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The Prayer that God Answers, (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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May 19, 2020 12:00 am

The Prayer that God Answers, (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Reach out to your heavenly father today, Jesus and Jesus all by the father. This is leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent by which men are given to call upon God.

Jesus, Jesus and Jesus alone can make possible for anyone who comes to repentance and be able to call his father, our father when it comes to mind when you think about your dad. I'm sure a lot of memories and emotions come to mind some of those are sweet and happy. But for other people fear and anxiety may flight and overwhelm you will sadly sometimes the same negative emotions come into play when you think about your heavenly father today on leading the way.

Dr. Michael Yousef continues his series called the prayer that God answers. It's a look at the story of the prodigal son, and how this well-known story reveals the heart of your heavenly father. Listen now as Dr. Michael Yousef weekends. One of the most basic elements of the Christian faith, which distinguishes it from all the other religions is a biblical concept that Jesus talked about the fatherhood of God. But a lot of people who go around and say God is the father of everybody in the sense of his or creator of everybody here is the father of everybody, but he is uniquely the father of all of those who are brothers and sisters of the Lord Jesus Christ. They alone can truly call him a father and know what that privilege is all about. It is not just a word father in heaven because to understand the fatherhood of God for the believers in the Lord Jesus Christ will absolutely revolutionize your life. Now the greatest challenge for understanding and comprehending the fatherhood of God and what it is like to call God father is the wrong image that so many of us have because of our earthly fathers. Those who have grown up with harsh angry hard earthly fathers inevitably transfer that image upon the fatherhood of God, our heavenly father.

Those who have grown up with fathers who are weak will not commanding respect from their children will be at some point transferring that image and apply it to the heavenly father. That's a challenge.

It's a challenge for all of us and the challenges this have to separate these experiences from the true image of our heavenly father in all four Gospels. There are about 70 times the Lord Jesus Christ talk about his father.

In fact, he referred to God in heaven as his father every time in the Gospels except one and that one time when he hung on the cross, carrying my sins and yours and that moment he was separated from the eyes of the father for the first time since the beginning of time. For that moment when you counted your sin on my mom is still going father said, my God, my God, why have you forsaken the Aramaic word, the Jesus would have used the word about the Hebrew word and the word Abbott carries incredible connotation of intimacy. It carries with it an incredible connotation of deep personal feelings in this to most of the Jews who were listening to Jesus at that moment to all of them without exception might be a few exceptions.

It's a radical view of God. It was a new revelation about God. This was a unique way of viewing God. The Jews knew God as the father of the nation, not necessarily their father but the father of the nation of Israel. As a matter fact in Isaiah chapter 63 verse 16 declares that you are our father and the father of our nation. But over the centuries because of their disobedience, continuous disobedience to the Lord God because of the continuous flirting with the pagan gods of bail because of the continuous turning their back on God. They lost the sense of God's fatherhood to the nation and very strong. God is distant as a fragrant figure in history who has helped her ancestors some time ago. In fact, the whole Gospel of Matthew. If you read it carefully.

It is a contrast between Israel, the son, whom God called out of Egypt to become rebellious, who turned their back on God the son refused to obey God and his commission and comparing him with Jesus who is the true son, the faithful son the obedient son the perfect son the sinless son, and therefore, the apostle Paul in Romans and Galatians. See, the Lord Jesus Christ is the full fulfillment of all the promises that were given to Abraham and that all of the signs and the stars come as a result of the brothers and sisters that Jesus brings his father and only those who are Jews as brothers and sisters can truly call God our father. Those who put their trust in him. Those who accept his death on the cross to be for them. Those who will follow him and obey him at any cost. Those and those alone can call God father. They're able to say that because of their faith. This is not very popular message that in the eyes of the world and that educators of our day is being exclusivist in the big that's really their problem and is between them and God because I'll tell you what the word of God says and it says this that Jesus and Jesus alone can get you adopted by the father. There is no other way. Under heaven there is no other name under heaven by which men are given to call upon God, only the name of Jesus. Jesus is the only one, and he alone can sign your adoption papers Jesus and Jesus alone can bring you to the father. Jesus and Jesus alone can make it possible for anyone who comes to him in repentance and faith to be able to call his father, our father.

I hope that you and I don't misunderstand anything I'm going to say from no one. I don't mind you disagreeing but I don't want to do. Misunderstand, I wanted to at least disagree after you understand I'm going to tell you only what the Bible says I'm not a politician on a partisan.

I'm not a lawyer I'm a preacher of the word of God. Everyone of you under obligation before God to major everything by the word of God, not about who said what you have to measure what God's word said about what is happening and you have to make your own mind up the Bible tells us that without the shed blood of Jesus Christ. There can be no forgiveness. The Bible tells us that without the shed blood of Christ. Repentance is not acceptable in the sight of God without the shed blood of Christ.

There can be no true restoration without the shed blood of Jesus Christ. We cannot call God our father will be received by him or before given by him as his way to spell it out.

He does not need us to improve on it. People running around talk about forgiveness and minimizing the whole country became Christian all of a sudden then what am I forgiveness is not even understand what the word means without even understanding the concept of forgiveness. Forgiveness is just we could simply move on to tell you the best remorse and even a decision to change is not the same as biblical forgiveness as biblical repentance.

The Bible tells us that biblical repentance says that I cannot have salvation without Jesus that I cannot have power to overcome sin without Jesus that I cannot help myself.

Only Jesus can help me and to change me through his power not my decision-making.

I don't care how strong-willed a person may be that, as a court of the Christian faith. Some will say without missing brothers. If you don't understand it is not politically correct to mention the name of Jesus in the federal building will give you a good theological word hogwash and this is the core of our problem as a nation you see out the founding fathers came under the power of the Lord Jesus Christ were not ashamed to mention him and then out of his characteristics out of his love. They open this country for people like me for coming to this nation and be blessed and share in the blessing that God has given this nation but I never came, nor do I anybody has a right to come and rearrange the furniture the core of the problem is this. If we cannot name Jesus's name.

We cannot expect nor we can continue to receive Jesus's blessing therefore ashamed of Jesus's name Jesus said my father in heaven will be ashamed of you and the day of judgment, therefore, are embarrassed to name the name the only thing who can forgive us and restore us and accept all repentance, then there can be no true forgiveness.

If we are anxious to avoid his magnificent name, then there is no true repentance and therefore no true restoration without Jesus. Repentance is not worth 1/2 a hallelujah smear human efforts. It will not last, has no power with God please him right.

She Jesus's name is power. The problem is that we so sucked in by our secular culture and technology and science that we have ceased to believe the Jesus name is power and that power has been replaced even in our lives. We know Jesus. Those of us, even believers every single day. Jesus's name is power and no government anywhere in the world likes in the arrivals for power and that is why they don't like the name of Jesus. Now they don't mind. Of course some sort of a nebulous mention of God or a god somewhere how they might even get emotional about it that nebulous name, but it has no power was God.

No one can call God father who does not have Jesus as his savior brother is only possible because that is God's way, God's only way our father is very compassionate. All he is loving he is. Grace full his mercy full. There is not a single believer who does not understand what I'm talking about.

Everyone of us have been the recipients of his grace and mercy and forgiveness.

Everyone of us have sinned every one of us have lost touch with our dog, but he forgave us he restored us, but you know what is only one way to receive that as his way and he wants people to come to him his way, not their way, whatever that might in fact Jesus paints a magnificent picture in Luke chapter 15 is a magnificent picture. You know what Jesus is doing. He says I am painting a picture of my daddy in heaven. I wanted to know what is lying. Let me tell you what my gut is like this father is all loving he is caring he is compassionate, he is patient is long-suffering. He is slow to anger. He is quick to forgive.

That's the kind of father the soprano painting picture that he wants us to have when his son decided to leave all he let him go and never try to stop while he waited for him day in and day out. He never try to force him back while his heart was broken into over his son's rebellion. He never hired some private detectives to go and rescue him from the pigs and while he longs for his son to come back.

He never, never, never change his own standards for forgiveness in order to suit his son. Not once. Only when the sun came into repentance.

The father's way was he able to experience the father's love the father's forgiveness of the father's blessings. You have to come to God.

God's way, not the politically correct way. You have to come and say Jesus is God's way is only one way, I did not like the rule God did and did this prodigal son who know God even as far as a mile away from home, but never got home to the side of his father. He would've been just as bad for him as he was in the far country.

Comments that will you know I just feel bad about talking to my father to send somebody to talk to the father on my behalf. Been just as bad as he was in the far country. He had to come to the father.

The father's way as well.

We can call him our father because we have submitted to him. He did not submit to us what kind of a goddess who submits to our desires and our whims in our ideas of him in our heavenly father only accepts us and receives us and forgives us and restore service through the shed blood of Jesus Christ on Calvary. No amount of tears or remorse is going to bring about forgiveness from God unless those tears are over what your sin has cost God hundred cost them plenty for his son to hang on the cross and the high feeling sorry for her. Wrongdoings is not true repentance feeling remorse over sin is not biblical repentance. Jesus said to his disciples.

When you pray, say, our father, in fact, you know the story of the prodigal son is really a pure example that the only way to come to the father's the father's way and only those who come to the father.

The father's way can be his children.

It's a magnificent example because all the boys gives us the other side of that to the older boy stayed home, sang in the choir did all his chores to his room tidy. Did all be absolutely right. Things but he had just as big a wall between him and the father know why because he allowed self-righteousness and self-pity to build that wall up there so many people in the churches have a wall between them and the heavenly father.

Do you know why because they want to get the God the way they want to please God. Their way.

The father tried to assure that older boy but everything he has belongs to him.

The father tried to assure him that according to Jewish law. He is even entitled to twice as much as his younger brother.

The father tried to assure him of his love for him of his affection toward him of his interest in him, but his pride stopped. Some of you religious pride, stopping you from knowing God the father is your father some of your intellectual pride stopping you from knowing God is your daddy.

Some of you have pride and success in the stopping you from knowing God is your father I pray to God you give it up today that pride prevented the older boy from enjoying all the fat settler hands is but pride got underway because he did not believe what his father said that he was trying to do it his way. He was trying to what his father said is already his can imagine that he forfeited the privilege. In fact, the older boy really is, the more pathetic of the two really when you think about the older boy is a picture of a poor pathetic person who go to church has a membership somewhere. A person who wants to believe in God, his or her way a person who tries so hard the wrong way. A person who takes God for granted.

A person wants God's grace and God's forgiveness some other way other than the shed blood of Jesus Christ on Calvary and yet we tell you about the father in the picture that Jesus paints about the father. The father was just as brokenhearted over the older boy as much as he was over the younger board in the far country, please hear me right.

None of that changes the love of the father. None of that changes the yearning of the father for the sun to come back none of the changes the waiting of the father. There's nothing you can do for God to love you more. There's nothing you can do for God to love you. This loves you and nothing is going to stop them from loving you. But the waiting father will be waiting in vain. If we try to modify his way. If we try to twist his way.

If we try to improve on his way.

Why because his way is not open for modification or improvement. Our father little phrase you know what it does is begin the disciples prayer.

It's sort of produces all the complications of life into that simple relationship. Do you have that simple relationship.

Have you experienced it. Do you know him or is this something that is blocking him in your relationship with him from being enjoyed so thoroughly Jesus said to his followers. When you pray, say, our father, as I reflected upon those magnificent two words again and again for things I've learned number one having God for my father means an end to all fear pagans and many other religions. They ought to be at these terrified of their gods, but I'm not afraid of my God because he is my daddy but not only that my heavenly father takes away my fear. Secondly, he gives me all hope and confidence that I need to banish uncertainty in my life is see because of that relationship because I know that in my daddy I have protection in my daddy I have safety in my daddy I have security in my daddy, I have some limited in my daddy I have peace in my daddy I have salvation. Yes, in my daddy I have John's thinkable even in the midst of the tough times.

Not only that when God is my father. I have no fear, not only when God is my father have hope and protection, but certainly when God is my father. I have companionship. I have companionship know your family might reject to your friends might forsake you what you heavenly daddy never, never, never, never, never, never, how many members of these was a s'more, never, never, never, never forsake you. Listen to what Jesus said in John chapter 14 verse 21 is what Jesus said, he who has my commandments and keeps them is a key point here is that loves me and he loves me shall be loved by my father and I will love him and will disclose myself to him or her and me ask you this is God revealed himself to you recently.

Somehow maybe you have not been keeping his commandments. Maybe your love has grown cold.

Not only that when God is my father. I have no fear, not only when God is my father. I have hope and protection, not only when God is my father. I have companionship, but finally when God is my father.

I have his provision all the resources of our available to God's children. Did you know that all the resources in heaven, but I'm going to tell you the problem.

The problem is lack of faith blocks these blessings from coming solar system. We all determine what is happening in the stock market. I said let me ask you this. What did you do for God.

When the stock market was up, we gripe and complain little bit of a twist in the financial market. But how do we do what we do with the blessings that he gives us.

As long as we Horton would block the opportunity for God to pour out his resources.

When you pray, say, our father, our father means God is eager to hear me father means a God is eager to empower you and hear you with God is eager to bless you and lead you you're listening to Dr. Michael you sent in the broadcast known all around the world is leading the way. Would you like to get to know your heavenly father leading the way can help talk to one of our staff members start your conversation by going online and filling out a short contact okay how would you like to impact the nations for Christ through your life and living. We got the perfect opportunity for you to do just become a part of leading the race frontline mission partner program members are a critical part of the ongoing expanding ministries of leading the way right there in your city and all around the world through your generous monthly getting her teams will be better able to minister to reach more people with the good news of Jesus Christ. You frontline mission partners receive a special gift from Dr. you sent just thanks.

Plus, you'll get a nice discount in the leading the way. Online store.

When you order resources. Get the details now.

Visit that Al T. you can also call and speak to one of our ministry representatives.

We at 866-626-4356.

Once again, 866-626-4356, but that's about it for today. You listen next time right here when Dr. Michael Yousef continues his series called to leading this program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent

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