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7-3-22 - A Biblical Response To Abortion

Lighting Your Way / Lighthouse Baptist
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July 4, 2022 5:42 pm

7-3-22 - A Biblical Response To Abortion

Lighting Your Way / Lighthouse Baptist

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July 4, 2022 5:42 pm

July 3, 2022 – Message from Pastor Josh Bevan

Main Scripture Passage: Matthew 5:14-18; Psalm 119:160; John 12:48

Topic: Abortion

Series: The Gospel According to Matthew

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Mean your Bibles to Matthews gospel chapter number five this morning at the chapter number five, reverse 14 down to verse number 18 Matthew chapter 5 Bible says in Matthew chapter 5 verse 14 Jesus said you are the light of the world a city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick in a given light into all that are in the house. Verse 16 with meat. Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven. Think not that I'm come to destroy the law or the prophets like and not come to destroy but to fulfill. As we preached on that verse last Sunday in verse 18. If you read with me for verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. By the way you think you and worship you today for your word. Thank you for the men and women who serve our country and are serving. We pray for your hand be upon them both their families and also those that are stationed throughout the world.

I think you most of all for your son Jesus Christ through your death and resurrection. We have salvation and forgiveness of sins that I pray you would give me clarity, wisdom, let me speak only what you would have me to say nothing more that I pray that you would be glorified in all that said and done, the Christ would be exalted in men, women might come to Christ. We ask it in Jesus name God's people said menu may be seated today will this morning I have felt compelled to preach on abortion. This is been such a pressing issue in our culture and whenever an issue become suppressing. I believe that the church needs to address it biblically, God's people need to be led by the truth and not by what the culture says or a politician or anyone else. We must base truth upon objective truth standard that does not change with the times. Truth is not subjective. It is not relativistic. Truth is the same yesterday today and forever because it is God's truth. When ask you this morning when it comes to abortion. What are your views and what positions do you take 20 when you believe about the life of the unborn child in the womb and then what brought you to that conclusion somebody would ask you today what you believe about abortion. How would you respond and the question I'm asking you is this why would you respond that way. What is the reason. What is the what is the foundation of truth that your building your answer upon you basing your belief on what the Bible says or are you basing upon what a political party says what culture says what social media says to share with you the word of God this morning, and if the Bible opposes what your view is based upon wonderful political party says culture Facebook friend group, family media or any other group. Should you sign with and if you choose to side with politics, culture, social media and it opposes the Bible.

I would ask you, who then is your final authority you allowing the world to become your final authority. Now, instead of God's word. You need to understand there is only one standard of trace to build your life upon. There is only one absolute standard in God's word is that foundation at the end of Matthews sermon in chapter 5 through seven. Jesus said there's two foundations you can build upon. He said you can build upon what I say and it's a rocket if you build upon that storms of life will come in your door but you can reject my word, and build upon what man says and what man thinks in Jesus said that Sandy foundation and so our worldview and when I say worldview I mean the lens through which you see the world, interpreted, and interact with. It must be built with the Bible the word of God in Scripture must be the lens through which we see the world truth has to be based upon God and not man today you make that choice.

Jesus said here in Matthew five verse 18 he said, verily, I say, and you, till heaven and earth pass, one shots, which is the smallest letter in the Hebrew alphabet and one tittle which is the smallest marking in the Hebrew alphabet, which to us would be like the difference between a P and a capital Q or R is just that little line tittle is just that squiggly line.

Jesus is not the smallest letter and not even the smallest marking that distinguishes one letter from another earth will pass from my word until all of its fulfilled you the Bible says in Psalms 119, 160, the word of the word is truth. I word is true from the beginning and every one of thy righteous judgments into forever.

Jesus stated this in John 1248 he that rejected me, and receive is not my words have one.

The judge of him.

He said the word that I've spoken to him shall judge him in the last day you need to know today what we read in this book will be the standard by which you and I are judged and if that is the case, should we not respond to life the lens of what the Bible says if this is the foundation of absolute reality of what is actually real, then we must be led through the truth of God's word remembers talking to it. Dr. one time he said he had a patient get upset because they had corrective eye surgery done and she said you made me ugly and the doctor graciously responded know now you can just see the clear reflection in the mirror set not a good way around that is was always missing opposite proposition, but you know when you see the world everything is faulty and hazy until you see it through the lens of truth. So I would ask you today. What does God's word say about abortion. What is it say about abortion.

Sometimes people say, well, the church should not talk about these political issues. I would ask you the question when does life become a political issue and when did God have to be silenced about things that go on in a culture when did we say God, you're not allowed to speak on behalf of what's going on in culture. You have no rights. Your word has no authority on this matter. God, you need to keep silent on the issue. I reject such a proposition. I believe God has everything to say about everything in the right to do it. You believe that today so when does life begin well Bible tells us life. First of all is a gift from God, and X 1724 Paul speaking on Mars Hill to the group of people very religious, but very lost. He said God made the world and all things therein, seeing the he is Lord of heaven and earth dwellers not in temples made with hands, neither is worshiped with men's hands, as though he needed anything, seeing he giveth to all life and breath and all things for in him we live and move and have our being. So God is the one who gives life to everything Job 33 verse four. Job said the spirit of God have made me and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.

Genesis 27 the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul Bible is absolutely clear that God gave us life and also that God is the one who actually creates you in the womb. God is the one who gives you life at conception and mold you into what you are today. Psalms 22 verse nine says that thou art he talking to God that took me out of the womb, thou didst make me hope when I was upon my mother's breasts.

I was cast upon the from the wound, thou art my God from my mother's belly. Psalms 139 verse 13 says, for thou hast possessed migraines that literally means you formed my inward parts, thou has covered me in my mother's womb. I will praise the friend fearfully and wonderfully made marvelous are thy works, and that my soul knows right will psalmist declares to us that God is the one who formed him in the womb. Isaiah 44 verse one, yet now here of Jacob my servant in Israel, whom I have chosen the say the Lord that made the end formed the words, it's a church in the womb from the womb, which will help the joke. 3115 did not he that made me in the womb make him and did not one fashion us in the womb over and over.

You find us all through the Bible that God makes us from the womb.

Jeremiah 15. God told Jeremiah before I formed the in the belly I knew the end before thou came us forth out of the womb I sanctified the owner Dane the a prophet unto the nations. God had plans for Jeremiah before Jeremiah was born physically into the world.

God formed him.

He said I 40. I even formed you in the belly. God said he was the one forming Jeremiah in the womb.

Isaiah 49 verse one speaking specifically of the Messiah. The Old Testament says the Lord hath called me from the womb.

Another example is found in the announcement of Samson's birth, the angel of the Lord comes to Samson's mother and says in Judges 13 seven behold, thou shalt conceive and bear a son, and now drink no wine nor strong drink.

Neither even the unclean thing for the child shall be a Nazirite to God from the womb. Samson here is called a child from the womb.

I went to the Lord Jesus Christ enter the world the end of the world. When Mary gave birth is that when Jesus entered into the world. Well, Matthew 118 makes it very clear.

The Bible says. Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise when as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together she was found. What's the next two words with child into planted that child in her womb at conception of the Holy Ghost goes on to say in verse 24 that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost your God's word tells us at conception, the child was in the womb, John the Baptist was called a baby while in the womb, and he was also filled with the Holy Spirit from womb. Luke 115 for EF for he shall be great in the sight of the Lord, and shall drink neither wine nor strong drink, and he shall be filled with the Holy Ghost. Read the rest with me if you would even from his mother's we have Luke chapter 1 verse 15 one.

Or you can read along with me, but it says in Luke 115 and you only artery that either circulate the says that she that that John the Baptist shall be filled with the Holy Ghost, even from his mother's womb, even from his mother's womb.

Luke 141 says and it shall come to pass that when Elizabeth heard the salutation the babe leaped in her womb and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost. Verse 44 goes on to say for low. As soon as thy voice over the salutation sounded in my ears.

This is what Elizabeth and Mary the mother of John the Baptist in her womb says to Mary.

When Mary enters and she's got baby Jesus in her womb because Jesus and John the Baptist were cousins and their their their mothers were cousins and so Mary goes to visit Elizabeth. Elizabeth is six months pregnant.

Mary is just pregnant and and and this is what she says.

Elizabeth says to Mary for as low as soon as I voice of citation centimeters the babe leaped in my womb for what for joy.

John the Baptist is six months old at this time in the womb. You say will that's ridiculous of a beginning jump for joy in a womb with the technology of ultrasound doctors have been able to learn that even at 20 weeks old babies are seen crying with her bottom lip quivering little baby's bottom lip quivers while in the womb. They say when moms moms begin the laughter baby can also get excited begin to kick and jump for joy at the same time the baby at 20 weeks old and be detected as yawning sucking your thumb jumping in the womb crying little baby baby is from the Greek word breakfasts.

The Bible uses the same word of a baby in the womb for a baby out of the womb. Luke 212 says, and you shall find the breathless wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger, talking of Jesus. The Bible sees the baby in the womb as the same life is that which is out of the womb.

The Bible shows that same name. Need understand the actual moment of birth doesn't determine life. The life is at conception. Conception, then, is the act of God, whereby a person is made in the image of Almighty God created by God's sovereign will and the soul of the person is breathed into the living tissue by the Holy Spirit. Job 33 forces the spirit of God have made me the breath of the Almighty hath given me life that child at conception is given an eternal soul. The soul of a person doesn't enter at 20 weeks, or at the end of the first trimester, or at the end of the 40 weeks of pregnancy, the child has the Holy Spirit from conception has, I would say the soul of their soul from conception Holy Spirit claims that in that child conception is a gift from God. God is the one who allows conception to happen.

Romans for Ruth chapter 4 verse 13 says so Boaz took Ruth and she was his wife and when he went in unto her, the Lord gave her conception and she buried son. Psalms 127 verse three says children are a heritage of the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is his reward need understand it. Life begins at conception human beings bear the image of God. Genesis 127 says so God created man in his own image and image of God created he him, male and female created he them. You must understand the reason human beings have essential value is because we are made in the image of God. The reason that you have value is because your human made in the image of God.

What is being argued by people today is that that baby doesn't have value unless they are healthy. If they are disabled, then they are not as valuable, and they could and should be aborted or that that baby in the womb won't have as much opportunity because her parents do not have the finances so that child does not have the same value the child is less valuable and should not be brought into the world because we don't want to put it into a financially difficult position I'm asking is our human value come from our physical health. If I have a disability MI now less valuable than using human being is my value rest upon my physical limitations. If that's the case some of you are more valuable than others because some of you have more disabilities in some area, some of you have learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and you would then be less valuable based on the standards. Is that what we want to become as a human race R-value isn't based upon such things, that child doesn't have full consciousness, or self-awareness yet so that's what some people say they should be able to have abortions because a child is not self-aware, self-conscious as R-value come when we are self-conscious and self-aware to understand science today has shown that a child doesn't even have self-awareness to their two years of age.

So, therefore, should a child not be viewed as valuable because they are not self-aware if they will that's silly. People would propose that really hurt Peter Singer who holds the bioethics chair at Princeton University who has declared unequivocally that life begins at conception, but who believes that you cannot defeat that argument against the conservatives, he says, but the value of that life doesn't begin until that child is self-aware leasees intellectually honest about it that their life does begin again and and in he's at least he's consistent with his beliefs because he said this, he said a child should not be allowed to live. If the parent doesn't feel the child should live think they should have a ride over ending the child's life up to 2 to 3 years of age.

He wants to have a law passed, where at least one month. The mother would have a choice after the child is born if they want to keep the child or not.

Because a child doesn't have self-awareness.

That's what's being argued in our nation really that what we want to become. You're not self-aware when you're sleeping so some of you may not even have it now. People say will that child was a mistake.

They were conceived by a mistake is R-value based on convenience.

Now that child was conceived by rape or incest is R-value decreased because of the sins of our fathers, some of you had wicked fathers.

Some of you had wicked and evil fathers. Should your value of life now be lessened. Should you not have been allowed to live.

The baby is no longer equal now no longer equally human because her dad was a wicked man is that what we want to become the same people crying out for equal rights Rob babies of all rights and declare they are valuable only if the parents choose the place value upon them. Do we then make the value is value based upon my own self-determination. Listen to me very closely.

We are not valuable because of our abilities or disabilities were not valuable because of our financial setting were not valuable because somebody wants us or doesn't want us or because of what our fathers did R-value comes because we are made in the image of Almighty God. That's why were valuable.

The early church got this in the writings of the dedicate, which was written in the late first and early second century, which reflects upon the teachings of the 12 apostles.

They wrote you shall not procure abortion nor destroy a newborn child. The church is always opposed abortion lease, the faithful church is that in that day there were, they had the soul. The father had the sole right of the life of a child and bring a child and that day that this was written to the father. The father said yes. The child will live. The child lived with the father said no they would drown the child with a relieved babies outside at night, let them die in the early church in the early believers would go at night and rescue those baby's that's our history friends say well you're just speaking from the Bible I I'm not a Christian I believe in science. I'm glad you brought science up because I believe in science as well understand science is confirmed exactly what the Bible says that life begins at conception. The father sperm cell unites with the age of the mother. 323 chromosomes from the father and the 23 chromosomes from another unite together and make a 4646 chromosomes. The deoxyribonucleic acid in that single cell becomes separated from the mother that they are now its own entity, you become a human being at the very moment of conception. All the information to create you what you are going to be. Is there now a person that that point is not fully formed, but you're not fully formed to you're in your mid to late 25th mid to late teens. They will babies not fully formed. Many of you are not yet fully formed These Young Bucks Walk around, Go through Puberty and Their Low Voices.

Reagan Yellow Scruff, Nana Got a Hair to Come in and You Know You Can Moms You Can Help Adaptable Mascara on Right Work It in Their Daily Work It in Protected Telephones Going These Guys Are Trying Man There. They Are There Working Their Way up the Ladder. They Got Some Fuzzy Capitalism Layers on That Is Okay.

Simple Point Being Is It Takes 15 to 18 Years for Its Person to Be Fully Formed Doctor: Matthew Roth, a Principal Research Associate, Harvard Medical School Department of Medicine. Put It This Way He Said It Is Scientifically Correct to Say That an Individual Human Life Begins at Conception. Perhaps Dr. Hymie Gordon Prof. of Medical Genetics and a Physician at the Prestigious Mayo Clinic Best Summarized Perspective When He Said This, I Think We Can Now Say That the Question of the Beginning of Life When Life Begins Is No Longer a Question for the Theological or Philosophical Dispute. It Is an Established Scientific Fact Theologians and Flossers May Go on and Debate the Meaning of Life for the Purpose of Life, but It Is an Established Fact That All Life. In Particular, Including Human Life Begins at the Moment of Conception. Even Peter Singer Who Is Radically Atheistic, Radically Pro-Abortion Declares the Same Thing. Just so You Show You Any Pictures Today about Abortion Not Going to Do That If You If If You Are in Any Way Pro-Abortion I Would I Would Give the Benefit without the Say You You Don't Understand What Actually Happened. You Believe That Because You Have No Idea If You Actually Knew What Happens. You Can Hold to That II Can't Even Comprehend How Somebody to Be Okay so the Dating Got Some Pictures of Little Baby and Foreman in the Womb That They 18 Little Tiny Heart Is Formed by H 21 to 22 Days That Little Heart Begins to Pump Blood Unbelievable Miracle of God, Six or Seven Weeks.

At This Point, the Eyes the Hands That Feed the Toes Are Formed.

The First Movements of the Body, Arms and Legs Occur We Get a Picture. I Think the Six Weeks That Seven Weeks We Could Tickle Their Nose at 6 to 7 Weeks They Would Move Their Head in Eight Weeks If We Could Look inside We Could See That That Little One Can Already Grasp Instruments and Hang onto Them at 10 Weeks. The Tiny Little Boy Body Is Totally Formed As Yours and Mine, the Heartbeat Can Be Detected. The Fingerprints Actually Take a Fingerprint of Them Little Precious Child on Their Hands and Feet at the 10th Week the Baby Can Suck His Thumb Fingers and Toes by 11 and 12 Week. This Is One Third of the Way through the Pregnancy Still in the First Trimester. At This Age, the Baby Begins to Breathe, Swallow, Digest, Urinate, and Have Tiny Liquid Bowel Movements.

The Baby Also Sleeps Now and Will Wake up with It Hears a Loud Noise.

The Baby Can Hear Its Mother's Voice and Recognize Its Mother's Voice at This Age. The Baby Feels Pain.

The Baby Can Also Be Taught. Things at That Age They Have Dream Patterns. These Are All Things That Now We Discover during This Stage, Vocal Cords Are Forming in the Baby Goes through the Motion of Crying at 16 Weeks, Fingernails, Eyebrows, Eyelashes Appear. He Also Becomes More Active As He Kicked His Feet, Curled His Toes and He Wrests While Sucking on His Thumb in the Womb by 5 to 6 Months Passing the Midpoint of Pregnancy Moving toward the End of the Second Trimester. The Little One Has Been Fully Formed for a Number of Months Now Very Coordinated Actions the Baby Curls Is the Mother Move Stretches When the Mother Wrests Having Increased to the Size of about 12 Inches or More and Weighing up to 1/2 Pounds the Infant. Some of These Infants at 5 to 6 Months Can Actually Survive outside the Womb with Medical Care. It Actually a Baby That Was Born through Their Family and Our Church Just to Give You a Picture Here This Little Baby's Name Was Amber Raines, Young Baby Amber Is Born October 22, 2019 to Aaron and Kristi Young Been Part of the Church Family. Since the First Year of the Church.

Kristi Actually Went through Five Miscarriages over the Years and the Need Any Families Here Have Gone through That Understand the Level of Pain That Is Endured in the Heart of the Mother and Father God, and Allow Them to Carry This Precious Life to Its 24th Week and Had to Be Delivered through C-Section Due To Complications, Both with the Child As Well As the Mother Baby Amber Live for Two Weeks and I Know That That Baby Has Touched Literally Thousands of People's Lives Massive Funeral Online, Family, Church, Family, Different People and Community Were Impacted by Her Even a Day. Her Story Goes on.

She Went Home to Be with the Lord. November 5, 2019 Got a since Western Kristi with the Child Little Girl Named Eliza and Was Actually after the Death of Ember That They Said You Know We Just Need to Stop Trying. We Need to Take a Break Is Just Too Hard and Is Even Then They Got Allow Them to Have a Child in Their Little Baby Eliza Was Born January 12, 20, 21, the Babies Now Going on Two Years of Age. That's a Miracle of God, the Miracle of God. I Can't Even Imagine What It Would Take for Someone to Go into the Womb and Rip Apart a Baby like Baby Amber. I Can't Even Understand What a Person Would Have To Have in Their Part to Be of What Is God's Response to Abortion. Scott Feel about This. I Can Tell You for Myself, I've Not Cried This Much in a Week for I Don't Know How Many Years My Heart Is Been so Torn up Felt Sick All Day Just This.

We Just Starting on These Things Just Grieves Me to a Level like Just Burdened.

How Does God Feel about This or the Does the Bible Teach Life Begins at Conception. Yes, the Science Teach That Yes Is the Unborn Child and Innocent Life. Yes, Should We Have the Right to Kill Innocent Wife No. I Believe the Woman Should Have a Right of Her Own Body. That Baby's Body Is Not Her Body. Jeremy That Little Baby Is Not Her Body. We Want to Have Right over Our Body. Yet at the Same Time, Impose Our Will on Another Person's Body to the Point of Taking Their Life. That's Exactly What Happens. God's Word Is Absolutely Clear. Jesus Said I've Come to Fulfill the Law and He Said in Exodus Chapter 20 Verse 13 Thou Shall Not Kill That Clear Enough to Make It Clear Is It Certicom Is There Anybody See the Extra Statements since Human Life Begins at Conception Killing Is Premeditated Murder and Abortion. How Does God Feel about Killing Innocent Life.

Proverbs 616 Says the Six Things That the Lord Take a Seven Are an Abomination in Him a Proud Look, a Lying Tongue, and Hands That Shed Innocent Blood, Got Compares the Wife of the Prematurely Born Baby Equal to the Life of a Grown Man Whose Cause the Death in Exodus Chapter 21 Verse 25 It Says If Men Strive, and Hurt a Woman with the Next Two Words Men Strive, and Hurt a Woman. What's the Next Two Words Are with Child so That Her Fruit Depart from Her, and yet No Mischief Father, Which Means the Man Heard a Pregnant Woman with the Pregnant Pregnancy Causes the Pregnancy to to Move Forward in the Baby Is Born Prematurely, but the Baby Is Healthy Is on the Safe, He Shall Be Surely Punished, According to the Woman's Husband Will Lay upon Him, and He Shall Pay As the Judges Determine If Any Mischief Follow. Which Means If There's Any Injury, but Either to the Mom or to That Baby. Then Thou Shalt Give Life for Life, Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth Hamper and Foot for Foot Going on and on What God Is Saying Here Is That Child If That Man Hurts a Woman That's Pregnant and That Baby Dies Then the Next Manslaughter That's That's That's Murder in That Needs to Be Punished. Life for Life, Killing of Innocent Life Is Always Been an Anti-God Satanic Attack. Jesus Said in John 844. You Are of Your Father the Devil, and the Lust of Your Fathers What You Do. Speaking of Satan. Jesus Said He Was a Murderer from the Beginning, and Abode Not in the Truth throughout the Bible. You See, Killing of Children Is an Evil Act of Satan and Evil Rulers. Pharaoh What He Did a Little Babies Room and a River and Drown Them What It Would Inherit Due To Little Babies Two and under in Bethlehem Slaughtered Them. The Killing of Children Is an Abomination Associated with Idol Worship. Ezekiel 16 Says Moreover Thou Has Taken Thy Sons and Thy Daughters, Whom Thou Hast Born unto Me and These Hast Thou Sacrificed unto Them to Be Devoured. Is This a Value for Them Is a Small Matter That Thou Has Slain Locale. God Used the Children of Pagan Nations and What People Did in Israel and Pagan Belief Systems. He Said When You Offered Those Children Because Malec Was a Pagan God Who Had His Arms out like This, They Would Have a Flaming Sacrifice Going on underneath His Arms They Would Lay a Child and That Child Would Be Devoured by That Flame and Killed. And God Says This You.

Those Are. He Uses the Phrase My Children There. My Children That You Bore unto Me, You Sacrificed Them Back in Genesis 4 Canaan Rose up against His Brother Abel. The Bible Tells Us in Genesis 48 the Cain Talked with Abel His Brother and It Came to Pass, When They Were in the Field at Cain Rose up against Abel and Slew Him, Kills His Brother Comes to Cain and Asks in Genesis 49 the Lord Said in the Cave Where Is Abel Thy Brother, and Cain Responds and Says Am I My Brother's Keeper. That Was a Snarky Response. That Was a That Was a Phrase Brother's Keeper Because the Word Abel Speaks about Being a Keeper of Sheep. The Name Itself and He's Mocking Even It Listen to God's Response in Genesis 4, Verse 10 and He Said, What Hast Thou Done the Voice of Thy Brother's Blood Cry Is unto Me from the Grounds. Consider If God Says That Innocent Blood That Was Shed from One Grown Man to Another. He Said Abel's Not Here to Speak on His Behalf but His Blood Is Literally Crying unto God from the Ground and What Is It Crying out It's Crying out That Innocent Blood Has Been Shed and Justice Must Come Judgment and Justice Must Fall on That One Who Murdered Abel. Just Consider If One Man's Blood Cries out to God What in the World Do We Think America's Soil That's Been Stained with over 63 Million Babies Aborted Is Crying out to God Say Whether You Think Directly Crying out to God in Judgment. Believers Wouldn't Do That over You Read Revelation 6 Revelation 6 Verse Nine Incenses and When It Opened the Fifth Seal, I Saw under the Altar the Souls of Them That Were Slain for the Word of God and for the Testimony Which They Held and They Cry the These Are Christians Who Died for the Cause of Christ for Being Christians in Their Their Blood Has Been Shed on the Earth and Listen to What They Say to God, How Long, Oh Lord, Holy and True, Dost Thou Not Judge and Avenge Our Blood on Them That Will Only Your Crying out and Saying God, When Are You Going to Save Them and Forgive Their Sins Be Merciful to Them There, Crying out, Saying God Bring Judgment upon Them. Bring Judgment upon Them. If That's the Cry of Some Believers That Were Slaughtered in Their Blood. Innocent Blood Was Shed What You Think Is Happening from the Souls of All of Those Children Crying out to God, Ask Your Question with Your Little Three-year-old Daughter Came Running into the House and Said to Me in Her Arms Been Broken Open and You See the Bones in Her Arm and Her Flesh and Wounds and Then There's a Man out There with the Stick That Hit Your Little Girl. He Tore Her Arm Open and She Screamed Here Would Run out There and You Would Do Justice upon That Man's Head Would Have To Do Any Calling. You Would Go out There and You Protect Your Little Girl What Level You Would Need to Protect Her on Earth Do You Think Our God in Heaven. Our Father in Heaven Is Saying When All These Children's Blood Are Crying out Father, 63 Million Have Been Slaughtered upon This Nation. What Do You Think the Father in Heaven Is Doing to Tell You What Is Doing Is Readying Himself for Great Vengeance upon This Nation. America Is under Great Judgment Friends You Will See Judgment Falling upon This Nation Continually over and over and over Again the Wrath of God Has Been Revealed against This Nation. We Have Been Given over to Blindness. We Are at the Third Level of Rev. Romans Chapter 1 God Has Given Us over the Sexual Revolution.

The Bible Tells Us That Was the First Step That Happened in the 60s and 70s. The Second Step Is a Homosexual Revolution Rebel Romans Chapter 1 Tells Us Will Come.

That's Exactly What Happened the Last 20 Years and the Third Step Is They Will Have No Thought of God and They Will Rage in Their Sin We See a Nation Raging Right Now and Their Sin You and You Need to Understand When That Happens, There Is No Hope Left. There's Only Judgment There's Only Judgment. So What How Is What's Abortion like in the Landscape of America Will the Most Recent Reports Have the Last Couple Years, Takes Time to Get All the Data Together in 2019.

There Was 887,000 Babies Aborted Internation. That's It. That's a Baby It's Killed in the Womb Every 35 Seconds Every 35 Seconds You Preach a 50 Minute Sermon That's over, That's Close to Hundred Babies That Are Been Aborted in the Station. God Said Keynes One Man Abel's Blood Is Crying to Heaven for Me to Bring Judgment in a 23% of Babies Conceived in the Womb Are Aborted in the United States, 23% of Babies Born in This Country Are Killed. Places like New York and New Jersey, 34, 35% of Babies Are Aborted 35% on Dr. Dr. J migrs of New York City Wrote on Any Monday.

He Said You Can See 70 Garbage Bags with Fetal Material in Them along the Sidewalks of Abortion Clinics in New York City for One Doctor Reported 70 Bags That Babies All over the Street and Bags in a Planned Parenthood Performs an Abortion Every 95 Seconds That They They Perform 350,000 Abortions a Year. That's That's One Abortion Lesson Every Two Minutes in a Meeting. Planned Parenthood Physician Said That Abortion Is Quote the Preferred Method for Unwanted Pregnancies. They Went on to Say, Quote Abortion Is a Treatment for Unwanted Pregnancies. The Number Two Sexually Transmitted Disease. They Literally Called a Baby in the Womb. A Sexually Transmitted Disease Key Research in a Recent Survey Showed 61% of United States Adults Say Abortion Should Be Legal. All or Most the Time I Don't Understand What's Happened to the Soul of This Nation.

Between 1933 in 1945 the Rise of the Nazi Regime under Adult Hitler Third Reich. Hitler Believed People like Jews Were Less Than Human and Because They Were Less Than Human. They Treated Them in the Way That They Saw Them As Being Valued.

They Saw That Ms. Not Valuable. They Did the Same Thing to Black People That the Nazi Regime Saw Black People As Less Valuable Your Euro Euro Less of a Human.

They Saw Gypsies As Being Less Than Human Mixed Race Is to Be Less Inferior Actually Subhuman and so As a Result of That, They Went on to Kill Sanctioned through Law 11 Million People in 6 Million Jews and What We Know As the Holocaust. These Propaganda, Hitler Was a Big Propaganda Guy in His Work. Mein Kampf, Which Means My Struggle That He Wrote in 1926 He Writes Propaganda Works on the General Public from the Standpoint of an Idea Makes Them Right for the Victory of This Idea Propaganda Is Being Published All throughout This Nation, You Can't Watch a Movie or TV Show Anymore without Transgender Is in Homosexuality and Abortion Rights.

Pretty Soon on Every Single Thing They Create Films Such As the Eternal Jew and under Hitler, Which Depicted Jews As Being Less Than Humans in the Nation Accepted There's Always a Nation That Put Its Stamp of Approval on the Sanctioned Killing of 6 Million Jews.

The Jews Were Put in Concentration Camps Starve to Death, Tortured, They Don't Gas Chambers to Exterminate Them. Many Were Shot and Buried Some Buried Alive. Among Those Killed Were People with Mental and Physical Disabilities That They Said Were Unfit to Live the Horrors of the Holocaust or Just beyond Words. I Don't Know Some People May Have Not Studied That out. You Need to Go This Week and in in Watch a Documentary on the Holocaust and Never Forget When I Was in Israel and They Said Were Gonna Take You to the Holocaust Museum, My Guide Was 64-year-old Man Spoke Four Languages. Very Nice Man.

We're Going to the Holocaust Museum. He Said I'll Meet You Guys Here like Three Hours to Settle, Come Back to Get Your Serena to Come with Us. He Says You Don't Understand What You Mean Thesis Is That Everyone Here Had Grandparents Died, Said Look around You See You See All These Jews around Here Is That All of Us Have Family to Die. The Holocaust, All of Us Were a Nation of People Who All of Us Had Grandparents Who Died in the Holocaust. Every One of Us Said You Don't Understand I Didn't Walk through Holocaust Museum and You See What Human Beings Can Do to Other Human Beings. It Is a It Is an Evil That Is Out Of the Pit of Hell. It Is Satanic. It Is Wicked and Demonic, and What We As a Nation Have Done to the Babies of Our Nation Literally Make the Holocaust Pale in Comparison. On the They Kill 6 Million Jews in the Holocaust. We Have Killed 63 Million in the Womb. 63 Million, You Know What Happens When a Baby They Seek to Abort the Baby and the Baby Lives.

They Set the Baby Aside and Let It Die.

They Give No Medical Attention Just Let It Suffer and Die Because It Didn't Die for the Abortion I Have To Ask Where Is the Soul of This Country Gone after Rivers Wade Was Overturned. It Should've Been a Time of National Repentance Should've Been a Cry out to God for Forgiveness, God Forgive Us, Be Merciful to Us, but Instead of Repentance This This Nation Has Responded in Rage. The Bible Tells Us in Psalms Chapter Number Two God Says Why Do the Heathen Rage. One of the Heathen Rage and the People. Imagine a Vain Thing They They Seek to Throw over the Authority of God upon Them. We See a Nation, Burning Buildings, Threats of Violence, Acts of Violence and Why Are They Raging. What Is Causing Them to Rage There Raging Because They Want to Be Able to Abort Their Babies Chance If My Abortion Is Not Safe. Neither Are You Today in America We Have Turned into a Nation That Is in Rage Because Restrictions Have Been Placed on Killing Babies and While America Burns Politicians and Preachers Fiddled like Caesar Who Fiddles While Rome Burns and Tell You There's Something More Important for Me to Preach to You Today Than Your Best Life Now.

We Don't Need to Come Here and Hear about How I Can Have My Best Life We Need to Get on Her Knees and Repent to God for 63 Million Babies Is Bloods Crying out to Our Father in Heaven Who Sits on the Throne of Holy Vengeance Why We Say Kill the Babies We Fight Desperately to Save Human or Animal and Plant Life. You Know in Maine.

It's Illegal to Move a Pregnant Lobster If the Lobster Is Pregnant and You Move It You Will Face $1000 Media Fine with State and Federal Laws That If You Destroy a Turtles Egg Turtles That You Will Face $100,000 Fine and up to a Year in Prison.

You Literally Have More Laws to Protect Cats You Have More Laws in Our Country to Protect Eagles Eggs the Bald Eagle Vague Act of 1940. If You Destroy or Even Disturb in a You Will Face 100,000 or Find a Year in Jail for Protection of Not to That Level but Just Protection of Animal Life, but with the Overturning of Roe Versus Wade. You Have Corrupt American Would Say That the Corporate America Has Now Stepped into the Scene Company Such As Amazon, Kroger, Dick's Sporting Goods and Others Are Going to Pay People for Thousand Dollars to Go Have an Abortion. So If You Work for Kroger's Dick's Sporting Goods Amazon There's Many Other Places, Hundreds of Companies That Are Signing on This. They Will Pay You up to $4000 to Go Out Of State. If You Need to Get an Abortion, You Think That There like You Know What We Really Care about Those Women We Really Care about and We Sure Don't Want Them to Have To Go through the Difficulty of Bringing Life into the World That You Know They Want Corporate America Is Not Stupid. They Know That Women Your Time off to Care for Those Children, Your Maternity Leave Will Cost Them More to Replace You, and If They Just Tell You Basically Woman Go out Picture Abortion and Get Back to Work.

The Picture Abortion Woman and Get Back to Work You PR Slave. That's What They're Doing.

Don't Be Nave on This Issue.

They're Not Gone They Know What It's Going to Cost and in the Blindness of People Embracing Such Things. Corporate America Is Pushing A Lot Of This Propaganda Water If They Cared about the Family, Weren't They Paying $4000 for People Who Are Having a Baby Right Thing Anybody Had a Baby, Don't Pay You to Tell Your Baby Were Not Dumb or We America Rightly Mourned over the Death of 19 Children Were Slaughtered School in Texas You All the Elementary School That Was a Said That Wasn't There Was a Said That Was There Was Stuff We Grieved.

I Wonder Where the Tears Have Gone in Our Nation. For These Children That Have Been Slaughtered in the Womb and the Same People That Cry out for Gun Control, Cry out for the Murder of Children near the IRS Will Even Give You a Tax Deduction for Abortions. IRS Will Give You a Tax Deduction. If You Have an Abortion. But If You Have a Baby That Stillborn. You Get No Text That's How Wicked This Is Going. There Was a Day When Abortion Was Viewed Even by Liberals Is a Sad Thing 1974.

Year after Rivers Wade Was Decided Current President Joe Biden Said the Ruling Had Gone Too Far.

He Said a Woman Quotes a Woman Seeking an Abortion Should Not Have the Sole Right to Say What Should Happen to Her Body." 76 He Votes for the Hyde Amendment, Which Bans Federal Funding of Abortions and 95 to 2003 Voted Three Times to Ban Partial-Birth Abortion Are Not Familiar with What Partial-Birth Abortion Is That Is the Most Barbaric Act That Is Ever Been Foisted on the Lights of the Person Will Go to the Details of It on the Tell You Something If You If You Don't Know What That Is Will Research This, We Can Put You on Your Knees. It Is a Wickedness That Is on Imaginable on Believable the Launch. It's Literally in My View beyond What Humans Can Do, but Somehow They Do It. I Can't Even Understand Animals Don't Even Do This to Each Other. Animals in the Animal Kingdom. Don't Even Do What We Do to Other Humans Events Is Totally Changes You and Now Opposes Blocks of Portable Partial-Birth Abortion. Our President Right Now Is for Partial-Birth Abortion Now Supports Federal Funding for Abortion in 2020.

He Said He Supports Abortion under Any Circumstances and When Rivers Wade Was Overthrown. He Said It's a Sad Day in Our Country. It's a Sad Day Quote for the Court and Our Country That Is Satanic Yearly What Our President Said Is Wicked. It's Out Of Hell That Is Evil That Is Wicked. There Is Who Would Who Would Say It's a Sad Day When Babies Lives Are Being Defended. I Don't Listen Very Closely. I Don't Care If I'm the Only One in This Church. I Don't Care If I'm the Only One in the City. I Will Stand up against That Stuff and Call It Evil. The Rest of My Living Days I'm Not. I'm Not a Republican. I'm Not a Democrat I'm a Preacher I Believe in the Word of God and I Stand against Anyone Who Uphold Such Vital Beliefs. What about the Objections Preacher You Can't Answer Some of These Objections. Christian Should Not Force Their Beliefs on Those Who Are Not Christian Believe What You're Saying but I Don't Think I Have a Right to Force My Beliefs on Other People, Massive Question.

If You're Walking down the Street You See Your Neighbor Beating Their Little Puppy Would You Force Your Beliefs on Them. Also, You Will Defend a Puppy Dog Right to Defend a Puppy but Not a Human. Why Would You Impose It's Not Your Dog Is Not Your Backyard. It's Not Your Body. Leave Them Alone Right Now Why Would You Intervene Because You Have What's Called Humanity Get a Moral Understanding That Certain Things Should Not Be Done. People Should Not Be to the Logs to Death, and Neither Should People Put Their Children to Death, but I Would Ask the Question to That Doesn't Matter What God Has To Say about a Life As It Is God's Word Have Authority Only on the Believer, or Does God Would Also Have Authority on the Unbeliever. And If God's Word Will Be the Standard of Judgment for Us One Day As Well As the Standard for the Unbeliever One Day Would Not Be the Right Thing to Do to Call Believer As Well As Unbelievers to Line up with God's Truth. If You Want to Post Impose Your Beliefs on Other People Never Evangelize Again. Never Share the Gospel Again Because What You're Telling Them Is That They Are Sinners Going to Be Separate from God for All Eternity, Unless They Repent and Confess Christ As Lord. Never Do That Because You're Imposing Your Beliefs on Others. Jesus Came and Didn't Display Phone.

Others Became a Declared the Truth to Everyone You Have To If You're to Be a Light Appear to Be the Truth. There Is No Other Way.

And If You Can't Stand for Life. What Could You Stand for. So My Grandfather Died in a Hospital. It VA Because of All the Tragedies of Both Physically and Emotionally, Mentally, That He Went through. Imagine Somebody Going up There and Say Well These Guys Are after Minds Gone the Can't Think Later We Just Need to Pull the Plug and Get Rid of These Guys through Drain on Society and Tell You What, I'd Be up There by with Me, I'd Be up There Maybe Three or Four of Us Would like Hopefully to Be More Than That We Would Be up There and Say This Is a Good Happen to Just Kill These Men. They Think They're Valuable What They Can't Do Anything to Benefit Their Adrenal Money Reported to Them That Are Valuable Because Are Made in the Image of God and Human Beings. And Once You Move Away from People Being Valuable Because They're Human Beings. You Begin to Based on Their Economic or Physical Disabilities or Abilities Based on Anything Else.

Just Remove the Quality, the Only Way Equality Works Is If We Are All Humans and We Have Value Because Were Human Being. Once Removed That There Is No Other Way to Balance the Quality You Shouldn't. What about Rape and What about Incest I Believe People Should Be Able to Have Abortions If They Are Going to) You Agree with That Preacher Ask Again What Does the Circumstance of the Conception of the Child Have To Do with the Value of the Child. The Child Conceived by Those Terrible Acts Is Still a Child Made in the Image of God. Why Should a Baby Be Punished for the Sins of Its Father. Some of You Have Had Wicked Fathers. Some of You Had Fathers That Were Evil.

Your Value Doesn't Get Based upon What They Did or Did Not Do You Know There's People Literally and Lighthouse Deep Listening Very Closely.

There Are People Alive in Our Church. You Are Safe Now Living with Their Mother Was Raped by Their Father. And yet, the Mother Chose Not to Have an Abortion and That Person. Those People Are Seen in Our Church Today.

Here You Know That Some You Know That You're around and Say I Think You Never Really so Then I Need to Go Tell Them You Know What You Really Don't Have Value. You Really Should Have Been Born Because Because If You Were Born with a Good Dad and You You Have More Value in Life. You Know I Got Tim's Lungs As You Keep Your Mouth Quite They Have Value Because I Made Them in My Own Image. Abortion Needs to Be Legal to Save the Life of a Mother Risk When We Speak to This for a Moment Because This Is It to Be a Very Difficult Thing When People Ask You Some These Things. It's like out Alike Responders Will First of All, Were Always for Life. We Always Desire Life Professor Dr. Ervin Krishna Prof. of Obstetrics at UCLA School of Medicine Testifying before the U.S. Senate Said in Our Country Less Than 1% of Abortions Are Performed for the Life of the Mother to to Save the Life of the Mother and Other Medical Professionals Go Further. They State That Abortion Is Never Necessary to Save the Life of the Mother. Over 1000 OB/GYN's Maternal Healthcare Experts Signed a Statement in 2012 Saying Quote As Experienced Practitioners and Researchers in Obstetrics and Gynecology. We Affirm That Direct Abortion. The Purposeful Destruction of the Unborn Child Quote Is Not Medically Necessary to Save the Life of a Woman There's Other Things That Can Be Done besides Going in and Killing the Baby That's Not What Has To Happen Further into Thousand 19 Medical Leaders Representing 30,000 Doctors Said Intentionally Killing a Late-Term Baby and an Abortion Is Never Necessary to Save a Mother's Life." 30,000 Drs. Said You Never Have To Abort a Child to Save the Life of a Mother. Did You Hear That Church That's the Truth That's the Truth. They Go on and Say in Cases Where the Mother's Life Actually Is in Danger. In the Latter Half of Pregnancy. There Is No Time for Abortion Because an Abortion Takes 2 to 3 Days Instead Immediate Delivery Is Needed in Those Situations and Can Be Done in a Medically Approved Way Labor Induction or C-Section by the Woman's Own Physician.

We Can Do. We Can Do and Doing Save Life of the Mother through the Delivery of an Intact Infant in a Hospital You Saw Little Baby Number That's Exactly What They Did. You Know If If If She Carried That Child to Full Term.

She Makes Her Life. She Was in a Physically Dangerous Position for Weeks. She Went As Long and As Far As She Physically Could Possibly Go Get the Child the Best Possible Chance. Instead of Aborting the Child They Deliver the Child and the Child. Though a Small Percent Chance of Living the Child Still Had a Chance to Praise God for Mothers Who Fight for the Life of Their Children like Bennington Will Say Will the Child Is Not a Person, the Child May Be Human, but They're Not a Person yet I'm Asked What's the Difference between a Human and a Person Show Me a Human. That's Not a Person.

If You Start Segregating People between Humans and Those That Are Persons You Can Have a Real Big Problem in This Nation Talk about Inequality for Personhood Is an Established until Self-Awareness.

Children Are Not Even They Don't Even Have Self-Awareness around Two Years of Age and Sometimes Not until Probably 20 Years of Age. This Is the Same Line of Argument That Was Used To Hold Blacks in Slavery Are Not Equal to Us There Inferior to Us. Praise God for Men like Abraham Lincoln, Early Christians He Fought to Abolish Slavery Didn't Cower in the Face of Opposition. Men like That Who Stood and Even Gave His Life Recalls He Believed in God, to Resubmit and Women of God Would Stand up and Say We Are Going to Defend Life and Be Ashamed of It Working to Stand on the Truth. And Even If It Took off like We Would Stand on Such Truths. Abortion Should Not Be Allowed Because a Baby in the Womb Can't Survive on Its Own, Apart from the Mother Preacher Will Baby Out Of the Womb Can't Survive without Its Mother Either Right. Nobody's One-year-old Baby Can Survive without Mom or Some Caretaker Was Been Legal for 50 Years Also Was Slavery and Segregation Just Because It's Legal Doesn't Mean It's Right What about the Woman Having the Right of Her Own Body and Her Own Choice.

It's Our Choice. The Baby Is Not Her Body Friend You Are Upset Because You Fill Laws Imposing upon a Woman's Body. What about a Woman Imposing Her Beliefs on the Baby at Such a Level That She Would, in the Child's Life There Crying out Because They Feel like Other People Are Posing on Their Body There Imposing Their Beliefs on the Child.

The Woman Is a Victim.

She's Not a Victim If She Willingly Slept with a Man Hear Me, but When I Get Stuck with the Baby in Pregnancy. That's Not Fair When It Pregnancy and Babies Become Such a Curse to Us with the Mother Can Afford Raising the Baby.

The Child Grew up in Poor Circumstances. Why Should Economic Economics Determine the Value of a Child That's the Case That a Child or Two Years Old, Could Have Its Life, and Because They Can Wire the and Eat There There Less Valuable Than Because They Don't Have the Finance Take Care Of the Child Can Build Value of Humanity Based upon Economics. What If the Baby Has a Deformity or Disability. The Truth Is, All of Us Have Deformities Is Just a Question of Extent. Why Would a Deformity Make One Human Less Valuable Than Another Health Doesn't Determine a Person's Value That Such a Burden on the Parents. It Can Be. There's People Here Who Raise Children That Have Bought All Kinds of Physical Difficulties and Challenges, but Every Parent Will Face Challenges, Whether You Had a Healthy Baby or Not. Some of yet a Healthy Baby and They Gave Me the Biggest Challenge of Your Life and They're Still Giving You the Challenge of Their in Your Basement. You Can Do This, You Can Say I'll Kick You Right There in the Sun That Signed My Shoe Does Baby Mona You Need a Shoe I Can Give You One. Let Me Ask You When Is Murder. The Answer to Challenges. Exodus 411, God Says Who Made Man's Mouth to Make the Dome the Deaf to Sing in the Blind Have Not I the Lord's Read This Week in 1939 There Was a Man Who Came to the Chancellor of Germany Said My My Baby Was Born without an Arm's Having Seizures Having Convulsions. He Said Chancellor That of Hitler. He Says I Have Permission to Kill My Baby. He's a Monster Which Atul Feller Sent His Doctor Look at the Baby. They Said Yeah That Baby Is Not Fit to Live. They Euthanize the Baby They Killed the Baby. The Lethal Injection and Was That Decision in 1939 Became the Steamroller for Why He Went on and Killed 300,000 Disabled Babies and Adults in Germany. I Wept When I Read That and Saw Those Pictures on Belief, Unbelief, and What Kind of Monster You Have To Be People Say That Stuff Today. I Think How Gross That Statement and Sister so Grants You Go to Walmart Today. You Can See Somebody with a Disability John You Can't Walk like You Use to Get a Disability Now Serve Our Country Faithfully Agent Orange She Had Said by God's Grace. He Lives They Had to Remove All Kinds of Stuff and Do Some Things with Them. You Know What Johnson's Valuables Any Person on This Earth and That Praise God for Men like That Serve Our Country Look around This Room. I Tell You What I I Know A Lot Of These Different Stories Are Valuable Because You Made in the Image of God. Also, the God God Is a God of Miracles, Even If the Mother's Life at Risk for Me Share with You a Story from TiVo and One Two Heisman Trophy As Well Quarterback for State Play Professional Football for a Time He Spoke at the March for Life Rally Last Year in January, 20, 21, Shared His Personal Story about How His Mother Refused to Have an Abortion. Even the Doctors Told Her Sure Her Life Was It Significant Risk and They the Doctor Even Said the Babies Just a Tumor and You All.

The Doctor Said You Need to Have an Abortion. You Need to Get Rid of Him.

You Need to Get Rid of Him. TiVo Said, but She Decided That She Was Going to Trust God Even When the Doctor Said It Could and Might Cost Her Her Life. He Described Having Said Survive despite Difficult Circumstances His Mother's Placenta Was Not Even Attached at the Time of Birth, Limiting the Nourishment TiVo Can Receive from His Mother.

The Doctor Who Delivered Him Described TiVo Survival Is Quote the Greatest Miracle He Had Ever Seen People Conclude by Saying I'm so Grateful My Mom Gave Me a Chance for Life.

We Conclude by This. What Should a Christian Response Be to Abortion Need to First of All Friends Have a Biblical Worldview and a 34 to 40% of Women in Our Culture Had an Abortion 30 to 40% Probably 20 to 30%. I Would Say inside the Churches If Not Higher. We Need to First Understand That Abortion Is a Violation of the Law of God. This Is This Is Wrong It's It's a It's a Sale. You Guessed Abortion All the Time. I'm Always against Abortion. I'm Always against Abortion, I Forgot Use a Regular Man. I Have Four Daughters Married Love Those Girls Always against Abortion Because I'm Always against Killing Innocent Life You Have To Decide If You Believe This Book You Believe This, You Have To Start yet That's Where You Have To Be No Other Option. Less You Want to Be God, Unless You Want to Build Truth upon the Society and Culture. Do You Really Want to Build Truth on the Culture in America Today. You Want to Build a Donor President or on the Congress or on the Senate or Whatever Else Truth Has To Be Based on the Word of God. Secondly, We Have To Have a Biblical Response Unit a Response Need to Be When You Get on Our Knees Today and Plead to God for Forgiveness Where on Earth Is the Broken Repentance of Our Nation. My Heart Is Been so's Just Sick This Week and with the Overturning of Roe. You Think Some People Would Look Back and Say You Know God Forgive Us We Have Sinned.

There's Not One Leader That I've Seen Rise up in Brokenness and Repentance God Forgiveness Where's the Tears Where's the Morning Where's the Sorrow Should Be Somebody Today That Would Get on Her Knees at This Altar at an Altar Call Rector Cedar at Their Home by Their Bedside. Say Dear God, Be Merciful Doing Daniel Did in Daniel Nine, He Cried out to God for Forgiveness for the Sins He Committed and the Sins of the Nation.

We Also Need to Have a Biblical Approach. We Don't Need to Be Argumentative with People We Need to Be Ready to Give an Answer to Everyone That Asks Us We Need to Be Able to Give a Biblical Answer. The Bible Says We Need to Do with Meekness That Self-Control, Not Argumentative Spirit of Self-Control Ephesians 415 Speak the Truth in Love.

I Would Encourage You to Learn to Use White's Questions People Ask You a Question There Being Argumentative.

Just Respond with a Question That's What Jesus Did or Should We Pay Taxes, Caesar, Jesus, and He Says Well His Image and Superscription Is on Ask Wise Questions Do You Believe in Human Equality Jubilee Venison Light Should Be Protected. Your Agree with Science in the Bible That Life Begins in the Womb You Believe a Life in the Womb Is Less Valuable. You Think It's Less Worthy. There Should Be No Equality with Them so Much As What about Rape and Incest Will Set an Unborn Baby Pay for the Crimes of Their Father Does Their Life Now Hold Less Significance Because They Were Conceived in Sin Is Questions You Learn to Use White's Questions Appointed to the Truth If Somebody Has Pregnancy and They Can't Take Care Of the Child Will Pray to God and See What God Can Do Many Things Can Work out. Many of Us Had Children.

We Couldn't Afford Them-Keep and Raise a Child. Give the Child up for Adoption.

We Have Many Families in Our Church That Adopt What Should a Christian Do about Abortion in America Share the Gospel.

We Need to Be Witnesses in This World Shine the Light Advocate Advocate for Life Support Miami Valley Women's Center Which Are Church Doesn't in Our Church Support Missionaries All around the World over 50 Missionaries and Many of Them Have Orphanages That Care for Folks Send Letters and Petition to State Representatives Vote for Life. If You Vote Based on Political Party There's an Issue You Need to Build Your Baby, Your Your Your Your Voting Record on What Saith the Scripture, There Is One Issue That I Would Never Vote against Its Life on Earth Could I Ever Vote for Somebody Is for Abortion. There Is an Entire Political Party in Our Country That Has Made the Sins of Romans One. Their Platform, the Sentence Did You Hear Me It's I Can't Even Believe Our Nation Is Gone the Sins of Romans One Have Now Become the Political Position the Platform They Voted God Out Of This Last Decade in Their Meeting. They Voted God out. And Then Now Homosexuality Was Addressed in Romans One DQ Portion All These Things Have Now Become the Platform You If You Have in the past, Voted for Those Things.

Today's a Good Day to Say God Forgive Me for Ignorance Was in My Heart to Vote for Such Things. Forgive Me. That Needs to Be Repented of Consider Adopting and Fostering Parent Being a Foster Parent. James 127 Says Pure Religion and Undefiled before God the Father's Visit the Fatherless and Widows in Their Affliction.

Psalms 82 Says Defend the Poor and Fatherless. Five Had an Abortion. I Talked to Several People in Our Church Had a Lady That Said to Me This Week. She Said Preacher, Could I Sometimes Get up and Give It If My Story Because I Know What I Don't Want Anyone to Ever Go through Abortion. Like I Have over 30 Years Ago.

She Said Every Day. It Just Sorrow and Pain of and Tell You People Say Your Real Really Girl's Life.

If She Has To Go Forward with an Abortion with It with the Pregnancy Known an Life Doesn't Run People's Life.

When People Have an Abortion. They Afford 800% More Likely to Be Suicidal. So Many Things I Could Share with You Today. I Don't Have Time If You Had an Abortion Know That There Is Mercy, There's Grace, There's Forgiveness White House Doesn't Hate You Press or Just Resonate You We Love You Your Sins Can Be Forgiven Just like Mine. You Know the Guy Who Wrote Half the New Testament Was a Murder God Forgave Him and Uses Life the Right Half the New Testament. Praise God for Mercy. Amen.

And I Would Encourage You There's Things You Can Do You Can Take This Message and Posted on Your Facebook You Can Post on Your Social Media You Can Advance If This Message Will Be Hosted on Different Places That We Have Radio Stations That These Things Go out on As Well. We Conclude in Isaiah 59 N. Times, Just Listen to What the Bible Says. The Bible Says, Behold, the Lord's Hand Is Not Shortened, That It Cannot Save near His Ear Heavy, That It Cannot Hear God Says but Your Iniquities Have Separated You between You and Your God and Your Sins Have Hit His Face from You That He Will Not Hear What Sins Is God Talking about. He Says for Your Hands Are Defiled with Blood Your Fingers with Iniquity Spoken Lies or Tons of Mother Perverseness. None Call for Justice nor Any Plea for Mercy. They Trusted Vanity and Speak Lies They Conceive Mischief and Bring Forth Iniquity. He Goes on and Says in Verse Seven. Their Feet Run to Evil. They Make Haste to Shed Innocent Blood Goes on and on. Throughout This Chapter Saying How Wicked of a Nation the Nation Is Turned against God. They Turn Away from God and What We Are Literally Reading in Isaiah 59 Is Also a Foreshadowing of the Day before God Returns. Isaiah 59 Says, and He Saw That There Was No Man and Wondered That There Was No Intercessor. There Was No One That Would Stand up for the Truth. There Was No One That Would Defend What Is Just so What Does God Do It Says Therefore His Arm, His Arm God's Arm Brought Salvation under Him and His Righteousness Is It Sustained Him, for He Had Put Righteousness As a Breastplate and a Helmet of Salvation upon His Head and He Put on the Garment of Vengeance for Clothing and All God's Doing God Is Preparing Himself for Battle. God Is Clothing Himself in Armor. This Is Revelation 19 Which Are Reading Is Revelation 19 Becomes a Great Vengeance and Then You Get in Isaiah Chapter 60 Unit Says This Arise Shine for Thy Light Is Come in the Glory of the Lord Is Risen upon the for Behold, the Darkness Shall Cover the Earth, and Gross Darkness the People but the Lord Shall Arise upon the and His Glory Shall Be Seen upon the in the Gentiles Shall Come to Thy Lighting Kings and the Brightness of It Are Rising What You Find in Isaiah 60 Is the Millennial Kingdom. This Is Revelation 20. Jesus Says His Kingdom up Friends. I Believe That the King Is Preparing Himself.

I Believe Our Days Are Short and I Believe If There's Ever a Day That We Stand up and We Become Alive in This World. It's Gotta Be Now If There's Ever Anything in Your Life That You Stand for B, the Gospel and That of the Human Life, You Never Cower. You Never Back down.

You Stand on the Truth You Stand with Love, You're Not Argumentative You're Not Spiteful You're Not All These Things That You Do Not Back down. You Stand for the Truth. Build Your Life upon the Word of God Today.

If You Don't Know the Lord Jesus Christ with Men and Women That Stand on the Front. You Can Come That a Trust in Christ. The Day Maybe Your Heart Just Needs to Comment Meal down along with Myself and Just Say God Be Merciful to Us a Nation Turn Us Back in Repentance, so Stand This Morning.

Father, We Thank You for Your Mercy for Your Grace toward Your Truth Been Clear, but We Have Sinned and Are Sinners Reached up to the Heavens God.

We Pray That Your Mercy and Your Grace and Forgiveness Come along Our Lives That We Know Judgment Must Evolve Because Injustices Your Craving You Would Raise up a Generation, You'd Raise up a Holy Seed in This Nation That Would Be Unashamed to Stand with Injury That Is Not Being Molded by Culture, Politics, Social Media, Family, or Anything Else You Feel That You Have the Final Authority and You Are That I Pray Today If Anyone Is Going through These Tragedies in Their Own Life and I Pray That They Would Find Grace to Help in Signing the Jesus Christ Forgiveness of Crohn's You Help Us to Be Merciful. Also Teaching Rated If Anyone Slows the Mic Is Jesus Name

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