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Be Careful Where You Get Your Advice

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 14, 2022 8:00 am

Be Careful Where You Get Your Advice

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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March 14, 2022 8:00 am

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Dr. Michael you introducing this epicenter leading the way audio about Sarah his wife.

Not once but what does Isaac do the lies about his wife in the same fashion grandson Donna grandson Jacob lied to his father Isaac lying has become a generational sin in the family.

Why, because children and grandchildren are walk-through Americans there watching their grandparents on this and what they're doing longer inside.

Have you ever stopped just midsentence utilizing Jeff sounded like my dad or I just like my mom will the impact that your parents had and have on you makes up ingredients of who you are. How about your kids can you sometimes see yourself in them to kind of sobering is in it. Thank you for listening to leading the way with Dr. Michael, you said this is a worldwide gospel ministry made possible by your prayers and your generosity. You can learn more about the gospel impact on six continents. When you go to today.

Dr. Yousef takes us to the Old Testament book of second Kings. We'll see. A fiery example of how King Ahab and Jezebel's life of failed pagan worship.

The way to destroy the life of their son, moms and dads, grandmas and grandpa's take careful notice as Dr. Michael Yousef begins leading the way. Father and son were climbing a mountain.

I'm going to come to a place where the climbing was so difficult and even dangerous, and the father asked the song to wait while he investigated the road ahead, but halfway through this treacherous road is the father gingerly navigating the voice submitting freeze in place and the voice was that of his son right behind them, citing choose the path that I am coming right behind all the others. One thing parents can be sure over there is this that their children are following in the past. The children are watching where they're going.

I'm following them in this series of messages entitled how God works. We have a huge example of how children not only watch their parents but their fellow and the parents footsteps. Ahab and Jezebel lived a godless lifestyle so that the children Ahab and Jezebel compromise their faith in the worship of Yahweh under married Yahweh to be in the image of bail and their children. The design second Kings chapter 1 after I have died, his son Isaiah became king and in less then two years on the throne. Two years. That's it. He was leaning into a latticework and he fell through the S from the upper chamber in the palace and Samaria, and he was seriously injured.

Sorry sent messengers out telling them to grow up to inquire of Beelzebub, the God of Akron whether I'm going to recover from this injury, or am I going to die like father like son.

I could not help as I was sitting there before God and trying to prepare this message from the word of God.

I couldn't help but think of Isaiah, perhaps saw his daddy celebrating all the Jewish holidays, but privately he trusted and bail Isaiah perhaps saw his father pay lip service to his Jewish heritage and privately he talked more about Leo than Yahweh.

Isaiah perhaps she saw his daddy King I have the Jewish temple on Saturday. Then for the rest of the week he bowed to the idols of Jezebel. Isaiah perhaps observed how his father had his own brand of religion is old idea of God is all brand of morality, his own brand of ethics in a house. I followed in his father's footsteps.

Listen to me. Children are watching the world is watching. They want to know how a Christian walk. They want to know how a leader walk for when a Hazara got into trouble what'd you do this you go down to the living God, Yahweh asked for help. No minister look to find if there is a God here know this.

I was find Elijah so he can pray for me know when he got into trouble. He went to consult bells about the fact you can go further than this.

In the history of Israel.

When the kingdom was split after the death of King Solomon. One of Solomon's boys. Jeroboam, who became the king of the Melbourne kingdom. The kingdom of Israel was such a wicked boy was such an evil king that he had set the theme for the next 19 Kings to be wicked and evil Hazara was no different. He turned to the occult for revelation about the future, my friends, I want to tell you there are millions upon millions upon millions of Americans today who are turning to the psychic hotline and to the psychic networks enter channeling all kinds of cultic powerful counsel and some of them go to church on Sunday. There are some of the skeptical journalist today on recent times. They have their household seal of approval on these so-called traders in channeling the dead and the tragedy is listen carefully, God is not you. God does not take that likely in the very fact that he is patient and that he is merciful and that is waiting. It doesn't mean that he is not angry in this series of messages entitled how God works. I wanted to look at how God deals with the Hebrew king with the Jewish king. The king of Israel who consulted difficult and got my be patient, but he will always have the last word Isaiah when he was injured. He wanted to know what is going to dial so the first thing he thought about is what he heard from his daddy and his daddy always bail very seriously, so he sends these messengers to Akron where they had a God, God is Beelzebub and the worship that God is going to ask him because he's not to be the God of the future and I was patient to my daddy, I want to find out my going to die or am I going to live with all the boys love that the father's even small boys scary about young Billy who was allowed to sit in his father seated the dining room table when his daddy was out of town on business here was really excited to be sitting at the chair but is slightly older sister was not very excited about that and she resented this fact and she resented this arrangement and she sneered and she said saw your father tonight. What is 2×7 and without a moments hesitation Billy's reply in a nonchalant way.

I am busy. I ask your mother.

Isaiah was imitating his father Ahab. Instead of coming in brokenness and contrite heart, Yahweh, God, instead of coming in brokenness and repentance and asking God to heal him, asking God to forgive him. He went to inquire of the God of the flies for. That's what Beelzebub means to explain that to you and tell you what Beelzebub is all about. You know he is mentioned in the Old Testament 4×4 times. All of them in this chapter. Second Kings chapter 1 you see it in verse two, verse three verse six and verse 16. The all here in one chapter, Beelzebub is strange and eerie name is my sound was a very powerful God. And when you know that he was a storefront, you will understand what I'm talking about the series of messages I told you what bail me bail. Ms. Lord our God, and in the Hebrew language. The words of Bob as a verb, means I fly and practice assignment Aramaic and Arabic in its very ugliness that word means the God of the fly, Beelzebub, that's what it means the God of the flies. Akron was one of five major cities and Philistine and it was the center of worshiping of Beelzebub not only the God of the flies, but he was called the God of the future. Why was that so big because back in the Middle East in those days used to have plagues all flies and I'll talk about a plague I am talking about millions and millions and millions of flies that go everywhere. I'm telling you this is like the worst horror movie that you've ever seen. I'm in the flies are in your food.

Be on your face on your body on your bed in the streets in the home and you cannot get front of them.

They did not have appellants Megan used to be terrified of the plague of the flies and they believe that Beelzebub was the God of the flies and Beelzebub sent these plagues when he is angry and, therefore, in order to appease him.

These plagues, they would absolutely bow down and worship in order to resend the plagues and appease bills above, Beelzebub was also known to supposedly know what's going on and knows the future.

So what you do if you want to know there is a romance in their if you want to know that if you going to come into some money will not.

If you want to know if your job is secure or not. So what you do it all the 900 numbers you get one of the prophets or prophetesses of Beelzebub. Most research says that those people's predictions are 80% wrong. Another 20% am sure is good guess, but it doesn't matter. Many of our people in this country feel good. $50 later and they feel good about talking to somebody who supposedly guess I could knows the future. They feel good until they get the telephone bill and then the really get sick. I've heard people say this is just harmless fun. It is not harmless fun. Listen to me turn with me to Matthew chapter 12 am going to tell you about this harmless fun.

Matthew 1222 market in your Bible cross-reference there you going to find information as to who Beelzebub is.

Who is that fortuneteller where is that fortuneteller is coming from. What is is God of the flies is all about the Bible, so they brought to Jesus, a blind, mute demon possessed. Jesus healed him, so he could both talk and see a marvelous release of marvelous deliverance of a blind speechless prisoner of demon. In verse 23. All of the people were astonished and they said could this be the son of David, what do they mean by this. Every faithful Jew knew that when the Messiah comes, is going to deliver them from the power of Satan. Every faithful Jew understood that the mark of the Messiah ship is going to be power over Satan power over the demons and what they were saying. Can this be the Messiah. Can this be the son of David that people are absolutely ecstatic at what has happened with thank you going to look at the predictable reaction of the Pharisees is not barred Beelzebub the prince of demons that this fella casts out demons.

That's what we talk about Jesus and Jesus knew what they were thinking. He rebuked them. He rebuked their unbelief. And he told that Satan does not cast out Satan that a kingdom that is divided cannot stand in the point is this. The Lord himself acknowledged the reality of that sinister demonic force known as Beelzebub the prince of demons and you are even tempted to look up the horoscope or the psychic hotline will consult the channels or use Ouija boards alternative cards you are dealing with a storefront of Beelzebub. Satan himself, you're opening yourself to such dangers that I cannot even explain young people listen to me.

I want to tell you, young and old, that this is not harmless fun and getting you are playing with fire you are attempting God, you are opening yourself up to demonic forces. Look at verse three of second Kings one, the engine of the Lord comes to a large and speaks to him and he said, arise meet these messengers. The king is sending them. This must be on the Mount, and the reason I think it's what he was sitting on Mount caramel is because it's about halfway between Samaria and crawl, so he stopped them halfway in. The king knew that they didn't make it all the way down there and he sent them back is gone.

Tell your king is it because there is no God in Israel that you're going to inquire of Beelzebub, the God of Akron. Now, there has been 10 years from the top and we saw Elijah confronting Ahab and Naboth. From that time on that has been 10 years. Elijah is now ready to confront the second-generation of this godless family. Elijah gets up and he meets these messengers on the way down to Akron and he tells them exactly what the Lord told him there is no God in Israel. But you're going down to consult Beelzebub, the God of Akron. This is what the Lord said, you will not leave the bed on which a lot you will certainly die. Imagine the scene messengers go back to Kenya has I and to deliver the bad news. This guy met us and that he said will describing he knew it is it has a larger.

He's been a pain in the side of my father and his now pain in my side. Let me tell you, my dear friends, I wanted to listen carefully. Some of you know this already.

Some of you have noticed that when you live a godly life in the midst of your ungodly family members or ungodly business associates or ungodly neighbors wherever you might be you are a pain in the side not going out of your way to be one you really are. The reason you are. One is because your very nature of godly walk. The very nature of your godly living has become a painter them has become a challenge and a frustration to them is both intriguing and irritation. It is both an enigma and a review and eventually they have to act one of two ways either going to repent. Are they gonna be more angry that they are going to turn to God will be in range. This is happening right here in this passage of second Kings chapter 1 with Isaiah, Elijah's message and review him could make him a parent and he could turn to God, but he didn't. He became enraged to become angry and he rejected God altogether.

This king like his father, rather than repent at the word of the living God. He chose bitterness and anger toward the man of God. So the king sends another company 50 to eliminate Elijah.

Verse nine, the captain said to the man of God.

The king says come down.

You got understand the Hebrew language. This is insinuating this is disrespectful versus being irreverent, this is scornful this is rude. This is contemptuous way of speaking to the prophets of the nation today. This will be like equivalent to look at somebody's in hell you going to do shoes come down and Elijah said well if I'm the man of God, my fire come down from heaven and consume you and the 50 of them with this. And you like to do that sometimes.

I'm so grateful that God is God, king still with Dr. print he sends another 50 and this Capt. does the same thing in the same thing happens in the first group comes in. The captain of the full GroupWise.he said look, the king, my beautiful the other Of my being fools. I am not going to be a fool and he comes in humility and in respect of the man of God asking him to come and you know what happened.

God said to him because of the humility of this Capt. go with this ideological down with my life is no longer afraid like he was with Jezebel you know why because he's now growing in obedience to the word of God and his going on the authority of the word of God. He waited for word from the Lord. The Lord said you goes all the way to the king's bedroom and he looked 79 this is a God in Israel that you send consultants to consultant inquire of Akron's God, Beelzebub, I'm telling you you going to drop dead and he drops dead some of you probably are saying why in the world do you get these obscure passages from the Bible and you make an issue of them today. I want to tell you why. In all seriousness, because I believe that our God is the same yesterday today and forever, and the way we see God at work in the Scripture should teach you should teach me to know what pleases him.

And what displeases him what honors him. What dishonors him.

The very fact that you acted quickly back then it should not make us think now that he is not acting again like that.

In fact, what is happening here was a fulfillment of God's warnings hundreds of years before.

If you look at Leviticus 1931. Listen to it.

God said do not turn to mediums or seek out still at this point you will be defiled by them and then Leviticus 20 and verse six, God said, I will set my face against the person who turns to the medium. In the spirit God's judgment is not an arbiter judgment. God's judgment on the comes after all the warning. Whether you are in the generational sin and whether you feel caught up whatever you feel and that you're in the bondage.

It would be erroneous. It would be untrue if I will stop here because the Bible gives us the good news and the good news is found in the rest of Matthew chapter 12, where we saw how Jesus delivered this man from demon possession what he was accused of being an agent of Beelzebub is what Jesus told the Pharisees verse 29 of Matthew 12 how can anyone enter a strange man's house and carry off his possessions unless he first lies the strongman and then he can rob his house is what Jesus is saying that here the Lord Jesus Christ, the son of God has entered into Beelzebub's very house and he bound him, and he set out his demons and out, he sent out his minions of hell scurrying and running here and there and everywhere releasing his people from captivity.

Philippians tells us that the Lord Jesus Christ disarms a principality he disarmed the powers he disarmed them from their weapons, which they used against God.

Only Jesus Christ has the power to set you free today why because by going to the cross of Calvary. Jesus disarmed Satan by going to the cross of Calvary.

Jesus bound the strongman and he no longer have hold over Jesus's people. Whatever bondage you are under today whether you feel it's been a generational bondage or personal bondage. Jesus can set you free. Right now, from those generational bondage the sins that bound you that harassed you and maybe now binding and harassing your children, you can be said for that is a good news of the from the strongholds is seeing in your parents life with which you yourself still struggling Jesus consider no longer have to live in fear.

You no longer have to live in anxiety. You no longer have to take this question is do you want to be free. They want to be free from anger and resentment and self you want to be free from controlling spirit.

You will read from spirit of criticism of critical spirit.

You will be free from the strongholds in your life. Jesus consider your listening to another life impacting episode of leading the way with Dr. Michael used to listen to more compelling content for free when you visit and it's also the place to learn more about the podcast and other ways to engage with Dr. you sets challenging content you can partner with Dr. Yusuf in his final work around the world. My mission partner for my mission work gives me hope but you should expand leading lease outreach through every form of believers to impact their communities for Christ as well as reach the unsafe unbleached around the world. Brand-new frontline mission partners will receive special ministry benefits including the on the front lines as well as exclusive ministry updates and a 20% discount on all resources it will receive a copy of Dr. Michael to such popular book, battle plan for spiritual, frontline mission partner today by committing to use it claims the gospel all over the globe. Sign up today it you would like to call and speak to a ministry representative about ways that you can scan with Dr. you set. Here's the number 866-626-4356 866-626-4356 and the website again community. Thank you for listening and you plan to join Dr. Michael used to put another powerful when he passionately proclaims compromising ages of God's word

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