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The Heartbeat Bill

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 30, 2020 4:20 pm

The Heartbeat Bill

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 30, 2020 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/30/20.

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There's been discouraging news from the Supreme Court this week, but my guess says that stopping abortion is just one heartbeat away stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on today's modifier broadcast to be encouraged. We always speak the truth. We tackle challenging issues, but we always do so with the spirit of faith in the midst of challenging times in a challenging word world are you ready to be encouraged. 866-34-TRUTH is on the call 866387884 Michael Brown delighted to be with you serving as your voice moral sanity and spiritual clarity at the bottom of the hour can be joined by Janet Porter and begin to talk about the heartbeat bill and why this could be so significant.

Yes, it's true that there was discouraging news with the decision of John Roberts, Chief Justice John Roberts decide with liberal justices and vote against Louisiana bill that would've just been one more step towards pro-life and the Supreme Court discouraging news on that front, but here's the reality friends were in a fallen messed up world but let's just understand were in a fallen messed up world.

The first parents of this human race. Adam and Eve saw their firstborn son kill his younger brother. I mean the family tragedies get much worse than that, your firstborn child kills your second born child in cold-blooded murder is beginning of the human race. The greatest leaders that we had in the Old Testament were still flawed and fell short.

David, a man after God's own heart, came under divine discipline. Solomon the wisest man who ever lived came under severe divine discipline.

Here, the Messiah, the perfect one comes to his own and his own people as a nation don't receive the apostle Paul, the most anointed human beings are the lived rejected and persecuted city after city, the Gospels been here 2000 years and still, much of the world rejects the message of the cross so we shouldn't somehow think that we are just going to see good results all the time. We want to want to see positive results. But hey, before abortion in America there was segregation before segregation.

There was slavery and and with that, there was mistreatment times of Native Americans or in the midst of our Christian foundations. There were the Salem witch trials. In other words, we've never been a perfect nation.

There is no perfect nation on the planet.

There is no nation on the planet that is primarily godly every nation in the world is primarily ungodly in terms of overall with godly remnants in the midst of some of the larger godly remnants the modern state of Israel is not a godly state just reality. So while it's disappointing to see a defeat here or defeat there with the court in the culture wars receive the advance of the cause that we believe is a wrong cause. Let's not pull her hair out or throw in the towel. Jesus is still Lord work in the midst of a world where people have a free will and can freely choose. So my goal is to stir your action.

My goal is to stir the faith. My goal is to stir you to take a stand for what is right, at any cost to live for Jesus to make him known and then the rest is in God's hands. Rest is in God's hands, 866-34-TRUTH have a question for you I would put a poll on this in a moment, but feel free to call in. I'm curious to know if you go to a Bible believing gospel preaching church so the Bible is considered God's inspired word. Jesus is the way to salvation. He died for sins, rose from the digital to the fundamentals of the faith. What percentage of sermons that you hear from the pulpit of your house church. Whatever the setting that the regular teachings, what percentage would you say are addressed to or devoted to politics speak by name about political leaders speak by name about political issues.

What percentage of the sermons over the course of the year. Is it less than 10%.

Is it may be between 10% and 25% more than that.

Is it not at all, let me know. I'm just curious because I I'm pretty sure I know the answer. If we did surveys across America.

Just curious to know those listings we can recall this like either way and you don't have to take much time on the phone. Just answer simple question into 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

The reason I bring this up is that earlier today I was on a liberal radio show with a liberal radio host Nelly let me speak fairly and freely credit for that. And then he came back quite plainly with where he differed with many of the couple because we took the end were quite interesting one from a state rep was while the cause of got little while originalist with a smile. This got a laid back into his false statements, but we were time on a new book evangelicals at the crossroads we passed the Trump test comes out July 13 and I think it's must reading for evangelicals in America must reading, leading up to the 2020 elections and beyond his friends there something more important than who wins the presidential elections is the conduct of the people of God is the testimony of the people of God. It is how we live out our faith in the public square. It is whether we can get involved in the political scene without compromising our testimony. That's what we are talking about.

So the book is can be very important reading and it comes out July 13 as we get a little closer to it will open up more the contents to as as you listen as you watch you computer on Amazon or on our website now, but there is an impression that evangelicals in particular white evangelicals stand strongly with Pres. couple defend him in any cost, and he can do no wrong in her eyes and obviously if that's the way we are perceived.

That does compromise her testimony because the president says and does many things that the Christian process perspective are indefensible. Both the same time doing many good and positive things so I I know that there are some major evangelical leaders who are constantly speaking defense of Donald Trump or have the last four years and there is an impression because of that that evangelicals in general are very much politically minded and that in pulpits of churches run America, there's a lot of talk about politics and who to vote for, etc. my impression is that there is minimal talk about politics that prominent evangelical leaders will say things and in social media will talk among ourselves and talk about this a lot, but that overall that's not where the focus of preaching and teaching is in fact many churches. There's a desire to hear more about political issues or social issues because people feel they need guidance.

My impression is that your average local church is much more involved in shepherding the flock, feeding the flock ministering to the people God and reach out to the community reach out to the lost, reaching out with good works to help those in the that your average evangelical church the gospel preaching church is much more involved in that than it is politics that your average evangelical church gospel preaching church is I can have a sign in front of it is to who they're voting for that again I'm talking on average, so will get some feedback. I'll do a Twitter poll on that but will see if things are what I think they'll be also I found in a desk drawer today. I I know when I had put this there subsonic it was hidden for years, but it is a very tattered and torn Warren addition of life magazine life.

The famous magazine for social many years now. I guess they just put out some special edition issues from time to time.

It's October 10, 1969 big color $0.40 $0.40 and it's it says life.

A new series revolution. What are the causes, how does it start can it happen here and this holding up those watching and see revolution yet quite quite the cover at all. And on the back on the back way six on the back a cigarette yeah, a cigarette, those of the old days.

Don't settle for some of the tastes of the time, Viceroy is you all the taste all the time. And of course there's the guy in the gal importance. This makes life better Viceroy cigarettes conciliar member okay, but I hold us up to say the 1960s were revolutionary time in many nations, but in America with a counterculture revolution and as a result of that revolution culture shifted in many wrong ways. Positive things like civil rights movement positive things in terms of greater opportunities for women.

Those were steps in the right direction, but most of the other things that happened were negative generation gap in rebellion and radical feminism and radical gay activism and so many other things that Rose at at that time and then had a negative effect on the culture as a whole. I live through that some of you live through that and is were watching what's happening in America in front of us.

I can say that some of the most extreme elements in extreme for the 60s are becoming more and more mainstream every year that goes by, more and more overtly mainstream. And remember, with all of the iconography of the of that or excuse me with all of the iconoclasm of the 60s and the smashing of idols and and the tearing down of things that were sacred in America that the statues weren't being toppled Abraham Lincoln statue of George Washington's Ulysses Grant who phot fought against the slavery South that these statues were not being defaced or attacked or or pull down. Things are far more extreme today. The answer is not simply political. The answer is gospel based, the answer is not something radical new different but New Testament discipleship New Testament following Jesus New Testament devotion New Testament service New Testament faith New Testament anointing of the Spirit New Testament taking a stand for Jesus by life or by death. That's the answer to the chaos of people that surrounds us right when you come back I will go to your calls, 86634. Truth is the number to call and again, if you haven't yet ordered evangelicals at the crossroads you can do so. or at my website is Brown hair on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown is Paul again bottom of the hour will be joined by John Porter talking with the heartbeat bill. Let's start in Mechanicsville, Virginia, Connor, welcome to the line of fire Brown. I'm going to spotcheck what was there about politics of hope eventually yes or no interdependent merit has been no speed of politics directly in the pulpit.

Thankfully Albert) Effingham that come to my current church distrusting the issues in a lifelike marriage as you have going on that closet question that came to what that meant. Not yet, how hurt how how many of yourselves are being you.

How many years have you been going to gospel preaching churches. I'm going to about three church in Corinth gospel preaching churches before least Oklahoma life okay will have A corporate I'm 23 years old, 23, and how many different churches have you been in. I have been to Roman Catholic Church or earthlike 10 years of the last one of the community and nondenominational to Baptist Baptist and now similarly Hospital five Curtis BuSpar got it right. See your experiences been pretty much the same from Roman Catholic to Baptist Assembly of God that you you're not hearing sermons about political issues getting a little mall because of the black lives matter issues etc. but otherwise not hearing at all about political issues from the pulpit better than that one will read more hurt or feelings rather than a taking a political side. The undressing variety store stance on mobile scope be nonresponsive to the overall heart if you were feeling. Got it. Got it all clear yet and seeking to minister the gospel into the situations we should get a card. Thanks for calling and in my guess is that your experience, your experience is similar to the experience of many many others. So yeah, thank you, thank you for the call. I appreciate it all right. Feel free to call in if if your experience is similar, or if it's different that now we are dealing with political issues on a regular basis. My suspicion is that I do Twitter poll that we will be probably less than 10% will say what people say 10% or less of the sermons over the course of the year deal with political should study my guess my choices 10% less 10 to 25%, 25 to 50% over flip side of your produce. Anyway, wish we shall see. I will switch subjects here for a moment, a John in Queens New York. Thanks for calling the line of fire, either giallo yet Your Honor narrow your director. Thank you for working on. I have a quick question yeah I was reading individually in my mind, and Matthew 10 one. Jesus sent out the 12 entitled and gave me authority to drive out interest.

Did you disease is affected. Mike, my question is on first Corinthian talk about gifts of the spirit seems like everyone get tickets to give sisters separately and I was wondering do we get it separately. Not like that like the 12 disciples of the 12 disciples Like you don't like. I guess I can call the whole package as I found that the drug from the same outcome. No, I can't know like Fenton authority to know who drive out spirits like the chemical elements as John and I believe that every child of God. Every follower of Jesus has authority in Jesus to drive out demonic spirits.

I don't see that anywhere as a special gift. I see that is something that comes with the Holy Spirit being in our sin upon us. Now if were not walking in faith there for not walking a right relationship with God, then it could well be the situation where we are. We are not operating in the potential that we could to deal with demonic powers, but when it comes to the disciples they were sent out on a specific mission as Jesus representatives all at one time and he sent them out and commission them and empowered them to do what they did right and potentially by faith any of us could heal the sick, or raise that potential and enough, in other words, if we believe God all things are possible to him who believes James Jacob, the fifth chapter since the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well so in that case that anyone can be used by God to heal the sick, to set captives free, but as we all come to the Lord at different times and we all have different callings within the body without organs receive everything at the same time, and none of us will have everything in terms of special gift so potential by faith any of us could pray and be used by God for a miracle right here you're driving down the road you see a terrible accident. A child's been hit hit-and-run driver the child's liner not breathing crowd God have mercy say this child and the that their race from the debtor they come back to life. God can do that through anyone you) but as far as a a gift gift of healing or gift to special faith or gift of prophecy that something that is not just once in a blue moon.

Once in 20 years that something that and it in a regular basis is working in a particular person's life. And again, one has one gift one has another because we all need each other, just like one person is a special gift of giving one person is a special gift of administration. One person is a special gift of teaching one person has a special gift of showing mercy similar to Paul listen in Romans 12, so the same way. This one has a special gift of prophecy. This one of interpretation of tongues. This one of healing the swing of words of knowledge.

In this way we complement one another and we realize that it's not the person. It's the Holy Spirit that's the key thing is not look at me. It's wow landlord is Q through. I can't do anything he's working through my limit were dependent on one another and we honor one another, just as we do the whole body going okay thank you very much, Dr. you are very welcome John prescient that hate limit lite quick story and and just a reminder that the Holy Spirit is working through flawed human vessels that none of us, in and of ourselves or perfect or complete, that we need the Lord and that his strength is manifest through weakness and by his grace we live lives worthy of the Lord.

Okay, so a pastor told me the story.

He said it's gonna sound like I'm speaking badly about someone else but I'm actually speak about myself. He said he was in the church is very large, prominent church will mention the state and in those days it was very common that you have that the elders are leaders sitting on the platform.

Now it's less common when I came to faith that was Norm, the pastor of the leaders would would sit on the platform behind the podium and behind the pulpit and and that was not so that's what was of the pastor was making some announcements behind the pulpit. The elders were sitting on the platform, and a man that they knew a Christian leader from the outside came walking in and without invitation. Walk right up and sat down with the elders on the pulp beyond the pulp and my friend looked at that and was a friend who does he think he is getting spoken here. We know him, but this walk incident, he said. Then, in a very obvious way and if you been in Pentecostal charismatic circles unit. People can have these mannerisms wants or speaks of the members is in the very obvious and outward way. The, the Lord is is saying something or he he believes he's getting a message from the Lord right and he then proceeds without invitation to walk over to the pastor and to interrupt and to deliver a prof prophetic word to him which was exactly right on target.

The content and the timing right on target, and my friend was stunned and he said Lord, how can you use him and the Lord said, I use you so we have to remember that there are no superstores that, as Paul wrote to the Corinthians 2nd Corinthians we have this power in earthen vessels so that it might be known that this is from God and not from us that when you lay your hands on the sick person in their field.

It's not because you have some magic in your hands. It's because the Holy Spirit is healing three. When you get up and preach an amazing message, and in many people get right with God.

It's not because you're such a great orator.

It's because the Holy Spirit spoke three when you sit down at the piano and begin to play some quiet worship music and suddenly people are weeping it's it's not simply because you're a good piano player.

It's because the Holy Spirit is working three so we don't boast in the flesh.

That's why God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise we don't boast in the flesh boast in the Lord. That's was written, Jeremiah 9, which called" in first Corinthians 1.

Let him who boasts boast in the Lord let your boast be. I'm a child of God. Let your boast be. I belong to Jesus. Let your boast be God save me and gave me his spirit we boast in the Lord, not in our selves. All right will be right back with Janet Porter talking about the heartbeat bill why this is significant for all of America and why, in the midst of some discouragement in the pro-life movement. These are words of inquiry number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown of your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown you are involved in the pro-life movement. If you care about pro-life issues, then you know this was a very disappointing week since the deeper trails Chief Justice John Roberts was appointed by Pres. George W. Bush cited with liberal justices in a decision that he thought was wrong, but because the corded previously voted a certain way he felt he had to vote that way effectively voted against his own vote from a few years back and a bill in Louisiana but unsafe abortion simply saying that any doctor performing abortions had to be able to admit someone to a hospital within 30 miles something that's simple still got defeated in court. You could say less discouraging and would violate him and try to forget the courts. Forget legislation as I could change anything.

Well, my guess Janet Porter some news that will encourage you and and give you a ray of hope in the midst of the discouragement and and a path to bring about change, while pointing to the humanity of the unborn.

Janet is an author. She is an activist. She leads faith to action. She's gonna talk to us about the heartbeat bill. What's happened in Tennessee.

What could happen across the nation, a Janet, thanks much for joining us today on the line of fire.

Dr. Brown. It's a privilege to be here with you.

Let me ask you first. How you felt when the ruling came down early this week about the Louisiana bill. I felt like so many other around the country, betrayed by Chief Justice Roberts has as you know, disappointed us many times in the past and I think what it does more than anything to me. His point to the importance of the upcoming election is one of the reasons why I dedicated my book to Pres. Donald date Donald J. Trump because there have not been anyone in the White House who has done more as he spilled the courts. It was it was planning on putting new pro-life justices on the beat the Supreme Court filling any vacancies in the future, and this is this is the critical part part of Lori are right now we are and we are 54 decision in a very reasonable and and you know basic law from Louisiana and that you need to have finally admitting privileges. If you're key if you're going to be doing surgeries of abortion it. It's absurd that we would see a loss when we got the court you know it in the position that it is what John Roberts just cannot be counted on. Which says we need a president is the point pro-life justices in the future to fill the vacancies the upcoming vacancies that I know Ruth Bader Ginsburg is very likely to be someone who maybe next because of her age and and her health. We know that if a concealing of your vacancy soon, the question is to fill it and do it and it just aptly have to be present. Trump if you want to see children protected in our lifetime and Janet new book, a heartbeat away why the title.

What's the book about the book is about an idea that God gave me about a decade ago is looking.

We can't rescue every child just yet.

We can't start the legal protection at the point of when each of our lives began at the point of fertilization conception.

But let's at least recognize the universally recognized indicator of life that doctors around the world recognize managing human heartbeat else.

The reason why we never been to the funeral of somebody with a beating heart that the reason why they have the heart monitors and hospitals.

They're not there for decoration. Everyone knows if there's a heartbeat there's life and all were staying with a heartbeat bill is very simply that if a heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected. Hey, let's no longer discriminate against the youngest members of our human family. Let that use that same indicator that we use across the board everywhere else include the very young and this and this stuff endeavor and I think that that's really the idea behind a heartbeat bill on a heartbeat away book that God itemizes the even before I got I got the book out.

It's already outdated. I said there were nine heartbeat bill so there's about to be can at the governor of Tennessee is a great to sign the bill into law that will mean that we will listing heartbeat bills passed in Arkansas, North Dakota, Iowa, Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia, Missouri, Louisiana and Ohio where the battle all began back in 2011 so so the bill's then says as these Bozeman past nine and about to be 10 that the baby is protected once a heartbeat is detected as is it that simple. It's really that simple.

There's a life in a moderate section. Our physical health exception, but but but that does not work to recognize this baby as a member of the human family with a beating heart. And once we hear a heartbeat same as anyone else in the hospital.

Payment of a personally found lying on the street we wouldn't just conduct a funeral.

We would check for a pulse, because that is an indicator of line in order to quit ignoring it when it comes to the very young that that's the gist of the heartbeat bill is just as you said very, very simple. If a heartbeat is detected, the baby is protected now been introduced in 29 states and as we mentioned it past and about to be number can at the governor of Tennessee. It is about time that bill into law. I want to get back to the courts of the president Trump in a moment, but a larger question. Many times when we when we care about an issue is passionately us as we do pro-life issues and and caring about every life, beginning in the womb and then outside the womb.

There's a feeling of you want to see it all happen all or nothing at all, or how can you even make an exception or anything like that and and many would say look, you have to be incremental and bring about change your William Wilberforce and others fighting in slavery. Recognize that take incremental steps. That's one thing. And the second thing is every life saved is positive, so if you can't save all 10 if you've got people drowning you dive in and you grab as many as you can. You don't say because we can't save all 10 when I can dive in and save any has that been a help to you emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, say hey were never going to get everything we want in this fallen world. But let's do what we can to make a difference in as many laws as possible. Why think your analogy is a very good one. My position has always been.

I think the true pro-life position.

As we try everything. I mean we we we fought for years I worked in the incremental approach you know we get parental consent and a woman's right to know the 24-hour waiting. Even lobby to pass the first ban on partial-birth abortion. But those millimeter increments they can get us very far. We still have a body count over million innocent children every year yet okay so I've also been a part of personhood efforts at let's try to get them all, but the position is you don't you don't stay because we can't rescue every child. We don't get as many as we can't but that's really what heartbeat Billiton incremental bill, but it's a great big increment that Dr. Wilkie before he passed away, the founder of the pro-life movement.

National right to life and reality it be the establishment group.

He said this could actually protect 95% of the children whose lives are on the line in an abortion mill. This just doesn't get it all the way to the point of conception. Our goal of protection, but it does get up within inches where we are right now were miles away with the with the court sanctioned view of viability that that we can only protect children if our technology is up to a standard where we can sustain the life outside the will that that's a terrible arbitrary method. We got a scientific method is a scientific solution that says look you know where you are in the abortion issue, we can at least all agree that it that it fellow human being with a beating heart is worthy of legal protection that's really what the barnacles showed there was a recent Georgia particle that showed that 80, 86% of Republicans favored this but 69% or 7/10 in America believe that the doctor can detect the heartbeat of an unborn baby. That baby should be legally protected by law and what surprising to many is that Paul found even a Democrat majority, 55%. Democrats believe the heartbeat bill is something that they could support because it is a common sense thing it out to deny a heartbeat, is to deny science to ignore.

It is heartless and that's really the bottom line we want we want any building protect anyone. But this bill Is to get inches from our goal, and if it is just a scientific solution that tells the court records that they were allowed to legally protect children. If the if there is a likelihood of survival to live birth will guess what, guess what the medical experts bound. If there is a detectable heartbeat and unborn baby. That baby has a 95 to 98% likelihood of survival to live birth weight got a much better indicator than viability. Viability is a is a measurement take a measurement and they take a guess and it can be as much is 90% wrong.

The heartbeat, if it's closer to 98% right so that if a child is got that beating heart. It will very likely survive to live birth almost certainly survived the live birth and were just telling the court listen you can say things you want to admit that what you've done is taken the lives of 60 million innocent children. We can just move the marker is that we got a better approach got a more scientific standard but the heartbeat bill does and and Janet.

You follow the stats for the years of women who had ultrasounds and if they had an ultrasound before an abortion. The vast, vast majority decide against having abortion and there there been efforts to before you have an abortion you.

You must view an ultrasound.

Some states have gone for that and then of course you have these these movable clinics were people pull up with the truck in front of the abortion clinic and say hey would you like to have an ultrasound first and and so many women who do that will not will not go ahead and and have the abortion. This is a similar approach and that you are emphasizing. This is not just a clump of cells you know when when when the mother feels the baby kick the first time, and there are member with our first child memo I sent late weight down.

Now try to get your hand there feeling the excitement, the amazement of the life and there, but the most fundamental outward indicator is obviously DNA everything this. This is the moment the child can see there's that's a real human being, but this is something that's more tangible, something that people can feel more hate. There we found the heartbeat so it does really appeal to the humanity of the mother. The father and the society. Let me tell you how it does that when we we actually brought in when we first introduced a bill in Ohio replied in the youngest to ever Buy a nine week old unborn baby with a mobile ultrasound and) the legislative committee. We did is the state and we did it in Congress. We brought an unborn child, but heartbeat was being heard by the legislators and the committee and you don't the cohorts went crazy and you know Janet, her antics and janitor canal gimmicks. It admits that that you defend your pro-abortion position you got to deny science got a run from technology and that's what they're doing. But when we show that baby's heartbeat on the ultrasound screen. Bear in Congress and the judiciary subcommittee.

What we saw is bit the probe or trawl. There they were disruptive and they were wearing purple and and could barely purple the new pink. They're all there.

But when that baby's heartbeat was seen and heard on the screen. The room was silent even one of the protesters who had been disruptive moments earlier was seen wiping tears from her eyes and what Ms. told me is that if the heartbeat of an unborn baby can reach even the hardest part. It can reach America, we found that in Ohio where one of the women was asked by a friend to take an abortion to cut take her to an abortion mill have her child built and she said once I saw that ONCE I brought about publicity just the publicity of the heartbeat bill saved the baby's life and handed me the phone.

He showed me months later that a little boy named my friends will be right back to sanity check out the hard way that important part.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown and voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again Is Doctor Michael Brown Way, Janet. I do have one more question about justices being appointed in the president but first time about the book who's it for how would benefit readers sure on the book heartbeat away is is people who go out, been an ardent pro-life activists for many years and decades as I was in estate is nothing new under the sun occurred. All of this is new is what this book dies is give, give us with the pro-life movement is been missing for nearly 50 years and that is a clear pathway to victory on it. Also, for those that are maybe in a purple state like eyelet. I was there in Ohio where we were faced with what things like insurmountable obstacles, primarily from rhinos. Republicans in name only, who were blocking this most protective bill to Echopass in the state legislature and ways to get around the creative ways to get around it how you need to do whatever it takes and what does that look like we only ran a full page ad and television commercials.

We actually had an animation got a cartoon that don't help you get to get the bill through 11 speaker the house that I'm gonna pass the bill because I don't want to cartoon made about me. We tried every creative way that you can imagine, and it took almost a decade to get our bill through. So what everything we've learned is in this book. How whether you are a new new new pro-lifer or whether you're a seasoned pro-lifer. This book gives you the tools you need to get through the obstacle, say something else. You do not need a massive army to get this done, you can pass the heartbeat bill in your state is finding out there looking to do it other nations as well. But where you live. All you need is a handful of pro-life activists who will do whatever it takes. I can count there were times in this battle that I could count on one hand, the other people I called my friends, but at least I knew they were the people who would not bet were now not bow down would not cave in and that's what it takes.

If you really want to end abortion and not just march about, not just talk about it, but this book is for you. This is how to end abortion how to stop a killing in the way to do it is to do something different than we been doing for the last 47 years. It's an approach that I believe will work if not mention introduced in 29 states. It's now past intent and with every one of those heartbeat laws. Another arrow is being launched through the court system directly aimed at the heart of Roe versus Wade to deliver the fatal blow to abortion on demand with the guilt about. It's about ending abortion one talk about it go somewhere else to march about that another 50 years.

This is it for you. This book is for the people that want the killing to end and care enough to be one of the one of the instruments. One of the warriors. The special forces.

In this cost to get it done you loud and clear. Janet, I appreciate the passion, the faith, the seal and in the practical plan of attack, so less questions. A primary reason that I voted for Donald Trump was the court's and was also a vote against Hillary Clinton and those that she would appoint to the courts. Now of course there been hundreds of of appointees to federal courts across America by the president that have have had a very positive impact in many many ways in but 99% of major cases and I'm gonna make it to the Supreme Court anyway so you get settled there. But the two justices appointed by the president to the Supreme Court new corsets and Brett Cavanaugh. There's a massive deployment disappointment with justice corsets couple weeks ago.

Not not just be on the wrong side of of the bill about redefining the meaning of sex, but writing the majority opinion soaked.

Some would say Janet, what's the use and and John Roberts was appointed by George W. Bush. What's the use these guys. You never know how they're going to vote their get disappointment. I'm sure you heard that before. How do you respond well. We can always stroke her hand and say you know enough to not but this isn't about us, about the million lives that are on the line every year we were being brutally tortured and unimaginable ways that they supported about our liberties as as as they are being put to the test about our values that come before the court. I think that what what these recent rulings have done it issued a wake-up call in or start wake-up call. We'll just take the boat.

The word of someone is that while there conservative that we think there there with best of their pro-life, we better make darn sure, and that's what I believe Pres. Trump is now willing to do. You don't look back in the Bush days that the pertinent get constitutional conservatives make use all the codewords Trump Pres. Trump come out that I want only pro-life justices and back that's working to get with him and that we been getting. As you mentioned in the federal courts is neglecting every judge appointed federal court probably not all hundred percent, but okay. What there at night and day different from what we see in a Biden administration. We will see pro-abortion justice after proportions, justice, and honestly better at it that we are. They make sure that I think sure that the doctor they put on are going to be pro death and that will get if we don't get Trump back in office and I believe is that he's had a pretty start wake-up call as of late with the Supreme Court. You can even get a canal.

Justice Roberts behind the Louisiana building just so basic that they ought to have admitting privileges in the hospitalist probe woman as well as pro-life and they could even go along with that yet. We need to do court and the only chance we have of getting it is Pres. Trump got it yet again. It's the alternative that you don't want to put all your trust in the manner in court obviously put their trust in the Lord, but what are the alternatives are friends. Check out the book, Janet Porter, a heart beat away thanks much for joining us and for all the hard work over these many years. I appreciated. Thank you Dr. Brown sure appreciate accomplishment guidelines get a signed copy and actuate our work ethic like one. We will get one assigned.signed copy often on All right, I should've asked for the to the website ethic to publisher. Thank you to all right well so encouraging to hear that from Janet and the past she's been a long time get discouraged, but she's not she's not she's going for and Outlook.

These urgent times I want I want to show you two headlines all right. I will show you two headlines. Let's pull up the first headline. This is from St. Louis and if you know what happened. Protesters marched into close community and gated community where the mayor lives demanding his resignation and an attorney who actually fights against police brutality interestingly helps minorities here. His wife cannot front of the house.

They were scared he had rifle. She had a pistol and a student from the house that in the what was going to happen. Thankfully, the protesters pass by, but he said the attorney said this isn't a protest it's a revolution.

His words, this isn't a protest it's a revolution and immediately it reminded me of the famous words and and this was probably in the back of his mind. The famous words from the beginning of the French Revolution, when when King Louis's is being apprised about what is happening and always is it a revolt as some kind of revolt. No a revolution.

July 14, 1789, a revolt, no a revolution.

This is in a protest today. It's a revolution friends. We are here as your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution and day and night as much as we are flooded with hate mail with death wishes with the ugliest, most profane, despicable comments coming our way. Day and night, which we wear as a badge of honor and reproached for the name of the Lord. We consider it an honor to be attacked in the line and hated for him as much, as we receive that we receive a constant flood of appreciation of thank youse from so many of you, thank you for the broadcast. Thank you for the articles and in your seminar to us day and night. I appreciated deeply because friends this is a team effort and it's a scriptural principle that as your blessed that you give back to support the ministry so your your your first giving should be in your home congregation supports that local work, but if were helped to if these radio broadcasts. If these podcasts if these YouTube videos of these Facebook live streams if these articles if if we are helping you if we are blessing you all at no charge. This is our joy and privilege to give to you at no charge. If were helped you would you stand with us today.

We just want to remind you as is. We've almost never talked about finances over the year for three years and years and years.

During this moment where I am unable to travel out and speak all traveling. Speaking has been canceled for several months and going out on the road receiving offerings to help the ministry all go out and speak to bring in money to help bring in funds to bring the message to you serve you so were unable to do that right now which means were even more, relying on each of you stand with us. So if you're watching on Facebook right now there's a donate button which you click on it, stand with us. Your gift of any size one time regular is super super appreciated if everyone watches out under this in $5.01 dollar $10.

It makes a difference the same on YouTube the bottom of your chat window. This $. Click on that contribution of any size helps us reach more and more people and again is is just making up for a lack in the body coming to get us a Dr. Brown. We believe in what you are doing.

We want to stand with you and help get this message, a casino friends were not backing down.

When I quieting down when not shutting down when I compromising when I can speak with anger when I can speak with hatred and speak with wisdom. The love of God, the power of the spirit speak the truth, believing is: six and if there's nothing we can do against the truth, but only for the truth. Also, you can go to my website ask Dr. Brown double-click on donate your gifts of any size make a massive difference friends in revolutionary times that I'm telling the nation, touched by the gospel is happening, having extra standing with

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