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The Prayer that God Answers, (Part 3)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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May 20, 2020 12:00 am

The Prayer that God Answers, (Part 3)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Author of the recent best-selling book, saving Christianity Dr. Michael used to recite the manuscript side father who is lying is heaven. God is in heaven. I wish I then why don't we take sometime during the day and focus on today you will have the chance to do just that. Point your thoughts and hearts toward heaven. Welcome to leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent. You see throughout his time with the disciples.

Jesus often talked about having in fact he was very descriptive of that and so today Dr. Michael, you said she was 12 facets of heaven that will make a real more desirable for you than ever before, and allow just as much time as possible. Let's go right to Dr. Yousef and this message appropriately called for heaven's sake. I was thinking this week, but I personally have never seen anyone who bought a house of never moved into it. I personally have not seen anyone who wanted to settle in another country and never bothered to find a thing about. I have never seen anyone who made a major investment. Another checked out on their investment to see how to do a minimum that such a person. Have you done yet and all of these scenarios a job just described to you seem to be the attitude of sonic questions and some of the churchgoers regarding heaven. They seldom think about it.

In fact, they would just as soon pretend that is never going to come there soon. Pretend that they're going to live this life forever.

Nothing is gonna happen to this. Seldom make plans for heaven. They seldom tried to find out what heaven is like most of the time. Most of their energy. Most of their money is spent in planning this life's future. I promise you there are some people who spend more time looking and studying a place of the going to for a vacation than they would do for a place that are going to live there forever. Even many of those who recite the Lord's prayer and say our father who is in heaven. Never stop to ask what is heaven like is heaven if we say that God is in heaven. But we say that we are heading there by the assurance of the shed blood of Jesus Christ on Calvary, and by faith that what he did on Calvary was on our behalf, and that our sins are forgiven and that our home is heaven. Therefore believe that with all of our hearts, then why don't we take sometime during the day and focus on heaven for the word heaven itself is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word he's on, which means lifted up will be uplifted in the word of God in the Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. You see the word heaven is used to describe three different realm.

It is used to describe the realm that was Frederick Correll, for example, in Isaiah 55. The Bible says that the rain comes from heaven, so they see the atmospheric realm as heaven and the second realm of the heavenly realm of the Bible talks about is what it describes. The space describes the stars and describes the sun and the moon. It is used to describe the arm anything realm of still a consolation, in fact, Psalm 19 tells us the heavens when the Psalm says the heavens talking about the space talking about the stars, says the heavens declare the glory of God, but the third heaven refers to where God is reigning supreme. It is the realm is a definite place. In fact, the Greek word Paul lost in the New Testament means it's a location. It is a place is not just a state of mind. It is not the pie-in-the-sky somewhere. The Bible is very clear about that. It is a heavenly country. It is the new Jerusalem is the place that God has prepared and is preparing for all those who love the Lord Jesus Christ. All of those who have put their trust in him that I have a place in heaven. Prepare for the fall tells us about that heaven that he was privileged to be taken up there and see a glimpse of what he said he can't even describe it. John tells us all about heaven in the book of Revelation. So where is God our father hears everywhere he is in control of all these 3 atm.

He is in control of all these three realms the atmospheric realm they start the realm of the galaxies and the heavenly country. He has the power and the soonest power he is sustaining all of those three realm yet incredible and fast and transcendent as God is yet he lives in the believer's heart. The Bible tells us a few things about heaven and often wondered why the Bible didn't tell us more gives us a glimpse of it. He just gives us a foretaste of it. The Bible gives us a little bit just enough to make us long for that place gives us enough to be able like the apostle Paul. Can't wait to get there. In fact, the apostle Paul's attitude toward heaven, he said, I am absolutely pressed.

He was literally in what reason common language that he said he was on inside. Nothing a negative sense, but in the positive sense. He said in the Philippians 123 and 24 he said hard pressed between the two. I feel pressed I feel pressure from both ends. On the one hand I want to go to heaven. I want to be with Jesus, which is far better for me. On the other hand, I see the me I see the ministry as the preaching of the gospel here to know what I believe with all of my heart that this all to be the cry of every believer that ought to be the cry of every person who love the Lord Jesus Christ, not just the apostle Paul. Listen if you feel that you have a very good time to hear something about your salvation. If you have a longing for heaven. There's something wrong about your walk with the Lord because Jesus is not wasting a single word in this pattern of prayer that he gave to his disciples as disciples prayer we call of the Lord's prayer, Jesus is telling them here when you pray, say, our father who is in heaven.

He wants the disciples and he wants us to focus where God is where we are going what is Jesus saying is this, that heaven is the home of our heavenly daddy is his native environment.

Heaven is his natural abode is saying that heaven is his home which he wants to share with all of those who love Tucson. The Lord Jesus Christ. Let me tell you something. Heaven is heaven because our heavenly daddy is there. In fact, I'm going to tell you. 12 things about heaven. Write them down so you remember them. The first thing I want to tell you about heaven is this, that in heaven we going to be freed from Satan's assaults we going to be free from temptation. We are to be free from his deception will be free from his fiery darts were going to be free from him dividing us from each other and that is why Jesus said when your prior pride father who is in heaven, and the place where it shouldn't come out approach.

The second thing is this. In heaven there is no separation. You know we live in a world where in parting of the ways wrenches our hearts and constrains our emotions, but in heaven. This is not a problem because we are finally home and when we are finally home will be in perfect contentment. All of our restlessness. All of our discouragements all allow for writing will find rest. Why, because that is the abode of our daddy who is in heaven. And the third thing about heaven is this, there are no tears or anguish in heaven.

There are no frustration.

There are no despair. Listen to what CS Lewis said in his book the problem of pain. This of life carries with it more pain than pleasure from many of God's children and then he goes on to say the most bitter tears of those shared inwardly or alone when no one else sees the agony of spirit, but all what a delightful place. The abode of our heavenly daddy is because there are no tears in heaven on the fourth thing the Bible tells us about heaven is this that it is a place where there is no more death. Because of the presence of the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ, who has defeated death once and for all because of his very presence there. Death cannot exist in heaven. For the believer's bodily death is our doorway to our home in heaven and I have met many people, even people who love the Lord Jesus Christ, but they're really afraid of death. They really are terrified by this. I want to tell you it's of the devil, because in reality is death is merely the escalator that is going to take you home into the very presence of your heavenly daddy. I will be looking forward to it instead of being afraid of it. But when we get there. That is no more deaths or separation and that is why Jesus told his disciples when your price say our father who is in that abode in heaven.

The first thing the Bible said about heaven. Is this no sorrow or remorse in heaven. Here in this life because of spiritual sensitivity we find ourselves regretful and remorseful over speaking unkind words and over harboring selfish motives and over entertaining the wrong attitudes and but not in heaven we will be free from guilt and sorrow over sin. That is why Jesus said when you pray, say, our father, who is in heaven. The sixth thing John tells us about heaven.

Is this is not crying in heaven, I began to think what is he remember crying and I'm convinced that crying here is talking about crying in terms of soul-searching crying in terms of crying out to God crying in terms of agonizing and prayer crying in terms of puzzlement over events in our lives that we don't understand all this will be God in heaven, for in heaven.

All of our questions will be answered all of our longing would find rest.

It is a dwelling place of our heavenly father.

The seventh thing about heaven.

The Bible says is that are going to be no more painful memories, no nightmares, no flashbacks, no baggage all no broken hearts heaven is a total release and that is why Jesus said when your price say all father who is in heaven. Very thing about heaven is this there will be no temple. No church building. No sanctuary here on earth we have to do that we are commanded to do that.

Why in order to constantly remind ourselves of the majesty of God and the splendor of God the world all week long to start the process to remember the splendor of the world and the majesty of Satan but we are supposed to come together at least one day a week if not every day of the week to enter into a haven that God sets up for us to come into his very presence to remember how magnificent he is great. He is majestic he is here on earth, we have to be instructed and taught the word of God in a church building so that we can go out and stand firm, and declare the Lordship of Jesus Christ. But in heaven one need to because Jesus is there no sin, no Satan, no temptation, no world to have victory over the nine thing the Bible tells us that there will be no song or moon in heaven. Why, because in heaven we will be set free from the tires of this terrestrial sphere time will be no more. I can wait for that we will no longer be limited by time we will no longer be limited by space which seem to dominate our lives right here on earth we are trained to think in terms of day and night, summer and winter in the seasons and the days in the month and the years we are enslaved to the clock. We are forever. Meeting deadlines were forever running for appointments will forever dominated by schedules and plans and programs will forever mastered by the calendar, but all in heaven there will be no sense of urgency in heaven will be no master calendar thing in heaven will be no to mealtime. There will be unfettered life for we will be praising God and singing his praises constantly and forever in the thin thing about heaven is this that there will be no night in heaven.

What does the Bible mean by night, the darkness of misunderstandings will banish the darkness of anger.

The darkness of her fellow banish in heaven. Do you know that about 80% of all of our problems. 80% of all of our problems are caused by misunderstandings which cloud our relationships. Most of us don't understand each other. Most of us don't understand.

Sometimes, the way God works. I'm not there to say all of us don't understand are all complex cell, but not so in heaven, and heaven. The darkness of misunderstanding will be eliminated, for we shall know him as he is, and we shall know as we are known in heaven, all the fears and all the doubts and all the misunderstandings all the misjudgments and all the animosities that creates darkness in our lives and in our relationships were fetish. That is why Jesus told his disciples when your primary say our father who is in heaven and 11. Thing is, this John tells us that in heaven there is no defilement and obviously it is for me at least, and I know most of you, there is a very special reason for rejoicing over this defilement right now in our society coming from the highest places in the land. If you have any spiritual sensitivity left your to weep over this nation, we ought to weep over the high percentage of people who don't want to call sin sin anymore.

We ought to cry out to God is not so much the sin itself. I want to tell you that in itself is miserable. But the so many call preachers running around trying to wink at sin that ought to break the heart of a believer on earth. Everywhere you turn you find contaminants contaminants that tried to contaminate our thoughts try to contaminate our attitudes tried to contaminate all morals tried to contaminate our convictions tried to contaminate our minds and all of these contaminants seem to conspire together to weaken our will to love God with all of our hearts to weaken our will to obey him with all of our strength. But in heaven all these defilements will be no more in heaven. The influences of these defilements will no longer there.

Why, because our father. The pure holy God, the righteous God dwells there.

That is his abode is in heaven or the glorious place that me ask you this. Are you going there. I want to tell you you cannot get there unless Jesus is your Savior unless you committed your life to him unless you've accepted him as Lord of your life. Finally, I want to tell you sin will not be there as much wealth point sin will not be there. Just as we will be free from the pull of gravity.

We got to be free from the pull of sin in our lives, our father who is in heaven here on earth. You know our efforts. Our best efforts, our best endeavors. Our loftiest achievements they can leave us empty and disappointed disenchanted.

Even the moments when we experience those few moments of mountaintop experience that always followed by a very long time in the Valley. Everywhere you look in the world you find injustice and unfairness scheming manipulation public Mozart heaven, not so in heaven.

Millions of people throughout the world live the lives of quiet desperation alive. That seems to be one of a continuous TDS for an inward move a field of the life is empty and meaningless, but not for the believer and sucking up in heaven because we will be busy in heaven raining and rooming with him forever. Heaven is our father's natural habitat. But you know what is really the good news of the gospel is the good news of the gospel. It is simple for those who put their trust in Jesus, it's complicated for those who didn't or haven't the good news of the gospel is this, that when Jesus comes into your life. He comes in and he brings a foretaste of heaven. He literally can turn this life into a deposit and what heaven is going to be like. In fact, Jesus said in Luke 17 he said the kingdom of heaven is within you, and we live in the tension, knowing that the kingdom of God is here in our lives and our hearts, but it is yet to come in its fullest glory. That is why only those who have the Holy Spirit dwelling in them will be able to be permanent dwellers in the abode of God in heaven, and the ask you this how much preparation have you made for heaven, young or old, doesn't matter how much preparation have you made for your eternal home was a farmer who invited his new country preacher to his farm and he took them in their ministry abroad in the middle of the farm initiative is a preacher look over there. As far as you can see I on that. Then it turned around to the side and he said preacher look at the side just as far as your I can see I own that then it turned to the right and he said you know the side as far as you I can see I own that the turned around to the other side is analogous to the site.

As far as your I can see I own that to the young preacher was stuck there mumbled something and then he looked him in the eye and he said let me ask you this, as he pointed up heavenward as he looked up heavenward. He said how much of the direction the own you say you mean I can only things in heaven, you better believe Paul said to Timothy in first Timothy chapter 6 verses 19 and 20.

He said that you can actually send up foundations laying up foundations so you can take hold of what is real life because this life is not really real. It's MRR James said it's a like a viper appears for a little while and disappears. I have news for you only what you send up to heaven. Going to meet you on the other side. Everything else is going to get squandered or is going to burn in the day of judgment be reset even elements are gonna burn Elizabeth the it's only what you send on to heaven will be awaiting you how much do you own in that direction. Dr. Michael you set with 12 points to make an even more real. Thank you for listening to leading the way. If you'd like to hear today's message again. We need that easy. You can listen by going to the online archives back to this message is called for heaven's sake.

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