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The Keeping Power of God

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 29, 2022 8:00 am

The Keeping Power of God

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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March 29, 2022 8:00 am

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With encouraging thoughts about God's gift of salvation here is Dr. Michael yes I am personally convicted in my heart is no believer in Jesus Christ. A person's heart been regenerated by the Holy Spirit who would not read the Scripture, I will not feel absolutely exhilarated and feel surreal feels well at times by the fact that salvation is a gift of the grace of God, thank you for connecting with leading the way on again with pastor and International Bible teacher, Dr. Michael in recent years.

The concepts of security and shelter have really changed when it comes to God's gift of salvation, security, and shelter remain constant in our mighty God and you'll see that today is Dr. Michael Yousef brings an encouraging message called the keeping power of God here now is Dr. Michael you set to begin our popular Christian hole in will always be grateful for the fact.

But there's one thing I've always concern me particulars are mature in Christ. That is how I watched my father live a tormented in a joyless Christian life. He knew the Lord you love the Lord, but you never had joy in his life and his Christian walk simply because as a young man, he was taught that he has no assurance of heaven. He believed strongly that he was saved when he had accepted the Lord Jesus Christ is the Savior of his soul on the wall of his life, but that would not going to heaven as he will start. He felt that he has to earn his daily salvation every day until the day so if he died on the day in which he was on a spiritual heart and walking with the Lord in whom I get to heaven.

But if you happen to die in a time when he is in a spiritual wilderness would not make it to heaven. That's what he was taught and I saw the torment on the lack of joy in his life. I saw in him a perception of a God who is on dependable and unpredictable.

I saw a perception of God who will love you when you're good, but he will reject you when you're not. I saw a perception of God is one who gives you a gift one day, but then he will take it away from you. The next I saw a perception of God, who died on the cross and rose again, but only salvation for those who are able to keep themselves from falling. Above all, I saw a Christian who could never delight himself in the Lord's keeping power.

The Lord's keeping power.

I am personally convicted in my own heart that there is no believer in Jesus Christ.

A person's heart been regenerated by the Holy Spirit and who would not read the Scripture. I would not feel absolutely exhilarated and feel surreal. Feels overwhelmed at times by the fact that salvation is a permanent gift of the grace of God that salvation is for keeps that salvation is for eternity. That salvation is not something you get one day then you lose the next day that salvation is a reflection of God's nature and God does not take away what you are going to give it away and so as I began to grow in the knowledge of the word of God in this truth from the word of God I began to grieve over my father's joyless Christian life. I began to grieve over my father's torment and fear over whether he is going to make it to heaven or not and how much harder you must try in order to make sure that he's not going to miss heaven and it is my prayer today that everyone who's here today that if you are in that kind of joyless, tormented life that today is a day of change for you in your life that day in which you begin to understand the keeping power of God. I promise you, you will have joy on speakable.

I know I speak from experience is a you and I are saved by the grace of God. You say saved from what I like it was some of those well-meaning people go around and looking people who don't know the Lord and says are you saved brother wall of his not saved is not a brother. We'll just people do funny things Christians really do dumb things to say saved from without rubbing Savior talk about salvation was saved from the answer to this question should be, in fact, this should tell you volumes about the keeping power of God.

Why, because God saves us not just to be nice guys. God saves us just so we can be members of a wonderful church like this. God saves us not just so we can fellowship with one another, God saves us not just so that we can have joy and peace in this life God saves us not just that we can play a Christian role. No no no no unfamiliar know these are the benefits of salvation. These are the fruit of salvation. But the very word salvation implies that he saves us from judgment that he saved us from the wrath that is to come, that he had saved us from the shipwreck. He rescued us from eternal damnation into eternal heaven, what salvation is all about. So how can anyone think that God would save you, but not take you all the way home that will be like that will be like somebody drowning on the high seas, and about to die and then a beautiful lecturer you're just posing next and then the people in New York will pull them out given the shower addressing my freedom until he feels good and is is okay nobody you can swim home swing this many miles. I am very far from home, you'd say that's impossible. How can you do that when you send somebody out of a shipwreck. Somebody was dying.

Somebody was parachuting you take them in the yard all the way home, don't you.

That's what got us is what he does want to give you four things for things garage and don't have a pen and paper want you directing them for things will assure you of God's keeping power for things that will absolutely revolutionize your life. If you are joyless Christian, you begin today to be a joyful Christian. If you're sad and sorrowful Christian.

This will change your life change mine for things about the keeping power of God 1. The keeping power of God is based on his promises.

Secondly, the keeping power of God is guaranteed by his love. Certainly the keeping power of God is sustained by Jesus is continuous intercession for us right now. And fourthly, the keeping power of God is maintained by the indwelling Holy Spirit. The keeping power of God is based on this promise is not on the feeling, not of what you think or somebody think I'm not of some theologians opinion, not of that of the other thing is is based on the promises of God. That's only basis on which you can trust the keeping power of God in your life. John chapter 6, verse 37 this is what Jesus said all that the father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will drive away, for I have come down from heaven not to do my will but the will of him who sent me, and this is the will of him who sent me that I should lose all those he has given me but that I raise them up in the last day, you know, in the Greek language there is a grandma principle here called double -2 words who admit that means no not never whenever you see the double negative. This is not just well know what a good idea to set be no not on it means no will I lose them or I will never lose them or catch them out and turned a few pages over to John chapter 10 verse 27 follow is what Jesus said my she listen to my voice. I know them and they follow me.

I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish one shall snatch them out of my hand.

My father, who has given them to me is all and no one can snatch them out of my father's hand. When I started this passage in depth back in my first year in seminary.

I remember the day I just sat there and I wept. I wept and I wept and not bad weeping. It was great weeping. It was wonderful weeping, happy, weeping because you know if you have a notice that I want to pointed out to you some really got there is a double security lock the double security lock.

Jesus said nobody can take them out of my hand and then as is the father is great that we can take them out of double security lock use of God's keeping power is based on his promises. Secondly, God's keeping power is guaranteed by his love is guaranteed by his love, his love is unchangeable. It is for eternity. It's eternal. His love is constant and that is why John 13 one says, having loved his own who were in the world. She loved them until one to the love them to be a part of the time. Some of the way. Not halfway, not just when their successful when they just doing the right things not done enough. Jesus's death and resurrection were the ultimate proof is unchanging. I'm ending I'm dieting unaffected.

Love Jesus's death and resurrection permanently and completely about our sins before his eyes. Hebrews chapter 10 verse 17 says that their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more. I will remember no more. You see God's keeping power is based on his promises. God's keeping power is guaranteed by his love and thirdly, God's keeping power is sustained by Jesus is constant intercession before the father. Have you noticed what the Bible said about that. Let me read it to you and you can say right or wrong.

Okay, I wanted to tell me right or wrong. Jesus is forever before the father making excuses for our sin.

God bless you. The Bible says Jesus is forever imploring the father to be merciful to us wrong in getting her to London. You see, that would be right to make excuses for our sins. Now is what the Bible says Jesus is forever before the father presenting it is on before the throne as the only remedy for the condemnation of sin.

First John 21 is speaking to believers and he said if any man sin, we, the believers have one who speaks to the father on our defense, Jesus Christ the righteous one can imagine the devil accusing me before the father says look at Michael is inconsistent with what is doing what was happening. Look at this and look at that Jesus says to the father.

He can to you father covered by my blood about his good deeds he trusted in the shed blood of my shed blood on the cross and the father says not guilty.

Remember lungs here see God's keeping power is based on his promises. God's keeping power guaranteed by his love and God's keeping power is sustained by Jesus is constant intercession on the behalf of the believers and fourthly God's keeping power is maintain by the indwelling Holy Spirit in us see whenever you came to Christ confessed your sins. Recognize that you cannot save yourself only his blood, will make you acceptable to the father.

When you have come to the point in your life and realizing the religion wont cut it. The church won't cut it. That all your hard work.

One cut it their all of your good work. One cut when you come to that point in your life when you realize that only the shed blood of Jesus Christ will get you to heaven when you come to that point in your life. The Holy Spirit comes and dwells in you, he comes and resides in you, he comes lives on the inside of you and he constantly confirms the promises of God to you consulate confirms the word of God to you. The beloved Limited or something. I know and you know that believers in Christ may grieve the Holy Spirit.

At times the believers in Christ quench the Holy Spirit. At times the believers in Christ even resist the voice of the Holy Spirit. At times, but the Holy Spirit does not permanently leave the quenching and grieving, and resisting belief. He just waits to see he is God's gift to you and God does not take back what is given to you as a gift help. Please don't misunderstand, I don't want to misunderstand we will bring pain upon ourselves when we are disobedient yes would bring Dragon upon ourselves and will bring her to put ourselves up, even those around us. When we are disobedient.

When we grieve the Holy Spirit when we quench the Holy Spirit yes will bring paint ourselves. But the Holy Spirit would just wait wait in it's foolishness. We might try to silence the voice of the conviction of the Holy Spirit just waits and waits until you come back to your senses until you listen to his voice. Until you repent and ask them to renew you this and I can testify to the times in my foolishness.

I grieve the Holy Spirit.

I can testify that in times of foolishness. I have taken the devil's bait by his hook, and I quench the Holy Spirit. My life, I can testify to you that I have tried to silence the voice of the Holy Spirit. At times and stop his conviction from working in me, the gracious God the Holy Spirit waited for me contending with me, even wrestling with me at times wooing me. Bring me back to my first love. I know many of you understand exactly what I'm talking about some of you need to stop quenching and grieving and silencing the voice of the Holy Spirit as he speaks to you is he speaking to right now as I'm speaking to you spirit, regardless talking to you know watching my father being tormented and living a joyless Christian life because of his unawareness of the power. The keeping power of God that kind of thoughtless contrasted one day back in January 1977 it was contrasted so vividly to me that I could never ever forget the site January 1977 we were leaving Sydney Australia for Los Angeles, California, and we were in the city. Making last-minute shopping and our eldest daughter was two years old at the time and you know she was always independent. She was always independent, always active and always had a creative mind.

My mother-in-law on my father-in-law right in front of us and Elizabeth and I were walking behind them in this busy city busy traffic crowds of right behind him with our second daughter, Natasha was spent few weeks old, and as we were following. I could see my father-in-law holding Sarah's hand in there working busy streets. Traffic crowds and she kept trying to wiggle her hand and say, hang grandpa was Mr. Bailey grabbed into her hand and then she began to negotiate. She said okay okay okay, let me hold your hand you don't hold my hand and also Mr. Bailey's hand instead of holding her by the hand he grabbed her wrist, knowing full well that the moment he allowed her to hold his hand.

She could easily let go and jump in front of the coming traffic not looked at this loving act of a grandfather's hand gripping the granddaughters and I thought to myself this is the keeping power of God, my heavenly father knows that if my salvation were dependent on my holding on his hands and questionnaires are good.

Let go of his hand and fall down to my demise all but thank God Fingerhut he would not entrust me, you would not entrust me to hold his Veterans Day. He takes a grip of my work you what comfort, what Christ with peace of mind. What assurance 11 you are in the grip of his keeping our my joyless Christian life did not begin until I begin to understand the students from the is my prayer that if you are living a joyless Christian life that these truths from the word of God on the character of God and of the nature of God will begin today.

Joyce life and Dr. Michael youth bringing comfort challenge as he helps you experience the keeping power of God. This is leading the way. If you'd like to talk with someone about any questions you have about Jesus, salvation and living out the Christian life. Please visit, you can fill out a quick form and get in touch with one of our pastoral team members that thinking back in recent years, we've kind of made terms like social distancing a normal part of our conversation.

A normal part of our life. I do want to remind you that the leading the way website and tools like Facebook and other social media have always been and have grown to become an integral part of what we do at leading the way to decrease that distance between people and leading the way. So I want to encourage you if you're not already connected to leading the way and Michael a you staff on Facebook do that now it's become a community where many people who are passionate about reaching the lost and equipping believers in their daily date lot gather that's all regarding connect and more details and more links can be found when you go to my website that become part of the community and I don't want to leave without getting worked on number two because ministry representatives are eager to talk to you and they are available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Call 866-626-4356. Make sure to tell them where you connect 866-626-4356 is time to say goodbye and thank you for being with us. You kinda listen to more downtime next time right here on leading the way.

I this program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael youth passionately proclaiming an compromising to

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