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The Socially Acceptable Hatred

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 16, 2020 4:30 pm

The Socially Acceptable Hatred

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 16, 2020 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/16/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

It's the one acceptable form of racism and hatred will confronted today stalking for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry getting to the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. It is fairly Jewish Thursday. Welcome to the broadcast 8664 truth 866-34-TRUTH 48788 for any Jewish related question you have for me of any kind.

If you are a Jewish listener or viewer and don't agree with my beliefs about Jesus being the Messiah.

By all means give me a call if got a question what a challenge meant something great. Any clarity on an issue anyone from any perspective Hebrew related Jewish tradition related regarding Israel today Mills questions will do our best to give you solid answers, 866-34-TRUTH and is always a lot to cover like to talk about in the Jewish world all right as we see racism being exposed in different fronts in America racism being confronted. We also see that racism goes in all different kinds of directions. Another is the viewpoint a a a more modern definition of racism that racism can only apply to those who have power over others, so someone must argue with me on Twitter the other day. Racism is power plus prejudice but that's that's out with the word actually means. If you think of this for a second you think of this and then I'll explain where I'm going with this today. Think of this, let's say you were raised in a Ku Klux Klan family in the South in Alabama and you grew up as a white person despising Blacks thinking Blacks were inferior thinking. Blacks were on the same level of humanity issue the complex were not loved and favored by God the same way. That's how you grew up.

That's how you feel right and you live in a society where whites are dominant in the majority and therefore it can discriminate against Blacks okay and and you discriminate against them yourself. You don't treat them the same way. So your racist okay now for reasons beyond your control, you are relocated to live in Nigeria and you are among the tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny white population in Nigeria and your hatred for Blacks becomes even more intense in your negative judgments against them becomes even more intense. But this of you can really do about except just give people dirty looks. If you dare whatever just curse them and under your breath. Are you not still a racist is not that still racism course it so lots of things are surfacing and there is an anti-white racism in the hearts of Blacks you say it's understandable. It may be, with history it's is never justifiable the limits of the not helpful. My newest article addresses the question that racism addresses the fact that racism cannot drive out racism but what's always going to surface you know it's going to happen sooner or later is gonna be Jew hatred. Anti-Semitism is it's got to happen because that's the oldest hatred of all and it's the most persistent hatred through the centuries has been well documented documented in our hands were stained with blood been documented in many other places over the centuries were to this day.

So no surprise when NFL player DeShawn Jackson would love a week ago, said his tweets with alleged quotes from Hitler and and Jews are the real Jews Blacks the real Jews, but I'm including Hitler and apologizing and so on.

In a mild uproar would've been a much worse uproar if see a white player had use the N word and praise some some slave trade from the past but there was there was an uproar.

Thankfully DeShawn Jackson seeking to make things right. Smitty ready met with local rabbi talk to a Holocaust survivor. We must go to Auschwitz. Oh I generally believe he is contrite over some and I hope so to undertake some of the word. When they asked when they apologize. I'll forgive right so now.

More recently, others have come out. Nick Cannon known various capacities as an entertainer and and show host and was the host on one of the people on the mass anger that that newer show. In any case, Viacom than the network.

The company that hired him. He speaks some wrong things, ugly things about whites and Jews and then does an interview with a former member of a major hip-hop rap group that actually drop this member many years ago when he spoke against Doucet's interest. That's interest so Nick Cannon then goes absolutely crazy over this and your whites by nature savages and this and that Judy lays into Jews and then he was fired by Viacom in one of his jobs and wouldn't back down.

Others came to his defense now. He subsequently issued an apology will gets a little later dissident state, a very very sincere apology not not to whites 40s about whites, but what he said a Jew specifically leased as of what I've seen, I assisted anything apologizing for what he said about whites.

He has about Jews and really and in the way you want someone to apologize and want to get things right ready spoke to to a prominent rabbi of deals with with the Holocaust issues and things like that in and I think he genuinely wants to get this right and genuinely wants understanding here, but what has emerged in all and again that's that's what I hope like I like to take people at their word right and everyone of us has done or said something stupid and certain point. We wish we could take back some of us multiple times. So when we generally apologize repent and try to make things right. We should be welcome there. And then let's prove our repentance by deeds right that's how you look at it, but what is surfaced in all this is the influence of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. That's what is surfaced, the degree that different black celebrities, others, athletes, entertainers, influential people have looked to Louis Farrakhan, not just assuming that they see as an inspirational leader for their people, but also as someone whose views they have digested in terms of anti-Semitism Jew hatred when a fair chance. Most infamous comments last year was that he's not anti-Semite is anti-termite likening Jews to termites, knowing full well that Hitler, the Nazis, like and use the parasites. These are nuisances that are destructive that you destroy parasite termite so ugly ugly comments from those Farrakhan.

In any case, what many don't realize is the influence of Nation of Islam and the influence of Louis Farrakhan, the black community that hears what makes things more interesting in the civil rights movement. There were many Jewish leaders that really fought for their black brothers and sisters, because even though Jews are a very influential minority here in America all right and certain parts of the world through our history.

We have been anything but that. We been despised and cast out.

We been rejected.

We we have we have been exiled from country after country because we refuse to be baptized refused to convert to Islam and and have suffered much as being Jews answer some of its divine discipline in others the hatred of men hatred of Satan. But in the early days of the civil rights movement and at the height of it. There were prominent Jewish leaders side-by-side with Dr. King and others at the famous march from Washington was a rabbi who spoke right before Dr. King, the obviously overshadowed by by the oratory of Dr. King that day. But there he was speaking as a Jew, fellow nations of liberated slaves of known hatred and persecution simply for Jews were being Jews and Blacks were being Blacks so commonality there but over the years that commonality is often felt as much, and there's been much more tension in some communities living side-by-side there's been that the feeling that he Blacks the Jews looked down at them or despise them or think of them as is not is is worthy, as is they are and and so there's that been that feeling that that many Blacks have felt living in side-by-side and certain Jewish communities and then juice it felt real that there distraught over their lives and get robbed and attacked by Blacks and so there's there's been tension and and I'm sure this fault on on all sizes get human beings are but now this is all kind of coming to the surface so during for example, a BLM protest riot in in LA synagogues were vandalized. Synagogues evangelists at an end with antistatic slogans and Holocaust -related imagery and things like that you think what way I thought this was a protest against this brutality and standing up for black lives, hesitant, being at the six minute because the devil is always at work seeking to divide and destroy all right.

It's just the way he is and seeking to incite all kinds of hatred and anger against other salt is what happened on twitter times of Israel reports tales of Jewish suffering take over anti-Semitic Jewish privilege hashtag twitter trend sees over 100,000 people share personal stories of discrimination, including US comedian Sarah Silverman and other well-known figures of this this tweet on the reader minute, but my backup explain what happened, people tweeting about white privilege white privilege and an wanted to address these issues in society.

So some anti-Semite start tweeting out use the hashtag Jewish privilege Jewish privilege and it starts to draw some responses so here I'm looking to mention the names one guy or gal tweets Jewish celebrities deny their Jewish privilege by playing their Holocaust trademark get out of jail free card. All that's it.

Jewish celebrities they enjoy Jewish privilege. You can criticize them because they bring up the Holocaust. This is difficult, anti-Semitic rhetoric, here's here's another letter. Jewish privilege hashtag with the PIP typical demonize picture of a Jewish rabbi hook nosed and all this.

This was used of course by the Nazis and used to this day in Islamic polemics first and foremost extend my deepest and most sincere apologies to my Jewish sisters and brothers for the hurtful and divisive words that came out of my mouth through my interview with Richard Griffin, a man chooses the slave obeys also the apology here is is because of the mastery of the Jews over the Gentile slaves so what is actual Jewish privilege will hand as big tweeted this out and it was in the times of Israel report Jewish privilege is where my grandparents were violently forced out of a rock in Tunisia for being with only the close on for being Jewish going to close on the back only hundred 50,000 other amino Jews Middle Eastern national national nationality Jews. They left Israel with nothing only spoke Arabic lived in a tent and check for years.

That's Jewish privilege and ME and a guess that that's what it stands for. In any case.

In any case yet Jewish privilege is out and just watch this phrases can be out there and we can you can criticize Jews look friends. Let's just be equal in our treatment of all if we can be sensitive to name-calling and racism in attacking people electricity. Let's consisted holds a high standard for everyone, so not a Jew hatred that's that's allowed in some circles, that's okay. Usually deserve it right.

That I care on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown The Daily Beast reports recently, big-name black entertainers like ice cube, Nick Cannon, Diddy Jackson Stephen in Tucson and even beloved author Alice Walker of spell spouted age old anti-Semitic talking points, usually according known big Louis Farrakhan insisting that quote the Jews when everything locating black liberation and anti-Jewish suspicion. Just watch for this trend. Anti-Semitism Jew hatred being something that flows right through the BLM movement which we reject while standing with the affirmation that black lives do matter. All right more to talk about with this book will go to the phone's first 86633 will start with our friends Zach in Honolulu. Welcome to the line of fire by Dr. Michael Robert, you bet all all that but we could go on the road where buyer and wondering are you that there are no obligation to part two dog book or what you meant by that because you are going to the bidder Jewish note that the net banging out in a and are both messianic to get bigger that the ethnic bank, but I like your what you yes is after I assume your duplication you are right so were the ancient Israelites, Caucasian, probably not exactly socialist right right so the ethnicities have to been blended.

Otherwise, how how do we get here is as white Jews that have other Ethiopian Jews, no black Jews and so on so so here's the way it's it's worth basically is that over the centuries as Jewish people confuse me have been scattered around the world that there is been assimilation through intermarriage so we get completely lost in the nations right so you intermarry with a Gentile and your kids do and so on it and you completely assimilate and there's no Jewish trace that's that's to be found or people convert to Judaism and become part of the people of his. So for example Ruth joined the people of Israel. Rahab joined the people of Israel.

So as the Jewish people scattered around the world and people converted to Judaism from the areas where they lived and became part of the Jewish people and more and more did the Jewish people living in these different places began to take on those ethnic characteristics as well.

Hence, Asian Jews, African Jews, American Jews, Mexican Jews, Russian Jews, and in every striping color though the ones that would have the truest bloodline claim would be those that are Middle Eastern Jews that have lived in the Middle East through the centuries and and have more pedigree in that way, but most all of us can trace ourselves back. But again, it would be intermarriage and once intermarriage out we completely assimilate intermarriage in then people become part of the Jewish community raise their families within Judaism. So you have you have the physical bloodline, which then mixes with people converting in and if converts become a dominant number at any point then obviously you're going to begin to look more and more like those people's car air).

The character of a question yeah Coco hits raising article though that authentic money are you brought up early because the surrogate boy archer about you know this is out of guilt, but I did telecommute the right Best Buy on a Facebook post I wrote you know like basically acknowledging my notebook all white privilege and local Jewish privilege and you know it and guarding a lot of positive feedback bank boy budget hearing what you shared with the Twitter hashtag and thought about for the Lowell you yeah I mean you now, but I get the new note I get why think of is the question at couple weeks ago about the advantages of being Jewish. Which of the note be right now been out of the inner how yes and so the real question is requesting this historically is there such a thing as Jewish privilege. Basically we could judge first get hated.

First we get rejected first. So that's with greater accountability. Amos 31 you only have I known of all the families of the earth.

Therefore, I will punish you for your iniquities.

That's what God said to Israel, so Romans two was it say that judgment comes to the Jew first and blessing comes to the Jew first, but through history USC would Jewish life was commonly like watch further on the roof from and that gives you a better idea of what Jewish privilege was like to be honest yeah thank you Zach for the call. I appreciated 86634 and David posting on Facebook. Yes, the cream of dual trip are articling and get to that in a moment where he calls out anti-Semitism in sports and Hollywood and criminology of Abdul-Jabbar member following him when he was in UCLA as the will sender then converted to Islam and became cream Abdul-Jabbar's you know him as one of the greatest pastoral players of all time, but he's a not only great athlete is a deep thinker obsessive different with some of his conclusions and thoughts over the years, but he's a deep thinker agency reflected in this article, let us go to LEL in Maryland.

Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown piggybacking on the show dog lecture on capital.

Thank you or your providing us with such rich knowledge of earlier edified meeting at a fellow brother in Christ of my question today is not as relevant at the other question, but it is in regard to the oneness Pentecostal view of who God is and I get my my question is really bad out water. What was the greatest error that that we find in that in that ideology.

In our view of one you know from my my limited perspective, it really just the bike.

It is just a different view of how God manifest it, you know, maybe you could clarify little bit on that yeah yeah so so the oneness view can be oversimplified. There is some theological sophistication to it as much a site I differ with it so it can be presented in overly simplified way, but there are oneness theologians that argue their points. There's an excellent book by Michael Burgos BU RG OSC sent me a copy to look at to me is the most up-to-date reputation of of oneness theology, but I absolutely affirm that God is one and there's one God only. That is, you consider the most fundamental statement in the Bible. After the existence of God that there is one God and one God only as we wholeheartedly affirm that in oneness Pentecostals with a look were closer to the Jewish view, and in the Old Testament view than you are.

Your Trinitarian viewers. Slater, church theology, to me the fundamental error is is not reckoning with what the Bible really says in trying to find the system to make this one God may be fit within our own thinking as opposed to recognizing that God is complex in his unity that he is hidden and and yet revealed that he is transcendent and yet imminent, that he is seen and yet unseen, and that is because he is father son and Spirit and to me it's the only fair and right way to read the many texts that they come in interplay to just say that it's how God manifests himself that be fine with me is theoretically known him, saying, whatever. Let God be God.

If Ralph if he simply manifested himself. His father, son and Spirit and there is not.

Try unity there and that's how he manifest himself and that's with the Bible said then I worship God either on a decidedly as I worship him for who he is but the distinctions of personhood.

The, the Holy Spirit, drawing attention to Jesus and Jesus pointing everyone to the father and and that's all just just different manifestations are different hats that God would put on August the rejected and I fully affirm that that Revelation 22 tells us that we will see his face, not their faces. So the overwhelming emphasis of Scripture is is on the oneness of God the unity of God, but to me there is a real serious misreading of many texts that that breakdown fundamentally with the oneness theology and and that cannot cannot withstand scriptural scrutiny.

To me, though it's important that we emphasize that we worship one God among not only but that is complex and is unity.

That to me is being faithful to Scripture and something that I believe that Jewish people are able to grasp up to those greatest open eyes, but even coming from Jewish tradition that there were bridges there are things that are different but parallel within Judaism that we can say hey you see it like this. Here's how we understand it, they can be a bridge of understanding for them correct actually going back to Revelation 22 like to have been on time but verse three is pumping out the morning with my data can copy and and he was ordered it being paradoxical to me. The percentage I couldn't really grasp it better with that on the wrong God and and the Lamb was also there. The heart of that work exactly right.

So when it went. Scripture just speaks of God generically is not speaking of the father because you have clear verses that exalt Jesus is divine and yet generally speak the vast majority of cases fish in the New Testament when God is just references God.

That is the father when his reference to Lord that's often referring to Jesus as Lord.

But there is no question that God and the Lamb are distinct and yet when worshiped.

There's only one. So one God clearly distinct processes within God and is not exist paradoxical majestic is beyond the standard that I can say God for this and Spirit complexes unity, then it makes sense hey you think you can call her plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown grudgingly, belatedly, way, way, way, way, way after all. Maybe I'll think about it, then do it or did Jesse forgive freely. We come to through the cross.

Does he forgive freely.

Paul writes in Colossians 3 is Lord forgiven us, we should forgive one another. Now you can debate and say we forgive when someone comes to us and asked for forgiveness.

We don't just forgive first. That's a whole other subject. Let's start with this. Someone comes to you. I am so sorry I spoke rudely to I maligned you. I was cruel. I did this in.

Please forgive me.

I do take responsibility.

Take ownership on guilty.

Please forgive me and what can you fix this well, let's see. You have to prove it to me. Let's all right, well you know how much damage it is that the way God forgives us no, he forgives and we make a fresh start. I had someone really messed things up with me one time and date.

They came and apologized really grovel say forgive you for giving it was it was a real mess. But I forgive you and in my heart I forgive you, ready but now I'm sending it to forgive you. Let's move on and not that long afterwards or just feeling bad again brought up us and we talk about a set that doesn't exist for gave now it doesn't mean that if someone completely violated your trust are in end times and with religious there's a moment someone violated your trust and you know they were business partner and they cost you millions of dollars in bankrupt you and the date come back in tears. Please forgive me and I want to make things right in and okay we forgive from the heart. We hug and reset yachts devastated our family. It's been very terrible but I want you know, brother. I forgive you as a music… During the partnership. Let's hear. Here's more millions of mean there are things where someone will prove themselves obviously and there are certain things where you make a decision.

What's not smart for you and some of this on the abusive while your kids. They, and apologize and you know maybe they're in jail for what they did and you forgive them, from the heart, but doesn't he say when you get out of jail you babysit again. No, forgiveness is not idiotic, but forgiveness does determine how we look at someone all right so the Canon after repeating some of the typical Louis Farrakhan anti-Semitic diatribes and tropes's apologize and will read some of that from art posture should be is this case sin against use history as we forgive you, forgive you and we hope really get educated here. It's on the does it mean that there are consequences to his actions.

That's for others to decide. I God forgives us, doesn't mean that he takes with the consequences of her actions you, you may break the law and and cobble forgive you buddies to go to jail for it. Did I so the consequences of his words and that that's a story better attitude should be one of forgiveness. All right, here's a recall 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 784 any Jewish related question of any kind, and I specially welcome those who differ with me on subjects.

Regarding Israel messianic prophecy or whatever. Please give me a call 86 634-8784 see Dr. Brown, of the solution for 10 years and you you do that all the time and invite people call the differ with you.

How often does it happen because I never hear it diner here either may be one in ecstasy course for year to 100, 200 chosen is hardly ever that like any so I guess the people at this review. Don't listen course I was. I get blasted by them day and night.

They just don't call that's a shame. 866-34-TRUTH before I read some of the canons apology we throw this out to. We are on the front lines of important Jewish outreach because God's called me to do apologetics to answer and refute the counter missionaries in the rabbis that oppose her faith to help those struggling with questions.

We are God's grace have equipped many leaders apologetics ministries others in the body.

Over the years and we are in the early stages now for major video series. A point for point for point rebutting some of the most dangerous videos online and it is it's going to be an amazing tool and it is going to demolish lies.

Present truth we should be praying for us if you can help us which you stand with us financially. Click on the donate button on the Facebook page is mentioned this once show normally because it's it's an easy way to give online watch on Facebook.

Let's click on donate there on YouTube.

There is a $beneath the chat box, click on there or go to our website Esther Gibran SKU or this click on donate. I so someone posted in Facebook early and they said you know of that, Dr. Brown. I want to donate Facebook really had by financing photos on Facebook about it if you gave to Facebook than they have in the recurring way okay so if you gave to Facebook that would be there, but otherwise if you store online. Then as they are no would you go anywhere he could be with Google whoever so don't be surprised if you started online, then it it'll just wait for security code or something that is unlike Facebook dug into records and other porridge. So don't worry about that right Nick Cannon will hang on. I pulled up I pulled up the wrong article. The article that I pulled up is the wrong article okay so here the reluctant of the screen. Nick Cannon apologizes for being anti-Semitic. But not calling white people. Evil rapists and savage as black stars back him and Charlemagne. The goddesses Viacom, CBS for improves. Jews have the power shown in the God of influential podcast or that's the name yeah of that. He did say innovation to talk to Jewish scholar and got more educated about these things before saying what he said and maybe the apologies to whites will come next is whites are pausing to photos in the boxes. Everybody apologize to each other but this is a scroll down. He seems to be very sincere. Here's what he said. First and foremost, I extend my deepest and most superior sincere apologies to my Jewish sisters and brothers for the hurtful and divisive words that came out of my mouth during my interview with Richard Griffin the reinforce the were stereotypes of a proud and magnificent people and I feel ashamed of the uninformed and naïve place that these words came from the video of this interview has since been removed that not just possible, leave the text up on her screen those of the watching, but just pause there.

You don't say those things about the Jewish people. Speaking of them as a proud and magnificent people say I feel ashamed, and in my view it unless you really think you blew it over sets not just PR it. You may say you are so micro you are so ignorant, naïve, you just I'm I'm just telling you that it's one thing when sources I'm I'm sorry that anyone was hurt by my words assign a real apology in only a punch in the face of sorry I hurt you apology as I was wrong to punch in the face is unjustified and and wrong and I take full responsibility and apologize what I do make it right to say these kinds of things seems very sincerely did he sit on my podcast I use words and reference literature. I assume to be factual to up with my community there was to say that Blacks a year.

The real Jews to the religious roots instead turned out to be hateful propaganda and stereotypical rhetoric that painting of the community. For this I am deeply sorry.

But now together, we can write a new chapter of healing dad to me is the way you do it even MSRP. Sycamore can we do to make things right. What I keep getting educated as I is a growing, learning the Lord and understand things more to reach out to people more effectively and yeah and he's he's again highlighting here that he didn't take back or apologize what he said about whites again, one step at a time hopefully will deal with that to but but he's easily spoken with it with a key rabbi with seed Viacom said he's clear and remorseful this words wrong alike both understanding and context and inadvertently promoted hate that was important for us to observe Nick and sincerely apologized and quickly taken steps to educate himself and make amends and so on.

He he also ready spoken with Rabbi Abraham Cooper. I believe it was in the Cannon reference that now here's here's the only issue I have so will will stop with that article now. But here's here's the only issue I have. He's still going to be host on the mass anger despite what he said about whites. That's crazy.

That's that's crazy if if somebody said that if if if a a white host set outrageous and horrific and ugly demonic terrible things about Blacks and they could stay on it and be just as outrageous.

Civil whites did that for years. Yeah, we want to send in our society would not tolerate that now so get on the transom under the bus because I appreciate his apology to the Jewish community, but you fix the other thing to fix the other thing. So, Kareem Abdul Jabbar has addressed this, he has called the South and he has raised the issue of lack of attention to anti-Semitism in certain black circles and let me read this of got my new article up on the screen. Racism cannot drive out racism and I quote him here. He says when reading the dark squishy entrails of popular culture may rage in the face of sustained prejudice is an indisputable sign of the coming path… Apathy to all forms of social justice. After all, it's okay to discriminate against one group of people by hauling out cultural stereotypes without much pushback must be okay to do the same to others. Illogic begets illogic exactly hatred begets hatred, racism produces more racism see overcome racism with respect overcome racism by learning but understanding by fixing things by treating people with respect, not by bringing in other racism in any close with these words. The lesson never changes. So why is it so hard for some people learn. No one is free until everyone is free is Melissa King Junior explain injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality is "so let's act like it to be outraged by injustice. Let's be outraged by injustice against anyone in the beginning of the article.

II quotes a well-known British rapper and podcast host should be retreated out black man himself, like all who Jabbar to whom it may concern, it is possible to uplift a group of people without denigrating another. So that's what we have to do. Let us uplift those who have been put down and oppressed without denigrating and destroying others in the process. Remember hatred produces more hatred darkness is that this is not anti-Semitism, except for places of business hatred less than five. I will direct that it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown August the better late than never. All right will stay on alert with that 866-34-TRUTH that is the number to call with you Jewish related questions not only study something personally. You know over the decades being confronted with Jewish objections to Jesus's resume earliest years, there were very formidable in solid and serious, and to this day I get confronted with new ones and interact with rabbis and others in writing and wondering and struggling and what I love is the journey of discovery. Dig deeper and find out more, so faith building even if your faith is strong at this builds on the strength of that faith and it continues to be something that happens with me.

866-34-TRUTH of this, go over to Los Angeles and welcome to the line of fire. Thank you so much. I background my question is just that I began my credit.

What does God require of you but to do justly, love marking him humbly with your God is a quoted a lot and then we kind of go off understand general we get riff on that like and we bring our idea of just all right give mercy. I got curious today and I want I want more. That contact. So I started reading my car you know right at the beginning and there's just a whole lot there that I don't understand how my question is can you recommend a good background commentary for the book of Micah yeah sure thing. Micah is a contemporary of of the prophet Isaiah, and they both contain an Oracle similar article Isaiah to an end. Micah the. The fourth chapter of but he is the lesser known because of the prominence of Isaiah and in his role, but you put them in that in that rough time. There there are a number of good commentaries on on Micah. There is one I enjoyed years ago. It's it's a few commentaries in one Leslie Allen, a LL EN it's Joel, Obadiah, Jonah, and Micah all in one. So that's Leslie as a great Old Testament scalded but very readable. So it's it's solid's scholarship and that that was one of my favorites that I thought he did a real good job in dealing with that.

I just try to look at what's accessible and readable.

That doesn't get doesn't get to two technical but does go into depth on little shorter. The Tyndale Old Testament commentary series David Baker. So that's Obadiah Jonah and Micah citizen of Joel and it is a daily dose of the David Baker another fine scholar and that was in the Tyndale commentary series which was normally a little shorter than new international and then make but those those are two good ones in Charlotte background and all you yeah yeah sure, sure, of course, just if if just type in art scroll one word art scroll and then Micah and that will give you that will give you the commentary on the book of Micah as excerpt it is to see here.

Hang on this.

Just change what we search for here just on Amazon yeah for the book of Micah being released actually looking for a Michael L. Brown one that they didn't have it now.

They don't have it now, Jeremiah, Joel, Verdun, and I say I'm working on now have it inside of doing something on Micah that there there are Jewish commentaries that will will basically take you through the classic commentaries of old and then get into some of the newer stuff.

A lot of it draws on the.

The classic commentaries of just trying to see on Micah what is actually available.

Yeah, I'm just not seeing one a minute of seeing all the standard Old Testament ones by various Old Testament scholars, etc., but not one that is just focused James Limburg's interpretation, commentary, LIN BU RG on Hosea and Micah is certainly of a value, I mean there's this distal baton that's out there looking for for what's most readable. Yeah, this is an Israeli, but this is not can be what you looking for here yet. Norm normally with each book of the of the Bible. There are translations of the of the standard Jewish commentaries into English, but then you need someone to explain them to you. In other words they're coming from very different angles and answering very different questions, but there doesn't seem to be a lot out on Micah yet what you can do if if what I recommend it does not fully help shoot a note to our website and start your there's a contact us and one of my colleagues, who's the Russian Israeli Jew, PhD Old Testament will also give you some of his recommendations okay okay great I am not sure thing. Sure thing. All right cited takes a long try to dig for some listings but always intrinsic and what is that I'm missing's not off the top of my head, I can recommend some wanted do that okay week stay in California. Mark, welcome to the line of fire. Hi Dr. Brown I wanted to Eric about Gardner's spiritual nature of Torah young and are keeping her keep out keeping Torah is like help dampen Dr. R power with the Nazirite barrel and then finally it is the Lord keeping all Torah did not result in him being given all power in heaven and earth very different kind of an overview of the Torah is so so Paul does mention in Romans seven that the law is spiritual and we know that understand that it's God's word of no Sampson. The only thing he was required to do was the Nazirite vow and specifically not to cut his hair so he he slept with prostitutes and he still had power. He obviously disobeyed all kinds of divine commandments and was still was still supernaturally used by God so he just had a covenant can cut his hair.

That was the deal he send a lot of here you could read in Judges 16, where he sleeps with a prostitute gets up in the middle night and carries the gates of the city offer them. And the Philistines attacked him, so he sleeps with pagan prostitute via grossly violating the law and and yet because he did cut his hair. He still had power. Jesus walked in perfect obedience to the father and all authority in heaven and earth was given to not because he was Torah observant, but because he was the perfect son of God who never send and he did not need Torah to not sin. He was in perfect fellowship with his father of nowhere does the New Testament call Gentile believers to follow the new covenant in season of the Sinai covenant.

Nowhere does it say that Jewish believers are obligated in a legal sense to keep the Sinai covenant were under new and better covenant. So the purpose of the tour was was to bring us to a place of recognizing our need for God. Our need for redemption and forgiveness that we would seek him for mercy and that we could now find the Messiah who's pointed to the Torah now lead a new life of obedience sell some of the Torah commandments are things that will be always know the command not to murder is, and always command that a liver change the command not to commit adultery is and always command that a liver change but there are other things that were were there is types and shadows to prepare for the coming of the Messiah and certainly everyone would agree that the in the eternal age when I can.

Need sacrifices for sin and the eternal age when I can in the cleansing for touching dead bodies is likely dead bodies that things will have changed so some of that changes really happened that were spacing out to the new and better covenant and some will happen in in the world to come. But there have been changes so our goal is not to submit to the Sinai covenant or goal is to live in full obedience to the new and better covenant, which is a fully articulated in the New Testament writings hey Mark, thank you for asking. I do appreciate it and look friends. We tend to go one extreme or the other.

We tend to reject terrace assistance law that's legalism it's bad, that's all that's outdated. That's outmoded. That's his away from skin away from us. It's thanked already. Grace not under law.

That's the one extreme to the other extreme is that every Christian is required to obey the Mosaic law and and and if you don't keep everything that you can possibly keep that your disobedience and sin does not please those are both erroneous extremes and unhealthy extremes and God writes his terrace on our hearts as new covenant believers are but does it mean for example that if there was a physical temple that we be automatically offering sacrifices know it means that we experience the fullness of forgiveness, because Messiah has become the once and for all sacrifice for sins, and even with Sabbath observance. Paul reminds us in Colossians 2 that that's the shadow the substance is found in the sausages minute shadows wrong or evil, but it means that the substance is found in the Messiah. Are you friends, we are just about out of time, but other do so and every day.

It did before and to Steve coming on with the next show on truth radio. I see your guests tell him he owes me a phone call. Yeah I see your guest is tell him he owes me a phone call. All right friends. Check out all the resources Jewish -related and other ask Dr., share them with a friend of us continue to pray for great harvest were Jewish men and women, young and old come to know the truth about God and the Messiah read a time

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