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The Last Word

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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April 12, 2022 8:00 am

The Last Word

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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April 12, 2022 8:00 am

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Dr. Michael you sent declaring the value of God's grace is made up for mission known leniency and grace is free Norton. She gossiped with precious blood of his son. That is why God said on the basis of such blog on Calvary all of humanity. Anyone anywhere in the world can come to me.

No other way is meeting after the author of more than 15 books, Dr. Michael, you is that a lifetime passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth around the world by standing for and declaring the truth. Dr. use athletes searching people to the saving grace of Jesus, something we can see even clearer this week as the world celebrates Easter that many who call themselves Christians have fallen for the greatest lie today. A reminder that it is only through the amazing grace of God the father and the blood of his son, Jesus, you will escape an eternity of death to listen with me now deleting the way with Dr. Michael, you set now I know most people are familiar with the song John Newton wrote back in the 1700s, amazing Grace, how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me and you. You cannot be truthfully honest as you look at our culture without agreeing with theologian JI Packer who said that for our culture and for our generation that amazing Grace was turned into boring grace is that will help come. How come look at the average churchgoer to the they can get far more excited about church activities and church programs in social activities and social action in sports activities and even political and economic scene than they can get excited about the grace of God.

That's a fact. You know that I'm telling the truth for them. The grace of God is JI Packer said is boring, all to be sure most people would not object to you speaking about grace, especially if they need some they will not contradict you when you speak about grace, but that will politely listen.

They may even give tacit approval, but privately they question the value they question the importance question the validity of the grace of God and you have to ask genuinely have to ask what happens our culture. What happened to our society.

What happened.churches. Why isn't this indifference toward the grace of God. Why do most people take the grace of God for granted and presume on the grace of God. Why is there such boredom in the church about this most exciting, most exhilarating aspect of all of the Christian life you have to conclude that we bought into the greatest lie. The greatest lie says that Jesus is not the only way to heaven, that there are many ways to God and to heaven, that all religions contain truth. No wonder so many churchgoing people today they are confusing grace with leniency. They view God's grace as tolerance of sin on God's part. They say God has grown up and seems to be judgmental like he used to be in the days of the Bible that God does not care what you believe and how you live as long as you're a good person and so most people view God as a permissive God is an easy-going goddess is all well with Cindy again, but after all they're not bad since I'm just going to look the other way.

Important is not happening today. Most people view God as an accommodating God who has changed his standards since the days of the Bible that he modified his standards in order to fit with our culture of today, but beloved limiter that is not the amazing grace here is a tragedy is a tragedy by perverting biblical grace like this. Modern churchgoers are falling in the greatest lie all over again just like Adam and Eve fell for it in the garden, and just as Cain fell for it and we have been seeing throughout the series of messages how Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. How they fell for the greatest lie and they died spiritually because they surrendered the most amazing, the most wonderful thing of all. And that is intimacy with God and fellowship with God and that got thrown out of the Garden of Eden and then their firstborn, Cain did exactly the same thing he decided to come to God his own way, not God's way and he ended up killing his obedient brother able brother.

Listen, here's the truth. Nothing escapes God's sight. God does not wink at our disobedience. God does not ignore our pride. God deeply cares about what we believe and how we live. Grace is neither permissiveness nor leniency. Grace is neither free nor cheap grace is the most costly and the most precious commodity in the whole of the universe.

Grace must God be infinitely precious blood of his son and that is why God said only on the basis of that shed blood on Calvary and all of humanity. Anyone anywhere in the world can come to me. No other way is the only way for anyone to come to God as the only basis on which a Hindu can come to God is the only basis on which the Buddhist can come to God it's only basis on which a Muslim must come to God.

It's the only way in which, yes, a churchgoing American must come to God. Packer might consider one of the great theologians of our time gives basic for reasons as to why the amazing grace gave way to becoming boring. Grace number and put those for my own words. Never. Here's so don't blame him blame me first because they refuse to see themselves as fallen creatures who are rebelling against God. Unlike John Newton who brought amazing grace. They don't see themselves as Richard and loss and spiritually blind. Secondly, they refuse to believe in the judgment of God. They say God is not going to judge anybody and certainly our culture teaches that we can do all things that nothing is impossible including pleasing to God and coming to him the way we think he should receive us in fourth place with our penchant for human rights, we come to view God as a politician who we put in office and if he doesn't do what we tell him to do and we just took him out of office and vote for somebody else. We run around and live as if God also something listen to me.

God owes us nothing and don't ever forget that grace is his favor, and that he can give it a withholding as he wishes.

I find his grace puts me on my knees around my face before him, far from finding his grace to be boring. It is the most exhilarating and for the last 46 years I have never ceased to be amazed by his grace. Some of you think that God always you favor that God owes you something. Beloved friends listen to me, the sooner you disabuse yourself of this mistaken notion, the sooner you're able to experience the amazing grace of God. In fact, Jesus said when he told us the story of the prodigal son is talking about the boy who rebelled against his father, the boy who insulted his father who rejected his father who humiliated his father who lived contrary to his father's way. When he finally came to his senses and he came home he found his father not only welcoming him, but he was waiting for him in his waiting for every sinner who acknowledges his or her soon to come to him is waiting for you. It's amazing thing is his father never reminded him of his past sins didn't help at him and that's what got us but first you have to come to your senses. You have to realize that you are unworthy that you are undeserving of his grace, and you know what, I have no doubt in my mind is not in the Bible's knowledge Jesus that I have no doubt in my mind that this young man for the rest of his life. Probably every waking moment he live in gratitude and thanksgiving and of self giving and thankfulness to the grace of his father. When Satan told Adam and Eve about the big lie when his shoulder to them. He basically said to them, what you hear people today say may not be exactly the same words but the same meaning God is not good if he tells me to come to him only one way, how can a good God not allow me to live the way I want God must not want me to be happy.

God lies because the Bible is contradicted by today's movies and books on the rest of them. I cannot be fulfilled unless I'm free to do what I think is right.

I really will contact you really want that. I really want to bemoan God and that's what they say.

That is a big lie started in the Garden of Eden and beloved. This is the core of the big lie that cause spiritual death for Adam and Eve today just looks a little different use polish language would do it little bit more cleverly we use multimedia to presented but it's the same old lie Lisa how come what these people are saying today is what Adam and Eve said by then because in the final analysis, Adam and Eve and they fell for the greatest lie they actually blamed God for their sin and death of people doing today. They blame God look at Genesis 312 Adam's biggest excuse was know what I'm going to give your use of translation okay is what Adam was doing is it you know God. If you did not give me this woman I know some of you thinking he is a wimp and he was.

If you have not given me this woman. I wouldn't of disobeyed you got a have you given me a better woman standing up and taking like a man is if you had a fun woman I probably wouldn't disobeyed you to blame God is really your fault. And when God confronts Eve, she does the same thing. The ladies don't get all happy. She does the same thing is she can't really blame Adam straight face okay but she also blamed God. She said that that will meaning you put him there. The devil made me do it but you actually saying is God. That's your fault it's really your fault, but she was nice about it. After all of God did not put Satan in the garden. She would not of fallen for the greatest lie right are thinking about this and I think of the story, the true story of the Russian Emperor Frederick the great. One day he decided to visit all his prisoners in the Pottstown prison and has he came in the door and they said the Emperor is here and he was visiting with each prisoner. Every prisoner insisted on his innocence. Each prisoner claimed to be a victim of a frame up of some injustice.

Each prisoner blame somebody else for their imprisonment and then right again determined that there was a lone man prisoner and the man had his head down hanging low and he said to the embrace of your Majesty. I am guilty and richly deserve my punishment upon which the Emperor shouted for the prison warden visit, here get this man out of here before he corrupts all these noble and innocent prisoners and he was set free. Beloved. That's the grace of God in a nutshell, is the grace of God. All I know you love to make excuses but an ultimate analysis God is not looking for an excuse is not looking for rationalization. He is looking for confession is looking for conviction. He is looking for repentance and just a Jesus tells us there were two men went to the temple to pray, one is a Pharisee and the other one was a publican and the Pharisee stood there in the temple is it you know God, I am really a good guy. I've done all these good things for you Garden of done this and I've done this and I kept the fees not by then I've done this and I look at all the kept all the all the rituals and all I kept them all. The publican strikes his heart.

This is for me on a miserable sinner. What did Jesus say Sadat tell you the truth, that man who confessed and repented. Went home justified but not the self-righteous guy. That is why today we have millions of churchgoing folks who are spiritually dead and they're in desperate need to be brought back to life.

There are millions of poor articles and they're hiding in church pews and they need to understand that only through confession and repentance what they experience that amazing Grace and today my beloved friend highest calling is twofold is to cry to God that he might raise the spiritually dead, and that we would tell everybody who would listen about the marvelous grace of God that they have to repent and right knowledge their sin. That sin destroys internally, but grace gives eternal life. For that is the same grace that was promised by God, and we been seeing that's right so you gotta memorize this. Where was it promised in Genesis where 315. God bless you Jesus did not appear in a vacuum. As they say Jesus did not come to found a religion as they say. But Jesus as the promised one for all of humanity by God himself to our first parents, Adam and Eve that is going to come and is going to crush Satan's head that you going to come in through his grace would be saved everyone to acknowledge their sin and believe in him. Everyone who would repent and know that he died on the cross and rose again. It was for them that he paid the wages of their sin.

Only then will they be eternally saved and receive the grace of God I remember on few occasions out here. People say to me said Michael why didn't God just shout from heaven said all you forgiven your sins are forgiven us out taking care of all your sin pretended your sin never happened. You forgiven. It's always an indication this is dead giveaway that the person who makes a statement like that is a person who is spiritually dead. It's a clear indication that the person has not come to grips and begin to comprehend the enormity of his or her skin that that person thinks that they are not too bad that they are okay that they feel because they haven't committed one of the big sins. Therefore they going to be accepted by God. This all while not perfect, I know that but who is right, but I want you to think with me just for a moment when Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden of Eden. Adam did not commit any of the big sins.

He didn't even kill anybody. The only person there to kill is even she was still alive didn't steal from anybody was there to steal from here at all. Not commit adultery. Eventually, Eve was only one in the place. Not commit any of the so-called big sins that it was all white. I don't commit the big sins then what was his sin that caused him spiritual death and being thrown out of garden. Now listen to me carefully. Please choosing his way instead of God's he wanted to be accepted by God. Some other way than what God said and that my beloved friends is the mother of all sins is the root of all sins is the foundation of all city's to the some people who really think that this idea of many ways to God is that is new and hip thing that was popularized by Oprah Winfrey. Now it's not.

It's as old as the garden is the oldest and the greatest lie of all times and it continued to be retold in the media and books and movies and on television every single day and buying into the lie will keep a person in spiritual death and until you believe that Jesus is the only way is the only one who can forgive your sins. When you come to him in brokenness and in humility until you do that you will never experience the amazing grace of God that sets you free and gives in your life, you know, one of the greatest one of the most powerful words in the English language is the word home HO M a home because home indicates the thought that communicates the thought that your warm and and and your secure an annual protected then it communicates that you belong in and that you are loved and the true value of that word home is felt most keenly by those who are furthest away from home a soldier on the battlefield. A patient in the hospital bed, a prisoner in the cell. A runaway child was away from home and as long as you are away from God's grace your away from home. All of your efforts of trying to cease to ease your pain will never bring you home. All of the rationalization of your wanting to be good.

Never gonna bring you home is going to keep you away from God's home where grace is found, like the father of the prodigal is waiting for you. He is waiting to leverage his grace upon you when you come to your senses. Confess and repent. The last word and appropriate title to Dr. Michael USS message on today's leading the way he is. You listen to today's leading the way. Nini realized that you've never made paint decision. Maybe you'd like to walk through that with one of our team members. If so, are you even thinking about it. Let me encourage you to reach out right now. Go to just fill out a short form and begin a conversation at your leisure addressing questions that you may have., as we close out this leading the way audio message, allow me to remind you to get a copy of Dr. you set most recent book if you haven't already.

It's called never gather the apostle Paul was serving out of prison sentence and he knew that his time for his execution.

Because of his faith was getting even closer. This knowledge in his lap fraternity led him to write some powerful words of encouragement to his dear friend. His chief message was never ever in his new book, Dr. you set takes you into the very practical words of Paul from the jail cell, offering real-world advice for you today. I cannot title it should be a battle cry for every Christian in 2022. Never give up the keys to spiritual interference from spiritual plan at the next generation to stand on biblical truth to use its new black which went encouragement will help you in feel nourished and thrive in the midst of danger and anything that can meet up with it mean to netiquette that biblical truth around the plant that person to compromise anything that biblical values of any amount leading the way Christ the next generation is how to order your copy or copies for friends and members of your small 866-626-4356 866-626-4356. It's also available online back LTW for leading the and write to us at leading the way, PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325. That's PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325 and there is the music that means I need to say goodbye do plan to join Dr. Michael USS right time for leading the way

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