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Building Godly Families (Part 1)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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May 4, 2020 12:00 am

Building Godly Families (Part 1)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Dive into the richness of Psalm 127 with Dr. Michael Doucet song is an indictment you segmented lifestyle. What Solomon is saying in the Psalm is this that is usually God of your life right out of your family's life. It is useless that you would work hard in order to provide for your family. If you leave God out of your life right out of your family's life trinkets in the world will mean nothing if you leave God out of the center of your family, your family's devotion. Family's commitment. Inheritance that you leave from will turn out to be a curse, not a blessing. Welcome to leading the way your pastor and Bible teacher, Dr. Michael you sent passionately proclaims uncompromising true love, the struggles of Kobe 19 giving you a different perspective on life may be before the virus struck driving through your neighborhood deal.

The sounds of dogs and lawnmowers and people enjoying a weekend barbecue was just another day that now you're probably more attuned to the sounds of joy and struggle around you today Dr. Michael Yousef begins a series called building godly families and offering ways to build up your own family. It contains biblical words about reaching those around you listen with new ears as Dr. Michael Yousef begins today's teaching of time in the lives of every child. I know the perils asked the question. Children of the Lord and get over. And yes, they are but I can tell you something that is saw firsthand experience. The children are going through the same thing but not very happy about their heritage either. Little David was so came home from school one day and said his father said that is the was a kid at school told me is just like your father and his father was curious as what did you say song who said nothing as a whole are bigger than I am at Tom's. Of course, Christians are prone to taking a verse out of the Scripture undetected out of context, and while it might be something great in removing things from about you miss out on the great blessings and putting the text back in its context, and so 127 verse three is really a good example of this because before this almost could ever say that the children are the heritage of the Lord. He had to lay first, the foundation for that statement, he could never have made that statement until he had said in verses one and two that unless God builds the house, unless God builds the family. It is in vain.

The builders will work. Psalm 127 is one of very few Psalms that Solomon brought the son of King David.

In fact there only two Psalms that are attributed to King Solomon. The Psalm is one of the ones to but only attributed to King Solomon.

But I want to tell you at the outset, listen carefully.

Psalm is an indictment and I would be Luke to segmented lifestyle. This Psalm is a combination for our divided allegiances and the lack of integration in our lives what Solomon is saying in this Psalm is this, that if you leave God out of your life and out of your family's life. It is useless that you would work hard in order to provide for your family. If you leave God out of your life and out of your family's life. All trinkets in the world will mean nothing if you leave God out of your life and out of your family's life. All the goodies that you are able to give them will mean nothing if you leave God out of your family's daily devotion and commitment all the money in the world would only ruin them instead of helping them. If you leave God out of the center of your family will family's devotion. Family's commitment then hacked in such a leave from will turn out to be a curse, not a blessing.

Member more Ludwig often used to say that unless you leave your children spiritual assets, financial assets were brewing from how true that is. So in the first stanza of Psalm 127 verses one to this. The first stanza, Solomon is saying that we can live a frantic self absorbed, self-sufficient, work ethic, but on this God is at the center of your family will family with fall apart rightly. You can ask the question so they know what what will what does hard work have to do with my family other than providing for most of us in the West. We have placed our families in a separate category from our work.

In fact we do that through all of our lives. We separate the spiritual from the temple where we we separate God from businesses which we separate work from family and unwilling that way in different compartments, but in reality anyone. The Bible said who fears God.

Anyone who really loves God. Anyone who really wants to honor God must live an integrated life. That's the word integrity comes from his life that is so integrated here's what I believe. Here's how I live in the two must fit together so perfectly what I believe impacts my business what I believe impacts my family what I believe impact on my life see the Bible is absolutely clear from beginning to end, that the family is the basic unit of society but the family is the most important element in society that the family is the backbone of society making the family and sooner or later you got a week in society destroy the family.

And sooner or later will destroy society but the psalmist is really saying more than this.

Listen carefully, he is saying that the basic family unit unless God is at the very center of their lives. They are unsafe, they are unsecure.

What I want to do is look at the Psalm again on the four headings I just want to give you four points so you remember about the Psalm Psalm 127 and the points of these when God is at the center of the family. God grows. The family secondly God blesses the family so God guides the family for slick God protects the family. God grows the family. Look at verse one is what Solomon is saying that when God builds the house, that means when God is at the center. All the whole, when God is at the center of the family.

The members of the household will grow in maturity when God's wisdom that comes from the word of God fills the house maturity will be the insignia that is imprinted on the minds of all the members of the household that family. When God's presence fills the house permeates the family peace will fill the minds of the members of that family's household. When God is short and every decision that is made in the family. God's grace is going to grace the hearts and the minds and the spirit and the soul of the members of the household is in the family is God's audit. Some of you who singles prepare to get married, take notes you gonna learn two things today will come in handy down the future.

God is the one who said threat of an Eve go and multiply and be fruitful and subdue the earth. No only my family would understand what I'm going to tell you I'm going to church with you anyway as a father, who had made his fair share of mistakes and I sure have, just saying that to be humble will sound nice, but I'm telling you the truth, they know that we talk about these things in my family. I can honestly tell you that if possible without the power of God and the grace of God and the goodness of God and being on knees every single day on behalf of our fellow wheel possible for us without complete reliance on the Lord to bring up our family initiator nurtures the Lord when God is at the center not only those who grow the family that secondly when God is at the center. She blesses the family.

Families are disintegrating children are neglected. Many parents are raising up their children out of guilt not love they give the world except the most important thing of all time well-known Christian leader told me once he said before he became a Christian he felt that his children, his family nuisance. In the event that we just get in the way and a convoy to plan his business trips to get out of town.

Listen to me. The sad thing is this, there are Christians who feel that way about their families and yet Solomon is saying to us today. The children are blessing from the Lord, only listen to the word only Wednesday are brought up to the Lord only when they are brought up to love the Lord brought up to honor their father and the mother only when they are brought up to respect their elders. Only when there are brought up to know and obey the word of God.

God blesses such a family because God grows. The family of God blesses the family solidly God guides the family. I want to bore you with some of the most incredibly alarming statistics that I just read last week is on preparing for this measurement something it's mind-boggling for me that the statistics of number of children who are actually get their guidance from television than from their parents. It can easily depress you listen carefully. The children who see their parents go to the Lord for guidance are going to grow up going to the Lord for guidance. The children who observe the parents regularly and systematically studying the word of God for directions in the lives they gonna grow up studying the word of God for directions in their lives.

Listen carefully.

Please more than anything else. More than any other item. This 1 Is Ct. not talked all the preaching of the world to help them than watching mom and dad there are some people in the church of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately who, when in trouble and they need a word from the Lord protect the Bible because her eyes and open it and they say well you know whatever verse lies for long as the verse for the day of your people doing that sort of like a locker or charming… I heard about a man who used to do this the one that he was doing this he opened his eyes open.

The Bible and the first thing his eyes fell upon where the words as follows from the Scripture. Judas went out and hung himself in a he realized this is not what is looking for in the because the Bible again in the civil law are ruled and try something else. Okay each of the closes eyes and open the Bible one more time and there his eyes fell on the verse that says go and do likewise know he still wasn't convinced and obviously this or that special's not righteous about a fight against close the Bible closes eyes open the Bible again and sure enough words are said what you're doing to quickly know one of the things the Lord teaches parents about his parenting us is the way when we have children. There's nothing like it to really appreciate the Lord appreciate how patient.

This appreciate how lovely is appreciate how forgiving his own and you gotta have a huge backyard in order to bury all the faults of the children that barriers to but the way the model Lord in the way he parents us God children to me as this is the most common sense.

The simplest and easiest way you can read all of the books and all the principles and all the 1-2-3's and the formulas. God bless you read them all to tell you just watch how the Lord parents you as a believer model with your children. This is simplest way I have discovered how the sore parents us will in Genesis 2815 God said, I am with you in Deuteronomy 20 verse four God said, I will give you victory in Psalm 149 verse four God said, I am pleased with you?

Benton Bell and first John 31 God said I love you Jeremiah 3134 God said, I will soar give you in Psalm 34 verse 15 God said all I will listen to you.

How many of us listen to our children. You take these understand the marvelous way in which God parents us new model that your children and I guarantee you that will grow up to love the Lord all that might wander off. That's not the issue, but they will grow up to love the Lord. When you know God and his ways, then your children are going to grow up to know God and his ways because there are modeling you mom they'll modeling you dad they'll modeling the parents, God grows family. God blesses the family God guides the family finally, God protects the family probably numb careful here because I can defend this historically but also probably all children are as unsafe today as any time in modern history.

We have guns and violence in the schools we have drunk drivers on the roads we have mind altering drugs on the streets. We have unscrupulous predators on the Internet. We have a moral teachers in the classrooms everywhere you turn, it seems there is danger and insecurity. No wonder the psalmist said, unless God's words verse two.

I missed God regards the city unless God is a protector of our families unless God is the defend of our families unless God is the shoulder of our families. It is in vain for policeman to work though my heart often goes out and literally weep when I see a policeman killed the line of duty. I thank God for these brave men and women but I want to tell you we have a greater greater greater guard and his name is Jesus. The Scripture said that he sends his angels to minister to those who fear him. Psalmist is in vain for the guards to guard the city unless God himself guards. It is a danger that all children brand-new. It's just for our generation. No, not at all danger laws is and always will be the always going to be with us each generation faces a different form of danger.

Each generation faces different degrees of intensity of danger, but danger will always be with us as long as we live in this world and that is why nearly 3000 years ago Solomon could say I miss God guards the families watchmen God in vain. Whatever danger we might live in whatever insecurity that might be whatever threatens us.

Those who have placed God at the very center of their families will be sheltered by his shut up those who praise God.

At the very center of their families. They will be covered under his wings. Those Who Pl., God of the very center of their families all ingrained in the palms of his and I read recently about those who spread the life studying chicken. The people actually do that and only tell you I didn't and insight from the Scripture that I never understood for long time.

Those who study the way a mother hen looks after her chicks have said something like this who said that the hen when she sees a hawk circling overhead.

She instinctively gives a warning sound and immediately the baby chicks come running to hide beneath her wings. They said that whenever there is a menacing storm clouds filling the sky with rolling funders and jagged lightning.

She quickly makes a noise, a certain words that beckons her brood to her software defined protection from the element in the nighttime is not time approaches. This is as a shuttle link since she gives a quiet call that gathered her young to rest.

I think I gained an insight from the time the Lord Jesus Christ got enough amount of all of them looked down on Jerusalem, that city that was filled with rebellious population who rejected him and rejected his Lordship rejected his authority and rejected his protection in Christ when he said Jerusalem to muscle how I wanted to gather you as a hen gathers her chickens but you would not would not beloved friends only tell you, God wants no I think God longs to gather families under his wing and under his protection. I believe the Lord longs to see family alters all over the country all over the city. He longs to put us under his wings and under his shadow with the questionnaires. Do we as parents place him at the center because when God is at the center of the family. God grows a family. God blesses the family God guides affirm that God protects the family most probably unfathomable saying about our Lord is his grace the so loving was so generous and and because of that grace I can say it is never too late under the devil in the flesh will tell you Austerlitz for you.

It is never too late with God.

I don't care where you are and what you've done is never too late with him. He longs to gather you under his wings. Children have grown and left home will get on your knees because the wings of the Lord are not geographical, they can reach where no man can never too late.

God wants his family's to be under his wing's but that would mean he has to be at the center. This is leading the way with Dr. Michael, you set encouraged by today's message will let someone know that they can listen to the podcast or online or on the leading the way and more information about all the ways to connect in a one way to build strong godly families is to spend time together.

Looking at what the Bible has to say about daily life and a great tool to help you do this is my devotional from leading the way. It's actually E devotional which simply means that you'll get a daily email from Dr. USF guiding you to a verse or two in Scripture with a couple of insightful paragraphs to steal it toward real life. Sign up now for my devotional. When you go to In fact that's what you can learn about what's happening all around the world through leading the way and you can find out ways to connect with Dr. USF and ministry at a deeper level. and you can always call to Weaver at 866-626-4356 at 866-626-4356 and we love getting your notes in the mail right to Dr. USF and let them know what this ministry means to you are dressed is leading the way, PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325. Again, that's PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325. I want to thank you for listening today to make it a point to join us again next time right here for more insights into building godly families right here on leading the way this program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael, you set connect with us via television you to Facebook twitter and all of our social media networks

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