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The King Who Rules

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef
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April 3, 2020 12:00 am

The King Who Rules

Leading the Way / Michael Youssef

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Dr. Michael used to reflecting on the significance of the daily first Palm Sunday Palm Sunday is the very first Palm Sunday was the first time during his public ministry, the Lord Jesus Christ allowed the crowd to call him. For the first time on the first Palm Sunday for the first time in his earthly ministry he was allow them to drown him king of all this weekend marks Palm Sunday and the beginning of holy week activities and celebrations all around the world throughout the week we will hear and read about the Savior getting final words to his disciples, the Savior being betrayed, beaten, crucified, and ultimately rising from the grave today. Dr. UNICEF takes you to that first Palm Sunday in hopes that you will see beyond the donkey ride into the city. Focus on the king who rules listen with me now is Dr. Michael UNICEF guide you to understand what the kingship of Jesus really means. I know in this 21st century we do not know nor comprehend what an absolute monarch or absolute authority is all about.

Most of us today think of monarchy as we see in Europe was known as constitutional monarchy very little power their powers mostly ceremonial. Their control influences mostly on an advisory capacity.

The rule is mostly symbolic and because of our experience. We often think of King Jesus in the same way that he is just an advisor that he is King Jesus is just there to accommodate to us that he is there to help us only when we need him, but he is the one to whom we pray and we pay homage or maybe not an acquaintance with him once a week on a Sunday morning in church but will the Bible speak of the Christ the King.

It means that he has absolute power over us. It means that he has absolute control over us.

It means that he has absolute authority over every aspect of our lives. It means that he is the only one to whom we fully surrender, and crown him on a daily basis and obey him. And because of these distinctives of the sovereignty of the Lord Jesus Christ for a long time.

He would not allow people during his public ministry to call him king for three almost 1/3 of a year, he would not allow anyone to call him king. In fact, I want to make him king by force, but he refused and he waited until Palm Sunday Palm Sunday. The very first Palm Sunday was the first time during his public ministry, the Lord Jesus Christ allowed the crowd to call him king for the first time on that first Palm Sunday for the first time in his earthly ministry he was allow them to crown him king of all I want to tell you for things about King Jesus, and Jesus was anticipated. Secondly king Jesus was announced and thirdly, King Jesus was acclaimed and finally, King Jesus is above all. Now if you don't get those forays I can help you a lot harder. You see, Jesus did not just appear in a vacuum. He has been anticipated for thousands of years from Genesis which is the first book in the Old Testament. For those of you don't know all the way to Malachi, which is the last book in the Old Testament the coming of Jesus been anticipated hundreds of time indeed tell us of his birth and crucifixion even enter into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, for example, in Genesis 49 the Bible tells us that he is the only king who scepter will never depart from his hand in the book of Numbers chapter 24 is the only king whose eternal domain is unquestioned. In second Samuel chapter 7. It tells us that he is the only king whose kingdom is forever in the Psalm to the Bible tells us that is the only king whose anointed king by God the father himself in Psalm 144. It tells us that is the only thing, to whom all kings shall bow in our desire to it tells us that is the only king whose reign is in complete righteousness is the only king whose kingdom has no geographical boundary and in Jeremiah 23 that tells us that he is the only king who is overall in the universe and in Ezekiel 21 and 28. It tells us that he is the only king who rules over all kings and in Daniel chapter 2 tells us that he is the only king at whose feet all empires are going to crumble and bow in Malachi chapter 2 tells us that is the only king who has supernatural strength, supernatural power and Zechariah 14 nine tells that this is the only king over all the earth.

The question is, is he your king is he the king of your life on the you can answer that only you can answer that King Jesus was anticipated.

Secondly, he was announced. See the Old Testament foretold about his coming.

The New Testament is in thrall to announce and to talk about him being here has arrived in the Old Testament we see a partial portrait of Jesus, King Jesus, but in the New Testament we see a historic portrait and that is why Matthew refers to him as king 14 times Mark refers to him as king six times. Luke, five times and in John 14 times in the New Testament, announced that his supernatural nature. The New Testament announces his universal scope of his reign and rule the New Testament announces his power that emanates from himself.

The New Testament announced that his victory is over all oppression and that is why on Palm Sunday. Can Jesus rode onto Jerusalem not to conquer it. None none none none but the conqueror hearts and wills with the power of his life. Don't ever forget. Don't ever forget earthly kings and emperors, dictators, despots they lorded over people but King Jesus compels us with his sacrificial love when King Jesus was announced during his earthly life he had nowhere to lay his head to see. He healed the sick, without a fee. He fed the hungry, without a charge he found the broken hearts by the power of his mercy he stilled the storm with the word of his mouth. He raise the dead by the authority of his divine office. He merely invites people to come to him and receive his kingship receive their salvation. To complement be eternally saved compliment surrender to him.

That's all he does.

He never held the sword he never stuck the sort of somebodies face and say believe in male roles. Never, never, never used his power to force people to believe in him.

He never compelled anyone against their will to believe in him. He only invites the only invites and that's why is a free game, remarking the mark's name in the movies on television and throughout the Western world question have you accepted his invitation. He only invites Saddam standing on the door knocking. If anyone opens a command. Have you accepted his invitation.

King Jesus was anticipated. King Jesus was announced in Jesus as acclaimed some years ago my wife and I saw a movie entitled, the King speech is the father of current Queen Elizabeth King George VI and that film was showing how he worked so hard so diligently to overcome speech impediment he really did not want to be a king but his older brother abdicated so he was forced into it and he was going through all this trouble working hard and working diligently so that he may give the speech of his life and needed the beloved. Listen to me when the King of Kings gave his first speech on the earth was only few words few words with out about Abraham Lincoln short speech. This is shorter speech thing ever delivered was Jesus said in Mark chapter 1 verse 14 the kingdom of God is here. Therefore repent and believe the good news is no profound ad valorem speech is a very short speech. The divine royal pain is here come to him while you care, the King of all Kings is here to rule not over some geographical location, but rule over the hearts of those who surrender to him. The Royal King of heaven is here not honor chariots are full of horses, but on a donkey. Why, because the Bible said he rides the clouds to the help of his people. Remember that on the very first Sunday Palm Sunday on the very first Palm Sunday. The craft, the masses cried out because I know is unlike any state with me.

It means safe now is what it means. In fact, unbeknown to them. There will proclaiming and fulfilling the prophecy of Zechariah.

They were claiming that which was anticipated for many generations from the time of Adam and Eve. There were saying that the king was love will use us is here. The cane sacrifice will redeem us is here the king whose power will conquer our will is here the king whose strength will carry us through life's hardships is here. The king was mindful and powerless to defeat sin and Satan, and death is here. The king was gracious invitation to us will allow us to reign and rule with him over the whole universe for all of eternity. He is he the question again is he okay is he your king can be today if you accept his gracious invitation will never force you your composure with his love King Jesus was what King Jesus was King Jesus was. And finally, forcefully, King Jesus is above all as above all, the book of Revelation, it makes it so clear and exits are clear that King Jesus is above all, King Jesus is preeminent King Jesus has no equal, has no equal. The crowns in the book of Revelation. They indicate or represent his constitutional authority. The diagrams in the book of Revelation that represent his absolute power. The crowns are the symbol of his conquering of sin and death and Satan. The diagram speak of him having no arrival. King David when he defeated all of his enemies.

He took a crown of pure gold with precious stones and he placed it on his own head. When Ptolemy defeated Antioch. He actually put two crowns on his head, one of Egypt and one of Asia in 1385, when the Prince of Wales after victory in the battle of Carsey. He adopted the crown of John the Bohemia. But listen, I'm not going to give you a history lesson but divine King Jesus won the victory on the cross he was crowned by God the father himself a Mr. Michael was of me when I'm facing all these problems in my life I wanted to listen very carefully. It means that when a misguided soul says to you always lead to God.

All religions lead to God what you say to them now. Would you say only King Jesus is the King of all Kings when I'm misinformed or an ignorant person says to you, Jesus, just a founder of a religion, just like the founders of the other religions what you say no. My God the father crown. My God the son to be king of kings.

When some pseudo-intellectual tries to intimidate you and tell you Jesus just a merely good man you say what now King Jesus is the King of Kings and the Lord of all lords. When a clueless person who may stick the word reverent before their name tells you that Jesus was merely a good role model for sentimentality of accepting sin you say what now King Jesus is the only righteous king, and he makes his subject to be righteous and if someone asks you why is he the King of the universe. You know what to tell them, tell them the reason is the King of the universe because he is superior in his character. He is infinite in his wisdom he is divine in his nature. He is perfect in his knowledge he is completing his power.

He is pure in his lineage.

He is righteous in his personality here is adjusting all of his rulings and then invite them to come to him and if they say to you, why should I do that is what you need to tell you to tell him because he is matchless in his superiority. He is bountiful in his blessings.

He is glorious in his splendor. He is impeccable in his reasoning here is immaculate in his birth. He is matchless in his resurrection and he airs from eternity to eternity, from everlasting to everlasting. Here is the Alpha and the Omega, I wanted tell you the greatest problem that the church of Jesus Christ has today.

The greatest problem talk about the church in general of the local church. Our greatest problem is not the atheists. They actually command my sympathy for blind our greatest problem is not diagnostics. I weep over the blindness that about how greatest problem is not the antagonistic secular society that they, not the problem of the church they really are not. This intimate list, the greatest problem today is those who claim to be subject of King Jesus and yet they have lost their sense of awe and reverence to the king that is the problem and beloved so many are praying for revival, they can bring on revival until God's people begin to restore the sins of all the awesomeness of walking Jesus and to regain that sense of awe and reference.

Today, most churches said your friend Jesus take them along the way as your friend is that to me is that Mr. those who know him, but his morning just a friend is the King of Kings is the Lord of lords is to be about is been referenced Zechariah set. See, your king comes to riding on a donkey, why donkey why not Whitehorse like all the other kings because his unquestioned humility become complete. Of course you know that leaving the splendor of heaven and laying aside the trappings of his splendor and power, not his divinity never like that aside and coming to earth and having nowhere to lay his head darting across the criminals cross rising again. That's the ultimate in humility but in order to fulfill the prophecy of Zechariah, he rides on a donkey and that is why when those miserable Pharisees and Sadducees. When they heard people say hosanna hosanna hosanna blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. These Pharisees and Sadducees.

The Sadducees are really the name is they are said you see it and believe in the resurrection there Sadducees when they come to Jesus@silence not saying that Jesus said to them if there were silent.

The rocks will cry out today when you think of all the forces all the forces in the countless there trying to silence the Christian believers with all the forces that want to silence the name of Jesus from public life with all the many forces that want to remove the crosses from public eye.

The menu for what Christian schools that are now seeking to muffle the message of Christ even if they succeed in silencing some of the voices that rocks will cry out today more than ever. If I have one more day to live. I would make the simply more than ever those who love Jesus, who claim to love Jesus. Those who say Jesus is my King. They need to lovingly listen lovingly refused to be silent. If you want to be effective, you have to first crown him Lord of your heart, and Lord of your life is to be the king of your home. The King of your business and the king of your marriage. He could not be confounded for heaven of heavens could not contain him. He could not be elevated for his throne high above the summit of the universe. He could not be brightened, for he is already brighter than just buying so far and so on Palm Sunday, let me ask you a very personal question. Have you enthroned him to be the absolute sovereign over your life. Have you grounded to be the absolute sovereign over your family have your crown and to be the absolute sovereign over your business. Have you crowned him to be absolute sovereign to be over your marriage.

The reason so many marriages are in trouble is because Jesus is not sovereign over marriages is here the absolute sovereign over your finances today you can do just that is inviting you and is up to you if you want to respond when you pray with me, please.

Whether you have known of Jesus. What you have known Jesus in a nodding acquaintance way or even claim to know him. For all these years. Today you can say to him, Lord Jesus, King Jesus, I accept your invitation, Raynham rule over my life of my family over my business over my marriage. In Jesus name God's people so they pointed words from Dr. Michael you set doing Jesus to rule and reign today. If the Jesus ruling and reigning spline or confusing. Allow me to encourage you to speak with one of our team members about your question, start the process and LTW dartboard/Jesus LTW.Ord/Jesus many people around the world have connected to Jesus through the ministry of leading the way and we will initiate one of those stories with you because it's through your prayerful support that these connections are possible and then in a challenging part of the Middle East came to know Christ and because he tried to share his newfound joy with his family and friends began being persecuted. Loneliness set in. As he was. Not connected to a sound church, but to leading the way and other ministries in the area. He is now connected with a solid church and is beginning to be discipled. Isn't that encouraging God is using leading the way to encouraging growth. People in their faith journey and we encourage you to learn more about what's happening in all areas of the world.

Partner with Dr. Yousef in prayer and financially. Here's how. Give us a call. We at 866-626-4356. That's 866-626-4356 and online. We would LTW dartboard and you can write to us as well when it leading the way, PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325.

Again, that's PO Box 20100 Atlanta, GA 30325 as an encouragement to our fellow listeners. I would like to invite you to share how God is using this program to encourage you in your walk of faith. I believe it is important to give testimony of how God is working in your life and if leading the way as part of that we would want to know you can call customer 779417934.

Thank you in advance and governments.

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