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The Prayer that God Answers, (Part 6)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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May 26, 2020 12:00 am

The Prayer that God Answers, (Part 6)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Jesus told the disciples when you pray like this I will be gone. Why wanted Jesus say that you why because Jesus knew that our needs become central in our lives. God's glory God and God's by just God's name is not going to be central in our lives. Welcome to leading the way with Dr. Michael, you said reaching teaching and ministering across six continents today. Dr. Yousef looks at God's will. First, taking you to that little statement in the Lord's prayer that I will be done and then some practical and biblical ways to know if you really walking in God's will so stand by for words to guide you into living in the will of God, right where you are. Listen now as Dr. Michael you set against today's leading the way, I found the so one of the most recurring question by Christian believers throughout the world and the most probable troublesome for a lot of people in question that the struggle with the most is how do I discern the will of God. How do I know the will of God, specifically in areas that are not clearly spelled out in the Scripture with a high marry this person or not.

I'm I supposed to make this move or not I'm I supposed to take this job or not, supposed to do this ministry all that ministry know what this will of God. When Jesus said to the disciples. When you pray, pray like this minor after this manner, our daddy who is in heaven may your name be honored be holy Mary, your kingdom come, your will be done is the emphasis here in the Lord's prayer. What is emphasis.

You will your kingdom, your name and Jesus did not say this and said look go out there and do what I tell you know it or not say do what I say no. He has shown us in his own life, that the very heart of the Christian faith is not a list of do's and don'ts.

That's legalism, but he showed us that the very essence of the Christian faith is a person that person along the whole universe and yet to become the poorest of the poor that person who gave up his job of running the whole universe in order to become a nocturnal preacher, that person who had not had anything yet.

He asked for a drink of water. This person who has all the splendor and majesty from before the foundation of the cross. A person who could have demanded and received the allegiance of all of the human race from the beginning to end. This article died on the cross and give up himself so that he may save only those believe in him and trust in him as Savior and Lord. That is why the true Christian faith I believe is more and more coming into our collision with this world system that is based upon unmet needs that please whatever you do, I don't want you to misunderstand me. I am not saying that the needs of human needs are irrelevant.

That's not what I'm saying. I'm not saying that we only see people and are nonmaterial in the spiritual realm. Only now that's not what I'm saying at all. Poverty is degrading and harmful disease and sickness and death are the result of sin.

I know that that's what's not what I'm saying. But what I'm saying is this our perceived needs become the focus of our life is soon going to become our God.

That's the problem, and that is why Jesus told the disciples he said, when you pray, pray like this minor I will you will be done. Why wanted Jesus say that I tell you why because Jesus knew that our needs become central in our lives.

God's glory and God's honor and God's majesty and God's name is not going to be central in our lives in you that if my needs become the focus of my life the forefront of my mind, then it will not be long before I cease to pray that I will be done and I'll begin to pray.

Even though I might not be crude enough to say it. My will be done yet.

I know those who know the Lord Jesus Christ and walk with him barely know that the only true fulfillment only joy in life is to know that you are bending your will to his will that you are in submission to his authority in your life under his word illustrate by the story.

There was a large cargo of exotic South American birds are being shipped to Europe… Many years ago and the during the voyage. One of the birds got out of the cage and efforts to recapture it in the hold ended with its getting out on the deck end up escaping from the ship altogether. At that point the sailors helplessly watched as the bird triumphantly went into the blue sky flew into the blue sky fraying free, free as a bird, they give it up for lost in the cut on with the task. Well a few days later that same bird appeared collapsed on the back. Bedraggled and exhausted. You know why. Soon after sliding away the burn discovered that there are not many trees in the Atlantic that Bernard sought its own fulfillment that Bernard sought its own desire, but found no rest until it come back to the ship and let me assure you on the authority of the word of God that if you make your needs and the fulfillment of your needs to be the focus of your life, not the will of God you going to be like that bird you might find initial excitement. Make no mistake about of the Bible said that there is pleasure in sin for a season. Yes, there is might be initial excitement.

There may be initiative exuberance, but ultimately it is in the doing of the will of God, that you going to find true fulfillment is in the strengthening of the living God you going to find true fulfillment they going to find your true needs are met. It isn't serving and endeavoring not been receiving and taking that you'll find true joy like the bird will not made for the ocean. We are made for the rain forest are seeking the honor and the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ like this bird. We are made for obeying and doing of the will of God, not for the treeless water of this world system. That is why our prayer our cry should be, says Jesus. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Let me just make a confession to you because is not good telling you one wrong side of the spectrum, because is another wrong side of the spectrum, and I think I'm almond outside the norm, and I'm not proud of it, but it is equally sinful to have no grace and receiving that's my problem now. I'm still struggling with it.

Come along way but either one, with its pride or selfishness. Both are sinful before the sight of God, and he wants us to be at the very center of his will will you and I truly seek to know and do the will of God. You know what we are doing. We are rebelling against this modern newfangled idea that says that sin is inevitable. Might as well given tort you are not telling again as the ungodliness of this world system. You are not rebelling against the arrow that said that every bad from wrong and evil thing comes from the hand of God, we might as well just accept it and receive it. No, they come from the hand of the devil. God tells them around.

According to Romans eight brings God out of them. But God is not the author of evil. Now there are some people, of course, who have a hard time praying thy will be done in the kind of waffle around that part. I understand that because for a season.

I had a hard time praying thy will be done early in my life because I knew that the will of God in my life is to preach, I do want to be a preacher so I would skip around that sentence very quickly.

But there are many people who do not want to praise thy will be done. You know why because they think that God's will is so capricious is so vindictive that God's will is to punish them for the sins of the past that is currently I have met believers are still living in guilt when the Bible says that when you come to Jesus Christ, your sins are forgiven that they are thrown into the deepest of seed that God remembers them no more. But the still think God is punishing them for the past since that's why they're afraid to say, thy will be done.

Please hear me right. This could not be further from the truth. That's not the God that we worship God's will is consistent with God's character, not independent of it. No wonder Jesus said in Matthew 721 he said not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord shall come into the kingdom of God. But only he who does the will of my father when he entered into the kingdom of heaven. People can claim to be Christians until they're blue in the face they can be in charge is 24 hours a day unless they know and do the will of God. They will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

You probably are asking. Well, how do I know the will of God, I'm glad you asked. First, obeying his word. I know the word of God said that as a husband about the love my wife and serve my family is no use going to Gaza well your God is your will for me to do this you say this is ludicrous. Yes, it is. I know sort of got summing up achieving my income tax is now you say well you know that God the guy was just wasting the money what they doing this you will for me to not achieve might now I cannot do anything that is not consistent with the work of art obeying the word of God.

Now I know there are some Christians who kind of want of very God this whiteners very braying and Joe wasn't clinching together there `slow your people like that. The site is this really what Jesus meant here, but I will be done as probably not, but obey. Anyway, I'm in if that's what what you want to do it that's fine over whatever. Whichever way I prefer the other what I prefer to enjoy the trip. I prefer to have fun and obeying the will of God in my life. I am convinced this is what Jesus said. He said father. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven now, it is obvious to anybody that the will of God is not being done on the earth as it is being done in heaven because Satan has been permitted certain liberty to operate in the world. He will be bound and thrown in the lake of fire.

But for now he was allowed certain freedom in order not to give us the absolute choice.

So God's will is not been perfect on the earth right what is in heaven what's in heaven. There's no misery in heaven there is no turmoil in heaven there is no pain in heaven and the tears. In heaven there is no agony in heaven. What is in heaven is joy there is perfect peace is in heaven. There is this contentment as lots in heaven and what is the Lord Jesus saying trust, pride will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

He is saying when you are enjoying the doing of the will of God, not just enduring it you are bringing into your heart is what you say you want a piece of heaven obey the word of God. Things might be falling apart all around you. Things may be absolutely devastating others around you, but you are perfect peace. You are perfect contentment. Why, because heaven is in your heart because as you walk in obedience to the will of God in your life you know that you're bringing heaven into your heart you bringing heaven on earth. When you bend your will is will you are having right here on earth. The Christian who goes around Sansone sow and soaking it up.

They really are an embarrassment to God convinced. I really am an amount in my own heart that if anyone in this whole world should be joyful and absolutely having fun and fun-loving is the Christian is a believer. The only thing that will bring you misery in your life and changes in your life and writing of your teeth in life is so for searching and stubbornness and unyielding to the word of God. Now I'm not preaching at you I'm not preaching. I know what I'm talking about our being there. Even if you have everything you living intention now. I spoke from first-hand experience. There was a time in my life. I just did not want to do the will of God.

I mean I would rather do anything. I try to run away. As far as I can see saw the God not forget about me to obey and cooperate is to submit myself to somebody else. It means simply for me to do what another wants me to do in this case, the Lord Jesus Christ. No wonder the psalmist said looking some 40 verse eight he said Bill lie to your well.

Oh my Lord said joy is not a chore. Jesus said in John 1510 if you obey my words you abide in my love for Ben and 1514 of John. He said you are my friends, you do whatever I command you will have to do that.

We begin by making a decision in your heart to live under the control of the Holy Spirit. Secondly, you Oscar on a daily basis for the Holy Spirit to Premier to fill your mind, your thoughts, your words is not a single day that passes no matter what situation I'm in. What condition meant that I do not want to put my hand up and the Lord God Holy Spirit, fill me from head to the takeover.

I do not want to have my own will.

I wanted to take over my thoughts and you know what very soon. You gonna find that is not very hard to discern the mind of the spirit, but I'm sure some of you probably say well okay, I endeavor to live by obedience to the word of God to the will of God as it is revealed in the word of God, but my problems in the areas that you mentioned earlier in the sermon.

Things that are not fully revealed in the word of God. You know which way do I go, what should I get married or should not, should I take this job should I make this move. Rob wanted to give you a little freebie today and let you have my personal program first. I asked myself is this consistent with the word of God or is it contrary to the word of God. Now if you say well I'm not really sure what the word of God says about that the risk and system of consistent outside call a godly friend call a wise person who knows the word of God and talk to them tell them is this inconsistent with the word of God. If it is consistent with the word of God. Then I go to the next step in my next step often is this. Have I face the situation before or a situation like it for, and here are comes in my failure. I have a sick head and asked myself that question because the reason I'm asking that question. I want to go further and say what did God show me then. What God revealed to me that because God is a consistent God and the problem is we keep making the same mistake over and over and over again God keeps saying what I'm trying to teach you the same lesson over and over and over again.

Use it when you gonna get the third thing I do. If the decision is a hard one for me to make was beyond me. I seek the wisdom of playful counsel, I seek the wisdom of mature godly people in the fourth thing I do is this. I truly pray for God's perfect will.

I want his absolute perfect will for me and I want to be in the center of it and when I pray that prayer I mean it and you better mean it because I had to stand on if you honest you told me you've been where I am. When I prayed Lord, I want to do your will. But you know what I submit, I wish you be this way can can you do it this way, Lord and and they'll really be great if you can do because I can see Liz this will be wonderful if you gonna pray for God's perfect will.

You better be prepared to accept. It comes in. The first thing is wait for God because his delay does not mean his denial and made a habit several years ago that I only go into intercession and deep prayer and seeking what I believe with all my heart that is in the will of God and therefore I let the Holy Spirit lay on my heart what he wants me to pray for, but you know what I prayed for one issue in my life for 10 years. 10 years I knew back then when I began to pray. This is a very perfect will of God for me to pray about this matter and I prayed and I prayed and many times I was tempted to give up God could say just pray I already ordered the answer is the delivery that's taking time and why Lord is the delivery takes a long because God serving his purpose in my life. He is shaping me like a partner shapes the clay is shaping me like a sculptor shaping his statue because you see, whiners, complainers and spoiled brats are not going to reign and rule of God. So I've got to be shaped in the image of his son. You got to be shaped an image of a suck in all.

Sometimes it hurts but doesn't take the joy away because you know you're in the very perfect will of God and the last thing the six thing is this wait for God either to open the door wide open or close it slam shut. Sometimes I said to the Lord what I am not intelligent enough to even make a choice.

Just close all the doors and open the only one that you want to go through and you know what the Bible said he protect us a simple and he does answer the prayer. I don't know about you, some of you probably hear struggling with the will of God. Some of you probably angry with God that he has not done what you expect him to do hope that he would do you angry with God and upset with God. Some of you hearted living in disobedience of what you did you know the word of God says, and therefore you having a hard time discerning in the area that is not revealed in the Scripture, and God is saying until you come out of disobedience and not till you come in full submission to make. I'm not going to show you the next step, whatever situation you're in. As we come to the throne room of God. It is my urging of you to say Lord God, I do want to submit my will to you. Well, shall we pray, a precious heavenly father is of your goodness and grace and mercy that we are even here to hear your word. None of us are here by accident, your sovereign will brought us to this place Holy Spirit has spoken to each of our hearts.

Father God has for me and my family.

We will worship the Lord made the be the prayer of every person today that has for us. We will obey the Lord Jesus, that's Dr. Michael you sent in your listening to leading the way. If what you heard today has you wanting to learn more about Jesus.

Please take a moment and fill out a short contact form. It's LTW dartboard/Jesus, you can ask all of your questions to one of our team members through a phone call or electronic messaging. What ever you are most comfortable with LTW dartboard/Jesus or you can always call 866-626-4356. Now before I time is going to do and he mentioned a couple of resources guaranteed to encourage you in your faith walk.

The first is a daily devotional from Dr. UNICEF. It's called my devotional.

I know your email inbox is Artie oversaturated with stuff that should have hit the junk folder right email that I promise you can look forward to see it is packed full of truth. Words right from the Bible insight from the experience of longtime pastor and teacher Dr. UNICEF once again it's called my devotional and it's free frame at the that's also where you can get ordering information for Dr. UNICEF's recent talk. It's called saving Christianity. This is an eye-opening look at how the gospel is being diluted in colleges or the corporate world in churches give us a call 866-626-4356 or you can go to, chart us and let us know what this ministry means to you where it leading the way, PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325.

That's PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325. That's it for today except for this invitation to join Dr. UNICEF next time I hear from more leading the way this program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael Hesse, passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth

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