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Preparing the Next Generation (Part 3)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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May 14, 2020 12:00 am

Preparing the Next Generation (Part 3)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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In his insightful and thought-provoking book with the crosses are gone.

Michael use of explosives. The agenda of a growing number of anti-Christian groups and offers a solution for restoring sanity to a world gone mad as many Bible believing Christians are booked into removing the cross from the public.

It is time for believers to stand up to these attacks and defend the cross is a symbol of God's grace and love be one of the first 1500 to make a donation of any amount to the work of leading the way and we will send you a copy of when the crosses are gone. Today, while supplies last call right or visit us LTW got over Dr. Michael Yousef's current special offer. When the crosses are gone, while supplies last dose to get a gift to leading the way in us a call 866-626-4356 or visit was Jesus traveled from town to town. He healed many people and word of these healing spread far and wide for downplaying the way Dr. Michael UNICEF takes you into the pages of John chapter 4 see a man with a very sick son sought out the healing of Jesus for his family in a unique way. It's a story modeling persistence and unwavering intercession through faith. For the next generation. Here's Dr. Michael UNICEF with part three of his series preparing the next generation done with replays to John chapter 4 verse 46 to 53. Here you'll find an example of a father who want not take no for an answer on notice of exaggeration, but I want to show you the summer approved your limit. This man perhaps knew or had very little medical knowledge, we don't know him. I never even understood or known, all the theological debates in the biblical debates are going around swarming around Jesus he perhaps did not comprehend fully the universality of the Messiah ship of Jesus. He probably did not understand all that should've been understood about the power of Jesus, but he expressed one absolutely unwavering faith in Jesus. He had, and a movable faith in who Jesus is enough trustworthiness of Jesus. He had an absolute confidence, faith that Jesus would fulfill his promise. No matter what he believed Jesus and he believed in Jesus on behalf of his son. He believed Jesus on behalf of the next generation. I pray that this man models for us marbles persistence model unwavering intercession in faith and through faith on behalf of the next generation not remember Enoch I mentioned in the last message he was 360 years. He walked with God. The entire time and I said the reason he walked is because progress imagine progressing in one's walk with God for that length of time. No wonder heaven snatched him without dying in all of us thinking this week about Enoch again and I thought of how some of the situations that I've also been exposed to where parents serve this hindrance rather than help develop believing children not know that them and you know that but also want to encourage the believing children to pray for their parents never give up on praying for them in man, but I thought about about what a contrast this man who came in faith trusting Jesus. Some of these; skeptical fathers and I thought of what one particular person or a cynical father who son 18 years of age was really on fire for the Lord and he had such maturity and and that one day he come back from church and his father was making fun of him.

This is not what the preacher say he said we learned that Moses sent his soldiers behind enemy's line in Egypt to rescue the Jews from Pharaoh and that that he had the engineers build the pontoon bridge and then he got the people to cross over the waters over that pontoon bridge and once all crossed over. He send bombers to bombard bring in the new Egyptian tanks start sinking in on the father. Stop is no women.

Did you really say that way. He said no but if I tell you what he said you will not believe it. I think it was Skeeter Gardner once said that the reason so hard to believe goes so hard to obey the glorious thing about the Christian faith is that God is the one who gives a saving faith in God is also the one who enables us to have daily faith. God is the one who gives us faith in specific times for specific reasons for his glory. When we ask him for he gives us the kind of faith that refuses to quit the kind of faith that never gives up the kind of faith that is willing to trust in the word of God regardless of the circumstances, regardless what everybody else is and they take God at his word and they never move was a long time.

Other nameless who pin those those words together. Let me read them to his pray on one rough and dark your pathway and you cannot see the light when every spark of hope has vanished and bright day has turned tonight pray on for God surely hear you noting well.

Each sent request. Pray then in faith truly believing that he always gives what is best and I want the same and belongs here this man came to Jesus in faith when he came to Jesus he came into a mold of what I call crisis faith. It was a crisis that brought him to Jesus and thank God for this crisis.

I know we don't like them, but for those who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ. It's often an opportunity for the Lord to bring them to himself.

For those of us who know the Lord.

It presses deeper into his heart and so this man comes in in crisis faith mode, but he never stayed in that crisis. Faith, like a lot of Christians these days do.

He moved from crisis faith to contagious faith, all in the period of less than 48 hours.

I want to show you right here most often when we learn to intercede on behalf of others. Faith begins in a crisis mode with desperate with urgent women haste and would cry upon the Lord, and you know what the Lord welcomes that.

But what grace does is this it uses this crisis faith to help us develop all the way until our faith becomes contagious.

Develop faith, not in faith but in who God is and the faithfulness of God in the sense I want to show you in this very incident here. It's like a five step letter.

It begins with a crisis faith and it moves from crisis faith to continuing faith and from continuing faith.

It moves to confident faith and from confident faith.

It moves to confirmed faith and finally it becomes a contagious faith. Look at verse 46 of John chapter 4. The nobleman came to Jesus and desperation that this man was a member of King Herod's court and he is somebody in this man, no doubt had money had power had influence. But this crisis brought about this budding faith in Jesus and the wonderful thing about our Lord, that he welcomed the budding faith. This man implored Jesus he was called Jesus come with me come to my house. He was urging Jesus and he was persistent in asking Jesus and on the surface, look at Jesus's response was a man he was rebuffing him. Remember, Jesus has a wider audience in mind as well. Is this man. Verse 48 is not what he expected. He probably expected you said okay let's go where Micah Jesus said verse four incident unless you people see miraculous signs and wonders will never believe universal mind and even become defensive as an unknown owner not me, but I would listen to me.

Here's a biblical fact, if you really want to go and grow in your faith.

You must be willing to accept that testing of your faith. If you want to grow in faith. You must be willing to accept the testing of faith in here Jesus was testing this man's face and the testing of his faith is for the purpose to know whether this man really trusting in Jesus or just he wants his needs met. Does he have faith in faith locks. Most people in our culture today or he has faith in Jesus. Does he have a fleeting faith or does he have continuing faith.

Does he have a temporary faith or a permanent faith. Now I can tell you that believing God for the next generation has to move from crisis faith to being continuing faith in men.

How do you progress in faith like this by not giving up. The moment God does not answer our prayer. Don't give up just because he is not moved on your behalf.

Immediately believing God for the salvation of the next generation means that you would not move. No matter how long it takes you straight on and you stay on this nobleman's crisis. Faith gave way to continuing faith. How verse 48 when Jesus try to put them off to another tell him as if he never heard what Jesus said he just moved on as if to say, my faith is in who you are and that's not going to be changed, but then he grew from continuing faith, the confident faith.

Verse 50 Jesus said you might go your way, your son will live. I think the average person to remember this is not a person who strain theologically. This man is in Herod's court and he could've said no. When a minute.

Lord, I thought that you going to come and walk with men and lay hands on on the board and see the boy how can I be sure that this is the case, how can I be sure this long way away this and there were no texting though cell phones. There were now calling home to check and so they did it happen is a law is a daily journey almost on a donkey. How can I be sure boy so far away, but he didn't.

He didn't know the confident faith. Why listen to me, because confident faith text God at his word. Confident faith trusts God without visible evidence confident faith hang on the promise of God. Now you say my next generation in the far country hung on the promise of God. They have gone too far.

Hang on the promise of God, they may be in total rebellion. Hold tight on the promise of God that they may have gone as far as anybody because it has ever gone nevermind you're hanging on God's promise. You know, and I know that doubt is the enemy of faith right. I was tempted with them. Every one of us but doubt should be only be uprooted as a poisonous weed don't tolerate it. How by trusting God by dropping anchor on the promise and the immovable. Please listen to me. The reason so many Christians do not die and give offering on top is because they doubt God they doubt the promises of God, they think of a father figure offering and give generously to the work of God that somehow God is not to provide for their needs. Years ago somebody put it this way.

Is it faith is like a toothbrush. Everyone should have one and use it regularly, but he should never try to use somebody else's. Not to be sure to be sure we can model faith to the next generation of them talk about modeling in this last two messages we can model but sooner or later they have all the faith. When crisis faith gives way to continuing faith that develops into confident faith and when confident faith is experienced sooner or later it will go to confirmed faith. This member of King Herod's court believed God for his next generation. He trusted the Lord's words, even when he had no visible evidence when he could not see it with his eyes. He took Jesus at his word, even when he could not see with his own eyes that it was so.

He was so anchored in his trust of the word and the promise of Jesus, so much so that he did not see the necessity to rush home ministry why write that in the text. He probably went wherever he went to sleep for that night and slept like a baby. I missed up here and remind you of the promise of the New Testament. First Corinthians chapter 7 verses 14, 15 and 16 makes it very clear that the children of a believing parent in the singular.

One parent are you with me. The children of a believing parent as sanctified in that believing parents. That means that you need to rest at peace and in confidence and trust that somehow in the economy of God somewhere in the buyer by that one day in God's timing, your next generation will be brought to the Lord Nimrod please the God who accepted the intercession of Abraham on behalf of his nephew law. He is accepting your prayer of intercession. The very God who blessed Solomon because of the prayer of David. He is going to do it on your behalf.

When the nobleman finally gets home, so next day strike. There in the text, the servant came out to meet him. I try to measure knowing that part of the world.

I try to imagine these guys probably stayed all night at the gate waiting for the bus to come home and they're probably saying to themselves man the boss is not going to believe what happened in the Bosque is not going to believe when we tell him the news when he sees what happens is going to jump for joy.

Most likely there were so excited they didn't sleep all night waiting for them to come back while he was sleeping like a baby. So when he comes home, he asks are you sure this has happened was a boy I want to see the barn. I now known as one question.

One question, what time did it take place. Bossman what this does is affect what time it happened, although it makes all the difference in the world because this is not a coincidence.

This is not happenstance. This is not an accident.

This is not like it happen the moment the promise was made by Jesus. Amen. My beloved when crisis faith gives way to continuing faith and continuing faith develops into confident faith. It produces confirmed faith, and somehow God will confirm it, but then confirmed faith naturally leads to a contagious faith, ask yourself the question, is my faith really contagious.

Look at verse 53 when the nobleman confirmed the moment the medical took place.

The Bible said so.

He and all can say all his household believed listen to me if I know anything about the word of God.

I know that God is a covenant making a covenant keeping God that God wants to bless whole household even to the third and the fourth generation and that is why believing God on behalf of the next generation is not an option for the believer. It is not an option in the book of acts, whenever that the head of the household was baptized. The entire family was baptized that babies will baptize the servant so baptized a Kino skull reader its entire household and you see it again and again in the book of acts chapter 10 Cornelius the very first Gentile to be converted.

His household were baptized in acts 16. It was the Philippian jailer and his hall household in the bogus acts 16 again Lydia and her entire household will baptize coming to the faith as a covenant with family now these kids have to own their face when they grow up. I don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying you can inherit faith that would be absolute heresy that will come to a point, but you're absolutely unwavering faith as you said that all of tree right when it was a little tiny tree, it will grow it will take 15 years before he gets gives good berries, but you will grow and will last for 20 generations. You can believe God for the next generation. The question is will you will you will you believe God and move from crisis faith to continuing faith confident faith to confirmed faith to contagious faith.

I believe the Lord longs for. Will you join in believing God for the next generation. This is leading the way.

Listen on the radio online through the leading the way out and you are smart speaker. More Now, as we close out today. Let me share a note we received recently from the listener and Morocco. This note attached our entire team think that it will bring you some encouragement is a divorced mother of two. I am reaching out for two reasons. I urgently want to get baptized before I'm struck with the coronavirus and may die, and I want to share with you how deeply touched I am contacting you since recent message.

I agree with this is the time to pray and to return to the Lord. Right away I programmed my television and radio to listen to my favorite Christian TV station turning away from your channel, especially when we were locked in a town my children and I are blessed to be able to listen. God bless you we are humbled to minister during these difficult times, and not just in your neighborhood that has you heard all around the world so many have and continue to live through difficult times because of you leading the way is able to reach teach and minister to those in need. Learn ways to stand with Dr. yourself when you speak to a ministry representative. We are at 866-626-4356. You can also visit our interactive website and hello my friends. Prior to this crisis of this coronavirus. We have been burdened by God to call American primary to pray for this nation.

Our nation is in trouble. You have to have spiritualized casinos and we desperately need the renewal of the Holy Spirit. Only the Holy Spirit can invade our nation, our lives, in our churches and bring an awakening so the awake, American campaign started earlier but now we even have more of a reason to urge every one of you to join together and do exactly what we were asking you to do. Please sign up so that together we unite in asking God to wake America we need America to wake up the church in America wake up because God is giving us some warning signs and if we don't take those warning signs to heart trouble so I'm going to urge you join with us father upright you will send us an awakening. We have to write awakenings in the history of this great country we you send us 1/3 one. The Lord made start with me my start with us because we know that an awakening can start with one person is. It happened so many times in history. Thank you in advance, Lord God, help us to live a purified godly holy life for the glory of Jesus and for the harvest that you going to give us an article in the faith in Jesus name, amen.

In case you would like to call and learn about America.

The number is 86662635686664356 and the website again. This program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael. You sat, you can connect with us via television you to Facebook twitter and all of our social media networks

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