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Urgently Sharing the Truth

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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March 1, 2022 7:00 am

Urgently Sharing the Truth

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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March 1, 2022 7:00 am

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In Paul's letter to Timothy, he urged Kennedy and those who read the letter to Timothy to preach the whole counsel of God, not softening or sugarcoating it but passionately declaring it as the truth of God's word leading the way.

Dr. Yousef helps you understand Paul's words to Timothy about holding firmly to the truth and by the way, get in touch with leading the way at any time and for anything when you call 866-626-4356 or with his message urgently sharing the truth here is Dr. Michael Yousef in the Christian world would soon burst through the years and receiving of mall those popular personality cult leaders also teach things either contrary to the word of God, all runs parallel with the word of God and in the case. Their teaching becomes as acceptable as the gospel truth. The reason for the rise of these personality cults in the Christian church is because people are often looking for answers was never wrong with that but they look for them in the manner a woman will look for them in the system will look for them in the set of teaching will look for them in a little package formula. The look for them everywhere except where they're supposed to be looking and thus the truth of the word of God. In Matthew 24 Jesus warned again and again. He said led no man deceive you that the apostle Paul was absolutely aware of the insidious notice of that supple reception in you that deception come from to all of us pastor and congregation all of us that deception can come to the most ardent Christian the deception can invade a believing church that deception can come to future leaders of a church like Timothy, to whom his writing and that is why Paul begins chapter 4 the last chapter in the second epistle to Timothy in chapter 4 verse one and he says to him, I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Jesus Christ who is the judge of the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingdom. Powerful words I want to tell you at the outset that the NIV verse one. The translation is very weak. I give you this charge.

No more powerful translation more accurate translation. I solemnly charge you. This is a legal term which means to testify under oath in the court of law, except this is the court of heaven where the witnesses not other than the holy Trinity.

So what is this charge, the Timothy is to receive what is the charge of discharging Timothy with a surcharge under oath to be faithful to the word of God and to preach the whole counsel of God that Timothy would speak what God has already spoken no more and no less. The Timothy would not take liberty by Sarge or to improve or to soften the word of God and by the way, Timothy, if people don't like it.

That is not your problem.

That is a use of translation, but you get the meaning why because God is the only one who's going to judge him.

God is the only one is going to judge me. God is the only one is going to judge everyone of us.

Why because as long as Timothy as long as you as long as I am faithful to the Lord. We have nothing to fear. Now the very beginning.

Paul told Timothy to guard the truths guarded and secondly he told him to continue in the truth. And thirdly, we saw how he told them if you have to suffer for the truth and forcefully here today. Here's telling him to proclaim this truth to gossip this truth to preach this truth to share this truth to pass on this truth.

How was he to do this while three ways he gives them first of all he's got to be urgent about sharing of the truth. Secondly, he is to be relevant when he shares this truth and thirdly he said that he is to be patient for the fruit of the truth is look at those three very quickly to be urgent and sharing of the word of God.

What is urgent mean it means to be ready. It means to be on call. It means that you always alert, looking for opportunities and looking for ways by which you can share the truth. Never lose your sense of urgency.

Paul is communicating to us. The fact that without Jesus, people are dying and will be split manipulative and torment, and if you have the slightest love for them. The least you could do is warning them, warn them when the opportunity comes plead with them. Urgent and thinking about the return of day.

This does not mean that we badger people with the gospel.

Rather, that will looking out for opportunities looking for doors that are open watching for an opening. We must be alert constantly ready. The moment the door is open will ready to share the truth with them is he some people take verse true to me that Paul is giving us a license to make tests of ourselves until people believe one another. The reason he said to preach in the season and out of season in terms of the person to whom you're witnessing, but in terms of us who are witnessing is for us not for them. It's the one who's doing the witnessing and be ready to witness when the opportunity comes, whether it is convenient for you not literally be on duty all the time.

Whether it is convenient for you is not using the great apostle is not giving us a license for rudeness, but an appeal against Christian laziness or the second characteristic about our appeal is to be relevant, bringing the gospel to bear on the circumstances, the people are going through where they find themselves. This is how you go about it is a person in need of healing.

Take the opportunity to tell and let me tell you about the great physician. Let me tell you about my God, the God whose name is Jehovah roughly God. My healer is a person in a predicament or tell them about the only one who can deliver them. The reason there are three different words convince, rebuke, and exhort as a reason for that is because each of these attributes differently in different circumstances, depending where the need is to explain this. For those who are tormented by doubt we convince them by argument. For those who are falling into sin, and the desperately need to be gently rebuked, exalted, and then be led to the place of forgiveness and restoration for those who are haunted by fear. We need to encourage them to overcome by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. The word of God needs to be communicated what urgently.

Secondly, it needed to be communicated relevantly and thirdly, it's need to be communicated patiently. Invariably, always happen when I use the word patient so patiently. I come under complete conviction. I want to quit right here. See, there are those who try to manipulate people's emotions to get the results they want.

But the problem with all of these folks believe that they and their clever methods and their clever techniques and the clever marketing is what converts people beloved that is not true so they think if I can water down the message. If I can soften the gospel ever make it acceptable.

I'm going to get more people Jesus said only those who the father draws to me will come to me we don't convert anybody we are incapable of converting anyone. Why do you think we ought to be on our knees all the time praying for the lost praying for people to be saved is it our faithfulness is not measured by results, by the faithfulness in our proclamation by faithful witnessing by faithfully passing on the garden used to the next generation to our children and children's children and then patiently wait for the fruit because blogger listen to me. It is always always always God's timing, not ours. Question why did Paul charge Timothy to be urgent to be relevant and to be patient wisely asking to do that while he gives us three reasons three reasons why he's gotta be urgent wise will be relevant wisely.

Be patient.

The first reason he said because God will judge our faithfulness and lack got off is talking to believers now okay I know there are Christians who don't like to hear this.

They don't want to hear that the going to give an account of every idle word of come out of my mouth. I know that and sometimes I confess to you I don't like it either.

This is in addition to the judgment of hell the judgment of the nonbelievers who will be eternally sent into that fire that would not be quenched in the world that will not die in addition to that judgment.

There is another judgment. The Bible talks about it is the judgment of the believers blogger listen to me you know in this church we take the whole word of God to be the absolute authority and when the word of God says we are saved by grace alone. It means what by grace alone set up with me by. You cannot do anything to earn it. You cannot buy it, with all the money in the world.

You cannot do anything to achieve. It is a gift. It is by grace God gives it to you and you graciously and thankfully receive it from his hand and is given by grace. Listen to what Paul said to the Ephesians and two, eight, nine and 10 for by grace you have been saved through faith and this is not of your own doing. It's a gift from God.

Verse nine.

Not because of works as if he said if he didn't get it in verse eight I want to emphasize it. Verse nine. Not because of works, lest anyone bus. Not bragging, sooner God gave you what I don't deserve verse 10 for we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus is the will created when were born physically. We are re-created that the rebirth, the three generation we re-created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in what is this judgment of the believers you want to read more about this got to Romans 1410 second Corinthians 510 and read about this judgment of the believers. Sometimes I like to refer to it as our award giving ceremony celebration.

Each of us. How many each of us will be rewarded differently.

I want you to read my lips.

God is not communist. God is not a communist. God is not going to reward every believer the same way can I get an amen God is fair and his just all the believers are saved by grace gift of God, but not all the believers are going to be rewarded equally.

Paul said we are not saved through good works, but unto good works are the equipment not through good works, but unto good works him a lot. If a person claims to be a Christian you notice the word claim. If a person claims to be a Christian does not give of themselves to the work of God does not give of his or her resources does not give of their time does not give of the treasure does not give of the talent does not live a chaste life does not walk with God. That person if you saved at all. He or she is in a world of hurt.

Paul told the Corinthians in chapter 3 first cruises. Chapter 3 every believer's work is going to be judged by fire limit give it to you in the use of translation in the day of judgment for the believers. God is going a lot of match fire and those who sat in the blessed assurance and done very little of nothing. That fire is going to burn the works like you have lit a fire to a bale of hay nothing but dust. Smoldering wanted. Use your imagination. The lazy believer that unfaithful believer, the unfruitful believer of the compromising believer. The unproductive Christian their work will go up in a puff of smoke, but for the faithful believers, the ones who gave of themselves use their gifts gave sacrificially all was serving in always giving their workers gonna be like gold, but there is a second reason, he said, is a second reason why we should be urgent relevant patient is a second reason and he said that reason is because we see an increase of unfaithfulness. When you see an increase of unfaithfulness. Look at verse three with me please for the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching but have itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers who assume the likeness Robert. Many of these people are known to you. Many of these people are known to me, we have known them in the past when they believed what we believed, but not anymore. The model is this.

I'm a Christian, but I'm not a Jesus freak, Christian, but I don't believe all of the Bible, Christian, but I don't believe the Old Testament. I am a Christian but I believe the God of the Old Testament is not the same as the God of the New Testament. I'm a Christian but I am open-minded about it, Christian but not exclusively so I'm a Christian, but I like sermons that don't convict me of sin alike sermons. It makes me happy. Paul said such people are suffering from a pathological condition called itching ears they have itching for novelties that have itching for what's trendy there, itching, plus new, they have itching for the soft underbelly they have itching to hear that which is not convicting them of their sin and lead them to repentance and the only relief they can get from this pathological condition is for the preacher to tell them what they want to hear his affect about that condition. There is a start against hearing the truth. How can there is good unstopped. Well there itching ears can only be unstopped and someone scratches him among the conviction that's good so what is Timothy to know what you did or what am I to do first five strata course and endure suffering. If you have to enter the Holocaust. Don't ever, ever, ever, ever give up on the biblical truth 1100 human items from its effect when a church grows in favor was the world it loses power with God. That's what we are. Let me repeat this when a church grows in favor with the world. It loses power with God. We need to communicate the word urgently, relevantly, patiently, why because God will judge our faithfulness and secondly because unfaithfulness is rampant strength received all around us. And thirdly, because Paul himself is about to die. Believe it or not, this is not a sad thing for Paul, this is not a sad thing Paul is about to die, but Timothy now must keep the gospel alive. Paul is in chains, but Timothy must preach the freeing power of Jesus Christ.

Look at verse six the time of my departure has come. The word departure here so significant. They are just take a moment them and explain that there is a word in the Greek that's used when a ship pulls anchor and beginning to sail to another shore. That's how he sees his deportability. Listen to me this is how we should see the departure of believers.

I often call it moving from the basement to the penthouse though…… The apostle Paul saw his spiritual life to be a spiritual battlefield and as a soldier is a good faithful soldier.

He stayed on the battlefield and that is why he said I forgot the good fight like faithful military men and women. They stay stayed in the heat of the battle. He did not defect to the enemy side. He did not run away. He did not hide. He did not choose the shady and cool spots.

Now choose the easy jobs he did not run away from the front line. No. He stayed there and fought the good fight, but he also said his life was like a runner in the marathon runner in the mouth and he kept on running. He kept on running. He would not stop, he would not quit the race. Halfway even though he might been tired even though he may have felt pain he endured. At times he probably felt exhausted, but he kept on running and kept on running until he run the race.

Looking forward not to agree in recesses of Olympic runners would get back to a crown of righteousness, listen to me. Jesus wore a crown of thorns so that every believer might wear his crown of righteousness of his righteousness, and then Paul immediately goes on to say humbug only one who's going to get that crown not the only one. Everyone who loves Jesus is appearing. Everyone who loves the return of Christ. Everyone is looking forward to the great day.

Everyone who is longing for Jesus to come back and take us home. They were going to have the crown of righteousness is leading the way with Dr. Michael Hill returned to share note written?

Or stainless and you will beat last, first, that will allow me to mention Dr. you set you with stock, which is to write the content in this particular area series never get that in fact today is the exciting release date. So if you've become discouraged or if you've Battled one for the past few years just weary from all the challenges of life darkly assess words and never give up will inspire you to press on to get your copy out never give up. Wherever books are sold or you can call leading the way. 866-626-4356 866-626-4356 and of course you can order securely and, LTW.Ward.

As promised, here is Dr. Michael you set with a powerful conclusion to today's leading the way audio message I'm going to conclude by reading notes that were left in the home of a martyr. He was martyred for Christ. A few days later, people found versus translated so just bear with his Saddam part of the fellowship of the unashamed. The die has been cast. I have stepped over the line.

The decision has been made. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.

I will not look back let up slowdown back away or be still my pastor to redeem my present makes sense in my future is secure and finished and done with low living, start walking, smooth knees, colorless dreams tame provisions worldly talking cheap giving and growth goals my face, reset my greatest fast.

My goal is heaven, my road is narrow in my way is rough. My companions a few. My guide is reliable.

My mission is clear. I want to give up, shut up or let up till I have strayed up, stored up pride up for the cause of Jesus Christ. I must go till he comes. Give till I drop preach till everyone knows work until he stops me. And when he comes for his own, he would have no trouble recognizing me because my brother would have been clear leading listener supported by Lying on God's provision through your premiums and your generosity you plan to join Kathy's when he passionately cleaned uncompromising to leading the way this program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent connect with us to our YouTube channel Facebook, twitter and other social media networks. Learn more and

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