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Stay Calm and Look Up

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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May 9, 2022 8:00 am

Stay Calm and Look Up

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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May 9, 2022 8:00 am

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Dr. Michael you sat with thinking, I frequently share the verse in Psalm 37.

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart about fresh is wonderful for his short so many just met all you needed. They conveniently leave out the condition that leads to God giving you the desires of your heart.

They conveniently leave out the most important part of the virus. When you delight yourself in the Lord. Only then he will give you the desires of your heart.

Welcome to leading the way with pastor and author of more than encouraging challenging books. Dr. Michael you sent when life begins, seemingly to unravel always seems to throw that verse and conversation as a word from the Lord. Yet like all versus context is King said you set deeper encouraging you to lean into the heart of God and troubling times come and do remember that leading the way is listener supported. You can learn ways to stand with Dr. Yousef today the number to reach a ministry representative at 866-626-4356 or online LT join me now as Dr. Michael Yousef begins this powerful teaching.

Stay calm and look very inspired by the Holy Spirit who gives us for reasons as to why those who know the Lord and love the Lord must stay calm and look up for reasons straight, look up verses 1 to 3 because of what you cannot see with your physical I secondly verses 4 to 7 study, look up because of what you already have. Certainly verses 8 to 11 strike, look up because of what is coming to you finally forswear verses 12 to 20 stay, look up because of the coming judgment on the wicked.

When you only see the success of the wicked. When you only see success of evil and you cannot see anything else where basically like a person who is physically blind and he cannot see 24 seven. Darkness 24 seven that's what happens. But if you start seeing with your spiritual eyes to realize that these people are not as happy as they appear to be. You will see that these people deep down they are miserable. You got to see some things that you were not able to see with your physical I use it with your spiritualize is a listen to me very carefully when you see these people come on television.

I'm talking about those lobbyists who are out there forcing the immorality and the turning upside down of biblical morality and forcing all of that honest and upon our children when you see them on television and just wanted to see them with your spiritualize, not what your physical eyes.

You got to see them absolutely seething with anger that are burning from the inside with guilt and it shows you realize that inside there is a volcano over against their transgressions; why why I would tell you I don't ever forget this because they are created in God's own image and because they are created in God's own image, no matter what they say in public or only inside they are eaten up with guilt, why do you think they really started in the back younger. We just what acceptance we just want to accept of all of our lifestyles want except everybody is accepted and finally got accepted not on that is really not enough. We want approval and so they got approval, but now it's not enough. We want to highlight our immorality and immoral lifestyle to be a virtue. It never stops.

I will never stop.

Even if the government tomorrow so yeah that's a virtue. This letter stop.

That is why Psalm 37 verse one particular 1 to 20 you find the word, fret not.

Three times verse one verse seven verse eight.

Fret not, fret not, fret not because of what you cannot see in my personal opinion. Always make a distinction between my personal opinion on the expounding of the word of God. David was saying to himself why did I ever waste my time and my energy fretting over so what did I waste all that time about Saul's apparent success today.

Even secular psychologists have agreed that anger, envy and jealousy. All of these things hurt the person who experiencing them more than the object of their hatred. We really do. It devastates the person who's doing the anger and hatred. It devastates them and it can really destroy them or can destroy them mentally, emotionally and psychologically, socially, even physically. I love the story of the mom of a teenage daughter. High school students who was coming to her mom and she was really upset, crying, and she's down and discouraged and she said mom why are the mean girls. The snobbish girls they get their attention.

They get the friends they get the popularity they got the favor is what that wise mom said, listen carefully, is truly wisdom you keep on being good and godly. Trust me, what they have now will not last past the prostrate, you will see what I mean. On the 20th reunion of the debtor's right wisdom study, look up because of what you cannot see secondly start, look up because of what you have versus 47. If you've ever analyze a situation whether that injustice happened to you or to somebody dear and near to you and see the success of the wicked, you will realize this is how it sets in motion.

They start with fretting and fretting gives way to irritation, intense irritation, and if intense irritation not dealt with godly way and biblical way it will lead to anger, and anger. It was not check and challenge a channel positively it will produce hatred and beloved, I don't need to tell you that hatred has its own ugly consequences is something else that you really need to do and how to stop this process dead in its tracks. What generally happens is in the time of fretting. We all of a sudden become blinded all that we have all we can think of all, we are fixated is this problem is this synthesis makes you angry. This thing is making fret and all of a sudden you forget all your blessings, you forget what you have and you focus your fixation on this thing that is making you angry.

I've counseled many multimillionaires through the years. I will never forget. Nothing this just before the church of the apostles hours in another church and then I was counseling a multimillionaire I got so blessed of God. And then I was talking to him and he was telling me he's about to go to the poorhouse. While a Civil War just explained to me how come, and I listened.

I listened to you know I'm not very patient confessed publicly and openly. But I was and I really was listening carefully and I found out he was constantly comparing himself with somebody who's richer than here's any slanted angle of the poorhouse. Beloved, when a believer starts fretting that the success of the wicked and the forget that there have Christ, which is everything. It gets into trouble every time verse four. Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart that verse is a wonderful verse desires of your heart. Just name it under claimant in this you're so many just as all you needed. They conveniently leave out the condition that leads to God giving you the desires of your heart. They conveniently leave out the most important part of the verse. When you delight yourself in the Lord, then and only then he will give you the desires of your heart? What does it mean to delight yourself in the Lord listening to the lodges of anybody think with me think of those reminding base by really trust and hope that my guys never stop. Remember when you delight yourself in somebody else.

What happens you want to do what that other person wants right when two people are in love and I've seen it through the years course in premarital counseling in the old days and ice to the Weddington and Mandela just saw and love in the head is in the cloud and then falling over each other to please each other when I delight myself in the important things that I want to do what we did do. I will go here. It wants me to go to please him above all else, if my desire is his desire. If my delight is his delight.

Therefore, he will grant my desire, which is his desire to begin with beloved this love relationship with the Lord. The nonbelievers in the nominal Christians will never understand. Everyone this delighting oneself in the Lord never be comprehended by the ungodly and so they call us names and they falsely accuse us of things of which we are very innocent versus five and six commit your ways to the Lord, trust in him and he will act here will bring forth your vindication as the light, and your righteousness is the noonday today was so used to headline news that our faith cannot true and then the apology comes on page 27 in a very small print. Not long ago, I have a different who lives in Sydney, Australia is very successful businessman, but his success in his blessing is the only reason he lives.

To do this is to give money to kingdom work.

He literally lives to give money away that was his is the desire of his heart and longer hold somebody falsely accused him and dragged him to court. He knew he was innocent anybody around him knew he was innocent.

Even the people took them to court knew he was innocent but nonetheless headline news in the papers met him look guilty. I remember calling him and said I am going to pray and I'm gonna claim Psalm 37, six, until God vindicates you. And sure enough, 10 months later, 10 months later, the court threw the case out the Ford today. There might be someone here and you feel that you love getting your just reward for your failure been passed over for a promotional you feel that you got a raw deal about your suffering injustice of all or any kind of you being a victim of rumors and gossip for you are saying to yourself.

Nice guys finish last that you are carrying this huge burden and others appear to have it easy is the truth the judge of the universe is watching you.

The judge of the universe is making sure that you will be openly vindicated.

One day he will publicly exonerate you one day he will publicly justifies you one day you will be generously rewarded. One day you will be lavishly blessed one day stay, lookup site with what you cannot see. Secondly, stay, lookup, because of what you have thoroughly studied, lookup because of what is coming to you versus 8 to 11.

You will not be merely vindicated, you will not be merely exonerated him and not be merely justified, but you will be rewarded. You will be rewarded will inherit the whole earth. That's a new earth. One of the Bible talks about the new heaven and in US the whole earth is yours and those who caused you to fret those who caused you envy those who caused your anger will be like a puff of smoke, and while you will have it all.

There will be like suit. I know this intimate I know that what we see is an invasion of an extreme secular reason in our culture and our society and the hero with the word secular means this will this life. This is now here now in the see the emphasis everywhere you go.

It's up now here enough and even preachers today there are only preaching messages about the here and now they just focusing on the slack and focusing on. This is nothing wrong with this life of me tell you I preach about this book but that's not all the goodies. If there is resting on top. It's hard it's hard even for believers to buck the system and swim upstream.

It is hard is not easy. I know that is the hallmark easier to go with the flow.

It's a whole lot easier because it's it's it's hard to see beyond what's in front of us and we find that our circumstances and the circumstances of this life consumes us the cares of this life occupy our time and our energy and our efforts and our mental capacity. The desires we want to see fulfilled in this life cloud our vision of the life to come. The headline news constantly grabbing our attention all the time in the here and now even threatens to devour us.

David said, think about this everything that you ever wanted or desired is really yours but not yet everything that you have envied others for his really yours but not yet everything you wish for is yours. Not yet.

As long as you remain in me that is having your strength under control. You will inherit the whole earth. Jesus said that in the Beatitudes something so what is the make a lot of people think I'm a person is a weak person, far from it doesn't mean that all Moses was called amicus man in the world and you know what he did. He stood before the most powerful man on the face of the earth at that time and he demanded that this man obey God. However, that's a weakness right. Meekness makes you bow before God.

But stand tall before man. Meekness makes you bend your knees to the Lord but stand firm and resolute before the culture and men in the culture. Meekness makes you trust in God even when you're surrounded by people who are not trustworthy, stay, lookup for what you cannot see. Secondly, stay, lookup, because of what you have thoroughly studied, lookup because of what is coming to you. Finally, stay, lookup, because of the penalty of the wicked is David telling us that the if we can see if we can see what God sees only if we can see what he sees.

We would not waste a minute of our lives, we would not waste any of our energy, not a single minute of our time fretting envy the wicked and their apparent success.

If you are not good. See what God sees lead to would laugh at the wicked just like God does.

You would laugh even at your own waste of time and energy fretting you do would love the foolishness of the wicked you do would love the cruel joke that Satan is playing on the wicked master question. Have you ever overreacted. I'm really overreacting to some information that you received mean you really flew off the handle is only to discover later that that information was erroneous. That was wrong information. Answer the question to side of the tell me think of how you felt when you realize that those false information and when you felt that you made a fool of yourself right now. Don't laugh, because I've been there few times and that's exactly what happens when we envy all Fred or become angry over the success of the ungodly.

This intimate you have the wrong information because you have partial information of the wrong information begin to look at things from God's perspective, not from your own. In fact, instead of envying them and being angry at what they doing you know what you need to do. We need to wait for the anomaly that with all my heart. We should be reaping over the horrible fate their dreadful end, we should be weeping over the term coming judgment on the wicked because of the coming torment that will not be for a period of time. Love you forever and ever and ever. I know we don't weep over sinners in the church anymore these days professing Christians either join the sinners or envy the sinners.

Someone said that the there are more tears shed in the movie theaters over imaginary tragedies. Then in the churches where there are real ones. So Winston Churchill once said, men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened. Beloved live in a time when we have totally told about our culture as a whole, totally confused fiction with reality that some people living in the underworld and yet what we think is real and permanent God scarf set why because he knows that what we see is not real and is not permanent or God knows the end of the wicked. He knows the judgment of the wicked. He knows it on the fate of the wicked and of God can laugh at the foolishness of the wicked. At least you and I can stay calm and lookup men take a moment to reflect. As I come to an end. I just want you to reflect just a moment.

I'm not talking about reflecting on history. Centuries ago, thought about just a few decades ago, and most of us have not lived those days, but we know it and in history. Ask yourself the question, where all the mighty and powerful place to have millions of adoring crowds saluting him and bowing to him. Mussolini was fear. Millions of people.

Where are they now rather than what is a rotting in the ground under souls being tormented right now at this moment while the writers rejoicing in the presence of Jesus. Right now, stay calm and you are listening to leading the way IM with Dr. Michael you sent. It's available any time on the way to leading the way to your favorite podcast app or site and more so get the in the next email. It's allow me to tell you a little bit about Dr. USF's most recent book, never give up. I know that many of you have already ordered this book, maybe even finished reading it that many of you have not, let me tell you never get that is a powerful emotional journey right into the heart and emotions of the apostle Paul, as he candidly face the reality of his own impending execution because it is fake pump poured out his heart to Timothy Dr. USF guide you to a place where you experience those words even more passionate level. Now, if you've already ordered or received or read your copy of never give up now have a life impacting content really gets get a copy to share with the family member with a friend and if you haven't read it yet order never give up. Today you can learn more about never give up when you visit or when you call 866-626-4356 866264356. This program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent

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