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Separating Fake News from True News

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 24, 2020 4:50 pm

Separating Fake News from True News

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 24, 2020 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/24/20.


No I don't like to use the term fake news. It's so overused but it really does exist, I will show you today, and much more stock for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown hi friends, you are tuned into the right broadcast right time. Michael Brown delighted to be with you and welcome all of our new podcast listeners different online services.

So glad you found us at the light a fire, that we found you are honored privileged to be with you and friends with you day and day out.

Now 12 years on daily talk radio.

My goal is to honor the Lord and serve you.

My goal is not to win popularity. My goal is not to get more clicks on our videos.

My goal is is not to be better known.

My goal is not to make you happy.

My goal is to honor God and serve you and we really destroyed by God's grace to be your voice more sanity and spiritual clarity. We really do prayerfully try to get God's mind step back from the craziness of the world around us get wisdom, get God's mind, get God's understanding that may mean sometimes that we misunderstand each other that may mean at times that I say something to put you off a little bit that you say some the challenges me, but if were committed to honor the Lord listen to one another. We will make progress and if we can do it here as followers of Jesus and live talk radio with people interacting on Facebook, YouTube, silver social media platforms as well as redoing our lifestream if we can do that here, whereas it can happen whereas it can happen in America. Here's a recall 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884 got an important announcement for you about my forthcoming book evangelicals at the crossroads will be passed the Trump test all sure that with you momentarily, but were you going to show in a bit.

I want to talk to about the phenomenon of fake news term.

I don't use a lot because it's so overused and that is our convenient way of ignoring whatever widow might affect news fake news, but it does exist and I wanted illustrated for you with some recent events to show you how in the Farias how dangerous it could be how our minds are getting shaped by what other people tell us and we don't even realize before we get to that though. Can I be once again totally, absolutely candid with all if you cannot do that and those of been listening regularly.

Have I earned your trust sufficiently to be totally candid with you. I hope so. And those who are newer to me. Just read a few articles listen to you broadcast. Watch a few videos please share because there's a history here with those that have been interacting with regularly for a dozen years, and those that have no my ministry and followed me for decades to begin preaching in 1973, the age of 18. Sometimes I get a little frustrated when people listen.

But they don't listen, they hear the surface of what I'm saying but not the substance of what I'm saying it's as if every day. Every article restatement have to prove yourself again so that people will listen to what you're saying and it's really counterproductive and it's harder for me than to be a blessing and helped to you so let me explain what I'm talking about. If you have followed me over the years, you know that when there have been difficult race related issues in America. For example, the coming of trave on Martin by George Zimmerman.

We talked about it very openly on the year and I and I establish parameters then and I said listen, let's just be open and honest with each other. I want to hear your thoughts and if you offend me. That's not a problem.

I want you to be truthful, but essential, you allow me to be truthful as I speech and if that offends you then you're asking for it for truth and will process it. Sometimes were both speaking truthfully, but different perspectives of the same thing.

Sometimes I have half the store you have the other half the story.

Sometimes you're entirely right. Sometimes I entirely I'm totally right there various possibilities time around, but I have been determined to talk through walk-through issues with you and when I wrote my book revolution that came out in the year 2000. I immersed myself in reading about movements that change the world for better or worse, so we could be Communist manifesto.

It could be something Mao's Little red book or book on G hot on the negative side or the positive side things about civil rights movement.

I tried to read and understand revolutionary movements for good or bad. That's why got a lot of of the writings of Martin Luther King are I got stuff about Malcolm X is well. I read about prophetic black voices in the church in American history read things like Ewing Newton's revolutionary suicide.

He was the leader, the Black Panthers, I was trying to send social movements how things happen.

The cry of the oppressed.

A valid response in invalid response and is one who for decades has spoken to the church about anti-Semitic history about the church's sins against the Jewish people through history. I have no problem whatsoever as a white believer speaking about the sins of the white church against the black church or white society is black society America Europe no problem with that was run a fallen world, and even within the church there. There been blind spots.

There's been sense of where there's an issue.

By all means, let's address it or let's recognize him for the past I have no desire for Christian today to feel some type of collective guilt for what the church did to the Jewish people in the Middle Ages, but I want you to be aware of the history interested understand why Jews respond to the gospel.

Certainly sometimes is because of the memory of church history in the same way a black American could say hey we see the killing of George Floyd. We remember the lynchings remember that enough to resist a history there's a context so I've done my best to understand that to listen to friends that are shared perspectives that I missed to recommend things me to read and immerse myself into getting better perspective because we all have our own life experience you haven't been with me 200 trips outside the United States.

You haven't been with me went when a been on the streets of Jerusalem talk the rabbis you haven't been with me as is the risk my life preaching to Hindus in India, but I have been with you in your life experience in your upbringing in your culture right so we have conversations of wheat we interact with each other right on the way up here was totally dear black brother discounted to know them by phone recently one of our regular listeners here and he said of the black versus white supremacy would he think they mean aside in America said, I think they mean that whites have the inside track and Blacks have the outside track by history and by design is exactly as it but when the secular media uses it there using it differently.

So here is the fine line of try to walk. Sometimes I get a little frustrated because I feel like some folks are just ready to jump without hearing a read an article yesterday and I explained in an article that I don't believe races was really dividing us here in America and in the article as it absolutely the race issues we have to deal with absolutely I believe it's harder than America to be a black American.

The white American. On average I go through all that and I have even a lot of my conservative friends upset with me for this. I have no problem looking for examples of systemic racism or injustice radically believe we need to look at those things and insert levels exist at the same time I don't believe ultimately races with dividing us in America. I believe most Americans don't want to be racist, and most Americans if they see a problem or want to fix it when it comes to race issues remain on hologram solutions but I believe this hard to do it, but there there is a force at work that is demonic that's trying to divide, says my point, and that the radical elements in the society. The radical right which is been largely marginalized, but that would divide one way that would be the way of real overt white supremacy against everybody. Also, Jew hating, by the way, and then the radical left in the radical left is now the darling of the secular media in the lungs being celebrated. So I see those forces at things really work to divide us and people shall document how can you say racism doesn't exist I say racism doesn't exist.

The thought never entered my mind.

I been an advocate and an ally for my black brothers and sisters for years to say, let your pain.

Let your frustration.

Let your perspective be heard. Like I mentioned the story, but I was I was flying from Phoenix to California few months back and sit in extra very well dressed black man. We began to talk Hughes Bishop and his church as we began to talk about racism. He said you know I dress up like this when I travel blessed because otherwise people wonder what's a Blackman unit first class I fly first class all the time castigate free upgrades because I travel so much right, he's absolutely right that if you Season's I will you're an athlete, or maybe like rap star's all progressed well your businessman okay you belong in other words, in other words, there this stuff in people's mind. He's absolutely told me right now.

I understand that the city was getting served. It's like oh okay do you belong or not this in the year 2020. So I sought to bring this perspective up as well. At the same time. My insides are shaking with intensity thing America wake up this is not primarily about race there is a radical leftist Marxist destructive, chaotic and Arik is there such a word, and anarchists. A lawless spirit that's at work that wants to destroy something to shout that out.

On the one hand, absolutely with the top of my lungs. And yes, black lives matter if anyone gives you the impression that they don't matter, I'm shouting out with you and they do matter. At the same time, I'm warning about this divisive, destructive agenda that wants to destroy all of us that that will do no good for kids or grandkids are the future of America that will ultimately fight against the gospel because Asante got anti-Christian and the truth and try to separate that from from standing against racism and people. While you dumpling race.

I am not I am underscoring the negative, destructive force, etc. I'm drawing attention to demonic powers that will destroy I am seeking in that sense to be prophetic and not just to look at what we see with our eyes, even though what we see will arise is is pretty overt.

Pretty scary and pretty intense. Instead, I also want to point to what is happening on a deeper spiritual level, so I say it, though, everybody wants me to say it every day.

My white friends my black friends, Asian friends, Hispanic friends, Jewish friends, bleeding friends, nonbelieving friends, I'm trying to speak the truth in love to please hear me. For those not know me, don't judge by a word here or there. Read the articles. Watch the videos listen to the broadcast get to my heart. Hey listen, if you believe in what were doing everyone right now watching on Facebook. There's a donate button on the screen with your gift is five dollars and $50.01 dollar hundred dollars. It makes a difference. We have massive vision in front of us.

That's going to enable us to put out even more quality content reaches more people to help you to $cat screen click on the presentation. Of course listening podcast radio to ask Brown. Double-click on donate friends together to make a difference right. Real faith is that her plan and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown guest for a few minutes at the bottom of the hour, but otherwise will be able to take your calls today, 86634. Feel free to agree with me, disagree with me shouting amen tell me I'm wrong, some a conversation all right.

I don't use the term fake news a lot.

One, it is so overused and too it's a simple way of dismissing something I don't like that's just fake news and I watch it happen on every side of what you have been on the left, I watch it happen on the right watch it up in Christian circles, non-Christian circles, people just dismiss what they don't like as fake news on the other hand, the reason that the president got so much traction by using the term fake news is because many believe that newscasters article writers, others are not giving news as much as opinion but casting the opinion as if it was actually new so this got my attention with Pres. crumbs Tulsa rally this past Saturday. Now this is not to be pro-Trumper anti-Trump. This is to be pro truth. It's just it struck me as a perfect illustration. So what happens there's great expectation for the rally. There are reports of a million people who have put in reservations saying they want to be. There's obviously not a million people from the immediate area, but this people click on a button say they're coming. Trump was going to address it and and an overflow crowd first and then the crowd within the their convention center would see that like 19,000 people something like that and this big event to the place can be packed while it ends up that court is local fire department regrets 6200 were there no others to look at the pictures look at the empty seats, the it was way more than that. Actually there but this in the midst of covert, 19, and there were protesters and things like that. And then there were reports that the tick-tock social media growing giant young people in China using tick-tock got out the this mass participation for people to register as if they were going and she got this crazy number of million people stay away because that all these questions always issues obviously Trump and his people were expecting more hoping for more. But what struck me was the way that this was being reported so one headline gives us six reasons six excuses.

This is on CNN. Chris Alisa six excuses for why the Trump Tulsa rally was such dud. The picture of him obviously getting off is playing in his got his tie undone six excuses for why the Trump Tulsa rally was such dud, though many of us don't Pass the headline while it was such dud, but what got my attention was I was looking at some headlines on another major website daily mail Joseph Laurent's junk entertainment stuff is just looking at some of the headlines and it said to have Donald Trump's campaign staff who are at disastrous Tulsa rally test positive for coronavirus beneficial cynical wearing masks will so it was a dud. Now were told it was disastrous.

No. If you read through the article he barely mentions rally and what it does speaks of the much more measured tone so the rally was a dud.

Okay well this is much worse now. The rally was disastrous disastrous that the headline okay. Then another report on politico it says is inside Trump's Oklahoma tobacco and just striking the D's right is a dog no-no worse than that. It was disastrous. Oh no not even that it was a tobacco what happened. This must be like the end it's over for Trump and then reports widely reported. Trump is furious. There are news reports Trump furious and underwhelming Tulsa rally turn out NBC. Other news outlets and by the way of the White House denied this on the following first day of business on that Monday said no such thing, but there's a report Trump furious and then I notice this because Trump did a rally last night at a church building in Phoenix andthe a packed house so member the first rally Saturday. Now this is his next one on the campaign trail.

Three. Four days later. Tuesday Donald Trump finally finally gets the packed master reception crazy 3000 strong students rally in Phoenix and calls coronavirus kung fu again. Scott's fire pepper balls and protesters gathered outside sets within it is a brother that's what you need to know is this part but notice he finally gets to think of it like this.

You're you're watching a baseball game.

It's the first game of the season leadoff hitter gets up pops out to second. He's out third inning. He gets up to hit again and lined a single to right. He finally gets ahead. Finally, the hitting time is the second at-bat of the season with me. Finally, okay, I give you question with with 10 choices really hard to pick okay what you think the right answers. Number three notes not number three number six that set you finally got without filing a second shot. In this case just a few days later from Saturday to Tuesday, but the rally was a dud tobacco was disastrous and now he finally gets respect that you realize that the impression is created through that you realize this new reality that is created out of it what you pro-Trumper and Trump is completely material. What was it really though God was really disastrous was really a tobacco about this report. Look at this.

The rally was watched online 8 million viewer to 7.7 to be exact. 8 million viewers. This affords headline watch Fox News coverage Trump social of the other major news outlets didn't run it.

Fox did 8 million viewers all hang on this number the exact number 7.7 broke all records for a Saturday night broadcast in the Nielsen ratings in the history of Fox the dud tobacco disaster drew in more viewers on Fox on a Saturday night than in the history of the net work, who all and what about those that watched online stream. According to this report for millions more Trump campaign touts 4 million online viewers for Tulsa rally. So between the physical present presently present. People then you add in the big numbers 8 million watching on TV for millions more watching, 12 million people watching a part of the rally, some watching all of the rally and then as far as the base that was there.

They seemed energized. I watched little parts of it just to see what was going on Trump's email address again, you may like them or hate them meet you below what he said or hate what is it that's immaterial and and other said there were people that one away.

They were on their way. But protesters that want to have to walk to the protesters with their families and then this during covert, 19. Maybe it's not so disappointing to draw that many people who are willing to come to rally in the midst of concerns about infection and and passing on the virus in sickness and death, but the bottom line is a reality was created by the secular media reporting on something a certain way and by the time you dig down and read further details then you will is okay I am getting an interpretation of the events rather than news about the events, even if if I'm giving excerpts from a speech right you could grab an excerpt from my show today little bit here little bit there and posted.

Brown says this Brown says that it would be completely nonrepresentative of the overall content and message and friends it happens on the right and it happens on the left. I am not making a partisan political statement today. I'm happy to if I feel to, but I'm not making a partisan political statement. I'm not making a pro Trump anti-Trump statement. I am not making a pro CNN anti-CNN Pro Fox antifog statement I am pro truth and I'm urging you do your homework, dig and then come to your own conclusions. You'll see the cry on that the banner on the TV screen sometimes and you're looking and reading something, but what you're hearing is different. I don't mean two different stories. I mean that headline is not the same as the details of the news behind the headline comes in again. I see this on the right exit on the left a look at headlines like wall. This is going to be full of information. Very revealing, and I reads like it said Dodd has left us a duck is nothing there you go watch is really embarrassing moment amending the Jeb Bush campaign. Embarrassing moment where he has to urge the small crowd this a good momenta to clap. It knows it's a lifeless campaign without any energy behind and so on and I watched the video was nothing they had a little town hall setting and they made a comment then just leave this be a good time to come like a preacher says be a good time to say amen but just miss leading fake news is out there and like I said it's on the right.

It's on the left and we really need to not just be moved by headline and it's been moved by the article information video if you're serious about the subject.

Check it out dual research dig. Don't be too painful on file name is light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown to get to your calls shortly. One thing that we need to talk about getting perspective is different ways that Americans look at our history different ways that Americans look at the flag different ways in Americans with patriotism, strong points of America. The weak points of America and and often in the midst of this folks who feel very passionately this a week we sacrificed for our liberties. We sacrifice for freedom suite we sacrifice or you could have freedom of speech and those are those veterans and in through an interesting series of events I met Donna get a let her pronounce her last name for us with an organization, operation decisive victory that's looking at to help people that are often neglected and forgotten by our society.

Just another of these things like how do we miss this with these things pass by so we need to calls shortly 866-34-TRUTH but first I was so glad to be joined by Donatella Mena pressure last name. Fire departments okay the what the way it looks the way it looks. Donna tell us about operation decisive victory so I earn at battering. Actually, I mean that we remain current grandpa and the type of victory not carry terminology blatantly and on like that and plot battle in order to go could be coming back at all and ultimately when me when the war and not exactly where we were in our own personal journey and we were in a war that actively we would like the current and we had only Apple battle exactly where all at one with the new environment you and family, and in 20 panicking the product not illegal and legal, applicant endow every and lead paint at the Avenue B and regulatory the white sheet and check blackboard down by the back or the current land that ranked me did not care like iron and decay yell you everything right.

We at night had been a high being and traumatic brain injury and know the Treatment of the armband bath on primary caregiver, heck Kauai like Bartlett think the appointment normally delinquent.

Everything began their current dark program started out Eric that don't meet the criterion of legal criteria for active family and we find our stock law and are not an organizational night operation. Despite the victory is on not looking take them out to the plate and programmer started at Eric not cute but thinking or indication or any other nonprofit that Abbott be just one work with everybody. Make sure it at both Mike and I am on folks that don't meet the requirement of the quantification pretty.

I'm not planning on folks are still being cocky and I not turned away and pick it up and cannot handle so dominant you're speaking in particular about veterans in need that so I get discarded that don't seem to fit the system and even if you love good intent. They end up left out is tremendously frustrating when the system that you thought was for you, doesn't seem to be sensitive to your needs. So what are some of the specific things that you you do to help veterans are or what kind of people should reach out to your organization and every battle and we Are. You are why not.

We don't have anything where I started it directly to our nation and we don't have any membership ballot. We don't have any requirement that we all Ararat and we start all and we know we tackle goal will will get you down and legal consultation, mental health, white, and we tackle, prevention not just by paying the rent, but also working with Pamela Apel and not paying the rancor eviction and helping with addiction but also what abolition a good home.

After saying I don't get blank currently only look at the bigger picture evening banding and chronic dilution and generic pollution that we provide it a lot harder under and how understand the situation understand family and I and ODD folky holistic approach.

We don't want to just suck it under battering and we want to make sure that we look at it and in piety and biblical and keep it meant that the mental, emotional, and virtual body pain brain NPP can character in order for that battering feel all right down anointed family deal organic apple and a great Friday and the way we look not only military and when when I started acting out active duty service members being trained to gather data going to get a charity cataract behind each other family at the point but then when there when out that there are going family get together to Each other aptly cataract and gangly and outstanding with starting date completely and binding. Looking at you, you, and we got it right. Not don't understand how we function they don't understand why we are in the range are downright efficient and don't understand our family and how do we do need an elliptically family at a now and to integrate the fragment and not way when he can't reach out and maybe only to be told that they don't meet that requirement now and in America and you have to be to be labeled a bald moment of look at the table.

Thank iron or an battering and anyone be right next to me and on and biblical content." Don't think that we can't correct our organization chart detailing rack battering blank Park 9/11 banner and went down our organization that they think that the hearing went on battering funkadelic heartland technique wheelchair technique to extract but I'm what I organization that you don't.

Note don't have to be a combat veteran. I don't cook 9/11 or currently have laid out at the Longhorn battering and she needed help with filing don't be mean time you wipe with all people to get the van. I know our own journey with. Well I found not following a car and it can start.

That he will not and help in time dynamically can't meet at the end of the day. When Mimi cocky and I veteran population any type of population.

And then I can help correct but unlike black in the way back to make them help on on my help and I are prepping the Legion blank and green helping date that Johnny back and everything else that I veteran family yelling. Donna, I appreciate what you doing friends go to operation DV is a decisive victory operation D. again this is a service it's being sacrificially freely provided to help others know we didn't have a hardship situation. Donna with with my mom when when she was in her late 80s and early 90s but will remove drifted to stay with us a certain point, we were able to just care for in our home.

We got a place to stay, but it was out of her budget.

We found out that's because she was a veteran shoe and my dad to protest where years earlier. She was entitled to certain benefits. We never knew about it, but the to get this thing done was massive.

We knew people that were trying for years will we worked with someone and they got it done in a matter of a couple months and it was a life changer so when I hear about the suicides. The high rate of suicide, depression. I have been in the service. I can't relate to what others are going through, but obviously there are there a lot of needs that there some friends. Check this out operation DV as a decisive victory operation If you're veteran in the know veteran need get the word out to them and Donna make us blessing beyond you as you as you labor to help people are often forgotten our society really appreciated.

Now I think they could turn you bet, all right operation, D. and I will will get that out will tweet that I just weeded out. In fact, moments ago. There, the needs are greater than we realize certain degree than I know. All right, we were talking earlier in the broadcast before some of you may have joined us about reporting on the presidents rally on Saturday night and this is not prodrug anti-trumps just a lot of the was DiBacco's disastrous etc. in through not accurate, especially with the overall scope of it. Let's go to the phones will start and we won't. Josh was going to talk to some of the very rally. Let's go over to Barbara African-American veteran I see in Baja California. Walking to the line of fire rancor for you. Dr. Brown I am still listening and learning. Now I know exactly who you are. Barbara cancer survivor Garner.

Also, I know you are All What I Need Friends Think I Have Anything yet. I Will Go Right NPP Pray That Not like Paul Michael Padilla Yeah Go Ahead You Need. You Need to Explain That to Me.Explained Right Now on Picketing in My Home, California on the Pequot Base Break with Everything Going on in the World but I Understand Why Going Please Explain to Me Again at 925 Make God Not Know Anything No Effect May the Lord God Can Be Black, and a Cane in the Third. Make God and the Territory of the Asian Mate Here. The Prosperity of European and Vacation Be like That in the Bible and It like That in the Readability Data Because the Mental Thing, Not the Ghostly Rate It on Mental Likely Lack of Education Lack of Home Are I Yeah I'm Gonna Break so I'm Going to Explain That on the Other Side of the Brace Calling Genesis 925 Has Been Used As Justification for Saving Lives Is Just South Texas. It's the Line of Fire with Your Host Activist, Author, International and Theologian Dr. Michael Brown Voice of More Cultural and Spiritual Revolution Get into the Line of Fire Now by Calling 6643 Here Again Is Dr. Michael Brown Friends on a Farm Truth 63487884 Hey to Everyone Donating Today on Facebook. Thank You so Much. We There Were Complications with Our Donate Button Being Linked to Esther to Brown but That's Been Done so If You're Watching on Facebook and Want to Help Us Every Gift of Any Size Is a Tremendous Blessing Really Your It Accumulates and It Makes a Difference in Soon Enough. Although We Can Produce This New Special Video or Although We Can Expand onto the Stations or so. Thank You, Thank You for Standing with Us. We Appreciated Our Friends Than with Us on YouTube and All of Our Supporters Patron Supporters Torchbearers.

Thank You for Being Part of the Team.

By God's Grace for Making a Difference, Especially the Crazy Critical Time like This One, My Friends, If You Listen Buddy, You Know Who You Are.

Recommended That I Read Some of the Writings of Abram X Candy and the Book That Seemed to Be the Most Important Was Stamp from the Beginning, the Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America and Only in the Early Parts of the Book but Planted to to Dive Back into It and He's Laying out Just Historically As Slave Trade Opened up from Africa, Portugal and Other Parts of Europe in the Mostly America That the Africans Were Looked at As Inferior. They Were More like Animals. They Had an Uncontrollable Sexual Appetite.

They Would Be Steel.

Why Was Probably Climate and in the Hotter Climate and Source That Was One of the Series and and I Was Less Familiar with That Then Their Theological Ones, Then the Justification Will They Are a Cursed People Recycle Back Slickers Back to Genesis 9 and and and There There Is a Curse on on Not Not the Son of Noah That Offends Incense Was Ham, but a Son or Grandson Future Descendent Canaan and Then He's Cursed Is to Be a Servant, He's Can Be a Slave. And Somehow That Becomes the Black People. The Becomes Africa and and Then Then It Becomes the Justifiable Enslave in Slavery. Is There an Inferior Race.

And of Course, If You Can Get Your Souls White through the Gospel. Wonderful and and in Fact If You Bring Them over Slaves to Do a Hard Cruel Work in There in Servitude for Life. It's Better Than the Bistro Conditions of Africa and You Can Save Your Souls. That Was Some of the Christian Justification for This and of Course There Is African African Slave Trade Black on Black Slave Trade.

To This Day There Slavery in the Muslim World and This Course Is Human Trafficking, Human Beings Keep Finding Ways to Sin and Oppress Others.

We Understand That but with Pharmacy about Education Is That It's Important for All of Us As Parents and Leaders to Instill As Best As We Can. A Sense of Value in Our Children and in the Lord a Sense of Destiny and Purpose, but We Have We Been Broken by a Culture of You to Certainly Historically Then Often It's Difficult to Do Because We Don't Have That in Ourselves Were about to Make Available to All of Our Constituency for Free and Award-Winning Documentary of Unlimited Name yet, but It Showed on PBS and the Producer of It Reached out to Assumed You like to Make This Available to Constituency but Is, As We Had Someone on a Moment to Go Talk about Her Husband Who Has PTSD after Serving Overseas in the Military.

There Is an Emotional Trauma There to Be a PTSD from from a Terrible History. For Example, the Concentration Camp Survivors Often Carry Something with Them.

That Is, and Transmitted to the Children. Even Though the Children Grow up in Freedom the Children of Slaves or Grandchildren Slaves May Be Carrying Something That's Been Passed down so How Do We Break Wrong Details about the Way I'm Not Blaming Scrubbing Play on Say How Can We Help and Stand Together. One Thing Is to Correct Wrong Theology.

One Thing Is to Renounce Wrong Theology When Things Say No That Is Not What Scripture Says and in Fact the Canaanites Were Enslaved by the Israelites That Did Happen. That Was Fulfilled in History. 866-34-TRUTH All Right. We Get Back to Josh in Colorado. We Lost You There Buddy Welcome Back to the Broadcast Doing Well Thank You so I'm Reluctant from the Border.

I Will, Never Trumper Marco Rubio Guy That I like in Late Start 11 and like A Lot Of Republican Probably Went through the Policy That We All Kind of Support but I Think His Reelection Campaign and Not Rally Terrible Political Strategy. And I Think I Agree with Your Picnic. Part of It except in Follow-Up in so Many Deposition on the Conduct of Business Middle Pandemic to an Outdoor Rally He Could Not Brag about Having a Million People in the Company's Rally and He Could Maybe Not Call the Conch Buyer and He Possibly Get a Little Bit of Self-Control and Outdated. He Wanted to Reduce the Number You Joking Reduce Testing to Meet You Making Bad Political Devices Was in My View, in My View, He's His Worst Enemy. Again, I'm He Got Elected Campaign and the Way He Knows How and with All My Wise Counsel. If You Listen to It.

He Might Never Got Elected Cognos but No AMI through That through the Pandemic Things He Was Saying the Ways Was Approaching Things the Way He Has Attacked His Enemies.

The the Internal Strife. The Fact That Some of the People Become Enemies That Is Going through Jeff Sessions under the Bus This That You so I Can Coulter Who Writes the Book in Trump We Trust in Our First Ways I Couldn't Even Quote on the Radio Because There Are so Ugly and yet so There Are Many Good Things He Does, Which I Appreciate. If It Comes to Voting for Donald Trump Versus Joe Biden I Vote for Donald Trump but There's No Question That There Other Things That Are Being Done That Are Unnecessary. Knows You Can Fight without without Being Nasty. You Can Be Strong without Being Antagonistic. You Can Make Your Point and and Refused to Bow down to the Agenda of the Radical Left without Stooping to the Same Level so of Yeah III Second That Weather Is Good Strategy Are Not Holding the Rally. I Can't Say Because You Have the Protests Drawing Massive Crowds and People Seemed Happy to Come out and That Kind of Setting. You Know How to Do It What's Best in or Not but Yeah I Again Let Us Be Clear That Our Hope Is in Jesus Not in Trump, Not the Political Party, Not a Political System, Not the Supreme Court Not the Democratic Party or Hope Is in the Lord and Went When You Think of Me.

I Want to Think of Jesus, Not Trump.

Yes, Aborted from the 20 16th 20 over 20, 20 Affected Just Thank You for the Call. It's a Perfect Segue Perfect Segue to Say This. I've Spent Months on This Book Evangelicals at the Crossroads We Passed the Trump Test. I Researched Carefully.

I've Read A Lot of Listened to Both Sides. Evangelical Never Trumper's Evangelical Always Trumper's Try to Get God's Mind with a 10 Point Strategy As to How We Can Vote Our Conscience without Hurting Our Testimony of How We Must Live in the Society and and and Be Gospel People First and Foremost, and This Is Written As Is a Trump Voted Myself.

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We've We've We've Stopped the Nation from Going Completely off the Cliff of Essay by Standing with Him. We've Damaged Our Witness for Years to Come.

How Do We Sort This out. Let's Why I Wrote the Book and Again Everyone Standing with Us on Facebook, YouTube, Thank You for Your Contributions. Thank You for Faithful Partners Together Friends with A Lot Of People in America around the World.

Jesus Is Being Insulted You Tomorrow. Yeah That's It Thoroughly

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