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The Prayer that God Answers, (Part 4)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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May 22, 2020 12:00 am

The Prayer that God Answers, (Part 4)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Do you feel spiritually and on dry land.

Do you feel that heaven is like grass, and all these seem to be hearing is because of your own prayers. Try praise not just once but developed a life of praise develop the attitude of gratitude every waking moment of every day. Bless the name of the Lord shall be why the Lord has welcome to leading the way teaching of pastor and author Dr. Michael you sent today explore The Encouraging Word's of the Lord's prayer.

In particular, what Jesus meant when he said, how will it be by name, look beyond the old English flavor into the words of praise that will in figure 8 you and what ever you're facing doing member you can listen to death and other messages by Dr. USF. When you subscribe to the leading the way. Podcast subscribe to whatever podcast app or platform you use if you need a podcasting. We've also got a link to get you started.

Just go to listen now as Dr. Michael USF begins leading the way. When I say hallowed be thy name or talk about the name and what the name means I'm going to tell you something from my own personal experience growing up down some of you brought up in small towns where everybody knew everybody. I grew up but that was never small.

But everybody knew me and as a teenager I don't like that very much and special to grow up in a family. But everybody knew your family and the family that prizes its name as the most prized possession more than money or fame or prestige or anything in the world that name is the most important thing to your family.

So when you realize growing up in the God of environment what kind of oppression that puts on a person to keep up that name. In fact many times in my teen foolishness. I wish that I had a different necessarily want people to know me you know my family name for a season. I did rebel against that night, wishing that truly my name was different, but now as I begin to contemplate and preach on the name of God.

I realize how it is in biblical culture that names are of most importance and name is as significant as the person himself. In fact, I can tell you more significant than the person names are not just sentimentality will you name somebody after your great uncle Laura Hampton and I just make them feel good usernames. They are absolute representation of who you are and what expectation for you to be what role you going to play in life. That's what name is so important in biblical culture and biblical culture names always have meanings names often describe the person's character or at least what the parents hope that this person character would be and you remember many times in the Bible God change people's names in order to make those names and the meaning of those names conform to what God expecting them to be and what God expecting to do so ever and become Abraham and Sarai become Sarah and Jacob became Israel.

The name is very significant vitally important not to say why would God God's name is more than just a title God's name or presents all his God's name represents his character God's name represents his reputation God's name represents his authority.

God's name represents his nature God's name represents all that is in fact the ancient Hebrews respected and reverenced the name of God so much that they would not admit it the right thing they would not write it down and when Moses was asked of God. Would God send them to go to Egypt to get his people out of slavery and Moses said who shall I tell them suddenly and God said, tell them I sent you.

It is not.

I was because he would've been the God of the past. It is not I will be because he will be the God of the future, but I am says that I am the God of the past. I am the God of the future and on the God of the present I am, I am sent you. I am who will forever be who I am in the Lord Jesus Christ and trying to convince these hardheaded Pharisees who refused to believe his Messiah ship who, like so many leaders of our churches today refuse to believe in his divine authority said to them, I am in John chapter 8 verse 58. He said before laws. I am what is he trying to do is start to get true to their thick heads that he is the same.

I am who appeared to Abraham. Here's a semi-ammo appeared to Jacob is a semi Imo told Moses to go into Egypt until I am sent you and that is why the Lord Jesus Christ. Many times at least seven or eight times in the book of John. He said I am. I am the good Shepherd. I am the way the truth and the life I am the resurrection on the life I because he is the same God who appeared to Abraham is the same Lord Jesus Christ was in, over Virgin Mary and that is why Jesus said to his disciples and he says to us that when you pray, say, our daddy who is in heaven losing control of the universe, how be thy name.

The finest expression of our prayer life.

After addressing who our God is is the name of God to be hallowed and be glorified God's name should be first and foremost in our minds when we pry understand the so much confusion in the mind of people about prayer.

They think will you come to God with your grocery list you break it with this, God give me this God do this God is God and then take off that that is not the prayer that is honoring to God. Jesus is saying the prayer that is honoring to God is when you come to him acknowledge his fatherhood acknowledge his dominion over the heavens and then say hallowed be thy name. That's what begin, but is a problem of course in English word hallowed, or some people say hello believe I know some of those churches. The word holy word is just another word that we use in our everyday English it's an archaic word that the this to do with holy being holy. But even then if you say father in heaven, your name be kept holy this still a problem, a problem of perception. The very word holy, communicate*modern generation, a picture of a musty dog church a morbid music along roads and halos on the head, and I somehow think about holy somewhere in these buildings that's that's what holy but the word holy means to be set apart at the home of the name of God is to set him apart and you set them apart for praise you set him apart for adoration set him apart for worship, hallowed be thy name.

The name of God is set aside and set apart for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to magnify his name to honor his name to glorify his name. So, how'd you do that.

I'm glad you asked because I'm interested tell you you do that in three ways.

First, the heart and the lips rejoices in that name repeats that name praise that name on about name and secondly you do that by giving all of your substance to God. How many of you realize that when you give your tithe and offering you are praising God as much as you are saying it with your lips, if not more soundly you praise the name of God by living in obedience to him and his word in every area of your life. How many of you know that when you signed, not the temptation you are praising the name of God, you are honoring the name of God, you are glorifying the name of God.

Someone said that if you really want to see the devil get mad express thanksgiving to God, but would mumble and grumble and with salt and sour and complainant no wonder we give the enemy a foothold in our lives when the truth and the secret for victory is praise and thanksgiving and gratitude to God for expression of thanksgiving takes these three forms is in words that come out of a pure heart.

It is in sacrificial giving. It is in obedience to the word of God unto the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now I realize that I'm thankful that I live long enough to realize that many Christians may have it easier with one or even more of those three than all of the three. Put together some people have no problem praising God with the lips when it comes to their pocketbook or boy you better get out of the was a preacher by the name of Chapman years ago said, I love to preach on giving because I love to see the generous rejoice in the stingy suffer. I love those old boys.

There are some who love to given the so generous but when it comes to opening the lips and praise. Men are 6 o'clock face that cannot get into praising the Lord. There are some who give and praise, but the living a life of compromise and disobedience, but to praise the name of God is to have all these three together. In fact the origin of the word adoration comes from the root of taking the back of the hand to the lips and kissing it is a matter of fact, in some countries even today kissing the back of the hand is a symbol of deep respect is a symbol of submission. The three forms of adoration to our heavenly father is no other than saying, Lord God, we recognize your sovereignty over us when you surrender your power and your authority over us. We seek your dominion over us. We gladly place you first and foremost in our lives in every area of our lives we really submit our wills to you will. That's what hallowed be the name means not horror awardees are named no that's not what Jesus had in mind.

So I said pray in this manner, or in accordance to this patent and that's what praise and adoration is all about using the nature of praise is unselfishness.

The very essence of praise is the decentralization of self, the very heart of praise is relinquishing of self and preoccupation with self and relinquishing preoccupation with yourself is the only sign that you are spiritually healthy and that is why some of you might find it hard to get into praise and adoration of the living God. Whether it is through words or through given all through obedience was a reason for that. I want to tell you use all the words you want to use is a reason we are self-conscious we are preoccupied with whom we are not who God is, we are more concerned about people going to say about us, not what God is going to say about us. You know when David got carried away and praise and adoration of the Lord.

He gave literally all of his assets to build the temple but he did something else. He danced before the ark of the covenant and his sour wife, Michael, the daughter of soul remember her. She was looking through the window and she saw what is happening in voice she could not wait for him to come home to lambaste him. Can you lower yourself before the servants. David looked at her uppercrust arrogance and preoccupation with self, reputation, and he said to her that in effect there is nothing I would not do in the on that of my Lord. No wonder the psalmist said, indwells habits.

The praises of his people going to come to church so casually heart is not praising the Lord your mind is not praising the Lord a neuron in here late and you just come in and you try to get what you can out of the sermon get out again.

I want to tell you going to walk out the same way you can. The Bible is teaching us systematically and very, very clearly that it is an praise that there is a secret of victory that it is an praise and adoration of the name of God that we have answered the prayers. Paul and Silas in the book of acts they got arrested in Philippi. They got beaten up so badly. The bill bleeding all over, but took them to the inner room of the prison in the dungeon and they put their feet in the stock and there they did not call for a prayer vigil to be released from prison. They did not cry to God and so God would been faithful in serving you out, suffering like there's no way the Bible said there was singing and praising God what happened. Earthquake came along just by accident, shook the city the gates of the prison and converted the prison warden.

I surprised us, shook the ground convert the lost in the book of Chronicles 2nd Chronicles chapter 20 can justify looked around, and Assyrians are about to decimate him and his whole nation, and he knew that his hasn't got a chance to fight them what he do before you send the soldiers in the battle he send the priests out ahead of the one to praise God to bless the name of God to glorify the name of God, you know what happened. The Assyrian army 185,007 were absolutely drunk reports without people of Israel shot even a single shot when Moses got out of Egypt with nearly 1 million people that the numbers vary from 800,000, a million or not I'm not going to argue about the number but to hear a whole bunch of people who there were all complaining and murmuring it on like this food will like this one about this and what about this and of driving him nuts and the next thing the Amalekites come with her about to destroy the gods looking to get on top of them only goes atop the mountain and he holds his lawn which is a pastor of praise and adoration. It is a symbol of listing the name of God, and every time Moses's hands are high and lifted up the people of God were having victory, every time they will weakens and the rod comes down, they lose.

And finally, Erin and her company side of Moses lifted his hand up and then finally they won the victory.

Praise, adoration of the name of God is a secret for answered prayer is a secret for victory in your life on ask you this. Are you appraising portion you appraising manual praising woman are you praising young man.

You appraising young woman.

When Isaiah had the privilege of peering into the very presence of God in heaven who was overwhelmed. Not only that, he cried out, holy, holy, holy, but he recognized how certain phobias in the flight of the purity of God. I wonder how many of us when we come in praise and adoration.

We feel that way were standing before a holy God who not only loved us and saved us and welcomes us and befriends us we can take all of his gifts and all of his blessings in all of the things has given us for granted and we just move on and move on in life I don't have to tell you that today we live among people who take the name of the Lord and very people who the grade and defile the name of the Lord, people who use the name of God in blasphemy God's character is lampooned and ridiculed.

But you know why this happens you know why the username of the Lord in a blasphemous way is because his holiness, his righteousness and his purity makes them uncomfortable because his righteousness and his goodness invoke either reverence adoration and worship or anger, even if it's not expressed anger and hostility and that is why praise not just in words but in giving of ourselves and our substance. Also in obedience to his word. That is why praise is power. You have power with God. When we praise his name. I thought long and hard about most believers behavior toward God and my own in many ways.

At some point in my life and I realize that some Christians behave toward God the way teenagers sometimes something is just not all of them but some teenagers behave toward their parents.

What do they do is analyze that for a moment and then apply that to our relationship with the Lord. First of all, most teenagers pretend that the parents don't exist, becoming the face and he says hello all I ever hear of your father specially in front of their peers. Old man when you're driving them somewhere. They want you to drop them off as far away from their friends. As you can know my walking at that point they do not want their parents to show affection towards them or they show affection toward the parents, especially in front of their friends.

Teenagers often act with ingratitude. They were not call it that they might not understand it that way, but often act in lack of appreciation of who their parents are what the parents doing for them and I know that hurts most parents.

Your parents know how wonderful it is when they get out of that stage. They know what is like when the children express delight in their parents, unloved for the parents and gratitude to their parents. I want to tell you as a parent you would not be a human being. If you don't want to portray everything on you will love them with all of your heart you hold nothing back, my beloved friends I want to ask you, how much more take this and magnify to know how many times how much you want to see their attitude of gratitude and how you react to it and how that becomes a sheer joy to your life. I want to tell you magnify that them think of God, heavenly daddy because I want to tell you that that same principle applies in our relationship with our heavenly daddy to honor and uplift the great name of God produces immediate response of love is great heart to praise him with all your heart to praise him with your substance to praise him in obedience is a sheer delight the heart of God.

And the more we lose ourselves and adoration of God, the more blasted overwhelmed with his loving response toward do you feel spiritually in a dry land today. Do you feel that heaven is like brass and all these seem to be hearing is the echoes of your own prayers. They feel that God is not really responding to you. Try praise and all of its reforms. Try praise try praise try praise and all of its reforms and not just once but develop the life of praise develop the attitude of gratitude every moment of every waking moment of every day. Bless the name of the Lord shall, and feel that the light of the Lord has you Dr. Michael you sent with encouragement to develop a length of praise life that draws you closer to God. Every corner of where you live, work and play his position leading the way, especially in recent years to have a gospel influence in your neighborhood and around the world recently and never came to our office that was so encouraging for our team and we hope it will be for you as well.

Let me summarize a 22-year-old shared that she recently opened her heart to Jesus, but was unsure of what to do next. She came across the radio program in her community and she fears how much it helped her learn more about God, unless it helped her come to understand what it means to live as a Christian. She shared that Dr. USS messages helped her to make decisions in an industry where there a lot of negative social pressures. She said thankful for her church and for daily encouragement that she gets from leading the way Prince. Please pray with us for this young lady and also from many others who are relying on leading the way and the Bible teachers on the radio as part of their spiritual diet. In addition to praying. I hope that you consider partnering financially today. It's a great joy to join God in what he's doing. All around the world. Here's how to get in touch with us.

Call 866-626-4356 at 866-626-4356 or online and LTW.Borg leaving a thank you for listening today did plan to join us again next time right here when Dr. Michael you Seth infinitely proclaims uncompromising for leading the way this program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent connect with us through our YouTube channel Facebook twitter and all of our social media networks

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