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Why Israel Shut Down a Messianic Jewish TV Network

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 2, 2020 4:20 pm

Why Israel Shut Down a Messianic Jewish TV Network

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 2, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/02/20.

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Going to tell you what really happened in Israel. The real news why the government shut down the messianic use channel within the nation's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH air again is Dr. Michael Brown (two of Michael Brown delighted to be with you. Phone lines are open for your Jewish related questions if it ties in with anything Jewish: 8866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. Jewish listener Jewish viewer and you differ with my views about Jesus the Messiah or other subjects or your someone tuning in and you disagree with my views on Israel by all means give us a call will have a friendly discussion. 866-34-TRUTH would later in the broadcast I want to update you about a chance. Not surprisingly, a blatantly anti-Israel chance at a black lives matter March in DC again.

We separate the movement the black is matter movement and organization. We separate that with its anti-Semitic routes with its Marxism we separate that from the St. yes black lives do matter will come to that, and some updates from within Israel itself. But first I want to tell you the truth about what really happened with Shalonda TV in Israel.

This got world attention. It still getting world attention major news in the Jewish world. Here's what happened.

This is the true story that you can hear the counterfeit you can hear some of the misinformation in a moment. I can give you the true story and I'm even show you actual document that backs this up, but here's what happened. Hot TV cable network. It's in the 700,000 homes in Israel, the largest cable network within Israel God TV Christian network very Israel friendly stance with Israel. Help support Israel in different ways donates to help poor kids in Israel, things like that just because they stand with Israel. So God TV was approached by hot they had been on the air before Israel and hot TV asked about the coming back on.

This is a Christian station obviously broadcast to a Christian audience in Israel and they civil, what if we did content Hebrew Odyssey wanted to reach Israelis, Hebrew speakers, what if we did content Hebrew. In this way God TV sinking believers within the land. Local Israeli citizens local Arab Christians, but primarily local messianic Jews they can produce content for their own people in Hebrew in Israel with great opportunity. Hot TV suggests and they know exactly what they were dealing with, leader of hot TV, went to to a meeting with over 100 messianic Jewish leaders in Israel when they announce this my friend Lord Simpson dear friend, close friend who is the CEO of God TV Ron Cantor another dear friend, close friend in Israel who is the rep for God TV regional director in Israel. They both involved with this there amazed that the doors were so wide and graciously open and then their initial application. They said for Christian audience.

But then they change that application as the process was going on and said no.

This will be for the larger broader Israeli audience in the content will be in Hebrew for Israelis and that document I'll show you a screenshot little while was submitted to the government six months before they went live and they went live in April of this year so the government have this application based on everything. It was straightforward and Israel allows for religious plurality and their historic churches in Israel there is a branch of Brigham young University in Jerusalem was Mormon major Baha'i Temple in Haifa and mosques all over. So Israel allows for freedom of religion, but it is illegal to try to convert minors so the process has minors. It is illegal to to coerce or to offer financial incentive. Like if you will join a religion. We will give you these benefits that's illegal.

Otherwise you freely share your faith doesn't mean you won't get opposition especially from some religious Jews will talk about that some of the ongoing harassment but simply means is legal. There is no big deal. I should be tone who headed up the relevant counsel within the government approved it, and then Ward announce this for Christian audience. Very excited talked about what to reach all 9 million people in his remaining Jew and Arab okay that's what he meant to Sears to publish and you have the last thing I notice for fact the last thing we think is the process children losing them. No adjustment reach the whole nation. That's all he meant and then he said were to preach the gospel will immediately there was this uproar, missionaries got upset. Orthodox Jews got upset some political leaders got upset this uproar about it. And these missionaries who come in secretly in the try to do this and that, in the wholesale warts and was of the secret why we're announcing this to an international audience.

Nothing secret, but he realized the way he worded things could give misimpression. He immediately pulled the video and issued an apology in English that was then translated into Hebrews. There is no ambiguity. And here's the deal Shalonda has been broadcasting for a couple months and and you can still watch It's all in Hebrew, but Shalonda knew.TV you can see the actual content 100% perfectly legal, but because of the outcry and the political pressure should be tone said, you have to resubmit because your initial application. The application we approved was deceptive. You have to resubmit. Go ahead and do that and this was his way of saving face. His last day in office produces new government so there's someone else in his position now and then hot cable network. During the middle of the controversy lesson. It is the controversy just for one station, so this is not likely to reapply. That's what really happened. Now, here is the way it's being presented by those who want to play with fear and and monetize and popularize these fears and will spread all kinds of lies and deceptions to do it. Here is Rabbi Toby Singer who is a calculation is Windows is a counter missionary Rabbi is not been a Congregational rabbi.

He's not known for putting out wonderful books and Jewish thought or philosophy is a kindness wherever that's what he does.

That's who he is. So he's God to instill fear about the mission. Missionaries coming in over there secretly coming for your children. The older using TV as a backdoor, he's got to do that right in order to to to have a platform there's no missionaries delete a counter missionary right so here he is on a show called to not talk, and here's his description of what's going on will you know things are very special day because something that the viewers of very familiar with that Israel was really the citizens of this country will face with very serious danger from unending missionaries. But missionaries who secured a cable channel on hot TV and their intent was to convert all of the Jews. Israel to Christianity. In effect, it's CEO and president Lord Simpson made a very clear that we raise the money for this brief secured a seven year lease and we intend on converting 9 million Jews to Christianity. That's everybody right so so first thing again. Mort said 9 million. He just met were trying to reach everyone in this road you and Eric. We have access to the people to limit there is there is 0000 content on Shalonda TV that has any connection whatsoever with children or is trying to retrieve and I know the people involved. They know the law. They live by the law there Israeli citizens.

Some of the most obvious they have lived by this law. Always carefully, and they honor it and respect that you don't proselytize children. Ward never met that all but you gonna make it as if he did, and then rather than messianic Jews who observe the Sabbath who honor their heritage ability do not practice traditional Judaism. Rather than saying messianic Jews are sharing their faith with fellow Jews about Yeshua, the Jewish Messiah.

No try to convert everyone to Christianity. All right, now it gets even worse. Liquid told recess. We have men and women, children, the elderly and of course evangelizing children in Israel is completely illegal, doesn't prevent missionaries from going to schoolyards this all will children play and have them out back.

She lied to the Council lottery to lanai that was her goal and got caught on video saying exactly their intent. Gentlemen, you are peddling lies LI ES first missionaries going to children in Israel and secretly trying to you kidding me are you kidding me Toby Singer made a statement name for me. One messianic Jew in Israel one just one. One messianic Jew in Israel who has ever done that has gone to a children's playground and is secretly tried to proselytize children maybe want doesn't exist does not exist and there was no line.

As I will show you what is on the application. That is what matters.

That was the intent. That is what is also on the broadcast. Not only so Christian mission you find me a Christian missionary lives in Israel on estimates of weirdo gets off the plane think their lodge, the prophet Christian missionary Israel show me want that is guilty of going to schoolyards and secretly transmission us children okay one more clip from Toby just got it to get an even deeper in People scare know in Israel there is a law that you can't evangelize mine as I mentioned, so this is completely against the law and the idea was to have what's called a college Shalonda which means hours that I was the God TV station here in Israel on channel 182. The idea was to to penetrate up 700,000 homes here in Israel and converted children to Christianity, as well as the parents of the elderly. Latent boldface lies 100% on true, all you need to do is go to because the digital station is up even though the TV network is down, go to Shalonda.TV and watch the content get someone that knows Hebrew to explain what's going on never ever thought, intent, desire, effort to reach the children you don't do that in Israel.

And these are Israelis operated by the law.

The shutting down of Shalonda to be with illegal and unethical number and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown bunch more things I will talk about within Israel. So you might say will.

If this is illegal. If this is an ethical why isn't God TV challenge in court because they so encourage Christian support of Israel because they do not want to put Israel in a bad light because they recognize this was just a few people strong-arming things it does not speak for the nation as a whole, which would care less room broadcast ritual broadcasted nation is very much into pluralism and diversity outside of very religious Jews nations all find whatever talk about whatever you want to on TV that would not be an issue but God TVs felt better to stand down than to challenge this in court and to try to make Israel look bad. That's one thing. Second thing they realize that all of the publicity from the counter missionaries in the major Jewish publications in the larger Jewish world that all the publicity has drawn far more attention to the issue which I will discuss namely who is Yeshua sure the Messiah of Israel that all that's happened is drawn more attention to this issue and to the broadcast, then probably 10 years or broadcast could've done so all those that thought hey we shut this down what you did is actually open a much bigger door for many more to be reached, and many more to be touched, and in fact were getting the word out now about

I'm almost a thousand percent sure that this the digital network will reach far more than the TV network without suburban great tab for the first time channel within Israel produced primarily by Israelis within the land, all in Hebrew, was a first. But the fact is the message going out can't stop the message can't can't muzzle the good news with curiosity and attention drawn to this. I'm sure it's going to produce more good fruit, more Jewish people discovering Yeshua as the Masai than before. Let me show you a screenshot though. I asked Ron Cantor. Please send me a copy of the final document. The one that was reviewed and approved by government officials and the one that was submitted about six months before the broadcast went on and this is the final document which is take a look at this right as as Ron Cantor explained to me that is a section about the nature of the channel.

See 1.2 and 1.5 and to be clear it was not changed just before we went on air, but in July 2000 even earlier, but in July 2019 over half a year before when an air then the final license was sent April 2020 and there was no significant change that I am aware of.

And as as I'm looking at this okay a 1.2 it it it says that this is intended for an Israeli audience the college so Fabius Rachel this is intended for an Israeli viewing audience all right and in the final .1 .5 further articulates that so no ambiguity. Nothing illegal. Nothing deceptive. They said this is what we do and if you watch the channel that is what they are doing so. The bad news is, some people were able to shut something down illegally and unethically and claim that there was deception that was face-saving. There was no deception.

That's the bad news. The good news is the attention. This is drawn the discussion. This has provoked is far far far far greater. The counter missionaries talk about and talk about what your particular, this has been far more effective for getting the message out and former fruit will come out of it so will expose laws all expose the lies of counter missionaries absolutely without hesitation. At the same time. At the same time, we recognize God is using this for greater good. The message will continue to grow. Israel, more and more Jewish people will discover Yeshua as their Messiah right in the midst of being Jews in Israel. In fact, my friends, that made all the audit Israel if they were not believers in Jesus never would have. They would've been secular Jews in America.

They may have intermarried and assimilated. Now they're married to fellow Jews fell Israelis. They are living in Israel. They are serving in Israel there raising their children in Israel. The children are fighting in the IDF.

Their children speak Hebrew before they speak English. The they are doing this. Why because Yeshua change their lives and reconnected them to their Jewish roots and Israel as a whole don't claim is resolved. For this, this is a political thing is just like your political corruption in America never the nation you have it in Israel. That's what you're dealing with here.

Don't let the counter missionaries deceive you, and I will have a full editorial on this as well in the majors really publication within the next few days, so stay tuned, 866-34-TRUTH hey let me just say this last thing we are on the front lines. We are on the front lines and were on the front lines. With your help in the gospel, the good news is, to the Jew first and also to the Gentile.

So stand with us. Help us counter missionaries want to play on your fear is in and raise money off your fear is to support your work based on that, I will encourage you and say hey together friends were making a difference of stand with us if you believe in Jewish ministry. If you believe in reaching the lost sheep of the house of Israel. If you believe in standing with us as we expose the lies of the counter missionaries and by the way there counter missionaries were friends of mine who are not liars were not deceivers who operate with integrity. We have our differences and in fact I was just telling my team right before we went on the air that Toby Singer is an outlier in that respect.

In terms of the deception and the lies that the gentleman that I deal with through the commissioner I was I dealt with dealt with for some cases, decades a minute integrity.

I trust her honesty. Just a very, very deep differences about Yeshua and all those things that relate to that.

But where there lies to expose the Toby signals what will do it will do it in his millions of followers will come after satisfying truths can triumph. Those listening give me your best year.

Those watching regret my eyes. Truth is given triumph truths can triumph.

Yeshua will be exalted among his own people in Israel and there will be mastering Jewish people to recognize him as Messiah as surely as I sit here and speak it will happen. Someone invites you partner with us if you watching on Facebook. This donation button right on the screen there right into the video. You can click on that if you watch on YouTube where the bottom of the chat.

There's a $you can click on that. Every gift of every size helps us reach more people even more effectively and helps us bring the good news the Messiah to our own Jewish people. Also, if you are listening podcast radio girl website asked her to SK DR Click on donate and the firstfruits of these funds that go in will help us stand tall, reaching our people with the good news of Messiah. 866-34-TRUTH let us go over to Hawaii Derek walking to the line of fire around I got a question pertaining to return the believe that he will usher in the millennial kingdom as the political military leader that coming out Israel or you believe the a lot more extravagant during cloud connecting that in a literal thing. I literally expect him return because he certain I can arise in Israel's political military leader that would've that would've been if Jesus was not the Messiah would still be looking for a Messiah within Israel great Rabbi teacher to be a miracle worker, but he would lead the nation in obedience to Torah and he would regather the exiles build the temple and he would fight the wars of the Lord, that would be the traditional Jewish anticipation outside of Yeshua. Noah asked one is clear that is. As you saw him go up.

You will see him come down the same way and Zechariah 14 is explicit, his feet will touch on the Mount of olives. Second Thessalonians 1 is explicit he will come in flaming fire taking vengeance on those who don't know God, so he will come in judgment of the wicked of the nations that come up to destroy Jerusalem. He will fight against them.

We will be caught up together with him as he returns to descend to the earth with him of the Jewish people will be turning to him and crying out, recognizing him as Messiah and then the survivors of the nations that attacked Jerusalem will populate the millennial kingdom and with Israel in the center of it so I expected to happen quite literally, as graze as literally as he came the first time as literally he will come the second time and establish the millennial kingdom and then at the end of that bring us into the eternal age right and I got father-in-law at about Zechariah, but not all of you wondering if you're a beginner you can be much of a war that the Canadian acre that even got there is another, like a nuclear war, and of those who, Goddard and another flesh driver and the tongue level that sets. Zechariah 14 is atonement that that's that's and that's in the millennial kingdom. Speaking of of those that will not come up to worship God in Jerusalem since assuming the talking of the nuclear war there. But if you look earlier in Zechariah 14 it talks about half of Jews, the being captured talks about women suffering so and and if this ties in with dogma Goguen in in in Ezekiel 38, 39, yet it looks like there will be a real war real uprising, how long it will last. I don't know the exact nature of it out. No, I just know that it will be a people all over the whole world. This will be right in the middle of it but the gobble come and rescue his people will be crying out to him recognizing Yeshua as the Messiah like this. We hope and courage me.

Thanks for asking.

I will file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I got a special announcement and I almost forgot to make it bigger books chosen books publisher of the book the Craig Keener and I wrote last year, not afraid of the antichrist but will believe in the pre-tribulation rapture Baker decided for a few days to reduce the price of the e-book through dollar 99 yeah a dollar 99 like a $20 book and it's right now on Kindle on Amazon. The number one bestseller in Christian prophecy, theological eschatology and Christian eschatology on the hello it's going last jump on it. Tell your friends you say what you make on this document will make anything when a publisher puts a book out like that. No make anything as this gets into more people see what they do it to get to more people and more people like it. More people Tellos about it more people ultimately buy it but they do it to get to more people.

So this is really cool I mean the date of e-books allows publishers to do this so take advantage of it wherever you get your e-books. It's available but I'm just looking at Kendall now number one Christian prophecy theological eschatology Christian eschatology so not afraid of the antichrist. Michael Brown, Craig Keener read the book. Now it is today is July 2 so fearlessly on the podcast like a week later you miss the opportunity, go for it while you have the chance. All right, middle of the phones momentarily, but we have been warning loudly and clearly we have been warning that the black lives matter organization is anti-Semitic. We have been warning that it strongly stands against conservative biblical values that it is pushing a Marxist agenda that if you are a Bible believer. If you are a conservative Christian, you want to separate yourself from the organization.

You absolutely want to separate yourself from the organization proclaim loudly and clearly black lives do matter, but separate from the organization is not something you want to be part of it's only a matter of time before it will turn on you unless you are anti-Semitic.

Unless you are queer, affirming it will turn on you, so this is a BLM March in DC and this week I want you to hear what is being chanted. Let's listen to so this is supposed to be a BLM. March was in the tire with Palestinian day of rage and anti-Israel sentiments and roots of the BLM organization decidedly anti-Semitic supporting BDS boycott, divestment, sanctions of Israel, hostile to Israel radically pro-Palestinian bellow if you're pro-Bible you care about these really secure about the Palestinians and want to see it a good just solution for their difficulties and challenges.

All right, but this is this is what the movement is about it it it is not something you want to be part of so separate that the cause of standing with black Americans from the BLM movement/organization Israel murders children know you are that and how much does it take to go from there to violence against Jews was just wondering if you really think Israel is murdering children how much of it gap is all soon enough they get back to their main Champa delegate to try to incorporate a Palestinian chant as well as listen that they had a bit of a hard time squeezing in Palestinian lives matter, but usually is matter what you shouted.

Did you do Jewish lives matter, anything that into the equation is really lives matter no can say that can say that yes so just for those who wonder why we warn here is yet another illustration all right. Let us go back to the phones. Hang on. I'm getting there right now and we will go over to let's go to Fredericksburg, Virginia Luigi, welcome to the line of fire yesterday. Thank you very much. I am in full agreement to where you're speaking and overseeing of those guys and whatever you write on brother. So what I want to say something very special and for one thing, I am totally sold out to Jesus to only way to God.

The name above every name, the only potentate so you know I'm going to try to latest important thing out who Ben Joseph is now I can read any commentaries on this total, the Lord revealed it to me okay since you do believe in Revelation knowledge I've known the identity of that witness before the is no mistake about it. If you delay out all the Scriptures you come up with the answer without even telling you his name, the two witnesses. There has to lives is one of them.

You'd be surprised to know the other one is a New Testament that nobody else qualifies as an eyewitnesses revelations 11. I will give power to my two witnesses. What did Jesus say you are to be my witnesses so I know a lot of people think it's motor.

It's not most, not to give them to Old Testament witness Elijah because he was the one at a time of apostasy and he promised Elijah's coming before the great day of the Lord, right notable day of the Lord John the Baptist doesn't fit. There is no reincarnation in the Bible okay said no I'm not in Elijah asked my you that property said no Profit now I'm not going on the other side has to be Jewish. Okay, I know your your discussions.

A lot of this Islamic people trying to say something else so but I've always had a hard time with. I did have a hard time with it, but I kept praying that the Lord are not going to think I'm a heretic by say somebody besides Jesus not carefully, when Jesus said, you will not see me again when he wept over the city so you say Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord while Jesus is Lord. He's actually talking about the Jews that acknowledge the two witnesses they come in the name of the Lord okay cancel it limited to just just jump in and tell you why I respect you differ okay of first. I don't believe we can be dogmatic about two witnesses in the book of Revelation. For many many reasons and and you could even argue about larger interpretation of the book of Revelation, but Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord is is simply quoting from Psalm 118 and it simply means we welcome you as the Messiah. That's all that it means that's why they said those words when he made his triumphal entry. Initially, they welcome immigrants but above a sham and a nod.

Blessed is he comes in the name of the Lord. Yes, he himself is Lord, but it only means we welcome you as Messiah. That's what's being said it's is not about two witnesses in the site is a very difficult but there has to be another profit.

Jesus is more than a property even said that about John the Baptist.

Okay, but let's talk about Ben Joseph, I realize his genealogy because one of the dreams of Joseph was not book so this is unique because none of it. I did go to the commentaries on God, give me the revelation I went there and nobody got it right. But once you think about that link I sent just hang on hang on one second with all respect. Okay, if someone claims to have something by Revelation. How do we argue against that. I got the Scripture okay consume imaginative. Joseph was also filled in which dreams that the one who said you know your sheaves will bog down to my seat singular that fulfilled that part about the final winner is Ben Joseph.when I heard that I didn't when God gave it to me.

I went to no surprise that they were talking about is some people say to Messiah.

Doubly the one Messiah at the beetle lamp first.

Again this is coming as the King of glory right so he suggested gets it to jumping the dreams of Joseph, or dreams. Okay is not specific history. The dreams and the dreams were fulfilled with his family bowing down before him or that that was ultimately fulfilled. Now the whole idea that Judaism has two messiahs Messiah some Joseph and suffers fighting and the last great wars and then is raised from the dead by Messiah son of David and that that's a whole other subject, and something that's fascinating discussion and can we tie in to help a Jewish person see where Messiah some Joseph can apply to Jesus in and help and will help them bridge that gap. That's all of the discussion, but I appreciate your resealing this and feeling the Lord showed you something I'd encourage you to keep sitting Scripture and praying about it to get further clarity. All right, thank you for the call appreciate it. 86634 seat if if you say to me. The Lord showed me that the diverse means. Thus, in such I have two ways of responding. The first way is what. Let's look at the verse. Let's look and see and that's the right response.

That's the right response looks.

Let's look it's study as carefully as we can.

English even Greek whatever background context and let's see the Lord give you insight and it may be that, but let's see with the Texans is that something that matters. The other alternative is Satan the Lord shall be your own that's that's like the anti-hyper charismatic response and on the same resistor that he say with wicked Scriptures that's that's on seeking to do. But that's the other. That's the other way to come out right to say well you said, Lord, showed you I say he didn't. My reason for doing something like that would be to say we have to look at what the Bible says that we can discuss doctrine reassess Scripture after with the Bible says it's one thing if you say I was praying I did know if I should take this job opportunity are not Lord. Since we don't take it some betters coming, don't take it well. It maybe the Lord showed you that. But if you say the Lord shall be what a verse in the Bible means then let's look at the Bible study it and see investigated, and maybe do have an insight but that insight will then be confirmed by Scripture.

If you want to say and believe you didn't say this if your civil Lord showed me that's all that matters then as well.

Lord shall be your own is retelling the Lord showed you what a verse says, and we can look at the verse that I'm telling you the Lord didn't show you so there I will be back with your calls and an update about the messianic congregation in Israel never stand with us by clicking on the donation button on Facebook $on YouTube as we take the good news Messiah. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. He done for July 4 weekend so we print we live ready to take your calls and then after radio tomorrow plan to do a YouTube channel exclusive weekly YouTube chat so let her time to take your questions, get with you tomorrow. There's a congregation and start a messianic Jewish congregation and four years now. Ultra-Orthodox Jews have sought to disrupt they have gone to the houses of people involved in and prayed enchanted outside they have ceramic the building and things like that.

And again, Israel's not a perfect society and in some places. The police just I can deal with the ultra-Orthodox and the messianic Jews get mistreated is no surprise that happened in Jesus day it happened in Peter's day that happens we keep standing in the messianic community keeps getting stronger. Well here's a headline with a neat update and the update is that is really congregation wins restraining order after nine years of harassment from an anti-evangelism group. They finally sit okay if the police aren't helping us were going to court and thankfully the Israeli courts responded righteously said you you can't harass these people can't do that. So here the courts standing with the rights of messianic Jews in Israel that's positive. All right, let us go to Winston-Salem North Carolina. Scott, welcome to the line of fire as their values are doing well sir, thank you. I had a verse 100 about the New Testament in the Old Testament about allergic time together. Karen is in Matthew 13 verse three to yeah and every take your business. New living on the second envisioned it will take your learning as well. The incumbent cycle in the kingdom of heaven is like a homeowner brain prone historian mediums occurred as well as no yeah so when you say yeah sure Scott it's it's it's great verse he saying that someone is a teacher of the law, someone who is a a Torah teacher, so he knows the Scriptures. He knows the Jewish Bible is grounded in that now he comes to faith in the Messiah. Now he recognizes who you show is he's like someone who out of his treasures is bringing old and new.

He's drawing on the riches and the beauty and the wisdom of sun off the Hebrew Bible. He's looking at the insights that that God has given him as a part of the nation of Israel, to whom were entrusted with the oracles of God. He's drawing on that and he's drawing on new life in the Messiah. He's drawing on the new revelation that comes with the breach of the show with the new covenant and he's doing all of that and being able to put it together. It's it's something very special and beautiful. That is what Jesus is talking to hey Scott, thank you as always for your questions. 866-34-TRUTH let's go over to the Levite in Akron, Ohio.

Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown.

The question I have about Holy Spirit. What did I know about him. I don't know if this is true or not is it true that he can't handpick the components of the debates with actually CAN'T. Oh yeah, of course, that's an open secret. Now he has debated people like Craig Evans recognize New Testament scholar and things like that of but of course he's refused to debate me now going on for second time in public going on almost 30 years now and for the details and that just go to my website Esther to Brown, done or typing singer and will we set the record straight and Michael remains open to this day to have a public debate anywhere any time with formal rules of moderation with joy absolutely and in his reasons for not doing well. Our are either outright. I wasn't good that I was right there in just minutes, but for identity for a fact that there are other messianic Jews who know the material well who articulate they could to beta and in English he speaks Hebrew. They could to been in Hebrew and and he's he won't go near any of them that he will get a Christian minister and debate that person and and so she will absolutely do that and I know for fact one University couple hours away from me. He contacted them and said I'd like to come on your campus and in debate debate in a leader about your scholar about Jesus and they contacted me and submitted US typically won't. I guarantee he won't listen okay will hold the debate here will host it and you'll debate Dr. Michael Brown nope won't do it, but such as me there others, so he will in that sense handpick so your Christian your devoted to the Lord you love the Lord, which are not used to dealing with Jewish objections, or you don't know Hebrew p.m. your candidate held debate you in a heartbeat but a messianic Jewish scholar or mission church leader.

That's capable of debating the issues for years. He won't go there. Any of us absolutely live a career debated on your tour were your copy of it on the radio and federal ocular moderating, and evidently her second debate that you promised you wouldn't put it out the first one was in the house of a Russian messianic. You in Maryland some months before that one and that's the one. It was just recorded by people there were three cassette tapes and he asked me not to release that. So we agreed not to. And then the subsequent one when those on Sid Ross. That's the one that was released okay will why why would you grant a request like that.

I love the debate of Michael yeah I don't think coming anywhere near me either. But I would never want to give them that old frankly devil that the fact. The fact was that wasn't close. It was we were interacting at that point we were interacting with. It was civil I was seeking to be honorable. None of us signed an agreement that we would be doing the debate that day and it would be available to the public. He was kind of embarrassed with how he did and we were having no dialogue and then there was can be a subsequent public debate. So I was happy to to be honorable. I was sick to be honorable and I don't I don't even know if we have those those tapes, but it is in any case, the bottom line is he's refused to debate Moses, but is constantly interacting with this average Christian why people say what I say to Toby safe Sequoia witnessing to the guy. Pray for him is are the arguments is rejected the arguments now.

I want to say again, their account of missionary rabbis that I've interacted with for years that are honorable that don't rely on cheap tricks and lies and that they don't debate publicly because they have a no debate policy or because they think that debate still really help advance an issue because the negative history of Christians forcing Jews to debate over the centuries and things like that are professing Christians, forcing us so I I respect that and there honorable people.

Okay there honorable people. So I am not making a blanket accusation against all commissions out the folks like Jan Joachim Israel there unethical and they will do what they can shut you down right but the folks I've dealt with for many years. Toby is the exception. So I want to say that's it.

You don't think that all kind of missionary rabbis are unethical and practice the same kind of things that that he does drive time. Yeah, I've got time here. Let's go over to Stephen in New York. Welcome to the line of fire.

Hello Dr. Brown hello I'm up a tree on supporter. I have a quick question for you nice talking to you again Jan, our family started to have some from phone call get-togethers to the rate from the pandemic and you we've been doing some praying together on the phone a lot about their from different parts of the country and I thought it would be a good idea if my dad could could give give us all a blessing so I thought that not the number 622 24 through 26 would be a good one yet. My brother objected and said now that that's a blessing that Aaron gave to Israel and its definitely not appropriate for course it is, of course it is.

There's nothing that is specifically about Israel. It cannot be applied to all of God's children in the Messiah, and not only so, but second Corinthians tells us, and convince one of his many promises God has made their yes in the Messiah.

So if it was a specific saying about say physical territory. You know you will you will inherit this physical land and so on her this particular geographical location is yours be a different story. Or, you know, drive out the Canaanites. You don't go drive out your ungodly neighbors, but the beautiful blessing of Arisa called an IV Shrek of the Lord bless you and keep your minute and is goes on that reflects language of Psalms that let reflects larger promises in Scripture.

My friend Warren Marcus. He began to teach on the so the Lord moving in in amazing ways is a whole book where he opens this up so with all respect your brother and his concerns. This is a beautiful blessing. It's wonderful blessing and if you want to add in a benediction like second Corinthians 1314 which specifically speaks of the grace of the Lord Jesus that than five, but by all means use it I friends were at a time phone lines would be open tomorrow as we come your way lives today tomorrow and like to chat

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