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Defending a Lion, Part 3

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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February 3, 2022 7:00 am

Defending a Lion, Part 3

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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February 3, 2022 7:00 am

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Keys into your spiritual event inching the next generation typical to get out unpack with encouragement.

In second Timothy will help you and your flourish and fry in the midst of doubts, danger and despair, encouraging the use of unveiled unique aspects of what it means to never give up physical truth message as Christians around the world face not pressure to compromise that they abandon that biblical values is a gift of any amount, and received bonus resources from leading the way to live for Christ to be the last leg pain next generation never give up any amount. Contact Danny Ordering information from a ministry representative when you call 866-626-4356.

You can also learn more and get a peek inside never give up when you go to Thank you for joining listeners all around the world for leading the way and a few moments of life changing message from Dr. USF challenging you to open your Bible read it, heed it and obey it. These simple steps will inching closer to experiencing healing from life's wounds and peace in the face of unrest before Dr. Yousef begins.

Let me also mention that anytime you'd like to have a conversation about your fate or your lack of faith we have compassionate people who would love to talk or to listen and you can do that by phone or text or email whatever you're most comfortable with. Just begin by visiting fill out the short form right there and check out the FAQ section. Once again, let's pause and listen carefully as Dr. Yousef begins his teaching time blob of our thirtysomething brothers common to all of us. You come October the Jordan love or someone you never opened the letter about the beloved sense to you. You come all client but you love someone when you receive a letter from Bob loved one. You leave it unopened. Why because an open letter millions. This person whom you love is speaking to you, but by the side token I'm on open letter means that you do not want to know or hear from the person and when God speaks, he reveals himself to us in his word and is telling us some things going is what is telling us not only the truth about himself, but is telling us the truth about us. I wonder is that why all statistics show less than 18% of the Christians read the Bible on a regular basis but don't want to face the truth about themselves. I just wonder I'm just wondering Hebrews 4 verses 12 and 13. The question is this why is the word of God describe as double-edged sure I believe with all my heart that had the Bible writers are writing today, there would've said the word of God is sharper than the surgeon's couple a believer. Beloved, when your body needs surgery. The scupper is your best friend really is the writer to the Hebrews said that the word of God is alive was not me it means is not merely words on paper that these words of God have God's authority in them that these words have God's power in them that these words have God strengthen them with these words of God's command in them. These words have God's will in them.

That is why it is alive. So what is it meant to be active. Listen carefully, it means that it produces results that it bears produces results that can change lives. Listen to what Peter said in first Peter chapter 1 verse 23 we are born again by the word of God which lives and abides forever.

Therefore, when the word of God. Acts drawbacks when the word of God delivers dog delivers when the word of God heals God heals and that is why I want to come very quickly.

The three things that I want to share with you from those two verses Hebrews 412 and 13. You also hear through the power of the Holy Spirit inspired him to write is saying that when you read, and he and obey the word of God. Three things are going to happen you gonna find that the word of God stretches you on the surgeon's table and secondly that word of God is going to operate on you and cut out all of the things that don't belong there. And certainly, thank God. Thank God it shows you back up and hears you completely and restore you fully. First, the word of God stretches you on God's operating table. If the word of God takes you and stretches you before the surgeon's the great surgeon yellow are roughly stretches you right in front of him that be one of the reasons why very few people very few Christians actually read the word of God regularly.

They don't want to go through surgery, they don't want to get on God's operating table. Now I'm told I don't have any first-hand personal experience with physical surgeries but I am told by doctors and surgeons and people who really know their stuff is that when you are on the operating table. This is for physical operating table. I know the spiritual one. I'm going to tell you about it.

I have first-hand experience with that. But I'm told that when you are on the physically on the operating table that time the person on the table is most susceptible to all sorts of microbes and germs.

Why do you think the scrub so much. Scrub your hands bear. Now I know that to be true in the spiritual realm. I've experienced that on a regular basis. When I open the word of God, Satan, and the flesh work overtime to neutralize the impact of the word of God. The first thing they tried to do is to keep you away from the word of God keep you away from the word if they fail to keep your my from the word of God in you by God's power and strength.

You make a decision that you will read Hayden obey the word of God. If they fail to keep your weight will distract you so you know exactly what I'm talking about me all of a sudden you think of things that you never thought about for years. He needed to do.

All of a sudden you start thinking you know what you could know what needs to be done. I know I left the stove on, you know something up, distract you if that does not work. What they do, they bring that to your mind as to the authenticity of the word of God will bring death in order to neutralize the impact of that word. The power of that were working in you the surgery that only God's word can accomplish is what the devil try to keep you away from and if you cannot keep away from it. He neutralizes you why because when you are on God's operating table is time when you are wide open. Everything is bear before him.

Nothing is hidden from his site. Look at verse 13 Hebrews for the word of God. Probably I would say this again is improvisation on my part is like an x-ray machine which reveals who you are and it separates reality from fiction you so how does this work in my life. I'm glad you asked. I want to tell you I want to tell you first hand experience. Listen to me.

You can go along in life for a long time pretending that you are just fine. Everything is just fine. Everything is great you are and I can go along life's highway for a long time thinking I wear healthy everything wrong with me. I'm fine with all these people aren't just fine.

I'm healthy. I'm not suffering from any symptoms that will make me worry about my health. I mean, why worry when you go to the doctor and he looks at the results and looks at the x-ray and he would say we need to operate immediately.

How does this work well you compare yourself with others.

Some body else who's in worse shape than you are the man. I'm fine. You look at somebody who is struggling in certain areas of their lives that you don't struggle with the new cell I'm really much better than their or you compare yourself with somebody who has more issues are dealing with than you do and you say to yourself I am superduper. I must be God's gift to humanity. God is lucky to have me in the wonderful that he's gotten wonderful person like me.

I can only tell you my testimony because in the early hours of every morning when I have an x-ray machine on my lap. I'm reading the word of God, praying ahead of time for the spreader don't open my eyes and empowerment. Help me to listen with us.

Nuclear encouragement when everything is bear before him who can see all things, when nothing is hidden from his eyes when the hidden issues in my life become wide open before him. One things I don't want to deal with confronted me had all one pride and smugness and self-satisfaction hit me in the face when God's x-ray machine confronts me with his standards, not others.

When doors I have sought to keep bowl. For a long time but still put what I'm being laid bare before his eyes. I'm often forced to conclude with the apostle Paul.

Nothing good dwells in me and my flesh.

I'm forced to conclude that the only good thing about Michael yourself is Jesus. So the word of God stretches us on God's operating table, and that's why we we don't do it. And secondly, the word of God cuts us like a surgeon's couple cuts us where we need to be cut and my beloved friends as your pastor until you this is the double edge sword.

The Greek word for shopper means to cut or to dissect with precision. This is not just waving that life everywhere. Then he pointed that's couple on the area that needs to be pointed to wasn't man divide spirit and soul and Maran joints doesn't mean separation.

Listen carefully please this is very important as a matter fact in the human body joined Samara and nothing contactors or how they're separated. I wanted to listen carefully. Please what it means the word of God cuts through to the bones. That's what it means the word of God penetrates shot deep into the recesses of your spiritual being and so the separation not providing one from the other, but it means to penetrate every single cell in your spiritual nature. It means the word of God stops at nothing until it brings it out in the open and deals with it, my precious friends take it from me when you're lying on the table of the great surgeon on his operating table. There can be no pretense to coming up with this. But there's more is more. The Bible said that the word of God judges not only our thoughts and motives. Some translations that attitude it's the motives the word of God not only judges, our activities, but even the hidden motives behind these activities. The secret motives very a reason for saying and doing what we say and beloved, listen to me. There are times when I sense that I have a mixed motive in the many times upright and out faster and examine my heart. Examine myself and then when I'm still got have convoluted mixed motive is not helping others that sanctified my motive you know there are so many lies that our culture disseminated in schools in the media ever so many lies one of the biggest lies the big cocoon of the mall is this. Do what you feel is right. I want to say give me a break. I you kidding me feelings are so subjective and I cannot be totally reliable and that is why the word of God is the only power that sorts of things are.

This is why this is wrong. This is of the flesh. This is off the spirit we just give you an example when you're driving alone in your car down the highway and someone cut in front of you when you react the way your reactants between you and God is your loan in the car right that some people use sign language will retaliate or whatever then you get on God's operating table.

X-ray machine is open than they confronted what is God would do it judges your reaction to that motorist now wanted to move on because I'm getting on the conviction some years ago.

Somebody asked me a question.

He said why do you have all these accountability things accountability about your finances and accountability with your prayer partners and pastors about your personal life and in accountability about your time and where you are and so forth. He said you don't trust yourself. I said bingo you got that right. I don't trust myself. Here's a fact you are and I are experts in self-deception. You and I are experts in rationalization your and are experts in deluding ourselves.

You will and are experts in trying to project an image of ourselves that we want others to see. Believe about us and sometimes we even tried to believe it ourselves, is to have a professor, graduate school of wonderful gentleman who would say you know publicity is okay as long as you don't inherit.

I have not been having.

Ever since Jeremiah cries out in said all Lord the heart is deceitful above all things corrupt, beloved, what we cannot do the word of God does for us. So the word of God stretches you and God's operating table the words of God is like a surgeon's couple and cuts where needs to be cut, remove what needs to be removed. Thank God. Can you say thank God had which started with putting on the operating table and removing what Mr. be removed and stop there because disaster really is like a surge in scrubs and it cuts removes and then before he could saw the patient back again this is a I'm going to lunch by.

But thank God. Thank God. Factor read recently about the surgeon who was invited into a neighborhood party and the host was one of those people that always shoot through his mouth and aunt talk about and get big blabbermouth and there's gotta carving the meeting. They said there how my doing Dokken would like my technique. Dr. Rebecca good surgeon Dr. and the man kept quiet, Quiet finally when it stopped shooting through his mouth. The doctor said anyone can cut them open.

Hurry, let's see if you can put it back together again.

See that's what a great surgeon touts Jehovah off.

I is a great surgeon is a great physician. He cuts and removes the bad stuff and then he reports that person back together again for complete healing.

See the longing of the word of God is to heal us that the wound. If we do get hurt in the process is for our good and for our healing is and I know by nature. We like to run away from people who know so much about us. I know that even if you start run away from God because I think he knows too much about wills like to run away from people who know too much about us, but God knows everything that is to be known about you and he still loves you, nowhere to hide from inside please him right when you get to this sort that you keep in your heart when you really grasp that God knows what nobody else knows. We understand that God only removes the want to remove the bad stuff and then bring you healing not partial healing but complete healing. Once you know that our God is the God who heals us who restores us, who fulfills us, who blesses us riches us who strengthened us and yes, he forgives the once you understand that he wants to pull back more grace, more grace your walk out of your presence with God on cloud nine.

That is what Hebrews 416. Listen carefully. It tells us.

Let us, therefore, after what we just heard this and let us therefore approach the throne of grace with confidence not cockiness with confidence not in us but in him and his mercy and his grace so that we might receive mercy and find grace to help us in the time of means, my beloved friends when the word of God reigns supreme in our lives when we allow the word of God to rule our lives. We will always experience peace in his presence always it never fails. Why because the word of God has the same characteristic as God did you know that we Psalm 19. You will see the same characteristics of the word of God is God himself. Perfection, faithfulness, righteousness, purity and truth father, we thank you that you have in the past and the present, and will in the future have our best interest at heart.

The lie of the devil is that you want to hurt us.

Father I pray that you will neutralize this live from the pit of hell. Trust with all of our hearts and we trust you words is your full expression of yourself speak to our hearts with in Jesus name, amen.

Thank you for listening to leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent ensure that your spiritual journey. We have pastors who would love to speak with you.

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