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Dr. Brown Takes Your Calls and Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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June 15, 2020 3:34 pm

Dr. Brown Takes Your Calls and Answers Your Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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June 15, 2020 3:34 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 06/12/20.

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Phone lines are wide open Yuka questions. We've got answers for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown to yes you got questions, we've got answers her phone lines are open.

The entire show dedicated to calling them with any question of any kind of loss is appropriate for Christian radio. Nothing is off limits 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Yes, the thought of doing this on Friday did occur to me listen to Rush Limbaugh before I was on the radio and he would have open line Friday, but our phones are always open for all kinds of discussion, but this is the day we see had just, whatever you want to talk about were glad to do it sought I would do this 24 seven. I love being here to answer your questions and interact with you, but this is our special moment to do it each week, 86634. Let's start in sugar land Texas Tamra, welcome to the line of fire doing very well thank you, I pocket I wanted to be a little Mark chapter 1451, 52, what going on. Lauren and Diane Allen back left the way it may just arrest achievement right right so so he's just wearing a linen cloth around his body.

It's you would've expected you have another garment on, but he doesn't and in heat he takes off runs for his life. What would they grab and he just runs off naked, there is speculation something you could have been Mark John Mark who wrote the gospel of but we don't know. It's one of those interesting things it's it's recorded. You wonder why it would even be recorded. The picture is how scared people were that they just took off and ran even if the you lose your closure run for your life. So that's was clearly conveyed.

But there is speculation it was John Mark. Beyond that, we really don't know all I call it like a contradiction that is no contradiction. I deal with Exodus chapter 6 and verse three God is telling know that their forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob need me at the Lord God Almighty divided by my name, the thickening of God now need by that, I was wondering why is it that in general, this might my friend Viscount in Genesis 1422 and 15 700, I get not yet the name Yahweh's people would've gone the past hold is used all the time yes of this is that this is a classic question that scholars have debated for many many years, so obviously there's not an error like oh we didn't realize that this realize that the obvious year. So the question is what exactly is meant so King James and I peered into Abraham and to Isaac and Jacob by the name of God Almighty. So Elsa died, but by my name Jehovah, Yahweh, was I not known to them to be the any TIP to Abraham, to Isaac, and Jacob scuttle my bye-bye my name is the Lord's Yahweh.

I was not known to them.

So what was actually mean because they certainly knew the name and they referred to him by the covenant name. So the best way to understand it is that they did not understand who he was a shell with a did not understand the significance of that name. That was not revealed to them NLT which is a paraphrase today appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and Jacob is L Shaddai got no money but I did not reveal my name Yahweh to them.

Now that the Lord is about to keep his covenant promises to Israel.

He is revealing his full nature as Yahweh that ties in with his covenant promises. Somehow, whereas he revealed himself more in the past is L Shaddai demonstrating his power on their behalf, and so on. Now he was going to keep his covenant promises to the nation so I'm either there others and try to translate it differently and say the thing I peered is L Shaddai but I was. Was I actually revealed as Yahweh as well. Most of understand and that way so Tamra my understanding is that God is now revealing himself as Yahweh that he revealed himself as L Shaddai, even though they knew his name now the people of Israel will really understand who he is as Yahweh that is being revealed is he will keep his covenantal promises to the nation, so I that's the understanding that I feel is the soundest and the easiest based on the street reading of the text. Thank you for your questions you're asking questions that many baskets.

These are very legitimate questions, 866-34-TRUTH of us go to coach Ron in Rochester, New York. Thanks for calling the line of fire. Dr. Brown below shalom.

I had acquired ideogram all good man. Thank you. I had a question about Peter when he cut you off, but not yet. What greater guilt what the board I got a debate with Paul, and I believe will and that you would give Pompey and you get here by accident. Your guess is as good as mine.

Honestly, in other words, we don't have any other data we know he was a fisherman that we know we know that he did not have a formal formal academic training. You could say we know the maximum 13 submitting claim he was illiterate. I don't think that's what it means to think he means means and have formal academic training Susie seminary training or rabbinic training, but as far as the sword will know that I would not of been the norm for energy Dan to be carrying a sword in using the sword because of Roman rule and the things associated with that but you know if he's a fisherman is ghetto gutting fish. She's doing whatever he does I'm sure is handling it used to handling a knife. But beyond that it's it's speculation right beyond what you can grant from him being a fisherman in the fact that, generally speaking, they would not be carrying swords. You know, and in under Roman occupation of your guess is as good as the guest of the French are debating whatsoever can make the better argument go for all I been in development. I've been really thinking about the life going on out thinking about Rob Ellis about a little bit about Rob.

What the author of life when he was using insurrectionist you know he was. He was one of the Topol Rome as to what degree that he caused riots how successful that was, that's another story, but he was insurrectionist and he was a troublemaker and certainly the spirit behind riots is is not the spirit of God.

We emphasize that we have a whole video on the spirit behind the. The riots that just you watch the footage in your commentary that's good enough. That doesn't mean they're not legitimate issues and grievances that people with the spirit behind the riots is one of chaos and anarchy and anti-authority hate. Thank you for the call about lights first time I've ever considered the question whether Peter was skilled with the sword or not, 86634 of the escorted David into Experian, Massachusetts. Thanks for: the line of fire and Dr. Brown got you back. I wanted to out I was kind are not with all the talk about like prompting them like with different military public out talk about believing military and those brother Lord Krishna, but he thing like a more biblical way to lift the lockout the Christian life at all wanted out.

I want to know, like light water is like the biblical record of the catheter or so first we should be peacemakers personally right.

Blessed are the peacemakers will be called children of God. So we want to do that as much as possible when the bridge builders will humble ourselves and reach out to reconcile with wannabe troublemakers want to be peacemakers. That's one thing a second thing is, in terms of our personal conviction regarding serving in the military. We may as followers of Jesus have to choose to be conscientious and conscientious objectors because we we cannot see a situation in which we would be willing to kill another human being, even in the midst of war which case we serve in other ways you made were on the field as a doctor or something like this are treating the wounded or help helping in various other ways you know if there was a draft of people called out, but the idea that pacifism is right for a government that is not biblical then and here is what Paul writes in Romans 13 that every person be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except from God. Those that exist to been instituted by God.

Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God is appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment. For rulers are not a terror to good conduct, but to bad.

Would you have no fear of the one who is an authority than do what is good and you will receive his approval, for he is God's servant for your good.

But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God's wrath on the wrongdoer. Therefore, must be in subjection normally avoid God's wrath but also for the sake of conscience so I was saying that governing authorities are appointed by God to support the good to fight against the bed and that they carry the sword so so there is authority and there is force involved. And just like we agree there should be local police. If there's brutality or whatever.

There should be police reform, but we agree police are important regret in the home. Parental authority is important in the school. The teachers have authority and and the authorities backed into voice be expelled from the school the same way if you break in the house and steal your cotton found guilty go to jail. There could be something else or someone try to attack your family okay return attack and kill your family, the police officer shows up in time and shoots that person dead as they try to kill you. That's a good thing that police officer did so when the authority and military force are used for right causes something God's ordained in the earth and its necessary because of this reality. Thank you all error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Seattle's Ruth about law, law enforcement, military, things like that. Yes, there are abuses of course, if you pull righteous authority or proper authority as society, you have complete chaos complete anarchy as well. My colleagues noted free email to me today that those that call for the abolition of police end up with the police state of their own materially you see with the mob. Once you bow down to us restrict on your business.

You bow down to us and by the way the mob is is white and black and Hispanic and male and females is all different backgrounds and Asian it is, is not just blacker not just why it's it's all different people with radical ideologies. See you bow down to us, or else in France, if ever, was important that our message is getting out the message modify the message of articles and videos. It's now please pray with us.

We know we are here for such a time as this.

We know our message is critically important. Pray that God will continue to get it out. Continue give us open doors continue to anoint us with his grace is.

Wisdom is truth. His love and that every word will be multiplied exponentially. It is a critical critical time, 866-34-TRUTH. Let's just see where we start and we go in Warrington, Oregon, Christine, thanks for joining us on the line of fire. How welcome I just wanted to tell you that I keep one of Dr. Brown, look like 13 year Plaza picture Corrie 10 boom and it seemed inconceivable, leaving the unbelievable receiving the empower people amazing what a great word from Cory yet. I write a book about miracles has nine chapters and it. Each chapter in the separate numerical and it focuses a little bit on abuses of children and the elderly.

I was a cancer nurse for 10 years and have a long story but anyway the reason I called a quick is I play guitar and sing really well and I wrote a book about miracles and I nailed the White House faith opportunity initiative office. I mailed it to Trump & Anya and they said they're going to help the Christians and that I can never be ignored again or not, the forgotten men and women of America would be forgotten. No more.

And so I wanted to simply ask you to please let me give a shout out to Pres. Trump about my jaw-dropping miracle. I hate listen Christine, you have just as good a chance of your letter reaching the president of as of him. Happy to hear our conversation here but hey, Mr. Traub is not present Trump if you're listening now, check out this book, but I sent him a Russian doll, Christmas ornament, and he sent me back a letter and he thanked me for my gift and I sent it artichoke to show my support and he sent me back a letter that heartened him and Milani attribute either the Russian doll Christmas morning parent of you got it. Hey listen anyway and it is why he answer me about that and not answer me about my jaw-dropping miracle yet what that then I can tell I can pretty well assure you that this is test member who wrote the road back. I was telling Nancy that this I just got a letter from the president.

I get emails from all the time.

You obviously trillions of other people form letters and emails, but in a case I meet may be the packaging got somebody's attention to Jeanette. You never know was going against someone's hands. You just never know.

So it's worth it's worth a shot. It's worth a shot.

Hey Christine, thank you for the call. I appreciated 866-34-TRUTH. Let's go to Christine and Lawrence, Kansas. Walking to the line of fire. Thank you Dr. Brown and uncommonly caddis and chatter in your chat today by the name. I guess it would be pronounced the owner talk about it. TTI. Anyway, he is saying that there is debate you live and even years and just you or your staff, and he has debated you past your staff interacted with anything of the thousands, tens of thousands of people.

The hundreds of thousands no that I have been opening going to debate toe via in any setting where there is an equal time debate live any setting for over 20 years and he's cut me off entirely. That's that's well known.

I mean I could witness after the baby petition started to get them to debate me, so that no person is either lying through their teeth out on the that the chat right now YouTube through the lying through their teeth or their completely misinformed you do it one hundred percent bug so here the invitation. Once again, as I've given it hundreds of times let us have a formal moderated in-depth debate on Jesus the Messiah.

According to the Scriptures acquaintance and off lead us do it any time any setting. As long as it's fair, moderated, and it can be live streamed for the whole world to watch live unedited. So what actually happened is that in the early 1990s, we did a debate at the home of a Russian Jew in a new believer, and neither of us knew that this can be a formal debate, he invited a bunch of people over to the house.

I was there Toby was there. We met and he said okay I got a debate of get the whole program laid out etc. so people recorded in the real cassette tapes. Toby asked me to not release that. So we never release those types of things embarrassed in certain ways by mistakes he made in any case, he asked that we not release it, and because it was not a formally agreed to thing in advance. Okay, so we agreed to that. Subsequently, he and I were on a broadcast that Sid Ross did that blanketed greater New York, New Jersey and 700 club came in with a camera crew there in a videotape the whole thing other numerous witnesses that attested us there were going to videotape the entire debate and then there we can air it on the 700 club, so this would give it a great audience and and Toby get his message out to two Christian audience as well, so we signed release form before him. I sidelined Toby's is also online. Afterwards, when we were done he refused to sign so that footage that was done in full by CBN again. There witnesses that will tested this, Toby. It said no he won't allow it to be released okay.

What we did agree on was that there would be a cassette tape of the debate that we released an audiotape to anyone that that want to get it right. The problem was if your member cassette tape set a limit of their 60 minutes or 90 minutes so the debate with other questions callers and things like that came to more than 90 minutes. So, toe via Sid Roth and I to gather God and others as my witness, edited that debate to get rid of some calls that we thought were not as important and then when the three of us agreed on the content I member I told Toby Sosa is good after the condo really is okay. We agreed on that was out and released and we put that out and headed out in the public for for decades, ever since you had that out so this whole idea that we unfairly edit either told via is lying through his teeth or he forgot the process that we try to reach out over the years. In fact, he and I interacted a lot after that. And then I really began to pray from got a burden for me completely cut me off. The good news is, though, that his deceptive tactics are being exposed and God willing.

In the months ahead. We are going to be producing a video series taking his videos and debunking them one after another after another and exposing his errors, exposing the deception I want to say this, I have dealt with other counter missionary rabbis, some of them to this day it's going on 20 years.

We email each other several times a week. We are friends in the midst of our differences, we don't blast each other publicly or privately we we differ in and we keep dialoguing Toby is in a different category. He has publicly lied about me, publicly misrepresented things up butchers things in the Bible and tries to present it as if he's is presented truth. So where were eager to expose his lies and demolish them so that people are not deceived by him, but 100% false information there.

And if you want a Christina since last thing on the YouTube channel on the asked her to bring you to, just type in Toby Singer and you'll see some videos will be directly exposed directly were but an even tell the true history of what happened with our debates. I remain open wide open joyfully to debate him in any time any setting on the topic. We agree on the sources of formal moderated debate that can live stream and want to watch once again wide open so Christine, thanks for calling and I appreciated yet.

Thanks you're very welcome 86634 okay get a minute so not enough time to take a call, so get your calls and this is because I love some of these topics that I'm looking at here so if you want to join our support team.

We have an army of torchbearers.

These are people who help us with a dollar or more per day some $30 more per month every month we send you a brand-new audio message, a special audio message every month, every day, you have access to a number of online classes that others would pay 50 or $75 for unlimited access to those classes. We have other exclusive content that with all the thousands of hours of free content. We have loss of exclusive content. You get to watch as a torchbearer.

You also get a 15% discount on our online bookstore. If you go to Israel with us for one person to get 10% off Israel fair and every month you get an insider prayer letter so we pour back into you, but you are the nucleus of so much of what we do when you cross the subject from the hands of this message. Take a minute but it has to ground asking ground only together making a massive learning plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown start with George in Miami Florida. Thanks for calling the line of fire.

You're not a question.

My understanding though the phrase works of the law only appeared in positive and an aggressive growth so my question is, in light of the aggressive growth but I have any bearing in the way we should interpret parts called you to pray this a great debate about that. Especially what's called the new perspective on Paul and some of argue like Prof. James done this Romans commentary in his books on on Paul Malan. Jesus on the law that that works of the law did not mean just seeking to keep the law to be obedient but specific categories you insert circumcision certain things that would be markers that would separate the Jewish people from others, and that's what Paul was referring to. There is debate about that again.

Among scholars, and it's it's massive and complex in detail. There is an endless stream of literature about it but I'm not inclined to embrace that view again with all respect to the learned scholars that would see things differently big because it seems to be a mindset that Paul is talking about. Not so much a distinction between Jew and Gentile, but a mindset of being righteous by observing the law and that the phrase ties in with that and you know the Dead Sea Scrolls would not drive me to it. To think differently on that.

Okay, got it thank you appreciated and again George a good thing to do because scholarship is massive and no one can keep up with everything is is when you hear a series now just kind of try to read it through the whole book all of Galatians, all of Romans in and say okay this, it seemed to work or what I what I never get that impression was someone told me and and that's always a good thing to do other larger issues that involve a thank you sir for the call tree shaded 86634 let us go to art was to go to David in Ontario but won't let us go to TJ and Kansas City.

Welcome to the line of fire. Hey Mike, sure question about Luke 2030.

I wonder why and how to bring anything and then there he staying on now for them to bring back a different bank and my second question regarding not.

In particular, it regarding the board late in Elko can buy it for enough. I think that was my initial question, but in reading and again I just wondering about the pole and set yet so few different ways to understand this and and I have a whole chapter in my book, the real kosher Jesus right address this because my friend Rabbi smoothly. We've debated this.

He's followed series of high Maccabee and some others that say that Jesus hated Rome and wanted to lead a revolt against Rome that was on the false Messiah. He was a failed Messiah that he thought his disciples with a few swords would start an uprising against Rome and the Jewish people sought they would rise up in mass and then overthrow Rome and of course it failed and he says look whilst you have the sword passage. There will the answer is everything in and what Yeshua taught and did was to not take up the sword and into not fight against Rome and and in those three passages in the parallels and in John 18 and in Mark 14 Matthew 26 parallel passages very strongly just put this, no one, not don't, don't kill include chronic main people of your swords if you put if you live by the surge of dive of the sort.

She's clearly renouncing that the question is what's is therefore some look at it that he's saying that times are going to get really rough right now and you'll need provision. It's gonna be rough is to be a dark time.

You need provision.

And you're gonna need to be able to protect yourselves self-defense. I don't see it like that.

Some do but I don't see it like that. He's certainly not saying hey let's start a revolt against Rome how many swords do we have to all 11 people to swords that will be perfect grape will overthrow with us.

Clearly not. Why does he say that that he is is doing this. He said I must be numbered with the transgressors. In other words, when I'm arrested it's gonna look like I'm with these these criminals were these these guys that want to overthrow the government and it seems that he's speaking to them now with extreme irony. Okay, that that that this is not this is not something he's actually counseling them to do and when they say we have two sources enough like I'm I'm not saying you need little swords. I'm making a spiritual point here again look at the context is is really math it in Luke 22 now that one was a moneybag take it like was a knapsack and with one is no sword sell his cloak and buy one for I tell you the Scripture must be fulfilled in me, and he was numbered with the transgressors. For what is written about me has its fulfillment. So as you look like I'm with a bunch of sins and transgressions will I get arrested that's that's how the that's how they account me and then they said Outlook here to swords and he said to them, it's enough. Others translate enough. I don't mean we need little swords. That's how I take speaking to them with great irony about the time in which reliving and say hey you look like a bunch of thieves and and transgressors here and rebels so you know let's get some swords.

We have a couple okay right great. That's fine enough that that's how I take it and that so many of the scholars think it is well yeah and and again here if we just keep reading in this very same passage okay if if we come down and read towards the end so so now that the crowd comes out. One of them struck the servant of the high priest and cut off his ear. But Jesus said no more of this. That's in Luke very pet.

No, I don't want to be using swords and in Matthew 26, which accorded whoever takes the sword from a sheaf of lives by the sword will die by the sword. So that's that's to be the best for them sent a thank you for the question.

I appreciated 86634. Let us go in Milwaukee to Kong. Thank you for calling the line of fire like dog brother your brother mutual.

You're welcome. I got a question by a Bible verse regarding Exodus 30. 11 were Dr. Mo no alternate phase of the map before Karen laid on verse 2030, my faith, and yet live by me on the computer global competitive per capita that ever yeah so so. In fact, yeah, and it's it's so Exodus 30 through 11 were used to speak to Moses face to face as a man speaks to his friend. That doesn't mean seeing him in all of his glory. It means like you and I are talking right. Others, like face-to-face back and forth.

So if you're listening on radio you're not seeing my face. I don't see your Facebook rabbit ramming a face-to-face conversation in that respect. Like a man speaks to his friend back and forth no numbers 12 just say that Moses saw the two not the form of the Lord, but it seems that seeing the Lord in all of his glory and seeing his face in that regard, something that did not happen and that the way I also understand it is, is that God reveals himself through his son to the world so no one has seen the father right. We have many people in the Old Testament since they saw garlic Exodus 2474 people. Moses are not evolving with the seven elves as they saw the God of Israel, right right in Exodus later, no one can see my face and live so it's either the father is hidden and unrevealed, and that's what the New Testament like John one no one has seen God at any time, but will it says many saw him. Isaiah saw him. Isaiah 6 of the peasants parts of Mars = 3 there. It's the son of God, that they saw as the father is is hidden or with that. Also that that you cannot see God in his full un-reflected glory just a direct sight of God is is deadly and is and is rights more than we can handle. But seeing him talk with them face-to-face. A man speaks his friend. I don't understand I don't take that to mean just as if you are in the same room face-to-face talking as much is just a talking back and forth to each other, communicating like this. Think of everything you talk to God.

Lord, what's on your heart today will most so tight you know that's that's what was going on a thank you for the question. I love you question. These are, as always, great questions appreciated. Let's go to Jacksonville, Florida Pierre, welcome to the line of fire all you welcome. So my question very little meat early because I you and your ministry on when you can actually look at it | is it the church here in Jacksonville on so right now what I been wrestling with this idea that might after the leadership of my church are no virgin signaling about what's been happening in the country and avoid and questioning the narrative that their systemic racism in the United States and nothing of change even when the civil rights movement happened and typically we miss all atone for what happening in the repetitiveness either method or not.

I don't call them out on the show but it basically made my family who were not white and not black bilberry marginalized and also builders with respect and regard the their position on the United States across the country and got it right so yeah I I'm not not aware of specific messages from pastors that you are referencing this if using spirit. First, I'm sorry that you, your family are going through this and that is impacting you in this particular way of let me say that I'm I'm not quick to use the word virtue, signaling because plenty of times I've done something to set a conscious return to its rights. It will your purchasing cycle what you we were talking about so I always want the lessons were possible. These motivations right but what about is actually being said come back to that.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown as friends for joining us got special broadcasts come your way next week, beginning with an interview that we just recorded with Prof. curriculum.

The world's foremost New Testament scholars on the gospel and racial reconciliation.

You'll find it really helpful get some great perspectives on the cultures involved in the depth of division between Jew and Gentile. How the gospel axis I in Yeshua so appear suspect you are a couple of things so II if someone sincerely wants to address an issue and they feel to do so unlike and assume their virtue, signaling others may feel like that but I want take them at their word that the since of the field this and many times what I've heard from my black friends is all we need to know is your solidarity and, in other words, when when we feel that were hurting or another thing is come up that that opens up wounds from the past just need to know that you care.

We need to know that that that you stand with us in the midst of this, and in that goes a long way so many times it's it's not a matter of virtue signaling as much say hey I will. I want my brothers and sisters who are hurting right now to know that we stand together and that we are one in Jesus and that we are not silent at this time. Now the question is how much of a certain narrative do we buy into. Okay and what I've heard. O let me ask you this question.

Simple question. Do you think on average in America it's easy to be white or black and white.

Yeah, I mean pretty well and we its majority white country and there are things that are been in place for centuries that that gave whites benefits the bikes didn't have them in parts the country and then even when that's legally stop to still have a legacy in an know things like that so many times it's just a matter of understanding that for a black person growing up. They may have more hurdles to overcome than what person, on average, just broadly speaking, on average, and if you ask okay why is the prison system so disproportionately black and why is poverty so disproportionately black and you go through all this, you say what's wrong choices and follows Josť Aldo got understand all that but what what happened.

How do we get where we are so it's not a matter of white guilt unless I was guilty of doing something to hurt someone or press someone want to feel guilty and I'm not. I'm nothing about white privilege white supremacy is useless terms. Under Seneca we deftly have a situation where people of more odds against them than someone else and you can't deny that a lot of that comes from our history. So if you go back to the 1600s with the colonies and some of the colonists were slaveowners and some have a theology that Blacks were inferior either racially that that the hot climate in Africa need for for inferior people or they were part of the curse that it been passed down from hand, they were cursed people and therefore slavery was justified when there are various theories to justify slavery and slave trade. Others opposed it for sure, but if you just think okay since the 1600s all the way up until the 1960s, all that part of our history that much of America was unjust or even cruel towards black Americans. And in you could, in certain circumstances kill of a black American with very little impunity in the lynchings and all of this so it's is not that long from 64 until today to think that everything just kinda fixed itself.

So to the extent that we have a hearing year for black brothers and sisters and in their not monolithic. There many different voices right every hearing year then then we can have dialogue because it will.

How can we work together to address if there is racism or injustice, how we work together to to address these issues as brothers and sisters in Jesus, knowing that ultimately that the biggest issues are the conditions of the human heart. I think out. We should be doing and and not feeling I'm 100% against bowing down to them about RC bowing down to the radical agenda for black ice matter movement with the same time understanding my black friends disable we feel like our lives no matter, and a policeman Phyllis needle care signal. We want to shop. Likewise matter but want to distance ourselves from that movement and it it if you take a minute here.

My latest article, I sure some input that I got on socially different from some black Christian friends.

I think that'll be a good read. Give some perspective. Then after that I'd encourage you and your family to sit with the pastoral leadership and say hey we want you to know where this leaves us and how this makes us feel so that the whole body can be properly ministered to. That is a helpful at it and listen if you're in a healthy church and and you Libyan or otherwise, don't. Don't let this be a stumbling block folks are doing their best to walk through a minefield here right and sometimes his overreaction along the way will I suspect less human. Thank you for calling and have an open heart. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Jeff and Mance along Michigan. Welcome to the line of fire. Hello.I was calling in reference to Matthew 2330 Dick and I noticed that unit rabbis that Borat said that the stun shouldn't be in the original Hebrew. The sun is impaired. I look at the sheet I noted that the thought of the bear. I wanted to get a scholarly opinion from you about whether the I also don't want you confirmation by could make sense to me that yes, you'll be omniscient, but I I will.

I want to know what the most accurate and what the earliest manuscript day according to God like yourself and what first speaking of Matthew, I think it was 23, 36, where Jesus says nobody knows the time for another right that that's the wrong verse right right you think you Matthew 29 the other that that's that's okay now from heavens to the best of us all know that there is there's no reason to say to exclude the sun. There's no good scholarly reason because he he speaking is even being in other words, as a human being. He willingly put aside his his divine prerogatives. So, for example, did you let me ask you this. Do you think that when he was a baby that he was faking it.

When you go mama goo goo or would you think that he knew. Like every language on the planet. He was faking it. But there is no evidence for it in the Bible and I am not appreciating heretical storming thing. No okay so some of the receipt. He was fully human right. He needed yes that all you got that right right so he did not he. He did not know everything all the time and less it was revealed to him white. Why would the Holy Spirit anointed him to preach or to heal if he was using his omnipotence he so he willingly laid aside his divine prerogatives while being fully God and there were certain things he didn't know while he was on earth. You, the assumption is with his resurrection he knows everything, as there's no there's no limitation being put on him. So I'm in there that the the more logical argument texturally is that it would be unlikely for a scribe to add that in. But it would be possible for a scribe to take it out, you know, and in other words that describe I think that's scandalous and take it out. Why would a scribe add that.

Why would someone added in later. That doesn't make sense.

So my understanding, the best textual evidence is that it is original but again it's in keeping with him being fully man and laying aside his prerogative omniscience. Could he have any moment drawn Anna to know anything you could you could theorize that, but as for the human he would know things, as the Holy Spirit would reveal them to him and and again he was anointed by the spirit because he relied on the Holy Spirit to do things because he had laid aside his prerogative of omnipotence while always being fully God and fully man. Hey thank you sir for the question of let's just see here drive time to I real quick. Stephanie in Dallas, Texas. Welcome to the line of fire here, lack hard and print. Second, can I do it. Thank you for your real country theater and about 1/4 of the way through.

I have been studying. I cannot determine whether or not there's enough evidence to support a pretrip rapture. Paragraph well I would say this it with all love and respect all my pretrip friends knowing I got saved in a pretrip church and I work with pretrip folks all around the world. If I locked in a room of the Bible for 20 years and you never heard the pretrip rapture. You'd never come up with it.

You'd never come up with the system that that that there's a second coming in the third coming because that's what it comes down to an end that the word for it for arrival distant with me arrival and the word for revealing this mean revealing just read second Thessalonians 1 into just that second Thessalonians chapter 1 and chapter 2 there explicitly says that we will receive rest when the Lord comes in blazing fire taking vengeance on those who don't know God. Second Thessalonians 2 says the day of our gathering to him cannot take place until the rebellion, the apostasy happens first, and the man of sin is real. Namely, the Antichrist, whom the Lord will destroy with the brightness of his coming.

The brave, the very word that Paul uses to speak of our being gathered together to be with the Lord, the coming of the Lord will not happen. We will not be gathered to him until he comes and destroys the Antichrist when he comes to do that you're caught up together with him, and to send to the earth in the full view of the whole world.

Of course I will book on this to not afraid of the Antichrist with Prof. Craig Keener and I not afraid of the Antichrist and without going to buy plus one another less friends. It's a crazy world

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