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The Price of Conviction

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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May 24, 2022 8:00 am

The Price of Conviction

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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May 24, 2022 8:00 am

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Living in the will of him On leading the way with Dr. Michael used to go somewhere else. First problem is, what is because you are the center of the will of God, but by placing your desires in the neutral you will give God the opportunity to work in your life for his glory.

Regardless of the difficulty most everyone is had questions about the will of God wondering about big white stuff like school and marriage and job hurts and life will today leading the way. Dr. USF offers practical words about finding and responding to God's will and before he begins a quick reminder that leading the way is listener supported Dr. USF relies on God's provision through the generosity of God's people who are blessed or impassioned by the ministry of leading the way, you can learn or 866-626-4356. Listen with me now to Dr. Michael you Seth. How do I know the will of God. How do I know the will of God. How do I know the will of God for my career. How do I know the will of God for my job.

How do I know the will of God which suited to live in, should I live in city also debated. If I'm miserable in my job but does this mean that I should leave or should I stay and all important questions for single people is one specific person that God has for me to marry, but only 30 or so I had to disappoint you, but I think I will disappoint some of you because I'm I can answer any of these questions I just mentioned, but I'm going to do today.

I'm going to give you the biblical tools that are designed to help you answer these questions one day pop-up in your life. I'll give you the biblical tools old instructor to know what to do when you are the point when you're trying to discern the will of God in your life as I deal with the apostle Paul discerning of the will of God in his life from acts chapter 21. I want to give you some practical tools that are gonna help you in discerning the will of God in your life and they are as follows a form of them number one you must be in submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Secondly, expect God to speak to you in some way.

Certainly test the spirits. Unfortunately, you must always be ready to wait for the timing of God. What does it mean to be in submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

You hear that word used all the time. The Lordship of Jesus Christ and people talk about a memorized verses and in its constant part of conversation I want to explain to you what really what it means. It means that you are going to make your desires to be neutral as what it means.

It means that you going to make your desires to be neutral hemorrhoid on this one will all have desires. We all have preferences we all have strong feelings.

We all want smooth sailing. We all want everything to work without a problem we all do not cherish difficulties and hardships. Nonetheless, welcomed trials and uncertainty.

Somebody says a lot really love suffering and cherish it so much. Well need some help.

But submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ means that you are willing to put all Lee's in the neutral. Why why the neutral you see the neutral when you're driving you can't have it in the neutral you giving it the opportunity to go straight is a driver reverse. You don't have to go through a lot of gears when it's in the neutral. You place your desires in the neutral so that God can lead you to his perfect will for you if that's what you praying for actually in acts chapter 21 Paul was talking to the Ephesian elders in Miletus he sent to them in acts 20. He said they said I am going to Jerusalem and I know that I'm going to be facing difficulties and trials on tough times in Jerusalem he says but God is calling me to go. I wanted to say no, Paul, wait a minute when most people want to know the will of God so that if they see a hint of difficulty. The run away from it and you're trying to tell me that you know the will of God. And you know that you going to face difficulties, and you are determined to go. That's not all that was not just in a situation where he was in and then passed no acts 2110 is a prophet by the name of our divorce comes in and he in a most dramatic way warns the apostle Paul that in Jerusalem there is difficulty, and he thinks is built on the positive on his hand and his penis is that's what's gonna happen to the person who owns his belt, Paul that's your will you not go to journalism. But that's not all you get down to verse 12 of 21 of book of acts and the Christians in Caesarea began to bed. Apostle Paul Paul Paul, please.

Now it's time for Paul to get on with the program right his friends everywhere he went not to go to Jerusalem, but because he placed all of his desires in the neutral. He was determined to go to our daughters called him no matter what Paul was not afraid.

Paul would not hide. Paul would not run and Paul would not cower. Paul would not be persuaded by well meaning Christians. There are some commentators who say that actually the good people I mean people who love God and this actually at this point in his life.

Paul was disobedient to the voice of God, and he was outside of the will of God. When he went to Jerusalem need to know that. But if you really look at the text as a sideways upside down in every angle from other languages. There is not one occasion that anybody said that God is saying to Paul do not go to Jerusalem. All this said that you going to face difficulties. There is all they said not one time did God the Holy Spirit sister Paul Jerusalem, I would've obeyed the Lord immediately.

Not one time.

Please hemorrhoid on this one.

I wanted to listen carefully. It's okay to cite the Lord more. I prefer a over B. Lord, I really like I don't like me.

It's really okay to say to the Lord in the Lord, my heart is set on a not think it's okay. It's okay to do that as long as you place a and D in the neutral and let God lead you it's okay to say to God, not God.

I would rather be in this place and not that place. It's okay to do that as long as you're willing to joyfully go whichever place he finally chooses for you submitting to the Lordship of Jesus Christ means making your desires to be in the neutral and that is not easy. I wanted to listen carefully from going to tell you there are some people who think that the moment you obey the will of God and you go somewhere else and there you face problems. All of a sudden this is all that really listen to God right now my really in the will of God, what have I done. Listen to me.

Please because you are the center of the will of God does not mean you will not face problems as Paul he'll tell you. Sometimes we do get ourselves into trouble but not always the case. Sometimes when we are at the very center of the will of God, your face difficulties and trials at times. Often the enemy will come to you and say if you had not obeyed God.

If you had done your thing, you would not have faced these problems, the devil will do that to you all the time, but by placing your desires and the neutral you will give God the opportunity to work in your life for his glory regardless of the difficulty. The second thing is this.

Expect God to speak to you in some way for me it is simple. The Lord often speaks to me through his word. I'll be sitting there early hours of the morning as it is my custom, and I'll be reading the word of God and I would be wrestling with the problem or thinking of a difficulty or something that's going on in my life and I'll be reading the word of God and the voice of the Spirit Cessna here.

This is for you Michael this for you. Here is the promise that you can appropriate today. Here is the answer that you're looking for. Occasionally, God speaks to me through godly friends and occasionally the Lord speaks to me through my acquired voice of my wife many times God speaks to me through my godly prayer apartments, but I want to give you a big warning. Listen carefully. Huge warning here okay listen carefully. Be sure that your godly friends. I'm not speaking to you out of their own emotions. Be careful lest your godly friends are speaking to you out of their own needs. Be careful lest your godly friends are speaking to you out of self-interest. Be careful lest your godly friends are speaking to you to get you to do what they wanted to do in Miletus. The Ephesian elders and then Caesarea and entire plans friends were trying to dissuade him from going to Jerusalem. Why why because they were emotionally attached to the apostle Paul called Paul that got Jerusalem: go to Jerusalem, I am not for one moment, blaming Paul's friends for trying to dissuade him from going to Jerusalem.

I'm not blaming no one moment no one second, I am not blaming them for trying to persuade Paul to avoid troubled waters. I'm not blaming them for trying to protect their friend in the apostle Paul, but there were not trying to discern the will of God.

There were only wanted to protect Paul, that would be impractical, there being pragmatic and yes they were being human in every sense in every good sense of the word and that is why listen carefully.

That's why.

Thirdly, you must test the spirits, you must test the spirits for yourself no matter who says what do you ever is inconsistent with the word of God. It is not from God. Everett is not going to glorify God, then it is not of God. Everett is going to lead you into sin. It is not of God. Everett is not going to build you up in the faith is not of God.

The Bible exhorts us test the spirits test the spirits test the spirits. Why want to tell you, I listen carefully because Satan has the uncanny ability to appear as an engine of light because Satan's deception is so good that you can easily flow for because Satan's desire is to trick you and deceive you, Paul tested the spirits and he followed only the voice of the holy spirit, not even his dear friends, submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ means placing your desires in the neutral expect God to speak to you in some way test the spirits and finally, fourthly, always wait for God's time. Now I'm going to go from preaching to meddling. Not necessarily with you as much of this is it is with me. If your personal has trouble waiting. I want to tell you something.

I understand you I really do. I know exactly where you are because it is one of the hardest things waiting does not come naturally to most of us make up for some God bless you. Not only that, but most often young Christians, particularly confuse waiting for God with idleness and make everyone time is at his wedding, forgot to call him as to what you're doing is that I'm spending a lot of time in the library. I said I'm just doing some work somehow ministering on I'm just reading and getting myself ready to hear the call of God as I do not waiting for God to give an idle man need to go and do something is on to something. What help me in my understanding of waiting for God and what it means is a dear saints: 24, 23 years ago when he explained to me the difference between waiting for the Lord and being idle in the name of the Lord.

This is the word waiting in the Bible does not mean the way reason English is your waiting for a train in the train station when you waiting for the train in a train station.

What you do is sit down and you look to the right and you look to the left in your letter to watch you look to the right and you look to the left and to watch you might be frustrated and you get up a little better than the price of Florida translate whatever it is you waiting for is like your frustrated you get more frustrated by the second and you keep writing and writing that is not what waiting upon the Lord in the Scripture means at all but me share with you what have blessed my life for quarter of a century waiting for the Lord comes from the term of a waiter or waitress in a restaurant, a high class waiter or waitress to have them down around her hand and what is he doing is she doing all the time there watching you. They waiting for you hate.

I need immediately that this or what can I get you let's waiting to see your water running down. Then he comes and brings water in their cells up to the top. That's a high class waiter you play just finished what is he doing is watching you. So he comes into me as a finisher he takes a plate.

What is happened would work when a good way to really a high class waiter is working, what is he do you get up to go somewhere and you come back is folded, and right there by the arm of your chair. That's what waiting upon the Lord means. It means that you are always serving the Lord, that you always ministering to the Lord that you're always watching for the actions that you always ready this command anymore, but you're working your busy serving your paying attention. You are all tentative to the voice of the Lord is with waiting for the Lord means when you are in the mode you know about the way that not a single person in the Old Testament, a single prophet that God called to serve was idle.

Sitting there biting the fingernails of wasting their time doing something in the voice of God came listen now you fear you go on to proclaim the word of God. When you are in that mode of waiting at the Lord's table. You can be sure that he will let you know his will in his time.

She will tell you what he wants you to do.

He will tell you what he where he wants you to go. He will tell you when he wanted to move.

He will tell you where to be filled tell you how to respond even see Paul knew that he was obeying the will of God. He was obeying the voice of God, who knew there were some difficulties.

Yes, but they were incidental.

Why, because he knew if he is going to be at the very center of the will of God. God is going to be with him and that's enough. When Paul got to Jerusalem was bringing an offering from all the Gentile churches and we know that from the Corinthian letter, he brings this offering from the Gentile churches and he places it there in the church of Jerusalem. But you know the first thing they said that in soft thank you Paul and you went to this great trouble. We thank God for you know the first thing he got was a criticism Paul bedroom. I hear that you are not living as a Jew and telling the Jews not to live as Jews. You turn your back on your culture, your darling get back on all the things that we believe in not remember. Paul said I don't want to offend anybody, and he's a Jew and he felt his offending the Jew so he went ahead recognizing that these are not important issues in the Christian ministry.

They not necessary for salvation went along. I am personally convinced as I looked at this passage in every way I could that Paul because he have learned to wait upon the Lord because he had learned to discern the will of God. He also learned to major on the majors and minors on the minors. They got together when you are waiting upon the Lord, you will learn to choose your battles on your battlefields. When you're waiting upon the Lord, you will discern what is necessary for salvation and what is a matter of Christian liberty. Why, because it is in the Lord's will, that your life will operate at its best when you are in the perfect will of God. All the nightly storms brewing all around the nightly battles taking place and waging everywhere difficulties of insurmountable you are at peace because our perfect harmony with your leg looking up like Scott you can.

That's the title of Dr. Michael you sets challenging series on leading the way. I so as you consider God's will. Maybe you have questions that it started you in your faith walk it. So take note of this website., a compassionate, leading the way team member would be so happy to begin a conversation with you helping guide you toward a deeper walk with Christ. It's, in addition to being an international Bible teacher, Dr. USF is also the author of many books more than 50 today. Each one provides content centered in God's word and seasoned with the experience of the pastor who has a heart for seeing people walk closer with Christ serving Jesus passionately.

In fact, let me quickly mention Dr. USF's most recent book it's called never gather and explores the last days of the apostle Paul, challenging readers of all maturity levels to remain vigilant in faith, especially in these last days when persecution and opposition to Christ is widely evident and greatly is Victor to see you and the pastor of Rio Grande Bible Church in McAllen Texas at the age of 13 in a home group. The pastor came and share the gospel and that's where I came to Christ now. The pastor I am also leaving the men's group that are being trained to be leaders in church I mentioned about never give up of the new book by Dr. Michael Joseph never give up focuses our eyes back to the truth and that is huge.

I mean I just that blew my mind. So this book tells is never give up.

In these discouraging times. There are so many movements out there that are leading people away from the truth of the word.

One of the first sections that I really loved about this book, the Bible tells us that when we are rooted and established in the word of God. That's when working the bloom, but you must proclaim God's truth. You must remain applied in the truth, and the true vine, which is Jesus. So this book never give up basically encourages to never give up on faith and never give up on our calling to fulfill God's calling and what I love about the book is that everything is just around Jesus, thank you Dr. Yusuf for what you do. Thank you for the books. Thank you for letting God use you reach out to leading the way today for details about getting your copy never A Number to Call Is 8666264356866626435 Sex or You Can Always Order Online and LTW.Thank You for Joining Us and Didn't Listen Again Next Time Right Here Were Leaving When Dr. Michael USF Continues This Powerful Series Looking like This Program Is Punished by Leading the Way with Dr. Michael USF Passionately Proclaiming Uncompromising Truth

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