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East and West, Part 2

Let My People Think / Ravi Zacharias
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April 25, 2020 1:00 am

East and West, Part 2

Let My People Think / Ravi Zacharias

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April 25, 2020 1:00 am

Why do you think so many Christians in the West are looking to eastern beliefs for answers? Ravi Zacharias has been following this trend, and has a unique perspective on this phenomenon. Join Ravi Zacharias this week on Let My People Think as he dives deeper into the beliefs of the East and the West.

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I know more about running the horizon having a party and don't want him gone.

The law of God, which is based on the absolute character of God, not on the relativistic whims of humanity was lost and where it was lost was in the house of God and the law of the Lord is lost in the house of God.

There is no message left to give to the spiritually minded. We haven't gone already left anymore after that and you look again and again and again and you ask yourself the question, how did this happen that are places of worship so often can be filled with thousands of young people who really don't know the word of God. God God is my thing. Robbie began this message by describing condition here in the change of control and from that device and save on the 10th. Surprisingly message comes from Robbie white covering history. Now he's Robbie with the completion of his message. When you think of the naturalistic worldview, unanswered questions how do something come from nothing.

How does life come from nonlife. How does a non-moral beginning to an amoral process end up with moral reasoning are pretty big questions you think Dawkins whatever address no. It's truly the fact that the Emperor has no clothes with the naturalistic worldview and Christianity. Sometimes it sure got the clothes but when they start disrobing that they find out they don't know what this is all about.

So what did humanity do in the West, they began to see in the 1980s, the commercialization of the gospel. I remember thinking in the 1980s.

What we were going through at that time and thinking to myself, will we ever survive this we ever get the gospel back because of what we have seen happen in the mass media and I remember seeing some big mega churches arriving at that time with all that we would doing to lure the young in and bring them into packed audiences at the end of it. If you are some some of the most basic questions about the Bible they could not even on so them. There's a sense of relaxation in spirituality.

But if spirituality is used as a seductive force. It could be the most destructive thing you've ever entered into because it actually gives you the feeling of being in contact with God when all you have ended up doing is deifying yourself select tone overleaf now and I want to give you three solutions to this need to be attended and then taken to the gospel where is God in all of this where is Jesus Christ in all of this. How did we lose him in America.

How did we lose them in America. I was sitting next to a preacher that I will not name one of the biggest churches in this country happen to be sitting next to me chimed next to each other because going to preach same conference for the plane one Citibank another city and he looked at me and said unto Robbie. I said yeah and so nice to meet you in a game, and Amazon. Sorry didn't recognize you. So we chatted. I said how things going is going well going well and we started talking you send it all basically the people from my father's generation. All fighting things that didn't really matter. What is a matter about the inerrancy of Scripture's who cares who cares what does matter. Sitting next to me in renting this stuff off preaching to thousands every Sunday and message you don't think it matters that the source that you're using with which to guidelines is a God-given source and God breathed and therefore in its substance.

It's infallible and without ever and I told him an illustration after that understory was quite stunned by it. I won't go into the details of that but you know what actually has happened in America and in most of Europe.

The same thing that happened in Josias time.

What happened in Josias time the book of the law was lost. The book of the law was lost. Josias became king at age 8 I bought a 12 of 15 he started to seek after God, in his early 20s. He began to cleanse the city in late 20s. He began to cleanse the temple and all of a sudden they found the dusty volume of the law of God and the secretary comes to him and he says you little believe what I found you have to ask how long was this missing the word of God, the law of God, which is based on the absolute character of God, not on the relativistic whims of humanity was lost and where it was lost was in the house of God. When the law of the Lord is lost in the house of God. There is no message left to give to the spiritually minded, we haven't got an authority left anymore after that and you look again and again and again and you ask yourself the question, how did this happen that are places of worship so often can be filled with thousands of young people who really don't know the word of God. Now we have to make it attractive. We have to make it beautiful.

We have to make it relevant. Yes, I understand all of that, but of the word of God is not there from the pulpit and the word of God is not central to the teaching portal and I'll be doing with the masses of people Sunday after Sunday and so even Bill Hibel's years after the experiment comes on and says I made a mistake. Big time. Mistake.

He said I brought in this consulting agency to study the products of our church and he said I would be fun.I really actually d´┐Żnouement the printed social because I found a bit really not made any disciples. I'll tell you if this country is going to change your life to begin with the church.

We talk of all the symptoms of cultural war and be not dealt with the cause that we ourselves have lost the capacity to engage the mind of the young with the power and the potency of the very law of God. So we lost him in the temple.

Secondly, when did we lose him in Luke chapter 2. You got Mary and Joseph in the midst of the Passover good godly people. They have to be to make all the strike their writing back home in this long caravan and it was a long while after one of them surveys. Jesus, I thought you had. I don't into heaven getting one of our friends hasn't developed a little, nobody has Jesus gone for the Passover, false assumptions that you actually believe it to be somebody else's responsibility to make sure Jesus in the center of your home, your life, your family can you imagine how the parents felt, you know what is astounding about Jesus's response, his mother and father come to him and what does he say to them, did you not know I needed to be in my father's house place of worship had become a hangout for crooks and so is debating with the doctors of the law and should not know I need to be my father's house and then as an adult and said you made my house again of trucks identify the ladies and gentlemen I'll be honest with you I wish sometimes I could now say I've done my part. I wish so, because easier. I could write I could enjoy doing many things that travel entails, but I believe God is call me to have a responsibility and God's call you to have a responsibility.

Please don't assume that if somebody else's. Don't assume this is somebody else's responsibility and it is one thing I'd like you to do and doesn't do nothing to do Thursday. I am got everything to do with your relationship with God ask him what is the load he wants you to lighten and where what is the load he wants you to carry for him and where I think of how easy it is to be at the Passover and lose Jesus to be in the temple of God and lose the law and then the third scene is John 18 the most defining moment of political power gone wrong when he looks in Jesus, eyeball to eyeball and he asks him if he is the king and when you receive the onset. He didn't like it and he looks at Jesus and Jesus says that he that on the side of truth listen to him.

Pilate made the ultimate blunder of looking eyeball to eyeball into the eyes of truth saying what is truth and walked away and walked away. At least to be paused for a moment to allow to see what Jesus would say he didn't.

What is truth. It's almost like he's teaching Jesus, you have nothing to say to me it is on political power gone wrong ecclesiastical power gone wrong ceremony gone wrong sort of people do go into a spirituality mode with all these esoteric sounding words. One of the authors I quoted her own life got terribly messed up. I read some of her thoughts, her own life got terribly messed up that spirituality thing didn't do a thing for her. You see what happened after him how to she may shield you died, and the end of lawsuits that ensued. People grabbing up to this author that same thing happened after you been on the died the same thing is just happened after Sai baba has died in Bangalore. This billion-dollar empire of their this madman without huge hairdo millions of followers all over the world and now they're finding out under the carpet. All that was messed up personally, privately, and the monies being squabbled over bank accounts are being frozen and everybody's laying claim to the money that swallowed this has become about spirituality. It's the massmarketing of spirituality know when you read the life of Oprah Winfrey and see the power in her early days should always write a word about Jesus and a verse from their and I've given a whole chapter to her own involvement in what happened, as she shaped the medium in the medium shaped her. She shaped the medium in the medium shaped her. She wanted to become a goddess. She assumed she was a goddess and millions today with her pronouncement take her at her word and you say to yourself is this where we are at this where we wrapped one ticket to three conclusions about the gospel. The number one conclusion is this that there is something so unique about the gospel of Jesus Christ that is not found anywhere else in the summer of 2008, a ranked atheist and a man who chose to live a rather personally, sensuous lifestyle name is Matthew Paris, he went to Africa because it is what is young boys parents were there and he went and saw tiny missionary movement called the pump from the something like that from project and he took a look at some missionaries there they so overwhelmed them with their lives.

He said I couldn't believe such deeply dedicated people, and he wrote an article that month. Listen to what this atheist actually has to say. I want to see this work.

It inspired me renewing my flagging faith in developing charities. But traveling in Malawi refreshed another belief to one I been trying to banish all my life. It confounds my ideological beliefs and stubbornly refuses to put my own worldview. It is embarrassed my growing belief that there is no God. Now is a confirmed atheist. I'm convinced of the enormous contribution that Christian evangelism makes in Africa sharply distinct from any secular NGOs, education and training alone will not do in Africa. Christianity is changing people's hearts. That's what is going to take it brings a transformation and this rebirth is real is long been a fashion among Western academic sociologists replacing tribal value systems within a ring fence beyond critiques founded in days, and therefore must best for them authentic of the end of intrinsically equal what was I don't follow this I observe the tribal belief is no more peaceable than ours, and that it suppresses individuality. People think collectively. This feeds into the big man in gangsta politics of the African city.

The exaggerated respect for the swaggering leader and the little inability to understand the whole idea of a loyal opposition, anxiety, fear of spirits of ancestors of nature's under ancestors and of nature and wide strikes deep into the whole structure of rural African thought a great weight inclines down the spirit of the people but Christianity this teaching the direct personal do we link between the individual and God unmediated by the collective and am subordinate to any other human being smashes for the philosophical spiritual framework I just described. Those want Africa to walk Parliament the 21st century global competition must not kid themselves that providing the material means or even the know-how that accompanies what we call development will make that change. No whole belief system has to be changed and I'm afraid it has to be supplanted by another removing Christian evangelism from the African equation may leave the continent at the mercy of a malign fusion of Nike, the witch doctor. The mobile phone and the machete from an atheist, Christian confession, to believe that to believe that the whole way of thinking has to be changed. I love it when I hear my colleagues speak because the such beauty and what they say. I would even name.

Some of them but I hear them saying it again and again and again, this transformation that Christ brings. I hear them in their tapes and read in their books and I was in Washington and sitting down. When we were all there listening to Michael speak at Georgetown and he present the gospel that night. Clearly he clearly spoke from Luca Jude the changed heart. The transformed heart. That's what it is.

Spirituality will not do that for you as a second thing that is this Christ's presence outside of yourself will bring you the mystical but it is not enough in and of itself, and then I'll close with my last thought many of you know that when my good friends passed away this year.

Charles Nick was exactly my age 15, 617 years ago I met Nick Charles was speaking in Atlanta. I do know he was a not watch much of the night sports programs, but he was quite a big icon, handsome looking guy big marble hair and Greek ancestry, handsome features. He was quite the playboy in his own words is a rhodium just run the mail except done it all.

He said I'm a mess. Help me. So we got talking with him when he's on the few people actually devoted specific amount of time to quite a bit.

He became quite close to our family. Two years ago Nick phoned me in Atlanta. He said I have lunch said sure Nick went on had lunch he was sitting right in the table in front and recognize him is a Raleigh I looked at Shaw Shaw's hair was gone.

This skeletal looking face and I sat down he said man I'm dying of cancer. Dying of cancer been given 20 months to live. I told him to use their biggest guns and help you get rid of this. I cried sitting how to make a couldn't believe what I'm saying he wanted to live in Santa Fe and he decided to build a home there beautiful home. He said I know I'm dying, but I won my wife and daughter to have a place in what to do. It so they moved to Santa Fe. He was in touch with me is about within a seven week tour and he said we come and visit me one last time because I don't think I'll be around when you finish this trip. Marg and I flew to Santa Fe. I walked into the room. It was like his body was on a vibrator is like this, but it was just completely out of whack as nurse sitting there. Try to grab his arm and he was stranded in the maleness try to get something into him. He can call me over and he wanted to grab my hand and just grabbed my hand and is going to let this I prayed with him. He looked pathetic. Gradually he come down is I'm so sorry I'm really so sorry he sits in on here Lisa. Please pray for me again so I stood up so I could hold his hand comfortably and as I was standing up to hold his hand and the man nurse sitting on the other side of the bed, his wife Corine and their armor on Marty. There is little daughter try to keep herself busy. His dog came over elaborate doodle bigeye nestled against my legs there quietly and with his chin on his bed, and I held his hand and prayed for him doctors all over. He said please this Godfrey denies her naked conduit.

He said I wanted us to some about his clothes on and we went out and visiting four of us for dinner in a country club that he belong to any SCN in sports, cost her big success story not dying it come to know Christ and his life been so radically transform the look to me. So can I tell you something he said a few weeks ago was lying in bed my little girl next to me and my wife.

And he said I was in such pain. I said all right Jesus enough.

It's enough enough. Can I come home tonight.

Please take me home use of my wife and daughter was sound asleep and I propped my head up and the pillow and I was crying please take me home tonight is a grubby light shown in the corner of the room in a person. I've always pictured the way Jesus would probably be walked over towards me and my hand the way you did today and he said Nick I'll take you home but not tonight. The right demo take you home. He said my brother. I have not fretted since the day when the right time comes, he will take me home. I was traveling overseas in the CNN producer phoned me set I'm writing a story on the thousands of his fans writing in tens of thousands.

He said probably they tell you the story about this vision and all I Cynthia you think of it is or what you think the training is.

I'm an atheist is limited to what I think of it important thing to me is great that God's revelation is based to us in history in his word and confirmed in personal experience the vision to me at that moment, a secondary but is precisely what needed Nick needed it at that moment and God let him we need him most. That's not what Nick's faith was based on based on something larger than that. I so what you think of Nick is that he's for real accident. Take the story that went to take the story that way you know what we've often missed with the spiritual hunger of people.

We made this Christian faith so far away and doctrinaire stuff.

We spent very little time talking about how deeply spiritually minded Jesus was to the spiritual reality of worship music, mystical the prayer and we've made him some kind of heretical figure. The last thing I want to say to you is one day it will all come together it will all come together in body, mind, soul and everything are in sync, and I close with this now and I remember when I finish praying with Nick.

I open my eyes and is looking for some mountain range called the blood of Christ go by my side's wife and daughter is nurse you finish praying, all of creation seemed to come together. One thing the spiritualists are teaching us the hungry for harmony there hungry for harmony. Discordant music why would you like discordant in your belief dying to sell that harmonious message. Finally, in heaven, so grand and include in your life you thatching for the meaning and consistency that can only come through belief in Jesus Christ and allowing him to control your life.

As Robbie said in the conclusion today's methods. It is then that you will hear that grand Aman even listening to the conclusion of Ravi's methods east and west.

If you miss any of these theories and would like to order this method in its entirety cool is that one 800-4486 76. Thanks and ask for the message east and west defendant then questions or comments or to make a donation by mail right on the IM PO Box 118 is the array else while to adjust 300877, even as they would online@ancien.lyg whales they find a wide selection of Bic CDs and DVDs. The ministry of the IM specialized days and evangelizing three apologetics at the area that you fill cool tea you might want to sign up for one of our online publications, each of which can be delivered right to your inbox. We offer daily reading titled a slice of infinity monthly needs left that adequately magazine called just thinking in which gravity and members of the Ozzie IM team addressed the mace pressing topics of the day that web address again is Ozzie IM.MRG or on is that I am to CA for days in Canada years ago Reader's Digest printed an article entitled, when we are alone. We dance within the private world, though each of us also wrestles with some heart consuming battle. For one, it may be the inner rake of loneliness for another of the daunting specter of guilt for still another. It may be the question why do I not feel God to be near when I've done all I know to be right, or it may be the question of all questions.

Who are you God.

Consider my friend the range of our existential struggles.

If anything unites coaches today.

It is the felt reality of the unanswered questions we face the loneliness of an unloved life is the same in Bombay as it is in Barcelona. Life tormented by guilt.

That is the same weight for a movie icon in Hollywood as it does for a schoolteacher in Havana, the cries in any community were to be cumulatively sounded the noise would indeed be deafening. Where, then, can we go there is a place where there is an aggregate of human suffering, and questioning that place is the heart of God. The Bible repeatedly portrays for us the cries of those in need pleading for one who might bring hope in its pages, we find that the cries of the heart of the same in every generation and so is the heart of God.

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