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Having The Right Perspective (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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April 21, 2020 12:00 am

Having The Right Perspective (Part 2)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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April 21, 2020 12:00 am

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Dr. Michael, you said there are two forces on the street right now in the way I see it as this farm is coming very soon. When the faithful remnant of the living God must be able to say enough is enough. It is time to give up our fearful tendencies. It is time to throw caution to the wind.

It is time to call upon the powers of heaven. It is time for the defeated despond of discouraged army of God to rise up and be the Army of the living God hello and welcome to leading the way with Dr. Michael used to here we are nearing the end of 20 does that calendar turn to 2020. Just a few months ago you probably thought about all the plans you had for clean break and summer vacation and activities and projects that she wanted to accomplish and then life happened while we may not be able to get you back to what you thought was normal.

Dr. Michael Yousef can challenge you with words from his timely series, having the right perspective. Turn with us now to Psalm chapter 8 as Dr. Michael Yousef begins. If you are a news junkie like me, you watch the news and you read the news and you see all of the catastrophic events affect employees, the meltdown seem to be all over the world. In fact, you can really react to the news. One of possible freeways that might be more of a possible three ways when you see all of the stuff that is happening all of a sudden you go directly so well, you know, like some people doing so. The world is going to hell in a basket, but I'm glad that's over there not here is not affecting mayhem is not troubling me.

Others gonna react all man. The world is coming to an end. Let's head for the mountains, lest store food in silver and gold, arming, and after all, every second commercial is telling you to get gold and silver. Still others react this way. Yes, the world appears to be out of man's control.

Yes, the earth is groaning awakening for its final redemption. Yes, there are people in the suffering and the persecution seem to be on steroid. Yes I know that it looks like it's out of control, but it is not out of the control of the sovereign God who is still on the throne, who still in control of it all and I'm going to minister and I'm going to serve and are going to give and I'm going to sacrifice regardless of the circumstances know what makes the difference between these views are these reactions to the meltdown of the news. The godly perspective in the last message I talked about the godly perspective from Naomi's point of view. After she have I been through what God had done and how life and she kept the godly perspective throughout that time and today were going to see that same godly perspective through the eyes of David and Saul might most historians have placed this particular Psalm of David. Around the time when the Philistine giant Goliath was mocking the people of God. That's where Psalm eight comes in when you think about it. In reality, whether as individuals or nationally or globally.

All of us. If we are not facing Giants now will face them in the future will face them in the past we all face giants in our lives. We all face a Goliath of old and these giants can harass us. They can challenge as they can mock us. They can frustrate us. And yes they can discourage us at times, collectively we are facing the John is a moral and ethical declines throughout the nation where facing the giant of corrupt leadership where facing the giant of untruthful political leaders. We are facing the giants of earthquakes and floods, and natural disasters all over where facing the Islamic takeover and militarism with a beer in Europe or here on the Middle East was all over the world on individual basis. We face giants probably here today facing the giant of uncertainty in the giant of depression or the giants of worry and anxiety about the future. Some of facing the giants of fear. Some of facing the giants of addiction. Some of facing the giants of bitterness and unresolved anger that seem to dominate the life there are some people facing also to giants of all time. What makes the difference between defeating these giants in our lives, and these giants defeating us is what the godly perspective.

What makes the difference between slaying the giants and continuing to allow these giants to marketers is what the godly perspective. What makes the difference between those who hide from giants and those who take authority over giants is what when Goliath was mocking the people of God. Everyone, including King Saul himself was shivering in their boots. But then comes a shepherd boy and he looked at that heavyweight champion of Gaza, and he says who is that Philistine in comparison with my God. Although the cable operators were not carrying the five live.

The paper view was not even cutting that side, but David understood that this is a spiritual battle between the living God and Satan.

And just as a descendent of King David, the Lord Jesus Christ thousand years later defeated Satan totally and completely on the cross of Calvary.

This David temporarily defeated Satan's emissary in the person of Goliath. David, this young shepherd boy was a foreshadowing of the Lord Jesus Christ, the chief Shepherd of the sheep. David the young shepherd. He placed the stone in his sling, which is a foreshadowing of the rock of ages and he aimed at the Goliath's forehead and then he yelled at them for you see David secret of victory is found in verse one of Psalm 80 Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth. The site together all Lord, Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth.

There were under attack that they were being marked they being harassed. Yes, but you see this perspective began with the rock of ages, and when you're perspective begin with the rock of ages, not your resources when your perspective begins with the majestic victorious Jesus and not yourself when you're perspective focuses on the only one who can destroy sin and death and not tranquilize it in your life when your perspective starts with the one who destroyed death. The only one who destroyed death when your perspective is centered on the only one who defeats giants whether they're real or imaginary friend to you will be able to yell timber all day long. I told him the last message that I got on stand here and preach at you but I do know experientially of the times when my eyes are taken off the Lord when I don't see or think of focus on the godly perspective in the God perspective will not take my eyes off that and place them on the flesh or place them somewhere else, even though it may be a short period of time and yet every time I do that I'm in deep trouble and that is why David begins his focus and continues his focus on the majesty of God.

He never takes his eyes off the majesty of God, not what can the politicians do for me, not what can the government to form a network of resources do for me, but what he can do medicine that does not mean that we should not try and work hard and work diligently to see the godly men and women be elected in an office. I'm not saying that at all. But even when we do have godly people are whole and not in them. We should not be rely on them is he David started he continued and he ended with the majesty of God humanism which is now dominating the school system the University system, the media, the culture at large. Humanism begins with man and that's why we were there and the trouble we ran. Their motto is man is the measure of all things.

You don't have to have a similar degree to know that this type of thinking is the gateway to destruction.

The secret of David's victory. The secret of your Victor and my victory is to see human beings as God sees them to sees them as the creatures in the creation of God to see them as responsible to the maker and creator God. For unless and until we understand and deeply comprehend the surpassing majesty of God we not going to have a sober assessment of who man is not about mankind because when you do not live by the godly perspective you will have faulty view of man. I spent upward of seven years studying anthropology. Most of you know this is less a study of man and if I did not have the godly perspective out of being is lost as a goose. Like most of my professors were but I'm here to testify to you that without the godly perspective we don't have faulty view of man and the reason we are having faulty policies coming out of the government. The reason we have terrorism and the reason we have problems and the reason we have amassed such huge debt that can never be paid. The reason we are facing giants use giants that seems to be impossible to slay is because we have a faulty view of man and the reason we have a faulty view of man and the ability of man is because we do not have the God perspective, Lord, Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth is it when you begin and you continue on your conclude with the godly perspective you see man in his proper all not inflate that ability. You see, David understood an experience that when you are overwhelmed with challenges when you are facing giants swing you are experiencing major challenge in life when all of the odd seem to be against you, don't panic, don't fret. Don't try to read tranquilize this. Don't try to escape from it.

Don't hit for the mountains. Don't bury your head in the sand don't live in despair don't surrender to your fear.

Don't give up to the defeatist attitude in nature and from first-hand experience.

David tells us that what you should do in times like that is due some name-calling none not of your enemy knows temptation. Sometimes, but call on the name of God.

All Lord, Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth. Why is this name-calling because there is power in that name.

There is strength in the name there is absolutely assured victory in that night and David is saying more than that. Listen carefully here say more than that. He said when you look at the creation with its magnificence and with its majesty. You are seeing a very very very very very very tiny glimpse of the glory of God. When you catch even a glimpse of the glory of Jesus in heaven that glorify Jesus in heaven.

You begin to realize that our appraisal firm is so high that the court you would be so embarrassed of how pathetic our praise is that we would be overcome with shame for not praising him as he ought to be praised, and that is why in verse two is it from the lips of children in infancy of that product. This is diverse but the Lord Jesus himself quoted when those hypocrites. Pharisees were trying to get him to silence the praise of the children in Jerusalem on the day we call Palm Sunday. Hosanna blessed is he comes in the name of the Lord, the Lord Jesus quoted this verse.

I don't want it to Mrs. Accardo, Mrs. when David came and saw how this giant was mocking the people of God. He was filled with all not of the giant blood of his God, not of that philistine paper tiger, but of the majesty of Jehovah and he said this Philistine was mocking the people of God is all the brothers. Of course, his eyes were on soul is older brothers who did not have the God's perspective. They said to him, are you blind boy. Can't you see how big he is.

This giant of a man can hurt you boy and your sheep. David's I were in the majesty of God on the God perspective the majesty of Jehovah as a look at the globe and has a look at the world and as I look at history and as I look at the Scripture. I am personally convinced that we at this time of history.

We are at the proverbial high noon and are only two forces on the street.

Let me assure you there only two forces on the street. There is the faithful servants of the living God, the Lord Jesus Christ and there are forces of evil. I don't care about what the tag they called themselves what label they call themselves if they are not committed to the divinity and the uniqueness of the Lord Jesus Christ.

They are with the forces of evil and there are two forces on the street right now and the way I see it is this that the time is coming very soon.

When the faithful remnant of the living God must be able to say enough is enough that Goliath's of this world have challenge the Army of the living God long enough, the giants of Satan's emissaries have been deceiving some of the people of God long enough that the giants of compromise have been misleading.

Many of the people of God long enough that we must give up our small ambitions that we must give up our timidity. It is time to give up our fearful tendencies. It is time to throw caution to the wind. It is time to call upon the powers of heaven.

It is time to humble ourselves before the Lord. It is time to stop having 1 foot in the world and 1 foot with God.

It is time to be jealous for the righteousness of God.

It is time to appropriate the promises of God. It is time to repent of halfhearted commitment to the Lord. It is time to stop wanting to be loved and accepted by the world. It is time for the defeated, despondent and discouraged army of God to rise up and be the Army of the living God, the great news is David used Goliath's sword to slay him.

Listen carefully is what I want to tell you today with every problem you are facing with every distress that is happening with every giant that is challenging us there in the giants, the very weapon that can defeat him if you know how to look for it. I have come nearly 4/5 of the way in my sermon. I haven't got the rest of the song I'm still in verse one where to next message I finished the song and thank you but what I want to tell you is this is through the use of collected some statements of people who have impacted me in one of those statements is by Gen. Eisenhower this before he became Pres. Eisenhower, the commander of the Allied forces on the eve of the day is what he said very simple, straightforward, he said we will accept nothing less than full victory.

Let us beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking.

The problem is so many believers are settling for half victory that we are not willing to take a thought and fight for our families and fight for our children and fight for our neighbors and fight for the souls of those who need to come to Christ if this was Gen. Eisenhower's attitude toward an earthly battle with an earthly army. How much more confident. Should the generals of the living God army of the living God should be how committed.

Should we as the soldiers of the living God. Listen to me.

Beloved, we must never settle for half victory's.

We must never be contented with partial victories. We must never be satisfied with mediocre commitment. We must never be contented with an average Christian life I can stand that word we must not settle for fatalism are you facing giants in your life. Where is your focus Goliath or the majesty of God, lift up your head look to the one who specializes in slating giants, O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth. Think about this. One of thousands of facts that you find in science even especially today. Think about the creative power of God begin with the solar system at the speed of light that is hundred and 86,000 miles a second sunlight takes eight minutes to reach us. The same light takes five more hours to reach the further space in the solar system.

After leaving the solar system. That same light must travel four years and four months to reach the next star in the universe. The distance is estimated to be 40 trillion km. I can even fathom. In fact, scientists have estimated the distance across the universe is roughly 40 billion ly and the roughly hundred billion trillion stars in the one who put the welfare says call me dad call me Danny call me that. What giants you have in your life giant to constrain before God and not on the how majestic is your name in all the earth. You're listening to leading the way with Dr. Michael having the right perspective is narrowing and following Jesus.

And if you have any questions about how that plays out in your life indicating conversation with us. We met, that's hello my friends prior to this crisis of this coronavirus. We have been burdened by God to call America for to pray for this nation. Our nation is in trouble. You have to have spiritualized to see this.

We are in deep trouble and we desperately need the renewal of the Holy Spirit. Only the Holy Spirit can invade our nation, our lives, in our churches and bring an awakening and so the awake America campaign started earlier but now we even have more of a reason to urge every one of you to join together and do exactly what we were asking you to do. Please sign up so that together we unite in asking God awake America we need America to wake up the church in America wake up because God is giving us some warning signs and if we don't take those signs the heart were in trouble and some urgent join with us father upright that you will send us an awakening. We have to great awakenings in the history of this great country you send us 1/3 one.

The Lord made start with me my start with us because we know that an awakening can start with one person. As it happened so many times in history.

Thank you in advance for God help us to live purified godly holy life for the glory of Jesus and for the harvest that you going to give us an argument that by faith in Jesus name, amen. Learn more about awake America in ways that you can stand with your brothers and sisters in prayer. When you visit when you furnace 866-626-4356 that's and 866-626-4356 or you can write to us.

We are leading the way, PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325. That's PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325 is the music that settling man out of town for the day and keeping that it did make plans to join us next time right here for more bleeding. This program is furnace time leading the way with Dr. Michael television you to Facebook, twitter and other social networks. Learn more by going to

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