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Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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May 20, 2022 8:00 am


Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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May 20, 2022 8:00 am

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If you think that freedom is doing your thing. If you think that freedom is picking and choosing which part of God's word which you believe believe just like the wild horses in the us food from Dr. Michael on Dr. Seth began reach of the Church of the apostles and now reaching across six continents touching billions of people in 28 languages. If you'd like to learn more about Dr. yourself and leading the way. Just reach out to a ministry representative, where 866-626-4356 or you can visit us online. right now.

They'll listen with me as Dr. Michael UNICEF reveals the incredible freedom that you have in Christ.

I wanted to ask non-tonight. But Jesus and did delegated authority over Satan and all evil spirits as apostles in acts 19 versus item following the something else that is a very very very important. I wanted to listen to me very carefully place because here we see the absolute danger of wanting the power of Jesus without subletting of Jesus. Here we see the absolute danger of having 1 foot in the world and 1 foot in the church we see the danger of wanting all the blessings that come from Jesus Christ without surrendering Jesus Christ. Here we see the danger of wanting the best of both worlds are called here is the danger of singing with the Saints. I been sitting with the sinners prayer is a danger of being religious without being redeemed is a danger of wanting all of the benefits without any of the responsibilities we see the danger of appearing to be a Christian on Sunday and then living like the devil. The rest of the week. Here we see the danger of wanting to please God, but the want to please self at the same time there is a danger of being Luke warm. Remember to be a Christian is both privilege and responsibility in the average Christian is very happy to receive all the benefits. The first question is very happy to be saved and sanctified the average Christian is very happy to get all the privileges but none of the responsibilities. No wonder Satan rejoices over the state of the church today to have the power of Jesus Christ, that you must do some things and then you expect some things you do some things for the Lord and then you expect something from him what that the four number first. When you have boldness in your life when you practice bold proclamation versus eight, nine and 10.

It is only then can you expect God is faithful confirmation upon you and upon your life and upon your family and upon your business verses 11 to 12 is when you are able to discern sales imitation that you will expect the word of God to dominate his regular bold for Christ.

You can expect God's confirmation upon you and upon your life when you are discerning, you can expect the word of God to dominate not only where you are personally but where you are even geographically understood the freedom and the power that comes from surrendering to the Lord Jesus Christ. I wanted to write. I have counseled enough Christians to know that the average Christian wants to be a smorgasbord Christian God. I want to do this and I will do this but I will do this and I want developing, that is not Christianity.

As far as the Bible is concerned when your desire is to unleash the power of the word of God. God is going to give you more power. Meanwhile, what's going to happen, there's going to be hardness on the part of others because of me is going to be smooth sailing doesn't mean that when you're bold everything is going to work for what you wanted to work with what you think is working on this going to be hardness of heart opposition is going to be difficulties that winged tough times. But the good news is, Jesus said, I have overcome the world. The good news is Jesus said that he was with us is greater than he was in the world. That's the good news of the gospel. I wanted to look at acts chapter 19 verse 10 because it tells us about those who had hardness of heart and really comes about in a minute but I want to tell you. First of all, that this was the mark of the apostles because life boldness was the hallmark of the apostle Paul's ministry was the mark of the apostle Paul's preaching in the right place. There are some people who often confuse this with rudeness that is not there are some who think that the secret of boldness is belligerence absolutely not true. This only comes from a complete surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ truly boldness only comes from a total submission to the will of the Lord Jesus Christ in your life. This only comes from a practical commitment not halfhearted commitment that we face in the church today. Listen to me very carefully. I am yet to see someone I am yet to meet someone who has surrendered his or her life totally and completely to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and living in fear and doubt.

I have met one. I am yet to meet someone whose only desire is to please the living God is to please the Jesus Christ and timid about the biblical truth, I am yet to meet someone who fears no one but God and isn't terminated by the enemies of the truth of the gospel, I haven't met one yet. Paul's bold proclamation in the synagogue for three months met with some hardness of heart's that did not that there but did not stop him for did not discourage him. That did not cause him to give the closing destroying the talents of Robin to do something else.

No no no no, he continued on by the military about the hardness of the heart that Paul was experiencing this very carefully because that is a disease that seem to be touching a lot of Christians.

The hardness of the heart against God is a process. It doesn't happen just overnight. It is a very slow and laborious process if you want to develop a callus anywhere in your body anywhere in your skin all you need to do. Just keep rubbing sooner or later you will develop a callus to develop a hardness in the area of your body. It works the same way.

Spiritually, when you keep on rejecting God's truth when you repeatedly keep on ignoring God's conviction of sin in your life when you repeatedly keep on going back to the same sin when you keep on muffling the voice of God that is trying to speak to you and bring you the conviction I want to tell you heart will become callous and hardened will not stop there.

It will not stop to see hardness of heart. Eventually going to give way to a total rejection. That is why the Scripture says today if you hear his voice, harden not your hearts to know why what the Scripture repeatedly says today today today when you hear his voice hard and not too hard because the word of God, and God knows that what is going to happen. The process is going to begin.

And then that callus is going to take place in your country and your mind and your heart that is going to be harder for God to get through to you, but boldness is not deterred by the hardness of the heart. Secondly, the faithful confirmation of God. Look at verses 11 and 12 of acts 19 bold proclamation was confirmed by the Lord. I hear people all the time. I wish I can get confirmation from the Lord. I wish I could hear the Lord saying something to me. Listen, you need to begin by examining your own life.

Have you ceased to be bold for Jesus. Have you ceased to be bold about your faith.

Have you ceased to be bold about the truth because when you are old in your walk with God and in your ministry and in your life. God will confirm he will give you confirmation. He will bless your ministry he'll bless the work of your hands.

Whatever you do, you gonna prosper because God always gives confirmation to boldness. In fact, we here in this passage we see the extraordinary miracles that has never happened before or since, that the price for the apostle Paul, not just sick of being healed, not just demon possessed were set free.

But even a permanent handkerchief Springs has never happened before or since healing people that took place.

Why, because God is faithful and he will always confirm and encourage the boldness of his saints. When he refused to be intimidated when you refuse to be silenced. God will bless you. There's a certain blessing with your name written all over it. That's reserved for those who will not be intimidated. God's promise to be faithful to those who are faithful, God promised that he will honor those who honor him. The Lord Jesus Christ himself said if you are ashamed of me before people on earth. I'm going to be ashamed of you in the day when you come to my father's presence in heaven him the right place if you are a timid person with your timid about your faith. Do not expect extraordinary blessings to come upon you. Why because the extraordinary blessings only follows list and bold line for Jesus Christ, but another something else that is very important here whenever boldness is exercised. True gospel preaching through witnessing true Christian living takes place.

Imitators are not far behind. Whenever God's people are faithful are those who like to imitate.

Which brings us to the third point false imitators.

The company counters are always there ready to exploit the situation imitators, always ready to exploit people, the crooks are always ready to use God's name and God's power to serve their own purposes will always be there there with their back then that are here now will always be there. See Ephesus was no exception. Look at verses 13, 14, 15, 16, of acts 19 you know what, the saddest part about imitators and the false teachers and the false preachers of the false Christians know the saddest part about this from my perspective.

The saddest part is that so many of the Christians cannot distinguish between the true and the false swelling of the Christians. I'm not able to the son. The truth from falsehood probably breaks my heart more than anything else in the world and here is an example. Check 19 of the book of acts 13 to 16 C in Ephesus there was a man by the name of Siva Stever or Shiva in the way he has seven sons.

He had seven sons and they belong to the high priestly family. When the Bible called high priest in Ephesus and the high priest in Ephesus means that they belong to the high priestly family, what, whether they were actually themselves demon possessed and they would doing the magic work, they were exercising is how can a demon exercise a demon very simple he was possessed with a more powerful demon exercise, unless a powerful beam. The Bible tells us that in the invisible army of Satan. There are ranks. There is order. There are generals there are foot soldiers. There are criminals there are all kinds of powers and principalities is a rank Satan is invisible army and also exercise other people who are demon possessed, basically using a more powerful demon exercise a lesser powerful beam and that's what Siva and his seven sons would doing very were like modern-day pluralistic society. They really are.

I wanted to focus with me just woman. They were not very discriminating at all which everyone would work. They will take a long whichever evil spirit will they add them to the repertoire didn't make any difference. Like so many preachers on this day think that diversity is a great thing and cannot distinguish between Moses and Jesus and Allah and Mohammed and Guida and Krishna and is at all is the same Shiva and his children were like that. They wanted to add Jesus's name to the last to do anything just the name to the list and it's okay that she was not a Christian who knew Jesus only from what he saw happening in the ministry of the apostle Paul and the apostles.

He wanted Jesus's power, but he did not surrender to Jesus as a thought that you wanted Jesus's supernatural strength without submitting to Jesus's power to invoke the name of Jesus and one of his magic show. As he was about to exercise one of those weaker demon possessed weaker spirits. What happened Satan actually knew more than these magicians than these guys. He said Jesus I know Paul I know you think they did not understand the name of Jesus is no magic shop name of Jesus is not to be used for the name of Jesus is so uniquely authentic is so uniquely true is so uniquely. I thought that there the name of Jesus is the power of powers, the name of Jesus is the authority authorities the name of Jesus is as the name of Jesus, principalities, demons, and they tremble at the name of Jesus. You see, that's why people do not want to mention the name of Jesus in public because this power in the name of Jesus, but you have to learn the hard way he was addressing some of those demon possessed. Verse 13 acts 19 and sit command in the name of Jesus at home. Paul preaches and demons is what I know who Jesus is and I know who Paul is but who are you not only that but the demon possessed man was the evil spirit strength was able to give them all of good beating. But not only that, he told her close and have to run out in the street naked don't undermine the power of the name of Jesus spent a magical name. It's power.

The believers discerned truth from falsehood and in doing so, it led to the domination of the word of God. You see whenever Jesus's power is contrasted with the power of Satan and the evil one, hands down.

Jesus will win all the time. Whatever God's truth is contrasted to Satan's falsehood. The truth will win in the long run.

No matter how long it may take when the Ephesians saw the evil spirits did these false imitators, they turned to the Lord and are submitted to the authority of the word of God and they did not do this just as every action to what was happening. They did not do this on a temporary basis.

They did not do this just with words, only what they did. It by lighting a match to $5 million worth of occult paraphernalia that they were practicing. That's equivalent amount of money for today, my beloved friends I want to tell you something. This is true repentance. This is true repentance is true repentance is not to keep on going back to the bottle.

True repentance is not to keep going back to those websites that you know you're not supposed to go there and the magazines in the books that you keep true repentance is not the keep on going back to the places of sin that you know you are in disobedience to the word of God. True repentance is that is the paraphernalia of sin Ephesus was renowned for its cultic activities and so when the fear of the Lord came upon them, they were ready to surrender and they did not count the cost. I wanted to cry that moment and so give us men and women who would surrender to the authority of Jesus Christ count the cost. Sometimes we think we give got 10% and then just do our thing. God is pleased with what we doing now. God is more interested in the 90% that you keep in your pocket than the 10% you giving when they recognize their enslavement to sin and Satan, there were ready to be liberated when the Ephesians saw the real freedom they were ready to give up the false one and that is why when they witness the freedom from sin. They gave up their enslavement to Satan. I will tell you this, as I conclude that I wanted to listen very carefully. This is something I thought about and reflect on several times to see Hollywood likes to portray a herd of wild horses strong and free roaming about roving in the planes and the hills frolicking with reckless abandon. No restraint whatsoever that there is an agenda here.

The agenda is.

They want to present this romantic fantasy can be ours. This romantic fantasy of freeing the wild can belong to men and women only if they choose unbridled fashion of freedom have the best of both worlds, but nothing could be further from the truth. Listen to me. This is Satan's lie of presenting false freedom.society wild horses just like human beings. They fall slaves to the closed system of entrapment as a matter of fact, the Department of the Interior compiled rolling evidence that these mustangs which roam freely in the West that are held up as a model for society for humanity. They are not free at all. The breed literally deteriorates. They said that the bloodline is a mess that horses often fall prey to predators.

They talk about the lack of food and nutrition there often first victims to natural disasters and diseases that easily get injured and cripple and when they get infected. They die a very slow and very painful.

Furthermore, the document from the Department of Interior said they never realize, of course, the full potential of a good life that comes from being harnessed back into the bed.

For groomed what Fred balanced nutrition food, and in this case, freedom is not really freedom at all and Anke, who says if you think that freedom is doing your thing. If you think that freedom is living independent of God. If you think that freedom is breaking of God's laws.

If you think that freedom is picking and choosing which part of God's work told by which part the believer which brought not to believe if you think that freedom is giving God the crumbs of your table, spiritually speaking, you will be just like the wild horses in the is food for the wild animals.

My friend is only one that is the freedom of surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for joining Dr. Michael you sent for leading the way audio message prompted some questions. Talk with someone who's willing to help you get life-changing answers, as we close out today's episode we wanted to share a brief testimony of a life impacted by the teaching of Dr. UNICEF and leaning away from Morocco recently shared this exciting story. After connecting with the leading the way field team in her area. She tells us one of my friends from college recently left Islam and became a Christian when you shared this with me. I became curious to know why after hearing his testimony. I became even more interested so I studied the life of Christ and listen to the teaching and leading the way.

Soon after I gave my life to Christ, we are to go to church but I'm thankful that I can learn more about a relationship with ice speaking with your team in the Middle East.

I'm so happy to be disciples. Even if it is through the phone things, the passion to know Christ encourages me in my courage to learn ways to scan Dr. Michael call 866-626-4356 or online@LTW or this program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael passionately proclaiming uncompromising true

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