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The Marvelous Mom

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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May 8, 2020 12:00 am

The Marvelous Mom

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Michael, you send a blessing to pay tribute to moms on leading the way. Hello my friends blessed Mother's Day like many of you I had a great mother who prayed for me and I am so privileged to know many wonderful moms and that is why today's message on the marvelous mom is going to be an encouragement to all moms, but also to all the children who appreciate and are blessed by great moms, so I wanted to stay. June Proverbs 31 return to it with me please and follow because in these 22 verses the word of God clearly describes all of the marvelous moms that have been our and will come with very very very very few exceptions, most of us, if not all of us can testify to how marvelous our moms are sometime ago someone said that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world and I couldn't agree more. For I can stand here and I can tell you and I told you through the years of the great moms that produce some great men from St. Augustine to John Wesley and Charles Wesley's mom, Susanna Wesley marvelous mothers through the years and through the history, but I want us to look at the Scripture. I want us to examine the Scripture and look at how the Scripture describes the marvelous mom. Here are the 10 things that I want to share with you about marvelous months. First of all, in verse 10, she is marvelous in her worth.

Solomon king Solomon who messed up royally and in really royally messed up and compromise in disobedience to God the Holy Spirit right in the midst of his own failure guides him to the great qualities of the marvelous mom. She is marvelous in her worth.

Look at verse 10 with me. A wife of noble character who can find she is worth more than rubies.

This actually can read also fortunate though blessed is the man who can find her.

She is priceless. She Solomon looks at his moral failure in his moral compromise and he contrasted to godly women.

He said that the strength of her moral character and moral qualities is priceless. There is no price he can name next to that, most likely, Solomon was thinking of his great great grandmother Ruth.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is whom he was thinking of because of her sterling quality Ruth was called in the Bible. A virtuous woman in the most important thing about this is that she was a Gentile. The mother do. She was not a Jewish woman. She was a Gentile woman, Ruth the Moabite drank deeply from the teaching of her mother-in-law, Naomi, about the God of Israel, she learned so much from her mother-in-law about who is this God of Israel, and she came to believe in him, she came to be faithful like tears she came to trust him wholeheartedly initiate strata life. She came to try to imitate his faithfulness by being faithful to her mother-in-law, and thus God privileged her to be the great grandmother of King David.

She is marvelous in her worth. Secondly, she is marvelous in her wholeness. Look at verses 11 and 12. Now please please please please ladies do not mistake wholeness with perfection. Are you with me ladies. None of us will attain perfection before heaven. When I got then perfection in this lifetime.

Perfection belongs to God alone. Perfection is unattainable in this lifetime. I am absolutely convinced just listen to me.

I am absolutely convinced that the sooner we all grasp this fact, the less stressful life will be payment gloves here wholeness is that qualities that all marvelous moms have they anticipate our needs and meet them before we do.

They finish our sentences for us. They are so dependable in every way.

There always building up their family are not tearing them down. They always say the right thing at the right time, which reminder that marvelous mom when her son was so discouraged, depressed, and came home and said mom everyone in the world hates me. She said son not everyone in the world had the privilege of meeting you.

That is a marvelous mom.

She is marvelous in her worth she is marvelous in her wholeness. Amen. Now she is marvelous in her workmanship. Look at verses 1314 and 50 marvelous mom is never idle marvelous moms are not spending their time looking for the next adventure.

Marvelous moms are forever occupied of meeting her family's needs that his physical needs, emotional needs, spiritual needs, and here Solomon talks about wool and flax, well of course today. The modern generation of women do not knit black are used to in the old days after all garments are so cheap. Now we used to go because it was expensive.

The couldn't get them a ready-made but let me tell you I have watched how many moms today, a growing non-stop. I mean most moms today a logging more miles in the cars than the average taxidriver I'm in. In addition to cooking and tutoring in sewing and mending, and in cheerleading of her kids and counseling her kids and being a nurse and all of that after all of that work. Some of them even try to get a part-time job to help with little extra expenses. If I have a word of counsel to young dads from his grandfather. It would be this be very sure to give your wife a break. Be sure to give your wife a break. Amen.

She is marvelous in her worth she is marvelous in her home. She is marvelous in her workmanship and then she is marvelous and her wealth management some of your cringing. Is that what wealth are you talking about are you kidding me. You haven't seen my credit card bill. While the only reason I had to come up with that because I was looking for a word that starts with W said doesn't break the flow of my outline I can come up with a better one. But marvelous moms stretch a dollar further than the rubber band. They are super shoppers. There are coupon clippers. They forever finding bargains and in low prices. A friend of mine told me something years and years and years and years ago. I have never forgotten it.

He said my wife if she sees something cost $10 she think it's outrageous price but it is 995 it's a bargain she is marvelous in her worth she is marvelous in her wholeness.

She is marvelous in her workmanship. She is marvelous in her wealth management and number five. She is marvelous in her willingness to serve. Look at verse 20. She open her arms to the poor and extend her hands to the needy.

Some women in this church who served inside and outside of the church who are so faithfully give themselves in service.

It is so overwhelming at times.

When I see this and I've I see and I know more than they think. I do, and that he never wanted better to know about the do all of the ministry behind the scenes, knowing that only God can reward improperly as I was growing up I watched how my mother gave of herself so generously, not just our family but lots of people in our towns, too many to number.

In fact, she was known as a go to woman in our town in times of crisis, and in times of need, and yet she permitted no one to speak of what she does special in her presence would not allow any of us to talk about it. Her anonymity was so important to her because she realized that her reward is in heaven and is in God and not in the praise of people saw.

I'll never forget the day of her funeral. Back in 1964.

The pastor who 16 years earlier, literally asked at the risk to life and to have me when all the doctors that you shouldn't that some pastor preached at her funeral and he said something that again I'll never forget the day I die. Is it today, a very expensive bottle of perfume has been broken and all of us can experience its beautiful aroma. He said that while she was living she permitted no one to speak of her serving of her giving of herself. Now she's in heaven, we can freely speak of her act of kindness and mercy to everyone.

Marvelous moms are able to change the world without anyone even knowing the names. Indeed, their investments, their serving ministry extends to many generations to come in.

So let me remind you again. She is marvelous in her worth she is marvelous in her wholeness. She is marvelous in her workmanship. She is marvelous in her wealth management and number five. She is marvelous in her willingness to serve.

Number six years marvelous in her watchfulness. Look at verse 21 with me please when it snows. She has no fear for her household, for all of them are closed and scholars during Solomon's time or even to this day in the part of the world it doesn't snow very often.

It's a rare occurrence, but it would.

Every now and again it was snow on Mount Herman, but not necessarily in the Valley but even so rare as this is why the Solomon talk about her not being taken by surprise. In those rare days when it snows is telling us that she anticipated the need, even if it is a rare occurrence. I think that we all can testify to how marvelous moms when you forget something she remembers when you don't think it's done. She plans ahead and bails you out of a jam over and over and over again. You don't believe me just look at the person's I mean you will be absolutely amazed what you can find their can openers mean it is amazing letter openers, paper and pen maps today. Everything you need is on moms iPhone have the kids go to it anticipates the needs of the family because the marvelous mom. She is marvelous in her worth she is marvelous in her wholeness. She is marvelous in her workmanship. She is marvelous in her wealth management. She is marvelous in her willingness to serve. She is marvelous in her watchfulness number seven.

She is marvelous in her wisdom. Look at verses 22 all the way to 25.

She takes pride in her family not on the outward appearance, but it would appearance as well.

She takes pride in the character developments in her children and she expired when she sees the making right choices.

She takes pride in her husband's successes.

She's not competing with him. She's completing him. She takes pride in her husband being respected in the community. That's what sitting at the gate means that she takes pride in the fact that she is God's instrument for his success that she takes pride when her children appraised for the good and godly character. She is closed with strength and dignity and she can laugh at the days to come.

What is that me listen carefully, it means that she is optimistic about the future. Why, because while she does not know what the future holds.

She knows who holds the future she knows the Lord because she knows that God is in control regardless of what the circumstances. Bring and she knows that God is in control and she's not that God is in control of her life that God is in control of her family live and so she faces the future with optimism. She laughs. That's what he means here no fear but faith.

She is marvelous. Number eight in her wholesome speech.

Look at 26 and 27. Her speech of salted with salt.

She knows when a word of rebuke is needed. She knows when a word of kindness is needed.

She knows when a word of encouragement is needed to knows when there's a word of conviction is needed. Look at verse 26 she speaks with wisdom and faithful instruction on her time. What is that mean it means that she's not griping and complaining all the time that she is not forever whining about everything. It is not forever gossiping and slandering no sir. She is a marvelous mom. She controls her tong and speaks a word of wisdom in due season. In fact, Solomon is saying that those who speak with kindness.

They are actually teachers of kindness is that how come because the example rubs off on everybody that comes across and beloved Mattel you rather than loan. Mother non-wife of the two women that are started very closely both Monica, the mother son Augustine and Susanna Wesley, I want to give you an example of that incredible wisdom that this woman was renowned for when John Wesley went Oxford University just let go. Even today, going to universities or shock to the system.

I mean, he was like everybody else got to Oxford and he saw the students there were drinking excessively.

Even back then, so he was literally shellshocked and and he rolled his mother, Susanna. I wrote her a note telling her about this and asked her for her wisdom is her reply. Listen carefully, my son, remember that anything that increases the authority of the body over the mind is an evil thing. Just few words packed with wisdom all yes marvelous moms of wisdom and wholesome words to speak in due season for she is marvelous in her worth marvelous in her wholeness marvelous in her workmanship, marvelous in her wealth management marvelous in her willingness to serve marvelous in her watchfulness marvelous in her wisdom marvelous in her wholesome speech. Number nine. She is marvelous in her worthiness of price. Verse 28 her children arise and call her blessed. Her husband also there. I've talked to enough people in the ordained ministry to know that the greatest reward.

And I know I speak for the majority, not for everybody but if I understood women as I have ministered through the years they not looking for this big shiny stuff in expensive things. What they're looking for is gratitude from the family thankfulness recognition of their selfless giving of themselves as a story told about G. Campbell Morgan, G. Campbell Morgan had four sons, all of them were preachers and so that a family reunion and as you know, you can control the family or have one of the scalawags in a member of the family. Kind of looked at the Morgan family and he said of all five preachers in the Morgan family who is the best preacher of course the boys got of politely look toward the father at that moment Mr. Morgan said let me stop you right here until you that the best preacher in the Morgan household is Mrs. Morgan. Amen. That can be said of my own life.

I can tell you marvelous moms do their fair share of preaching even not always using words and is no wonder that their preaching is lasting is enduring because it is lived out the alien and direct. Finally, marvelous mom is a worshiping mom look with me please. Verse 29, 30 and 31 charm is deceptive. Beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised when you can substitute, fear the Lord for worshiping the Lord fearful worship of worship of the Lord is to be praised in Isaiah 49 the God trying to explain his enduring love for his people. Even though they doubted it in using human languages.

It can a mother forget her baby at her breast and then he goes to the impossibility even in some very, very strenuous circumstances. They may forget, but I will never forget you. There may be someone here today who has been tempted that God has forgotten you are thinking that God had forsaken you that God has abandoned you, that God has forgotten about you. Well, think of the love of a marvelous mom. Think of how a mom can never abandon her child and then multiply her love million times and you get close to comprehending the love of the father he can forget you nor forsake you. It is not in his nature, the very sacrificial nature of moms makes us look at the cross lifts our eyes to see the cross of Jesus. And when you look at the cross, he can quickly be jolted of how much your heavenly father loves you, and that he loved you so much that he gave his only one begotten son on the cross for you can now the love of someone who has done so much to Michael you sent focusing our attention to them, marvelous moms, and online. In fact, Michael has a poignant illustration that will put a nice bell on today's program and elect that in just a moment or 2%. Think about how fortunate you are today. This weekend you'll gather with family and friends either at church or in your online community and you won't have any concern that the government's going to step in and enforce who and how you worship, but it's not like in other areas of the world. In some places Christians cannot gather because of fear for their lives into the lives of their family and their associates, but leading the way is painful that we are able to be a part of sharing the message of the gospel, allowing people to dig deeper into what it means to live life as a Christian we hope that you will partner with leading the way.

Knowing that you join us you helping programs to continuing areas of the world. We people live in fear. You will be a part of sharing Jesus through radio through satellite television and other media encouraging brothers and sisters in their faith. Yes, I remember. To learn more. 866-626-4356 that 86662643561 online and LTW.Borg now is Dr. Michael you set to finish out today's program years ago a young mom was making her way across the hills of South Wales and England. She was getting a little baby in her arms but she was overtaken by a blinding blizzard. She never reached her destination.

When the blizzard subsided her baby was found by the searcher under a mound of snow is what they discovered is a dog that mound before her death.

Mom has taken her out the garments and she wrapped it around her baby when the rescuer unwrapped the child to their utter amazement. Enjoy the baby was alive and well. She not only wrapped the baby with her outer garments she mounted her own body over his. In effect, giving her life for her son. She proved the depth of a mother's love by giving of hers not beloved. This is what the son of God did for us and redeeming us eternally in saving us not just for this life and in this life, but for eternity forever and ever and ever on the cross, Jesus paid the wages of my sin and your sin and the sin of everyone who acknowledges their sin and receive the payment on the cross to be for their sins, and to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord, and repent of their sin. That's the price the pure sinless blood of Jesus was poured out on the cross for you.

Some sources have said that this young boy grew up to be one of England's fine Prime Minister's. Be that as it may, comprehending the love of God can move you to do great and mighty things for God is a person here today have never comprehended the indescribable love of Christ dying on the cross for you. You can do that today we can say Lord Jesus you died for me.

Sinless for a sinner. Pure for rent against them because you want me to know that you love me father your word says that you do not leave yourself without a witness.

Thank you that you have chosen a mother's love. Remind everyone of us that you love this beyond measure.

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