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Preparing the Next Generation (Part 4)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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May 15, 2020 12:00 am

Preparing the Next Generation (Part 4)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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What are you going to bother you appreciate what you're doing gold when I live in command and breaking the current and stand up for God and not compromise. That's what I want. I would say for 14 the Lord's work with me through the years and have been in low places way over the years, but then he could because the boy cared.

I know that other child abuse because he corrected. Maybe not least, why about 15 years ago, at least in her game low below assignee, the people and so part of LinkedIn to you.that editing currently not been listening to the money and ability, but I was so down at one time in my lap 20+ I was in the hospital and the Lord blessed me real good job but I don't want to strike within the hot Italy and in what the Lord brought me back and he started blasting the list you often encourage those like you guys I love him.thank you. Administrative compromise account that only way to make it live. Thank you my friends died in Lake Dr. Yousef would like to hear your stories well. He's only seven less to hear how God is used his voice to reach the hearts and the lives of people all around the world. So if you'd like to share testimony that might be used on here sometime in the future.

We encourage you to call us. The number is 877-941-7934.

Just follow the prompts when you get their phone number 877-941-7934 and if you'd like to learn more about leading the way.

Order products or support Dr. Yousef with you get stored worldwide ministry as ways to visit us online Ó la that Al T. today on leading the way, I challenge from Dr. Yousef to build a strong faith foundation with the next generation. Whether you're a parent, grandparent or aunt, uncle Laura, and partly young lives of coworkers in your job here now is Dr. Michael Yousef continuing his series called preparing the next generation. We are one generation away from the loss of faith one generation away. I don't exaggerate when I tell you that as I look around the surroundings and the cultural and I look at the church in general. Today, I see that we are beginning to look like that generation. In the book of Judges of the book of Judges talks about in Judges chapter 2 verse 10 and after that whole generation.

What is he talking about is talking about the generation of Joshua who crossed the river Jordan supernaturally molecular through the power of Yahweh that took the people of God into the promise of God and spread them around them inherited the promised land. As God made a promise to Abraham 400 years earlier of the teaching and the preaching of Joshua that whole generation. The Bible said they been gathered to their fathers, meaning that God that's the Bible's wife talking but God, another generation grew up, who knew neither the Lord nor what he had done for Israel. Next verse, verse 11 very sure of the bales, please, please, let me plead with you, take a sober look at our surroundings. We no longer go to the Scripture seeking answers from problems.

We are now removing the Bibles out of Navy installations, historically speaking, we have made villains out of the founding fathers and made heroes out of Ellen's churches that once believed him taught and stored for the gospel of Jesus Christ that he alone saves and now saying that all other religions are of equal value as many as 70% of all so-called born-again Christians are evangelical believers now believe that all religions are of equal value that everybody's going to make a demand mockery is that of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ of leaving heaven coming to dying on the cross.

That's the case, spread himself, all of that today there are some miserable people who are mangling a beautiful word, a beautiful English word you know what I'm talking about tolerance.

Tolerance now means not just loving the sinner, but you have to love the sin and have to approve of the sin and you have to accept the sin and the aftereffect sites of virtuous thing and that's what alarms me and that's what you will alarm every one of us and that is why am been sounding the alarm.

What is it that we do not have a choice but to take seriously our intercession on behalf of the next generation that we gotta take it that seriously, though we did not give up on the next generation but this must begin by also repenting. You see, when the book of Judges set a new generation arose and began to worship the bales that did not happen in a vacuum that did not happen without the help of intervening generation that is a generation between Joshua generation and that next generation.

There was an intervening generation that is if you like the baby boomer generation, the baby boomer generation. My generation has a lot to answer for.

For we have compromise our convictions. We are the ones who are now watching what we would never have watched 30 years ago, we have continued to live only for that which pleases us alone for it is us who have continued to give the next generation mixed messages, for it is us who have continued to act spiritually on Sunday and then worldly for the rest of the week it is us who we continue to tell the next generation do what I say not what I do. It is we who continue to be selective obedience to the word of God.

We are the ones who continue to give into relativism, for we are the ones who continue to seek our own entertainment and pleasure in our own will, instead of obeying the commands of God, please hear me out on this one. During this time of the judges of the new generation grew up not to know about Yahweh. It is because intervening generation become indifferent about Yahweh because that intervening generation they got to put 1 foot in the world and 1 foot with Yahweh. That's how it happened historically. In fact, my understanding of biblical history is that that intervening generation never cease to be religious, never cease of doing charitable work. They never seized from going through the religious motions they never ceased from going through the religious activities they never cease from going to church all but only if it does not conflict with some of their social activities or sports. All they do, was slowly but surely squeeze the truth of who God is into the margins of life slowly but surely listen to me that I did not deny God. They just mix them up with pagan concepts. They never repudiated Yahweh all know so they would not do that.

They just lump them together with all other pagan beliefs.

They did not ignore Yahweh.

They just love the Canaanites lifestyle a little bit too much and so instead of eliminating secular humanism altogether. They adopted it in the churches they brought it into the church is incorporated into the church. In other words, they basically canonized not canonized canonized the face, there's a lot of pain memorization going on in our culture today. Can you see it. Can you see it? Are you ready to do some biblical facts, the seed of Israel's departure from the truth began with a small spiritual compromise small, very small. It's imperceptible you can see 1 inch of the time. 1 inch of the time and then before long they were in deep trouble. Can you see that America can you see within the churches can use it in your life. I can see it in my constant doing as I measure my life look half of the about the repent and turn back is all well you know these Canaanites people are just nice people. These kind of peaceful people marry Inter-American those kinda nuts.

All they just have a different religious point of view we the ones we need to be open-minded, whether ones are just need to be tolerant camels nose under the tent of you heard that saying it's a legend about the camel who was 150░ temperature in the heat of the desert supposedly sent to the better one. This it is so hot out there on dying, I just put my nose in your tent to cool off. That's all I need, and slowly but surely he began to grow.

The camel started going into the 10th 1 inch of the time, and before long he took over the entire tent in the big one was out there fighting and that's where it came from beloved please listen to me. Once you start believing the lies soon Christ will be dethroned once all the truth become relative.

Soon the truth will become obsolete. Once Christianity become just another religion like all the others. It will soon become strip of its power while we are being entertained. Satan and his minions are having strategy meeting that having strategy meeting against each one of the children of the living God for having strategy meeting is your family have a strategy meeting against churches that believe in the word of God.

And while we are resting on our laurels.

Satan is working very on nine of how to trip us how to trip our families. So what is the answer. The answer is for the children of the living God to rise up.

It is time for the armies of the living God to be the armies of the living God, the answer is to be found when we shake ourselves up out of our stupor and say lovingly and said humbly and said joyfully, and yes, peacefully, that we will not give an inch. We will not give up one single person of the next generation of believers the enemy. In fact, we need to say with Moses when Moses said to Pharaoh not a horse. Can you say that with me not let me put that in context. These are famous words and there found in Exodus chapter 10 verse 26 in the Bible.

Pharaoh is a type of Satan and the Pharaoh of Egypt. After every plague, he would negotiate with Moses.

Don't ever negotiate with the enemy of your soul the moment you start negotiating with him you already beginning to lose. Don't negotiate with Satan say there is life, and that is wrong no negotiation, but Pharaoh always wanted to negotiate after every plague, you would say go call upon God call upon your God take a likeness plague and then I'll give you this or call upon how you got to stop this play and I'll give you that little bit here and little bits and pieces I give you a bone here in the bone there and Moses kept saying no way no way JosÚ and his name was not JosÚ was Pharaoh first, he said to Moses, toward the end when he really got worn out with the frogs.

He said I tell you what you said your God told you to go for three days journey to offer sacrifice take all of the men leave the women and the children here you go and you worship God. He said no way, JosÚ. All of us, our kids and our children. Another place, and finally says okay okay leave your cattle here. He said no way because we don't offer sacrifice dog God from that cattle listen and that's when he finally had enough and Exodus 1026 and he said not I who is left behind. This is what every one of us. When we claim the next generation for Christ must do must say Satan you cannot have anyone of ours. Satan will not conceding a thing. Satan will not compromising Satan when not giving an inch.

Satan not one of ours is going to stay under your control and you pride and you don't give up until God answers prayer, and you pray in your prayer and you never give up until God responds pound the doors of heaven and of God hears you Nancy for your prayer according to the will of God for the promise. Peter said, is to you and your children in the day of Pentecost. Remember what Jesus said about this window who pounded on the door of the unjust judge. She pounded until he responded.

And God said, because of your importunity is another old English word import unitary God will respond to tell you something in the early days of my Christian walk I read about George Mueller. He was the greatest blessing and the greatest pain all of the same time because I really did not read all of his biographies.

I just read about him and how every time he prayed, God answered his prayer. Everybody prayed to be saved, got saved and eyes of man is something wrong with me.

I'm not getting those kinds of answers and then I read his biography and I realize that he prayed for something as will some people for 23 years, have you like them apples. Some of us don't even pray for 23 seconds or 23 minutes for 23 years he hung on God we trust in God. He prayed for those people and he waited and waited and that really gave me a great deal of courage.

I realize that even praying for 10 years. Not long enough because when I know I'm pray according to the word of God. I don't give up the me ask you this. How serious are we going to take our claim of our next generation for Christ, but aesthetically, let me say this.

If the devil was able to deceive Adam and Eve, whom the Bible said they fellowship with God as a friend with fellowship with a friend. You don't think is going to deceive us is working out.

It the devil is fighting for the soul of the next generation and we cannot be polite with the devil he will eat your lunch to eat their lunch.

Don just give the next generation some money and some education on a pat on the back teaching about spiritual warfare, equipped them with the authority of the word of God prepare them for the battle ahead of us. Tell them about the roaring lion all but don't ever forget to tell them about the lion of Judah united with other believers for God is honored when there is repentance, unite and crying through the line of Judah that he met with the roaring lion on your behalf and on behalf of the next-generation model for them. Your victory over the enemy of your soul. Show them how God delivered you how God healed you and how God forgave you every time you repented you start a project or a picture that is not true. It is better for them to see your failure and then your repentance and the blessing of God that came as a result of repentance that will strengthen them here. Some biblical facts are. God is a God who persevered our God is the God who never gives up on us. God is the one who never lets us down. Our God is the one who never lets us go model God be like your God, don't give up if it take the rest of your life praying. Don't give up. I been praying for things for years now believe if I don't see the answer to that Brown probably think he's going to answer them the next generation.

But I will not give up.

I pray for certain people that I will never give up, and before leaving the people of Israel. You see, Joshua warned him he warned him he warned him of the little compromises doesn't stay little becomes big compromise who constantly warned him. In fact, he let them see from his own life he allowed his biography, how often a great victory in Jericho.

He got down there in the little tiny town of any got clobbered any show them it's a reason because he did not pray he did not seek the power of God. He saw these two clever, he thought, her sister too smart that he could handle it on his own, and when he got clobbered he turned to the Lord and cried to the Lord. He was modeling for them and he was warning them he was warning them with all of his heart beating only do it once.

He did it many times. He illustrated them the vision of God. What a mighty and great card they have any set of them and you obey the Lord your God, he will fight your battle for you.

Let me ask you this. Only you can answer that between you and God. Are you living in disobedience. Are you living with a secret sin in your life and you wonder why God is not answering your hears the words of Joshua and if you obey the Lord your God, he will fight for you. He will fight for the next generation hillside even for the third and the fourth generation, but sadly the intervening generation compromised and they did not pass up warning did not pass this training to the next generation with tragic consequences to the problem's not losing salvation is no fear of that.

The problem when we keep silent and everything around is getting darker and darker and we stay quiet and say nothing and do nothing and it's all well what can one person do. The problem is we going to suffer is going to be that we going to be immune. Trust me we going to suffer new member lot. The Bible said he was vexed. He was vexed in living in Sodom I would be vexed to fixed already in this culture the Bible is very clear that it is the parents responsibility to train and equip and prepare the next generation where you just serve you with a healthier win intervening generation and Joshua Stein failed to train and equip and pride instruct the next generation lost the battle. They lost the battle. In fact, the one thing the book of Judges H generation burned of how gracious God is for every time a generation tries to God he sends them a deliver every trauma next generation tries to God to send them a deliver.

In fact, this whole theme of the book of Judges, God will always respond to repentance.

Unfortunately, when a generation repentant Dotson to deliver the counter stop dead in their tracks. They don't go back up this day and the next generation come go a little further down the further down they kept going. Generation after generation in a down mood spiral until it became a total disaster.

Can you see the downward spiral in the last several decades. In our culture.

Can you see it in the churches I believe the Lord longs to have mercy. I believe the Lord longs to hear the cry of repentance that so many Christians often think that God's problem is the atheists or agnostics of anti-God forces him and then his heart ache his grieving is over his children that he cares about learn from Scripture about the character of God imitate the character of your God, how he grieves over those who name his name one day and live like the world.

The next how to grieve over those who turn his grace into license how he grieves over those of accepted the world's redefinition of marriage, how he grieve over his children of mixed Christianity with Islam calling it Crystal slumped, how he grieves husband those who take the name of Christ redefine morality how he grieves that those who claim to be Christians at and behave just like those for nonbelievers. That is why we are the intervening generation must repent first before we can do anything else we need to repent. We can keep going downward spiral or we can commit ourselves a fresh commit ourselves and you that we will pray and never give up on the next-generation but is all going to begin with our repentance, then commit to the Lord proclaiming the next generation for Christ, will you answer Dr. Yousef's call to repent and to connect to claim the next generation for Jesus you're listening to leading the way. The pastor and best-selling author Dr. Michael Yousef's quick reminder about Dr. Michael Yousef's current special offer. He will send you his thought-provoking book when the crosses are gone, while supplies last. Did those who give a gift to leading the way in us a call 866-626-4356 or visit and like you there.

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