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God Talk (Part 6)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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April 30, 2020 12:00 am

God Talk (Part 6)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Dr. Michael you Seth is one distinction between biblical faith and all the other religions.

It would be just listen carefully, God is reaching out God, our God is a pursuing God and yet all the other religions basically in the very very essence man is trying is working hard trying to bribe his God, trying to reach his God, and they cannot in his earliest days. Dr. Michael, you sent out God's pursuit and call in his life, entering ministry is actively and passionately proclaimed uncompromising truth around the world welcome to leading the way with Dr. Michael you Seth today a message looking at the commissioning of God. You'll see. Regardless of your social position or your level of professional influence. God has called you, commissioned you to be the hands and feet of Jesus, especially in the troubling times of today. Hey, remember, you can connect with Dr. you Seth through audio and video podcast and other More later.

Right now Dr. Michael you Seth with the final message in his series called God talk. I wonder if you have ever been in the situation as a parent and you have given your child an assignment or task assignment all the task given him or her all the equipping and all the tools all the motivation and encouragement that you saw they needed to accomplish this task assignment and within a short period of time and discover they haven't even begun little long finish the song.

I wonder if another situation with your employer got unemployed. You are calling and you have said the college and assign them a task for her and you said things you need in order to help you accomplish the task to accomplish the assignment. All the tools all motivations and encouragement all the things they needed only to discover that they haven't even begun to take that assignment seriously, let alone accomplishing it in what direction would bring to how you feel. Deep down, with or verbalize it or not, how you feel deep down now we can speculate on the reasons that they might give some probably would say that I couldn't do that simply because I got so busy I didn't get to it. Another excuse or somebody would say look and I thought it wasn't all that important. So I just pushed to the side. I didn't think it was really worth all the effort and energy that is required for that assignment to be accomplished on somebody much. I will.

I just felt it was too much for me to do. Somebody must say, you know, I know you given me all these stores and give me all this equipment. The give me all the things I needed but I still felt very inadequate. I couldn't do it and then you feel a sense of deep disappointment in your heart but I will ask you how you would even feel if you did not ask for that task or assignment to be done once but you asked twice, three times, four times he kept on asking the captain asking and the same thing happens to work and again I wonder the depths of your disappointment. I wonder, I think most of us would feel either that person just could not take a seriously ill that person just thought that we did not really. I did not really mean what I just said they probably thought that we use so unfair to give them such a task or you probably feeling that you really are not loved by that person or respected by the person or trusted in many cases, disappointment is real but hurt is really the anguish is real, but that the feeling of being let down is where you, and sooner or later depending on the level of patience and tolerance and perseverance that sooner or later they got natural light is going to do something sooner or later you're going to deal with this ignoring of your direction with this ignoring of the assignment of this ignoring of this commissioning sooner or later you going to do something. Whatever this now. If you've ever been in that situation for being there certainly begin to understand the depths of the heart of God begin to comprehend just a tiny little bed of God's anguish for giving his children a commission and repeated again and again and yet they ignored it. I wonder if you begin to sense the feeling of God's anguish over his children whom he has commissioned me a sand only has blast. He has whom he has wrenched and yet they either ignore his commission or they get swell resident forget about his commission just could not be bothered with his commission just could not trust in the promises of God to be wisdom accomplish this commission and so they don't do it that under whatever the reason might be, but the disappointment of God's part.

Make no mistake about it, disappointment in God's part is very real.

The hurt on God's part is real the sale on God's part is very real. The feeling of being let down is very real. This is the last of the series of messages which are called God talk in here today as I conclude this series of messages I want us to focus on the commissioning of God is our only call in life are only called in life is one distinction between biblical faith and all the other religions. It would be best. Listen carefully. I God is a reaching out God, our God is a pursuing God and yet all the other religions basically in the very very essence man is trying to striving is working hard trying to bribe his God, trying to reach his God, and they cannot biblical Christianity is very clear from the very beginning that God is the one who reaches out to us, our God is one who calls us, our God is the one who pursues us and from the very beginning till the big event at beginning of history, God chose to use human beings to proclaim his message. God chose human being to be commission as his children to make him known. This is what you choose to do it on often wonder why, but to understand the depth of Jesus is passion about commissioning his children to be his witnesses in the world. Understand this, you must understand the historical account of God's desire for his children to be his witnesses lie to soul then you really understand how these people who supported him again and again.

Now when Christians talk about the great commission.

They are referring to Jesus as commissioning of the 500 believers on the Mount of olives in his commissioning was that they would multiply themselves by witnessing and making him known with me read that for you and if you have your Bible with your turn. Please to Matthew 2818 to 20 and Jesus came to them and said all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the is what I want to tell you, God's commissioning for his followers did not begin in Matthew 28 this commission that we call the great commission would not start. In Matthew 28, you know. It started that started in Genesis chapter 12 when God revealed himself to Abraham he revealed his plan for the world when he revealed himself to Abraham. What is that plan is what God set the Abraham through you and your descendents.

You will be my witnesses tomorrow that there were two main God known to the people of the nations that they reveal God world. And so, in Genesis chapter 12 verse three is what God said, I will bless those who bless you and whom we curse you I will curse. And the peoples of the earth will be blessed through you. That's God's plan is God's plan went and got me and by blessing the nations through Abraham*that the nations are going to hear about the God of Abraham Jehovah God, some Abraham and his descendents, and that will come to believe in him, and thus that we blast that Abraham and his descendents were commissioned by God to make Yahweh known to the nations, and when the nations come to believe will be blessed Abraham and his descendents were commissioned by God to be witnesses for God in the world that Raven's descendents were commanded by God to tell the neighbors about God and that they would come to believe in him, invest blessed that's God's plan solid means, but alas, alas, history shows us that very fail miserably that Barry became inward looking very McCammon Amberg with themselves. The very worst so proud of their association with Yahweh that they will not want to miss laughs in the world to come and share in the knowledge of Yahweh. They kept the message to themselves.

Then I became navelgazing. The best example of this inward looking refusal to obey God's commission is found in the book of Jonah. I can stand here and give you dozens of examples from the word of God, of how all their failed again and again, the cry of God's heart. The book of Jonah is truly a classic example of how the people of God refused to obey the commissioning of God. All Jonah. He thought that he could ignore the commissioning of God and get away with it as well.

Estimate history, God gave Israel won victory after another. Why show that they will make him known throughout history, God gave them one blessing after another.

Why so that they get out of the tunnel and making no and finally around the period of 700 years before Christ. You see, the God beginning to reveal the rest of his plan for humanity, as the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah and Ezekiel one after the other one after the other began to unfold the plan of God was going his commission and giving it to his son the Lord Jesus Christ. What was it God is going to send from the descendent of Abraham, his only begotten son and he was the one is lifted up draw all men to himself and that is why you find that in the very Gospel of Matthew. If you read it very carefully is a deliberate comparison between Israel the nation. The song of God who is disobedient to the commissioning of God compared to Jesus Christ, the obedient son who is obedient to his father, but I don't want you to miss this point if you if you missed everything else.

It's awful.

Please don't miss what I'm going to tell you because history repeats itself with the surgeon and really does and that is why repeatedly, the Lord Jesus Christ spoke to his disciples spoke as follows about witnessing and not committing the sin that Israel committed to getting into a huddle and become self-centered and become so focused.

In fact, we know only five times for the gospel is one in the book of acts, but in reality I have no doubt in my mind that those 50 days between the resurrection and ascension, the Lord Jesus Christ repeated and in their minds so they can be my witnesses by license as a father sent me send you make disciples of all nations that the task of witnessing and making Christ known is not relegated to the professional evangelists and preachers and teachers. Not at all. In fact, if you look at the 500 people that Jesus was commissioning at that time, none of them were professional priest or rabbi. None of them occupied prominent places in the synagogues. None of them.

He said to them, I'm going to be with you and that's enough. That's all the qualifications you need is all the equipment you need is all the tools you need one will be going to do with it.

When we obey his commissioning will be open our hearts and our lips and our pocketbooks or will we get back down in our problems in our concerns and forget about his commissioning to us. The Lord is clear he has commissioned us to be witnesses. I know what some of you probably thinking you know what I want to tell you this before I conclude the church that ceases to be a missionary church soon it will become a mission field, and I know some of you say you not talking to me. I am really just one person, one Christian, what can I do. You must be talking to the leaders you must be talking to the teachers must be talking to the preachers now my blog that's a trick of the devil.

Don't let him get to you I'm speaking to everyone of you not speaking to me.

Some of you say well I'm just one person. What can I do I want to give you two examples I thought of a dozen that I give you to very quickly because of time left one person can do. Andrew brought Simon Peter to the Lord. One person in Simon Peter one 3000 people to faith in Christ in one day. Ezra Kimball was a lineman. He was not similar training. He does not have degrees.

He was a lineman he was teaching a class of boys and some the school and he was glad of God to lead this particular boy who was a shoe salesman to Christ one person one person can do deal Moody 1000's of thousands upon thousands of people to Christ.

What can one person do everything with God's power to be the next Spurgeon Moody or Wesley Susanna Wesley or Amy Carmichael.

Don't underestimate with one person can do under the power of God know many of you have heard me say this before but I want to repeat it for a reason. The two years prior to the birthing of this church. I have struggled inwardly in my the presence of the Lord in my prayer about starting this church and I struggled and I struggled. I said nothing to anybody, including long life and I just wanted not because I want to be disobedient, but I really just wanted to be sure that I'm doing what God called me to do what I wanted to do so took two years and one of the great blessing that God will begin to reveal in my heart of the time is not only that this is going to be powerful.

Christ, a lighthouse from which the gospel is going to echo around the globe. Not only that men and women going to come and be blessed of God in worship and that from this place. God is going to raise some mighty men and women for himself and I believe it today. I might not see it in my lifetime, but I believe it with all my heart that is God's will for this church, one person can make a difference as most of you know I fasten for and prepare the message on Tuesdays and already finish this message. I finished my preparation and then on Thursday I got a letter in the mail came from a 15-year-old member of this church and the letter was basically reasoning with the head of the department and her public school as to why she could not play the leading role in the play because it's sacrilege.

I honestly felt that I am reading something that CS Lewis would've written.

It is so real reason well articulated and with that letter chemical that was written by this 15-year-old member of our church to see if I can read it so I can do it justice. Not having asked for permission but I know the person well the title of the poem is a call to arm the says that is a sign that reflects off the celestial gates in heaven. It reads needed just a few good men. Here goes God isn't asking for the world is only asking for a few there is a revolution that needs to take place and it needs to start with you. So suck up your inhibitions, shake off your fears. Jesus needs to be proclaimed.

There is people waiting to hear the time of planning is over, warriors need to suit up. Satan needs no more advances held get ready to pay up the general knows the battle plan. The sign-up sheet is in your heart a brave witness and faithful prayer. He just needs you to do your part so gather around her. All warriors, but on your battle face. There's a war that needs to be one there are no second place is a celestial gates swung shut in a few good men drop to their knees. I did not need confirmation from the Lord.

But I'm so glad he gave it to me, will you be part or will you sit back in the seat of salvation, and so somebody else will do it. Somebody else will witness somebody else will work.

Somebody else will invite you to plead with you in the witness of the Lord Jesus Christ that you participated to be part of this that you have the joy of seeing God work in one person. You're listening to leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent more about leading the way., you know, we are technology dependent gifts exchanged at Christmas time or look at how everyone leaned to detect when the coronavirus initially had earlier this year. In light of that, we want to remind you that leading the way, has a powerful interactive at helping you access and consume encouraging content wherever you are. Many of you share how helpful this act is when you then self quarantining and social distancing. We can keep ourselves together through this app so get yours when you search for leading the way in your smart phone or your tablet store. Now, in regards to technology and outreach over the years we have been able to distribute solar powered MP3 players called leading the way navigators these little MP3 players are preloaded with Dr. you sets dual language teaching.

That's what Dr. Yousef teaches a few sentences in English, followed by a word by word translation into one of many languages by a local speaker. It's become a life changing evangelism and discipleship tool even nicknamed pocket missionaries reaching many souls in developing countries and inmates in several international presence. Learn more about these and more of leading the way's ministry and outreach strategies vision 2025. Give us a call 866-626-4356 – 86662643560.

You can go to and you can write to us.

Our address is leading the way, PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325. That's PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325 before we run out of time for today I would like to ask you to do something very special for me as an encouragement to our fellow listeners. I would like to invite you to share how God is using this program to encourage you in your walk of faith. I believe it is important to give testimony of how God is working in your life and if leading the way. This part of the we would want to know you can call our customer 877-941-7934 not want to hear all about and we just might share it on the program that is 877-941-7934 due to the thank you in advance and goblins. This program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent

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