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Life's Inescapable Questions, Part 2

Let My People Think / Ravi Zacharias
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June 13, 2020 1:00 am

Life's Inescapable Questions, Part 2

Let My People Think / Ravi Zacharias

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June 13, 2020 1:00 am

What kind of questions do you think a Christian Apologist gets during Q&A sessions? The questions are vast, and often tough. This week on Let My People Think, Ravi Zacharias will take us through the book of Habakkuk, where we see a profound series of questions.

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I my name is Michael Ramsden, Pres. about.

We are living in difficult and challenging times we've all felt the impact of COBIT 19 in one way or another whether that be through the economic challenges and hardship is brought to the physical separation from loved ones to those who know wrestling with illness are present with you. I would like to thank you also for praying for us in the last few weeks I've been reflecting on if you famous words in Romans eight where it says what shall separate us from the love of God shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword. What is amazing to me as the first few words in that sentence. The first two is a matter of fact, refer to the idea of living with constraint will be in Hamden to be the narrow place to work history. To sum up so much of the global challenge see right now. Wherever you are with you with family what you going and facing this challenge alone. Please know our prayers and thoughts are with you. Would also like to thank all of you who have been praying for us during this time we have seen fresh openness to the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We recently launched a series go take 55 short minutes.

Thoughts of five minutes each. Once a day during the week to try to bring light into a situation of darkness. Some of the Oz young life events which we have done. I've had audiences in the hundreds of thousands, both in Europe and across note North America as well as across the world is managing in wondering where they can find solace and comfort but also the promise of a new life.

I would like to thank all of you who been standing with us in prayer and financial support to help us take that message to where it needs to go.

We know that so many of us are hurting right now as we do with the economic challenges, but for those of you are able, regardless of how bagels moral gift may be. Please know that we are very grateful and feel very blessed to have been given the privilege in trust by you to take a message to those who most need to hear it. Thank you for standing with us, you have your Congress room desires. This message is the revelation doing some point in time tonight that ultimately leads to create welcome to let my people think this reaches the one know by Tom today. Orion examines the cost is on denial and the conclusion of his next stage in escapable question know ladies and gentlemen evil starts without understanding purpose.

The purpose of marriage.

She will bring evil into units on the purpose of being a citizen. He will bring evil intellect don't understand the purpose of what this ministry is all about. It's very easy to bring into it. Always ask first purpose and the founders of this nation did an amazing thing when they said this to this we put our names and sign it with hours sacred honor. Sacred quantifiable. Basically me at its core trust and life and nationbuilding is barn out of sanctity you decentralize life and as Chesterton says, the tragedy of disbelieving God is not that a person ends up believing in nothing unless it is much worse.

He man to believe anything evil and injustice violence and then God begins to understand is see for example in chapter 2 in verse 224 the first time so that God gives to him. He says to him right down the revelation and make it plain on So that Harold may run with it for the revelation awaits an appointed time. He speaks of the end and will not prove false lingo, wait for it. It will suddenly come in shall not delay. See he is stuffed out his desires are not upright, but the righteous will live by his face. The revelation awaits an appointed time run in such a way that he who runs can read propositional shoes is God's strong way of reminding us what life is all about truth is primarily the nature of propositions. His word is given to us and we are reminded again and again that his Word abides forever to heaven in the desert were currently can possibly. But his word will abide forever. Die Ward became like a fire within my bones says the prophetic fighters.

God's word is given to remind us of what is true.

So how is the word that it even want to transcend some of the best experiences alone, and it was Peter who went to the Mount of Transfiguration and was given that breathtaking glimpse of what we call the Transfiguration of Jesus sees Moses and Elijah to historic personages for God so does the undertaker, and now this setting their feet on this mountain.

Peter is so overwhelmed. He says to Jesus, displays some tenants here and continue to reside in. Jesus takes them back down into the areas where people were to proclaim to them. It is this Peter who says, and now we have the word of the prophets made more certain and we would do well to pay attention to it, as to a light in a dark place this word of God will guide.

So what's the first thing he says he says right from the beginning that the just shall live by faith, but he moves into that. Very importantly from the end of chapter 2 when he says this of what value is an idol since a man has, or an image that teaches lies, for he who makes a trust in his own creation of the Lord who is all in his holy temple. Let all the earth be silent before him.

He uses to ideas here and let me take them in reverse number one God is the Lord is in his holy temple. The actuality of God, in distinction to atheism and I'm not a scientist, but on our team. We have some great scientists, some of you may have heard John Lennox debating Dawkins and Hitchens and someone John Lennox is a triple doctorate. He's a professor feel mathematics agreement collagen, Oxford, but he's really on our staff at the Oxford center of Christian apologetics. John is like a teddy bear and comes from Ireland and he looks like Santa Claus is a bit of the hair just nice happy personality. Triple doctorate in mathematics, one in philosophy, one in science. I don't why he teaches feel mathematics because I know thought mathematics was pure always struck me as an impure subject because I never did well in it, but I listened to scientist John poking on brilliant quantum physicist a latecomer to Christ what I hear some of these bright minds saying something so different to the naturalists will I remember John poking Horn Prof. of quantum time. The Dean at Queens College when you take the formation of the cell universe.

In the early picoseconds picoseconds picoseconds. Is that amount of time that it'll take an object traveling at the speed of light across the breadth of a single strand of hair so he said let's look at the early picoseconds of the universe and he says the exactitude demanded in 22 different contingencies will finally feel finally tonight begin to billionaire them. Let me give just one. He said the expansion and the contraction forces in the early picoseconds of the universe to be so I sat in the margin of error so small that it would be like taking aim at a 1 in.² object at the other end of the known universe 20 billion ly away and hitting it bull's-eye expansion and contraction forces is is is off by another fraction of a mock you and I will not be here and enact typical English understatement is a gentleman there is no free lunch.

Somebody has to pay to see when you start disbelieving God, you can see the mental gymnastics going on, the great astronomer who is the director of the North is guarded and she displays strong adjuster since I have this feeling that for us scientists is going to end like a bad dream going to climb up the mountains and the mountains of knowledge and be able to finally end up top and find we are greeted by a band of theologians of been sitting there for centuries to get to the top and find out. Women greeted by vendor theologians of been sitting there for us.

God is the actuality of God. Number two God acts God, he says the just shall live by his faith and he talks about the appointed time in which God works. I just want to give you one quick illustration.

My final thought. I don't want to presume upon your patience. I was invited to Louisiana to visit a prison is called the Angola prison.

Their overall 5000 prisoners, 5300 business in Angola prison, 85% of life without parole, 45 of them on death used to be the bloodiest prison in the country. Blood on the walls but on the ceiling light on the carpets in this amply manned by the name of Burl Kane with the growth of a southern Sheriff comes over and says I'll take Dobbins Warden. If you let my way and they brought him on English Bible verses all over the prison Bible studies every day.

He's got a degree program going on there for theology 90 prisoners are now registered former gangsters. Now there are gangs of past errors when profanity is not allowed in this prison by either stuff and as I will lost death row cell dissociating him some of them in my book. Some of them John Piper.

Some of the men are sees rules and every one of them had a Bible in the cell and a 6 foot six African-American brotherhood and the Lord who is the chaplain of Virginia Tech's basketball team. George put his big burly guy puts his arm on my shoulder and he says you know bro.

So let me tell you something. He's as if he had more these Bibles in our high schools.

We need less of them here fact, I told chaplain there. I said I like to bring my whole team here is I think is the way that anywhere else, and I set the table where they have their last meal for the mix.

As I sat on the chair and began to wonder what was cool and through the motions of a man on the painting.

The painting of Daniel in the lion's den on his knees, who painted that the prisoners he painted it to say God can still rescue you. And I said and what if he doesn't, so the other wall is a picture of Elijah rising to the heavens and chariots of fire doesn't risk this way rescue from the transformational seeking to get one of them but I looked at him in his late 20s, life, life is what you know if this will do for me to come into a physical prisoner to be free from the prison inside of me.

In some cases, what happens when a life is just shall live by faith in God.

You see this nation begins to believe that you have less what happens the streets of Boston or in Newtown or other place. Life is precious. God is when things go wrong. God acts where you are right in your life tonight, but if you're in need of a Redeemer.

If you're in need of a Savior. You need to have your hungers changed you once change your life from Saul. You prison of your own desires. Contrary to God's this message is the revelation awaits an appointed time tonight. Maybe that time, God is God acts and loss leases. God changes the ultimate change. The ultimate change. He says this clearly in that last chapter for you. I hold in my heart pounded my lips this Sunday Kate crept into my bones and my legs trembled and waited patiently for the calamity to come in the nation, invading us to the fig tree does not go. There are no grapes in the vines, though the only crop failures in the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pan and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the Lord. I will be joyful in God my Savior wife. This sovereign Lord is my strength. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer. He enables me to belong to the highest God giving that excellence and perspective from the Carnot into the temporal… You'll be on the calamity that surrounds you to see the ultimate purpose of something greater for which God has fashioned and made that's why Paul says hi has not seen here, has not heard, neither has entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for them that love close with two illustrations. My father-in-law apostolate a few years ago at the age of 85, sitting across the table from him and I said I'm afraid to die so soon son because I didn't have the time to provide enough for my mind is referring to his wife as you have said no I haven't. I said you have is how do you know I have talked to your account, so my father-in-law's been from diagnosis to get the conformance removing some bookcases pain in the back to be a tumor. Four months later he was gone and don't worry I said I tell you what, even if you have provided their word about this. He said he was a World War II veteran. You know Royal Canadian uses my response.

I said you could not fulfill it. We will because of our love for you.

Don't be fearful. He went into a period of silence for a few days.

I've gone to sleep. Some days, three of his four daughters were around and I thought I would make it back go someplace goodbyes, but I did want to be back I missed it by about an hour and his three daughters standing around him and his wife and my wife said after these days of silence. He opened his eyes he looked to the heavens and he said that's and then he looked at his wife of 63 years and said she you way to say goodbye Lord Jesus today. The faith should be site in the clouds be rolled back to school. The trump shall resound in the Lord shall descend, even so be well with mice little ghostly young football player who never made the first string is always a second stringer like Tim is not the best at telling his story.

When his book this young man from the college grounds.

This father's arm in his showing young languishing around the buildings is describing something that I was intruding into that and I want to talk to them. So one day the young lad came to me said coaching longer be here for tomorrow's game to go for my father's funeral apostolate" okay wait for you to come back. Go for his father's funeral came back today's ladies of course have never asked you to do this, please let me play next week scan is that icon displays somebody is playing better than you said I agree, give me just a few minutes on that field and I'm not that that's clear on that you manage okay you put them on their played his heart out as one of the best players on the team so that even the man he replaced said you made the right decision. Coach plan as they were walking away. The coach put his arm around him is what got into business because of your father's passing. He said little more than that. He said coach.

My dad was blind, today's the first day he was going to see me play God acts God changes he'll set your feet like the feet of a deer lift you up to the Heinz.

Ultimately his angst is not just propositional is on is a relational and gives you the explanatory power of godliness and and ultimately will return to bring the meeting, clean down history.

I hope you and I be ready when our turn comes. Are you ready to meet with God, capable question that only you can onset. We hope you'll think on it deeply. We have to end today's program that they cheated next week for another at side and let my people think if you like to participate copy of this message titled life, and if capable questions call us at one 800-4486 76 thinks we can order that is listening in Canada. We see it everywhere for musicians and movie stars to neighbors and friends at work people are interested in having a spiritual life but treat faith more like an à la carte menu at a restaurant choosing what they like dismissing the rest Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra are the cheerleaders calling on Western culture, to embrace a spirituality devoid of the biblical Christ cutting through the hype and seductions the clear voice of author and apologist Rob in his book why Jesus rediscovering his true age of massmarketed spirituality. Robbie answers the attraction known as the new spirituality is so fascinating that people who are so successful. Look for spiritual answers and when they end up. Additionally, mystical without any doctrine and no person behind that truth but they themselves they end up actually disappointing their own pursuits. Billy Graham called why Jesus a powerful defense of how Jesus Christ brings meaning and hope life control swindle says I am not acquainted with a brighter mind or a more relevant and devoted offender's why Jesus available online at RZ. I hello everyone, it's Abu Murray with Robbie Zacharias International ministries more and more visit University campuses or the halls of government or speak secular settings or even Christian settings for that matter, the more convinced I am that apologetics is crucial for the church today, especially hostility towards Christian message gross people not asking questions to find out what the truth is they oppose the Christian message. That's why it's important to Christians not only be able to withstand the challenges to the Christian faith, but also to find ways to stand with the challengers themselves. Apologetics going right actually helps us to do that is the hallmark verse, of course, first Peter 315. What we are to find a reason for the hope we have within us, to anyone who asks to do would solicit with respect.

Often times apologetics is done in a way to just promote knowledge, but Peter is telling us to give a reason for the hope we have apologetics helps us provide reasons for the hope that we can live hopefully hopeless times, but there's more to it than spinning the challenges, but this offering. The hope to those around us by standing with her challengers. Apologetics done right. It does with the apostle Paul tells us to do in Colossians chapter 4, he says we are to walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time letting your speech be gracious. Season with salt, so we may know how to answer each person each question to answer each issue each controversy we are to answer each person because every question is a question or behind every questioner has their own set of reasons, it asked those questions, see questions that need answers, but people do apologetics going right is answering people, not questions. The culture is so easily offended work all matter of personal opinion and personal preferences were all wrapped up in our own personal issues. Apologetics done the right answers with uncompromised truth but to a person actually expresses personal needs while also holding up the objective truth.

That's why apologetics are so important, not just giving people facts and clever arguments giving them hope. The reason for the hope we have within us the way to shine grateful for your plan financial support and encouragement you like to know more about weight and

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