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Having The Right Perspective (Part 3)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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April 22, 2020 12:00 am

Having The Right Perspective (Part 3)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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It's important to have the right perspective in life the wrong perspective will mess us up every time the wrong perspective that godless perspective says that we need to redefine who we are as humans. The godly perspective says we already been defined by God that we have very unique creation of his that's Dr. Michael you sent passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth around the world through leading the way. Today Dr. Yousef continues his series called having the right perspective. It's a look at the importance of looking at life through the eyes of your heavenly father view that allows truth to rain and fear to bow missing a portion of the series.

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Listen with me right now is Dr. Michael Yousef begins today's teaching from God's word was a press conference held by a group of lobbyists who were trying to lobby the state assembly in Sacramento, California for new legislation is to do with human rights in his eye well is my everybody be happy about that now but that human rights that they are asking for it to be a law is a human rights for plants, trees, rocks, rivers, and animals in the question that kept going through my mind that as I watch a press conference about this lobbying group.

Nobody was asking is this how in the world are the trees on the rivers and animals and the rocks are going to sue their human rights violators.

Think about it.

Well in the last message I told you that the source of all of our troubles individually troubles corporately, culturally, and yes, the source of our trouble. Even as Western civilization is when we do not have the godly perspective when we don't have the God perspective view of mankind is messed up when you don't have the God perspective view of nature is all messed up our view of the creation is all messed up. Turn to Psalm eight in your Bibles in verses three and four. David said when I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon, the stars, and that you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, see those dear people, whose love for nature turned into worship of nature. Those poor misguided people who think that we are part of the trees in the rocks and the rivers, the sad and pathetic people who look to the heaven and they worshiped the star and the order of the live based on their learning of the stars. There are going to be in for a rude awakening in the day of judgment, but be truthful and God knows my heart. I genuinely ache for them. I genuinely have sorrow in my heart for them. I really do.

I want to say to them, don't you understand that the fingers of God created all of nature, but the fingers of God placed the stars in the heavens that you understand that the fingers of God molded each one of us in our mother's womb.

Don't you see that bowing and groveling to the trees and the rocks insults the majesty of the creator God. Don't you understand that the wrath of God is coming up on all of those who have chosen to worship nature, not the creator of nature and David the shepherd boy who has spent many a nights in the open field looking up at the stars. As you watch over his flock as he looked up to the magnificent stars in their orbits that he was able to pray is the maker of the stars that he was able to see beyond the creation to the creator God. When he saw the galaxies dancing in the sky.

He was a Lord not by the stars, but by the majesty of the one who flung the stars in their orbit, and I can only imagine the intensity of his praise. Had he known that the earth rotates on its axis approximately 1000 mph if it is 100 mph days and nights will be to 10 times longer than they are our planet would be alternating between a burning and freezing under such circumstances, the vegetations would not exist if the earth were as small as the moon. The power of gravity would be too weak to retain sufficient atmosphere for our need. It was as large as Jupiter or Sutton or Uranus extreme gravitation would make human movement impossible. If we are are near the sun like Venus that heat would be unbearable if we are as far away as Mars. We would have snow and ice every night, even in the warmest section. If the ocean were half their present dimensions.

We would receive only quarter of the rainfall that we get annually. If the ocean were 1/8 larger than it is now our annual precipitation would increase fourfold and the earth would have been a vast uninhabitable swamp, and God did it all such precision. For our purpose for our life. The God who created all of this did it with such perfection. What is man that you mindful of him, how small we are in the advanced cosmic setting. How astounding that the God who made it all but the God who orders it all, that the God who controls at all should think of us. His primary objective is caring for humanity's primary concern is humanity not only that, but verse five he says that you have crowned mankind. Men and women with the glory and honor. In other words is saying, God cares more for people than planets that he cares more for soul than the stars that he is more interested in us that he is in the vast universe that he is more interested in so caring about humanity. He cares about it so much that he left the glories of heaven, and came to earth to die on the cross in order to save his elect from the destruction that is coming up on the earth.

Sure, there were people in the time of David who worshiped the trees and rocks and in the Bible makes fun of them is idols and that is why God warned his people again and again and again when they came out of Egypt before they went into the promised land. He said when you see the Canaanites bowing titles did you bow to me. But you know what's really tragic when we can say yes the Canaanites and yes in the Old Testament yet, but here we are 2000 years after God became man, in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and have affirmed the creation story over and over again sinful people still want to worship the creation of the creator. There are many churchgoers who in trying to appear to be concerned about the environment that crossed the line instead of understanding and teaching the difference between stewardship of creation. They have worshiped the creation and become idolaters, and I dare say that so many of them. I know some of them who have brought this idolatry into the church. There are many churches today that my have the cross on the steeple but the worshiping nature and the creation instead of the creator the wrong perspective will mess us up every time.

It really does the wrong perspective that godless perspective says that we need to redefine who we are as humans. The godly perspective says we already been defined by God that we are very unique creation of his that godless perspective says that man and nature are one and the same, but the God perspective says that only the God of power and might, created us to be very different from the rest of the creation that godless perspective says that nature has power in itself, but the godly perspective says that all the power and all the mind belongs to the on the God of power and might, through the years many people have ignorantly try to define man ignoring the God perspective Darwin, for example, taught that man is the most highly efficient animal ever emerged on the earth for the degrading view of man: start that man is merely an economic factor, Pascal taught that man is a read thinking read by the read Mark Twain apologize for mankind by explaining that God made man at the end of the week when he was tired, but the godly perspective and some eight says that man is crowned by God with glory and honor. The Bible said that God created men and women in his own image that God created men and women as rational being, as creation of God who is have responsibility that God created men and women to reflect the glory of God. God created men and women like no other created being the God has set men and women apart from all of his creation. So much so that he appointed mankind as his vice regent on the earth talk about confusion in all of the brainwashing that goes on in the schools and colleges and universities.

Brainwashing will ideology that is clearly anti-God. Some time ago to the story about a young girl who was so confused about all of this so she went to her mama and she said mom will the human race came from. She said well it's simple.

God created man and a woman very uniquely Adam and Eve. They produce children and that they produce children, and they produce children and that's how the human race came about. Although the girl went back to her father and she said no daddy went as a human race come from, and so her father said, well, you know, many years ago there were monkeys from which human evolved little girl so confused she did know which one is right so went back to her mother again and she said no mom, how come you told me that God created us as special creatures and creation of his dad said we are evolved from monkeys or the mother thought for a minute and then she said it's very simple really. I told you about my side of the family, and your father told me about his verse five. You made him a little lower than the heavenly beings are some translations in Angela's the great Thomas Aquinas explained this verse. This way, he said man is midway between angels in heaven, and animals on the earth. He said angels above man and beasts and animals are below men and angels have spirits but not bodies beasts have bodies but no spirits, but men and women have both spirit and body. Why, why do you think God created mankind above all of his creation. Why did he set them apart because he wanted his creation of humanity. Men and women to reflect him to be able to relate to him.

No other created beings can relate to God but men and women can, and thus he gives them special privileges. What is some of these privileges, he gave them the privilege of being able to look up to God and obey God to be able to look up to God and imitate God to be have the privilege of looking up to God and worshiping God being the privilege of looking up to God and imitating the characteristics of God.

What happened like this poor misguided lost people. They look down there want to look down at the low creation and identify with it.

Is it going to look down to other created lower created being and lower themselves to its level they want to look down to a lower creation and behave like animals that they want to look down and the lower created being, and they want to be like beasts. Not like God. That's really the secret that is really the bottom line relative human right. The reason the evolutionists are so militant.

The reason they are so intolerant and bigoted and the reason that would fire any professor who teaches creationism the reason they are so militant against God is because they want to cohabitate like animals and suppressed the God conscious that wellhead, it is because they want to be model likely not godlike. That's really the secret that the bottom line do all the mumbo-jumbo philosophical stuff that I know I used to be in and you going to come up to the that's the bottom line to God gave mankind dominion over his creation. But instead of identifying with our great God. People choose to identify with beasts the book of Hebrews tells us that God came to earth in the person of Jesus Christ our Savior and the effect of Hebrews said that he made himself lower than angels now think about this.

Angels have been serving him in heaven, but he lowered himself lower than angels for your sake and for my sake that he came and brought salvation on the cross and redeemed us by shedding of his own blog for your sake in my say that God came to save us from our willful ignorance and rebellion for our sake that God the father sent God the son Lord Jesus Christ from heaven, so that he might fulfill Psalm eight when Jesus left the glories of the universe of motors and the splendor of heaven to identify with us. He did this so that he may lift us up and redeem us and then he went back to even greater glory and splendor, and one day he will welcome all of his elect of the glory. I often use illustrations and I always confess to you that I have never once seen an illustration.

This perfect tour or even makes the point perfectly, but they do illustrate a point. Nonetheless, the story I love to tell that illustrated in a very minute of way, what it means for the God of power and might to leave his splendor and come identify with us and go back to his glory and that one day were going to be with him and share in the glory story of Queen Elizabeth II of England at the break of World War II.

She was a teenager, but as soon as she got little older, she went to her father, King George the six and she requested that he would give her permission to go and join the Army so she can serve her people that way. The father of course was very reluctant. She is heir to the throne, but then finally he allowed her to join what they call the auxiliary territorial services as a private there. She had a noncommissioned officer above her who absolutely took delight in bossing her around and humiliating her and it was private Windsor do this private Windsor do that and Elizabeth always responded yes Sgt. yes Sgt. she was made lower than a noncommissioned officer for the sake of her people. But then, on February 6, 1952.

Her father died and at that very moment, she became the queen of England.

She was no longer private.

Windsor she was no longer being badgered by small minded noncommissioned officer. She became her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. She occupied the place for which she was born. Never again will she be private Windsor. See that's why the Bible says that we know Jesus after the flesh. No more, and in a far far far far far far far far far how many parts of the far greater way of the Lord Jesus Christ for Satan on the cross and crushed his head and now it is raining and ruling in his glory is in heaven, which was, is and always will be his and all of us who are here all of us who worship him alone all of us who love them with all of our herds. All of us who have received them as our only Savior. All of us who have submitted to his authority as our only Lord we too one day ago the rain and ruled with him a man a man a man what a great talk about identity.

We have no identity crisis we are doing. I will go. But the question is are you one of those people who's gonna rain the rule with him.

Can you answer definitively today and said yes because of his shed blood.

I know I'm going to be with him for eternity. Beloved. There's no doubt about it. It doesn't matter how many false preachers and false teachers who do Satan's bidding by telling everybody that everyone is going to make it to heaven.

That is a lie from the pit of hell that is Satan's modern deception that he is selling too many of folks sitting in the pew's the Bible makes it very clear that all of nature worshipers that all of creation worshipers. All of those tree huggers.

All of those who have cried to trees and rocks instead of the God who made the trees to their there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth to them.

There will be a fire that would not be quenched, and worms that will not die. I don't say that with glee, societal sorrow in my heart I don't want to be together. That's God's way.

My I didn't make the rules heated.

What choice would you make if you've never made the choice you can make it.

As we pray to the Lord Jesus, I have been into religion are not in the denomination I be doing this in my but really today I deceive you into my life is my only Savior I'll submit to you is my only Lord, rain and ruling me now so I can remember with you then encouragement from Dr. Michael you sat on the importance of having the right perspective you're listening to leading the way. If you'd like to get in touch with leading the way. Give us a call 866-626-4356 or go online LT and back, you can begin a conversation about Jesus by clicking specifically to LT now before we ran out of time. He was a great way that you can touch the lives of struggling believers worldwide received media avoids this topic is a reality that many people are persecuted for standing up for Jesus and since leading the way, has local teams in many areas of the world.

We are continually aware of these situations and repeal God's call to action and that vision was picked up by several supporters of leading the way in leading the race ministry to hurting believers was born and it continues throughout worldwide teams, the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of hurting believers are attended to in very practical ways and obviously we are not able to help everyone know that when you support leading the way you become a part of reaching out to these believers who give up so much to follow Christ.

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