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Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 19, 2020 4:30 pm

Dr. Brown Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 19, 2020 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/19/20.

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Phone lines are open to questions we've got answers to the stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown (cute a lot of farm Friday edition phone lines jammed ready 866-34-TRUTH you've got questions, we've got answers our joy to be with you and answer as many questions as we can. He one quick announcement. My brand-new book on evangelicals and Donald Trump called evangelicals of the crossroads will we passed the Trump test is due out July 13.

It's a critically important book, where every stand of the political spectrum. We are going to be doing a special offer for assigned number copy of the first edition will be sending out a notice on that on Monday, so if you do not get my E blast you want to make sure you sign up and asked Dr. so go there. When you have a break today, so you don't forget. Sorry for the emails just get a neat free mini e-book as well.

This will you get our announcement on Monday.

Those that like to preorder on Amazon.

Instead it's available in paperback or Kindle on Amazon and that you can go ahead and preorder there if you prefer the name evangelicals at the crossroads of I would just start in Grayson, Georgia with Justin Justin.

I remember we had you on the air didn't really have a good black hole back right.

I was about that you had answered you and asked me questions I can remember what your questions were you asked the question, and I was a bow was about to answer and then that the we had the Internet, some strange thing happened in our building and and lost contact with the station so thank glad you made it back back to us so for the benefit of those listening now. Just give us the short version of your question, you are okay.

So I'm wondering what did you mean by taking up your cross daily to do every day and also how I reconcile that with down the great got it give nothing or not under law but under grace. Yes you know Jesus free to how I reckoned out because in my life I get beat down by a light and take the cross. And do it just like I don't have a hard time reconciling the thing just wondering if you could help me.

Just you know you're not the only one that's had a hard time with that in my allowed pleasure that I enjoy that meal too much was it okay to relax with my family. I didn't deny myself sufficiently ill.

Might my bed is comfortable. Should I sleep on the floor you can understand how through church history, people went to extreme asceticism there even whipping themselves for their sins, or wearing cycle. You can understand how someone could go that far, so the first thing is that to be a disciple of Jesus means we will be going against the grain. We will be rejected by this world, we will have to say no to our flesh and yes to God. So he says if anyone wants to come after me multiple times in the Gospels, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me and Luke nine. Of course, is the one places is take up his cross daily, so every day we are saying yes to God and no to the flesh every day.

We are willfully bearing reproach for the name of Jesus of the world hates us, rejects the Soviet every day. My goal is not to live for self and please me make me happy and satisfy my lusts and desires. My goal is to please God. So this is a daily thing every day.

This is how we live. That being said the same.

Jesus says come to me all you who are labor weary and heavy late. I'll give you rest in Matthew's gospel. That's the end of Matthew 11 which goes straight into Matthew 12 dealing with some of the legalism of the religious leaders of the day he say no. I have a different yoke. I have a different thing that you wear and in fact he says my yoke is easy, or some would suggest it means it fits just right and my burden is light. So what he calls us to do. He graces us to do and and he gives us rest as we do it so the first thing you need to do with God's help is recognize that you are accepted through Jesus that the moment that you truly put your trust in him to save you and forgive you. He did not look at you as a lost sinner as a rebel as an unclean person. He looked at you as his beloved son at that moment.

And at that moment declared you righteous because of faith in his son and and set you in the holy column that you are called to holiness. Now we live that out as those accepted and loved. We live that out or how can I please reckon I serve look at it like this. The your you're an athlete and and your dream is to play in the NBA. One day, and you get a call in the know where you're not even college. No one knows your name to say we want you on the steam.

In fact, you are on the team guaranteed. You are on this team. You are absolutely is as long as you're healthy, you are on the steam Sears yet it's done, it's already been done and nothing is going to change that now we need you to be the best player because if you kid me mad. I will practice I will exercise a that's how you have to look at it, having been dissected and loved by God now want to live my life to run my race so as to win. I want to go for it not to earn brownie points not to get accepted. But having been accepted. I want go for with all my might love you with all my heart and say no to the flesh note to the devil no to this world and there's a delight and there's a joy in it and it flows out of acceptance. If you get that revelation men change your life: you are you are very welcome. May the Lord make that Realty may the Lord make their and everyone else listening.

That's watching that suggest shoes. May the Lord make it real to you as well. 866-34-TRUTH of let's go over to Connor in Spokane Washington. Thank you for calling the line of fire and think of me on, you bet the other day I was on my lunch break and I turned on the radio and there was a fairly well-known pastor on their preacher talking about the book of Daniel, and he was sharing that the Jews historically hate the book of Daniel because every eight word or something else.

She was my name or something and I'm well-versed enough in Scriptures and know enough about what the Bible is and isn't to know. That's just the Philly concept, but I'm just mostly wondering where if you had an aunt that is the work that concept of Bible code and came from that it there some there's some well-known guys out there who think that stuff and it is unfortunate because I think it does more harm than good, because it just a nonevent on you yet. So first, been around for a while but I've never heard this one before. Wow, wow, this been after for a while don't know anything about it. Matt master this. This was taught publicly, you're saying you heard this from from a nationally known speaker, yet you would from down pick Bible even if you know it, not about what payment but I think it got up and forget that ministry I don't listen to them. You got are you convert one more question than alliance or are you confident that you quoted him accurately. I'm I'm very confident yet okay with everyone at eight. Word right that yet. Right okay so so if you don't mind. Who was it who said this, I think his name is Troy Brewer okay got it all right yeah I actually know Troy. I spoke this church so all I'll reach out to him and find out where he got this from if if this being accurately represented the church was real good guy number number 11 Jews don't hate the book of Daniel book of Daniel. I know that you write part of Scripture number two as you say is complete nonsense that every you know, if you count the words it's spells out a certain pattern that measures the deal. Jewish scholars and Jewish scientists and others in recent decades have popularized the Bible codes idea. There were some skeptics atheist in a highly educated scientists in Israel. And when they were present with the evidence found it so overwhelming that there was code after code after code did you look up the name of a famous Rabbi and then you can you locate a coldest when he was born in what city was born in and no equidistant a letter sequencing and things like that and then if you went to one of the seminars that were put on when these so-called Discover seminars by a group called H if R they they try to reach out to Jewish people and bring them into tradition, they would bring in the Bible codes as proof and a lot of Christians like wow that's amazing site will you don't know that they use the same Bible codes to targeted Jesus as a false prophet Jesus is, is not the incisor got to be careful with this, and others. A single why is it always you can find past stuff in there but you can find future prophecies about what's going to happen now is fascinating than others and said actually we went through Moby Dick in English and found these sequential thing though is if you have enough words.

You can find interesting patterns that are just random, then some Christians answered and said no, there are codes that work in. And of course they go back to that the work of mathematician Ivan Tynan who argued for the inspiration of the New Testament based on a letter sequences and things like that but the big thing to me is that's not how God communicates this and communicate hidden codes but through actual words are given. And then when it comes to the Hebrew Bible even bigger thing is spelling conventions changed so the words have been changed over the centuries but spelling conventions have like when I was growing up as a kid born in 1955. Their English words in America spelled differently than today and they they keep changing words, we would double U don't anymore with the older English spelling if you go back further say we say favor and spell it FAV OR in English it spell it or British English. Oh, you are so the same with biblical spelling. Spelling conventions changed so the whole thing of of equidistant letter sequencing doesn't work at all right right so the question is how does God communicate and in Scripture when when one passage is being referenced in another part of the Bible is a secret code being referenced. No is the plain sense of Scripture that's being referenced so let's set the record straight on that and where the ideas come from in terms of some of these other traditions. I don't know you know someone will teach it and it seems very persuasive and interesting. And then you look into it little bit more and find out it's bogus, but on on the surface of it, your reaction is exactly correct in their for their sincere good people who love the Lord will make certain arguments because that they they heard it, they learned in a certain way and instead in sincerity, but the quicker we can correct these things, the better we can stop them from spreading. So thank you for the call. I appreciated all right 866342. By the way, I wasn't trying to embarrass anyone by asking for the questions. I appreciate that Connor didn't reference what was but I thought if this is a national speaker, a national platform than this is out there that's address it in that way steno reach out to her plan and it's the light a fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown after radio yesterday afternoon giving further updates on the disastrous Supreme Court decision on Monday and how we should respond go to my YouTube channel Esther to Brown is kid your brown. Just look for important update on the Scotus decision. All right, let's go back to the phones Nikita in Sacramento California.

Thanks for calling the line of fire heard Dr. Brown protecting Michael a question for you about the rhetorical figure there about alerting the river go much out of out movement you caused him in the book putting the books of Ezra Nehemiah follow the prophet Haggai and Zechariah and it turned out the rebels, the grandson of the Jewish king, so my my first question is, how could the Persian monarch allow the grandson of Jack and I would years came to go back and rebuild the capital Jerusalem and destroyed the temple. The second part of my question is whether or not there were any sort of higher messianic expectations of the Hebrew people have for the removal yet to great questions. Number one, he served as governor, not king but that was something that was was extraordinary to say hey you can have this man who's in the line of David, because you figure hey you going to rebel try to set up your own kingdom wrist restore the kingship, etc., but this was part of the policy of Cyrus heating just do this for the Jewish people in terms of sending exiles home and financing the rebuilding of their temples of the famous Cyrus cylinder. He basically is pledging his allegiance to to Marduk who is the chief god of the Babylonian Pantheon and he was that he was the champion of these different gods was given the champion of the God Yahweh that's wiser. 45 God says to my called by them.

Even though you don't know me you know when people say Donald Trump is a Cyrus kind of figures like now.

How could that be your singing special anointed #is similar to Cyrus that he did know the Lord and God was using him so Cyrus had a policy contrary to Syria contrary to Babylon, which was to to crush your subjects to send them into exile and insist Syria within send people from other countries. You are super completely disheartened use patriotism. All of that Cyrus to the office and said hey let's send you back to your homeland. Albeit, I'll be a kind ruler you rebuild your temples reestablish are your countries and and send us your taxes that we demand from you or else so that's what happens here it's it's something that was allowed because of the posture of Cyrus now were there greater messianic expectations over the centuries many centuries after the Bible. Jewish tradition even develops messianic associations with through Pavel. There's even a later book called the book of through Pavel that has a lot of myths about the Messiah in Jewish tradition and things like that and through Pavel is a type of messianic figure.

Where might that come from you, we get it from Haggai. The second chapter God said about Jack Anaya in Jeremiah 22.

Even though he's like a signet ring on my hand all cast him off and and more chemist childless because no one of his descendents will sit on the throne, but will we see in Jeremiah 52 is Jack Anaya after 37 years in exile. We that's number is is raised up again by Ava Baroda who was then that the king of Babylon, and in many of the rabbis looked at that and said he must have repented and God reverse the curse and then Haggai to God says I will make you through Pavel so the grandson of Jack Anaya. I will make you like a signet ring that to me is the proof that Jack Anaya your Joya Kane must've repented in exile in God reverse the curse and renew the Davidic promise through through Pavel so that's how there could have been. Perhaps messianic associations with the lease. The hope that that he would restore the kingdom. Something like that though some believe that he disappears off the scene because he was considered a threat to Persian was killed. We have no historical evidence of that. That's just speculation Haggai to the shaking of everything and then the raising up of through Pavel you can understand how he could be looked at is as a messianic prototype of some kind.

Remember my question about speaking to someone about this is an example of a failed prophet in the Bible, the rebel of filter completed and later Christian Arctic. Retroactively apply. You will know for it first thing is Haggai choose not cited in the New Testament of the prophecy, with reference to Jesus. So that's the first thing the second thing is, anyone understands biblical prophecy knows that sometimes things happen in stages that gobble speak a word in stage one happens now and states to happens 100 years later, and yet it all comes to pass. In fact, we know stage II will happen because stage one did happen so you can look at it is failed prophecy you can look at his prophecy on a different time frame on a different scale of time. So there many prophecies about the return from Babylonian exile here you're looking out I give you a concrete example of a make-believe example okay. Sam Smith receives a prophetic word. There is terrible danger coming to your your wife is going to be out in a car she's about to be hit by a truck should be pronounced dead on the scene but on the way to the hospital through prayer.

She will be miraculously raised from the dead, and is a sign of God's presence 20 incurable cancer patients will be healed when she arrives at the hospital and then she will also have a child and this child will be the next Billy Graham right will let's say everything happens exactly as prophesied. But now, 20 years later she still hasn't had a child. You say that's a failed prophecy or we know the rest is still going to happen even if she's 90 because of the certainty of the first part of the prophetic word.

So when God speaks things like on and destroy the temple and send you into exile after seven years you can come back and that happens, you rebuild the temple, and that happens in the temple be glorious in the presence of God will be there in all nations will come to it but hasn't happened yet, but we know it will so the veracity of what happens first. Now confirms the veracity of what will still happen in the future and that's the case with many, many biblical prophecies about yet. Thank you for the questions I appreciated 866-34-TRUTH I love your questions deeply appreciate them all right. We go over to St. Louis, Walter, welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown. My question is about.

Obviously, sorcery and magic are condoned in Revelation another places like the witch of Endor was going through her life. So there's a lot of current and recent literature and movies entertainment for the protagonist of the sorcerer on the use magic going evening slivered designed for children to read and am wondering if your protagonist is being emulated by your children would you want them to read a book about drug sorcerer like Harry Potter or some other more well-known Christian books right so my my own business I'm I'm personally uncomfortable with those now II know that there are classic books and and powerful. Use Christian books, you know them in the likes of George McDonald CS Lewis tradition when the in the Lord of the rings genre that had been widely read and that these different figures are used, and as you said, the protagonist, so that the good guy or the good girl is a sorcerer which from these other evil forces and there are lessons to be learned from it. In spiritual things to be derived from it so here's what I want to say I thank God for good messages that have gotten out that have reached many I appreciate the fact that the Lord has spoken through some of these types of images but I'm personally uncomfortable with them. I for for obvious reasons that it it could make something bad seem in a sense or not so bad wherever so that certainly does concern me and specialization is the genre becomes more and more common and through less gifted people. It concerns me all the more so that's that's my own take root. We getting a little static so that's why just have to put you. We can hear me only, but I'm personally uncomfortable with it but I don't deny that some of is been used in a positive way. Say thank you for the call Kate Wilberforce on YouTube thank you so much for your contribution really appreciated. If you're watching on YouTube. Remember, right at the bottom of the screen there is a $you can make a contribution of any kind that goes straight into our ministry work and helps us reach more and more people so thank you for doing that.

Everyone else, if you listening on radio watch and Facebook listen to my podcast stand with us. Partner with us. Might my heart is so overflowing so excited about the goodness of God and the truth of God and and getting that message out today and in an urgency to warn and to wake up sleeping believers and to challenge a society headed for destruction and into to take the gospel around the world and to reach her Jewish people in all these things we are actively involved with all the time, but we do with your help and support. So, partner with us. Would you could ask Dr. Brown's K your brown. Double-click on the donate button right there, become a monthly torch for multi-supporter one-time gift will really help us reach more people together. Together we really are making a difference right right back where we will file in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown now get your question before you go 866-34-TRUTH keep going for it. Okay, let's go to Duke in Hernandez Nevada looking to the line of fire going in well thank you by a question regarding a potential debate that you may have with Dr. Yang might question on approximately when you got a complaint and and if so, have you watched debate with James White on quality prophesied in the Old Testament and on. Let my first question yet so I think I want some of the experts, experts, excerpts of of that debate really is not a leg to stand on. II know Muslims like to to give arguments and try to claim Mohammed's prophesied in the Old Testament, but this honestly is not a leg to stand on David Wood and I a few weeks ago he came into town. We recorded some videos and that's one of the things we discussed this through not like Stan I'm happy to have the debate for the sake of of Muslims receiving more others who might be confused but that of the arguments are so weak. No disrespect it to secure but he and I interacted actually I was. I was doing a talk for an apologetics kind of a small apologetics online forum led by a British scholar and as a messianic prophecy. So he was one of the participants. Just a guesstimate oath under 30 or 40 people that were in that room online virtual room and then he and I just went back you know he raised arguments and I went back and forth with them.

I thought that yikes these are the arguments raising a no insult insult It's kind of what I say. This is, like bringing a fish on on the ground and single head and fly exists not so bright. That was her interaction but he persistently challenge me to do a debate and I said look, a lot of Islamic scholar so all debate certain issues. If we agree on the subject matter, so this was one of them is Mohammed prophesied in the Old Testament we were supposed to do it in England last year, but the organizer Dr. White Nyberg and team up and debate to Muslim security Center believe in someone else and then I was going to do to independent debates with him one on that and one of this, the New Testament description Jesus is God fit more insult something that I agree to that would not be a permanently chronic debate so we agreed to dates by the time everything got locked in the most organizer in in England was unable to with University campuses locations that he was looking for. So we postponed it and finally tentatively rescheduled it for London this November. But we've had zero contact on this for many months and my suspicion at this point given everything set up with the virus and transfer schedules. My suspicion is may not happen then either, in which case a secure wants to do it like I gladly do in an online debate of upset a come over America will do it otherwise. I gladly do an online debate that we can schedule most any time around and were questioned by me.

I want to get much time. I know you are you waiting on but in yacht breakout board. Eric debated. It would and one of the argument you brought up addicted with what God Deuteronomy are to report to run the unit. As you know that you do with Mohammed but it is not quite so you know he deactivated shirt multiple times, even though when it pointed out your T-shirt about Yahweh but about going ahead but unit in effect debate with Jim quite on the condition if the daughter of Raymond Brown and such but funny thing is doing a debate.

It sounded like he was well researched was the red but upon further research apologetics ministry called on a Foley Dale glory apologetics actually dissected the argument on their on their blog and they have it up in the meeting because he did a great job and for example what the argument.that Raymond Brown believe in regard to your group that you note, you didn't die, you would risk will debate over on the book by Rick Brown titled the death of the Messiah of pages 228 or 29. Brown was not very big. Note Jesus didn't die. He actually died, but he did. He remained at the site and you just to just jump in.

You can selectively pull sources and miss read them or misinterpret them either knowingly or unknowingly present them is saying something very different than they are.

Assume that something be doing a debate that you want everything to be airtight and else. People can still differ with you, but you want to be factually accurate, and every point so that if a team of 100 people fact checks every words like yeah he's accurate what he saying that we may differ with his conclusions are his, whatever, but to be accurate.

So things often sound long way that's wise. Dr. White always is the cross-examination is the best part is that we get to challenge really confront really focused hate to thank you for the call and for the interest, 86634 we go over to Jeff in house pronouncements of Mona Michigan medical monitor all right. Welcome to the show.

What's up.

Thank you for having me.

I'm calling about a certain word in Luke chapter 10 verse 31. In the Greek pack and I've heard varying definitions of what this word means and what made me want to ask about this word of the book similar.

Like I grammatical build of two words put together like under the Lord in I want to know what is the best way to understand the word dog carry-on.

You may not write yes I mean it's it's interesting that that the lexicons basically define this as meaning chance or coincidence of never raise that to my to my Calvinist friends to ask what you make of that because accountants and say nothing happens by chance or by coincidence that everything is ultimately ordered and ordained by God that there is no chance there is no coincidence. So I am sure they thought of that, but I'd be interested to get their response on I'm just trying to look at the what is given is the etymology of this in different dictionaries and let's just see. For some reason there we go okay yeah so to happen.

Turnout accident. Chance just looking at the etymology of this. Yeah. So it it comes from no just trying to look and see where with the word originates from.

It doesn't seem to curry on the second part you can think is related to Korea's Lord but apparently that's that's not the case whatsoever. It's just this is similar letters and that's all it's it's a word I had looked at etymologically before but from what I can tell it's completely unrelated to the word Lord knows better yet, almost you have certain things in note. Plenty of letters occurring, and there can be similarities in spelling, but nothing etymologically that you can deduce from this court and everything I can see okay I and my question. Thank you, Mr. you are you are very welcome. So I had to look it up but I'm stronger and he were etymology than than Greek 866-34-TRUTH we go over to Jonathan and Clarkston Washington. Thank you for holding welcome to the line of fire.

Hello Dr. Brown hey Mike, my question I need them later today at the Lord and me are in a Bible study were working at about the barrier of the holy and even though I am charismatic and in that and I have. In practice debate.

As I'm preparing for this study, I rely them at not find it educated on the topic as I thought I was, though I have a few questions but I understand that you might not be able to answer them all. There's other people on the line anyway though though my first question is in first Corinthians. Well, when you all right about the nine powerful gift. Why is faith. One of the and is that they different from the faith talk about other content insert.

Certainly there is something different because else report this post was present in Romans 12 the guns given to each of us a mother measure face and he was living six tells us without faith it is impossible to please God and first on 54 tells us that the victory by which we overcome the world is our faith so we cannot be justified without faith. Romans five. Therefore, I'm been justified by faith, we find peace with God so faith is something that is given to us as believers. Every one of us has faith Hebrews 1017. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. So that's established, so there is something supernatural about this and inducement beyond the normal. I believe a few times in my life over the years that this gift is operated and he knows that I don't see this and always been something that's happened where it's almost like you are on a roll. Were you just know and you just believe in and you can proclaim it else I'll tell everyone this is gonna tell you this is going to happen. Watch and see is a prophetic word it supernatural faith and at that moment.

It's like we can believe for anything. I have a friend of mine that that operates in this gift. On a more regular basis and it's extraordinary to see.

He'll just know something's going to happen and he will just proclaim it and and sure enough, the thing falls into place so it's it's in above and beyond the go ahead. Let's take another, second question also in first Corinthians 12 talk about the word of wisdom in the words of knowledge and property not IIIII believe I haven't pretty deep understanding about the it, but at the same time, they all they found him alert me. What would you think the difference between the three yet so some understand word of wisdom to be a teaching of wisdom in what amounts to be a teaching of knowledge was charismatics and Pentecostals understand them differently. Social prophecy would be a specific message. The Holy Spirit inspiring you speak a prophetic word either Revelation for the moment or something for the future. Word of knowledge would be the Lord revealing information to you about someone the Lord shall be there someone here your hundred $20,000 child.

I know this is the process have practical plan of famine. Jonathan time to question. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

I had less than 30 minutes from now for 15 today really right back here on YouTube. So join us exclusively on YouTube.

That's the asked her to Brown channel ask ADR Brown join us there and I going to do.

I'm a 45 minutes and are of exclusive YouTube Q&A and that means use type request enough to call anything like the fact we don't take calls at that time and the responses many of your questions as well if if you wanted difference with me think I'm wrong a certain point that you're afraid to call because I control my well is a perfect opportunity for you to join in and and and post your questions or objections or issues. There right so that will be less than 1/2 hour from now for 15 at Eastern time. The asked Dr. Brown ASCII Dearborn YouTube channel.

All right we go over to Terry and Portsmouth Ohio. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown and I were you during the Brownsville day.

Always follow your appreciate your ministry. Thank you sir. I just never questioned me and a buddy with Dr. who is good with burden bacon part to rebel against God where to go start come from.

We know statement bound without the year and people with no youth become the festival celebrate Jesus kind of product I think that wondering where to go to all those things come from the end of this belt, put the break will I do or what work but you could argue either way you could say that God ordained that Satan would fall and that mankind would sin, and so on.

But as I read this and see this and understand the nature of God. This certainly points to free will and Calvinists could could bring free will and predestination together in a way that I that I would not and this is kind of the mystery of free will, in order to be totally free. Then a being has to be able to choose either good or bad, or just to choose either yes or no.

Upon choosing know now evil is actualized. Sin is actualized because sin did not exist in God's universe at that point evil did not exist in God's universe, but free will. This is a mystery to it when you think about it because a perfectly free being has to be able to say yes or no and when they when they say yes, there are now choosing obedience and holiness and solidifying that in God's sight when they choose no, they are now actuating sin and evil and disobedience and everything that comes whether so where does pride come from all pride comes from a choice that a free being makes and now as human beings. Falling beings is just part of her nature to be proud, rebellious, and we need God's grace to redeem us from that but yeah that's this with Adam and Eve. The same thing. Yes, Satan came with the temptation, but he was a perfectly free uncorrupted being who had absolute power to say yes or no. By choosing know now rebellion, pride, disobedience, all the other things become actuated in our lives there to share it in my mind I'm thinking okay you're in a perfect environment in the presence of God in your creator this a perfect being.

So you're automatically only going to do good, but then you don't have freedom. So there's a bit of a mystery to free will. But yes, Satan freely chose and by doing so. So this this glorious angel who is not Satan that House of Commons is the the adversary, the accuser, this glorious angel freely chose disobedience and became the adversary, the accuser correct it because I just talked that free will chemically point out okay, but toward you choose from the garden archers from the tree of knowledge of good and evil that worked out became a free will and this almost when he created that when he created Adam and Eve at that moment he created them with free will and is free will beings. He then gave them the choice, but free will came with their creation and Terry that that does explain a lot of what the world is like it is because God gave us free will.

We made wrong choices.

But in order for us to have a world in which we could live as free will beings then we have to be able to choose good or evil, and there would be consequences to our choices and what we want more than anything we want our existence we won our freedom. So to have that as a world we could make bad choices and bad things can happen. The good thing is that is a plan of redemption that he even foresaw before anything else.

He, Terry, thank you for the call, but by that I mean he foresaw human sin. He foresaw everything would happen but he had a greater plan in mind through all of it all right 866-34-TRUTH we go to Michael and Mao, Mel, Arkansas. Welcome to the line of fire. Dr. Brown, Marriott you back okay so read the Bible blanch and I'm in Genesis 32 this just kind of struck me 3227 and he said to him, what is your name and he said Jacob and he said your name shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel, for you have striven with God and with men and have prevailed.

So is the meaning of the name Israel.

You have striven with God. I have prevailed not, and have permit it needs to strive with God is so that that that have prevailed part is an additional comment, but it has to do right was striving with God that the God part is his AL at the end, Israel and the strive part is, especially with that, the letters S and R about and with men no so that only villages just it it you have to understand that names have have large levels of significance and in the Bible that that names have interpretation with them. So that's there. Therefore, there is is very free in terms of association as opposed with technical entomological linguistic explanation. Okay, so it only means striving with God, yeah, yeah, he strives with God restored with God. Okay, now my other thought would names is to we as Christians have names such as Israel. When we come to believe in Jesus Christ our Lord is our name actually change to be part of Israel know why what okay well I was thinking you know our name down. We are men and that name prevails with us through the fall and sent so that we have that name down. Do we not what human beings are outside of Jesus in Adam, the first Adam, but we are now in Jesus, the second Adam, so it so or individual names don't change them because like India sometimes and sons baptize. They asked for a new name and that's happened quite a few times as we were baptizing people in India that the brother Americans say give him a name. What yet he's getting baptizing wants a new name. Is this right then just pray had whatever biblical name are Christian then jumps up to my heart is what will then speak of that person will then known by that name afterwards.

But no, in terms of the question that we were in our Don. We were in and Adam who fell. We are now in Jesus and that's where I identity would be found all right.

Let's go to Tad in Tucson is not there. All right, our friend fail in Greensboro, nurse, time is short so dive right in. Please talk about and talk about proper profit will not in a more narrow proper. Yeah so nothing is being added to the Bible. The Bible is uniquely God's word and it stands forever.

As such, and the end of the book of Revelation. The last book of the New Testament, we can really take as an end to the Bible God saying if you try to add to this then plagues will be at you if you take away from this unit will be taken away from the book of life. But as far as God continuing to speak yeah see certainly continues to speak.

He gives guidance to people he may speak to people in terms of direction in terms of a job to take in terms of a ministry to pursue that the word of knowledge. No word of knowledge would would be if I'm talking to fail and I said I just have a sense that there's someone close to you and I described their situation and he said wow that's so and so Sarah let's pray for them. The Lord is bringing to mind.

That would be a word of of knowledge and I've been speaking some time and and get overwhelmed with a sense of someone in sin in the particular way and I'll describe and say right now. If you come to God he wants to have mercy on you that's word of knowledge.

Prophecy would be fail the eye I see the Lord showed me a calling in your life.

The mission field and an eye I see this is, I'm just saying these words of the prophecy of I'm to speak, in his words and and and I see you going in and out of China on a regular basis and preaching the gospel and and got even get give you a team in the psyche Dr. but I can't believe it. The Lord's will show me the same thing for months. I asked him for confirmation that that would be prophecy revealing something going on now out revealing something that's going to happen so so prophecy is a message with it. And in that regard, word of knowledge is is revealing information. It could be your praying for someone that sick and doctors have no idea what it is and and there's a word of knowledge, have them tested for. Thus, a suction that opens up what's going on but you prophecy, God continues to speak is not as clear as prophecy.

15 minutes from now. Right back to ask Dr. Brown YouTube channel 15 minutes

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