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Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 20)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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April 16, 2020 12:00 am

Healthy Living in a Sick World (Part 20)

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Welcome to leading the way with pastor and the author of more than 40 bucks, including saving Christianity Dr. Michael you sent today and encouraging look at what the resurrection means for you and me here now Dr. Michael you sent because Jesus rose from the bed.

Everyone who plays his or her faith and hope in Jesus alone will be raised from the dead to just like Jesus. Jesus's resurrection and the believer's resurrection should stand together off altogether. You cannot have one without the other standby to hear six powerful two death and the resurrection before you begin a quick reminder that you can have a conversation about this with one of our compassionate death members led to spend some time with you over the phone chatting online whenever you feel more comfortable with begin the conversation that, you can click over there with your computer or your mobile device. Do it later. Right now, here's Dr. Michael you set to begin today's message from his series, healthy living in a sick world.

The apostle Paul gives us six things that every believer in Jesus needs to know one second after you die, who gives us six things that everyone must not even if you're not a believer, you need to know what believers are going to experience a library to God that this might be an incentive for you to become a believer in Jesus today.

The first thing Paul tells us in verses 1 to 11 that Christ's resurrection from the dead is the only true resurrection verses 1 to 11. The resurrection of Jesus Christ. After three days in the grave is the absolute foundation of the Christian faith. Without that Christianity would be just another dead religion without that Christianity just another philosophy of life without that Christianity is not worth 1/2 a hallelujah and yet some church leaders in the mainline denominations are now in the evangelical church say only Jesus's influence has arose from the dead, only Jesus rose in our hearts hold up his spirit rose from the dead Murad place.

No one no one no one can claim to be saved through the blood of Jesus Christ and would deny the Bodley physical resurrection of Jesus.

Now here's what I need you to focus with me on because the Corinthians were really not doubting the resurrection of Jesus. There were doubting their own resurrection and I'm going to show you why their culture has influenced the thinking and that is why the apostle Paul ties the resurrection of Jesus with our own resurrection.

See this all you is the divine son of God, he rose from the dead, but not sure about all Paul said that to go together. Why, because if they get the resurrection of Jesus. Right they will get their own resurrection right if they comprehended our own resurrection to be inexorably linked with the resurrection of Jesus. If they understood that the resurrection of Jesus and our own resurrection strongly and revocably linked if they understand that Jesus is the first one to rise from the dead, and never, never, never to die again. Then they will understand their own resurrection. Make no mistake about it, even when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. Few years later Lazarus died when Jesus raised the son of the widow of Maine from the dead.

That young boy grew up, and died, but only Jesus had a true resurrection because he rose never to die again. Secondly, only believers in Jesus will be resurrected like Jesus. Look at verses 12 to 19. God is saying to us that because Jesus rose from the dead.

Everyone who plays his or her faith and hope in Jesus alone will be raised from the dead to just like Jesus.

Jesus's resurrection and the believers resurrection should stand together off altogether. You cannot have one without the other. Can I get an amen something else that you need to know in first grade through 15th. He's dealing with the impact of culture upon the church and beloved, we see it today. The culture is impacting the church instead of the church impacting the culture in the first century Greek culture. The Greeks refuse to believe in the resurrection of the body. Why, because they saw the body as evil. Only the soul is good and therefore they did not want the soul or spirit to be enclosed in another body, and so they impacted the thinking of the church. The culture of that.

They believed that the body is a prison cell and the soul is imprisoned by the body and the soul is longing to be set free from that evil body and from that prison cell. Paul is teaching that the believers will have a new body resurrected body and this was unthinkable to the Greek culture that impacted the Corinthian church, the Christian believers were willing to believe that Jesus rose from the dead. They said because he is divine son of God, but not the Christian believer and Paul literally in this section. Here he say there we do not rise from the dead. Jesus was not raised from the dead and if Jesus was not raised from the dead. The gospel is preached to you in vain and your faith in Christ is worthless and all of those hundreds of people who were eyewitnesses of the resurrection, and all liars. Not only that, but it means that sin is not defeated.

That death is not conquered that victory over sin is impossible, that all the dead believers have believed in vain. Thirdly, verses 20 to 28 the believers in Jesus live between two easterners, two easterners the first Easter was a day of Jesus's own resurrection physical resurrection bodily resurrection out of the grave. The second Easter is the day when we going to be appearing in our resurrected bodies? What does Paul mean by Jesus is the first fruit. What is the first fruit your understand a practice that was practiced throughout the Old Testament understand what it means why Jesus is the firstfruits of those who rose from the dead, versus 2028 the first Easter was the first fruit. The second Easter is going to be the harvest now the Jews in the Old Testament do agrarian society.

So what do they do when they see the harvest is ready to be harvested, they take a sample almost 10% of what the harvest will be, and they will take that ripened fruit and they'll bring it to the priest in the temple and they presented as the first fruit is the first fruit until that is offered to God.

They cannot go back and harvest the crop. The same thing happens with the resurrection. The first fruit is Christ's resurrection. That is the first installment and therefore our own resurrection is going to be the harvest. This agreement there was time when you were not. But there will never be a time when you will not be everyone is going to live internally.

The question is where we live it. Where would you live it, only two locations. Verse 22. He said Adam was the first fruit of physical creation, Adam was the first fruit of sin and disobedience, Adam was the first fruit of physical death and the harvest of that crop is our pain and our sorrow, our sin, our grief, our tears, our death all humanity participated in that harvest. The first fruit was Adam's death and disobedience, but only those who are in Christ Jesus will participate in the resurrection of the believers now need to make this very clear. Listen carefully all of humanity become infected with Adam sin, but only those who belong to Jesus Christ will receive the antidote to that infection. All of humanity caught the bug of death. When Adam blew it in the garden, but only those who are in Christ Jesus will have the cure. From that time of death all listen, I understand that it doesn't look like it. Now I know that it doesn't look like it doesn't look like it because everybody dies but listen to me. Versus 24, 28 God's word says the day is coming when Jesus visibly before all worlds before all those who have ever lived is going to put his enemies in subjection to him forcefully this life for the believer is a mere dress rehearsal during Jesus earthly ministry. There was a Jewish sect did not believe in the resurrection, the most of the Pharisees and all the others believe in the resurrection of the body, but this particular sect called the Sadducees and if you want to really remember the names call them. They are said you see your site equipment exquisite in believe in the resurrection, and here's what Jesus said to them, you need to understand the Scripture know the power of God. Why because, beloved, listen to me right doctrine produces right living right believe produces moral behavior. Biblical knowledge produces power for living and when that truth is denied moral disintegration follows Donnie to illustrator this look around you. When the truth is denied moral disintegration follows. Look at verses 29 to 34.

Paul is telling us that if you remove the resurrection. If you deny this fundamental foundational truth of God's redemption. If you doubt your eternal future.

If you fear what is beyond the grave. You will not only live a powerless life, but you will live a messed up life. Why, because if you see this life as a mere dress rehearsal to the next one. The real one. This one is so short in comparison to eternity, the new Agana live on top of the world and this one if you see it as a dress rehearsal. You gonna live on top of the world. All this and I understand.

I experience it. You have to difficulties with my face paying that we go through suffering that we may experience no matter how many people reject us or deny the faith. No matter what happens will on top of the world.

Why, because this life is a mere preparation for the next one beloved our own resurrection is one of the greatest assurance of God gives us and he gives her to all of his children who have placed their faith in him.

Maybe someone who may believe that Jesus is the Savior, but they fear their physical death. Listen to me Sir or Mdm. This fear is directly from Satan is not from God. The only reason you would fear is because you not walking with the Lord, and you need to shake off that fear today. Today you can start seeing this life as a mere dress rehearsal for the one to come today you can begin to look forward to your eternal home today, you can begin preparation for that eternal home to value my need to rewrite your earthly will reflect your anticipation of your heavenly inheritance versus 31 and 32. Because of that absolute assurance of our own resurrection. The apostle Paul said he endured hardship he endured suffering he endured sacrificing he endured fighting lions in Ephesus. This agreement, the one and only thing that makes you willing to suffer abuse reticule insult hardship is the knowledge that this life is only a want for free versus 35 to 49. There will be what I call a great body exchange a great body exchange verse 35 but some may ask, how are the dead bodies raised and with what kind of body they will come. Thank God I don't have to give the incidences here versus 36 all the way on 49.

Paul clearly answer this question. It is like the planting of a seed.

You put that seed in the ground, it dissolves in the ground and in its place there is a whole lot of grain comes up. The same God who was involved in the process of planting and harvesting of the grain is the same God who was involved in the process of our bodily death and resurrection. When he spoke of his own body in John chapter 12 verse 24 the Lord Jesus said unless the grain gets into the ground and decomposes it cannot come again into new life him.please. When Jesus was crucified and died on the cross and then he was buried his physical body ceased to exist. His physical body with which he lived for 33 1/3 of the year ceased to exist, but on your body supernaturally provided to him by the father I resurrected body came to its place. Jesus is glorified body was so radically different from his earthly body. So much so that if you remember the disciples from Emmaus did not recognize him first and they did later.

His glorified body was no longer limited by time and space, a natural substance is resurrected body was radically different and so will be the resurrected body of every single believer listen.

One of the seed may radically be changed. Listen carefully.

This is important because another subquestion on the matter. Many people been asked many many many times. While the seed may radically be changed. What is planted in the ground and when our bodies would disintegrate, but a new plant is going to come. What is that is going to be you and me is not going to be a different person's going to be a different body but not a different person. But think about this with me okay when you plant cotton.

What do you expect wheat now when you plant corn what you get. Expect Bali Navajo. If you plant cotton to get cognitive plan wheat you get wheat if you plant corn you get corn in the same way our resurrected body may be radically different.

But our identity will be the same. We gonna recognize each other. We can recognize our loved ones. Isn't that a cause for rejoicing. His knuckles were rejoicing and so after his resurrection, the Lord Jesus Christ was the same Jesus, but was radically different body. We were on the exchange bodies as is going to happen will exchange bodies but were not done exchange who we are who we are.

Student say the same.

We would have a glorified body we would have a perfect body. We will not cease to be who we are, but will have a supernatural body just like Jesus after the resurrection. That is beloved what I call the grade body exchange. Are you ready for it.

Look at verses 42 to 44. We will say goodbye to this body. This disease body and received a undefiled body will exchange a decaying body for an eternal enduring body will exchange a body that is capable of dishonoring the Lord for a body that will alter him all the time. We will exchange a body that is weak in resisting temptation that is weak in resisting sin that is weak in resisting diseases and brokenness for a body that is immune from temptation, sickness, sin, disease and pain will exchange a natural body for supernatural body is now a member long. And it happens the moment you close your eyes and death. You go from the tent to the mention and that is why the apostle Paul tells the Thessalonians. He said when a believer dies. We do not swallow like nonbelievers who have no hope. Why, because it's only temporary. Goodbye it's only temporary.

Goodbye number six versus 5258 the matter-of-fact verse 58 one of those verses that often court when I'm autographing books being movable steadfast 5258 someone wrote the following solidly read it so I don't mess it up. There is a preacher of the old school but he speaks as boldly as ever, is not done by me. He is not popular. Though the world is his parish and he travels every part of the world, he speaks every language and he visits the poor and he calls upon the rich.

He preaches to people of every religion and of no religion at all on the subject of his sermon is always the same as always the same. He's an eloquent preacher often history his feelings which no other preacher could. It brings tears to her eyes that never weep his arguments. None able to refute nor is there any heart that has remained unmoved by the force of his appeal he shatters lives with his message. Most people hate him. Everyone fear him his name is death. Every tombstone as is appropriate in every newspaper prints his text. And someday everyone of you will be his sermon, not on about you. How you react to something like this. Only you know that I don't how you respond to something like this, you see it as more birds something you want to avoid talking about the dimension. It is not good to talk about it. You see it as you never bring it up in polite company that's for sure. Then you have a problem you have a problem believing the resurrection of our bodies and my friend.

If that is the case, I'm going to plead with you to care about today.

If you really believe in the resurrection of Jesus.

You should be able to look at death in the eye and say come on dad's make my day for you were given an opportunity to receive my glorified body, you will give me an opportunity to see my Lord and my loved ones, you'll give me an opportunity to show you that you are no longer master over me. You might think that you have destroyed family relationship. You might think that you have a broken family love. You might think that you can bring grief to my loved ones, but all death you cannot torment me anymore because Jesus broke you're staying Jesus destroyed your power. Jesus had rendered you toothless. He declawed you he defend you and he disarmed you and destroyed you.

And because of this I will stand firm.

I will be a movable I will be steadfast, it will always be because I know that my toil on my labor for the Lord is not in vain.

This is leading the way with Dr. Michael Geiser well can you look at death in the eye with confidence in the power and Jesus if not then let's talk about it. We 2013 members by filling out a short form and that, as we close out today. We will mention a few additional ways that you can connect with leading the way and Dr. Michael Yousef. We know the dynamics of our world have changed a lot in recent weeks and months and we encourage you to join with Dr. you Seth begin a steady diet of hearing God's word and applying it to life as you meant it. So remember to consider any and all of these options, depending on where you are and availabilities to connect your local radio station deleting the way and connect with us to our YouTube channel Facebook twitter and all of our social media networks and head out the podcast through your favorite platform and of course you can also use your smart home speaker just say the keyword and ask it to play leading the way. Podcast I glanced again reach out to leading the way through our website that and in ministry representative can help you by phone 866-626-4356 866-626-4356 that music means that our time is just about gone on behalf of Dr. Michael Yousef. I want to invite you back next time right here for more encouragement from leading

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