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The Heavenly Preachers

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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May 5, 2022 8:00 am

The Heavenly Preachers

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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May 5, 2022 8:00 am

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Welcome to leading the way with Dr. Michael used in a moment I challenged to consider glory in his creation and his word look a little closer at some this message is part of Dr. Yousef's practical series called answer for every problem you face and please do a number that you can hear and watch leading the way. 24 hours a day, listen and watch online. Use the leading the way. Or subscribe to one of the leading the way podcast, no matter how you connect you'll love hearing Dr. Michael you Seth passionately proclaim uncompromising truth right now to listen as Dr. Michael Yousef begins today's teaching time with me.

Please, if you would through Psalm 19 one and verse one. It serves the heavens declare the glory of the Lord. I don't know if you have ever taken time and you gazed into the heavens, and you felt the presence of the glory of God.

You understand what I'm talking about the bus almost destroyed even in the times of the storms from the Dales, we can see the hand the power of God. What the psalmist is saying to us is exactly what Paul tells us in Romans chapter 1 affecting the whole epistle to the Romans. The stars are God's Old Testament are known, all Bible whereafter testimony of the Old Testament and the New Testament. But there was a testament before the two testaments and letters the stars in the heavens. Stars are God's silent preachers never tire from reflecting the glory of God the stars testify. Day and night all God is the God of power and might, God is the God of the supernatural God is the God of miracles and beloved.

Don't you ever forget that we should have a miracle working God that we serve a God who does the impossible is not too short to work on behalf of his children. Look at diversity in verse one the heavens declare the glory of God. Here's a question you need to ask the skeptics and the doctor.

Why on earth that God created man to be upright in the animal kingdom all to be on force answer because God created humanity to look up and see that the heavens declare the glory of God and the amazing thing is that the very God who sprang those stars and all rights that the God who loves you and loves me because of his friends and that amazing analyze, beloved, I am absolutely convinced more than ever, more than all the years the past that it is time for God's children at this time to cease being intimidated by the baptism the skeptics and the political correctness of our culture and begin to preach the gospel of the God who put the stars in their orbits. I'm still in verse one.

That's the most important verse, verse one. The heavens and the plural, you notice a heavens site with the heavens and the plural. In fact, the Bible talks about three different heavens, and all in the same kind of language, but the distinguished heaven number one is what we see with our eyes the stars and the moon and the sun. That'll call the sky's the heaven number one heaven number two is where Satan dwells with the throne of Satan is Satan has not been relegated yet to the bowels of hell.

Not yet.

He will be, and maybe sooner than he things the Bible says he is in heaven. The Bible tells us in Job chapter 1 that you see God walking in the heaven and Satan comes in Ephesians chapter 6 tells us that our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against what the powers and principalities where in the heavenly's the Bible said that in the last day Satan will be thrown out of his heaven, but then there's heaven.

Number three. That's where the throne of God is. Don't ever forget that it is not by accident in the language of the Bible that heaven number three is above heaven. Number two I'm getting ready to shop in Toronto. What I'm going to say, for it means that God looks down at Satan as if God reminds Satan every single day charge here Buster, beloved, don't ever forget that all God has defeated Satan.

God is not frustrated by Satan.

God cannot be defeated by Satan and the very fact that he is above Satan.

It means that he has the name that is above every name, and he is in the highest of heaven and so he looks down on that old serpent of old, and is saying every single day. I am in the superior position. You are my footstool you are defeated snake and you have limited power you have limited time you are roaming the earth, but only for a few more days. I am going to change your shackles and throw you into the lake of fire. Satan you have been defeated on the cross and you will never amount to anything.

Again, amen for very like the Lord, not unlike the Lord verse one still literally it means that the heavens continuously declaring the glory of God. God use the stars to preach to the world that he may be using the stars to preach the world even now that we know in the Scripture, that he use the stars to preach to Abraham when God revealed himself to Abraham. For the first time ever have done.

Forget came from a pagan culture and then God revealed himself to him and then he began to use the stars to minister to Abraham and he told Abraham that his spiritual seed will be as numerous as the stars of heaven that you and I who are in Jesus Christ today are the spiritual seed of Abraham that we are the children of Abraham by faith, we better live like it. We are like the stars in the heavens. Let us rejoice and be exceedingly glad, but also God will use heaven to announce the return of Jesus.

Matthew 24 Lord Jesus Christ himself said that in those days the sun shall be darkened, the moon shall not give its life and the stars shall fall from heaven and we shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory, but also God uses the heavens to declare the glory of soul winning.

We Texel winning very likely we take sharing the gospel very likely if the opportunity comes in if they are all everything is convenient. We do it we don't do it, but the Bible has a special glory for those who are soul winners in Daniel chapter 12 verse three and they that be wise shall shine as bright as the brightness of the firmaments and very turn many to righteousness as stars forever. Proverbs chapter 11 verse 30 tells us that he who wins soul is wise. Beloved, listen to me. Your desire your effort.

You sacrifice your prayer, your deliberate and intentional sharing of Christ and witnessing to Christ and sharing it with others determines your grandma in the heavens, and the glory of God's eternity verse two Fond du Lac County verse two day on today other speech, and night tonight proclaims knowledge your time is limited my time is limited. The sun shines in blazing glory like a young man or young woman in their prime, but in the end of the day it fades away. Beloved.

The day ends the week ends the month and year ends the decade ends that life and that's what the stars teach us and that is why the apostle Paul said we must redeem the time question, how do you use your time. Do you just benefit away or do you deliberately and intentionally use it for the glory of God.

The question is more important, I will redeeming the time I we discerning the time of which I was focusing on where we are in the plan of God, I'm so grateful to the Lord I'm so glad that things in the don't go on forever. Psalm 30 says weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. Let me ask you this. Are you going through a trial in your life and only you know there's are you going to a child in your life.

Joy comes in the morning.

Are you going through inexplicable times and I know of been there times with things that do not make sense. Joy comes in the morning. Are you experiencing your own private Gethsemane joy comes in the morning. This too shall pass. Remember this too shall pass.

And don't ever forget that the darkest hour the darkest hour is our before dawn. He came to them in the 11th hour God takes his sweet time but don't ever forget.

Joy comes in the morning.

I say together. Joy comes in the morning verse three David said there's no speech or language in which the voices of the stars not heard ought to be sure they don't speak a language, but the message understood. It's like the sign language is seen somebody doing sign languages when there's no voice coming out of the person, but motion with hands he see the hands moving the stars of the moving hands of God, I'm here, glorify me on.

I may respect me, worship me alone. Then you see in verses 4 to 6 that throughout your influence goes for in their words have gone to the end of the earth. Now if you go outside of this building completely. God side you will be out all the sound of my voice you can hear me. Although I have an unbelieving dear friend and neighbor system is I can get away from you attend the television neuron. He said I went to Amsterdam and I got a good hotel room is a lot on the television on their you are. I said get the message every time you look up you see and hear the voice of God's evangelists in heaven. They are saying God is here in his eyes on those who fear him.

Look at verses 7 to 13. David literally takes us from hearing this unspoken voice of God in the stars in the heavens as we hear this unspoken message of this evangelists in the sky and as we hear them. They drive us to know more about God and so will you know God's word. So literally he goes from these evangelists proclaiming the invitation of God to come and then when you come to God. This is now known me know all about me because I know you and I love you and I want you to know me. Remember the stars in nature that they only calling Satan to God turn to God and so your company's word and want to know that God, who just invited you to come in.

Why because his word tells us that the word of God challenges us the word of God. Cheers us the word of God changes us the word of God convicts us the word of God cleanses us in the word of God corrects us. Verse seven the law of the Lord is perfect, converting the soul. That means that the word of God can convict us and bring us back to him just like the sun returns to the heavens.

So does the word of God returns a repentant sinner by confessing sooner back to God.

Verse eight God's word. Cheers us the statues of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart. Nehemiah chapter 8 verse 10 said the joy of the Lord is my strength. The apostle Paul tells the Philippians, while he himself in prison. He says rejoice in chapter 4 verse four rejoice in the Lord always. How often rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice always, when you're up when you're down.

Not when only things going hunky-dory but all the time.

Rejoice always, because your rejoicing is not in your circumstances, but in whom the Lord you know if I learned anything from nonbelievers and I do learn from them a lot.

Love them dearly. I can tell you truthfully, they are tired of mule face Christianity. They are tired of Christians that look like they're been born on Wednesday. Looking both sides for Sunday's.

They want to see authentic Christianity and that is because my beloved friends. Christians are not spending time with the word of God.

I can tell you experientially when not spending time with the word of God is the fastest way to lose your joy.

One is your salvation but you lose your joy and that will show on your face the fear of the Lord is clean endures forever, and all my friends and my family. Those are close to me know this if you press me is a Michael what would be the one sentence you want us to have as an epithet on your tombstone, it will be simply this, he feared the Lord, he feared the Lord, beloved, that's what I live for. I don't care what other preachers say about fearing the Lord to me. It's wonderful. It's joyful. It's a blessing. It's comforting. Verse 10 the word of the Lord changes us. It is more desirable than gold. Yet even the much fine gold, I can make your promise. When you fear the world and the people of the world you will crave the gold of the world.

But when you fear the Lord, K Jesus, if you fear the world you will crave power. But when you fear the Lord, you will crave purity when you feel the world you will be a people pleaser. But when you fear the Lord, you will be the father's pleaser him it out on this one.

I genuinely love people more than anyone else.

There is nothing that I can do would not do for the flock of Jesus Christ in this place, but I can tell you all so that I want to please the Lord more than anything else in this life and I'm saying this because I used to be a people pleaser until the Lord delivered me from verse 11 God's word convicts us by them your servant is warned. See the word of God forces us to confront sin in our life. The word of God exposes hidden, concealed sin in the cancer of sin. The Bible does not say that if we repent, to some extent will be saved to some degree now. The Bible does not give us a new meaning for the old sin.

The Bible does not call it an alternate lifestyle. The Bible does not call it an affair because it adultery and, therefore, when the word of God warns us. We need to take notice verse 12 the word of God cleanses us cleanse me from the secret sin or hidden sin. What is that secret sin was that hidden sin see or hidden sin is any sin that is not confessed, and wept over and placed in the front of the blood of Jesus see when you confess what you doing you agreeing with God because God can see through us, but when he refused to confirm when you rationalize when you explain away what because this is happened because so-and-so did this, and because the circumstances were that that means you disagreeing with God and you know without going to take you, beloved, the only way I know how you have heard me say this and I'll say it that I die. The only way I know how to deal with sin in my life is to confess it and repent of it and place it under the blood of Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us to cleansings.

First of all, we are positionally cleansed. The value come to Jesus confessing your Sandra printing of your sand receiving Jesus as your Savior and Lord positionally God see you as if you're nervous and because he sees through the prism of Jesus positionally but then the Bible talks about daily cleansing, continuous cleansing, sometimes maybe more than one so that and the reason often say confess as soon as you realize you sin is because that way Satan does not have a hold over you remember when you did this back in us and Satan buzz off.

I repented of that sin. I confessed you remember when Peter was protesting the Lord Jesus washing his feet as a no no no no, you can wash my feet was a true humility.

I believe with all my heart and Jesus. If I don't wash your feet, you have no part of me said nothing on the house that's the case, give me my boy.

Jesus said Nana you been based, we come to genuine days only thing you need to do is the washing of your feet on a regular basis because of the mark in the mud of this world sticks to us positionally cleansed by daily cleansing how to do that again the word of God tells us in Ephesians chapter 5 verse 26 by washing off the water of the word of God here comes again, spending time in the word of God. Verse 13 the word corrects us.

Keep your servant from deliberately all the old translations and presumptuous sin we commit the presumptuous sin. When we sin not only knowingly and deliberately, but also stay in sin.

That is presuming on God to forgive us without confession and without repentance.

In the New Testament all sins are forgiven through the cross of Jesus Christ. All sin, but when you deliberately, knowingly, and then continuously remain in sin is basically inviting the consequences of that's interested in getting yourself removed from the boundary of the mercy of God. Verse 40 is a prayer that I pray often pray daily list by the threat by the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your side will Lord our and my Redeemer. Dr. Michael used to concluding this edition of leading the way. Make plans to join Dr. you sent next time for more practical teaching from God's word and if today's message brought spiritual questions to mind. Please consider speaking with a member of the leading the way pastoral team begin a immigration affects every country in the wound, leading the lease ministering on the front lines throughout patient 25 campaign to make an impact across the ground, one last fact about this in 2025 campaign to specifically reach moments in here at home in the United date to achieve that goal with your team across North America and Australia to help the Muslim community to mystically scan with you on the ground. Evangelistic outreach and strategic US cities including Texas leading expanded English Arabic radio broadcast into Michigan which had 10 times the potential reach of existing broadcast device which contained in Texas and North Carolina have changing the hope of Jesus needing a place to live like that. The number 8666264356866626435 sinks we can go to that's more than a website that is a community where people from all over the world participate in what God is doing. LTW this program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael with us to our YouTube channel Facebook twitter and all of our social media networks

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