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Why I Am Not an Atheist Part 2

Let My People Think / Ravi Zacharias
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December 12, 2020 1:00 am

Why I Am Not an Atheist Part 2

Let My People Think / Ravi Zacharias

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December 12, 2020 1:00 am

Can God's existence really be proved or disproved? This week on Let My People Think, RZIM's Founder, the late Ravi Zacharias, discusses the existence of God.

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Examining national ministry support for this kind has comes from your generous donation. I know more about running the horizon. VW REM, a Russian pessimist will announce a policeman for killing a present by the highest philosophical principles of the present thought to have killed himself. That was a quite from the famous philosophy to keep out the fantasy of a culture without treatment. In absence of a God cannot be any foundation for truth always. Everything without meaning, hello and welcome to let my people think like today was sharing with me the conclusion of the message from all dams found at the late Ravi Zacharias last week while he pointed out that denying God's existence leads to a contradictory life continues along those lines. In today's Site shows how divided and fragmented life that comes in the absence of God. If little affects and not himself based on an absolute God will happen. That's doing Ravi now as he takes a look at the results. The 21st century schizoid man the first trouble that the atheist has is the espousing of a moral law. The second is the problem with no hope atheism.

Basically, as a personal philosophy of life offers no ultimate hope.

Death is the end of personal existence as we know it is a snuffing out of the center of consciousness within the individual. I think God who was it was a pubs who said when I die what the worms will devour my body and I commit my soul to the great perhaps Bertrand Russell himself talked about it as a random collocation of atoms in mindless without ultimate destiny, and ultimately in the collapse of the universe will bring all of our hopes crushing in disaster and pessimism. Social Bertrand Russell and yet the human experience while Jean-Paul Sartre, by the way, who on his deathbed. Not too many people like to talk about it who on his deathbed. This guru of the 60s and existential philosophy who became the ideological godfather of the uncut layer movement. They were all his godchildren ideologically sought himself on his deathbed ultimately said he could not bring himself to believe anymore that this world was existent apart from an ultimate designer in my and his mistress standing by his bedside since he is gone senile.

But Sartre had said it. He said that this philosophy's problem can most of the same thing. They struggled with the idea of suicide back and forth because the whole that it did not accord to them in there about atheistic lifestyles. Now you know when death knocks at the door.

It is funny how few people I know all who don't to the great philosopher sponsors. I have buried the father and the mother and my mother died fairly early and I still recall standing by her bedside seeing her in her last few moments of life. I didn't think of going to some great masterpiece of classical philosophy and that point the big question. I struggled with in here it is ladies and gentlemen, you see life has a singular strength in each individual life is not coming does not come to you and me in a generic sense.

Life comes in the singular sense. That's why we fall in love with a single individual. That's why you get the whole idea of loving your children in the way you probably love them and that singular commitment to that child or to the partner with whom you wedded all the romance. Where is that singularity of love. It is just not replaced by another person taking on the generic nature of love itself, and when the person dies, the question has to be raised. Is this the terminal point of my relationship with that individual receipts also raised in terms of philosophy if death is the end of everything that we know what does that make of justice which is not carried out in our courts of law. What does that make of any ultimate sense of right and wrong. I do recall talking to parents very often in my travels. Whether it be somebody of very sophisticated background intellectually or somebody who is just asking the simple questions of life. You can watch watch how Hindus observe their funerals. You can watch how Muslims observe their funerals help with this observe their funerals and you look across the landscape of humanity with hundreds of millions trying to establish the rights of passage. One of my professors said this happened to him once when he was talking about death. The atheist debating and set that is only nothing more than pattern baldness that just comes a Tappan's and he said you know I wanted to tell you that I just received a message from somebody to interrupt this debate because one of your family members is just died, but I told him not to worry about it not to interrupt you. It's nothing more than pattern baldness and the point got home.

What about this whole issue of what happens to a human being when he or she dies, the issue of a moral law, the issue of the loss of hope, totally without God there is a complete loss of meaning there is no point of reference that defines what the meaning of life is all about whether you see the parable of the myth of Sisyphus rolling up the stones as it were, up the mountain only to roll it down again and that repetitive meaningless event goes on and on and on.

And there's a fascinating philosophical response to how they deal with this dear note in the scientific world when they deal with the second law of thermodynamics that things left to themselves moved to entropy to heat to death. You see, the whole idea that things don't move from all from disorder to order the move from order to disorder, and when you see how biological evolution is defended the defendant by saying that the biological parts moved against the entropic stream that what applied to the whole did not apply to the parts that's what they tell you now in meaning delivers the whole thing in meaning that tell you life ultimately has no meaning it doesn't apply to the whole, but it does apply to the parts of your day-to-day activity.

Tiny little meanings so that there are punctuated meanings under an arching overall meaninglessness. You understand what I'm saying here. Give your day-to-day activities. Meanings roll the stone up because maybe when you get into the top of the mountain. You can build a building but then what… Then what the building itself is meaningful and so tiny little purposes with no ultimate purpose, tiny little meanings with no ultimate meaning. This is why the King Crimson rock group says this cat's foot iron claw neurosurgeon scream for more from paranoia's poison door. 21st century schizoid man blood rack barbed wire politicians funeral pyre innocence rape with napalm fire. 21st century schizoid man death seed blind man's greed poet, starving children bleed. Nothing is got. He really needs 21st century schizoid man. Now listen to the connection despite what David Hume would say the walls on which the prophets wrote is cracking at the seams upon the instruments of death.

The sunlight brightly gleams will no one laid the laurel wreath as silence drowns the screams between the iron gates of fate, the seeds of time are sown and watered by the deeds of those who know and who are known.

Knowledge is a deadly friend when no one sets the rules, the fate of all mankind I see is in the hands of fools.

Confusion will be my epitaph as I crawl a cracked and broken pot.

If we make it. We can also back and laugh, but I'm afraid tomorrow I'll be crying there's a second level philosophy for you. The moral philosophers of our time who are demonstrating the anguish. Listen to what one philosopher said of this conflict, in which we live now and that is the philosopher GK Chesterton.

He wrote on this issue a long time ago, describing modern man in revolt and the schizoid nature in which he lives. Listen to what he says. The modern rebel is a skeptic and will not entirely trust anything he has no loyalty. Therefore, he can never be a true revolutionist and the fact that he doubts, everything gets in his way when he wants to denounce anything for all denunciation implies a moral doctrine of some kind, and the modern revolutionist doubts not only the institution he denounces, but the doctrine by which he denounces it so he writes one book complaining that Imperial oppression and salsa purity of women.

Then he writes another book a novel in which he insulted himself because of the Soltan, because Christian girls lose their virginity then curses Mrs. Grundy because they keep it as a politician. He cries out that war is a waste of life then is a philosopher that all life itself is a waste of time. A Russian pessimist will denounce a policeman for killing a peasant then proved by the highest philosophical principles of the present thought to have killed himself a man denounces marriage as a lie. A man denounces marriage is a lie then denounces aristocratic profligacy for treating it as a lie, he calls a flag of Bible and blames the oppressors of Poland or Ireland because they take away that bubble. The man of the school ghost buster political meeting where he complains that savages are treated as if they were beasts. Then he takes his had an umbrella goes on to a scientific meeting where he proves that they practically are beasts. In short, the modern revolutionist being an infinite skeptic is always engaged in undermining his own minds. In his book on politics. He attacks men for trampling on morality in his book on ethics. He attacks morality for trampling on men. Therefore, the modern man in revolt has become practically useless for all purposes of revolt by rebelling against everything he has lost his right to rebel against anything. See the level I and the level to the philosopher talking about the doctrine of contradiction that overrides this, and the songwriter saying 21st century schizoid man. How do we find meaning. Can I give you two personal illustrations. If you'll allow me to, and then moved to my final thought here do know as a father. You learn a few things about life that you never learn as a scholar because I found that the scholarly world becomes a very safe escape from some of the real struggles that are bothering you inside and troubling your family.

It is the easiest thing in the world to happen.

I've seen it happen time and time again and the sooner we learned that in academic circles, the more real we will become. And my three children have forced me to be more real. At home, as I've talked to them, then sometimes we tend to be in writing of our books and our lectureship's, and so on. My oldest daughter just went through a horrendous experience in her young 16 tier of life in the last month has been one of me as a father trying to help her cope with this and watch her struggle and bear under the load of this painful experience. She's just gone through. She had a friend of hers in class. He was a computer partner for her and very kind, very friendly, very nice to her. Every time she'd come back and said the spell is such a fine fellow.

Daddy always so friendly always being kind to any new student who comes in and so on one within the last month. Something tragic happened that young boy 16 years old didn't show up in school one day we make our home in Atlanta Georgia and that's where the story took place and the police came to the school said they were looking for him because he'd run away from home and everybody was shocked at the story. Finally they said they would try to track him down.

The principal started working on it and so on.

Next day three students in this class got a telephone call from them saying I want to see you in a private setting.

Don't you dare tell anybody a coming. So one teacher and I think about 23 students went to see him supposedly without telling anyone. They were in a secluded setting were highly wooded area and there waiting for them all of a sudden comes a sleek Volvo with tinted glass windows and so on, and they knew immediately the car was a stolen car in which he was pulling up as they walked towards him. He rolled down the window they saw two handguns on his lap.

A rifle by his side.

They all immediately got nervous not knowing what they were dealing with. Suddenly they saw a chopper above them and about 14 police cars and a SWAT team closing in on him it ensued in a chase several accidents finally trapped the 16-year-old fellow.

He was in the hub of the major crack ring in Atlanta 16 years old. Regarding put them into a detention center that was Thursday. Sunday morning the principal went to visit him to find out he'd hanged himself, and now the television discovering and they're saying he didn't hang himself.

He was murdered because he was at the heart of a major ring that was going to be broken open my daughter has sold for hours over this and she says I don't understand how somebody so young could have gone so wrong so soon in his life, and I won't give you the details of what brought it about. But the wrong headedness in the confusion and the emptiness in the teenage world is at an all-time high.

You can be sure secularism has not given them any nonsense.

It is at an all-time high. In fact, the recent study of the educational process is revealed that two thirds of our teenagers are basically unteachable. Not because they don't have their minds intact because they are so preoccupied with the fears in their home and their struggles in their personal lives that when they come to school.

Their minds are not thinking about the studies that are on hand there torn up about what's going on in the home did he follow that two thirds of them are unteachable not because they don't have the mental capacities, but their minds are just so preoccupied with the fears and worries with which they live, how is contemporary men going to respond to this. How is he going to respond to the emptiness and loss of meaning Lee Iacocca said this in his book straight talk as I start the twilight years of my life. I tried to look back and figure out what it was all about. I'm still not sure what is meant by good fortune and success. I know fame and power are for the birds, but then life suddenly comes into focus.

And he gives us three or four lines on what is helped him and removed my personal illustration to sustain that end in my final thought here when our second little girl Naomi was barely 2 I had been away for five weeks. I think I've been preaching in one of the either Cambodia, Vietnam. Somewhere there just shortly before it fell and I came back home and she was in my in laws place tiny little baby just started a right little more than that.

I guess just trying to learn to walk in the walker and as I walked into the house. She was there in her walker. My wife brought me in.

I looked at her for about 20 seconds and we got into a bit of a staring contest. She stared at me. I stared back at her. I think for a moment. She was wondering who I was at been gone for five weeks, have often described her. She was one of the cutest little ones you never want to see. She was born with her hair at a 45° angle and it and it didn't come to rest for at least a year or so. Her cheeks were so pudgy it made her eyes look like an afterthought. Just absolute delight of an innocent little life. There she was with her bulging arms. Pudgy cheeks are bright eyes and their hair struggling to lie down and as I wrapped in. She looked at me and I look back.

Suddenly, her arm shot out. I knelt down to rub and wrap my arms around her as she nestled on my shoulder for about a minute or so, ladies and gentlemen, let me say this to you without apology in that one minute I had more intimations on the meaning of life than all the books and philosophy I have ever read. Bertrand Russell said this, one of the greatest longings of his life, which was never achieved was the longing for love and I challenge you to bear these questions of the back of your mind, but Lee Iacocca said this, but then life suddenly comes into focus. There stand my kids and I love them and they love me and maybe that's what life is all about.

So he says if you observe the expressions of the people just released in Lebanon on those who held them hostage. If you go back to the days of Desert Storm where some of our fellows and girls were held prisoner. One of the messages that were coming back and I spoke to many POWs during the Vietnam during the Vietnam War so the Vietcong prisoners of war that in South Vietnam you listen to what they're saying they're really not you talk to somebody in that situation. They don't talk about a car they don't talk about a comfort of all that they possessed. It is generally to give love to a husband to a wife to a brother or sister, father, a mother, a son or daughter.

Ladies and gentlemen, here's my thought is it possible that there is a clue to meaning in life, found in relationships. It is relationships that ultimately give us a clue to meaning in life and I leave that thought with you. As I moved to my final but without God there is no law without God there is no hope. Without God there is no meaning, and without God.

If the atheist has taken his stunts and said there is no God, and he turns out to be wrong and he turns out to be wrong when he dies and finds out there is a God and atheist has made a kind of a commitment that is so unreasonable because there is no recovery.

Bertrand Russell was asked what will you say it when you die, you do stand face-to-face with God. What will be our explanation to him. Russell says very plainly. I'm telling you didn't give me enough evidence interesting answer. You didn't give me enough evidence and how that was countered was even more more interesting but listen to what Pascal said this great philosopher scientist who died at the age of 29 the father of the modern computer. The inventor of the barometer.

Pascal, in his pensées way he talked so much about the things of God and have the sole he said this should a man be in error in supposing the Christian religion to be true. He could not be a loser by mistake. But how irreparable is his loss and how inexpressible his danger.

Who should err in supposing it to be false. Let me repeat that because this is often misunderstood when people talk about the Pascal in wager should a man be in error in supposing the Christian religion to be true. He could not be a loser by mistake.

But how irreparable is his loss and how inexpressible his danger. Who should err in supposing it to be false. Pascal's argument is purely existential and we must understand that because you see, if a person believes in Christ to be like Christ claimed he was an dispersant turns out to be wrong and at the end of his life, he becomes nothing, and the random qualification of atoms disintegrates into desk there as it were. Do you realize he has lost nothing, because the existential pursuit was still contentment and happiness and he found it.

The argument is purely existential. He does not a kind of stupid idea saying I'm going this route because I basically got nothing to lose, that somebody saying he sang the alternative offer is if you deny God authenticate yourself your own person.

Find your fulfillment. While the Christian compass by saying I found, albeit in believing something that wasn't so but at the end of it. No regrets because dust doesn't regret. I think Aristotle give us a perfect definition of what nothing is. He said nothing. Is that which rocks dream about and that's what Pascal is saying here that the end I become nothing basically had nothing to lose in the process, but with God you deal with these four issues without him.

No absolute moral law.

No ultimate total no point of reference the meaning and if it is wrong turns out to be no recovery chances on many atheists have probably never looked at that philosophy logically and realize the stakes that train full. It just reinforces the need to provide solid reasons for a biblical wild fee even think to Ravi Zacharias and the conclusion of his methods titled why I am not an atheist to purchase a copy of this entire message, or other content from Ravi or the Ozzie I am team less that 1-800-448-6766 he knows that would online, we can find more resources to help you in your sets victory that web address is Alexander LYG.

Or is that I for days in Canada and Michael Rampton sat at the beginning of this program.

We say thankful for your support, both financial and three Pratt wheels. They consider it an honor when we can pray for the things going on in your life. If he had prior request.

He liked to shack. Be sure to call us or email us at ancien@ozzieiam.lig you wondered whether the Christian faith actually holds up to scrutiny like real scrutiny, screw the trial war were given while other defense rests with you in the jury box will decide whether the Christian faith actually does hold water when it's put to the test through the rules of evidence and legal procedure. I love you, Marie, trial work and I can tell you that I put to that kind of ended up coming on the other end Christian no monsieur how juries think every episode we would think about witnesses eyewitness testimony, expert witness testimony as well will think about how judges make the ruling on objections and laneway rules of procedure and evidence along the way, you'll be sure you will decide to your objections hold water orders the Christian faith to join religions of the jury on the defense rests where ever you get your podcast Ozzie I am wearing the business of answering questions. Why you reject any part of Homeland relations with Christian Stresemann somebody thinks absolute truth is the realm of human knowledge and how do you draw the line between like to know what the ontological differences between the Christian God and God, the great question Ozzie. I am hoping to think and believe the thing that my people think radio ministry and is managed by Ozzie I am in Atlanta you are wondered whether the Christian faith actually holds up to scrutiny like real scrutiny, screw the trial war was given, while other defense rests with you in the jury box.

You will decide whether the Christian faith actually does hold water words put to the test through the rules of evidence and legal procedure. I love you, Marie, trial work and I can tell you that I put to that kind of ended up coming on the other end Christian, no monsieur how juries think every episode we would think about witnesses eyewitness testimony, expert witness testimony as well will think about how judges make the ruling on objections and laneway rules of procedure and evidence all along the way, you'll be sure you will decide to your objections hold water. The Christian faith to join religions of the jury on the defense rests where ever you get your podcast

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