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Psalm 93

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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February 18, 2022 7:00 am

Psalm 93

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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February 18, 2022 7:00 am

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We have been given a stewardship you I lived on the dictatorships. I lived under socialism. I didn't have a choice but God placed a choice in your hands in my it is a privilege that I will diligently plead with you that you wake up and realize it. The psalmist are saying those who confess God must also buy. Jesus said if you love me obey my commandments you can say you love Jesus and you live your life. And out of this of agencies work but you just can go together.

Living a life of obedience today on leading the way with pastor international Bible teacher, Dr. Michael you sent growing up in Egypt two years passionately studying God's word provides Dr. Yousef incredible insights into these words of warning in the Bible today journey with Dr. Yousef into the Old Testament book of Psalms for look at the kingship of God. Please do remember that leading the way is listener supported. Relying on God's provision through your generous giving to help ministry teams worldwide fulfill the call of God learn ways to stand with Dr. Nauta please turn with us to Psalm 93. If you're not driving as Dr. Michael you set begins a challenging message of truth. There are louder and louder voices in our culture today.

The protesting or denying altogether the biblical foundation upon which the nation was built.

Many are rewriting history received in the textbooks schools others are falsely accused Christians of wanting to turn America into a theocracy, CO Greek word for garden. Therefore, it means the rule of God, and he often hear them in the media say the these Christians who want to turn America into a Christian theocracy. These Christians who are trying to impose their morality on society. Those Christians who are trying to bring about an Islamic Taliban style civil order. I don't know of a single, thoughtful Christians who ever declare that we want the theocracy theocracy is eligible to be in heaven. But the problem is that when a lie is repeated often.

After a while people will believe it is the truth Lenten the founder of the modern communist movement who knows all about line said that the LR told often enough becomes the truth. When people ask me Michael, do you want to Christianize America. I said absolutely not. I want to Christianize the world. For those with the great commission is all about, to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to every creature and pray that they will accept God's invitation and receive Jesus as the Messiah and Lord of all and if they do that than when they do that the end results law-abiding, loving, caring community who doesn't want that by Christianizing we often mean that people live their lives under the rule of God and his word. People live according to the spirit of Jesus people live in liberty and injustice and loving their neighbors as themselves.

In fact, that is the very ideal that the founding fathers built this nation on that doesn't mean perfection. They were not na´ve enough to think that they can achieve perfection here on earth. The news on the would be possible in heaven. Hemorrhoid please. What distinguishes between Christians and talk about true genuine Christians and non-Christians is that the Christians believe that God rules and reigns over the lives that God and his word. Other ultimate authority that God is the supreme governor over the lives that God is the one who must be obeyed. Above all else and I'll call your life as true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

As true Christians are the call of God upon our life is to show the world show the people how wonderful that field of God in our lives is what blessedness can come when God rules supreme in our lives what unspeakable joy that his reign and rule brings to us.

We need to testify and show the world what contentment is and what piece obeying him and obeying his word produces in us that we need to show the world what true love can come out of surrender to his authority to surrender to the will of God in our lives.

Now those running around lying and saying Christians want to legislate morality that we are creating smokescreen. Under creating smokescreen in order that they may impose their view of morality and those running around the separation of church and state. What they're really saying is that the state is the church but is the truth. The reason for America's greatness and the reason why millions of people lined up to come to the United States of America. The reason why people risk of a limb and life to come to America is because America experience the blessings that come from the settlers acknowledging the role of God in their hearts. Christianity is the most important component of America's greatness. America's first Constitution was the Mayflower compact in the name of God, a man and even as late as 1955, Pres. Eisenhower said the following. Without God, there can be no American form of government or an American way of life.

Thus, the founding fathers of America saw it, and thus with God's help and continue to be my God, give us leaders like that again.

I wanted to turn with me please to Psalm 93 the Lord reigns his robe and register. The Lord is robe and Majesty and his arm with strength.

The world is firmly established that cannot be moved. Your thrall was established long ago you are from maternity the seas have lifted up all Lord the seas have lifted up their voice to see us have lifted up their pounding waves, mightier than the thunder of the great waters mightier than the brakes of the see the Lord on high is mighty your start your stand firm holiness adorns your house for endless days. All Lord father in the name of Jesus we open our spiritual eyes that we may see the wonderful truth from your work for the glory is yours forever and ever.


Psalm 93 declares the kingship of Yahweh Psalm 93 tells us that God is exalted in three ways. First, the triumph of God's rule verses one and two. Secondly, the turmoil of those who oppose God's rule verses three and four and verse five. Thirdly, the truth about God's rule. First there is the triumph of God's will look at verse one the Lord reigns, whether we like it or not he reigns whether the atheist like it or not. He reigns whether the government likes of them not. He reigns, he is closed or role does your translations that would Majesty the Lord is closed or rolled with strength is the most people still want to think today of the week and meet Jesus to help with Jesus. They want to think of the baby Jesus as if is a baby forever want to think of a milquetoast Jesus a helpless Jesus and yet the Bible said that we know him after the flesh. No more. What is that mean it means that that very Jesus who had nowhere to lay his head during his earthly life is now reigns in splendor and in Majesty over the rim of the universe that the very Jesus who died on the cross to redeem everyone who would believe in him now at the seat of power that the seed of splendor over the entire universe. The very Jesus. He was mocked and bled to death and died for us is now sitting on the throne of the entire universe that same Jesus who was dragged around from court the palace like a common criminal. But evil men now possesses all authority, all power, all Brenda will splendor over the whole universe whether they can see it or not, so much so that the disciple whom the Lord Jesus loves John when he was privileged and he tells us in the book of Revelation to see the majesty and the splendor of the resurrected glorified Jesus, he fell on his face and he couldn't even look up. When Isaiah saw the Lord's majesty and splendor in Isaiah chapter 6, he becomes speechless and all he could say is welcome me welcome may want to make. I am rolling for I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, the Lord Almighty. I often wonder if God just revealed a tiny glimpse of his splendor, I tell you we be ashes we could never ever survive seeing a tiny glimpse of his splendor give you a micro use of interpretation, not translation but interpretation of Isaiah 6 in the vernacular of today we are people who are full of our own self-importance, we are done for because we are forever bragging about what we can do. We are finished, because, well, forever blowing bubbles about what we have done we are forever prideful of our accomplishments. We are forever arrogant and ready to take credit for what only God could have done. And when I saw the absolute splendor and majesty and power and authority of the Lord. I fell on my face and I thought what a bunch of hot air. We are but not our King of Kings. He is robe and majesty and splendor, and no one can dislodge that from him for his power is from everlasting to everlasting, his authority is from Asia to Asia. This splendor is from alternative this strength is immutable. His throne is established and cannot be moved in the world cannot be changed without his saying so you know I genuinely, deeply in my heart feel pain and sorrow for anyone who rejects the authority of Jesus Christ over the life I really do. For in the day of judgment. Those very people have rejected him will spend in terror and fear, while those of us who love them were rain and rule with him. Those of us who love therefore his authority over us.

Those of us who loved his commandments. Those of us who loved his word. Those of us who loved his decrees that will rejoice with great joy. Beloved, listen to me know human nature is immutable.

No human being is permanent.

No human being is unchangeable. Only Jesus, King Jesus is immutable and permanent and unchanging and subdued in his epistle, describe those who are full of themselves, those who think that they are God's. All those Hollywood celebrities, those who worship themselves their own ideas, their own opinions their own feelings on what they think is right. He describes them as clouds without rain blowing along with the wind as autumn trees without fruit, uprooted as wild waves of the sea filming with Shane as wondering stars for whom the blackest darkness has been reserved forever.

But God is unchangeable, the splendor of his majesty is unshakable. The authority of his throne is forever.

His reign and his rule is immutable is yesterday today and forever. He is the Alpha and the Omega, he is the beginning and the end he is the one before whom all angels prostrate crying out, saying, holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty.

For he was and is and is to come a people might ignore him.

There are some cute preachers around who tried to bring him down to their level and treat him like the bellhop.

There are false teachers who try to cut him down to size, but the word of God said your throne was established long ago you are for maternity the triumph of God's rule. Secondly, the turmoil of those who oppose him or those who even tried to ignore him. I wanted to look closely at verses three and four because they're not what you may think they mean I'm going to back up what I'm going to tell your first by Scripture in Isaiah chapter 17 and in Jeremiah chapter 6 again in Jeremiah chapter 50 they're all give us an image in the Old Testament of the waves of the sea and what the waves are big tell us that those who rebel against God's rule are like the raging of the waves of the sea. They sound like roaring sea and the psalmist are saying the same thing here. Look at verses three and four again he gives us a picture of those who reject the authority of God's word is objective rule of God over the lives as the sea with all of its mighty mass of waters with constant unrest of its wave churning. Churning.

Churning you see them on television. The angry then I smile with their teeth but they are angry on the inside that a ceaseless pounding against the rock constantly pounding, pounding that continuous forming against the firmament, those who are at enmity with the rule of God. Those who have reject the authority of Jesus Christ in their lives. Those who refuse the supremacy of the King of Kings. They are like the roaring of the ocean whose power is near Norway's and temporary. Isaiah 1712 says all the raging of many nations. They range like the raging sea all the uproar of the peoples. They roar like the roaring of great waters see the way God sees them as noise. The noise he longs for them to repent and live under his authority, but they just noise like an ant trying to kill an elephant raging with anger against God. God says they will die and disappear though become relics of history, but our Lord is forever.

Those who belongs to him will live with him forever. Atheists and agnostics and those into dead religions can look at their turmoil and there would say where is called, why doesn't he do something about this evil's interesting phenomenon as if not, it's almost fashionable today to blame somebody else for our troubles blame somebody else never take responsibility as an indictment in our culture today. How can a loving God not do something about this turmoil in the world. Well, God did something he came from heaven. He died on the cross and he rose from the dead, and he invited everyone to come under his rule and he said only his rule over people's hearts can bring peace to think with me for a moment you get a piece of machinery and is broken. You really have thrown out. The design is manual and then you compliant doing this rather design is manual is a waters regard to some of you throughout the design is manual.

You refuse the blueprints, the triumph of God's rule, the turmoil of God's enemies. Thirdly, the truth of God's will look at verse five, your statues, stand firm.

Holiness adorns your house for endless days.

All Lord is never been a time with face such a clear choice. As we do today.

The rule of God. All the rule of Satan, the reign of the word of God of the reign of terror of man.

The authority of having all the power of hell. The choice is clear. Psalm 119 two says blessed are they who keep his statue and seek him with all their hearts.

Beloved, we have been given a stewardship. You see I lived on the dictatorships.

I lived under socialism.

I didn't have a choice but God placed a choice in your hands and in my it is a privilege that I would literally plead with you that you wake up and realize it in the psalmist are saying those who confess God must also obey him. Jesus said if you love me obey my commandments you can say you love Jesus and you live your life in outer disobedience is work. The two just can go together today in America 80% of the population confess that there are Christians and yet they do not own that confession statistics after statistics show that most churchgoing Christians do not know the very essence of the pew research revealed that even atheists and agnostics know more about the Christian faith than those who claim to be Christians. If that should not make you weep over Americano know what blood is all that mean.

It means these folks. Of course, only paying lip service to the term Christian because the Bible is very clear. No one can truly be a Christian person without submitting to the authority of Christ as Savior but also as Lord as we obey him perfectly dry obey imperfectly, of course not affect you more than I can count, but it's a desire to live under his Lordship in obedience to God honors is one thing to say Jesus is Lord is quite another to live under his Lordship in obedience and his word and obedience doesn't come naturally. Just chuckle when people say am a follower of Jesus Christ. I got news for you I can follow Jesus Christ on my own strength is his power that he gives us to help us live in obedience.

If you've never claimed that you can today when Saul of Tarsus had an encounter with the risen Christ on the road to Damascus before he became the apostle Paul.

He asked one question, what would you have me do more in the psalmist is saying that everything associated with God must be holy and that is why. Holiness means to us is unconditional surrender and obedience to the Lord and his word are you going surrender to Jesus Christ to continue living your life you way if you tired of living your life your way and if you're tired of failing income to him who can give you victory challenging words from Pastor and International Bible teacher, Dr. Michael Geiser. Today's message prompts spiritual questions. Maybe you'd like to talk to one of our pastoral team members. If so, begin by filling out a quick contact form and, we would love to speak with you, no matter how hard these days may be, no matter how trying those times five income no matter how challenging the situation is known to spiritual endurance overcome spiritual reign of the next generation to stand firm on biblical truth.

Dr. Yousif's new book, never give up in the imprisoned. The apostle Paul urged his young disciple Timothy never give up on prayer never ever give up on the faith that was once for all interested to the saints's brand-new book, ever give up. Dr. Michael unpacked all rich words (second Timothy works that will help you in the midst of danger and despair. The word of God. Don't recognition in this use of middle school aspects of what it means to never give up timeliness compromise. Also, fresh get more details about never forget that when you visit and you can also call and speak to a ministry representative number is 866-626-4356 866-626-4356 is time to say goodbye.

Thank you for being with us today and plan to join Dr. Michael you set for the next meeting when he passionately proclaims uncompromising to this program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael Geiser

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