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Building Godly Families (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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May 6, 2020 12:00 am

Building Godly Families (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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In his insightful and thought-provoking book with the crosses are God, Michael Yousef exposes the agenda of a growing number of anti-Christian groups and offers a solution for restoring sanity to a world gone mad as many Bible believing Christians are booked into removing the cross from the public. It is time for believers to stand up to these attacks and defend the cross is a symbol of God's grace and love be one of the first 1500 to make a donation of any amount to the work of leading the way and we will send you a copy of the crosses are gone to it today while supplies last call right or visit us eight, the father of a dying boy this is leading the way. Best man's half of his son is recorded here in the word of God for all generations to read and to learn from it best man's persistence and crap of his family.

This for all fathers and mothers why God rest stop welcome to leading the way with pastor and author Dr. Michael you you know when your kids are sick.

You'll do just about anything to help them get well that was the case with the man you hear about today you will be introduced to a nobleman for King Herod and that the cabinet officer. He realized it.

Only Jesus could heal his boy and his fate is a powerful encouragement for those of you who may need a little healing in your life and family today.

John chapter 4 is where Dr. Michael Yousef Texas today. Let's listen become a trend of light for some of our television networks the wrong public service announcements, emphasizing children, one of them actually live words like cop children first store.

Children must come first. Great.

I'm not really sure what, how, and emphasis in children cannot be just good because there emphasis in the philosophy that's underpinning the emphasis is wrong.

That's what it is wrong because they say the children and how they feel about themselves is more important than anything else.

So you can read all right. But as long as I feel good about themselves, about the concept track, but that doesn't matter as long as they have a positive self-image and have a positive self-image when there are lousy academically pending philosopher is lousy. It is wrong and sadly I want to tell you there are so many well-meaning churches that have fallen into the trap that have followed the trend. That said, because when the emphasis is on pride and not God's glory in trouble when the emphasis is on our own.

Not being pregnant is on God. We are in deep trouble when the emphasis is on believing in children around unbelieving God on behalf of the children will really in trouble. I want to tell you something. I looked in the Scripture from cover to cover just for this exercise for this week. I have not seen anyone in the Scripture, the Bible said make kids feel good about themselves. I have not found the noise of the most important thing about self-esteem.

I have not found anything as most important things about children is that they have a positive self-image, but I tell you what I found out I found out that parents have been asked by God to instruct their children the word of God. I found that the parents are instructed by God to teach the children the truth about God and the truth about the facts of history. I see over and over again that this is the instruction of the word of God prepares why you know why because when times are instructed in the word of God. And when parents do their job in bringing up children in the field and nurture Lord feel good about themselves. We exercise all things court on court and wound up with guns and violence in schools wind up with immorality in schools simply because we are denying reality and reality is that the horse has to come first. Love the court believing God on behalf of your children. Behalf of the family and what I want to talk about today are no this is an important message. I know that the devil did not want me to preach this message and I won't bore you with the details, but I believe with all my heart, on the authority of God's word that the reason we have a crisis of faith regarding our families is because we have placed our confidence in the right techniques we have placed our confidence on the right methodology we have placed our confidence on the right program.

There is nothing wrong with these. I am not resizing them willy-nilly.

The question for all of us is this doing. We believe God for our children and for our families. We put our faith in technology, we persevere in faith on behalf of our families already run around looking for a formula looking for the secret of success looking for a bill is going to make your kids turn out to be okay.

So if you look at John chapter 4 beginning at verse 46 identifies an example of a father. He did not know much not understand a great deal about Jesus did not comprehend quite a bit actually. But he had one thing going for him. He had faith in the Lord Jesus Christ this man's faith on behalf of his son is recorded here in the word of God in the Scripture for all generations to read and to learn from it.

This man's believing on behalf of his family is recorded in the words of the Scripture as a model for all fathers and mothers. This man's persistence in prayer on behalf of of his family in behalf of his son is a reminder for all fathers and mothers to remind us again why God responds to the stop of faith. This man, this nobleman, this this high government official came to Jesus and when he came to Jesus he came as a result of a crisis. Faith is local crisis faith.

Faith is born out of a crisis. This member of King Herod's cabinet could have afforded all the medicine that money can buy, but this crisis in his family.

This illness of his son was beyond help us about the way for medicine is an impossibility for doctors is impossibilities for medicine to work in this condition. It is a crisis faith and bring that faith was born as a baby faith unring the baby faith was born soon gave way to continuing faith. The Bible said he implored Jesus to come and heal his son. In fact, one translation said this man besought Jesus. I looked it up in the original language what it really means is that it's a clear indication of this man's persistence and persistence and persistence in his request.

In fact, it is in the continuous tense is continuously asking the Lord Jesus and then on the surface you look at Jesus with respondents. It was the rebuffing him know this testing them. Yes, but not rebuffing him. Somebody said if you really want to increase your faith. You must consent to the testing of faith and who Jesus was testing this man.

Was he was testing he wanted to know is this just slays for a desperate need, or is it a phrase that is from God is testing this man is a temporary faith or is it permanent faith. Is it fleeting faith or is it a continuing faith. Listen again very carefully place believing God for your family must move from crisis faith to a continuing faith otherwise is something wrong with your faith believing in God for your family, not just when your family is in a crisis, not just when you're families in trouble but daily continuously believe in God, trusting God just when you need a way out of difficulties in life but consistently believing that God promised and believing the promises of God on behalf of your family. This nobleman's crisis. Faith gave way to continuing faith and therefore it developed into a confident face. John chapter 4 verse 50 Jesus replied is that you may go. Your son will live what happened. The man believed the words of Jesus that he spoke and he went on his way from the simplicity. Okay that you read something little below stock away there that unless you really look for to miss it. She confident faith text God at his word.

Confident faith trusts God even when you cannot see evidence confident faith does not doubt in the dark. What God has already revealed in the light, doubt is the enemy of faith.

I want to make a statement and I want to listen carefully place doubt affects every one of us is a human, you're going to talk you, but I believe I can attack all the time. You can when I get up in the morning.

I'm not attached to something wrong go to the end of the day and there's nothing really is no attack from the enemy. I begin to worry because you see the enemy from walking with him and we walk in the same direction. He's not attacking me, but if I'm working against him and I walking the opposite direction. She's going to try his hardest to the enemy who brings you down out constantly needs to be weeded out. Reads need to be uprooted on a daily basis don't grow on because I gonna take roots they become difficult to pull out, but to grow the grass of God through the grace of God to get rid of that with the database even eradicate this termite of doubt that his customers are trying to undermine the foundation of faith three things very quickly. First of all, develop a big vision for a big God until your vision about God is right, and the bigness of God enough trouble second exercise faith.

Don't just live on the faith of others. Don't try to live on the faith of yesterday develop daily face daily walk, exercise your own faith test God's word stay God's promise and see what God can do. Someone said something that really I love who said faith is like a toothbrush. Everyone should have their own number to use it regularly. Number three. You should never use somebody else's assignment that something have someone to walk with you the walk of faith.

You cannot do it alone crisis faith when it gives way to continuing faith that will develop into a confident face but then you'll find that confident faith becomes a confirmed faith. This member of Herod's court believed God for his family who trusted Jesus's word and therefore it become confirmed later on when I say the something down there in that passage below the top Dr. way that you would not notice it. If you don't rebid for I deliberately left this up in the air so that you think what is it that some of you might have discovered it already.

When he was talking to his servants. They said yesterday such as such happened yesterday yesterday what happened when Jesus said your son is healed this man to go home but I don't find anything with the truth.

Then he went on this, it will not spend the night somewhere else. They slept like a baby. In fact, even in a strange bed and go home the same day.

Why, because he knew that in this confident faith, it will sooner or later be confirmed hello there with me so all later God will confirm it. You just keep on trusting him the divorce when a great one on one adventures a good businessman from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

He tells a story of how one day to do business with the matters in his house.

His mom was in his 70s and in the course of conversation. Ted could never talk about business without bringing Jesus into the conversation and share price of this man and this man doesn't. And these are the wonders of Christ in my life right now is a book that's easy. And then he left of their pride is at the said man I can't wait to tell my mother has mother this matter. 75 the kitchen and here is this precious lady in her 90s.

She had prayed for his son for 70 some years to receive Christ. Not long, she never failed. She never found trusting God. She never felt she never give up praying without seeing evidence. She kept on praying without seeing results. He kept on praying times have you and I give about.

Do you have an unbelieving spouse have an unbelieving father have a nonbelieving mother.

You have a nonbelieving child of a nonbelieving grandchild limiting something God has a purpose for your unbelieving children. God has a cover with families. Does the devil come to you constantly and say stop praying for the busy come and bring doubt Angela as I forget about praying for nothing is gonna happen. Tell I have a covenant with God. Tell them that in first Corinthians chapter 7 verses 14, 15 and 16 God made a promise that when one person becomes a believer in Jesus Christ, that God has a purpose for the whole family. If God before the age of grace in the death of the Lord Jesus Christ heard the prayers of Abraham, when he interceded for such a rascal. As his nephew Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah. God heard his prayer of intercession will he not hear your believing faith and healing path of your family, friends, let me tell you something. If someone messed up royally and God said to him, I am blessing you because of David, God bless us all. And because of David, will he not because of your faithful prayer and intercession for them. When this nobleman came home said the service counter meeting because I have somewhat firsthand experience of the culture. I can tell you I am convinced them online.

They probably went out that day and the thought is going to come back that day but he didn't.

I bet they stayed out at the city gate all night waiting for him to come back. What's wrong with it is to come see what's happening here.

Another problem, healing themselves and I got it on the monogamy don't know that we don't know when that we just literally couldn't wait to tell you he's not going to believe this is incredible joy comes in as soon as I see they jump up and down his lost value. Mr. cool customer looks at them and he says so when did this happen we want to do that excited doesn't really know when it happened.

All yes in the house. It doesn't matter what it happened because it was not a coincidence because it is not just a happenstance because it was not just an accident because it must've happened. The very moment that Jesus said, go home, your son is living with a crisis of faith becomes continuous faith and develops into a confident faith that produces confirmed faith, but naturally and ultimately it has to be a contagious faith to see if does not become a contagious faith.

The something wrong with that faith if you keeping it a secret. There's something wrong, nothing. The faith itself or the object of faith which is Lord, but in the container faith because that faith has to be a contagious faith after spread the Germans of faith. Look at verse 53 window nobleman confirmed the healing of his son. The Bible said he and all his household believed in the West because we have developed this rugged individualism because the culture of of of individualism, not individuality, but individualism because it has become such an important part of our culture. Why, what have we done. We took that into our faith. Now don't misunderstand me. I believe every individual is responsible for his or her faith.

Everyone will give an account for their own life but nonetheless there is biblical culture that is biblical teaching that is called household faith and we tend to ignore that and we tend to move away from that because of the culture, not because of the Scripture if I know anything about the Scripture.

If I understand anything about the covenant making God.

If I understand anything about the covenant in the Scripture from both cover to cover. The Old Testament and the New Testament. It is this that God works with families that God wants to work in families that God blesses whole families God deals with families that God wants whole families to follow him and worship and that is why we must believe God for our family. You see I faith is not just kind of blind stupidity on know know know how faith is based on a promise and the promise of God that, as I understand it, that when one comes to the kingdom. Somehow they are the rest of the family is sanctified. That means they somehow in the economy of God. God has a purpose for them because of God's word.

We believe that we trusting for. Throughout the book of acts we see one incident after another.

I can give you three of them literally stared me in the face and chapter 10 of the book of acts, Cornelius. The very first Gentile to become a Christian.

The Bible said when he believed the words of the apostle Peter and his hall household believed them about the book of acts chapter 16 the Philippian jailer. Some of you might remember when he was about to commit suicide.

And Paul said all the Bible said that he and his hall household believed in the baptized, and then again in acts 16 Lydia the smart business woman in Philippi. The Bible said when she believed she and her hall household believed baptized God wants us to believe him for our families.

Words to lift your faith from Dr. Michael you sent. We all know that not everyone who listens to this program or this station may know Christ in a personal way to Fitzhugh and if you'd like to talk with someone about means to live and love for Christ. We would love to have that conversation just start by visiting, you'll fill out a short form and you can begin a confidential conversation at your own convenience either electronically or by phone. Dr. Yousef passionately proclaims uncompromising truth around the world through radio and television, and satellite radio, and satellite TV and the Internet and other technologies that reach people rightly they live and play and work millions of people all over the world are being introduced to the supernatural love only available through Jesus Christ. If you'd like to be a part of this eternity impacting mission. We would urge you to become a frontline mission partner as a frontline mission partner will not only acquit Dr. Yousef in our worldwide team for ministry that you will also get exclusive updates from the field and if you are brand-new partner Dr. Yousef will send you a special gift as a token of his appreciation and offer you ongoing discounts for leading the way products in the online store to find out more, visit that's or you can always call us with questions. We are available for you anytime at 866-626-4356 again that's 86662643563 things about the role of the priest and the family. Number one, Job was cultivating commitment. Secondly, Joe was cultivating compassion and furtively, Joe was cultivating consistency. These are the three things that Joe, the family priest, was modeling his family. That was just a preview of what Dr. you several be teaching next time. On the way. Need plans to join them for this powerful message when he digs further into this dark

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