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Dr. Brown Answers Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 24, 2020 4:40 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Best Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 24, 2020 4:40 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/24/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Phone lines are open to questions we got answers the line of fire with your host activist, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown phone lines are wide open truth. That's 866-34-TRUTH 7884. Any question of any kind. If it's appropriate for Christian radio for touches on any subjects we retouch on the line of fire is anything like it. At least give an effort to being helpful to you. Give us a call 86634 to Michael Brown delighted to be with you. This is the day of the week it almost feels like you're cheating because we don't have to prepare for the broadcast as much in putting things together that we can talk about the air because we just answer your questions and have fun doing it. So let's let's get right to it will start in Salt Lake City, Utah. Russ, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown of the Outlook pergola through the Lord of your live on. I have never heard anybody talk and that is the book of Revelation you go to a real 12 the goat of the bowl on and will come back and we will grow in rule with Christ about your bike after the amount of the all of those 101 dark Duke right great question Russ. Actually, that was the last portion of Scripture that I read before I went to sleep last night. So, in Revelation 1617 1819 with the Bowls of wrath being poured out in the Lord returning. Remember that this is apocalyptic language. Remember that this is visionary language that that Satan is described this as a dragon was with 77 heads, for example, that even the depiction of Jesus in Revelation 1, the visionary depiction is a sword coming out of his mouth so there's no question that there will be great shaking and upheaval on the earth is a question about that, but it's it's not going to be literally the way your reading it. There I was to get that very saying that if if you take it all as literal as opposed to apocalyptic visionary language then pretty much the whole world was wiped out every human being is wiped out. There's there's nobody left but it's not meant to be read like that. These are pictures. These are symbols of intense destruction, shaking much of it could've even applied to things 1900 years earlier for the recipients getting the bucket and God's judgment on Rome and things like that but this is typical literature if if you read Psalm 18 when David talks about the Lord delivering him you would get the picture that the whole earth was literally shaking as God came down to deliver David from his enemies so that too is his poetic figures. Those public figures but but the book of Revelation is is apocalyptic literature, its particular genre. It's written a certain way people would understand the ancient world the meaning of it that we know according to second Peter three that there will be a final renovation of the heavens and the earth, and that we would understand to be after the millennial kingdom of it for rightly understanding future events, so there will be a final rent renovation but of Zechariah 14 talks about the survivors of the nations that attacked Jerusalem the.

The passage about goldenrod gold in Ezekiel 38 and 39 talks about a massive cleanup after that because of all that the dead and so give me some, cleanup for sure. But the whole earth will not be completely wiped out that's that's apocalyptic language and it needs to be understood and interpreted accordingly its signs and symbols right now you know all required military. I nuclear weapon or a member of your daughter. We walked Guadalupe from blocking everything about a number read all about the clock struck, you know, I was wondering if you know the identity suggested that you read it right to read it as apocalyptic visionary literature with symbols and types rather than literal military literature. Also Russ take a look at Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 think is another picture of a final war and and there is a massive. As I said rebuilding cleaning up after that. Even if you look in Zechariah 12 universe 10 to the end of the chapter repentance in Israel at the ends can be massive, leading to cleansing in the 13th chapter. So there's gonna be some time of cleaning things up and restoration and that there's a lot of time to do it is a thousand year reign hey Russ, thanks. Thanks for the question appreciated 866-34-TRUTH we go to California.

David, welcome to the line of fire while all doing well thank you all will will will all will follow along on all public, Bob Hon., phone did I believe they are going to be unbelievable, blown call on multiple, non-on one leg went on and on. On the lawnmower God and of the beautiful basketball game on how we believe is going to be glorified with him. I thought of the people that on the right. So soon on the heels of the last call as well. You can read Revelation 19 and have the impression that every human being, that was not among the people of God will be wiped out and when the Lord returns you could have that impression and is missing second second Thessalonians 1.

That will come in flaming fire taking vengeance on those that don't know God and that that do not obey the gospel. So the question is, will there be unbelievers on the earth in the millennial kingdom or who will populate the millennial kingdom will we see clearly from Revelation 20. If we understand this to be prophecy of what will unfold. We see clearly that at the end of the millennial kingdom there will be mass rebellion. So it's obvious enough Saints were glorified with the Lord will be mass rebellion of Satan will be loosed and there will be. There will be destruction. He will lead people in a revolt against God, and they will be destroyed. So what's the purpose of the letter kingdom will numbers of purposes. But one I believe is that God will vindicate himself before the world and the entire angelic realm because there's always the accusation.

Well, if the if the world was not so unjust I could believe them if there wasn't so much suffering I could believe him if if the wicket were punished I could believe him while in the millennial kingdom there will be a perfect grain from the Lord. Justice will be carried out. There will be no war.

The glory of the knowledge of the Lord Lord will cover the earth is the worst of the seas, and yet still people rebel so that will demonstrate the sinfulness of human nature and the righteousness of God. But who is it that populates the earth. Zechariah 14 tells us that the survivors of those who attacked Jerusalem the survivors of the nations that attacked Jerusalem will come up to worship the Lord of hosts annually the impression that you get is that there are some leading the way in attacking God's people leading the way in attacking Jerusalem leading the way in wickedness and rebellion against God, and they will be destroyed when the Lord returns, but there will be others who are nonbelievers, but were not in that state of hostility and they will now survive and multiply and grow in the millennial kingdom and that's why the end of the book of Isaiah 6566. Give pictures of things in the millennial kingdom which speak of the glory of the Lord, but it's on a perfect world that people can still send people can still die but still be supernaturally elongated lives. The open presence of God will discourage sin will be punishment of wickedness and therefore will be an extraordinary time again. Zechariah 14 gives the key, the survivors of the nations that attacked Jerusalem will populate the millennial kingdom and again this is all future. This is as best as we understand it. From this vantage point others will have different perspectives we don't divide over that. I thank you for the call 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Josh in Spokane, Washington.

Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you very much, Philip, Mr. my questionnaire Dr. Brown. I was reading Romans chapter 7 and I was just as I was reading the first opening of verses college Elkhart having having had a conversation with himself about how the law is now dead and then we are now made alive in Christ, and YouTube image radios will the laws night Wheatley died the long die. We died. So, I insert most of the injury right word were husband and wife and her husband died in vain to marry as I know all went rigid and I'm just kind of came to me that this would be talk to someone about it who made this argument, but what would you say to a person who is using this portion of Scripture as an argument for replacement theology right so the question would be is Paul speaking of a new system that replaces the old so that the old system was the law of the Torah, the new system is is the Holy Spirit in the new covenant and you had an old people and you had a new people. So my first response would be, even if that was true. That doesn't prove replacement theology because Jeremiah 31 versus 31 to 34 God says will make a new covenant with home with the house of Israel and Judah. Not like the Sinai covenant, meaning that one was external this one still be written on our hearts, and will come with complete forgiveness of sins. So even if it was talking about a new system is set on by the new people. There's no replacing of the people in Jeremiah 31 versus 31 to 34. There's a replacing of the Sinai covenant with the new and better covenant some replacing of the people is my first response. The second is that we are standing in a relationship with the same God of Israel, just by the spirit as opposed to by the letter.

That's what's changed. But God's standards. God's holiness. All the same, and then I tell people reading this 11 with Paul emphatically spells out this question does not respond error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is it's an eye-opener. You read all now I get it shout from the rooftops that black lives do matter and we shout from the rooftops.

We separate from the BLM movement. This will give you further fuel for your fire. Further ammunition can read and screamed out. Or you could be that Esther in France if you appreciate the free resources that we put out by the day. Normally five articles a week and five radio broadcast in separate videos and other live streams. If you're blessed by that stand with us, pray for us share these resources with your friends. Spread the word and click on the donate button on the Esther to Brown Facebook page to support us a gift of any size goes a long way.

You can click on the $in the YouTube chat right beneath the YouTube chat and help regular website Esther to Brown double-click don't hate some major news. You can now watch the line of fire broadcast to select show from each week. If you have dish TV channel 219 Saturday nights at 10 in America's voice and were also on the Pluto network, which is another large whatever the satellite out on the night he described that reaching millions of homes on the truth. The channel is.

But Saturday night, 10 o'clock Americans voices is the name of the channel. I know it's number 219 on dish. So tell your friends and what were doing our best on the Saturday show to really get a show that that it is a faith answer to the political cultural scene so intersecting faith and politics. All right, 86634 to number to call. Let's go to Michigan. Adrian, welcome to the line of fire Dr. Brown are doing very well thank you all. In talking with you. I truly enjoy your ministry and all that you do.

You're very welcome. Thank you.

Yes sir, I wanted to know. You know this thing is growing like wildfire risk your life and I've had an opportunity to engage with them that the obvious that they are not there butchering churches right and one thing I do want to ask Bill is no. We know that false but I'm in Trenton point you know is there any evidence but not about being out the Jews. Israel wanted to add yeah number one the big issues with like the reason lights you want to major in what Scripture says and what they believe. I was just looking at Twitter the other day and the gentleman said hey I was very heavily into that group. I was part of the cult but I came out of it. After listening to one of the elders in the BHI movement, a debate Dr. James White and he said a bunch of others left after that. So when the error was exposed by Dr. White scriptural theological error that was that was eye-opening and troubling right here is the fact. The fact is that there are some black Jews. That is a fact. It is also a fact that the majority of Blacks worldwide you not to send from the people of Israel but there are some who do. Just like there are many white Jews Asian Jews Indian Jews Hispanic Jews so as Jews have been scattered around the world and people of converted and become part of the larger Jewish family, then the appearance and things like that has changed and there are various traditions, there is the claim vice by Ethiopian Jews that they go back to the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon having a sexual union. Others say is, as the the 12 tribes were scattered into different parts of the world.

That's how some ended up in Africa so you have say the lumber tribe from Zimbabwe, and some different tribes in Nigeria so as it's been explained to me sir that initially you had legitimate black Jews coming over from Africa through the slave trade who continue to hold onto various Jewish traditions, and even launch synagogues and things like that in the 1800s and early 1900s. Whatever the exact chronology was and then out of that cruel movement that all Blacks were Jews, so that all Blacks were there was a Israelites so there is zero truth to the charts they put up.

And you know if you're from this country or this tribe. That's complete myth. Complete mythology no support for it and DNA test would not verify either.

But there are some who have a legitimate connection. For example, the lumber tribe. They have shown in in DNA tests that they have will be called the priestly chromosome that you can trace people back say Jews with the name: many of them that be, it is because there priestly dissent: means Keohane and they have maintained that genetic marker through the centuries that traces back to the 1500 3500 years ago in the Middle East and presumably goes back to Aron, well that's that. So you have many, many white Jews in America. That's their dissent that's their lineage and it's preserved not just in their name but DNA confirms it the same with the lumber tribe in Zimbabwe that that they also tested for so some of them even though we've got white and black go back to a common Middle Eastern origin descending from Aron it if you go to CRM and look up the material there Black Hebrew Israelites or check of vocab Malone is written on this. Although give you more data as well or any any major book about Jewish GL Jewish genes, DNA testing and things like that of that will give you further insight that will help refute what they're saying recognize the small sliver of truth and reject the rest. And then pray for them. You know, because they don't know the Lord and they're not experiencing his goodness and love.

Therefore, something serious is missing. You're right. So Dr. Brown you know of a book that you can refer to our yet well there are a few books that I have read on the subject and then I ordered. I'm just trying to think of of the just see one second here. Yeah, maybe this is the that the most accessible John and teen ENT INE Abraham's children. Race identity in the DNA of the chosen people there a couple of others that that I've read is well that are a little bit more technical, but this one is very readable. Abraham's children. Race identity in the DNA of the chosen people.

John and teen ENT. I and E hate thank you for asking.

Keep praying for these folks. Jesus died for them since he died for each of us, 866-34-TRUTH. An anonymous caller from Oklahoma.

Welcome to modify thanks much for reaching out to us. I appreciate your lot. Dr. Brown. I read a lot of your book and you help me do a lot of things that go my question. I'm 25 years old and I've been dealing or about the last five years, a struggle with both pornography and sexual thing on it led me. Everything my virginity about 21 years old and studying not just datalink shared by a lot of other theological books that deal with the issue of sexual thing, specifically born. I have been being and I understand that the affected beginning to have in my mind and I feel like I've been in almost corrupted from the inside out and entered in late and I still study the Bible I I do love cry like Hebrew wealth out of the box. Every weight in that my goal is not I want to be set free and I find myself giving in to that provided the patient because I don't even believe that out for me anymore and I just want to know, like, what can I do even believe that I'm capable to cry of overcoming the and I think another big question for me and out job here, but I do see the damage it caused all my mind in the way I think in a way that will about women in third and being and I want to be redeemed. I want to be healed. I want my mind and my heart to be healed and I die chronically don't know how to go about any of that. Dr. Brown you first am so sorry to hear about the struggles want you to know that you are actually not alone and struggling with sexual sin pornography this reason the Bible talks about so much as reason that major leaders fell prey to it and still do to this day. These very serious temptations and now with Lauren being available. The way it is. It it's the etiquette it's on epidemic levels through her country and bring tremendous destruction. But here's the good news. It bothers you, you want to change why because you're such a good person or because God's that working is because God's work in you.

If God is not working you, you would fully embrace this.

You just go deeper and deeper in your dissent or you wouldn't even be looking to change the reason you're looking to changes because God is not forsaken you guys still work inside of you and that's why this bothers you, but obviously more the same is only to produce more the same. Another was just getting up every day and Sam, I'm going to do better today than I did yesterday, the second work on something more has to happen. So two things it may be that you really need some solid godly counseling where people spend time with you and then get you with rigorous accountability where you would have to make really really serious efforts to send because you have God's grace at work and then you'll have some real serious accountability. The other thing is one of the best books that I've seen on this that helped a lot of people dispersing the book.

I just pulled it up when you called at the altar of sexual idolatry.

Steve Gallagher GAL L a GER got a break coming up friends would you pray for the scholar God knows his name and who he is, that he would experience tremendous breakthrough in the days ahead. Again, the book at the altar of sexual idolatry. If you haven't gotten it. Read it.

Steve Gallagher and then check out his ministry's Sr. Steve Gallagher, sexual sin – Epson programs very serious programs.

Aliens have been set right where you were and they have been set for plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown is right now. 866-3478 84. Anything that we can help you with any subject that's appropriate for Christian radio. Go for it 866-34-TRUTH we go right to the phones starting in Florida with Chuck. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello Dr. Brown, microtech my call you welcome.

Just wondering why carbon supporting the ministry for several years and the want want to do from there were not real sure about your recently noticed that there got involved in something called anagram, even in an EA IRA M the gutter because a coaching certificate.

Moons ago the use of the discipleship to mentoring twentysomethings so I thought looked from the top online and on note of the public little bit disturbing but I didn't know much about it on known thing about that yet. What is it that look disturbing to you when I'm going to get too much and all the psychotherapy and psychology got it going isolate glace roots and start again limiting what I know so any a gram is basically a personality test you answer certain questions and it kind of lays out here are your strongest characteristics and things like that. Now I had not heard of it, but when I was with some bleeding friends in another country. One time they very enthusiastically brought it up and asked if I had done it, taken a test. I said no so I got online lives in a small fetid do this and take the full test dam curious to see what he comes up with it, came up with what I already knew. Another words that the character strengths are strength; that I knew but I had previously done this many years ago I was asked to do Clifton strength finders test with Gallup and have all of our leaders, our leadership team do it in and it helped gain understanding in terms of what strengths and weaknesses were so I looked at it completely innocently. Just like another test they gave you insight so you know, for me, for example with the the Clifton strength finder test. My number one value was achiever.

So every day you start off with a blank slate as if you haven't accomplished anything and you kinda measure the day bite by how much is been accomplished or produced wherever they give me insight into my purse so I thought any a gram was similar to that and maybe that's how some are using it and in that regard, it's totally innocent. Shortly after that a discerning pastor contacted me said sums wrong here.

The centigram think something's funny you know anything about it.

Right after that I start getting articles sent to me with people raising concerns that it's been kind of exalted into this biblical spiritual discipleship tool and that everything is being analyzed based on certain principles, as opposed to Susan biblical principles, so I'm not an expert on it at all. I haven't delved into it, but others have also raised concerns that it is seeking to get biblical results but not using biblical methods or tools so that's what's been raised. Like I said when I looked at it.

I looked at it is completely innocent.

The folks that I was talking to were very enthusiastic about the Lord. But just thought this was very helpful in analyzing and understanding, but perhaps there is more to it and that's why some people are really raising concerns and sounding alarm so if you're a little cautious about it. I would say there could be good reason for the way it's being used and if it when it gets exalted to kind of a central place.

This is the new method that always concerns me with anything that were doing anything just uses a tool great, but what becomes a central method that begins to concern me but like I said I'm not an expert, are like Dr. Brown. Appreciate your help. Sure thing. Sure thing appreciated.

866342 let us go to Hawaii Dylan, welcome to the line of fire are not around.

Michael, you're welcome Dr., on the market segment better. What would become concerning bank or the vast majority of her article after the right of the men that the collective mind of the church and understanding of the gospel is different than the Reformation understanding champion. Along the little at all alarming for the vast majority of church. The church at a false gospel or the majority of traceable Christian historical document. None of them which agree with the Reformation and am a product of the enactment of her clarification. Could you help me understand yes so it's it's a very large question.

If we believe that the Reformation was from God and brought about dramatic changes that were necessary in the church does that mean that after the New Testament for the next 1400 years that the church was off base. How could that be. So here's were I would differ with part of your question, I would say number one that most of the things that the Reformation was fighting against Rick's dreams and traditions that clearly grew over the centuries, many of which would've been completely unknown to the disciples of the apostles and their disciples. That's the first thing when you look at with the Reformation was pushing against in the practice of indulgences and the corruption that was existing in large parts of the church and the hierarchical structure that had been developed in the church basically be like a political kingdom needed it needed dramatic Reformation in the original goal was Reformation of the current structure as opposed to breaking away from the current structure the current structure needed to be broken away from in many ways. The second thing is that many of the clearest things that we teach and believe are reinforced in the writings of church fathers through the this is through the early centuries. Annual leave and find streams. For example, the Orthodox stream that feeds into Greek and Russian orthodoxy.

In many ways has different viewpoints than the Catholic stream and then you even have other streams that, got wiped out by radical Islam of this great book by John Philip Jenkins on the forgotten history of Christianity, where you have a thriving church and African parts of the Middle East that Basie is no relationship to the Pope doesn't look to the Pope as as the central spiritual figure so you do have these different streams.

I know that Catholic apologists are Catholic friends would say no.

No, the church fathers completely support all Catholicism and that's why were Catholic because this is the true system. I would simply say we ultimately differ. You have the Orthodox dreams you have other smaller stranger of Catholic streams Protestant streams all claiming authenticity. What do we agree on. We agree on Scripture. And if we agree on Scripture than that has to be the ultimate test. How does this lineup with Scripture but you will find reminiscent that's often protesting some of the errors in what was developing in the larger church and when you trace that remnant.

Then you see it's not just like Martin Luther or Jan Hulse just came out of the blue that there were there were rid Reformation traditions.

There were protest traditions within the church over the centuries so it was basically a remnant as opposed to the majority. Is that disturbing yes, but that's often the way it is through biblical history. The remnant had it right in the majority had it wrong and for all of us. We have to do is stay low, examine our hearts before the Lord list. We think we alone have it right because basically whatever our particular group is if were really interested into it. We think we're the ones that haven't most accurately every minute on points one through three but someone else might on points four through six and someone else on 787 is nine and 10.

That's why we we hold what we hold to dogmatically in terms of the fundamentals, but we honor others were there other differences so I vehicle had a follow-up question though. There debating them on the book don't believe in the Cucamonga lawyer will convert never quite brought about that question. I'll equate a minute. The vast majority of churches. None of them held that up by Dr. so and now it just got to get the Velcro failed and everyone will default confidently to both gospel and the kind of extreme end of their use is in response to the gates of hell not preventing doesn't mean that a lot of people will not be lost, means that ultimately that the church will triumph in its its mission, and there will be a multitude that that worships God through Jesus, but you have to remember that just because a formula was not plainly articulated this to mean that someone didn't hold to it.

In other words, someone may know the importance of works, they may know that that God requires a change life, but they know that they receive mercy through the cross so they may not articulate faith alone, but they know that that they are saved by the mercy of God and and that good works are important, but that there say to the mercy of God. So many people through history may have understood it right even if they didn't articulated correctly. Hey Dylan, thanks for the questions they are important. 86634 let us go to Drew and Charlotte North Carolina.

You're on the line of fire that God you're welcome though I had a question something about my heart and my mom would get a little bit and it about the throne of God.

You and look at look at number 21 of the very beginning of that report to the birth ball of the city birth employee of the Lord God the Almighty, and the way that the first the first part and a devoted to the beginning of that. The angel then the road made of river water right at Crystal blowing throne of God and and of the Lamb. Of the city and and I know do bird Pharaoh and in our glossary one right at the image of the God that brought no epic but that I have but I do work part thing at the river run like a good one prone bidding on it and why I believe in the Bible every at Revelation I'm like yes so since God is father sans sans… Benevolence and come back. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown joyous modifiers who sits on the throne of God in heaven. First threat, Scripture the father is pictured sitting on the throne, and Jesus is at the right hand of the father.

That's a consistent picture that we have is Jesus Yeshua, the son of God who makes the father known father is hidden in his glory and splendor, but the father sits on the throne in New Testament accounts.

Okay and if you look in the book of Revelation. You'll see, for example, the fifth chapter to him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb and then the Lamb seems have a throne which is next to the throne of God with them to get to Revelation 22. It speaks of one throne of God and the Lamb and his servants will serve him and see his face and revolution relation 22, which points back to first grade since 15 that the sun will submit himself to the father that God may be all in all. So that you may well see the father and son as one sitting on the throne. It's not like they're sharing the throne sitting next to each other but this is God's way of reminding us because this is all visionary that there's one God, that God ultimately is one God, not three separate gods one God complex in his unity, one God, who is a tri-unity but go through all of Revelation right and you'll see consistently, you have the throne of God and and then you have the Lamb or the Lamb is in the center of the throne annexed to the throne, and ultimately the Lamb and the one sitting on the throne become one. You could argue it's Yeshua who makes the father known. And he's the one sitting on the throne, but it seems better to say no. It's the father sits on the throne and the son and father reigned together as one, but goes Revelation look for every reference to that you find a few and you'll find it morphs and changes until we get to Revelation chapter 22 and part of this. Remember, this is God's nature transcends our understanding. So when we say God always existed intellectually I know that's true, it has to be true because something how to create everything else and yet my mind can't go there eternity past my mind short-circuits but I know it's true. I thank you for calling 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Israel in Michigan.

Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Michael Lynam.

I have a quick article really coming to our many people are client appropriately and happier than when I get wrong for sure hundred Camille Ekstrom. I just wonder if you consider somebody today a true prophet, yet there are bare in mind that I believe that the gift of prophecy continues to this day, that any New Testament believer full of the spirit can potentially prophesy and that just like some people are called to be pastors and teachers is a call to be prophets and it doesn't mean that their writing Scripture doesn't mean that that you go to them and say what should I do. I don't know if I should take this job or that job and they say, thus saith the Lord, take this job, as we all have a relationship with God directly.

Then we have the Scriptures, but there are prophets today. I absolutely believe there are II would prefer not to say I believe this was a prophet. That one is a prophet of because the moment you do, then people think. Are you verifying everyone there would have you heard everything they said if you rented one of their Basilica.

I'm not saying that but I absolutely believe there prophets today and I also believe in the charismatic movement of which I'm a part that there's a tremendous layer of accountability yeah II got me there is tremendous I know a tremendous like accountability and I learned there were two loosely under survey right where were too loose with things we we don't we don't hold people accountable that there were numerous words about the virus and the virus is going to diminish. Come April and hasn't happened. Those words are not accurate and you know I wait a little while more to see how things played out, etc. you know or you can hear by the vaccine.

That hasn't happened within the timeframe so those were inaccurate but I don't believe were supposed to be sitting around primarily asking prophets what you see for the future and you know it's as as God wants things spoken.

He reveals it he speaks it, but I actually do believe there are perfect people on the earth today, functioning as prophets being used to wake up to stir to Warren to give comfort and it ended key times to tell us what's coming so that we know how to live today with God is no desire to give us abstract information about the future you know all 11 days from now. This sports team will win a game by three point since or the weather in Toledo Ohio will be this in less it was to verify something to demonstrate something that otherwise God tells us about things to come, so we know how to pray and act and live today, but Israel if you have a question about a specific individual and in you want to take a let's feel free to write to us through our website. I just try to be careful on the air just like us… Can I recommend a church near you really can't do that for it for quite a few reasons I'm in less you happen to be an old friend in your moving to new city and say oh yeah my buddy is a pastor there, but of we. We want to be judged for what we say what we believe in hell.

The cow want you to hold me accountable for what I say what I believe I minister with lots of different people in the body wide range of people from different perspectives and some I love and respect and honor deeply saw my another brothers in the Lord will work together for certain purposes but were not as deeply connected. So I want to be held accountable for what I say love for what someone says a friend or colleague says. Hence some of my speech today, but we need much more accountability as well as recognition of the validity of the gift. Thank you, thank you for calling Boaz.

As for president trump. I don't see it happen in November. I know I wrote a book that's an important book that will help us sort out what's right and what's wrong with president trump and how we can unite around Jesus.

Even if we have differences in how we can put the cross before the flag and how if we believe trump is the right man we can vote for him without losing our testimony of dealt with that in in in my book evangelicals at the crossroads as to what's actually in a happen and which prophetic words are accurate.

Most of you consider 50-50, but a similar detailed and he went back to before trump was even running for office.

Those I would take more seriously and I get into my book to evaluate some of those prophetic words. Okay let us go to John in New York. Thanks for joining us on the line of fire going thinker having your very welcome I ever a quick question about speaking tongue find out in every believe that every believer can speak in tongues.

Okay good I want to record, more intimate with God, and I was wondering maybe I'm reading it wrong when I weep for concurrent prescription 12 and you about St. to all do we all speak in tongues gold interpret the long and correct it at a certain gift that only certain Christian guarantor right now is is tongues and gift potentially for all believers. Or is it something specifically given justice. Some is for scripting's 12 would seem to indicate you can make an argument that it's only for some that that Paul says some speaking tongue, some interpret some prophesy, some aggressive healing.

I believe all those things are, or for today. Ongoing we can make a good biblical case for that. However, many would argue that when believers were filled with the spirit and asked to and asked 10 in acts 19 and apparently in acts eight, when the something happened there that there was an outward expression and they spoke in tongues that this seemed to be the universal sign so Pentecostals have believed that the baptism of the Spirit empowering of the spirit is for all believers is something subsequent to our salvation will receive supernatural empowering for the mission and the outward sign of it is speaking in tongues is in order for scripting's 12 they would differentiate between speak in tongues in your own prayer life in your intimacy with God versus delivering public messages in tongues so that score. I have been speaking in tongues since January 24 of 1972 and have spent countless thousands of hours praying in tongues and intimate communion with God, but I've never delivered a public message in tongues will actually one time one time her life of so you would say that God is not anointed me to do – what I would encourage you to do is not make it as much theological as much as personal and say God. It says in your word that if we ask for a good thing from you that you won't withhold and in you see on your word. That is, we pray in tongues. We edify ourselves, and we speak mysteries in the spirit to God and pulling and said to the Corinthians. II think I speak in tongues. When all of you.

Many also said he also said this, he said, don't forbid it. Don't forbid people speaking tongue so I would I would say father give me everything you have so I can be as close to his possible and walk in the fullness of your power and spirit so I can be the best witness I can to a dying world. And I know for me as I communion with God, praying in tongues in my mind is meditating and worshiping him that it strengthens me so that I can now go out and serve the world better serve the church better and it also brings me into a deeper place of intimacy and communion with God.

So I would say father I want everything you have for me so I can know you the best serve you the best and glorify you the best.

If I were you I would believe how you will find yourself praise him as a friend had us and asked her to

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