream of wisdom for the church and the world together and just never done this before.

He's gonna show with me. He's a regular guest on air for taxes to show you probably seen and heard them there before but he reached out to me and said I would love to talk about this on the air very important subject. The subject of Second Amendment rights. The right to bear arms. How important is that how Christian is that is it a special urgency now, so he and Jason Jones wrote a lengthy article it's it's really a short paper and it it's it's on if you just click on John's name. You'll find it God, guns, and the government paper to send your pastor why the right to bear arms is a natural cause for Christians.

John out welcome to the line of fire. Thanks for joining us today appreciated. Thank you Michael.

Now John, you got a PhD in English literature from Louisiana State University your scholar and your Renaissance English literature that kind of thing I don't I don't think of you is like a hunter and outdoors man or your summaries. Got a gun collection. How is it that you became so passionate about this issue. I am from New York City and I've never held a loaded gun to a couple of months ago and I just started going to guttering to try to learn how to responsibly exercise my Second Amendment right. I guess watching the left move more and more towards totalitarianism.

I mean we get talk today a product Atty. Gen. bar and they treated like a Soviet purge trial and questions or would let him answer a speech of five a shouted him down but of course he and the chaos in the streets city like Portland and Minneapolis and Chicago in my native New York where the mayor tell the police not to protect ordinary citizens, not to protect their stairs, their family-owned businesses of their stores not to protect their home and let unhinged of violent mom that meant and what these mobs were they when they want to they want Eric Chopin and the other cops to look who assaulted George Floyd rentable directed their their unserious second-degree murder charges awaiting trial. So what else do they want, they won't say they don't have specific demand for Deep on the police turn the street over to mean what can we make of the demand to eliminate the police, who do they think is going to take the police this place. Clearly, the mob wants to take the police's place and we see what happens in countries with that without occurred in the French Revolution where Christians were violently persecuted for years, maybe 250,000 Christians were killed by the French revolutionary government in the Monday region and 1993 we thought in the in the Russian Revolution where mobs took power, they disarmed the population immediately and you solve the famine in Ukraine purge trial Gulag Archipelago in Nazi Germany. The first thing one of the first things the regime did was to take all the gun registration record that the Weimar Republic and compiled in an attempt to impose peace and find out which of them were Jews.

Which of them were socialist and which of the more Catholics and take away their guns and it soon as they disarmed him that we had Kristallnacht because they knew nobody could defend themselves studying the history. I started the over and over again a direct connection between personal and religious freedom that we as Christians think every human being to serve and the ability to defend that freedom against criminals against violent mobs and against a tyrannical government.

Michael do you know how many innocent civilian were murdered by their own governments between 1914 and 1990, and with this is not counting casualties of war Jeep you happen to know the number you want take a guess that the number will know we always speak of 100 million casualties of communism. I don't want to hazard a guess though it's ongoing and 770,000,100 70 million according to demo site scholar RJ Rummel documented the book is called death by government and tactical books available online for free.

If you Google death by government you can look at the statistics hundred and 70 million people and what they would those citizen peaceful citizen had in common.

One thread that connected they'd all been previously disarmed by their government right so let's say John and also the devil said, because your push back a little bit. Let's say that I acknowledge this historically and I acknowledge this on a purely secular level and in a purely national level in terms of okay. You could ever trigger tyrannical government, and it disarms the people and then he can do whatever it wants, and you can't fight back. But the Christian ethic is different. The Christian ethic is turn the other cheek. The early church practice nonviolence.

So, aren't you confusing American culture with a Christian ethic on or are you mixing two categories here. I would think of Christianity taught that we can't defend our wife and children to get violent attack we can resist a tyrannical government that's burning our church or rounding up chooser Catholics or Blacks and sending them to Christianity taught that Christianity would be false. Okay, would simply be a false religion and the Romans and the Sanhedrin would've done the world a favor. Jesus didn't teach that. But when people tell you the Christianity preaches absolute path pacifism when they teach it when people say the Christian should not have resisted Hitler should not have fought in World War II should not have tried to assassinate Hitler as Dietrich but operative they are telling you the Christianity is false not just because it absurd, and would result in the destruction of the human race. I mean imagine someone told you Christianity preaches total celibacy every Christian needs to be celibate.

That's what I take from the Bible, you would know right off the bat that can't be right because then Jesus would've been calling for the elimination of the human race.

You wouldn't Redeemer he would be at the enemy while you could read the Bible, the same kind of selective reading of the Bible that produces pacifism would also produce celibacy, and there were some Christian Gnostics who believe that and they died out. Unsurprisingly, one other thing you can't make the New Testament the enemy of the Old Testament. When people say fighting war is intrinsically evil and Jesus came to teach us that then they have to say.

Jesus came to free us from the from the life his father taught the Jews in the Old Testament as he told them to defend himself. He told them to fight against the dollar. He told them to rise up window with the Maccabees so that really would be two completely different gods. The earliest Christian heresy of the Marcy unite everything and it said that the New Testament the old were enemy, and that Jesus was not the son of the God of the Old Testament, but actually he had come to liberate us from the false god of the Old Testament, and so the Jewish people obviously were evil and should be persecuted. Marcy Knight, heresy was one of the most dangerous in the early church, and it actually was what provoked the church to create a canon of Scripture to create its own list of one of the approved authentically inspired books of the Bible in order to fight against the very dangerous heresy. I find a lot of Christians on the left are falling back into Marcy and it makes a Christian should know private property that having private property is evil woman. When God promised and encourage the Jews in the Old Testament of private property. He was evil, he was false when they say the death penalty is intrinsically evil well commanded in the covenant of Noah.

Again, you're being a Marcy Knight and when they say that the Bible teaches pacifism again.

They are saying the Old Testament and the new are two separate religions that have nothing to do with each other and that simply fall.

What would you say were Christians. His own personal conviction is pacifist, I would think he's mistaken, and he certainly should not try to impose that on public policy.

They while we we need a campaign to eliminate the Army and outlaw police force.

We can't have anyone using violence in society, and I'm to promote that as part of public policy out there while you are you are misreading the Bible in a profound way. So heretics are so sweet bubbly Johnna I love you recovery the Jewish roots of the faith that's that's that's wonderful things always remember that one builds on what comes before the nut destroys it. You could say okay look Romans 13, the government does not bear the sword in vain. So yes, the government should have military yes the government should have police force.

Yes, we should defend our borders against hostile invaders. But what's that got to do with individuals bearing arms. We have so much gun violence in America we have the Sandy Hook massacres and things like that other countries don't have these kind of atrocities. The way America does so is that there may be a happy medium somewhere. Well, think about what you're saying.saying the individual does not have the right to defend himself against immediate attack has to endure it until and unless some policeman 15 or 20 minutes away arrive and draw a chalk line around his body.

The body of his wife and children think about that is that really what Christianity teaches that we are just completely just part of the state and that outside of the state.

We don't have the right to defend ourselves.

That seems to be a very dangerous thing. It seems like it's almost making an idol out of the government thing the government is the only thing that can will violent.

Even if you're immediately attacked.

You have to wait for the agents of the central government to show off and protect you just join in those one second was my own sarcasm since you have often excelled in that if the police are defunded, then what you wait for is the murderer is approaching your house you with the counselor, a professional counselor that help help them uncover some of their inner pain before this all your family all right. I come back I want John to unfold for us.

The three pillars of support that he and Jason Jones layout for self-defense rights natural on the dignity Christian president in American history historical and contemporary assaults is also pleased to link out. Read the article, it's in-depth, I'm just trying to pull a few things that is on now. The article is for the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown, the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown interact with your folks on all sides with relevant Scriptures today. I want John to deliver what's on his heart and something is become very passionate about. We just posted are you to chat will will post the article shortly over on her Facebook page. If you watching on Facebook and appreciate what were doing on the line of fire want to help us reach even more people. Just click on the donate button as you watch and asked her to run Facebook page. Click on that gift of any size goes a long way. What you on YouTube beneath the chat window. There's a $. Click on that and that goes directly to doing right here or go to website a start to and click on donate all right, John. Before we get into your three pillars in the article he wrote with Jason Jones you talk about the social gospel, the progressive church looking to the state to do with the church is supposed to do.

Take away individual responsibility and rights and things like that and then that somehow ties in with disarming a nation can explain the connection there, sir. Part of the social gospel with the politicization of Christianity on the part of people who were losing faith in its divine origin, losing faith in the miracle baby troubled by Darwin and thinking that you know we really did arrive on earth like by accident, by natural selection. All these reasons, to deemphasize the traditional moral teachings of Christianity were reasons to emphasize Christianity's usefulness as a political tool and a cultural tool to encourage people to behave nicely and to be polite and to be good citizens and to be obedient to the government. These social gospel people who losing supernatural faith were trying to replace it with natural reasons for why churches are still useful institution and you should still support things like Harvard Divinity school and the Episcopal Church.

And increasingly, my home Catholic Church.

I see my bishops more and more just trying to be civil servant we weep we can't guarantee Jesus rose from the dead, but you know we can we can start some antipoverty program and we can maybe teach your kids good manners. If you are auditioning for the role of being users guidance counselor and you don't training tool for the citizenry. One of the things you do if you look you look more more the state as a replacement for God and for the church and you say well it's not for individual to struggle and strive to live righteous lives. It's for the government to rearrange conditions that people live better get the Woodrow Wilson was the leading social gospel person he actually believe that the US government was the tool of the Holy Spirit and that he has president was the voice of God on earth, and that by fighting World War I and imposing progressive policies on America. He was creating the kingdom of God on earth. Using the government as the me if you believe all that you may get a subconscious way because you don't have the nerve to think it through your can always defer to the government as the proper agent. The government will fight poverty. But government will restrict alcohol sale.

The government will suppress hate speech and of course the government has to have the exclusive monopoly of violence because you can't crazy people defending themselves and their families disarm everyone make them all, like sheep, reveal, and the government will be be armed Shepherd and will control and protect and discipline everyone, but of course, over the course of centuries the church saw that doesn't work so well. Thomas Aquinas had you are wrestle with. If you have a tyrannical government. May you overthrow it and he said yeah with the Reformation. Luther and Calvin struggled with the idea. What if the government is restricting people's religious freedom, not letting them preach the gospel of their constant pelvic and they eventually especially the Calvinist came up with the idea that Christians can rebel against the government that tries to suppress their religious freedom. Interestingly, some Catholic thinkers like Cardinal Bowerman and Jesuit name Suarez came to visit the same conclusion and it was that conclusion that the combination of Catholic and Protestant thinkers all seeing that a tyrannical government that suppresses religious freedom loses its legitimacy and citizens have to be able to resist it.

What led to the push in the churches for gun rights and with interesting it the most important piece of gut of gun related legislation with the English Bill of Rights. In 1689 when the Puritan after the Civil War, the Puritans being good been repressed by the Anglicans, and there'd been horrible religious civil war because Parliament in 1689, passed a bill saying no Protestant in England to be deprived of the right to carry a weapon they specify Protestant picked it up and Protestant, especially Puritan Presbyterians who had been repressed under under Charles I.

So that English Bill of Rights. In 1689 explicitly connected religious freedom and gun rights, and that was the bill. Our founders directly copied except they left out the limitation to Protestant. They said citizens have gun rights and well ordered militias we need them as a defender of liberty. That's what came in our Second Amendment to our second amendment arises directly from the concern of English-speaking Protestants for their religious freedom. I think those two connections are incredibly important and affect one more minute. I don't want to go ahead but are really brought this home to me and maybe want to write that going to be a book was when Jason Jones, my friend the pro-life activist religious freedom act of she came back from Iraqi Kurdistan and he had met men, fathers and husbands who lost their daughters and their wives to Isis between them carried off rate turned into sex slaves put in those computerized databases, a sex slave that Isis operated they had all these fathers. He said he never saw anyone more broken in his life that men who would seen this happen were utterly powerless to stop it. Why would they powerless because the Iraqi government had disarmed them was illegal for them to have weapons they couldn't defend themselves against.

I said if you go a few hundred miles to the north to Syria Northeastern Syria UC Christian militias working with the Kurds defending themselves and the religious freedom. They were the people who defeated Isis with American help.

Two years ago. Look at the contrast there a bunch of victims of rape and murder and torture in the one place of functioning free government with functioning churches and religious liberty in the other. That's how important so again were talking like this issues the whole question we could take up some see a whole different discussion is could to be an American revolution without some of this philosophy with some of us said no we should not rebel against the governing authorities, etc. know those are obviously tangential questions that come out of this again were posted the article different places to make sure you read it so you've interacted on some level with different aspects of the three pillars of support, natural and human dignity Judeo-Christian president in American history and historical and contemporary assaults on religious and personal liberty. Just take one more minute.

So and kinda bring this to a shrill close in terms why you feel this is so exceptionally important in America today with Mayor saying the police will not protect you, and we're gonna let angry mobs with COCKTAILS and bats tear down statues, attack churches destroy businesses single out their political enemies and kill them. Bernard Trammell, a black from supporter was murdered in and I think in Wisconsin just 2 to 3 days ago when you see the civil authorities say we are turning over the streets to violent mob. It is time for every responsible American, but especially Christian exerciser Second Amendment rights. If you don't have a firearm get one and learn how to use it organized with your friends. Remember it was citizens militias that founded this country. Those weren't the National Guard. They were under the rule government. They were volunteers forming militias to protect themselves first from the Indians and then from the British government. Our Second Amendment was written with that in mind of all our founders believe that armed citizens in militias word the final guarantee of liberty against the tyrannical government is nothing more tyrannical than a Mayor stepping back and letting our mobs attack people we saw what happened in St. Louis.

Huge mob comes up on these people's private property. The McCluskey family breaks down. The gate comes on their private drive on their front lawn. These two people had this wonderful beautiful house.

They spent their lives restoring historic landmark was good to be loaded with good to be burned for all for all.

Mr. McCluskey knew his wife might be raped or killed. They held up their weapons that insured did anyone mob dispersed in the local leftist prosecutor who was elected with massive help from George Soros is now try to put them put them in jail, charged with felony for standing on their own property and just showing weapon that kind of tyranny. We face today.

My friends, in terms of the warning and the urgency of the hour I am step for step with Jonathan sounding the alarm as well and migrate calling is been stand up, speak up. John is challenging the different way. Think these issues through control conclusions out.

I wouldn't say was John that your heretic if your pacifist okay so with every argument that yeah we can we can have another discussion and have a friendly friendly debate on that, but these are these are very important issues to to think through to look at. So check out the article. Think it through. Come to your own conclusions and then feel free to join in on the stream in the comment section and when there hey John, thanks for joining us and I look forward to the right on establishing that I friends think these issues through right think these issues through John's respected colleague and of course issues like I said not all agree that your heretic is your pacifist understand Ulysses but wears a country going questions to ask and think through the come back on my author David Horowitz, we will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown sent to us in proposal sent to us have discussed on that guest on will be able to take a few here and there. It's rare when I reach out to an author and city can we have you on but I got David Horwitz's latest book is the author of the best selling book blitz trunk will smash the left and when it's right now on Amazon number one bestseller, and political leadership reached out to David city. Can we have you on the air to talk about this, and regardless we stand on Pres. Trump. I think it's really important that you get the cultural insights from David Horowitz, who in his younger days was a radical leftists and became conservative.

That's religious conviction but seeing what actually happened in culture and society. He, David, thanks again for joining us on the line of fire. Appreciate your time.

Are you there all right perfect David, let me ask you just an upfront question about blitz you're able to add a few thoughts with the coronavirus pandemic and the economic shutdown, but basically you wrote the part of the book when the economy was cracking before the pandemic and you say that the trumpet is going to blitz the left and when you still feel the same way, if it were so followed by the coronavirus hoax with Democrats on local people to think the trunk responsible for every coronavirus reality is no authority whatsoever.

We have an internal control by the governors of their respective states and states on the worst of all courses New York Democrat, but you know what are you going Democrats or Republicans will realize that the spiral is complicated new people lay on everybody's mind of the think about it, you will realize that trumpet no responsibility for for the pandemic comes responsibility was ventilated and used up to replace bad news get things going with you gone to get going with tester coronavirus of the world you go on the next problem which is the delay focus. First, the rational now the coronavirus folks at the ready folk. There's no evidence whatsoever that there is systemic racism against Blacks quite quite the reverse lights are more likely to be killed by by cops know that with the devil watching this terrible you Democrats are behaving like bugs and their position more blocks all present. You know, percentagewise in relation example 34% of black criminals arrested a black but lacks only 13%. But that's discrimination against black on the contrary, Blacks account for 50% of violent crimes. That's why there more than their proportion of the population because they could get more crimes than other people. Other groups of the population and their victims are black to attacks on police are hurting black people in the University of everybody have a brain with no but the reality violent spectra. Democrats of encouragement Democrats on the five criminal well you know Portland is been burning now for two months after calling arson, shooting the explosives that they set off peaceful protests. Nobody was right mind could believe that you have to be consumed by such future. It for America. I used to think it was too strong for that's America to think that the telegrams are qualities peaceful protest when Americans see footage they will all be Republican and their cities burning and the Democrats say "go for trump first thing people want their government safety, security, Republicans, a good offer. Democrats can't because they're in bed with these terrorists you have argued that the left uses race in a destructive way because people would listen you and say you're racially insensitive. You just do your white supremacist talking you would argue that it's the word describe the character today so stupid real we have: capric O declared July 4 celebration of white guy son of an interracial couple is black is worth on probably $200 billion by now you know he's a moron or is just a vicious liar. Whichever whichever is not very attractive human being. A lot of people who support them, but I think they're going to wake up later in the black community is going to vote in larger numbers for trump voted for Republican longtime and the I think the black community is already shown that it wants more police, not less. Because there is Blacks are the victims of black criminals to mention the factors of black crime wave of this country booklet.

There is probable orbit black which race is rampant, but it is much bigger problem than any white race what you can name what a) a little racy.

No, maybe one figure everybody knows David. David took Lewis clarification cannot you know hold the March with millions of black people, even though he's a raving lunatic antiwhite Jew hating an America hating racist attorney can travel to rent to chance with the moment of death to America yet is embraced by the black caucus embraced by black like spreader embraced by any findings embraced by the black race is very serious problem with this country. And of course I will be home for any of these remarks and I think that's where my book so popular. Number 10 in the country. Oh, not getting any complicity from the New York Times and the Washington Post or anything, but that's because I talk frankly I think most people know the truth but they are really frightened and should be to speak it and the more people use to get the better off we are. You can. Terrible price for 24-year-old mother who was killed because she said all lives matter, that's worse than any of the deaths that the black lives matter, but his whole are holding up problematic. Most of the people, the rest in your life and your George Foreman dealers. What if there's some kind of cold Sentinel abuse. If he wants and if you have your heart disease, which she had course are going die if you resist arrest, so let me ask you one woman's questions. You gotta heartbreaker coming up here since the media is so overwhelmingly anti-trump, and since social media is overwhelmingly anti-trump. Why do you sink so many Americans are ultimately going to vote for Donald Trump money to put the video what our country on the two you know you want to know if you were watching the hearing for the trip started off video which was a clock first psychological thing there is peaceful protest and then be arson cities burning you know objects flying being carted off to the hospital and thousands now police officers and killed people for crime wave rates are spiking right around 200% in the trump campaign will find a way to tell people who are blocked by NBC, and ABC, CBS from seeing it and you know if you remember your suburban housewife you see that trumpet about 9/11 the 911 operator answers here is a five-day way to get a response I will send chills up your spine. Democrats will be exposed as liars, which is what that every time they move their lips for lot. I can't believe what I'm hearing just persist on real good this congresswoman loosely linked actions are really obnoxious human being who is attacking bar, the Atty. Gen. over the healthcare system and was trying to say I'm a lawyer, don't have anything to do with the healthcare system. You know, yeah, get it out between her and she with him and condemning disgrace is people have no respect for other human beings on this to come. On the other side appreciate my friends stay right here. I got up once said not a large it's the line of fire with your host activist authors international and Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown okay friends I asked for. I invited David Horwitz the air.

I asked for it and he spoke freely. So I just want to speak for myself in a moment here right, but David was my invited guest 81 years old liberal Jew agnostic.

I believe his wife is a believer of David is not hostile to the gospel is simply not a believer so just want to put that out for you and when you understand his background in a radical leftist and believing in so many of the things that are being a spouse today and understanding Marxist ideology and how things work, then seeing some of this unfold in our country and then sounding the alarm and having a switch to conservative values, not because religious transformation but because of a cultural transformation of, or your social worldview transformation. He's brilliant with his insights on what's happening in culture. She really understands how the radical left works. He's is full of insight with that and in his book blitz. He really lays out exactly why and how Trump has been targeted okay clearly lays out the given example I give you excuse me an example of after the tragic shooting in El Paso last year, white supremacist that that David Horwitz will identifies what supremacist wanted to kill Hispanics right in over 20 or killed, mainly Hispanics, others injured, so it it was a racist shooting some question about and Trump made a very strong public statement speaking against racism speaking against bigotry denouncing white supremacy and saying why these things are ugly and we as Americans must in this one voice even made a bipartisan appeal.

Basically all of us, Democrat, Republican, all of us need to stand together to speak against this evil so you read this speech short here. His statement say Mr. Perez I agree with you. I didn't vote for you, but I agree with you. I voted for you and I'm proud I did.

Either way, we would all agree with the statement, which was very, very strong and clear so the book David Horowitz explains how that headlines reporting. It basically attack trump, and while he didn't know where he went after hatred even go after Don's and then the New York Times, though, had a positive statement that he called for unity. He opposed racism and called for unity. They gave an accurate description of what happened, which led to an outcry against the times and Alexandra Casa Cortez even said even Stephen said that that the times was supportive white supremacy with a headline so trump comes out denounces it denounces racism, bigotry, white supremacy by name and calls on all the Americans Americans to stand against the hatred that led to the violence. Okay.

And then the times is criticized for supporting white supremacy by accurately reporting a speech and the pressure was such that by the second print edition they change the headline. This is some of the crazy stuff that's going on that David does such a good job of exposing in his book now. Had I known that David would see her things as he did about George Floyd would not have asked him on to talk about that. Obviously, and the less out to do is is criticized George Floyd in obviously for thousand reasons of and II understand larger societal issues that can be talked through addressed it, etc. but I'm convinced that as I look at David Horwitz's past that he wants to see a better America for everyone and is convinced that the way the Democrats or driving sayings is destructive for Americans will perpetuate the poverty of the inner city will perpetuate the broken families of the inner-city will will perpetuate a cycle of violence in the inner-city and in his view, Trump is the guy that was brave enough to address something they thought was wrong. In other words, if he had an issue with a white politician he'd speak his mind. If you had an issue with a Hispanic politician he'd speak his mind if he had an issue with a female politician. It's because my if you had an issue with a black politician. It's because my will.

In doing so he broke certain rules because you can only say certain things about certain people without being accused either a misogynist or racist or whatever. So trump is really care about that.

He sees offensive, yet he offends everyone was to me is not racist.

It's these it is a speak his mind. Glad he said the other day that he regrets some of the tweets he puts out without Nancy Sitzmann was a self-control not put them out the first place is the president. I understand that understand that. But at least he said he regrets them any regrets once he retreats without looking at more carefully. Either way either way it's it's just important to hear this, that there have been tactics that have been used and this is been the radical of the radical right has its own problems right now were seeing the rise of the radical left in America and the destruction that it brings right and I've been drawing attention to it because no matter what it claims to stand for it will ultimately stand against the church will ultimately stand against biblical values.

It will ultimately stand against you as a worshiper and follower of Jesus seeking to live by biblical principle. Radical left will turn on you and devour you and your ready in the crosshairs. Okay, I'm ready in the crossers. That's it.

That's a given right and ultimately this is a spiritual battle, not a political battle. That being said, it's important to see where the agenda is going. It's important to see where it leads and and once in the David points out in this book is is that the radical left and elsewhere is when the South is arguing and pointing to some type of a Marxist utopia that doesn't exist anywhere because the more Marxism socialism take over and cousin take over the more destruction they bring in their path. Number destruction follows in their wake. But the point is this the point is this that you are comparing things to a nonexistent utopia of everything's perfect love and harmony justice with human beings on scene. That's not the case with any nation on the planet. So it's evil Americans evil. This is evil has been overthrown and then you replace it with something far worse, far more dangerous. I was talking to a pastor yesterday and he said Chinese church leader had commented to him that the only thing stopping socialism taking over America right now. So Samantha fled from communist China with thing stopping socialism take over America right now is is Donald Trump's reelection. That's his position.

I wrote an article my latest article, the trump do with he does at the church do what it does in other words, even if Trump could be a wedge that would stop some of the growing anarchy, chaos in the society to solve the problems. Nor then elected official solve the problems and Trump rings his own dragons that the brings harm along with the good right church skin after eyes and do its part and do its job that one of the thing I want to say it is been my policy for decades. If I'm to differ with someone different with them in a respectful way not name call knots of little people and certainly for all have differences. You'll never hear me use some derogatory nickname for someone you know sleepy Joe Biden were slick Willie you know for Bill Clinton or things like that are Calypso Louis Philippe Louis Farrakhan that that Rush Limbaugh reduce as much as absolutely oppose much of our comes rhetoric among the speak about others in that way. So of many a talkshow hosts their famous for, but you morons and idiots and jerks like to do that so I apologize for comments from David that would be offensive to useless now sure is there some things like what his hunch Eric apologizing but but anyway I am who I am a follower of Jesus, right.

So, understand the speak out on the speak up and be hated for it, you stand you speak up. You can be hated for you to be reviled you to be rejected. Absolutely, bring it on. We bear reproach gladly for the name of Jesus. We don't compromise we don't bow down to the gods of this age and Jesus to said head was people new skill. You still for people right so much when anybody's favor being nice. I am trying to honor the Lord in Christlike so again I asked for it.

I had David on to talk about the book yet. A bunch of things he wanted share speak freely. I absolutely agree with the larger thrust of his critique of where the country is going and be very interesting to see what happens with the elections whether he is right about Trump winning in a blitz but for sure regardless is president church estimates job. We must rise up and make a difference. We must rise up and make a difference. Also, if you listen earlier when repeated, is not my view that if you are a pacifist you are a heretic. Many verses in the New Testament, we can discuss that build on the old. We can discuss those so will have will have further discussion about these things. So some provocative Tory interviews today and again the trust we built over these many years. That's who I am and there's a reason we can have honest dialogue and differ in the midst of it mostly united friends got a variance show tomorrow. Talk to some of this

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