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Having The Right Perspective (Part 1)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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April 20, 2020 12:00 am

Having The Right Perspective (Part 1)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Dr. Michael UNICEF encouraging you to have any eternal perspective, I'm speaking to the person today whom I have allowed thou to choke your vision for life.

You can breathe new vision and you I'm talking to the person whom I have allowed sin and addiction and ruin your life. You can break those chains off seen it too many times to doubt you and I will never understand the power of God.

The perspective on the side of heaven.

Only and have a movie understand what you will minister small, regardless of what it is you will never understand the side of heaven. What God is doing through your ministry, whatever it may be welcome to leading the way with pastor and author Dr. Michael you sent.

As you know, life gets overwhelming, grasping and holding onto God's perspective can energize you to tackle whatever it brings your you sense new series offers you words of empowerment because the series having the right perspective through God's word. You'll see God's perspective and you will be challenged to realign with where God has you and what he may be calling you to do today.

Listen with me as Dr. Michael UNICEF begins today's leading the way. You know they talk about hindsight 2020, but only those who have a godly perspective. Not only can see the past and the present brother Abel under God's power see the future; why is that so important to have the right perspective, the godly perspective while because perspective impact your effectiveness. In fact, your perspective impacts your life impacts all of your relationships with impacts your focus should impact your spiritual walk with the Lord. It impacts everything you do. Proverbs 1515 said that when one is grooming, everything seems go wrong when he is cheerful.

Everything seems right. In other words, your perspective impacts your life. Your perspective impacts your effectiveness. John Stott said that the Christian chief occupational hazard, particularly those in ministry is depression and discouragement and I personally believe that discouragement is Satan's most effective tool in his toolbox. What is that godly perspective would listen to me carefully what is that godly perspective is that ability to live above the temporary setbacks we all have setbacks is being able to live above those it is living a life that is too busy to wallow in the past.

It is living a life that is too good to waste on bitterness. It is a life that is lived too high to be dragged into the mud of self-pity. It is a life of living upward and onward that not be slowed down by the cynics and by the critics.

It is a living alive of expectancy and anticipation of the faithfulness of God and the promises of God itself.

Living a life that is focused on what God can do and will do, not what cannot happen.

Your perspective will make all the difference in the world. As I combed the pages of the Scripture. I found a woman in the Bible who godly perspective to come from shattered dreams. The great glories.

Her name is Naomi. She experienced greater pain and greater setbacks in most of us, if not all of us will ever experience in many lifetimes yet. She tried to maintain that godly perspective in the middle of her shattered dreams. She tried to maintain the godly perspective in the middle of her bitter experiences she sought to maintain the godly perspective in the middle of her deep disappointment. She sought to maintain the godly perspective in the midst of her bleak despair.

The story of Naomi is found in the book of Ruth, Naomi and her husband and her two boys Mallon and Killian. They lived in Bethlehem, the very Bethlehem where the Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ was born. They actually Bethlehem-ites. But when a famine struck that part of the world instead of studying and trusting in the Lord.

They took off and went to the Gentile land the enemy's land. The land of Moab and there and mower the two sons matter to local girls. Gentile girls then first Naomi lost her husband Elimelech. 10 years later she lost her two boys you talk about grief and pain and sorrow, so she tells her two daughters and Lord local girls Gentile girls. She says to them you go back to your homes, you go back to your family. I can do a thing for you right now I'm going to go back to Bethlehem where I came from. I'm going to go to my family's one of the daughters-in-law listen to her and she went home, but the other one would hear nothing of it. She was adamant that she will not leave her mother-in-law that one daughter-in-law name Ruth, for whom that book in the Bible is named. Can you imagine for a pride Jew to see a Gentile woman named in the Bible, but that's the grace of God. That's the mercy of God. That's our God. Amen this loyal woman jumped although she was was loyal woman is, indeed, she was a convert to Yahweh she said to her mother-in-law, Naomi. She said no way will I leave you no way will I be separated from you I will stick with you sick all sin. I'm gonna worship your God I'm gonna follow your God. I saw the faithfulness of your God, and I saw your commitment to your God and I'm not going to leave you alone.

I will go with you to Bethlehem. Whatever you go. I'm going to go to the land of promise and so back in Bethlehem. Naomi's daughter-in-law meets a rich relative of Naomi by the name of Bowers.

Bowers was the closest relative is Naomi. He marries Ruth and they have a son and they called him a bad servant of God, servant of the Lord. So here they are from the pain of loss. God gives Ruth a son from the grief and the sorrow of bereavement in a strange land comes all bread who was the father of Jesse who was the father of King David who was the daughter and sister of the Lord Jesus Christ from the broken pieces of life comes the grandfather of David from the herd and the grief of death in a strange land comes the human ancestor of the Messiah, our God is a God of grace.

God is a God of honoring his promises. And today I'm here to testify to you and testify to you for what the Lord has done that through the years we have faced many of the tractors.

Many naysayers, many critics, but I'll also need to testify that if it were not for the incredible, unbelievable, unexplainable and undeserved grace of God and the godly perspective probably would not be here today from the first day. Some of those denominational leaders said to us. We don't need a Bible believing church that they said that such Bible believing church will never survive. They said that such Bible believing church in the liberal denomination will never succeed. They were right about that.

We succeed in spite of them. Some of those denominational leaders when they saw that God is beginning to bless the church and the church began to grow their tender guns on me personally I'm an easier target.

I was called every name in the book. Every time I turned some I said you know so-and-so said that about yes of God bless from a heretical fundamentalist and everything in between. From ignorant to backward to everything you have never words you've never heard, and I hope you'll never hear but the godly perspective constantly assured us again and again and again that this church is God's idea, not mine, that this church is his plan not mind that this church is here to serve this purpose. Not mind that this church with used by God globally that this church was raised by him to be a lighthouse to a raging sea of confusion of today that this church was raised to be a fortress for the truth in a world where the truth is gradually disappearing that this is to be a lighthouse on the hill for a dog and ever increasingly dark world knows this purpose, the godly perspective is always lifted me up when I get into discouragement and doubt and am here to testify to you about this. The godly perspective kept me moving forward. When the detractors were trying to pull me back the godly perspective has lifted me up when the enemy was trying to pull me down and often thought of the words of Helen Keller. Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow and she ought to know, and in another great thing about the book of Ruth is the godly perspective it's an incredible incredible story of the God perspective you see in the beginning it looked saw Dr. Naomi. It looked so abysmal. But the God's perspective carried her through all the way. The glorious ending the godly perspective took this widow who is childless now lost all her children and placed her in God's holy book said why so that millions and millions and millions of people can be encouraged by her all the defeated all the discoveries be encouraged today by the story of Naomi in order to listen carefully. Please what God did for Naomi. He can do for you. You whom I have given up hope he can give you, and you hope for you who are staring at a shattered dream he can give you a new one you love, lost her joy he can restore your joy.

You whom I have allowed Ernest to drown you in its waters. He can float you on his yacht you whom I have allowed fear and anxiety to be your constant companion. He can deliver you today I'm speaking to that person today whom I have allowed down to choke your vision for life that he can breathe a new vision and you I'm talking to that person whom I have allowed sin and addiction to rule and ruin your life.

He can break those chains. I've seen it too many times to doubt it. I'm talking to that person of allowed the devil to intimidate you.

He fights on your behalf right now. You have been depressed and discouraged he can do for you what he did for Naomi for the God who provided Bauer as the kinsman redeemer has given us himself to be our kinsman redeemer, and you can get a better one than that and I will not reflect upon the sum of those difficult days early days, or even when I find some difficulties today. The Lord always graciously reminds me of the godly perspective not just of what is done in the past that's easy to see but what he's going to do in the future is here. When Naomi held baby. All bread in her arms. Although she felt blessed.

She was delighted she was so thankful she was blessing God for replacing the years that have been eaten by the locusts, but she has not did not have an inclination of what is coming around the corner. What is yet to come. Even though she was rejoicing and what God has done. She could not even fathom what that she was holding in her arms. The grandfather of King David. The human ancestor of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah, and I thought long and hard and and I want to illustrate what I'm trying to tell you what I want to tell you true historical factual things that God has done in order to encourage you, lift you up and conclude by appealing to you if you don't have already to seek the godly perspective whether you're young or old, it makes no difference. Back in the 1800s there was only Christian know he was not a preacher he was not a famous evangelist. He was not even in full-time ministry, but he was obedient he was teaching a small class on the school class of boys and one day he met a decision on the God that I'm going to visit every single one of those boys and I'm going to challenge one on one about the relationship and their commitment to Christ and he made that commitment anyone about visiting every one of those boys in his class. One of those teenagers was a stock Clark in a shoe store and he knew that the only time the only way he can meet with him and be in the store so this teacher came and stood at the door and he almost didn't go in, but the Holy Spirit prevailed them and took the hesitation away and he moved in and asked for the young lad, and he'd found him in the stockroom working in the back. After a conversation with this young man this young man prayed with him and received Christ. But that's not all. This young man began to have a vision for life, a perspective on godly perspective on life and he become on fire for the Lord. A teenager and so he went to his pastor after he was converted is that I want to teach Sunday school and the pastor said I don't think that's possible. He was not discouraged. He was not deterred. He he just kept going. He found in the streets of Chicago.

Some wayward boys and he began to witness to the began to lead them to Christ. 111 when he got up to 30 young boys.

He went back to the pastor. They said now cannot teach Sunday school is my class on Bremen and the pastor could not resist, and he consented it began a ministry that impacted the world and continues to impact the world.

To this day that young man was DL Moody. One of the deal. Moody's biographer said the deal Moody depopulated hell by at least 1 million souls. But if that would be the end of the story will be incredible will be wonderful. But that's not the end of the story.

Moody traveled a great deal and he went to England and among the churches that he spoke in England was the stately church that was pastored by FB Meyer, not FB Meyer was an Oxford graduate very cultured and very different from a rough talking American evangelist deal Moody and FB Meyer, Justin Delong, but deal Moody nonetheless continued to speak and he testified about the Sunday school teacher came to his shop and showed Christ with him and how he led every one of those boys to Christ. One of the women in the FB Meyer's church in London heard that and she was challenged and she went out and began to visit every one of the girls and her Sunday school class and she went back to FB Meyer and she testified to him how the power of God working in the testimony of deal Moody led all her girls to Christ and FB Meyer were came under conviction felt so terrible. He went and apologized to deal Moody and from that moment on to become great friends deal Moody invited FB Meyer to come to the United States and what he was speaking to a large group of young men.

He said I since someone here in this meeting, struggling with the question and he continued and he said, can I ask you this.

If you are not willing to do everything that the Lord wants you to do.

Are you willing to be made willing and that young man who was in that meeting was Jerry Wilbur Chapman and he was wrestling with God. That night Chapman made a commitment to Christ and he become a great evangelist elect tens of thousands of people to Christ. One of them. A man who came to work with action began his traveling companion. He was rough talking former baseball player and a YMCA worker and so when Chapman retired this uncouth former baseball player stepped behind the pulpit and at that moment is a whole new chapter in evangelism in America has been turned. His name was Billy Sunday and if that was the rest of the story would be enough.

But that's not all Billy Sunday preached in many places and he went to preach in Charlotte North Carolina and there was a group of farmers after the meetings of Billy Sunday, they began to meet on a regular basis and it began to cry to the Lord, do something great for Charlotte and then this is not nonetheless pray God do something great for the world beginning in Charlotte and invited an evangelist by the name of Mordechai him to preach in Charlotte first night.

The response was terrible. It really was disappointing through four teenagers at the encouragement of the elders came forward. Actually they can to make fun of the preacher. But then they responded to the invitation among those boys was Billy Graham, Grady Wilson and TW Wilson who both become administrators of the Billy Graham evangelistic Association, two brothers, you and I will never understand the power of godly perspective on the side of heaven. Only in heaven will we understand what you will, ministry, small or big, regardless of what it is you will never understand this side of heaven.

What God is doing through your ministry, whatever it may be the reason I'm telling you this story is because as far as heaven is concerned, it is not the Billy Graham's of this world it is not the Billy Sundays of this world is not the Mordechai hams or even the deal Moody's of this world who will receive the greatest reward. The greatest reward will be to that obedient Sunday school teacher whose name was Edward Kimball. Think of this. If Edward Kimball was not obedient to the godly perspective and had gone to that shoe store think about no matter what your ministry years or whatever your gift may be you can have the godly perspective be used mightily by God today will you teaching children with you leading a small group whether your mentoring whatever you're doing, you may be a greeter you might be a sacrificial giver God can give you the godly perspective you might be discouraged right now and going through some discouragement live above it. You might be experiencing frustrations right now. The godly perspective will help you to live above it but I'm inviting you to seek to obey the godly perspective and you can begin today and watch out how God can impact the world through you. Shall we pray father you are the God who promised in the God who always keeps his promises. I thank you for each individual who seek your perspective on life, who seek to obey you with all of the heart and father. You know who they all you know the circumstances.

Holy Spirit will you minister to each one of them individually come with power, with glory come with opportunities to open our eyes and open ears that there was see how your hand can work and will work in their lives. Father, we thank you for the God perspective may be hours for Jesus sake in his name I pray you're listening to leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent. Please understand that the beginning of having the right perspective is a life committed to Jesus.

Learn more. When you visit you know is really touched by Dr. Michael. You sense telling about how Edward Kimball through his obedience in the young life that deal Moody and then ultimately millions of others and like Edward Kimball Dr. Yousef was obedient to God's call on his life to preach the gospel, ultimately founding leading the way, which grew to become a worldwide ministry dedicated to sharing Jesus.

Recently we received a note from the man who experienced his life changed as he napped Jesus through the international ministry of leading the way he tells us always thought that Christians were killers. I come from a Muslim family and never considered Christianity before listening to your program. I first began listening out of curiosity and I was compelled to think about eternity Dr. USS way of speaking about life after death made me continue to listen for our local team is able to reach out to this man and helped him understand more about the gospel. If you'd like to partner with Dr. Yousef providing resources to reach even more people give us a call 866-626-4356 or go online. once again, 866-626-4356 and LTW that what I have right hand today will accept this invitation to join Dr. Michael you sent again next time. When he continues his series called having the right perspective on leading the way, the most important thing to remember is that even when the world looks out of control. It is not out of God's control. Everything is on schedule for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus himself in Matthew 24 gave us the answer is course we had earthquakes and fires in all these things have always been around, but Jesus said in Matthew 24 will be like childbirth you know when the labor pains start coming more frequently. You know that's time for the baby to be born, and he said that's how it's going to be there when we see all these things happening around the world.

We know the time is getting near to the return of Christ.

So get ready and be prepared passionately proclaiming uncompromising truth on leading the way this program is furnished by leading the way with Dr. Michael you sent connect with us through our YouTube channel Facebook twitter and all of our social media networks. Learn more and

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