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Always Be Ready for Exams

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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January 31, 2022 7:00 am

Always Be Ready for Exams

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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January 31, 2022 7:00 am

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Timely challenge from pastor and international vinyl teacher Dr. Michael believe Jesus Jesus only as a way to have a monitor on the life. So what most of church people grew that would say all this law.

The standards the truth it offends people. Let's not talk about it after all.

The most important thing about the church not the truth.

The apostle Paul would tell us that this type of accommodation this stuff of compromise will bring about disastrous.

Thanks for joining Dr. Michael you set the dexamethasone of leading the way. The words final exam give most every one of rush of adrenaline and the fact is that everyone is scheduled for the final exam test will determine your eternal destination.

So get ready for perspective changing message from Dr. you set he's called it always be ready for exams. You remember back in the days of school.

When you get this one of those teachers who, has a habit of coming in totally unannounced and says supplies fast. I did not like those teachers that I claimed the surprise are supposed to ferret out those who are ready from those who are not. But the reason I like them is because I am Madonna student will was the, students, the count of crammed a full year's knowledge in two weeks and therefore I did know what the bill was surprise exam. But then when I got older.

All that changed. For some reason I went to the other extreme. Now I am well-prepared on all his drug you have thought, which is fine, not complaining. I think it's wonderful.

Those teachers drove me to it.

But the apostle Paul is not like those teachers that apostle Paul is a kind of teacher who warns you again and again and tells you that the test is coming, that the exam is coming and he even go over the curriculum with you once or twice, three times. He prepares you for the exam and even then give you an open book exam and says now is the time to take a test exam time. I'm sure if I asked every student today are even those of us when were students. If I ask you about exams. Most of you would say I don't like exam time than generally speaking, most students don't like exams but in reality, exams and tests of the only way to determine where the students to exams and tests ferret out those who know from those who don't know exams and tests always determine the qualification of the person and we have gotten every professional belong on medicine, accounting will all have board examinations of board certification and I thank God for that.

Imagine a guy who claims to be a brain surgeon never means report.

Examination medical school will be a disaster. But in the spiritual life and works the same way it works exactly the same way.

We have exams and we have test but these exams and tests are always always self-administered. They do not come from the outside.

They come from the inside.

These exams and these tests are for each individual's benefits were not for the benefit of anybody else except you. And except me. And yet these exams in these tests count for greater consequences than anything else on the face of this earth because the results of these tests results of these exams can determine your eternal future. The result of these exams and these tests can determine whether you spend eternity in heaven or you spend eternity in hell. The results of these exams can mean whether you hear from the lips of the Lord Jesus Christ those magnificent words, my beloved, inherit the kingdom that was prepared for you before the foundation of the earth over here in the terrifying words, the says I never knew you depart from me, who have practice lawlessness as the difference in the spiritual exam and the spiritual test and today, as I conclude this series of messages of 15 secrets for the power of positive living. We will look at the exam being ready, always ready for exam. This one probably is the most powerful instrument for positive living that I know. In fact, it is foundational to all the others some amazing how the apostle Paul would go through all of the second Corinthians talks about these things that God taught him and these things that gave him power to live positively in the middle of fear and trepidation of the persecution of imprisonment of the logging and yet comes to the end and he says the last one is foundational to them all.

Look at verse five second Corinthians 13 test yourself to see if you are in the faith examine yourselves besides talking to believers should just be patient. I'm coming back. The Corinthians of all fell in the trap that some of our modern educators have fallen into today. I keep up with what's going on in the education world and one of the great tragedy of modern education is this, that if the students are not keeping up with the students failing the students are not succeeding in school. The answer is, the standards must be too high. Let's lower the standards so the lower the standards change the curriculum don't insist on accountability. That's what seems to be going on in education. But you know what is happening in the churches of Jesus Christ. People don't want to believe Jesus and Jesus only as a way to heaven and it's on the life. So what do most of church people do that would say all lesson all the standards, let's just not talk about this particular truth and the truth don't talk about it about this central truth very often talk about relationships and talk about all kinds communication song about all kinds of things that out of the way leaving the people to choose what they want to believe American will so that those who don't like it don't get offended by it offends people. Let's not talk about it after all people.

The most important thing about the church not the truth. Tell me why in God's name should we change the truth of the gospel for somebody who doesn't know where he should be teaching it, changing it to accommodate because the apostle Paul would tell us that this type of accommodation. This type of compromise will never cause you to have a positive living this kind of thinking will only lead us in the download direction. This kind of thinking only caused frustration and disappointment and receiving it all around us, the more the church says God is diversity and diversity is God, the more frustrated and depressed people become because they are going away from the central truth. This kind of thinking can only bring about temporary easing of the conscience. But in reality it will bring about disastrous attorney and Paul said, for true peace and joy for assurance of heaven for assurance of atonement future instead of doubting the word of God examine yourself and find out if you are in the truth. If you are not, examine yourself and see if you are in the truth you have moved away from the truth. It's your job it's my job to know that I know the rules, examine yourselves and see if you have genuine salvation on the and God's mercy God in his mercy is not going to change the rules just to accommodate the people who don't like rules does not go to church his gospel just to make it palpable for people don't like it is a sovereign God, he is God. After all and you and I have to accommodate because after accommodate the loss and so the question is this who are the people who should be doing self-examination.

Who are the people who should be examining themselves on a regular basis. Every one of us. Everyone was yours truly, ahead of the pack. Every single one of us to refuse to examine yourself on a regular basis to refuse to administer the test yourself on the regular basis is not only arrogant, but it is taking God's grace is taking God's salvation for granted and God doesn't like but here's the good news not enough. Here is a fabulous news in this type of exam in this type of test of the Bible talks about. You can always a winner in this type of test in this topic that you can always be a success. Even those who fail the test and succeed in this type of examinations to test whether you are in the face amount can be summarized this way. I'll give you a big theological word for you will entail viewing about that. What I mean by that.

If I examine myself when I do on a daily basis. I don't wait till Sunday I do it on a daily basis. If I examine myself and found that I am in the face then will be overjoyed I'll be giving God glory. I'll be thanking God for his grace and mercy.

But if I examine myself and find myself have moved away from the truth. What is the next step God has a carte blanche invitation is engraved invitation for me to come back to the truth. That's exactly what I mean by heads you win tails you win because God promise to receive everyone and anyone returns to him the moment I come face-to-face with the reality that I'm not in the faith that I have departed from the faith that I've seen gravely.

God in his grace and mercy will not open. He receives me he embraces me.

He forgives me to restore his way heads you win tails you agree to logical term. Write it down so don't forget and Paul told the Corinthians, examine yourselves, examine yourselves, and when he said that you know what he was very confident. The bill passed the test. He really wants of them showed you from the word of God. He was very confident. The bill passed the exam that they gonna see Christ in them.

Listen to what he said let up on five he said do you not recognize this about yourselves Christ Jesus is in you, unless of course you fail the test. Somebody might be asking the question, well you know how I know that I'm in the faith. How do I know that if I close my eyes, and death. This afternoon I will be in the presence of God without a shadow of death, how do I know for sure somebody says well would my making a profession of faith so many years ago, and I even remember the day with a beard, not necessarily somebody says well you know I prayed the sinners prayer, long time ago with the idea, not necessarily soliciting being baptized is not even once been baptized several times every church I got Dragon baptize and God blessed that it not necessarily you can be baptize every morning if you like someone says but I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God without being not necessarily the demons believe in Jesus Christ, the Bible said they believe and they tried all the find of the day of judgment.

You know why because I read the Bible better than you and I do. And they know that the day is coming where they're going to be sent into the lake of fire. They know that so let me give you four questions for tests.

If you think you know strike them down. I have used them in my own life. Many a time, and I share them with you. For questions that you can ask yourself to ascertain you in the face. Are you in the truth. Are you born again. If you close your eyes and death today would you open them in heaven.

For questions question number one.

Are you eager to confess your sins the moment you sin or do you try to rationalize your sin, you try to explain away your sin and say well you know Michael you don't understand I'm probably just on the pressure and that just happened all my circumstances were such that I just cannot be avoided. Listen to what Jesus said blessed are those who morning over there sin. They shall be comforted. The Bible said that those who confess their sins little pain C unforgiveness see many people see confession of sin is negative affect preachers with monitors so we didn't talk about sin because of such a negative connotation.

Sin is negative. Why agree with your sin is negative. We don't want to turn people off. I promise you you turning them off from God.

How would you come to the positive of experiencing forgiveness and restoration until you need to deal with the negative confession of sin. In fact, God sees confession as very positive that the most positive step for healing is the most positive step for salvation is the most positive step for peace is the most positive step for joy in your life so much that you're not admitting and confessing of sin is really harmful for one's self-esteem. Give me a break. God said it is the only way real confidence and reassurance that you are in the faith that's very positive very positive question number two. Do you hunger and thirst for righteousness. Jesus again Matthew five.

Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness are truly redeemed.

That's literal translation.

It doesn't mean that you never fail, it doesn't mean that all went out to perfection here. None on.

But what I'm talking about is have an aversion to sin and desire for righteousness. Deep down in your heart you have a longing for righteousness in your relationship with the Lord for righteousness in your relationship with others and that is the one great indication if you are in the face of not know the Pharisees who were condemned by Jesus. They did all the right thing. As far as the external life is concerned, as far as the outward appearance is concerned, they did the right thing. And the reason the condemned by Jesus because they did not have enough longing for righteousness. That's why whether others are watching. You will not you're hungering for righteousness whether others know it or not you are hungering for righteousness whether others oppose you or approve of you. You are hungering for righteousness whether others appreciate you. Appreciate your hungering for righteousness morning over sin hungering for righteousness.

The third question the test yourself to see if you're in the faith from others. This do I submit to the authority of God's word all God tried to just explain it away.

My life is busy running around that everybody does today is a different day. Surely God doesn't expect me to pay a prize for following him surely done all nominal know that could not be further from the truth. Jesus said if you love me you will bite my commandments you go by micro he did not say in my commandments. If the price is right. He did not say obey my commandments. If the environment is conducive.

He did not say obey my commandments. If everybody agrees with you by my commandments. If your friends are not against no no no no, Jesus said, not everyone who says to me Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven and in John 831 Jesus said if you abide in me, that is if you submit my words if you abide in my word, you are my disciples, you mourn over your sin of your rationalize their hunger for righteousness you submit to the authority of the word of God.

Question number four. Do you genuinely love God and love others. In first John five to the apostle John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, he said the proof of our genuine faith is our love for the Lord just in case somebody glibly said why I love God. The question is how do you love God how do you especially forget I do. Do you do it in words only, or you do it tangibly sacrificially all. Not only that, also in first John 314. He says loving other believers is a clear indication that you have passed from death to life.

First John chapter 3 verse 14. Look, there's no use saying I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I believe and I met my profession of faith and I've been through that all the motions and you have deep hatred for a brother or sister in Christ, I won't cut it. That business I don't like the rules. I'll tell you about the examine yourself. Are you in the face.

Question number one. Are you eager to confess your sin immediately when you fall into. Would you explain them away. Question number two. Do I hunger for righteousness. Question number three. Do I submit to the authority of the Scripture number four. Do I genuinely love God and others. If your answer to all four questions is yes yes yes yes and give thanks to God.

Praise him for his grace and mercy. Give glory to God.

But if your answer is no to any or all of these questions today, you can begin to bill you can start again because I Lord I have done all the external things.

I got baptized. I joined the church of them all the things I thought I'm supposed to do in order to think that I'm a Christian, but deep down I don't mourn over my sin. Hunger for righteousness.

What I don't know about your word Lord I do not love you with my whole heart. I don't love my brothers and sisters in Christ with my whole heart word come into my life will admit I can promise you this one.

God will answer within seconds and he will come and dwell in you and the person of the Holy Spirit.

Would you like to talk about how to be prepared for your final exam. You can begin that conversation with one of leading the race pastoral team today fill out a contact form and, you know, in addition to being a pastor and an international teacher God is you set the privilege of writing within the box and we are so happy to introduce his next title right now.

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