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What Would Jesus Say About The Crisis?

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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May 5, 2020 12:00 am

What Would Jesus Say About The Crisis?

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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This is a very special way with Dr. Michael you sent in the last few months wife has been turned upside down for businesses for governments and for churches, businesses are facing pressure to keep payroll wanting for struggling employees, political leaders on both sides of the aisle drove decisions offer guidance and support for businesses as well as for families and religious leaders stepped into a brand-new and continually changing environment of church life. Traditional ways of ministry just can't be done anymore. And of course individual lives have been turned upside down as well. So the question is what would Jesus say about the crisis just days ago.

Dr. Michael Yousef shared the following message online with the members of his church and the church of the apostles and it's a message everyone needs to hear and to respond to.

Especially in light of our world situation here now is Dr. Michael Yousef with the message he is appropriately called Jesus say about the crisis whatever disaster struck the old questions, all was pop where orders crawled in all of this. How, loving and merciful God allow the loss of life and why didn't he. The old knowing God. This pandemic from happening. How good is God in times like this.

And if God is not all-powerful, why should we worship him, what is the answer. And as you know, I often found the answer. Only in the word of God beloved. In fact, today I'm gonna show you that the answer is found in the words of Jesus say what did Jesus have something to say about the coronavirus covert, 19, well not quite but yes, listen carefully.

It's found in Luke chapter 13 verses 1 to 5. Apparently there were 2 Tragedies Have Taken Pl., one after another.

During the time of Jesus earthly life. They both brought a colossal loss of life.

1 Incident Took Pl. when a group of Galileans. These are the Northerners Galilee and Jerusalem the North and the South cover geographical Israel. These Galileans come all the way down to Jerusalem to the temple to offer sacrifices to God as prescribed in the law of Moses. But what does Pontius Pilate and the Roman rulers do they go in there and there slaughter them so much so that the blood was flowing with the blood of the sacrifices right there in the temple whether worshiping man-made disaster.

This Roman rulers were ruthless, so horrific that act was that the blood of the sacrifices and the people who were slaughtered by Pontius Pilate or flowing down the altar.

The second one was a natural disaster. There was a power the TARDIS alone. He was basically inside the southeast side of the Jerusalem wall and it collapsed and wouldn't collapse there were 18 people underneath the door crushed to death one disaster was man-made. The other disaster was a natural disaster at that time. During Jesus's earthly life. These 2 Disasters Have Taken Pl. and back then people were as curious about both the natural and the madman disaster as the people of our day, and that's understandable, but they were anxious to draw false conclusions as our generation goes there were ready to pass false judgment, just as our generation goes by that instead of asking why, Lord, have you allowed this which is okay to ask why Barbara never tells us not to ask why it's okay to ask why, but instead of asking why their worldview was such that they came to certain erroneous conclusions. Why didn't God stop this or are these people were worse sinners than the others. That's why they died the way they did or why some die others recover or that those people must of been done something really horrible. There must've done something really bad that they met such a tragic end. Erroneous conclusions goes on and on and on. You read it in the press and you see it all the time these sorts of false conclusions are not new. They are not new that we see today. So what sense I go back to Jesus. Again, what's the answer to any erroneous conclusion that you hear or you may even make as I said, Jesus gives us the answer.

I don't have the answers.

Thank God.

Jesus dies in here is what Jesus said when he was questioned about these true tragic events during his earthly time. He said I tell you now they not worsen any other sinners. They not done something horrific.

No no no no no, said, but unless you repent you will likewise shall perish dinner in one sentence and one sentence. Our Lord Jesus, summarize the entire Bible is that how come the first of all, you have to understand God is not the author of evil. God is not the author of evil but evil came into the world when Adam and Eve surrendered the birthright of their stewardship of planet Earth to Satan. When Adam and Eve fell into Satan's deception. They lost the deeds to planet Earth and then at that moment evil entered into the world when Adam and Eve handed the property deeds of planet Earth or the devil which was their stewardship.handed it to them and by their being deceived by the devil and disobeyed God the hundred to Satan. See before Adam and Eve were deceived before they fell in Satan's deception, Satan had no power over the earth. Did you know that he had no power over the earth. But when they fell in his deception.

They gave him the power they handed him the power and from that time on sin and suffering, disease and illness, viruses and germs, earthquakes and storms, tornadoes and hurricanes, floods and fires that and suffering. All became the consequences of that surrender on the part of vitamin E and from the time of Adam and Eve on Satan has been having a free range as it were, to cause illnesses, diseases, suffering of all kinds, and ultimately his desire is to take many people with him into eternal suffering which the Bible calls hell. But God provided a way out. God provided a way of escape, God provided the answer. God provided victory over sin and the grave. God provided the solution to suffering and what is that answer then said that he left the glories of heaven, and came to our earth living in old mill life, but without sin. Dying on the cross and rising again. Why so that he may retake what Adam and Eve have lost the Satan so that he may arrest God's property deeds that Adam and Eve gave to Satan so that Jesus may restore all those who believe in him all those who put their trust in him, all those who come under his power, though those who come under his authority that he may give them power to conquer sin in the grace and from the time of Jesus on anyone who wants to have power over sin power over suffering, death can come to Jesus and receive grace, not just in this lifetime interest in this lifetime, but forever and ever and ever eternity in heaven with Jesus sees a moment to come to Christ. That's a moment your eternal life begins. It doesn't begin when you die eternal life begins the moment you say yes Lord, come into my life. Forgive my sins that moment your eternal life has begun. The Bible said that we are seated in the heavenly places that literally God can see us already in heaven and that amazing question what was Jesus saying to his contemporaries when they were facing such a question about the crisis the door facing at the time he would saying is what is saying to us saying these people who died in the temple in cold blood by the ruthless Roman vice regent or these people were crushed to death in the TARDIS alone. There are no were sooner than anybody else, but for your sake, for your sake take this tragedy as God's warning for you, for your sake. Be forewarned. Be forewarned, be forewarned that God's judgment is coming upon all who refused to believe in Jesus. Be forewarned yourself that God's judgment is coming upon all those who would not repent of their sins and turn to Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins. Be forewarned yourself that God's ultimate judgment is upon all those who refused to accept the gift of eternal life as the repent of their sins, they will be forever in a constant pain and suffering so beautiful in fact that judgment is go before worsen any coronavirus or any suffering, any disease and illness. It will be more tragic, more severe and unending suffering.

So these are loving warnings from the hand of God saw Jesus would say to us who still alive. Jesus would say to those of us who have not lost our lives.

Those of us who have not been touched by over 19 or any other thing. According to Luke 13 verses 1 to 5.

Jesus would say those who have died will be in the United States or in Europe or China, whatever they may be those of God around the world. They are no more sinners than those for sleeping in the safety of their home in the United States or in Canada or Australia or whatever. There may be. So what is Jesus's answer. What is he saying to those who are asking where is God in times of disaster.

Jesus would say you are asking the wrong question. The question is not where is God when these terrible things happen.

The question is not what these people do to deserve death. These are all erroneous questions. The question that you should be asking is this.

Have I examined my life have I examined my heart to see if I have escaped from maternal death to eternal life. The question is, have I repented of my sins and assured of eternal life in heaven with Jesus. The question is, have I made provision of escaping from death to eternal life is the question. The question is if you died today. Can you be absolutely certain that the moment you close your eyes and death. You are in the presence of Jesus in heaven. That is the question because if your answer is no, you can do that today. Today the Bible said today is the day of salvation today unless you repent said Jesus you likewise will perish. His affect him) is a fact we all will physically die and I'm not telling you anything you don't know we all will die physically with the guys who that coronavirus in a hospital bed, or all of a sudden for no reason whether you are not die in a crash or in our bedroom where they are not die. One of the time or in large numbers.

See that's not the issue. Why because there is one thing that you and I can be sure of that.

Every one of us physically will die one way or the other will physically die. I just don't want you to think I'm speaking here callously about life and death.

I have experienced losses in my life, as many of you have. I'll never forget the time I was 16 years old. I thought my world is coming to an end when I lost my 55-year-old mother out of my world. This company is a matter of fact, few months later I became suicidal than God met me in a very special way and assured me that I'm not finished until he says I'm finished. Meanwhile I should serve him and I been doing this now for 55 years. My mother died in her bed died in her bed, my wife's only sibling. Her brother 25 years old dog in a car crash on the lease of painful painful painful situations. I'm not denying that for a moment, my nephew. My sponsor to come to this country was killed in a head-on collision in Nashville, Tennessee.

Shortly after that his father died in the hospital bed in Cairo, Egypt, followed by the lost all my brothers, one after the other, unaware of the pain of loss and separation. But the question that all of us should be concerned with is this where when I spend my eternity, heaven or hell. Where will I go after I die heaven or hell whose company will I be with Jesus or Satan. What does my internal future looks like constant joy or endless pain and suffering.

Jesus said, unless you repent you likewise shall perish. The dividing factor between all of the 7 billion people who are living on the face of the earth, the dividing factor, not ethnicity or race.

No, not wealth and poverty. No, not safety or danger know that is not really dividing factor the dividing factor among human beings. Everyone all the people living in the face of the dividing factor between all of human beings is those who have repented and those who have not those who have repented and those who have not repented.

That's a dividing factor.

That's the only way by which God is viewing us.

And so Jesus would say to everyone of us. Therefore, please, please let this global pandemic and this all of this lies disaster be a warning for you, yes you that these events speak to you and say be ready when your time is up, and therefore if you haven't received the gift of eternal life. Forgiveness of sins you can do it today. One letter writer, in part, was explaining how the message of leading the way, has brought him to Christ and how excited he is about his new life in Christ. That is what he said is that I hope this program continues because not many programs broadcast. The truth of the gospel. God bless you brother listen to me. The reason we take this message of eternal hope in eternal life to hundred and 95 countries and 26 of the most spoken languages of the world.

Only one reason so that people as many people that which possibly we can reach will be like this young man discover new life in Christ, eternal life in Christ will come. Be assured of their eternity here and now see Jesus as part is a very clear very clear and supreme concern. Yes, in this life, but even bigger than that. Just a short life, whatever it is 50 or 100 years. Even still short time in comparison to eternity.

See Jesus is passion.

The reason he… Cross so that you would ask the question where when I spend that the entity that's a question that should occupy our tension. The question should occupy our minds and our hearts.

You know, it would be even a bigger tragedy. If you would say well I have plenty of time to repent of my sins from our youngest in my living that would be a bigger tragedy because he can guarantee the next breath. None of us can affect this would be worse than physical diseases. All of them put together because your soul is of immense importance to God is of immense importance and that is why Jesus said watch your profit a man or a woman or anyone if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul. Listen to me. I believe with all my heart that God loves you and the very clear indication of his love for you is that you are hearing this message. This is the clearest indication because he created you he made you and he made me with an emptiness inside of you, but it will never be fulfilled until Jesus comes inside of you and fill it. On another occasion Jesus told his disciples a little more about you can kill the body, just like what I said earlier, everyone of us will die, but worry about. He who can destroy your soul in Hades is giving you one more chance to hear this message to hear this invitation to receive this invitation so that you might come to him repenting of your sins and receiving his forgiveness respond to this loving invitation when you come to know what to say thank you for inviting me.

Thank you for inviting me to come to you to repent of any Syrian guilt and doubt.

Forgive me, to see if you is my only loving Redeemer Savior and a friend when you invite him you can be absolutely sure that your cup he said that when you invite me I will come in and he will come in his spirit begins to dwelling you and give you peace in the midst of turmoil.

If you need more answers to your questions contact us at TW that stands for leading the way. we have people waiting to hear your question and answer them. Father, I thank you for yet another opportunity to hear your invitation to me to come humbling myself before you. Recognizing that I cannot save myself that only your power can snatch me from the jaws of death and hell I come to you, Lord Jesus. Now come to me and I thank you that you are faithful to your promises.

And when I invite you in you, I come to you in Jesus name, amen.

You're listening to leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent and a special message he's called Jesus say about the crisis. Perhaps your first response to this crisis is answering Dr. Yousef's challenge to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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