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The Prayer that God Answers, (Part 7)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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May 27, 2020 12:00 am

The Prayer that God Answers, (Part 7)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Hello friends throughout our nation's vision. It has often been the darkest times that God brought unprecedented revival. However, the means God uses for bringing about revival are almost always the same commitment to prayer and uncompromising preaching of the gospel. For this reason I am launching a prayer movement called awake America and I want to challenge you to pray for God to bring a spiritual awakening to our nation starting your city, your compass and your neighborhood to encourage your friends and your family and your church groups to not together in different revival starts with you and me, so I hope you will join join Dr. Michael you sent thousands of others all around the country in praying for this great nation and our world is at work and now is not the time to get up at the time to lean deeper into prayer for God to move.

Learn more about awake America in ways for you to participate. When you click over to, the ministry representatives can also guide you when you give us a call 866-626-4356 that 866-626-4356. I am convinced of the very few Christians who view anxiety and worry.

As soon I will convince her that is a very respectable sin among Christians.

Why is worry and anxiety of sin before God because it distrusts God's promises, it distrusts the fact that God gave us his word to provide for his loving children and through today's message by Dr. Michael Yousef on leading the way. We pray that your life will be revolutionized as well. Just a moment, soaking the comforting words of the Lord's prayer looking specifically at asking God to supply your needs.

Learn more about leading the way.

And Dr. yourself when you visit, or download the app to your smart phone here now.

Give us this day our daily bread, a biblical challenge from Dr. Michael you set want us to focus on this prayer.

Give us this day our daily bread under three headings.

First of all want to focus on God's provision. Secondly, I want us to focus on our petition of God unfriendly will focus on God's promises.

Jesus began the Sprint will recall the Lord's prayer is really the disciples prayer. He began this patent of prayer that he taught his disciples to pray saying what was his focus was the focus of prayer. Listen to me because so many people think that prayer is bringing God your grocery list is a God given this improvers in three of the support of this goodbye. Thank you God on the gong that is not what prayer is all about. Listen and watch how Jesus teaches us how to properly pray first of all, the first concern is the name of God, hallowed be the second thing is that God your kingdom come in my life and my family life and my business model ministry. Whatever I am your rule must be supreme. Something is the will of God, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. That's was God telling us our priorities ought to be in prayer lot.

Then God gives us is priority for you. Priority is the name of God the kingdom of God and the will of God, then God says you know not my priority is providing for your needs. There is a special order here. I don't want you to miss most professing Christians don't realize that there needs the daily needs. Daily welfare daily supply of blessing daily concerns daily well-being is the center of God's mind focus on God's attention, but you must understand the order in which they come. You must understand that with God. There is a sense of priority. Something has to come first and something has to come second and what the Lord Jesus was trying to teach us from this world's prayer from the disciples prayer the sense of order. I am telling you when I came to understand this. It revolutionized my life to change my walk with God change my whole perspective on life God is saying that he is there for us when we are there for him when we live for God. God lives for us. One your life's focus is God and his kingdom and his work.

God's focus is you need daily made when your life's focus is the glory of God, then God's focus is his provision for you when you are life's focus is on the name of God in everything you say in everything you do in your time and your pocketbook and everything God obligated himself that you and your needs going to be the center of his attention, and only those who know God, and walk with God can truly claim the provision of God because most professing Christians do not live for God, but all they want God to live for the they don't know for God. But when they want God they wanted to be there and do what they wanted to do and often in this busy world would crowd God out in this age of how Fred page in quick fashion. The mad dash in this age of the bright light on the nerves of the tight weave crowd God. In this age of playing hop in the brief stop we forget about God.

In this age of lampstand. In short span and the big shot in a soft spot in the brain strain on the heart pain in the catnap. Still, the spring snaps in the fund is gong.

I hope you are impressed.

I sure was. But you know if we truly understand God's sense of priority on God's sense of order, it will revolutionize your walk with God. It will teach you to live in victory over worry and anxiety.

I believe that understanding God's order of priority will empower you to live victorious, you will not be a victim of water.

You will not be a victim of anxiety and the apostle Paul himself was telling the Philippians you go to see the same sense of order. Philippians chapter 4 hears this order to so do not be anxious about anything but in everything by prayer petition that is flamed in Thanksgiving that is framed in place that is beginning praise and ending with prized Thanksgiving will you present your needs requests to God than what is one thing his daughter God is a focus. God is our priority one then what only then that the peace of God, which transcends all human logic is gonna surround your mind and your heart in Christ Jesus.

Don't ever miss that order. Don't get confused and don't put the cart before the horse won't overcome worry you will overcome anxiety you want to live in the life of victory understand this priority in the mind of God that is trying to teach us today. Of course it doesn't mean that you not gonna be concerned that you not going to be thinking of you not going to be aware of the fact when you face difficulties in life. It does take some of your energy. I'm not saying that all. I'm not going to say that when you face desperate need you not gonna think about it, that's not what I'm saying but it will mean that you are no longer obsessed with your problems as what it means it will mean that you are no longer conceal your circumstances.

God's provision and the second thing I wanted to notice is our petition. The word give and give us this day our day to break give that word alone is really the heart of the petition. Give one a break.

Give us this day our daily bread. It is not only that we are petitioning God to do what you already obligated himself to do that we are petitioning God to provide what he already promised to provide what it is an acknowledgment with acknowledging that he is the one who provided the past. So I was provided for today here's the one who is going to provide for tomorrow that's what it means is, say, give us this day.

Please I wanted to hear what I'm going to tell you at this point, the reason Jesus taught us to make this petition is because he has already promised to answer the petition.

The reason he taught us to pray. Give us this day our daily bread because he already obligated himself to provide for his children. We cannot expect God to give us what he had already promised to repeat this. You cannot expect God to give you what he had already promised and the reason we are confidently petitioning God is because he already gave us his word of honor is going to meet our needs. Sure it rains upon the just and the unjust. The Bible said sure there are pagans out there who seem from the outside to be materially blessed and you say man look at this, but no you know what God never obligated himself to bless them. But he obligated himself to think of your needs have God's word on this is not cumbersome. It I'm making up until you've got some and that is why anxiety for the believer worry for the believer is a sin, say why because God obligated himself to you and to meet your needs. Therefore, we petition what you hear what you promise us that if I promise my son is a son tomorrow morning I'm going to give you $10 not to say he has every right when he wakes up first thing tomorrow morning to come to Ms. another dad was a $10, human being and I can forget go back in my word, but God doesn't.

He never goes back in his work. So what you asking.

He already promised that if you have children in college experience. What I experience the phone rings and says dad I miss you my next question is how much they know I just can't help with getting a little chuckle, maybe the old nature and me when I read about people who are anxious in and worry.

Sometimes it's a little comical you want. I don't know sometimes wanted to laugh or cry. I just read recently about the this dear lady who for 10 years never had a decent night sleep for 10 years. Just absolutely deathly afraid that is going to be a burglar is going to come in the middle of the night. 10 years. Finally, after 10 years, but heard some noise downstairs so her husband went down and start looking and sure enough there was a burglar downstairs and husband said good evening Sir, I am so glad to meet you.

Please come upstairs and meet my wife. She's been waiting for you for 10 years for the release. When the water finally pays off worry is the opposite of trust. It really is is exact opposite worry is that trust in the negative. Why will you trust in the negative. Because you are trusting in the unpleasant assurance of a disaster. The reason it is. Trust in the negative. Because you are trusting in the belief in defeat.

Nothing victory asked why it is a sin. Worry is like a rocking chair.

You know it gives you something to do but one take you very far thus afforded us and that is why this petition is placed here by our Lord Jesus Christ in order to teach us to place our confidence in what God had already obligated himself to do as what it means the provision the petition, then the promise. If you have your Bible, I hope you will remark the word give knowledge or to mark the word us US us give us Jesus talking about everybody in the world. No us is not everyone in the world or everyone who mutters this words goal the Lord's prayer. No us. Those who put their trust and confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ.

That's who God obligated into those whom God promised to provide for the needs listen to what Jesus said in Luke 1829 he said truly I say to you, there is no one who has left house or wife or brothers or parents or children for the sake of the kingdom of God, who shall not receive many times as much advance time and Easter, turn the life I have a hard time saying this but is absolute truth. The three times in my life when I put everything on the line on the promise of God and God never failed. Not once. He kept that promise.

And he will keep it for you. The Lord Jesus Christ is not asking anybody to leave anything, but he's saying you've got to be willing at least to put it on the line for his sake. Lord Jesus is committing himself to revocably taking care of those who are willing to put everything on the line for him today. We have people who want to serve God, only if the conditions are right, they will serve God, only if the price is right that will serve God if all the problems are solved and everything is just hunky-dory.

Jesus doesn't want us people because he told three different ones is if you follow me as well, got to think of this is to go back will come and follow me.

So I got a ticket. I said you go. He said no one put his hand on the pound back is fit for the kingdom of God. I will worship the Lord only if I can make it to church will go the prayer meeting. If I don't have a conflict. I will give my tithe and offering only if I have an overabundance. I will do this only if I listen don't even bother trying to bargain with God is a Middle Eastern enough. He will bargain you all the time. Don't even bother, but I want you to notice that sense of order. Again, that sense of priority again in the promise of the Lord Jesus Christ. He said no one who has done these things, no one who is willing to do these things. That is not going to be blessed multiple times here and in the life to come, eternal life.

It is the same that we have been seeing throughout this message. When you put him first. He provides for you needs when he becomes priority one in your life. You and your needs become priority one in his life.

Listen to what Jesus said to his followers. He said I say to you, do not be anxious for your life as to what you shall eat or what you shall drink, nor for your body as to what you shall wear. Is not life more than food and the body, then closing for all these things that humans eagerly seek for your heavenly Father knows that you need these things but seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be provided to with never trusted God really enough to see his working out of that promise will. How does God provide God sometimes provide supernaturally and miraculously but often God provides for his children through hard work and that is why the apostle Paul can tell the Thessalonians. If you can work refused to work and you should not even eat in the way God provides for us is by giving us life by giving us energy by giving us resources by giving us opportunity in order to make a living and he provides for those who cannot provide for themselves through the generosity of those who will been blessed by him. The generosity of his people and you know what he does that on a daily basis every single day.

He doesn't miss a day. He doesn't just provide on Mondays and then his scripts few days and come back another day next week.

No, that's not how you know from the very beginning God is been trying to teach this lesson. This children and never learned that lesson from the very beginning in the wilderness when God took his people there on the way to the promised land them in the wilderness he began to teach them that lesson and is still teaching it to you and me every single day. Same lesson over and over and over like it is what is that this people is that I will promise to provide for you. I promise my provision for you, feel, trust me, if you put your trust in me on a daily basis is a priority again here is that order again if you put your trust in him you put him first is to take care of your needs.

So what happened they woke up one morning and will buoy him and it was snowing conflicts all over the place and they ain't gonna die in the wilderness, they started eating and eating and got filled but God knew he knew that some of them are going to say that some of you might say yeah he provided for today.

What is he going to provide for the yeah will receive the blessing now, but what about next year will be blessed again. So some of them with an elevated they took some of the stuff the manner and it took it and they hit it in the tent because you can you really don't know got to trust me only, but then I can trust them today but can you really trust them tomorrow so the 10th of God. The distrust of God and they had the manner in their tents and you know what happened. It stunk overnight like a sewer city with the word means stunk like a sewer is manic.

This is a blessing from the hand of God. How can the blessing become a curse. I want to tell you exactly how a blessing can become accursed when you begin to distrust God. When you begin to doubt God.

The very blessing that his given you is going to turn into a cost in your hand because when you distrust God, you're insulting God, you really are, whether you know it or not, you really do what was God doing he was trying to teach them the same lesson us telling you that he is trying to teach many of us today.

The same lesson, second, third, fifth, 20,000 times all every generation has to learn this lesson Jesus trust me with all you know would be a lot easier I can trust, and if my bank account is a little big Jesus trust me. Yeah, I really trust God.

But you know what it would be a lot better for me to trust God.

If the statement of my net worth just a little larger than the reason people don't Tyler give offerings because they don't trust God. That's the bottom line really is a bottom line, I asked some time since God in exasperation saying if I provided for your yesterday why don't you trust with the provide for you tomorrow if I tell you yesterday. I got good financing your yesterday is one I would not answer you today and tomorrow) for your yesterday and today.

Why wouldn't I care for you tomorrow.

Are you hiding manner for tomorrow or maybe next year I hope is that today's message will encourage you just as Dr. Yousef taught to focus on God's provision. Our petition in God's unchanging promises.

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