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Powerful Lunch

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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April 20, 2022 8:00 am

Powerful Lunch

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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April 20, 2022 8:00 am

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Dr. Michael used to offer you God's powerful daily living as he looks back at the early church on the day of Pentecost use creation is happening right in front of our eyes in Genesis we see the creation of man.

In the book of acts receive every creation of man in Genesis was a God breathed in man and gives him a soul and beer in the book of acts we see God breathe this book. Think of men and women, and they become born again of the spirit of God. Dr. Michael passionately proclaims uncompromising truth around the world through the media's gospel ministries leading the way.

Today Dr. USS preaching and teaching ministry. You will travel to the moment the Holy Spirit descended on the faithful waiting church as described in acts chapter 2. It's an event that not only change the lives of those in that room, but also turn the world upside down throughout history. This message exposes details about the presence and work of the Holy Spirit available to empower you in your daily life today. So join me in listening to Dr. Michael Yousef in verse one of chapter to the book of acts Dr. Luke is telling us something very significant is what is saying. As a scientist on the scientific mind will organize systematic fears telling us that when the day of Pentecost had come, there were all together in one place though hundred and 20 all the bill of the 1220 buccal hundred and 21+ we were all in one accord. What is there were jammed together.

I'm sure there were jammed physically, but there were jammed spiritually together. That's really what it means there were united in purpose. There were united in writing that were united in an anticipation. There were united in their expectation of the coming of the Holy Spirit what the cost means 50th. All comes from 50 the 50th was of me. Well, it was the Jewish feast of harvest and the Jewish feast of the harvest always took place 50 days from the day of Passover is logical. The 50th day the 50th day of Passover is the day of the harvest. It was also a celebration of Moses given the law by God. Remember this, that the New Testament is the fulfillment of the Old Testament.

Remember that the Old Testament is the shadow in the New Testament is the real thing. What people so vaguely. Now they see clearly all the symbolism in the Old Testament now have taken place and seeing the fulfillment and the ultimate fulfillment in the New Testament Old Testament symbols are now found the meanings in the New Testament in the Old Testament. It was on Passover day that the Jews slay a lamb in order to remind them of their escape from the days of slavery and the reason was called Passover.

You remember because God told them display a lamb and then put the blood on the door posts so the angel of death will come and he was slain, the firstborn of the Egyptians, but then he was seeing the blood and he will pass. You said this is God's people as local Passover were passed over and saved, and the wood delivered out of Egypt out of slavery and it was on that Passover day. 2000 years ago, lamb of God, was slain on the cross of Calvary. All those who put their trust in him from not only sin but the consequences of their sin not only send the punishment of sin.

So 50 days later when the Jews celebrated the feast of offering the first fruit to God. 50 days after the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ first spiritual fruit were given 50 days after the Passover where the Lamb of God, was slain, the believers inheritance was manifested. Dr. Luke said that on that day, suddenly and here's a word.

Suddenly, which indicate a sense of surprise. You say why surprise there were waiting for the Holy Spirit to come. Jesus told them before they left that the Holy Spirit is coming.

They knew he was coming, but they didn't have a clue as to how and what is coming, my beloved Christians listen to replace the same thing is going to happen on the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Those who love his appearing. Those who are longing for his return. Those who are expecting his return. Those who know that his return is eminent is still going to be an element of surprise because he's going to come as a thief in the night master question Jesus comes back today. Would you be ready to meet him. Can you say, Jesus, about all my affairs in order, I can wait for you to come back in here Dr. Luke is telling us of the three evidence of the power of the Holy Spirit. He said there was an awesome sound that was an awesome life. And then there was an awesome speech there was an awesome sound in the upper room now in the Hebrew language, you must understand that the word breath. The word wind in the word spirit. Three words in English 1 M Hebrew rolloff sounds like a breath that your breath away. In Genesis chapter 1 verse two when it says that the spirit of the Lord was holding a marathon English sounds so anemic just sounds like is a gentle just flying over the waters. No no no, that's not really what it means to tell you what it means. Think of the wind that blows on a hurricane at 100 and 2040 maybe 200 miles an hour and then you get the picture. God used the power of that powerful wind in order to create the world. Your is not telling what speed and what power of the wind that took place in the first creation. When God created the world. When the breath of God breeze upon the earth when his spirit was, not hovering but gusting on the so here in acts chapter 2 verse two tells us that there was a violent wind why why there was a violent wind associated with this historic event of the coming of the Holy Spirit to dwell on the other for the first time because on the day of Pentecost and you creation is taking place here on the day of Pentecost and use spiritual creation is happening right in front of our eyes in Genesis we see the creation of man. In the book of acts receive every creation of man in Genesis we see God breathed in man and he gives them a soul and appear in the book of acts we see God breeze this men and women, and they become born again of the spirit of God not only it was an awesome sound but it was an awesome site. Luke said that there were tongues of fire now this was not literal far by the way because of it was probably burn the building down or how do I know that my making this up.

Note says as all as all tongues of fire. What does the fire symbolizes do you what is a far symbolizes what the fire in the Old Testament symbolize the presence of God found in the Old Testament symbolize light from the Old Testament symbolize warmth found in the Old Testament symbolize purity and before the coming of the Holy Spirit of God, the world was cold.

It was dark it was unloved. It was impure.

Then when the Holy Spirit came. He's changed all that Jesus himself said in Luke chapter 12 verse 49. He said I came to bring fire on earth.

It was a cloud of his presence there was a part of his life. It was a flat out of his love was a part of his warmth.

It was a fire of purity, please hear me right there some foolish people who are going around attacking the Christian faith, attacking Christians and they are saying that Christians should not serve in public office. I want to tell you something they are truly ignorant of the fact that if it was not for the Holy Spirit of God in the believer's life in this world, this world would become talk and mechanistic and unlivable. And one day when God takes the believers home I noticed that it is withdrawing from this world understand the miserable condition in which they gonna find themselves and they would try to be regretful but it will be late awesome sound affecting the years.

Awesome site affecting guys with and that was an awesome speech Winona spirit filled the disciples, they were able to speak foreign languages. Why, why, well, so that I Michael yourself become a Christian. Note this is not an egotistical state.

Don't misunderstand me. I'm going to explain it to you.

You understand the direct effect from the day of Pentecost. To this day where you're sitting here watching me. In fact, this is my second point that I'm getting into now versus 5 to 11. The effect of the power of the Holy Spirit. The effect of the power of the Holy Spirit. When the apostles spoke in tongues.

There were speaking a foreign language was not gibberish. It was definable language on the day of Pentecost. There were pilgrims from all over the known world at the time in the city of Jerusalem and that amazing how God works. But Jesus will be crucified in a day of Passover, when this is about more than 1 million people come from all over the world to Jerusalem, and here they are, by the hundreds of thousands in Jerusalem for the feast of the Pentecost and the Holy Spirit comes in to dwell permanently on the roof. There were from every corner of the room another from Mesopotamia, there were from Cappadocia from ponchos from Asia from Phrygia from Pamphylia from Egypt from Rome from Crete and from Arabia. What is the purpose of the time. Why did God the Holy Spirit manifested himself in such power and giving them the ability to speak a foreign language. Why you see most of these guys only spoke Hebrew and spoke the colloquial Hebrew at best. Some of the new Greek, but not much. Remember what Jesus said to them, and we saw that chapter 1 of the book of acts member when he said he said to them what to wait in the upper room, right.

But before that, he said what he said you gonna be my witnesses but is able to do it on your own if you don't really only be discouraged within couple of days is all over but he said you wait until the Holy Spirit.

My Holy Spirit comes upon you is the one who's going to empower your peers on is going to encourage you.

Here's the one who's going to give you boldness here is on is going to speak through you to make you effect, so don't go off on your own. But wait until the Holy Spirit comes but you are going to be my witnesses. Now, the Holy Spirit had come with such awesome sound such awesome site and now they're given an awesome speech speaking foreign language. Why so that they can be witnesses to all these hundreds of thousands of people from every corner of the Roman empire.

He said he can be my witnesses but the Holy Spirit is going to come upon you and then you going to be effective with Mrs. Hocking to become effective witnesses on this with a part of the Holy Spirit. He gave them the ability to speak the languages of those people who are visiting Jerusalem.

This was such an awesome power so that the hundreds of thousands of visitors who came to Jerusalem could hear the gospel in their own time and they can believe in the Lord Jesus Christ but me show you how effective their witness of the day was 2000 years later the Bible said that our devout Jews from Alexandria who was there on the day of Pentecost, and these devout Jews heard the gospel are sticking to their hearts and they believed in Jesus Christ and immediately took the gospel to the city of Alexandria and that city as all Egyptian cities were pagans worshiping pagan gods.

But as they began to proclaim the gospel in the gospel begun to spread. In fact, history tells us that within about 100 years, 85% of the population give the life to Jesus Christ talk about the effect of the power of the Holy Spirit and the people of Egypt who were worshiping the sun as you and that God Ra turned around and renounced paganism and I began to worship these sound as all and the son of God, Jesus Christ, and then for the next few hundred years, Egypt became the center of exam to become the center of Christian theology until some 600 years later when the Arabs came in changed all that. But nonetheless my ancestors remained faithful for 2000 years to the passing of the witness from those handful of devout Jews who were in Jerusalem and the day of Pentecost the my generation about 10 to 12 million Christians will survive the onslaught of persecution for 2000 years and all began on the day of Pentecost tell you something, beloved friends.

When God says to you, do something I'm going to give you my proud of my Holy Spirit to do it. You can be sure he's not only going to do that, but you will going to have an impact that is lasting until Jesus comes back. Don't under mine. Don't underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit working in the life of a believer and obedient believer. Not a lukewarm believer, not a social Christian, not a pew warmer, but an obedient Christian.

This power in the mixture between an obedient child of God and the Holy Spirit. And it all goes back to the day of Pentecost talk about the effect of the power of the Holy Spirit. I give it to you in chapter and verse in history and I believe God can use us in this place just as much a way if we have God's vision for his work today. There are faithful witnesses empowered by the Holy Spirit being effective witnesses for Jesus Christ and every corner of the globe and just because it is does not make headline news on CNN and it doesn't mean that is not happening. It is taking place all over the world. There is an invisible power which the world is so blinded to cannot see, cannot understand cannot comprehend that is happening in every corner of the globe. Today, one day when the invisible power becomes visible.

One day when Jesus is manifested in his glory. Those who have been intoxicated with false fleeting earthly powers are going to weep and gnash their teeth.

The Bible said. But, beloved friends. It will be too late. You see the spirit of universalism invaded the church first in the mainline church now in the evangelical church and now is invading the hearts of Christians of God is to loving God is too kind.

He will not send anybody to help for sure. He wants anybody to help, but that was in themselves to help will be too late to see the daughter of Mercy one day will be shut the door of grace.

One day will be shut the door of salvation. One day will be shut the door of forgiveness that is open today and you taking it for granted and you're taking it for granted. One day will be shut and will be too late. It will be too late to let employer if you have not come to know the Lord Jesus Christ submitted to his authority and perceive them as a savior of your life that you would do that today. The evidence of the power of the Holy Spirit. The effect of the power of the Holy Spirit. Thirdly, the explanation of the power of the Holy Spirit versus 12 to 13.

There were two reactions to the manifestation in the my power of the Holy Spirit to reactions, though some who sticking to their heart, they were amazed there perplexed and then when people explain things to them 3000 have come and responded to the invitation of salvation. That's one reaction there's another reaction. There were those who mocked those who ridicule they said they have too much wind or drunk to reactions and or whatever the gospel is faithfully preached.

You will always get to reactions in the third two reactions, although also stand in amazement and find a salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. They have the peace that passes understanding in this life and eternal life to come under of those who mock those who ridicule those who rationalize the rejection and will end up in torment for the rest of eternity.

Nothing changed in 2000 years.

It has been the prayer of my heart that not what a single person who is heard the word of God and the voice of God speaking to you but you would stop running stop rationalizing stop explaining away and in simple, innocent surrender, the lawgiver must you the pure holiness in the son of God, who died for me, a sinner who is running my own life and I'm tired of it. Every time I seek for peace, I got nothing but war inside of me today is the day spa heads in prayer. If there's one person here today can say Lord Jesus. I've been running up and rationalizing up and walking today. I want to give my life to you Lord Jesus, I come to you this day not to do something about with the promise of Jesus is peace and nobody that comes to me and asked me to come into his or her life that I will no way reject. I thank you father God that you in the power of your Holy Spirit have spoken to them. Father God, I pray that the surrender be real and that Holy Spirit you will fill them at this very moment that you are the God of all truth and teach them the truth of God. We pray this in Jesus name, amen. Encouragement from Dr. Michael. You sat to surrender fully experience God's power for daily living. We know that not all who listen to the program had made the life-changing decision to become a Christian.

If today's message is challenged you in your faith journey. Let me encourage you to take just a moment and visit you can begin a conversation to answer some of those life questions regarding faith talk with us electronically or over the phone whenever you're most comfortable with and now the flight time is gone. Today I want to take just a moment to tell you about a free resource.

I know you and when you get your hands on this. It's called my journal we've heard from many people and families who've been so encouraged by the content in this compelling monthly magazine from leading the way he leading the way team works diligently, always providing you with the balance look at life through a biblical lands and Dr. you sent shares in the biblical reflections on recent broadcast content as well as insights into how the gospel is changing lives worldwide press will make sure that you have access to current specials from the leading the way store and updates about the current and upcoming live events and the best part.

As I mentioned, is it free. Here's how to get yours. Call one of the ministry representatives at 866-626-4356 ask for subscription.

Once again it's called my journal, 866-626-4356 and you can also sign up or you can write to us at leading the way, PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325. That's PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325 as we bring this leading the way to a close.

Here's what you can expect next time when Dr. Michael UNICEF explores more of God's power for daily living.

Want to click about this longing, longing for the coming of the Messiah, and I sure peace, nausea, joy, and bring salvation. And then when it came to crucify, but I don't want to be quick conducting them is happening all around us all along.

No sin. And yeah, when you join Dr. Michael Stein. This program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael UNICEF

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