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It is Palm Sunday . . . Then Why is Jesus Weeping?

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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April 8, 2022 8:00 am

It is Palm Sunday . . . Then Why is Jesus Weeping?

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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April 8, 2022 8:00 am

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Palm Sunday.

It's a very old Jesus confirmation entry into Jerusalem as the conquering King why he was weeping on the day of his coronation. That's the question I'm going to answer in this message today. Don't miss it because somebody developed June if this is going to bless you and encourage you on your way to allow him to a fairy special meeting, the way Dr. Michael this weekend marks Palm Sunday, the beginning of holy week around the world. Jesus initially entered Jerusalem in a procession of victory. It was seasoned with the son of God's tears today are leading the way. Join Dr. Michael you Seth for look at weeping lead to joy and a deeper understanding of the week. Change the world and eternity to listen with me now to Dr. Michael you Seth and leading the way it was the first Palm Sunday and Jesus is reaping his or how come the Billy we all have known Palm Sunday to be a burial of Jesus triumphal. Entering into Jerusalem were no as a guide when the crowd rejoiced and celebrated. We know it is the day when the king riding on a donkey entering into Jerusalem.

We know it is a burial pomp and circumstance.

In fact, we know it is the day when all shouted hosanna. Which means save now but then there's another side to Palm Sunday, another side that we don't often think about that other side of Palm Sunday is more relevant today on this Palm Sunday than any other Palm Sunday in my lifetime or in your lifetime. This other side of Palm Sunday is about two years. It's about weeping. Our beloved Savior of the Lord Jesus Christ who created us. They created the universe and he knows the importance of weeping. Whether it would be allowed or in silence for the Bible tells us that the Lord Jesus Christ have done both. He wept silently, and he saw loudly.

Both of them and affect both within a matter of days of each other. I will explain this another Bible only tells us records, at least in the records twice the Jesus wept. But we don't know whether he had wept. Other times are not just know these are the two times recorded the two times that I want to talk to about happen within days of each other once he was choked up and being choked up. Her tears streaming down his cheeks and wept silently, and he did this when he saw his friends Mary and Martha and the Jews who came with her to the tomb of Lazarus, a brother, when there were grieving and mourning over his death. The second almost Palm Sunday. A few days later, these two different times. We have two different Greek words for the different kinds of reaping one meant as I said Jesus just being choked up and then weeping and tears the other indicates that he was sobbing, possibly uncontrollably on Palm Sunday, he most likely solved over sin and the consequences of sin and the blindness to sin. In John chapter 11 verse 33, 34 and 35 with the record of him going to Lazarus Truman raising from the dead. He says therefore when Jesus saw her talk about Mary weeping and the Jews who come with her weeping, he groaned in the spirit then it says Jesus wept. In Luke chapter 19 first 41 now he drew near to the city talk about Jerusalem. Of course, in their he sobbed. That's really what the word means. I know I mentioned that was only a few days from the time he wept outside of Lazarus to he weeps this time uncontrollably sobbing. It is Palm Sunday and Jesus is weeping. The Plaza restroom. He was weeping silently. His tears were streaming down his cheeks but not on Palm Sunday not on Palm Sunday, as I said the Greek words two different words here, but the Greek word that is used on the casual Palm Sunday is not the same word used the Plaza restroom.

The word of crying on Palm Sunday is Cleo. Cleo means deep sobs, uncontrollable sobs others.

Most of you know what I'm talking about. It means laugh followed.

Possibly wailing and groaning system word by the way, this used of Peter after denying the Lord, and he walked out and he wept bitterly several word but this was Palm Sunday, people were cheering, children were singing the crowd was celebrating the city wasn't in a carnival like atmosphere there were waving of palm branches but Jesus was weeping.

Why over the blindness to their sin over their failing to recognize their Savior Messiah of the whole Bible very Bible the Old Testament prophesied over the one thing a Messiah and Savior that suits them over them.

Rejecting of God's only plan for salvation is what is said in Luke 1334. Talking to inhabitants of Jerusalem because that's the epicenter. How often I wanted to gather your children as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, but you would not my beloved friends.

We do not weep over our sin anymore in the 21st century church. We do not weep over sin will actually take pride in sin.

We provided sin with pride parades for sin and celebrating sin which sweeps a number of the cup and so what everybody's doing it. We don't condemn sin anymore. Whether it's a sin in our lives order sin in the church, but if we view the city's the way the Lord views the cities if we view the churches. The way the Lord view the churches we would weep to sadly we've lost our tears all year we get soggy and tearful when we watch an emotional movie weaving.

We won our pet dies.

But we don't weep over sin. Sin that put Jesus on the cross.

The departure from biblical truths and miniatures. Automakers weep is Palm Sunday but Jesus is weeping. But there's another reason why Jesus sobbed.

He saw over the disastrous future. The disastrous future. There were living for the moment, they can think of the future there was a consummate lead generation not thinking about the future what the future's bringing but being God of very God who became man of very man the Lord Jesus Christ knows the future and make no mistake about it. Only God knows the future. And because he knew the future he predicted the future of Jerusalem what's gonna happen to it and that is because he is aware of what's going to happen was going to take place, and therefore he wept over the future and his prophecy was fulfilled merely less than 40 years later with meticulous details in Luke 1944 the says not one stone is going to be staying on top of the other. And sure enough, 70 A.D. the Romans came and raise the city of Jerusalem to the ground, destroyed it completely.

Think about this Jesus is sobbing knowing that probably 37, 38 years for maps that cities could be totally destroyed and he was sobbing over the future. I wonder if Jesus not sobbing over our lack of understanding of the times in the future judgment that is coming.

No doubt his tears today would be over the blindness to sin over the blindness of the future of those who have rejected his salvation over those who have modified or changed his gospel over those who water down the message of salvation over those who doubt the claims of Jesus over those who take him along with many other gods in the journey of life over those who made him equal to all the so-called founders of other religions is Palm Sunday and Jesus is weeping as you look around you and you see these global events are taking place and I'm telling you just take it from me nothing this proportion. I know history never third of the world population is under quarantine is never happened in history before as you look around and you see these global events are being prophesied global events that as I said never happened before global events and am wondering I wondering am just wondering if we should not be weeping just like Jesus over those were going to spend eternity in the torment of hell where the fire will not die down and the worms will not die. Jesus and words that express deep, deep, deep disappointment. He said to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and is saying draws had you recognize the time you live in you would have repented and turned to me as your own the Savior and Lord Messiah King question what causes Jesus to sob like that.

So over the people who missed the opportunity over the people who were so blinded that they could not see the desperation over the people who could not heed his warning. Beloved today we stand at a crossroads in every way. Trust me in every way.

We stand at a crossroad will only wake up in time and change our priorities may be so pleased Lord might be so, please Lord where you wake us up in time Lord I don't have to tell you that the masses are always fickle very follow the trail means they go with the flow.

They follow public opinion polls. They were up on one thing today that down on the same thing tomorrow what they love. Today the hate tomorrow. The sound was back then in the time of Jesus.

They were saying hosanna are on Palm Sunday, five days later, there was saying, crucify, crucify people come praise you one day and blame you. The next difficult is Palm Sunday and Jesus is weeping. Think about many moments in history when people missed opportunities. There are so many I would have time to go through them but I tell you one example in 1917. Just think about this 1917 when the Bolshevik revolution was raging in the streets of Moscow, the synagogue of the Russian Orthodox Church was meeting old multiply, though not to discern the times in which they were living no not looking into the word of God and say what can we do another sellout was debating the color of the vestments. This is the ropes aware, my beloved, were no better than they are.

I'm not condemning them. I'm just saying is an example must not be like that the coronavirus has changed our world and change it permanently. Make no mistake about it, is change the world. The world as we know it is no longer going to exist. Yet many people feeding themselves on false hope.

Many people are oblivious to God's loving call alarm bells wake up call.

Many are just waiting to all when things get back to normal when things get back to normal. Things will not get back to normal. Many of blinded by their own selfish political ambitions instead of caring for the people.

Breaks my heart is Palm Sunday and Jesus is weeping, our precious Savior still with us today. It weeps over those who have rejected him as their only Savior and Lord over those who have placed their hope in a church or denomination over those who have placed their faith and hope on a dead religion whatever religion it might be over those were hoping that their philanthropy is going to save them all yes is Palm Sunday and Jesus is weeping is also weeping over his children sorrow those who love Jesus. Whatever you going through whatever pain you are experiencing whatever fear he goes whatever situation you're in is weeping in sympathy with you is weeping over the believers broken hearts over those of experience physical, emotional or psychological pain all yes is there with you and he is saying. Had you known the times had you discern the seriousness of your visitation had, you realize the shortness of time. Even today, even today. It was Palm Sunday and Jesus is weeping. I want to conclude by good news. The bad news is judgments coming sooner or later judgments coming.

The bad news is that we love Jesus. The children of the living God suffer with the rest of the world. But here's the good news for the believers is a good news for the believers.

The very last time in the Bible the word tears is mentioned is found in Revelation chapter 21 verse four the very last of the word tears mention this scene in heaven as described by John, the rev later. It's an amazing sense of excitement for every dollar I read it I can't wait to be part of it. Imagine that scenario in heaven. The John saw with his own eyes. So the future is what he said in verse four, chapter 21 of the book of Revelation. God shall wipe away all of the tears on this Palm Sunday of all those who have placed their hope and trust totally, completely, fully holy. Upon the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. They can rejoice. They can rejoice, for he personally is going to wipe everyone of our tears every one of those tears that I've been bottled in heaven. He's gonna wipe away all of our sorrow. All of our pain. All of our suffering all of our heart ache.

Beloved that is truly the greatest hope that is worthy of the name on this Palm Sunday, he shall wipe away all our tears in your days of darkness and sorrow in your days of disappointment and suffering in your days of grief and even morning all of your tears will bottled up in heaven.

Why so that one day he will wipe them all away there wipe them all away. David said it best with me repeat what I said earlier in the message.

In Psalm 30 verse five weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. Don't ever forget. Don't ever forget that all of Jesus is tears all of his agony. All of his suffering. All of his agonizing days on the earth, gave way to resurrection Sunday resurrection Sunday all yes it might be good Friday, but Sunday's coming.

Sunday's coming.

I don't think I can conclude this message without speaking to that person who is may be curious about the Christian faith may be curious about Jesus I've read something and about Jesus and admires Jesus that person who have been resisting the loving invitation and the loving call of Jesus to come to him. Those who know deep down that God has been calling them has been using people in their lives to call them to come to him to confess their sins and repent of their sins received his eternal forgiveness as a gift from his hand.

That person who's reluctant to surrender his or her life to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I want to tell you I want to tell you this on the authority of God himself in his word and ideally on the authority of the testimony of millions of believers that you will never know. More loving person than Jesus.

You will never experience more kindness that would come from Jesus you will never receive through and lasting forgiveness and everlasting forgiveness as you receive from Jesus ultimately whatever days we have on this earth, you'll never know perfect peace, deep peace, peace. It doesn't make sense to the world as you would receive when you come to Jesus, confess, confess to him. He knows confess to him, repent content now before it's too late. There is such a thing as too late. When Jesus returns to the earth to be too late. The word of God said today.

Today is the day of salvation.

Therefore, harden not your heart. I'm gonna pray with you and if you want to give your life to Christ pray with me.

Father, I thank you for giving us your son, the Lord Jesus Christ for him leaving heaven coming to us dying for us rising again with power to demonstrate his victory over death.

I pray for that person who may be reluctant and maybe unsure and maybe uncertain this day be the date of the salvation and for those of us who love you. We trust you completely.

Our very lives that are in your hands are very breath is in your hands. Whether we live or die. We live for Christ dying Christ so father I pray give us the confidence to trust you even more than Jesus. Amen. Thank you for joining Dr. Michael for this very special meeting today's words of away can simply questions that are deep with. Let me encourage you to have a conversation with the leading my pastor, you can begin by filling out a quick in many people around the world have connected to Jesus through the ministry leading the way is it we want to share one of those stories with you.

It is through your prayerful support that these eternity changing connections of even possible in man living in the challenging part of the Middle East contacted leading the way to learn about the Christian life deleting the away team shared the gospel and this man eagerly embraced Jesus. The team was able to connect him with the discipleship group to which he will soon be baptized. Isn't that encouraging God is using leading the way to encourage people encouraging them to begin their faith journey and to grow deeper in the truth so I hope that you learn more about what's happening in all areas of the world and partner with Dr. you sent today.

Here's how to do that. Give us a call 866-626-4356 866-626-4356 and you can also write to us at leading the way, PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325. Again, that's PO Box 20100, Atlanta, GA 30325 contacted Limited to make plans to join Dr. Michael here.

I this program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael

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