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Looking for Sanity in the Midst of National Chaos

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 6, 2020 5:20 pm

Looking for Sanity in the Midst of National Chaos

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 6, 2020 5:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/06/20.

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line of fire dr. michael brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

Friends here to bring you moral sanity and spiritual clarity in some of the craziest days in American history stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown and it is going to be here on the line of fire Michael Brown delighted to be with you. 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 is the number to call. Hope you have a good July 4 weekend. Could you remember July 4 like this. I my lifetime. I don't know of one like it.

On the one hand, to gather or not, is it okay to be together or not we get the virus or not.

So that's on the one hand, then on the other hand, other issues of celebrate July 4 through shame to be American on July 4, and how should we look at that with our history and this is a great history as a mixed history and on ever remember a day like this in our history. I've been seeking earnestly to live out what we say to be your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution to be your voice of moral sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a crazy crazy season in American history and world history so I hope you're taking advantage of the resources I've been writing pretty much an article a day on key issues around the so why am not ashamed to be an American.

On July 4 that was posted yesterday want. If you cancel people for races not canceling Charles Darwin my latest article just up a can Donald Trump be reelected without divine intervention in trying to answer these questions, not so much as a conservative, not as a Republican, not even so much as an American, but as a child of God as a servant of the Lord so that the answers we give you would be truthful relevant answers in the white community in the black community in the Asian community and Hispanic community and the answers would be just as truthful, honest, relevant if we were in another part of the world if I was addressing these questions in another part of the world entirely because we are speaking truth that is our goal honoring the Lord speaking truth Scripture first exalting Jesus and then taxing all the controversies that surround us limit the meat share my heart.

In general, a little bit okay and then we can get it to some very intense specific site and this may be exactly what you been waiting for the lead in the midst of all the craziness around. I really hope that today's broadcast will be one of those things like a breath of fresh air, not denying the situation.

Not denying the very real challenges and issues, but rather living in such a way that were speaking truth based on God's word in wisdom and harmony with the Holy Spirit relevant to us today. That makes sense to me. That is certainly our goal in a moment I want to play a clip for you from from Chris Cuomo that I'm gonna take very very strong exception to an if if you're a God-fearing person. You will as well. Good get into that in a moment, but let's step back and discuss something that's a little bit broader.

You might say listen Mike I thought you started preaching it like 18 just true 1973 and you travel around the world preaching the gospel very true, and you've written books on revival. Dr. Brown's been a big focus is very true. You're involved in Jewish evangelism, apologetics and defending the faith and very true. You might say to me. So why do you get involved in politics. Why do you cross into that. Why not just stay with the gospel. Now an immediate responses will the gospel intersects with all these areas right a minute if if the gospel intersects with areas of justice than intersects with politics as we live in a world where political decisions affect justice decisions. I mean, could you imagine during the days of slavery, telling Christians stay out of politics, meaning, don't worry about slavery.

No, because slavery is a justice issue. That's it. Some of that God cares about and and in the heart of the slave trade from Africa something to deeply grieve the Lord in his and cared about getting involved with. That would mean on some level getting involved with politics. Now here's the other thing list for me.

Your your 10 or 20 or 30 favored preachers, teachers, radio broadcast Christian TV broadcast at all, but how many of them are going to actively address the issues that we address all very very few. In other words, if you listen to Christian radio. Over the course of a day most of it is edifying, teaching, preaching, and that's the way it should be. That's great, that's fine that's majoring on the majors right if you put on Christian TV and watch you'll see edifying message after edifying message. I wish there'd be more challenging messages but you know edifying messages and teach the word Allah okay that's what you expect you're not expecting primarily to go there and get political comments. Are you not expecting primarily to go there and now what would you do here is is how we should believe we should relate to Donald Trump or how believers should vote in 2020, or how we should respond to recent Supreme Court decision or what we should do with riding in the streets in and saw you and I can hear about that but you need to. This is the world in which we live and many, many years ago when I first went on radio many years ago it was, not live talk radio. Instead it was preaching. I would I would get along in in the little studio that we had and I did. I teach.

I preach my heart out and and we record everything and then it would air however long the show was 15 minutes. A half-hour forget and it would just there just like some of your favorite teachers you you know you hear a sermon from a church service or something like that.

That's what I did and there is a place for that. But there is a massive need for us to have a forum where we can sit and talk as believers about issues I hear. We talk about racial reconciliation. We talk about societal injustice. You don't think it's help me immensely to get callers calling and ensuring different perspectives with me.

You don't think it is enlightened me and expanded my horizons to hear from people from many many different perspectives and walks of life even more. Having doctrinal differences and issues I might differ with you, but you might be able to raise your argument so that other listeners and now other viewers can can see and can hear and and then it's also a place where you say hey I Dr. Brown I don't know what to do with this or Mike.

I'm unclear on this. We can help you.

So we are here for such a time as this place. We are here at this moment. By divine appointment and I believe even if you just tuned in today for the first time.

It is by divine appointment. We are here for such a time as this look for years. Every day we have been introduced as your voice moral, social, moral cultural culture enough introducer moral cultural and spiritual revolution every day for years things are just idle words you think we've said that just because once a cool way to introduce no, it's because we understand that we are in the midst of a massive moral and cultural revolution and have been for years that for the most part it has been from below and not from above that for the most part it is been destructive. It has it is hurt. The family is hurt the church. It is hurt the nation more than it is helped is absolutely imperative as God's people that we preachers of the gospel followers of Jesus, lovers of the word would lead revolutionary lies for good that we would overcome evil with good, that we would overcome hatred with love that we would overcome the power of the flesh with the life of the spirit that we would offer true and lasting transformation and liberation that that we would not just be another social Band-Aid, but that we come with God's message and his Jesus changes us that changes the world around us. If there was ever a moment for it is right now.

When there is an all-out call for revolution revolution revolution from the other side, but the other side. I mean, the flesh, I mean the world I mean the change that it is advocating for is ultimately not going to bring justice not going to bring racial reconciliation not going to bring equality. It's going to bring everything but that it's can replace one bondage with another one hatred with another and if you don't conform to the mob which does not have a collar on it. Okay the transcends race and ethnicity on some of the mob mentality that basically you comply or else this trouble and friends. The last thing the worst thing that you could do is is conform to the culture, thinking that somehow that will appease the culture. No it will devour you do remember many many years ago never seen this is a kid there was the movie the blob. Remember that I was there was a remake in recent more recent years.

The one is the old classic legacy as a kid and you know this blob grow whatever it swallows up it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and wet. Whenever I think of the mob.

In that sense I think of the blob that the mob is just like the blob all yeah you say this is exactly the profile of the high-level philosophical. I was a bit to get the point. The mob is like the blob. Whatever it absorbs. It makes it bigger, better think of a fire. The more you throw some into the fire. The bigger the fire gets, the more it burns, and the more it spreads. The more it devours so that's that's the situation today. You think, well, just avoid the, I'll just avoid the conflict just kind of bow down here or there and you know what happens you get swallowed up and now you lose the ability to stand, you lose the ability to speak because you've already been part of you, or even you've capitulated already and it was said this before, but the court attributed to Winston Churchill, is that appeasement is like feeding a crocodile and hope with each you last all you're doing is buying time for your certain demise.

So now's the time to stand up for convictions to stand up for what's right to be listeners to be learners we once were sensitive to the pain in the lives of others at the same time to separate the pain in the lives of others and and further realization about race related issues in America to separate those real issues from the radical voices that want to destroy America and that want to destroy the very things that you and I hold sacred. My friends, we come back a clip from Chris Cuomo all in some important news about my brand-new book evangelicals process to the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown this week. You see a bunch of articles from me that focus in on Donald Trump in the elections. It is specifically to tie in with the release of my brand-new book evangelicals at the crossroads is now available to order on Amazon if you order on Amazon little later in the week for you to give special instructions to get some free resources when you do, but you can order the Kindle to be out in a few days you go to the paperback at Amazon evangelicals at the crossroads will be past the contest, having immersed myself in the literature and the subject. I am quite sure this book is unique. I believe if you are never Trumper.

You will find it eye-opening and helpful. If you are pro Trumper you'll find it helpful if you're someone who loves the Lord and cares about America, you'll find it helpful. So the book just being released now evangelicals at the crossroads. So, in conjunction with that I'm tying in with key issues of spiritual concern to believers, the one that is up today. I can Donald Trump be elected without divine intervention… Gonna take something out of the ordinary to get him elected in 2020. You'll find that article interesting. Its on-screen delegates on our website.

Asked her to and on numerous other sites. All right, Chris Cuomo, CNN closed out one of his talks. The other day with an extraordinary sentence that it mind-boggling.

I have no idea why in the world he would ever say anything like this except if I surmises for all the wrong reasons. Listen to what he said and you remember if you believe in one another and if you do the right thing for yourself and your community. Things will get better in this country. You don't need help from above is within us.

Watch what you don't need help from above its within us would be one thing if he said hey look, we need all the help we can get from God. We need to pray and and asking for help, but let's not just rely on God we gotta do. We can, let's help another to do the but okay. That would have been one thing but to say hey it's with its within us. It's within us.

We don't need help from above what a wrong statement and a seemingly arrogant statement here just just look at some headlines headline from the daily mail. Look at this what's going on absolute chaos in New York City, massive shootings, I mean just a crazy environment New York cops Plainville deposit for 140% spike in gun violence is a here surrender the shooting surge across US over July 4. We can Donald Trump warns he's ready to intervene. Oh, we're doing just great. Look at this report from Reuters about covert, 19 yes, it's true that the death rate is going down. That's very significant, but the actual new cases of the virus over 50,000.

60,000 Army states as a wall.

We were expecting this in hospital starting to reach capacity and all your we're doing just fine within ourselves. We are battling this virus is for. We don't need any help from above. Or how about this in Atlanta.

The mayor of Atlanta.

There was a common confrontation with police. A black man was shot whole controversial scene.

They're very different than the George Ford killing in various ways, but still tragic situation. The Wendy's outside of which this happened burned down and then the people camping out there all will be Atlanta Mayor now says Wendy's occupied by protesters will be cleared after the shift, recent shootings, including an eight year old girl who was killed get the police out of there now you have absolute chaos breaking forth all Chris, we're doing a terrific job on our own by yourself then here's another headline about little children. Yes, these black lives matter little children 123456 shot and killed. I mean little children not even teenagers still tragic was teenagers but little children shot and killed over July 4 weekend and and in some of these places were just police are having a hard time policing and the violence is getting even more out of hand all yeah and as there is massive division in our country and were ready to tear ourselves apart as a nation and there's open hatred on every side on every political side on the left on the right and and all kinds of violence and anger and all you were doing a great job on her own.

All we don't need any help from above.

May the Lord forgive Chris Cuomo staggeringly his. His brother Andrew Cuomo made a similar statement about dealing with with covert, 19 in New York State of course New York said more corona deficit than any state in America. And then the tragic are so many deaths of the elderly in nursing homes were people worshiped over the make room in the hospitals work for young people and those in it becoming immanent and and ship those with covert over to the nursing homes was disastrous and now thousands of data we all need help from God. We only faith friends. If there's ever a time in American history where we need the Lord.

It's now yes we do what we know how to do. Yes we use wisdom.

Yes we we exercise caution. Yes, we love one another. We serve one another and we try to better the lives of one another. Yes yes yes that's a given. But you better believe we need help from God. The fact the best thing the very best thing that could happen in America if I could push a button and make something happen.

It would be for one hour. Everything would stop aside from essential services that have to keep going. Everything would stop every American.

We get on his or her knees and say God we need help God. We need you. God I need you all if I could push a button and make it happen. That's what I look to see happen with the Lord forgive Chris Cuomo boy do we need help from above were making a mess on our own 866-34-TRUTH all I got a lot more to say friends I got a lot more on my heart good to go to the phones literally momentarily understood an update in conjunction with my new book coming out evangelicals at the crossroads will we pass the Trump test and I'll tell you a bit more about what I mean by the Trump test in a moment, but in conjunction with that. I'm just doing my own pole here on twitter and without is big on twitters. We are at on YouTube or especially on Facebook. I got almost 42,000 twitter falls 20 let's do something a big following. So if I if I wanted report. You may get a thousand responses or something like that. And these are responses just for my twitter falls.

This is not meant to be a national scientific poll okay this is not this is not this is not meant to be something scientific is just pulling my followers on twitter. So I've asked this question periodically and almost always I get the same results. Namely average about 2016 how you can vote in 2020.

Did you vote for truck Trump clump did you vote for Trump in 2016 weevil from 2020. Did you not vote for him.

26 doing enough of from 2020 do not vote for him weevil from did you vote for module axle for options right so the the percentage of those that voted for him versus not voted for him at at the moment on my twitter poll is it's about 67% of my twitter followers voted from 33% did not. Okay, that gives you the perspective of those who voted for overwhelming majority say yes again in 2020, and a small minority less than 1/10 say no and 2020.

So they did in 2016, not 2020 as of the 33% to roughly 13 my twitter followers who said they did not vote for Trump in 2016. About half of them say they will vote from 2020. The other half. It's it's neck and neck say they will vote for him in 2020. In other words, this may consistent every time I've done this, that among those that I can survey so they can be largely conservative and largely Christian that the majority voted for Trump in 2016 and the overwhelming majority of those plan to vote for him again at 2020 that the minority did not vote for him, but all of that number, a higher percentage will now vote for him than those who said they would to follow that, according to this Trump is picking up more votes from those who didn't vote for him in 2016 than losing the votes of those who did vote for him in 2016. I know it's unscientific but every time I ask at the same results and then you have situations like this. Dr. Elmore, Southern Baptist leader, one of the most respected Southern Baptist leaders in America but the most respected evangelical leaders could not vote for Trump in 2016 to much baggage. Many issues with him. Now comes 2020 is doing an interview on your time somewhere in a major interview has trumpeted huge embarrassment. Yes, he has your vote from 2020. Yes, I will interesting.

In other words a lot of things about Trump. I don't like but as he said, given the alternative, which right now looks like social chaos and anarchy in every type of extreme position, the likes of which undermine so much of what is good about America that that's the alternative know you have to work out between you and the Lord you have to work it out between you, Lord. I just wrote a chapter for a book trying to explain why some black black evangelicals vote Democrat dislike for me. I can understand how any follow Jesus could ever vote for candidate who supports abortion and then there are black evangelicals. I can understand how any Christian with a conscience could go for some like Donald Trump so we want to talk to each other. We want to understand each other.

We don't want to cast judgment on one another based on a vote okay we don't do that, but we do want to vote wisely and we want to put our testimony first. My new book evangelicals of the crossroads filled on Amazon another look sadistic around the health view testimony priorities right wall, holding wife call. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends fire on sure our Savior rock while everything is shaking all around us. We do not have to be shaken. We take refuge in him. We come out strong clearheaded to serve a confused world.

If we cannot leave the way that house the world and find its way. If we cannot lead the way in racial reconciliation. If we can not lead the way in the meaning of marriage and family. If we cannot lead the way in the way of justice house will to get it right if we are the salt where the light if we don't shine. If we don't function assault.

How is the world going to get it right. Dr. King said the church must be reminded is not the master of the state or the servant of the state, but the conscience of the state's acute role for us is God's people walking to the broadcast 866-34-TRUTH, I do want to talk about Gavin Newsom and the singing in church van. Yup, and then because we just celebrated July 4 reminder of the words of the battle hymn of the Republic. The first to the phones we begin in Rockville, Maryland Susan, welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Graham taking my call. You're very welcome behind. I didn't want to). All are here for now they and all think that near LB falcon crawl reminded prayer about your loved one another not think we have to really leave it at that. We have the love one another and you know the characteristics of the Lord docket felt though about Rick being right now many of the Betty is not characteristic of the Lord in light like Gina Jesuit audit, though on.

I like the title of your compliment you on event evangelical credit, but I do think that in order for evangelical part president and a lot of our pity them living outside of the being inaccurate. Jan Markel America body underbelly that day that an event at Boda D pity her looking like a lotto and I do think that even Dell they're going to start pain from the pulpit that Pres. brought we like it is friendliness toward evangelicals, but you going to have to have a strong debit for election to know Betty. Betty can be brought back under the order because you imagine what going to happen want to get reelected. When it already like you know about it and can become more of a 40 unit before the what no I put pressure will get them. Let me, I don't think you need to put any pressure on the president to assert long order.

I think that's is his instinct to do that.

That's his first his first approach is going to be to do that now. Notice he has not just come in with a strong hand and taken over whatever fears there would be that he would do that and it certainly black is matter leaders so we distinguishing the truth that we proclaim that black lives do matter. We distinguishing that we distinguishing what sparked the protests and and the outcry of grief and pain we distinguishing Zach for those that will use this for their own political purposes that the black lives matter movement. People they said publicly, clearly, our goal is to get Trump out so the worse they can make him look the better case, they can make for it looks. It's a mad house.

You can even control things and if he would just come cracking with all kinds of force it. It could also play back in very wrong ways and in many people get hurt.

On the other hand, when you just let things go as some of these Democrat mayors have been no Jenny Durkin, Seattle, Escambia, some of love like a blockbuster party right in the mayor of Atlanta. Hey you don't take over the Wendy's and now kids people killed.

Okay, we can get the cops back in here is black because being cut down to black teens in Seattle that the autonomous zone killed at an end in and other cities were pleased to back away murders of black children supply closet matter so what I think has to happen. Susan is little different. I think Pres. Trump has the demonstration as loudly and clearly as he can that he cares about issues of injustice that he cares about police brutality, but the answer is not riots protest peacefully great.

That's a great thing we do in America.

That's what I think has to happen because here is your set aside to if you think you should add your average American. Which party stands for law and order more or who would send more for long order Republicans and Trump were Democrats but overwhelmingly I believe overwhelmingly this would be Republicans, Trump overwhelmingly and and therefore many are thinking is going to be trumpets can be social chaos and anarchy.

So if he's not in office then then what happens. Of course the troublemakers again were distinguishing the troublemakers from from there the righteous protesters and the people with righteous concerns were making that distinction. So please hear me.

The troublemakers would likely back down if they get rid of Trump on the other hand, the of the presidents is hey look I passed a store prison reform because I care about justice.

I I've I've stood with black colleges and historic ways and universities because I care about helping black Americans because of her history just does not put things on an equal footing for them. I think if he continues to do that and continues to meet with black leaders and and give a listening ear and say what can we do the work together to to make America better for everyone is been happening with the economy before the virus.

I think those are more positive steps that he that he can take Jesus and thank you for the call.

I appreciated 866-34-TRUTH of its go to Greenville South Carolina lore, welcome to the line of fire right, I and hurt you talk about upset about New York anyway. In Virginia in the state that are allowing natural third trimester abortion earned baby is survived abortion but also I'm very concerned that all of the state. I am a white stallion my my father came with born in Palermo, and both parents but and I went to I just somehow got hit brought me into black situations I with the minority student at NHB HP you South Carolina state chair. I did graduate work here and I taught in an all-black goal where I feel very deeply as white Americans don't understand about the black experience and here in America dead end.

What a and whether delivered by casket the church's responsibility in allowing 500 years of the things that happened between slavery and all, but the racism that that didn't stop.

In 1863, with Emancipation Proclamation and I'm very concerned and I wanted to hear what the wicked thought about this some more. The first thing is is to repeat to repeat what you said that that your average white American does not relate to understand the experience of many black Americans now I've learned more by listening to callers and by interacting with friends because what happened was over the years. As of work with with the black church for years and have good friends that are thereby Christian leaders and and interacting with conservative Blacks and things like that. It gave a certain picture that was, not fully representative. Okay, so I've continue to learn more. The issues I understood from an issue perspective, but by reading and study what I wrote the first edition of our revolution.

Book 20 years ago I quoted extensively from civil rights leaders and and and and started to get more a feeling the more I read about set slavery, segregation or history. On the one hand, there is always been a push, you know, starting with with Quakers and and and Mennonites pushing against slavery in America push against racism in America within even some of the strongest antislavery voices in America before the Civil War there were against slavery, but they were not necessarily for full equality reviewing working database or the barbarism of heart heart of slavery and look in the original declaration which in Independence, there was a section that Thomas Jefferson had denouncing slavery. There's too much debate about it. Apparently because they needed to bring the whole union of the 13 colonies together to to successfully fight against England. They compromise in certain things at the same time. Jefferson himself a slave trader but was also set in motion that you would not know slaves would be imported after 1808, but that didn't mean that there was equality and then even after the Civil War the South still said okay. The snow slavery both used their cilia to be two-tier zero the whites are in the black tear and then insert ways that existed obviously right up through segregation in the South, but in different parts of America remnants of it so it's important that the church. Southern Baptists I mention Elmore little while ago, Southern Baptists, 1995 made a major state and say hey we have to admit we have blown it here. Southern Baptists were born to break away from northern Baptist because they want to own slaves and and all the founders of the Southern Baptist theological seminary were slave owners committed Christians on the one hand and slaveowners on the other, and they would use the Bible to defend slavery.

So this this stuff has to be now this not a matter of feeling guilt over the past if you're aware, but it's a matter recognizing it because how deep the roots aren't just saying this. This it takes a while for the playing field to get even for everyone.

After such a long history of oppression and racism. I understand that as a Jew I understand what it is to be persecuted on that level not personally as much is our people but I cannot relate because my own upbringing. I cannot relate to the experience of a black American is been racially profiled or black American that doesn't get the same nod in a job situation because of color or there's just some subtle discrimination that's there so what we have to do more is listen to each other understand each other's success to hate, tell me about your own life upbringing experience and then okay, how do we fix some of this how we address this it it's is not a matter karmic one group feel guilty or or tear down the you know of a monument of of Abraham Lincoln S as I would do any good any good at all but but rather to understand things then to model racial reconciliation in our own relationships and then will we see injustice or in equity. We deal with, but it's starts with listening and understanding, and that's important part. So once again will say it. We affirm and shout out black guys do matter because too much of our history, the perception and the reality was they did not shout that out. We separate ourselves from the extremist troublemakers those with radical social agendas destroy America all right back with the battle hymn of the Republic of a nickel. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown so that the battle hymn of the Republic know that the background to that the writer of this was with her husband and Mr. they were out in the battlefields during the Civil War there was a chorus about John Brown's body is moldering in the ground but his soul lives on. So he was the abolitionist that actually launched an attack to their try to get weapons and then grabbing weapons from the government then lead an insurrection to free the slaves so we had good intentions but one about things and in the wrong way and there was a chorus that was used in and now the this sub writer wakes up in the morning.

Julie wakes up in the morning and she's just the words flowing through her brain. To this course is well known chorus that would be some of the soldiers and she rewrites it.

This is a Civil War song written in terms of freeing the slaves mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord is tripping out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored.

PF loose the faithful lightning of his terrible swift sword his truth is marching on his truth is marching glory glory hallelujah glory glory hallelujah glory glory hallelujah his truth is marching on.

I've seen them in the wants farce of 100 circling camps. They build him an altar in the evening. Dues and damps I can read his righteous sentence by the dimming flooring lamps. This day is marching on them. The chorus and then in the beauty of the lilies Christ was born across the sea with a glory in his bosom, the transfigured you and me as he died to make men holy let us live to make men free.

While God is marching on.

So we may have sung this in church services and not realize that this was the literal marshal lyrics literal military lyrics that key line as he died to make men holy let us live to make men free. This this was about fighting the battle to free the slaves. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Jamie and California. Welcome to the line of fire.

Sure thing and I'm already probably gotten by air that is viral in the past week in regard to what going on with the civil unrest and everything all the happening in our nation unfolding between her eye and on and basically talking about this vision be in regard he'll this coming fall and EE pretty much had a vision of what was going on last time McConnell bent back and and back and now he's even being out in a possible coming judgment all all evening meeting at the civil unrest and even election.

Many believing it coming to pass out. I want to now where you can on that income is correlating now it with what's going on in the nation. As far as like all this evil and email. Elma felt like his vision was a warning but on the effect of alcohol politely asked it back. Even though we can pray that it doesn't happen, but it on the effect of the famous ex-back and see what happened. Can you think God is not here. So the question is have number one. Do we take this is a warning from the Lord. Number two.

If so, how do we respond to it.

Also you pass today and I don't know him personally, but everyone in his or her goal or answer sent me the video so these things are going totally viral probably complete shock to the pastor when he posted them all. You are not a well-known pastor mega-church pastor but you had dreams back in December that really laid out a lot of what's happening in these months in some detail. He shared them with with numerous people that so you can verify interest watching it. I take him at his word and not try to investigate who we share things with but he saw you know September underline November, underline, brace yourself and when persecution believers of believers in an and so on.

And of my feeling is, but of course our course for the time of intense shaking. Of course it's all we can intensify in different ways. The closer we get to the election of course is to be continuing backlash against believers. Obviously of course we should brace ourselves. That's always the brightest of the brace for decades the words everything that's happening the craziness around us is the craziness of assumed not not in all these ways of them and I saw the virus with a specific right foot riots are just that. The shaking of the society of the upheaval in the conflict of values and viewpoints is that's been given to me for years and years and years and of what what you think I'm on the air as your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution because were in revolutionary times of massive upheaval.

Now that being said, what, when there is a word given Jeremiah 18 gives us a principal.

So let's just say we were living in Old Testament times, right, and pastor Dana was an Old Testament prophet and he proclaimed this with Jeremiah 18 gives the word from God is the potter that if he says he's going to bless and people turn away and send Hill instead of blessing, hoping judgment if he's this is going to judge and people repent. Then, instead of of judgment will bring blessing if you think of Jonah preaching in Nineveh is just five words in Hebrew old are by Amy own the name of and that pocket yet 40 days and Nineveh will be destroyed. He didn't say unless you repent in the snow. He said yet 40 days and will be destroyed.

Nineveh repents and God has mercy so whatever is happening. The shaking shaking the shaking the level of divine judgment and remits whatever is going on if we humble ourselves and cry out to God, the severity is his lesson and I do believe that in the midst of this, we can see great outpouring great moving of the spirit, soul, I'm living with a certain holy tension as I do in many areas. On the one hand, because I know in moments like this. This is when the Gospels advances when the kingdom is advanced.

This is one millions of people can turn to the Lord and be truly saved in the church can really make an impact for good.

On the other hand we wake up and get things right will look back at these days.

Today is as the days when things were peaceful, relatively speaking. So as a wake-up call.

Absolutely church of America if you didn't wake up. Yeah, she didn't wake up to the virus in the shutdown and the riots wake up now turn to God, cry out, and if you do in him. This blessing in him there is grace even in the midst of storm and chaos. A Jamie thank you for asking again get hold my book evangelicals at the crossroads just being released.

Now we pass the contest funds to be essential reading in these next months, especially leading up to November okay struggle back to the phones.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom remember when he was mayor of San Francisco years back. He started issuing marriage certificates for same-sex couples so he is always been quite progressive in that regard.

So there's been a lot of concern double standards in California. The general society has one set of rules of the church is no set rules to during the protests. Thousands of people in the street shouting, chanting side-by-side, jostling to thousands of people hey look it's boiling point. People need to speak in these are important issues church is now this past Sunday as a ban on singing a ban on singing. When people ask of them use them directly.

Could you explain the contradictions well just have to do what you think is best for your family. You know this the rise, the protests that's, like, something had to happen in one of them paraphrase one of these things at the moment, people need to speak up and she discussed make your own decisions. Click a little bit uneven. There please a little unequal standards and I merely thought of this. The song a Bethel song raise a hallelujah would sensing a little louder signal. Eliza, I bet that song was sung all over California on Sunday because I'm sure church is gathered and people so much as wisdom, come on right back to the phones let us go to Ryan and Arkansas. Welcome to the line of fire), how you doing well. Wanted to call when there's anything that I could do your help with you.

Looking at the moment we thought of what I do, how patrolman they never had a nearly bad of the other state. I would a few years ago. I like marble and going through your like fire again and there we went back there and Canada begin with, and the mower there were in disbelief. No late and we followed a little bit hard right to work on about looking what would happen and going all the Holy Spirit you later hand on her and another man did all patient Holy Spirit and it completely sugar bowl and unbelievable in our back were were encouraging the church and no two years the end of the year and after two years and and I'm kind of at a point now where the churches, I don't have a higher discipleship and an uncle.

You just just jump in. I hate to trouble you have 30 seconds first.

God be with you as a policeman, may you shine forth as a witness for Jesus in the midst of what's a very difficult job right now I just I just want to pray with you. The Lord would bring you and your wife to a place where you could thrive. So far, that's our prayer for Ryan's wife, that you will bring them to a place either within the current congregation with new connections were somewhere else where they could thrive and grow and be all that you have called them to be for the port your spirit on police men and women across the nation. In the midst of difficult time sleeping with the may they be used for good divination friends racial reconciliation talk about that small

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